time traveler collection


“I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in vain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand..”

“Heading East.” Ballpoint Pen on Bristol Paper, 14x17″. 2016.

Dominique Issermann

Susie Cave’s Seaside Short List for Shopping, Antiquing and Feasting Around Brighton

For more than a decade, she has lived in the seaside town of Brighton, on the southern coast of England. The liberal enclave is enjoying something of a revival, with its spectacular architecture slowly being restored with the preservation of the Art Deco, open-air swimming pool, the Saltdean Lido; the promise of the world’s first futuristic vertical cable car, dubbed the i360 tower, which is currently in the works from the designers behind the London Eye - and rumors abounding of an incoming Soho House.

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the child of the goddess was originally one, but through the plans and acts of the black mage commanders the child was split into two;

one of them was cursed and became the puppet he never wanted to be;

through his last moments of freedom he only wished for one that whoever the girl who resided in the desolate temple was to be free.

as the temple crumbled from destruction, his wish opened her eyes and  and allowed her to flee at the nick of time;

and now she travels, collecting fragments of her mother’s tears

as well as plotting to save her other half with no fears.

Wait for me, Alpha. I’ll save you.”

like you should have done for me.

// a huge thank you to @asking-jay / @internet-demigod and @askfemlumi for helping me out with lining this. i might’ve actually died from overexertion if it weren’t for these two mvps helping me out. give them lots of praise and love