time to watch walking dead now


Carl? Baby, I don’t want you to be scared, okay? This is what I want. This is right. Now you… you take care of your daddy for me, all right? And your little brother or sister, you take care… You don’t have to do this. You’re gonna be fine. You are gonna beat this world. I know you will. You are smart, and you are strong, and you are so brave, and I love you. I love you too. You gotta do what’s right, baby. You promise me, you’ll always do what’s right. It’s so easy to do the wrong thing in this world. So don’t… so if it feels wrong, don’t do it, all right? If it feels easy, don’t do it. Don’t let the world spoil you. You’re so good. You’re my sweet boy. You’re the best thing I ever did. And I love you. I love you. You’re my sweet, sweet boy. I love you. 

Im just waiting for Carol and King Ezekiel to be chillin and gossiping over tea at her house (they besties now bc they bonded over their ability to bullshit the masses) and ezekiel is like “hey I heard the saviors talkin bout this guy they stole named Daryl” and shes like “Daryl as in Daryl Dixon?” and he’s like “I think so-” and Carol’s like “AW HEEEEEEEELLLLL NAW IMMA RIDE IN LIKE A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR AND SAVE THE BEA THEY GON RUE THE DAY THEY MESSED WITH MY POOKIE” “but we dont have any spare horses right now-” “FUCK YOU IM RIDING SHIVA”

the walking dead starters ( s7ep7 - part one.)


  • “ what time is it?”
  • “ let’s go.”
  • “ didn’t see THAT last night.”
  • “ looks like the end of them, though.”
  • “ making a trail.”
  • “ i think we’re close.”
  • “ we should bail out, follow the rest of the way. see what we can see.”
  • “ it isn’t usually the fall that gets us. it’s trying to fight it.”
  • “ run with it or roll with it.”
  • “ i-if i screw up and we get caught…”
  • “ it’ll be fine. we just got to go NOW.”
  • “ okay. show me first.”
  • “ i want to get back in there and unload a little myself.”
  • “ and whose job was that?”
  • “ aw, damn! i thought they packed this up tight.”
  • “ ah, no worries. plenty more where this came from.”
  • “ son of a bitch! what the hell?!”
  • “ stay back! drop your weapons!”
  • “ no one else needs to die.”
  • “ damn. you are adorable.”
  • “ did you pick that gun ‘cause it looks cool?”
  • “ you totally did, right?”
  • “ i ain’t gonna lie, you scare the shit outta me.”
  • “ back off.”
  • “ come on, ___. i’ll show you around.”
  • “ really? you’re really not gonna take my hand?”
  • “ you’re lucky you even still have a hand.”
  • “ how’s the job going, ___? hot enough for ya?”
  • “ what are you gonna do to me?”
  • “ do not shatter my image of you.”
  • “ you’re a badass. you’re not scared of shit.”
  •  “ don’t be scared of me, it’s a disappointment.”
  • “ you really want me to ruin the surprise? screw you.”
  • “ seriously. screw. you.”
  • “ check this out.”
  • “ some of that stuff can be yours if you work hard and play by the rules.”
  • “ you see that? respect.”
  • “ cool, huh?”
  • “ hey, i wanted to show you a few potentials i’ve rated b-plus or higher.”
  • “ i know where we’re going.”
  • “ no, we’re not doing shit for that cabron.”
  • “ you’re not going out to find stuff for the saviors?”
  • “ there’s no fighting it.”
  • “ perhaps we should all travel together?”
  • “ i’m down.”
  • “ i know you don’t like it, and you don’t want to hear it from me, but we got to produce for them.”
  • “ it’s like taxes.”
  • “ hey. you can keep acting pissed at me, but i didn’t do this.”
  • “ you think you can do better.”
  • “ leave me the hell alone.”
  • “ it’s cool. i won’t mind.”
  • “ knock yourself out.”
  • “ can i talk to you for a minute?”
  • “ what we talk about when you’re not here is none of your business.”
  • “ i need to know if it’s true.”
  • “ there are rules for a reason. nothing matters if you’re dead.”
  • “ s/he made a mistake. go easy on her/him.”
  • “ calm the hell down.”
  • “ i ever hit one of you?”
  • “ i know you. there’s worse.”
  • “ you know i don’t want anyone here that doesn’t want to be here, right?”
  • “ no. i– i will stay. i’m… i’m sorry.”
  • “ you know what that means, right?”
  • “ i don’t know why you’re crying. it’s all gonna work out aces for you.”
  • “ you’re an asshole.”
  • “ the messed up thing is, you like me anyway.”
  • “ you know the truth. just like me.”
  • “ WHOA! what we talk about when you’re not here… is none of your business.”
  • “ do not make me put this toothpick through the only eye s/he has.”
  • “ i’ll be down in a few.”
  • “ time for a little déjà-vu.”
  • “ we have today and only today to find somethin’”
  • “ hating somebody, is that a sin?”
  • “ thoughts are just thoughts. it’s our actions that matter in the end.”
  • “ ___ shouldn’t be in charge.”
  • “ how? by bullying you?”
  • “ we don’t know! we can’t. we don’t get to.”
  • “ we’re here now. and we can look to the future.”
  • “ what future? there’s no future with ___ in charge.”
  • “ stop the car.”
  • “ what you’re saying, it doesn’t make you a sinner. but it does make you a tremendous shit…” 
  • “ just for now. it doesn’t have to be terminal.”
  • “ i’m gonna go back.”
  • “ why follow the same old rules? why not make life better?”
  • “ speaking of… sit. let’s get started.”
Why 'The Walking Dead' Was Wrong To Stick With The Comics This Time
The Walking Dead ended up staying true to the comics in its season seven premiere, but if there was one time they should have changed things up, this was it. We lost one character that wasn't just important for The Walking Dead, but all of TV in general.
By Paul Tassi

”But so what? As much as I appreciated Glenn’s portrayal in the comics, Steven Yeun’s version of him onscreen is not only more compelling, but more important as well. The Walking Dead is one of the most watched shows on TV, and one of the largest forces in popular culture right now. The fact that it had a prominent Asian character who was every bit the leading man as all the other white and black characters on the show is hugely significant. He was the one who married the gorgeous white girl and started a family. He escaped almost certain death in so many situations through his bravery and ingenuity. He was more kindhearted and thoughtful than nearly anyone else in the cast.”

ok these 2 shows have nothing in common like u.. cant compare them but for the sake of hugs.. im gonna compare the hugs

in the last episode of the walking dead, for those of you who dont watch it, daryl had been kidnapped by the enemy, tortured, beaten, humiliated, broken, and he finally escaped. when rick saw him for the first time, they ran toward each other and embraced roughly, but let go quickly, so that the audience wouldnt take it as anything other than a “bro hug”. daryl and rick are not being written as a romantic couple and while their hug was desperate, it was out of relief for seeing their friend again and knowing they were alive. it was touching, but it was brisk

now take the johnlock hug, sherlock gently cradling john, hand on his neck, rubbing his arm, holding him, cheek against head, lingering, slow, not wanting to let go.. it was a romantic hug

dont take this as anything deep really im just thinking about bro hugs we’ve seen and even in desperation, theyre brisk and tight and quick. THE JOHNLOCK HUG WAS ROMANTIC

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Favorite music artist(s): Nano.

Song stuck in my head:  You’re Beautiful By: James Blunt(?)

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Do I have any other blogs: noup.

Do I get asks regularly: sometimes. 

Why did I choose my url: Because I like tokyo ghoul, so I just picked the RE from tokyo ghoul RE and unknown because that’s me(?).

Hogwart’s house: Ssssssssssslytherin.

Pokémon team: I don’t play pokemon. 

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Favorite character(s): Chat/Adrien, Izaya Orihara(Durarara), Okumura Rin (ane), Kisaragi shintaro (kagerou project), kaneki (tokyo ghoul), Miyazono Kaori (shigatsu).Dad Vader, I mean Darth Vader and Daryl Dickxon 

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1. What the fuck, who sleeps with more than one <— hey!…I sleep with 2…

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i just rewatched the scene for references as to how draco reacts to harry’s death, and we all know that second shot right. but now i searched for draco in the background for the first time 

so in the first gif i kind of noticed, after having watched that movie at least a hundred times, that he comes out of the castle, sees what’s happened and literally just drops down that last step. idk the longer i watch it the more it seems to me that this is the moment he just gives up. he walks out like everyone else, comes almost to a halt, sees voldemort grinning and harry dead in hagrid’s arms and just slumps down the next step, because he’s already weakened but the realisation that it’s over makes him physically lose the little composure he’s left in that moment. am i crying? not at all

So this just happened

“Whatcha watching”
AND HE WAS LIKE “nothing” AND TURNED OFF HIS KINDLE RIGHT AWAY AND MY MOM WAS LIKE “well now I have to know what were you watching??”
*5 minutes later of my mom trying to get carter to tell her what he’s watching*
Carter: …
Carter: …
Mom: *takes kindle* WHATS YOUR PASSWORD
mom: YES
Carter: *verge of tears* I WAS WATCHING..
*its been like 15 minutes*
Carter: HARRY POTTER *puts in password* SEE
mom: okay why did you make such a big deal out of this
mom: carter
Carter: WHAT
Mom: LOTS OF PEOPLE LIKE HARRY POTTER DONT LISTEN TO YOUR BROTHER BE WHO YA WANNA BE *lecture lecture to Matthew to carter to be nicer blah don’t lie to ya mom blah blah be yourself*

Me: *snickering in the corner* ik you were secretly watching gay porn and or reading smut Carter don’t even try to hide it from me.

I need you here with me / Carl Grimes (imagine)

Ten year old Carl was warm. He was a child, trusting and full of life and he knew joy. He put band-aids on your scraped knees and made you laugh when things got too serious. But life is unforgiving. Life took your best friend. His shell was still there with you, drifting around the prison, keeping watch, spending hours at the fence jamming a knife into the undead to pass the time. He wasn’t warm anymore. You weren’t sure if he remembered what joy felt like, his icy eyes just stared right through you now. You’d all lost people, some more recent than others, and the world had hardened everyone- you smiled less, weren’t quite as loud, constantly looked over your shoulder in fear. But Carl, he had changed so deeply you wondered if he even knew who you were sometimes. You needed him, he was your constant through this shit world since the beginning, and now he didn’t seem to need you anymore.

No one could have seen the attack coming, the prison was completely overrun in a matter of minutes, the damage irreversible. You didn’t breath until you saw Carl weaving through the herd, eyes locked on yours. You liked to tell yourself he had been looking for you, too.

Everyone hadn’t made it out. You’d suffered great losses, it was evident in your group’s faces. The car rides were silent, no one questioned the place Rick chose to stop for the night. He and Daryl wordlessly took watch, Maggie and Glenn clung to each other in the back of the car. You watched Carl break away from the group as per usual and your heart felt like it would fall out of your chest. Anger, sorrow, fear made your eyes wet but you furiously blinked away the awful tears and followed your friend. Carl had climbed into the bed of a truck, soundlessly staring up at the sky. It was dark, the only light given by the moon and the stars. You lifted yourself over the tailgate and planted yourself gently between his legs, his knees propped up on either side of you, and laid back against his firm chest. “What are you doing?”

“I just need you to hold me, just for a little while.” You spoke softly, needing him to understand. 

He didn’t touch you for a long time, the two of you counting and recounting the stars until his arms wrapped themselves tightly around your waist. He pulled you against his chest like the wind would blow you away, “I’m just so angry, at everything. I’m so sorry.”

You listened to his voice, quivering brokenly against your ear, like if he spoke too loudly you would run away. A tear slipped down your nose. “I was mad at you for a long time, Carl. You forgot about me, you lost so many people but you forgot you still had me.”

His hair tickled your cheek. “I just saw the way you were changing, slipping away. You weren’t yourself, that scared me. I never forgot. I just wanted to stop feeling, y'know? I was so tired of losing people, I couldn’t keep caring as much as I did about you. I didn’t forget about you, I couldn’t.”

“How do you think I felt, Carl? You were just.. gone. You disappeared and left behind someone cold. I miss you, I could have helped you be okay but instead you shut down.” His head rested in the crook of your neck, you kept your eyes firmly fixed on the sky. Your hands gripped his arms around you and you felt his heartbeat on your back, having so much to say yet you sat in silence once again. “I can’t do this by myself.”

“I won’t leave again. I’m here now, I will always be here.” You didn’t know if that was true, who knew how long any of you had. The prison was gone, there was barely enough weapons for everyone in the group to have any way to defend themselves, you weren’t even sure if anyone had been able to grab any food. But you’d been on the road before, you were survivors. And if Carl meant what he said, that he would be there, then you thought you might just be okay.


You said you could take care of yourself. You did.

I wish I could just… change.
You did.

Recommended Reading: Richonne Edition Part Two

Here’s another quick list of some Richonne fics to help us survive the hiatus. Enjoy!

(Part 1 can be found here)

A Fine Burn by Leannan “Damn.“ Rick hissed savoring the sweet and strong kick of the apple pie moonshine. A fine burn it was, the feeling lingered in his chest. Daryl and Michonne laughed as Michonne took another swig and watched Rick closely, Daryl followed before saying; "This is going to be a hell of night.”

Armor  by Appetence   Rick and Michonne post season 5/ season 6 spec. Alexandria. Some sexy smutty goodness. Wrote this a little while ago, now ready to share it. Enjoy ;) I own no rights to The Walking Dead or named characters.

Bent  by Leannan  Rick thinks he wants her. He thinks it’s an inconvenient itch he’s scratched. He thinks he’s fed that unsuitable hunger that’s been in him for a long time. A feeling that’s been stirred in his blood, just as much as the need for violence and leadership.

Break It Off  by balladsinthebluegrass   One hell of an ultimatum is issued. A one-shot. I own nothing related to The Walking Dead.

By Your Side  by cakebythepound   Michonne has been at Rick’s side since the day they met. Never wavering in her faith in him, even when she had every reason to. When the tables turn, will Rick be able to say the same?

The Dog Days by Leannan  The Hottest Day in Alexandria, has Rick Grimes seeing things a little Differently. Inspired by The June Prompt Challenge.

The Dusk of my Memory by: Siancore   Set in the ASZ after the Wolves attack; Rick suffers from amnesia due to an injury. Will he remember anything of his life before? Will he recall what certain people mean to him? Richonne focus!

Face Time by cakeby_thepound Michonne and Rick get some alone time during a sleepless night at the church.

Far From Home by: Siancore   ON HIATUS This is a Richonne fic set sometime in the future in the sanctuary of a Safe Zone. Rick is still alive, Carl is in his late 20s, Judith is a teenager and Michonne is far from home.

Knock Knock by  cakeby_thepound  Michonne and Rick enjoy a quiet Friday evening in their new home in Alexandria.

The Next World  by cakebythepound  A short series of one-shots to accompany season 6B, where Rick and Michonne are officially together. (Warnings: These will be mostly smutty, probably.)

Revelations by: focusedOnProsperity   Love is a complicated thang. What happens when miscommunication and misconstrued feelings complicate it even more? This happens post Pete’s death, and is a Richonne-centered fic.

Richonne Ficlets by severelybabykryptonite » A collection of ficlets chronicling the love story of Richonne. Dedicated to Carolina-bleus for her awesome positivity when it comes to everything Richonne.

Richonne Lemon Shots by: BLKGURLSMUSE  Artistically inspired, love, humor, romance, drama and lots of sexy, one shots involving Rick and Michonne.

The Woman You Want Is Not Me  by Richonnette  Rick has returned to Alexandria by the skin of his teeth “OPEN THE GATE!” In the wake of almost having lost his life, who does he turn to?

Worth the Wait by: Siancore   Richonne fic that’s a mixture of a prompt/confession on Tumblr about Michonne and Rick going on a double date with Andrea and Shane. I mixed it up a little to include what would happen if Richonne didn’t really like each other at first! AU no zombies.

Left at 5 am for the airport, got to Orlando at 10:30. Found rental car and lunch. Somehow spent 7 hours doing a 3.5 hour drive to Miami. Slept for 20 minutes in hotel room, left to get parents from Ft Lauderdale airport. It’s now midnight local time and I feel like I’m the walking dead. So much driving, too little sleep.

Also, I lost my debit card somewhere in the Orlando airport, so I had to cancel it just now. I have about $12 in cash. Just gonna not think about that for now.

Sarah and I are sharing a hotel room with Bug and her mom. Bug is wired so she’s watching Netflix. Apparently she was hell on the plane, which I totally believe. Even in the car back to the hotel her mom was antagonizing her (not hard for a hungry, tired toddler). She finally ate some pretzels and she was happy to see Sarah and I. We talked about the big boat and she asked if we will see mermaids. I told her I hope so.

Time to sleep.

based on this request (x) // warning: swearing 

You opened up your geography book. All you had in mind was how nice it would be to take a nap right now. You’ve been up all night since your best friend Nick kept you from sleeping. He watched the season finale of The Walking Dead and his favorite character died in the last scene, so he seemed to think he could keep you awake all night to tell you what kind of bullshit the finale was. Something like that was more likely typical of you but now you know how annoying it is. 

And now, you had your least favorite class, so it would be the perfect time to take a nap if you wouldn’t sit in the front row right in front of the teacher. Your teacher called out the pairings for the next bigger project you would be doing. Secretly you hoped to work with Nick but you knew that your teacher wouldn’t let that happen. He already sat you on different seats, far away from each other, so you stopped talking during the lessons. “I decided to make things easier, you work together with the person who’s sitting right next to you” your teacher announced insanely proud as if he had the idea of the year. 

You glanced at your partner Alex. At least you had somebody nice. Alex was a football player but he was probably the nicest that ever existed in your school. “So, seems like we’re going to work together” Alex smiled at you. You smiled back at him and nodded. 

While you had no problem to work with Alex, Nick eyed you two like he was ready to kill Alex on the spot. Even if this was just a science project. The guy right next to his best friend was a god damn football player and you two would probably work together after school at home. Nick didn’t even want to imagine what could happen. The idea of Alex and you together made him wanna puke. Not because he didn’t allow you but because you two looked the perfect couple. Alex was the perfect guy for you; tall, popular, polite and protective. And you looked the perfect girl for him; natural, nice, helpful and extremely good-looking. This wouldn’t end good. 

Day 1: Alex and you met to talk about your project. Everything worked perfectly out and you two were glad to get it done as fast as you could. Yet Nick didn’t reply to all of your texts the whole day. Maybe he was busy, you thought to not bring yourself down. 

Day 2: Normally Nick was always earlier at school and came to your car as soon as you parked because you got the morning coffee for both of you. This morning Alex came instead to tell you he wouldn’t made it to your meeting today because he had an important football training. You told him it was alright and ended up giving him the other coffee since Nick never came. In the afternoon you called him at least five times but every time the mailbox answered. 

Day 3: Alex and you worked on your project at his house. His dad invited you to stay for dinner since he wanted to grill. You texted Nick if he wanted to meet up. If he only had answer, you had deny the invitation but in the end you stayed there and had a good time with Alex’s family. 

Day 4: Nick didn’t came in the morning to your car and you shared your coffee with Alex again. You cancelled your meeting with him since you wanted to know what was up with Nick and drove to his house, only to get told by his mother that he wasn’t at home, even though in his room was the light on and his car was standing in the driveway. 

Day 5: Nick was ignoring you the whole day, even when you tried to talk with him during P.E. You drove Alex home and picked him up later to drive through the city and take photos at the best places for your project. 

Day 6: Today you brought the second coffee especially for Alex and not Nick. He invited you to the next football game and you happily thanked him for the invitation. You met Nick at your lockers today during lunch and eyed him for a second. He didn’t waste one glance at you. Suddenly you felt like you should stop caring about this bullshit if he was acting like that. 

Day 7: Your mom firstly asked you about Nick and why he hasn’t been in your house for a while now. You told her that he was busy. With a accepting nod, she told you how much she liked Alex and that he would make a great boyfriend. You smiled at little and your heart hurt. You missed your best friend. 

Day 8: You went to the football game Alex invited you to and cheered for him. It made you feel better than you felt yesterday. 

Day 9: You couldn’t focus during your projects and apologized more than thirty times to Alex. He said everybody has a bad day here and there before he left you alone, so you could get some rest. All you did was looking at old photos of Nick and you. 

Day 10: You had enough. If he really needs to ignore you then you at least deserve a good reason for that. You drove to earlier to school to catch him. You hide a bit away from his usual parking spot and walked fast to it as soon as he parked his car. Nick rolled his eyes as he saw you but you didn’t care. You grabbed him by the wrists to stop him from walking away. 

“Are you fucking serious right now?” you almost yelled at him and tighten your grip. “Why are you ignoring me?” 

Nick glanced firstly at your hand around his wrists and then at you. “Could you please let go of me?” he asked annoyed. 

“No” you exclaimed. “Because you will only walked away again like you did the whole last week. What is wrong with you? Have I done something wrong to you or why are you acting like an asshole?” 

You didn’t meant to call him an asshole but you were more than angry at him. You two were best friends since a life time and now, suddenly he was ignoring you. “Answer me” you begged him angrier as wanted. 

“Why don’t you just go back to your boyfriend and stop annoying me!?” he asked you. 

You frowned. “What are you talking about?” 

Nick freed his hand out of yours before he turned around and walked away. “Go back to Alex, Y/N” 

You sighed and ran in front of him to stop him with your whole body. “Please Nick, stop walking away from me and talk to me. You’re my best friend, remember?” your voice broke. 

Nick glanced at you as you continued talking. “Are you acting so weird because Alex and I are working at the geography project together?” 

Nick didn’t answer but you knew it was the reason why. “There’s nothing you have to be jealous-” Nick cut you off. “I’m not jealous!” 

“Of course” you replied. “Seriously Nick, there’s nothing you have to be jealous at. Alex and I are just friends and he knows exactly that I’m not interested in him. Actually he told me that he was kind of terrified to still work with me because you’ve been looking at him like you want to kill him” 

A laugh escaped your lips. “I’m not dating him and I don’t want to date him” 

“And why do hang out with him so often?” Nick asked quietly. 

You smiled. “Because you stopped hanging out with me. He was just being polite”

Nick stay silent but you grabbed both of his hands into yours. “Back to normal?” you asked him. 

A smile grew on his face. “Back to normal, I promise” With that you leaned forward and hugged him tight. 

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Last book you read: I haven’t exatcly finish reading that book, but I’m curtently reading  The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by  Sherman Alexie

Last ting you ate: I forgot lol haha

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?: probably sleeping or something…. I did’t get even nearly enough sleep lol

When would you time travel to?: the future. so I would see, what will happen to my life.

First thing you would do with lottery money: I would go travelling, give some of the money to my family, and some of the money would go to charity

Character you would hang out with for a day: that’s a hard question… I wouly probably choose Rowena, so she could teach me some witchcraft, cause that’s cool :)

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Relationship status: single. always single.

Favorite color: BLUE

Pets: At home, 3 cats and a dog (Kibby, Lufer, Snow and Peanut) and at the apartment I live in now, 2 cats (Shaya and Bastian, he’s a demon)

Last song I listened to: The Last Remaining Light - Audioslave (Audioslave is so GOOD! Gonna listen to Cochise now)

Favorite TV Show: That’s a hard one. 24, Breaking Bad and Burn Notice for faves that have ended.

Ongoing shows I’m super into? Flash, The Walking Dead, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, The Blacklist and Game of Thrones

I could also add in some animated gold like YuGiOh 5Ds.

Geez. I watch a lot of TV.

First Fandom: First…hrm…I’ve made a lot of Fire Emblem content for a long time so probably my first big investment, died off super hard with the recent titles tho, main fandom now is Xenoblade (both games which are A+)

Hobbies: Writing. I write A LOT. Drawing, that’s a fun, I draw a bunch of comics. Haven’t in a long time though. Video games, just…video games.

Books I’m currently reading: I haven’t read a book in way too long, I love reading. My absolute favorite books series is Terry Brooks’ Shannara series, I highly HIGHLY recommend it, I could gabb on for hours about this damn book series.


Oh geez, hardest part. I guess if you’re interested feel free to do so but I’ll tag @kentucky-the-fried and @aeviann cause I like you guys, you are A++

Course if you don’t want to do it, feel free not to, IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

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I like what a father said to son when he gave him a watch that had been handed down through generations. He said “I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire, which will fit your individual needs no better than it did mine or my father’s before me, I give it to you not that you may  r e m e m b e r  time, but that you may  f o r g e t  it for a moment, now and then and not  s p e n d  all of your breath  t r y ing to  c o n q u e r  it.”