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Tag this with how you’d pass the time and fight off the existential madness of immortality if you were in the 17776 reality

1. School Boy Heart
Felicity is Oliver’s son kindergarten teacher.

2. Right Back Where We Started From
Oliver and Felicity get a visit from their future teenage twins and Sara Diggle.

3. Hip Check
Oliver takes Felicity to a hockey game and she gets really into it.

4. With a Gun and Knife
Bratva Oliver falls for Felicity after meeting on a club. [Character Death]

5. Golden Girls
Oliver cherishes a picture of Felicity as a baby; finds Darhk has the same picture.

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Here are a few rare pics from the Blizzard Medieval times.  The basic story was that Wrathion was traveling through time to collect strong warriors for an upcoming battle. Another part of the show featured an undead, making a demand on behalf of the Lich King.  The show Featured Varien, Garrosh, Wrathion,  Tirion Fordring, An Undead and Safaung (?)

Holy crap this post exploded! To answer a few questions: 1) this was a one time special event for blizzard staff back in August 2013. 2) the show was a modification of the current show. The currently do not have any qualified/certified/battle trained female staff who could be in the show. 3)While they would love to do a public show, they cannot. Blizz wants them to have costumes matching the character. This would be about $15,000 per costume and they would be unable to fight, roll or even lift an arm to sword fight. That would be simply stupid for the type of show they do. Did I miss any questions?

@thebritishscyphozoa​ is an amazing human who made this mood board for my LARP character, Raven Black

Raven is an employee of Tactical Studies Rules Incorporated (TSR INC) circa 1987. She had a deep and unyielding crush on a woman named Claire Burgess which she could not admit because Regan era and the AIDS crisis. Claire was killed by a vampire outside a goth club in Milwaukee and Raven was powerless to stop this (yes, I know, bury your lesbians, and I am sorry). In her hunt for justice, Raven was drawn into a much deeper conspiracy around time travel, dreams, and the collective subconscious. Now she fights to understand the deeper truths of the universe and struggles to survive in a world that never made sense but now makes way less sense.

tagging @dappernecromancer, @crookedxhill, and @betterlivingthrublackmagic, my lovely LARP partners-in-crime

MFMM Year of Tropes: July Challenge

After a slow start to our Undercover Operations in June, a flurry of fics at the finish gave us some real delights. And as several fics are still in progress (and the collection won’t be closed just yet, so if you’re scrambling to finish you have some wiggle room!), there are more delights to come! But that doesn’t mean I can’t announce July’s trope!

 Across Space and Time

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(This is vaguely themed, right? Space, telescopes, oh I don’t care, just LOOK at those two!)

So, this really isn’t a trope so much as a collection of tropes. Maybe you want to write Phrack in an alternate time period. Maybe Peggy Sue Got Married, or there is a Groundhog Day series of events. Maybe the canon characters travel through time. There is a whole TV Tropes page dedicated to time travel tropes.

The collection is Out of Space and Time(MFMMJuly2017), and will be open from today until the beginning of August. As always, everyone is invited to participate–there are no length limits or rules, just add your fic inspired by this month’s trope to the collection sometime between now and closing. And have fun!

anonymous asked:

does firebrand time travel differently to collective members bound to the administrator?

They both have the same ability to interact with Noah’s timeline, but they are constantly at war concerning who is in control of his fate as they have differing intentions.

In the end, I still love you. (Eowells x  Allen!reader)

Wow, 58+ little wings?! That’s crazy! I love you soooo much!.

Remember, the prompts are still open!

First Eowells imagine, hope you like it!

Imagine being Barry Allen’s sister and Eowells is in love with you.

When Eobard Thawne decided he was going to travel back to the past to kill Barry Allen he hadn’t thought in the end he was going to kill Allen’s mom in his place, he hadn’t thought Flash was going to save him, less that he was going to be trapped in the XII century  for 15 years.

Imagine his surprise when, after usurping the identity and appearance of Harrison Wells, living his life as director of S.T.A.R. Labs and working on  the creation of a particle accelerator to ensure the conversion of Barry Allen in Flash, young (y/n) Allen came to S.T.A.R Labs, to work for him.


Not him

But you get his drift.

Working so close to his nemesis’ sister was frustrating. His enemy’s weakest spot he could use against him, kill her to get to The Flash, making him angrier at the Reverse Flash and working in his speed and then he could get back home.

But, after working with her for a few years…

He got a soft spot for her.

He loved her.

But, there were a few problems.

1.      He was going back to the future, and you couldn’t come with him.

2.      He was using you and your friends for his benefit.

3.      He tried to kill your brother.

4.      In the end he killed your mom and blamed your dad.

Not cool, Eo, not. cool.

“Dr, Wells? Are you here?”

“Dear (y/n), how many times do I have to say, call me Harrison.” He said as his chair speed out of the laboratory and went where you were.

“Sorry, Dr.-I mean, Harrison. I was wondering if you have seen my notebook. It’s seems I misplaced it.”

“It’s that the reason why you are here instead of celebrating with the team?”

“Yes.” You blushed a bit. How adorable.

“I help you find it, if you want.”

“You would?” You asked.

“I would for you”

He loved seeing you blush like that.

In his lonely nights he often wondered what other types of blushes he could got out of you.

What if his hand wandered a little ?

What if he kissed you?

And if his kisses wandered to the southern part of you?

What if YOU kissed his neck?

And if your kisses went a little to the south?

What if you found out what he did?

That broke all his daydreaming. He couldn’t let you wander around and discovering the time vault.

“Why don’t you go searching that way? I’ll go this way and if I found it I’ll come for you.”

“Alright. Thank you, Harrison.”

After a while, he found your notebook. His curiosity got the best of him and he decided to read a bit…

For science

Of course.

Dear diary,

Today I meet the famous Dr. Wells. His mind is as beautiful as him. His eyes are so blue!

Tomorrow I’ll start working with him in S.T.A.R. Labs. And I’m excited to work along him.

I just hope my “teenager crush” as Barry calls it won’t get in the way of professionalism.




“…I found it…?”

“I-I’m so sorry, Dr. Wells. W-Whatever you read there, i-it doesn’t affect my professionalism!”

Aghh…F*ck it

Harrison’s hands pressed your face against his, making your lips touch passionately, saliva mingling. You moaned against his mouth and he swallowed it down, loving every minute of it.

He pushed you against him, making you fall into his lap. His arms made their way to your waist as yours went to his hair. Kissing became a make out session and soon your shirt was on the floor and Harrison’s was opened, your hands caressing his chest lovingly.

Clothes were forgotten on the floor, sweat caressed your bodies, as the two of you shared a sweet, loving night of never ending passion.

You know what happens next.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Your relationship didn’t end there as you two shared more than one kisses, hugs and passionate nights.

The two of you were discreet about it, but Cisco always smirked knowingly at the two of you.

Little sh*t.

But you love him.

After month of secret relationship the team found out.

Everyone was happy

Well, except Joe.

Barry had to stop Joe of arresting Harrison for cradle robbing

Cue you blushing in Harrison neck with Joe shouting in the background


You got hurt when Captain Cold and Heatwave kidnapped you to get to The flash. You had to be hospitalized for a few days after a bad concussion.

Saying than Eowells was mad was an understatement.

Just because he was supposed to keep his façade than he didn’t bolt out of his chair and run to find the criminals and kill them.

After you were given medical discharge, you decided to give Harrison a surprise and went to the Lab. In there, you couldn’t find him.

You wandered for a few minutes when you found Harrison in a room you weren’t aware of. You saw him get up of his chair and push a fake wall button to reveal the Reverse Flash suit.

Your eyes clouded with tears, as you tried to muffle your sobs in your hand, your heart broke in a million pieces. Before we felt your presence, you fled to the bathroom.


You tried to act the same with him but he felt something was wrong with you.        But never actually confronted you about it.

He didn’t want to lose you

When actually he already did.


A few weeks later the team found out and Barry and He, who revealed to be Eobard Thawne fought, ending with Barry’s triumph thanks to Eddie Thawne’s sacrifice.

You tried to act surprised at the news, but your heart was broken a long time ago.

Even though you hated him for liying to you, using you and murdering your mom

You still loved him.


When Barry talked you about he going back and saving your mom, you were really excited about it.

But after doing it he bought Eobard back again, who the first thing we did was whisk you away and running away with you. He tried to explain but you didn’t let him, punching him while crying your eyes out. When he was able to grasp your hands he pushed you to him, making you trip and kiss him. Every breath you take he whispered how sorry he was and that we loved you. Your sobbing only got worse.

The Flash came running only to see his nemesis kissing his sister (y/n), angry like no other he ran at full speed and tackled Eobard punching him again and again. You calmed him with tears still falling from your eyes and the two of you bought Eobard back to the Labs as a prisoner, putting him in a metahuman cell, meanwhile he was took away his eyes never left yours.


“He says I shouldn’t have tampered the timeline, that we created a “Flashpoint”, and that we will forget all about the last timeline.”

“Barr, what are you talking about? Timelines?” You said.

“Don’t you remember? The timeline where he killed mom and dad was imprisoned.”

“Barry, what the hell are you talking about? Mom is fine, she is home with dad. Are you sure you didn’t drink anything weird?”

“Oh my god, he is right. You don’t remember.”

After that he took off, running towards Eobard’s cell while you looked at him weirdly.


“(y/n) doesn’t remember, what can I do to undo this?”

“You have to release me”

“No way. You will escape”

“I won’t”

Barry looked sceptic at Eobard but complied.

“Now what?”

“You have to return me to the night Nora Allen died.”


“She must die for the timeline to be restored.”


After having to see, everything happen once again, Eobard taunted Barry that the timeline wouldn’t be the same before running away.

Barry returned to his timeline, to see you in the Lab with Caitlin and Cisco. He smiled and hugged you making you giggle.


Meanwhile Eobard spied the two of you. He knew he didn’t deserve you, but he was pretty selfish and he didn’t want to let you go. After acquiring knowledge of an event in his future and sought to change it by travelling throughout time to collect relics, and form partnerships with various individuals to further his own goals. But never gave up on you.

More often than never, he would go back to when he was Harrison Wells and the two of you were together to once again impersonate Harrison and be able to kiss you and make love to you, continually saying how much he loved and cherished you, and that he never will stop loving you and that, please, please you never stop loving him.

Once again, returning to his own timeline with his new “team”, he bought a hand to his face and started crying silently.

“I love you, (y/n), please, don’t stop loving me.”

“In the end, I still love you, Eobard Thawne. Even though you don’t deserve it.”

He didn’t know if he was hallucinating, but he reached out for your reflection, his hand passing thought it as it was only an hallucination. When he opened his eyes again, he was alone once again. You had leaved him. He was a monster than didn’t deserve you. But he loved you, so so so much.

He broke down, sobbing miserably.

The end?


Chris Ware in “From Here to There,” by David Collier, from his book Just the Facts: A Decade of Comics Essays (1998).

This is such a funny send-up of the kind of nostalgia and collecting that many of us are prone to. I photographed this page in two parts to capture the detail as much as possible, but it still doesn’t do justice to Collier’s line work. Buy his books!

A Review Of  The Orville - Pria


This week The Orville takes to some very familiar ground.  Familiar as in go watch ‘A Matter of Time’ from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’s fifth season.  it’s an episode all about a time traveler who comes to collect artifacts from the past to make a profit on in the future.  Perhaps it’s this retreading of old ideas that takes just a little more of the sheen off ‘Orville’ and takes it from my positive reviews of the first few episodes and leaves me wondering if the show has what it takes to survive.

Of course I realize that every show, especially in their inaugural season, is bound to have some off episodes.   This episode isn’t particularly off however.   The plot moves along fine, Charlize Theron’s guest appearance as Pria doesn’t overwhelm the episode.  Point in fact, I probably would put this as one of the better episodes, had I not already seen in back in 1992.  The only thing new here is the potential romance between Captain Mercer and Pria.  I wouldn’t have wanted to see Matt Frewer and Patrick Stewart awkwardly flirting though, so that is ok.

The b-plot of this episode suffers the same fate as the a-plot.  Lieutenant Molloy is attempting to teach Issac the value of a good practical joke.  Things predictably go wrong, and an important life lesson is learned.  I’ve pointed this out before, but it really hinders the Issac character that they have chosen to have him sound like Brent Spiner’s Data.  I could not recommend more a plot line that changes that idea.  Something needs to happen to give that character a different voice.

The most disturbing thing about this episode is the casual sexism displayed by the male crew members at the arrival of Pria to the ship.  First of all, do we really need a reminder in plot that Charlize Theron is an attractive woman?  I’ll give the show one on the fact that most of this display is relatively benign (if there is such a thing), but take one back when it comes to Chief Engineer Newton’s reaction.  You can almost hear the character, if confronted about his statements, saying ‘What? I was just trying to give her a compliment.  Is that so wrong?’.  Considering our current environment and the fact that this show is set in the future, I’d hope for more.  This is just a depressing reminder of how hard it is to change things.