time travel troubles

Kim Jongin//Pop Up

Summary: The story of how you met a teleporter, lost a boy, and found out more than you figured you ever would about the world, yourself, and Jongin.
Scenario: teleportation!au, fluff, angst
Word Count: 7,285

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Hey, thank you for all the work you do on your lists and refs- you're amazing! Do you have a list of time travel fics?

Time Travel AUs

Everything is either complete, a one shot or active right now. no abandoned fics. time travel includes cs movie style fics, doctor who aus, kid-goes-back-in-time and cs time travel in canon verse 


Alt Press issue 326

Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never gives details on his multiple side projects, including a solo record Sangfroid to be recorded this fall. 

Never Shout Never’s upcoming album Black Cat is set to be released Friday, August 7.

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So young River has different hairstyle in the Deep Trouble comic than he has in the Battle for Mewni. Creators changed their minds?

The time travel issue in Deep Trouble seems to take place before the events seen in Moon the Undaunted: Moon still wears the princess crown and outfit, instead of the Queen one seen in the episode, and both her and River look overall youger, so that might explain the hairstyle change. 

River does act more friendly with Moon in the first case, compared to the latter, but that can be explained either as a slight retcon or, if you want to better fit the comics into the canon, as slightly older River being crushing harder & having more teenage anxiety around Moon than his barely teen version.

time-traveling toddler who has trouble pronouncing the R sound pronounces Greek Orthodox as “Geek Orthodox” and gets beaten up by the Adrianople city guard

Don’t get me wrong but I love LR and I understand why most of the characters aren’t how they first were when we met them but Noel is the one that I’m cringing at. You would think at how he parted with Serah in the last game that he would feel more depressed losing her then Yuel because he lost another friend again and nearly in the same manner. 

But no, all he talked about was Yuel. Yes, I know he likes her and blah blah blah but after the times and troubles he traveled with Serah and all the battles they fought together you would think he would mention her name once. Once. After that ending (saving Noel part I mean), I was expecting Noel to ask forgiveness for letting her sister die even when she asked him to protect her because “I no longer can” - Lightning - FF13-2

No, just Yuel. 

I mean Serah’s song in 13-2 the lyrics - the first half was Serah talking about Noel and thanking him for giving her the courage and strength to go on her journey to find Lightning (while the other half was Serah talking about that she will be reunited with Lightning no matter what happens) and to me, that shows how important he is to her. Damn son, feel the same way will you.

Like a repeating breaking record he speaks to her in a much more desperate manner more then he did in 13-2. Even after the fight its all about Yuel. 

I know the ship will never happen but Noel, speak her name. Talk to Lightning about how much you tried to protect her from the same destiny Yuel once had. Say sorry or something. Maybe ask if you could see Serah in the new world and ask for forgiveness from her personally then. 

Serah and Noel grew on me and I love them (both shippy and friendship wise) and I really would hate that when I beat LR that nothing of their relationship gets mentioned. I know it is all about Lightning but please, shed some light from the past game and acknowledge that what Noel and Serah shared shouldn’t be ignored and the bond they had was truly beautiful.


“Fascinating race, the Weeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss, they just zap you into the past and let you live to death.”

He takes the job at Downton Abbey (thanking whoever’s listening for his interest in vintage cars back in the 21st century), and he thinks he’ll stay a year or two at most. Get some money and try and figure out where the hell he can even begin to look for answers.

Sometimes when he starts to think he might be mad, he takes out his long dead cell phone and the photo he had in his pocket when it happened. He looks at the small window to the future, to his old life, until he remembers he’s sane and it’s the world that turned out to be far stranger than he ever knew.

When the War starts, Tom Branson still has 76 years left until he’s going to be born.

He knows he can’t be the only one to have encountered the Angels. The only one thrown into the past. He wants to find the others, and find a way home.

The problem with the plan arises when he meets Lady Sybil Crawley. 

When he hands her the pamphlets (he knows votes for women are inevitable with more certainty than she’ll ever realise).

When his heart jumps into his throat and he can’t sleep for fear she might be hurt worse than early 20th century medicine can handle.

When Gwen shrieks with joy and he feels their hands come together.

And for the first time since he arrived, he realises living in the past might actually be when he wants to be.

Whoa, this is heavy

Well once again, October is here and that means Halloween is right around the corner. Time for the OCs to dress up as their favorite characters and pester the neighbors for some sweets and treats.

Davey this year tricks and treats as the time-traveling, trouble maker, Calvin Klein- I mean, Clint Eastwood- I mean, Huey Lewis- I mean…


Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 248}
*.*.*                      — 70s Calling —

Beatrice had arranged a circle of candles and witches gathered around. Mama Voodoo and Deedee took one half of the magic circle and the Crumplebottom sisters the other.
Bianca: “ I’ve missed mom. I can’t beleive we’re summoning her! Last time we tried we summoned a demon… I just hope this works out. ”
Beatrice: “ It will work! We have the power of four witches here. Last time we tried It was just Belinda, yourself and I on a half moon. Tonight the moon is full and we have voodoo on our side. ”
Deedee: “ I wonder what she’ll look like! Will she appear in full form like some sort of ghoul or will she be a ghost? When I summoned you; Mama Voodoo, you arrived in full form. I’ll never forget that night. ”
Mama Voodoo: “ Yes, my sweet darlin’ you braught me here. I still need to return to whence I came! The year 1772 awaits me but as a true time traveller this is no trouble for me and anything to help the witches who rescued my son from slavery. Yes, the Crumplebottom sisters here saved my little boy from the cruel Marie Antoinette. ”
Bianca: “ I remember saving him! He was so sweet! I don’t know how that evil bitch could enslave such a beautiful boy. The palace of Versailles was also super aweseome to run around in. Oh, Deedee… Our mom died during the 1970s so she’ll probably be dressed in some kind of retro outfit, Ghoul or ghost? I really don’t know. ”
Beatrice: “ Your the one who’s seen mom last Bianca. Remember? When you became a disco diva and was hurled back to 1975 from the depths of hell? Haha, in that sparkly red dress! Wish I saw that disco scene although clubs aren’t usually my thing. I’m sure she’ll be in a similar outfit. Right… Lets cast this spell before the witching hour hits. ”
Mama Voodoo: “ As Bernadette isn’t our family, Deedee and I can’t chant de spell wid ya but we can assist you with power! ”
Beatrice: “ [raises hands] Right then ladies, lets bring back my mother! ”
Bianca: “ Hey she’s my mom too! ”