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Small lesson - Rap Monster scenario (Requested, fluffy)

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Anon said:  Hi hope your having a wonderful day without any worries😊 I tried to message you but something went wrong 🤷🏽‍♀️. I was wondering if you can make a scenario in where BTS Rapmonster walks in on you singing and dancing to Spanish music(since I’m latina ☺️) and they want to learn how to sing/speak Spanish? Thank youuu!!!💛

- Hii! I hope you are having a wonderful day too! :D Hopeee you enjoooy ma lovee 

Genre: fluffy
Members: Rap Monster x You
Word count: 1003

It was a casual day, later on Rap Monster and you were meeting up to go on a date. You missed him too much. He was busy with recording, writing music, travelling.

Being a dancer and choreographer is pretty fun sometimes but hard most of the time. You’ve travelled the world teaching people to dance. You love what you do and it’s something you will do till you can.
Your classes will start very soon and you have been spending some time thinking on what song should you do an freestyle, choreography to.

Getting your coffee first, you walked into the dance studio. Leaving your stuff on the floor you take your phone and see a message from Rap Monster
“Good morning baby, hope you are having a great morning. Can’t wait to see you soon love”

You smiled, it warmed your heart and you were just so excited to see him finally.
Going to your music app, you scroll through your music. You smiled as you came across song called “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.
You play it just to see if something comes to your mind.

Being a Latina you know Spanish so it’s a piece of cake singing the lines to ones that you dance.
Dancing around, looking at yourself in the mirror you started to like how this is going. You moved your hips, danced like a true Latina and you knew this will be amazing.
You decided to make a choreography to Daddy Yankee’s part.

Few hours passed and you were still practicing, even recording to see how it looks on camera and all.
As you started to do it over again and sang the song, door goes open and walks in a familiar face.
Rap Monster smiled listening to you singing and dancing. You didn’t stop smiling but had to finish the dance till the end.
Your heart was jumping so much. You finish and Rap Monster smiled widely “WOOOO GO Y/N”
You smiled and went for a hug but he stops you.
“Here” he was hiding a flower bouquet behind his back.
“Oh my God babeee” you smiled and hugged him tight
“Thank you” you look up at him, he leans down and kisses your lips, one kiss, then two kisses. You smiled pulling away, Rap Monster tilted his head a bit and gave you few more pecks on the lips.

“Seeing you dancing and singing in Spanish. Oh my God. My poor heart” Rap Monster puts his hand on his chest
“Just working on new stuff” you smiled
“And this surprise is like everything to me” you added looking at the flowers and leaving them on the chair
“I am glad I make you happy” he gives you a hug
“I missed you” he spoke
“I missed you too” you smiled into his chest
“OKAY, but Y/N u gotta work sooo… I will sit here and watch” he smiled and sat down

Few times you repeat the choreo, adding new stuff here and there.
Rap Monster admired how you are passionate about dancing. He always finds it amazing how can you create anything from your head and just drop it on the dance floor.
Doing a Spanish song, he think it was a challenge for you, but not so much because you are HIS Latina girlfriend. He loved everything about you, but he actually never heard you speaking this much Spanish in a while. He missed it. You always look like a hot Latina woman when you speak Spanish.

“Y/N” he spoke while you took a break
“Mhm?” you look at him while drinking your water
“You never like showed me how to speak Spanish. DO you think I would be good at it?”
You sit in his lap, and swing one of your arms around his shoulders
“If you try hard yeah. You would” you look at him
“I wanna learn it”
“Okay. What do you wanna learn?”
“Any like words and stuff”
“I know te amo” he smiled and looks at you
“Te amo Y/N”
You smiled and your heart melted when you heard him speaking a bit of Spanish
“Te amo Rap Monster” you hug him
“What is name of the song you are dancing to?”
“And that meeaaans?”
“Mmm slowly” he smirks and kisses your lips
“Wait. Like this” he said and slowly kisses you, just the way you like it, chills go down your spine
“God I missed you” you cup his face and look at him in the eyes
“Wanna dance?” you asked and he nods his head

You explain the moves step by step. It was funny to see him dancing this way.
“You gotta loose em’ up” you laugh and tap his hips
Rap Monster starts to swing his hips in small circles, two of laughed hard.
“So you go..
Sabes que tu corazón conmigo te hace bang-bang.” You turn around and bend and twerk two times
“TWERKINGG” Rap Monster shouts and tries to twerk
“But you look good doing that” he winks
“Focus baby. We continuee” you laughed
“Sabes que esa beba está buscando de mi bang-bang.
You go up, your arms go up and you swing your hips left, right.” You smiled and looked at him
“I just wanted to learn Spanish. This is too hard” he takes a breath

“Okay try to say this. Ven, prueba de mi boca para ver cómo te sabe” you look at him and he was Namshook for a moment

“Come on, try” you smiled
Rap Monster starts and you help him along.
“Oh my God I am so good at this Spanish it’s like wow” he raises his hands in the air
“Me haces feliz” you spoke and smiled
“What does that mean?”
“You make me happy”
“How do you say “I won’t ever stop loving you” ?” he whispers
“Nunca dejaré de amarte” you said

Rap Monster repeats it and he smiles hugging you.
“I am so happy to be with you again”

Meeting Place

Victuuri Week Day 2: Travelling // I’m late but I couldn’t pass up the prompt. Victor is from the future where people live underwater and Yuuri is from the past where gods and goddesses exist. Once in a long while the two meet at the point where the sky meets the sea, their hearts calling to one another.

I know you’re not sorry. And I know you’re not miserable like I wanted. But I also know that the way you looked at me that time I woke you up in the middle of the night to make you explain time travel was genuine love. And you’ll never feel that again. So maybe in the end, I’m the one that should be sorry.

Imperio, I control…”

The feeling of sleep weighing his mind down.
His body bending to commands.
Horror at what he was about to do.
He couldn’t s t o p.

Crucio, I torture…”

Swords piercing his body.
Every nerve ending, every synapse was on f i r e.
His sanity slipping away like sand through his fingers.

Avada Kedavra, let the thing be destroyed.”

Standing in the forest.
The tip of a wand pointing his direction.
Eyes closing.
Green light exploding behind his eyelids.
F e a r.

“The Three Unforgivable Curses.” He murmured, forcing down his nausea.

Tom nodded excitedly. “Yes. Fascinating, don’t you agree?”

Harry Potter didn’t answer, instead he closed his book and rose from the library chair, murmuring a quick excuse.

Adrenalin was rushing through his veins.
He was tricked.
Sirius wasn’t held captive.

Distinctly he heard the sound of another chair scraping over the floor as he hurried past numerous bookshelves and practically dived out into the hallway.

Avada Kedavra.
After Sirius had fallen through the veil he wasn’t even aware that it was him who was screaming.
He never knew his vocal cords were able to produce such an awful sound.

His chest constricted and he stumbled against a cold wall halfway down the third corridor, slowly sinking to the floor while desperately trying to fight the onslaught of the panic attack.

The Triwizard Cup should have brought them straight back to the entrance of the maze.
But it hadn’t.
Too late he screamed a warning at the boy.
Avada Kedavra.
Cedric Diggory hit the ground with a gut wrenching thud.

A part of him registered the hands that clasped his shoulders and the calm voice calling his name, telling him to breathe.

He couldn’t.
Wasn’t even sure he wanted to.
The pain in his lungs was better than the screams piercing his mind or the stench of blood and death filling his nose.

Everyone was dying.
He couldn’t stop it.
He couldn’t save them.
Fred was dead.
Lupin was dead.
Everyone was-

“Harry Potter!” The exclamation was followed by a stinging pain in his cheek and automatically he sucked in a breath, blinking slowly.

Light blue-grey eyes stared at him intently, a frown etched onto pale features. “Can you hear me?”

Harry nodded, taking another, shuddering breath.

Tom sighed in relief before his expression darkened. “What was that about?”

The Boy-Who-Lived swallowed before plastering a crooked smile on his face. “N-nothing, really. I just sort of hyperventilated when I remembered that I haven’t yet finished the essay from-”

“Please don’t try to insult my intelligence, Potter. We finished that essay together yesterday.”

Oh. Right.

“And besides, you don’t exactly strike me as someone who would have a panic attack over something as trivial as that.”

Well, shit.

“Look, I-”

“Who did it?”


The grip on his shoulders tightened to the point that it bordered on uncomfortable and cold fury shone in Riddle’s eyes. “Only someone who was subjected to those curses would have such a strong reaction to them. So who did it!?”

You did.

Harry shook his head tiredly before getting back to his feet rather unsteadily. “It doesn’t matter. There was a war. Those things happen. It’s in the… past.“

Tom’s scowl deepened.
His eyes glinting murderously. But somehow he didn’t think that the Slytherin’s anger was directed at him.

The grip on his shoulders tightened just a fraction before sliding down and back to his sides, his expression smoothing over until the only indication of his fury was the way he clenched his jaw.

“Alright. I won’t push the matter.” He said eventually and Harry sighed in relief, only for the air to get stuck in his throat a second later. “But…”

Here it comes.

“I promise you that the person responsible is going to pay. They will beg for death and shall not receive it until I’ve broken their every bone and shredded absolutely every ounce of their sanity. Nobody touches that which belongs to me.”

How very ironic.

Oh yes.
There was definitely a time when he wished for that.

But now?

There was suddenly a heavy weight on Harry’s chest and he grimaced.

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, didn’t wish to kill Tom Riddle, Dark-Lord-in-Training, anymore. The would-be murderer of his parents, his friends, and himself.

And it made him absolutely sick.

- Tomarry [Time Travel AU]