• In the TV Movie, the Master has no regenerations left and gets stuck in the Eye of Harmony.
  • In series 3, the Master says the Time Lords resurrected him to fight in the Time War.
  • The MacQueen Master says the Time Lords saved him from a predicament.
  • During the War in Interference, the Time Lords are said to have cloned the Master.
  • In series 3, we see a child Master in CIA robes looking into the Time Vortex.
  • In Titan comics, we see the War Doctor fighting alongside a child Master.

Not saying the child Master who looked into the Time Vortex is the child Master from the Time War, and that MacQueen-child-Jacobi-Simm-Missy is a clone created by the Time Lords to fight in their war, but I’m strongly suggesting it


Tenth Doctor One-Shot: Requested and Prompted and Anonymously

*I’m sorry, this isn’t much like the original prompt, but it wriggled into my head and went wild, so this is what happened. I hope you still like it, Anon Prompter.

“Daleks Hath No Fury”

This had to end.

The Doctor was hurt and unable to defend himself. That was what had really set you off. The Oncoming Storm had failed, and that left you and the TARDIS between an army of Daleks and the Doctor. And, well, you had to save the universe as well. But you knew what to do. The TARDIS was singing, pushing and pulling, guiding you to do the one thing she did not want to ask of you but knew was the only thing that could be done.

Well, if Rose Tyler could do it, you certainly could. So you looked into the heart of the TARDIS.

You raged like the sun. Like a million suns. You were only a human constrained by mortality and physical form, but all of that (important facts of life from the moment you were conceived), fell away in favor of becoming something more. Why? Not because you wanted to. This was no desire of yours. All you wanted was to be with the Doctor, but that was how it had happened. If you didn’t end this, here and now, there would be no Doctor. There would be no you. The universe would fall, fail, sputter out into desolation under the unstoppable force of the Daleks.

The Daleks burst and scattered and blew away, shining dust in the wind under your hands. The Doctor was crying your name. Whether he was really crying for you or if he was simply in pain (shot to the right side of the chest, potential damage to one of his hearts), you didn’t know, but you saw… you saw so much.

You saw yourself, older and bolder, being taken away. The Doctor screaming for you, the… the Silence, they kill you and the Doctor becomes a monster in his grief. You looked to another future. You die of old age and the Doctor weeps at your grave until he sinks into the mud. Desperately, you looked for another future. A fight separates you. He wants you safe and you willingly throw yourself into danger to protect him. In an attempt to save you, he leaves you behind. You’re hit by a car three months later and he blames himself.

No, no, no, NO! You screamed, falling into mania as you searched for a single possible future that didn’t end in pain and grief and despair. A thousand different deaths flash before your eyes, sometimes even his death, and you vaguely realized that you were sobbing and that every single Dalek had burnt away.

Finally, one brilliant, golden is revealed to you. But you have to make a choice. Right now, in this moment, you had to choose.

You clasped your own time line and braided it into the Doctor’s. When he died, so would you… but not a second before. Forever, you tied yourself to him. It would be a long, long time, to not grow old, to live and live. Humans weren’t meant to do that. But you? Yes. For him.

Energy surged and burned against your insides, and you let it go.

There you were, a plain and simple human again, surrounded by the dust of disintegrated Daleks. You ran to the Doctor’s side. He wasn’t bleeding heavily- small blessings. His eyes were unfocused but he seemed to sense your presence. Long, spindly fingers trembled as they wrapped themselves around your hand.

“What happened?” he rasped. “Where did they go?”

“They’re all gone now.”

“All gone?”

You nodded, wiping your tears away with your sleeve. “Yeah.”

The Doctor’s eyes flicked about, examining your face. “Something’s different, but… but it feels good. Feels like love…. What did you do?”

You squeezed his hand in yours and hoped that the TARDIS would have the Med-Bay close to the door. “I’ll tell you later, but first, we need to get you patched up.”

“Patched. Right. Patches. Wouldn’t it be funny, if that actually meant you would put patches on me? Well, it wouldn’t be funny, it would hurt to have patches sewn on and they wouldn’t do much good, but the idea of it is sort of funny. Then I would be like a quilt. Y'know, there’s a planet where everything’s quilted. I’ll take you there. Quilt houses and quilt clothes and quilt food and quilt animals and quilt people, and, ooh, I should take you to see..!”

He chattered on as you hoisted him up and helped him to the Med-Bay, and the whole time, you smiled.


A little fan art depicting Cyberman Handles from DoctorWho - The Time of the Doctor .Handles” was the name given by the Eleventh Doctor to a Cyberman head that he had obtained from the Maldovarium Market, and subsequently repaired. It went on many adventures with him as he searched the mysterious Trenzalore. Done in PaintTool Sai and PS6. Handles belongs to BBC UK