time travell

Shangst Week Garrison/Voltron

Takashi Shirogane, or as he was more affectionately known as Shiro, was a star pilot. The pilot that you should always strive to be. He was beautiful, popular, and a total nerd (though no one except his friends knew that).

He was also Lance’s hero.

The guy was a legend! Watching him on T.V. doing all kinds of cool and smooth stunts? Who wouldn’t admire him? Shiro was simply amazing.

Sometimes when Lance was at the garrison he would catch glimpses of him. He was beautiful. T.V. didn’t do him any justice at all. 

Lance knew that Shiro would never notice him, he’ll he probably would never know his name. Still that didn’t mean that Lance couldn’t admire from a far.

When the news showed that the Kerberos mission had failed, that slob the crew was lost, because of pilot error Lance knew it was a lie. How could Shiro, star pilot of the garrison Shiro, fail? It had to have been a problem with the rocket itself. Or the engineer had messed up. Maybe a problem with communications? All Lance knew was that it wasn’t Shiro’s fault.

“Lance, right?”

Those were the first words Shiro ever said to Lance and he was internally screaming.

It takes time for Shiro to take Lance seriously. That’s fine, Lance doesn’t exactly come off as serious.

It still hurts though.

When Shiro calls Lance sharpshooter he is blissful. He is starting to realize he isn’t just a joke. 

Then Shiro is gone. And there is such a pain in his chest and it hurts so badly and he doesn’t know what it is.

He just wants him to come back.

He’s in love with him.

Everything starts to make sense.

When Shiro comes back after years of being gone, Lance cries.

Lance has changed. He has a scar on his cheek and who knows how many on his back.  His hair is longer and curlier, but not a mullet thank god. He has more noticeable muscles now. He is still as blemish free as he was last time Shiro saw him. And he is now twenty-three that is a thing.

It’s all about time travel really.

Shiro and Matt (Pidge’s brother!) had traveled seven years into the future. It’s crazy really. 

Shiro looks at Lance and he looks strangely at him, at his scar, at his everything. 

It’s unnerving and it does not make him feel good. 

It makes him feel ugly.

Shiro first hears about Lance when he hears Ivverson talking about how much he hates that Lance McLain student. Ivverson hating a student isn’t an uncommon thing, far from it. In fact it is the most predictable thing the garrison has to offer. Other than bad food at least.

What is a bit of a shock is when he hears on of the nicer teachers saying that Lance is at the top of his class with Keith. The kid who is like the little brother Shiro never knew he wanted. Ivverson usually loves those kids, being the favoritist that he is.

So Shiro looks him up. He’s a cute kid, Cuban. He’s bilingual, here on a scholarship, has some really good grades, and is apparently an extremely hard worker. All in all he seems like a good kid. He’s a cargo pilot though and that just makes no sense. He seems like he would be a great fighter pilot. He isn’t even bad at piloting! It all just seems like he hasn’t found the right thing to pilot.

As soon as Lance is in his mind though as soon as he is he is out.

Then he sees him in Keith’s little shack in the desert and he is curious. 

“Lance, right?”

He looks like he’s about to pass out as he shakes his hand. 

Time goes by and they become Paladins of Voltron.

Lance actually isn’t a bad paladin. He just needs to take it more seriously. He is super impressed by a shot that Lance makes and Lance earns the title of “Sharpshooter”.

Then time travel happens and Shiro gets majorly confused. Because Lance is beautiful now, and not just a cute kid Shiro wants to pinch the cheeks of. He’s also the red paladin now, and clearly he is unhappy with it. And it is all his fault because Keith is the Black Paladin just like he told him.

He feels guilty.

randl have got me so confused… so at vidcon they both look normal, no manbun, dadstache is present, blah blah. But on gmm yesterday Rhett had his head/face covered… was he hiding the manbun? obviously they aren’t trying to keep it secret. so did he shave again? we know they’re doing scenes with young versions of themselves… is the beard he has at vidcon a fake? is that why in his latest selfie he didn’t show his beard? because it would be obvious that close up? IDK!!! it would help if we actually knew when things were filmed

anyone else have the burning desire to deactivate all their social media accounts and book a flight somewhere and just disappear and live a totally anonymous existence where no one bothers you and you don’t bother anyone