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If you give them toys during the interview, these two giant 8-year-olds are just gonna play with them the whole time and not answering any questions..
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John highlights from the concert last night (Austin 4/14)

1. Opened with “smoke weed everyday” & then launched into song
2. Randomly throwing out “warm milk”
3. *sees couple making out* “Man, I wish I had a girlfriend”
4. “Did everyone go pee? NO MORE F*CKING SLOW SONGS”
5. Constantly checking to make sure everyone in the crowd is okay, asking what they need
6. “Does anyone drink Mountain Dew? stop f*cking drinking that, it’ll give you cancer!! This songs about Baja blast” (proceeds to play diet soda society)
7. “Has anyone ever peed their pants before? I peed my pants in 7th grade” “you peed your bunk” - Garrett
8 . “Wear your seltbelts and eat your veggies when you get home”
9. “You guys have been so nice. Thank you. Take care of each other.”


How the fuck is she so pretty???


I know I’m a little late but… I was fortunate enough to see Markipliers You’re Welcome Tour and it was phenomenal. For a few years now, Mark has been a giant inspiration to me. He’s helped me through some of the toughest situations and darkest days. He makes me believe in myself and others and I can never thank him enough for helping me so much. I’m so proud of this show and all the hard work everyone put into it. I never thought I’d be in the same city as Mark, let alone the same building along with Ethan, Tyler, Wade, and Bob. It’s truly been a dream come true to see you all, and hopefully it’s not the only time.

Thanks guys, you’re amazing! I love you all!

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we’ve gone down every list,
stuck but i have got to begin to resist,
caught up with the fact that life will be dark,
but can we handle being ~gay~ ?

(orlando, march 21 2017, one bad night tour)


Daesung deserved this Dome Tour so much T.T

Utautai no Ballad - D-Lite Japan Dome Tour - Day 2

cr. bigsxbigbang

that moment during an atl show when the entire crowd screams “FUCK THE WORLD ‘CAUSE IT’S MY LIFE, I’M GONNA TAKE IT BACK” with Alex during the bridge of Missing You is probably the most beautiful feeling of togetherness in the entire world


“Social media it’s just the market’s answer to a generation that demanded to perform. So the market said “Here, perform everything to each other all the time for no reason." It’s prison, it’s horrific, it is performer and audience melded together. What do we want more than to lie in our bed at the end of the day and just watch our life as a satisfied audience member?”


Here’s a first 『Kalafina “9+ONE”』 sneak peek for everyone

All the live goods, a lovely huge banner, a close-up of the pic that’s on the banner from the pamphlet, another little sneak peek from the pamphlet (yay for skinship, more funny effects), the front of the stage, close-up of Wa’s shark F necklace (it’s so freaking cute), a package of popcorn and an LED ring (everyone got one for the concert, it’s supposed to be returned afterwards so it can be reused for the upcoming lives).

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More 『Kalafina “9+ONE”』 concerts planned for Taiwan and Hong Kong!!!

Here’s the setlist (is subject to change but should be fine now)

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