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TOMOE: Come here, Akura-ou. I’ll play with you!

SFX: shoots up

TOMOE: Hahaha


SFX: zzz

TOMOE: Wake up, Nanami. It’s about time for you to.

NANAMI: Hm—After 10 minutes…


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Married life~ <3



So excited to sub the OAD and read the manga extra!!

Portions of the Brain Fall Asleep and Wake Back up All the Time

It appears that when the neurons have cycled into the more active, or “on,” state they are better at responding to the world. The neurons also spend more time in the on state when paying attention to a task. This finding suggests processes that regulate brain activity in sleep might also play a role in attention.

The research is in Science. (full access paywall)

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okay but like... head canon about clarke and lexa waking up for the first time living together and that kind of hitting them like they are living together, they are living with the love of their lives and they get to wake up to their drooling cute gay ass every single morning like can you even.

I think about this every time I’m writing hsau and basically:

-Clarke wakes up first, for once. (Lexa’s pretty worn out from the night before)

-Lexa’s breathing is deep and even, and she’s facing Clarke. Eyes closed, lips slightly parted, the face of absolute serenity. Clarke looks down at her hands, which are slung on Clarke’s waist, possessive even in her sleep.

-Clarke wants so desperately to be quiet and let her angel sleep but she can’t help it. A laugh bubbles up inside her chest and tears form in her eyes and it’s so strange to her. She knows how she’s going to feel every morning for the rest of her life.

-Jake’s absence left this hollowed time of the morning for Clarke, where she could do nothing but think about what if’s and could have been’s and Lexa completely obliterates that cold feeling with her presence

-Lexa’s eyes flutter open when a tear from Clarke drops onto her cheek and she’s obviously very concerned. Clarke wordlessly throws her arms around her, just to feel her, to kind of seal in the feeling of elation she has.

-numb and a little shocked, Lexa whispers: “Pancakes?”

-Clarke will never feel alone again.

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(adm: AAAA THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to release it already omfg I’ve been working on it for so long, every single day and it seems like it’ll never end!! I kinda wanted to post it already and upload a new version when I’m finished but I’ve to be patient with myself x’DDDD)

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supercorp and mornings

Lena slowly stretched, reveling in the way feeling returned to her limbs. Except for one. Her right arm. She quickly opened her eyes and looked down expecting to see a pile of bricks, only to find a snoring and slightly mussed Kara Danvers. 

Lena smiled and shook her head when she saw the path of drool rolling down Kara’s face.

“Kara… Kara…” Lena hummed while she slightly shook the sleeping woman.


“Time to wake up.”

“Nooo… sleeep… five minutes…”

Lena started to really lose feeling in her arm. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

“Supergirl! Someone’s in trouble!”

“Trouble!?” Kara yelped as she rolled off the side of the bed and painfully landed on the floor completely tangled in their blankets.

Lena heard Kara groan from the floor and could only continue to laugh while she watched Kara unsuccessfully try to disentangle herself from the blankets.

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"Aoba, time to wake up~ I'm back and Virus won't return until later. Should I get you something to eat?"

The blue haired male shivered a bit, he had grown used to everything and slowly sat up. “I’m hungry..” 

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okay i’m gonna summarise the clip as best as i can (please someone correct me if i’m wrong about anything, i speak 0.8% norwegian): isak texts his mum about having a boyfriend and how does god feel about this etc, even picks him up and tells him he’s got a hotel room booked, they check in (he tells the lady isak is his boyfriend etc), they go to the room, have sex, eat on the floor and even compares(?) them to romeo and juliet and talks about marriage and is generally really high-strung. they go to bed, isak wakes up to even roaming around a few times and then he realises even leaves the room naked. he tries to chase after him and doesn’t find him so he calls sonja. they meet, sonja tells him the police picked even up and that he’s manic-depressive (also was there a quip about how even didn’t tell isak about it?) and how he only imagines to be in love with isak..

Update about my life: Haven’t been sleeping this entire week b/c my dog Zipper has been waking me up 3-4 times a night to go outside/drink water. Took him to the vet and found out my dog has the diabeetus :/ 

Soo far it hasn’t been too big of a change in my life, he’s eating the new food and we’re getting his shots in but holy balls is it expensive. I hope that it won’t be too costly in the long run and obviously that he gets better but I’m so hoping at this point that I’ll be able to SLEEP. I’ve felt like vomiting thats how tired I am -___-

Anyway, that’s the update to help explain why I haven’t been too chatty on here recently, I’m just so tired and stressed blehhhh

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You should rest :C we dont want you to catch that illness because of the cold i forgot what its called its starts with a P i think.. and its deadly. Please rest.

I know I should rest but I can’t sleep from time to time for some reason and my mom wakes me up early so bleh I never get the sleep I need. I have been home from work thou so that is one thing at least.

Portions of the brain fall asleep and wake back up all the time

When we are in a deep slumber our brain’s activity ebbs and flows in big, obvious waves, like watching a tide of human bodies rise up and sit down around a sports stadium. It’s hard to miss.

Now, Stanford researchers have found, those same cycles exist in wake as in sleep, but with only small sections sitting and standing in unison rather than the entire stadium. It’s as if tiny portions of the brain are independently falling asleep and waking back up all the time.

What’s more, it appears that when the neurons have cycled into the more active, or “on,” state they are better at responding to the world. The neurons also spend more time in the on state when paying attention to a task. This finding suggests processes that regulate brain activity in sleep might also play a role in attention.

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Levi: Welcome back ladies.. I suggest that you all get a good nights rest, tomorrow all three of you will get a letter from me, but only one of you will have the letter with directions to meet me. I have a long night of thinking ahead of me, so please go get some sleep, I will be gone by the time you wake up and you will get your letters by mid day tomorrow. Goodnight ladies.

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relationship status: Single
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: Coca-Cola all the way!
day or night?
: I’m going to say nighttime.  It’s cooler, there’s stars, and lights, and the moon.  Can’t really beat that!
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: Definitely text.  I am much better in writing when I have time to think my responses through.
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: I’m going to say lipstick, though I’m not a huge fan of either.
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: Dark green.
: I have two sweet pooches named Blossom and Finnegan!  They’re both boxers.
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: Around 9 or 10 usually.

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birthday: November 22
gender: female
relationship status: single but I go on a lot of coffee dates
zodiac sign: Sagittarius
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wake up and sleep time: usually 11:30 or 12:30 to somewhere between 6-8:30.
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My someone ..

I want someone who wants to travel the world with me. Someone who is willing to take risks. Someone who is thoughtful and does the simple things. Someone who texts me right from the time they wake up to the time they lay back down. Someone who will stay on the phone with me all night when we are apart, just because they can’t sleep without the sound of me breathing. I want someone who has a beautiful smile, gosh that’s so attractive. Someone who has a big heart and will do anything and everything for me. Someone who has goals and aspirations and is working towards their future. Someone who wanks kids. Someone who is close with their family, especially their parents. Someone who can make me laugh. Someone to just go do whatever we feel like, and make memories with. Someone who will play with my hair. Someone who makes an effort to keep my attention. Someone who likes to be outdoors. Someone who I can pine with all day and talk about the weirdest shit with. Someone who vibes with me. Someone who isn’t afraid to just go with the flow. Someone who enjoys music just as much as me. Someone who will go to music festivals with me. Someone who isn’t afraid to have fun. Someone I can sing with in the car and just have a good time. Someone who enjoys my company just as much as I enjoy theirs. Someone who I can’t come to with anything and I know I won’t be judged. Someone who is taller than me. Someone who has pretty eyes. Someone who is willing to go to the gym and workout with me or do yoga. Someone who is kind. Someone who is smart. Someone with a beautiful soul. I want someone with confidence, because if they are confident than I will be too. I want someone who isn’t afraid to show me off and let everybody know that I’m their girl. Someone who is proud to have me. Someone who cherishes me, as I will do them. Somebody who is comfortable with who I am, and can handle me. Someone who knows when to give me space when I need it , but also understand that I need them there too. Understands that I might say things I don’t mean when I’m upset someone who will just love me unconditionally and will fight for me when things get tough. Someone who will never leave my side for any reason. Someone who knows exactly what to say to me when I’m down. Someone who is willing to settle down. Someone who isn’t afraid of commitment. Someone who I can be intimate with. Someone who can make me feel good mentally and physically. Somebody who can eat like a champ, because the good Lord knows I love food. Someone who isn’t afraid to try new things with. Someone who can dress themselves nice. Someone who is naturally beautiful, but can also be bad as fuck when they clean up. Someone who I can make inside jokes with. Someone who loves themselves and is genuinely happy and positive. Someone who love to binge watch Netflix. Someone who will motivate me to do better. Someone who will keep me in check. Someone to go on cute random dates with. Someone who will spoil me with love. Someone who I can take pictures of all the time. Someone I can draw and write about. Someone who inspires me. Someone who gets along with my parents, that’s really important to me.

I deserve you, so I will wait for you.

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M: Milk-f(x)
E: Everybody-SHINee
L: Lotto-EXO
I: I Need U-BTS
S: Skydive-B.A.P
S: Save Me-BTS
A: Another World-NCT 127

Relationship: Single
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Favourite Colours: Black, Red, Pink
Wake Up Time: 6:00am
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