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Dan Howell, memelord, king of the shitpost, emperor troll, and general cheeky lil shit, is currently sitting at a computer somewhere with twitter and tumblr open, laughing his ass off at the phandom as we all implode with speculation about what the new video is going to be.

Phil Lester, eternal ray of sunshine, cinematic and photographic genius, and general good person, is currently sitting at a computer somewhere with youtube and editing programs open, furiously editing together the video that will destroy every member of this cult in one way or another.

The Phandom, collective hivemind of Sherlockian level intellegence and deductive skill, is currently sitting at computers, tablets, and cellphones, madly refreshing twitter, tumblr, and youtube waiting for death.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
“Kingsman: The Secret Service" introduced the world to Kingsman - an independent, international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discret...

I’ve been waiting all friggin day for this! Thoughts:

  1. This looks hella fun!
  2. Right off the bat with the Reggsy feelings
  3. I am immediately worried that Roxy’s going to die in the first act (probably in the bunker buster attack on the Kingsman HQ). If this happens, I’m going to be just… So pissed.
  4. The American Agents (Tatum, Pascal & Bridges) look like great additions to the protagonists, Julianne Moore is going to be a kickass villain
  5. I’m not sure how I feel about them revealing Harry Hart right off the bat like that
  6. Merlin looks to be his awesome self from the first movie
  7. For real. If they kill Roxy imma be angry.

hell month aka exams is nearly upon us, which means several things: 

a) the five floors of this absolutely massive library probably have desks and seats for over a thousand people 

b) after twenty minutes of searching, i have been unable to find a single empty desk 

c) i am now sitting on the floor in the psychology section on the 6th floor. i don’t even take psychology

d) people keep walking past in search of desks. they give me weird looks. oh, my sweet summer children. if only you knew. 

e) they then walk back in the other direction minutes later, looks of dismay on their faces. sweet summer children no longer. they know now.

f)i have a 3k paper due tomorrow that i started this morning. why do i do this to myself

callout post for @mars-colony because she’s the most beautiful, intelligent, caring individual i have ever and likely will ever have the pleasure of knowing and also i am so very glad that we’re best friends (going 10 years strong now) and i hope that we will remain best friends for a very long time because at this point in my life i don’t know who/what/where i would be without her


big mood for tonight: gerard canonico + some big “fuck u mom and dad” vibes

Malec Parenting: Up All Night

Malec Parenting Master List

Downworlders made jokes about stamina runes. Magnus would never deny this, or the fact that he had joked about stamina runes himself. That being said, there was little behind the joke, people may make fun, but stamina runes were really for energy in daily life, or while fighting. Magnus had never thought that he would have a legitimate reason to be grateful for the stamina rune. That changed three months into adopting Max.

Max’s screams tore through the apartment. Magnus groaned. Alec had been out all night fighting, and he knew he should go get the crying baby, but really, this was the fourth time tonight. A hand gripped Magnus’ arm as he began to roll away. “I’ve got this.” Alec mumbled sitting up and stretching.

“Mmm, you were out all night… least I can do…” Magnus mumbled still mostly asleep.

“That means you’ve gotten him the last several times.” Alec got out of bed. “And I’m fine. Mom said stamina runes are technically more for this type of thing anyway.”

Magnus dully nodded, and Alec smiled at his sleepy boyfriend before heading to see what the baby wanted.

The next morning, per usual, Alec got up and made coffee, waiting for his boys to wake. Magnus came shuffling into the kitchen as the coffee finished brewing. He stood still in the doorway, tiredly blinking at Alec. “How are you awake?”

Alec shrugged, “Stamina runes work better when used to take care of family things.”

“As opposed to?” Magnus asked, using magic to get out mugs and pour coffee.

“Using them for physical labor or fighting.” Alec snagged his mug out of the air where magnus had it hovering.

“And here I thought it was just for-” Max began crying before Magnus could finish. Alec however still understood and choked on his coffee as Magnus went to get their son.

Alec regained his composure and fixed Max’s bottle before putting his elbows on the island, and his head in his hands.

“You all right dear?” magnus asked innocently when he came back in with Max.

“Do I need to explain how stamina runes actually work?” Alec mumbled through his hands.

“You can if you want to. Shadowhunters merely like their secrets, so downworlders make assumptions.” Magnus shrugged grabbing Max’s bottle and beginning to feed the baby.

Alec nodded, “All runes have a bit of give and take to them, it’s why Shadowhunters tend to sleep so well, we must to recover from the lost energy. It’s also the reason mundanes cannot bare runes, the angel blood makes up for most of the imbalance. Stamina runes, though can still run us into the ground if used for physical exertion.” Alec sighed. “We still get stamina runes when we are young so that we can learn by mistakes why we never use them for things that are truly exhausting. Taking care of a baby in the middle of the night, fixing breakfast after a night long hunt, things involving family and home are exceptions.” Alec paused. “Well, not exceptions, but because we are asking for so little stamina, the rune has a lesser effect, and any remnant of the rune’s magic can allow us to get an even better rest.”

“So, could you just activate your stamina rune before bed to get more energy?” Magnus asked handing Max to Alec, while taking the finished bottle to the sink.

Alec laughed playing with Max, “No, it would be like drinking a monster before bed. I would get gitters, and my mind would be everywhere.”

Magnus nodded, “Magic’s rules are so much fun.”

Alec laughed again, and Max laughed too, enjoying the rumbling of his Daddy’s chest. “They are indeed, though I would guess you have more experience with that than I do.” Alec winked.

Magnus raised his eyebrows in response, before they sat down for their breakfast, and began discussing their schedules for the day.


Chris got time😭😭tonight too

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ARTIST: Taylor Momsen
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HOW DO YOU FEEL: The Walls Are Closing In
WHAT IS LIFE TO YOU: Living In A Storm
YOUR FEAR: Fucked Up World

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my part of the art trade with @b-rrsir!!!!

Burr needs more love :U


Floral and Fading // Pierce The Veil

So how about an Otayuri mafia AU where Yurio is the rebellious troublemaker grandson of the mob boss and Otabek is hired to protect him (from himself, and others). Because I can’t stop thinking about it :’)