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Time Travel Yoi au: Yuri visits Russia and while skating on a frozen lake in winter, the ice breaks and he falls into water. However, this lake is a time travel "machine" and thus Yuri goes to imperial 19th Century Imperial Russia. There Yuri meets Victor Nikiforov, a famous ice skater of aristocratic descent and is attracted by him. So, Yuri finds himself torn between his wish to return to present and his feelings for Victor.

i love this au omg

Torchwood: Ghost Train aka the one in which Rhys saves the world by stealing fridges with Ianto - also known as James Goss being a fucking brilliant writer once again.

This photo was taken in 1941 at the reopening of the South Forks Bridge in Canada. At first glance it looks like any other picture from the time. But if you look more closely, something isn’t quite right. There is one man dressed in modern clothing among the hats and suit jackets of the 1940s. He also seems to be holding a modern camera!. Check out this guy’s hooded jacket, t-shirt with printed logo, and shades, there is definitely Somthing weird going on here.

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Do you have any time travelling prompts? Thank you <3

Themed Prompts: Time Travel

1. You discover a time travel machine in your basement.
2. You can travel to the future but not the past.
3. You can travel in time but you can never return to your present.
4. You change your own past.
5. You keep creating new alternative timelines.
6. You are stuck in an alternative timeline.
7. You’re tasked with drafting the rules of time travel.
8. You decide to stay in the past.
9. You meet your past self.
10. You meet your future self and find out you’ve married your nemesis.
11. You get stuck reliving one day over and over.
12. You meet two different versions of the future you… and you like neither.
13. You travel to the future in order to help draft current laws.
14. You fall in love with someone from a different timeline.
15. You travel to your past to make sure you don’t destroy the world.