time to watch the end i guess

Anniversaries with Tom Holland:

  • Anniversaries with Tom would be amazing
  • Let me tell you that boy I such a romantic
  • He’d let you sleep as long as you want
  • But as soon as you wake up he’ll be by your side, kissing every inch of your face
  • “Good morning love! Did you sleep well?”
  • You faced him, just to see him looking at you with the most loving smile ever on his face
  • “Yeah,absolutely perfect!”
  • “Take your time to get ready, Breakfast is waiting for you!” he said, after putting a loving kiss on your lips
  • Boy your heart still explodes when he kisses you

  • After getting ready you head downstairs, having a massive breakfast waiting for you
  • I’m taking about pancakes,waffles basically everything you love
  • The both of you would sit down on the couch and you’d cuddle into him
  • He’d wrap one arm around you loosely while placing a kiss on the top of your head
  • You would watch one of your favorite movies while finishing your breakfast
  • When you finished your breakfast, he’d hand you your gift
  • You being kind of shook cause usually you both agreed that neither of you would buy a gift for each other
  • “Tom what is this?“
  • “Just a little thank you my love.” he said with that god damn charming smile
  • “Darling, we agreed on not buying anything for each other.“
  • “I was away for such a long time, but you stayed with me. Giving you a present is the least that I could do.”
  • Okay not gonna lie, you may or may not start crying a little bit
  • You cried a lot
  • “Love, please don’t cry. I hate seeing you like this!“

  • Girl he’d give you the cutest present ever
  • It’s a little heart necklace with a T on it
  • He helps you putting it on and placed a lot of kisses on your neck and your shoulders

  • Then suddenly it began to rain really bad
  • Like really really bad, London rain drops could actually kill you
  • “Bloody hell, where did this come from??!?”
  • “I guess the world is telling us to just stay here today.“ you said while shrugging your shoulders
  • “But I had everything planned, we would go to that restaurant down the street, which you love so much and we would go shopping and go t-”
  • “Tom it’s okay! I rather just spend time with you,cuddling on the couch, than going out to these fancy places.“

  • So that’s what you end up doing my loves
  • Just cuddling on the couch watching all and I mean ALL of your favorite movies
  • Eventually you take a few naps cause why not it’s raining outside
  • Tom always kissing you
  • Sometimes it turns into a make out scene
  • But really just loving the time you spend together
  • Y'all I want this
  • Like please I’m single
  • Now I’m sad :(

  • This is for my fav @iamnesta cause she helped me calm down yesterday night. ily girl

My first job was a housekeeper at a fancy hotel. I have a lot of horror stories from that place. Once a couple rented a room and when I went to clean it I saw wine spilled EVERYWHERE near the bed. We used white linens, white comforters, white everything. The walls were white. It looked like this couple had decided to drink wine while they were fucking in bed. There was a HUGE wine stain next to the bed on the wall, like someone was holding a glass and just threw it up against it. They used towels to try cleaning it up. So I told my boss and she told me to never tell her husband (who owned the place with her). She charged them 2000 dollars to repaint the wall and replace the mattress and we never told her husband lol.

Another time a couple got married and left all of their gifts in the room. Boxes, packaging, liquor, and a whole- almost untouched- wedding cake. They left a mess too. They left every single gift they got and I guess they were expecting us to ship it to them out of state for free but ended up paying a bunch because of how much they left.

Also people would try to watch us clean the rooms (not allowed!). I was fourteen when I started and some creepy dude walked in by himself and shut the door behind him. I told him he can’t be in the room when we cleaned it and he got all mad and tried to get close to me but I just ran out the door and told my manager and they had to come up and tell him to get out because he wasn’t staying another night and he just wanted to be alone in the room with me. Wtf.

I quit that job when other employees started to go into the rooms before me and steal the tips people left.

So i had a dream i was watching voltron a while back and Klance canonically kissed and this is kinda what it looked like; a battle was nearing its end and keith was unconscious and i guess lance feared this would be their last battle so he drifted over (there was no gravity for some reason) and kissed the hell outta keith. it was intense.


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again


The last time I watched Enchanted I had that usual moment of “but what if gay.” So I present to you one of the early scenes and one of the ending scenes in a version where everyone is queer. Most of these are essentially screenshot redraws with characters swapped around. =)

the bayard is the paladin is the lion: a season 3 prediction

Alternatively titled: Watch This Child Jeopardize Her GPA in Real Time As She Ignores Her Midterms to Write Yet Another Fucking Meta

The lovely @littleblackchats already wrote an awesome post about the symbolism of the bayards for each of the characters in Voltron. But I was wondering: could we take it a step further and use the weapons - and what they say symbolically about the paladins wielding them - to make an informed guess about who’s going to end up in what lion next season?

(even if the answer to that question is no, i’m already writing this so whatever)

Since Allura, Keith, and Lance are the most likely to be swapped into new lions (or, in Allura’s case, to be put into a lion for the first time), I thought it’d be cool to take a look at what the weapons each of them wields says about their personalities, and whether that can give us hints as to who’s gonna be the Black Paladin next season while Shiro’s gone.

Alright, so in episode 1, Allura tells us that a lion’s quintessence is mirrored in its paladin, and that the paladin shapes the bayard. So lion = paladin = bayard. The lion and paladin should be similar in personalty, and the bayard should be compatible to the paladin’s style of fighting and personality as well. This is shown really well in Hunk and Pidge: Pidge’s weapon is small (like her), electric (reflecting her interest in computers), and made for precision (Pidge is more interested in finding clever solutions than just brute-forcing problems), while Hunk’s is big (just like him), long-range (reflecting his wish to stay distanced from conflict), and packs a punch (Hunk is the strongest character on the team, after all).

So the weapons tell us something about the personalities of the ones using them. But what can their respective weapons tell us about Keith, Lance, and Allura?

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“bts is the first and the last team of my life. i want to go up together with the members to a high place until the end.” - kim taehyung

happy 4th anniversary, bangtan! this year has been a real fruitful year, watching you grow up from seven boys desperately trying to achieve their dreams into seven mature men who’s ready to conquer the world. i guess that’s what happens when you have six support systems by your side in every steps you take. here’s to having each other’s back, going through good times and bad times, achieving dreams one by one, and growing our wings, together for many years to come. you’ve worked hard ♡

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol

Petname Babygirl II pt.2

yoongi x reader

genre: smut, punishments, dom!yoongi, sugardaddy!yoongi, boss!yoongi

warning: dirty talk, choking, hitting

word count: 7.8k

You discussed the rules of your agreement before turning overtime into sexual favours in behalf of the man who pays you for your body.

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@zsaszmatazz tagged me to do the “six movies I can watch any time” meme (LIKE 10 YEARS AGO I’M SORRY) so here goes!

1. Road to El Dorado

Don’t tell me you can’t also watch this whenever. It’s lolzy, it’s feelsy, and it’s the source of one of my three OT3s. If Miguel/Tulio wasn’t allowed to be canon, I’m making Miguel/Chel/Tulio my headcanon dammit. Fight me.

The story is a fantastic adventure every time. The music is amazing, the animation is GORGEOUS. The jokes are funny no matter how many times I hear them. “Stars.” “Holy ship.” “Apparently ‘El Dorado’ is native for GREAT… BIG… ROCK.” 

And don’t get me started on the armadillo. Is that thing a spirit guide? A god? Probably. I’m for it.

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2. Chicken Run

I consider this one a guilty pleasure. Again, always a funny, fun adventure. Just serious enough to balance out the lolz. And Ginger is one hell of a snarky character. I love that she’s simultaneously mom friend and rebel friend.

Also, it’s that claymation Wallace and Gromit animation, which is just… nifty! I always find myself watching certain characters move, checking out different textures, especially with Babs and her knitting. Just… excellent.

Also, also this:

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3. Stardust

What can I say about this movie? Well…

I was based on a book written by my favorite author, Neil Gaiman, is a fantastic adventure that addresses the line between magic and non-magic worlds and includes such fun things as evil witches, falling in love, warring princes, falling stars, unicorns, ghosts, and sky pirates in drag (which Neil said he’s pretty sure he didn’t write, but it’s such a good scene you guys).

I am always happy by the end of it. The growing-up story is so good. And Tristan kind of bumbles through it like I totally believe I would were I thrown into a story like that. It’s just… such a satisfyingly complete and fun story, and I love it every single time.

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4. Megamind

Shut the hell your mouth this is the best villain-to-hero story I know. I am always so proud of Megamind. Like, real talk, how often does our favorite adorable villain get the girl? How often do we get to see the bumbling bad guy actually get a cool-ass happy ending? And the emotional journey he goes on gets just serious enough without killing the funny vibe the whole movie carries.

The writing is tropey, but in a way that totally plays on those tropes while making fun of them. Trope-ception is my favorite trope. And I love, love, LOVE the design choices. This movie is so colorful, and the proportions are so over the top. It’s just a visual salad. 

And, as always, the jokes are good no matter what. I don’t think I’ll ever get over, “And I love you, random citizen!” This movie is such a fun time, please go watch it.

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5. Strange Magic

Have you heard of this movie? Well, now you have. Please go watch it. 

Much like Megamind, Strange Magic got pushed to the back burner by more popular movies coming out at the same time. And that’s just a shame, because it’s just so good.

It’s a jukebox musical with reenactments of all sorts of songs, all of which are brilliant (half the time because Evan Rachel Wood My Queen is singing them, but also Alan Cumming, and sometimes they sing together and I die). The story is predictable, but the characters are what make it for me. They’re fun enough that even though I saw the end coming a mile away, it was nothing but enjoyable watching them get there.

This fandom is also dear to my heart. It’s full of some of the sweetest people with some of the most interesting fan fiction that I’ve ever read. When I think good writing, I think @abutterflyobsession who has made me cry on more than one occasion, and @jaegereska whose lore and OCs add so much to the world beyond the movie. 

Major draws: good music, lovely animation, self-confidence story, princess with a sword, SWEET SWEET VENGEANCE, and did I mention singing by Evan Rachel Wood, Alan Cumming, and Kristin Chenoweth? Bruh.

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6. Labyrinth

My favorite movie for now and always. Set it at the bottom for full effect. Get ready.

First off, music by David Bowie that is fuckin’ catchy as heck. If you don’t want to at least tap your foot along to ‘Dance Magic Dance’ you’re lying. ‘As the World Falls Down’ was the first song I remember wanting to know the lyrics to. 

Side note: If you didn’t think the Fireys were creepy as fuck, you’re also lying.

There has never been so much glitter in one place ever. The visual gags are always funny. Like, there are Bowie faces I still can’t find to this day hidden in the scenery??? The muppets are all adorable because Brian Froud is amazing, and I want a pet goblin. Everything is just so much fun to look at. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous fantasy fulfillment that is the ballroom scene. I just. 

The jokes are always funny because they run on a dry sense of humor like mine. “Well, come on feet.” One I missed for years. “No, that’s the dead end, behind you!” Ha, hubris. “It’s a piece of cake!” Shut up, Sarah…

But you also can’t not love the characters? Like, come on, who doesn’t wanna hug Ludo just a little. And Didymus, the fox knight that rides a fuckin’ tiny dog into battle?? And Hoggle who collects jewelry and pretends to be bitter as hell but cares so much??? Heck off, they’re all awesome.

Fave movie. Always. 

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Honorable Mention: Big Fish

Added this one because I can watch this any time, but it always makes me cry, so I usually save it for when I need a good cry. (Srsly, @may10baby can vouch, I once tried to explain the end to her and started sobbing in the car).

It’s just such a cool story. We get to see the life of the father as told through his own hyperbolic stories, which include a star-studded cast playing funny scenes in between serious family time. And the end… christ, it’s just such a satisfying ending. Such a good play on storytelling and what it can mean to people. Which, as a writer, means a lot to me.

Also, it’s the only Tim Burton movie I’ve seen that doesn’t look like… that. You know. How Burton movies look. Helena Bonham Carter plays like 3 different people, and none of them are Mrs. Lovett. That’s a feat, honestly.

I’ve said this about a few of these, but please watch this movie.

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Ummm I guess I’m gonna send this along to the people I already tagged, @abutterflyobsession @jaegereska @may10baby and also @fandomizedwonderland @thetrendywitch @pkmndaisuki for shits and giggles.

Stupid (Yoongi/Reader Fluff)

Summary: It’s 2:45 am and Min Yoongi’s at your door. Stupid.

(( Note: Lol, hey guys… Guess who’s not dead. *Me (I think)* Sorry I went on hiatus out of nowhere :/ Can’t say that I’m back officially because like the last time I said that I was gone three months after (hehe). So I’m semi back I guess? I’ve been missing those active Tumblr days so much, I wish I can be on more, idk what will happen in the future but I’ll try my best to post more scenarios and just overall be more active :) HOPEFULLY SMH—Also I know nothing about piano/music writing, I apologize for any mistakes and please please listen to the song it’s really pretty ))

Literally, what the hell.”

You stared at your best friend, completely dumbfounded by the fact that you were even staring at him considering that it was pitch black and cold as shit out. In other words, it was 2:45 in the morning and no other than Min Yoongi was standing there right in front of you, hands stuffed deep into his large coat along with a fluffy scarf wrapped countless times around his head, hot air from his mouth puffing out into the frozen winter air. 

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For the bittersamgirlclubTop 5 Challenge: Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Sam Moments. Well, thanks to the BSGC for this cruel and unusual prompt. If you’re interested in my thoughts on these five horrible moments then by all means, read on…

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Inspired by this post, a small fic on Bad Bob just trying to be the best dad he can be. Could also be seen as a companion to Coach. Also on AO3…  

Bob had grown up in locker rooms. The majority of his life was spent surrounded by the sweaty stink of post-game adrenaline, the raucous laughter, the camaraderie. And he loved it… for the most part.

There was the part of it, however, he didn’t like, didn’t particularly care to join in on. Prejudice of any kind had no place in Bob Zimmermann’s heart. When a distasteful joke was made, he retreated into himself. Excused himself to go shower or meet his parents – and later, Alicia.

Alicia was quite vocal many times saying, “If you had been a stereotypical jock I would never have given you the time of day.”

Bob nodded, and didn’t think he was being or not being anything in particular. He just preferred to judge people by their actions and their heart – and nothing else.

Alicia loved his gentle nature, which was a stark contrast to the person he was on the ice. While he was Bad Bob Zimmermann on the ice, off the ice Bob opened doors for little old ladies, he stopped to pet random dogs on the street, he called his parents every Sunday, made corny jokes, and enjoyed cooking for the people he loved.

When Jack came along one hot August morning, Bob held his newborn son as tears flowed freely down his face.

“He’s perfect, Alicia,” Bob murmured as he pressed a kiss onto the baby’s head.

Alicia hummed and closed her eyes, full of exhaustion and bliss.

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hi this is my daily complaint that geordi doesn’t get enough screentime imho and i need more geordi in my life

Night Moves

Written for Baby’s Big 50 Birthday Challenge, hosted by @butiaintgonnaloveem​​. My prompt was “Night Moves” by Bob Seger. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Summary: Dean and Sam go see an old friend while recovering from a rough hunt. She helps them admit what they really want.

Pairings: Sam x Dean, Sam x Dean x OFC (Katherine)

Warnings: Smut, feels, Wincest

Word Count: 4150

A/N: I loved writing this one. Hope y’all love it too! Feedback appreciated. XOXO

Dean slides the cassette into the deck, grinning when the music starts. He’s got the itch under his skin and he needs to drive, needs to breathe fresh air and see some new trees.

“You ready, Baby?” he whispers, and he swears she purrs back a yes.

Sam comes out of the motel room, looking sleepy and relaxed, blinking into the early morning sunlight. “What are we doing up this early?”

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every time you think carryin the banner is over. Its not. 

first time around youre like. DAMN that was a good song. so much energy and love and you get introduced to these newsboys. and then theres a scene and ur like. cool they buy papes and thats davey- oh shit this songs back!! but its good!! i love this song!! will they do more flips?? (yes) and then theres a new scene that they set up which leads to a different song, the bottom line, so ur like, oh i guess carrying the banner is done. but then its NOT. ITS BACK. IT COMES BACK. THEYRE SINGING AGAIN! and doing more cool tricks!!! its a really good song you just didnt expect it for a third time! but that the end of it. you watch the rest of the musical. that has to be the end, right? NO, ITS FINALE TIME, AND CARRYIN THE BANNER IS BACK AGAIN. and thEN YOU THINK ITS OVER , KING OF NEW YORK REPLAYS, AND SO DO THE BOWS. BUT THEN!!!! THE MELODY PLAYS AT THE END OF THE BOWS AND YOU JUST. ITS NEVER REALLY OVER.