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what are we suppose to consider Killian's drinking? from what we've seen on the show he drinks whenever he's upset or whenever someone else wants to drink. He hasn't just got out his flask and start taking shots for a long time now.

It’s a coping mechanism for him - has been for almost his entire life. It’s clearly something he usually has control over. We have only ever seen him drunk and/or hungover twice on the show up to this point (Past!Hook was drunk with Emma, and we saw him hungover/still drunk when he was a slave for Silver - there was also arguably a third time if you count him waking up at the docks in ‘The Apprentice’ as him being hungover. Personally, I do.). Otherwise, he probably uses it most of the time to take the edge off. He’s not reliant on it completely (and how could he be considered a reliable Captain if he was), and he can stop entirely if he wants to (like he did when he joined the Royal Navy). Could he be considered a functional alcoholic? Probably. I feel like some definitely would say he is. I personally don’t think he has a problem with it (like Regina likes to use against him) - it’s just a comfort for him. Something that’s always been there to sooth the pain and help things be a little easier for a little while.

The Hidden Curriculum
“It’s time to wake up boss, please open your eyes. / There’s much work to be done and we’re ready to advise.” / Curiosity propelled me to confront my kooky staff. / One flipped through a dictionary, the other spoke on his behalf.
By in-Training

““It’s time to wake up boss, please open your eyes.
There’s much work to be done and we’re ready to advise.”
Curiosity propelled me to confront my kooky staff.
One flipped through a dictionary, the other spoke on his behalf.
“Wernicke and Broca at your service sir.
Something in the colon is causing quite a stir.”
“Alright I’ll look into it,” was all that I said,
then I went to visit a friend before exiting the head.
I did not travel far before I quickly found
old Willis at his station going round and round.
Now this was a man who had all the right connections,
so I asked for his help in providing some directions.”

This may be one of the cutest poems I have ever read. By Peter Farag at University of Toronto.

Through the Darkness Pt.2

Title: Through the Darkness Pt.2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1350

Previous Parts: Part 1

               You woke up to the patter of rain still hitting your window. You could feel a weight on your side and looked to discover it was Peter’s hand which had wrapped it’s way around you body in the middle of the night. He had you pulled up against him; your back to his chest. You could feel him breathing and you were too afraid to move in case you woke him up. A smile crossed your face as you remembered what happened last night. You closed your eyes trying to remember every detail.
“Y/N, time to wake up!” Your mom called. The door handle twisted but came to an abrupt halt. “Y/N? Why is your door locked sweetie?” She questioned knocking on your door. You jumped up out of bed waking Peter abruptly.
“Peter hide!” You whispered to him “One minute mom!” You yelled back at the door. Peter was still in a daze. “Peter I said hide! Get under the bed!” He crawled under your bed as you ran across the room.
“Honey, what are you-” she stopped as you yanked open your door.
“Hey mom what’s up” you said breathing a little by more heavily than usual. She stood on her tip toes trying to look past you.
“Nothing I was just coming to wake you up. Why is your door locked? You know how we don’t lock doors in this house Y/N"  she scorned you.
"Yeah I know. Sorry mom I guess I forgot to unlock it after I got changed last night.” You smiled at her “I’m just going to change and then I’ll be out for breakfast okay?” You stated starting to shut your door.
“Alright sweetie I’ll see you in a bit” you closed your door and locked it again.
You could already hear Peter snickering under your bed. He rolled out from underneath it and propped himself up on your bed.
“I thought your parents weren’t conservative?” He questioned smiling at you.
You gave him an incredulous look “They’re conservative enough to not want to find a teenage boy in their daughters bed.” You looked at him. “You should get going before they get more suspicious and remove my door entirely” he rolled his eyes at you before standing up. You walked him over to the window and yanked it open. “ I’ll see you at school, yeah?” You questioned looking up at him.
He smiled down at you and placed a hand on the side of your face before leaning in and kissing you softly. “Of course” he crawled out of your window and you watched him descend a couple of the steps of your fire escape before shutting your window and closing your blinds.
You threw on whatever clothes you could find lying around and made your way to the breakfast table.
“Grab something to go Y/N. We have to get to school or we’ll be late” your mom said standing up and heading towards the door.
Your grabbed a banana and your lunch and ran out the door already following after your fleeting mother. She got in the car and started down the road.
“Were you up late last night? You took so long to get up this morning.”
“Oh yeah I couldn’t fall asleep” you said a slight blush rolling across your cheeks.
“You know studies show you won’t be able to focus in school if you don’t get your 7+ hours of sleep” your mom said in a matter of fact tone. You just rolled your eyes at her. She was the vice-principle at your school and it was almost impossible for her to break from the role in you home life.
As you rolled into the parking lot at school something ran in front of the car causing your mom to slam on her brakes and her coffee to spill all over the console. Peter stood in front of your car looking shocked and slightly abashed. He gave you a small wave before your mom yelled out the window at him
“Move it along Parker! And honestly watch where you’re going!” You sunk lower in your seat out of embarrassment. Your mom parked up the car and tried to mop up the mess. “Get going sweetheart or you’ll be late for your classes. And honestly tell that friend of yours to pay attention I could have killed him.” She scoffed
“Sure thing mom” you said leaping out of the car and running into the school. You were intercepted close to the door by Peter. He wrapped his arms around your waste and pulled you into him.
“So did you get caught this morning or was your mom just accidentally trying to run me down with her car?”
“No I don’t think she suspected anything. What we’re you doing this morning you usually have better reflexes than that?”
“To be honest with you I was thinking about last night” he smiled leaning down to kiss you. Right as your lips touched the bell rang causing you to jump and hit your forehead on his.
“Jesus” you rubbed your forehead “I’ve got to get to Chemistry” you sighed
“Yeah I’ve got Calculus” he rolled his eyes before stopping and smiling at you “I’ll see at lunchtime right?” You nodded standing on your tiptoes and giving him a peck on the lips.
You were staring at the clock in your class room with two minutes to go to lunch. You couldn’t help but wonder if the clock had somehow broken because it felt as if time had stopped. Your friend leaned forward from the desk behind yours to show you her phone screen
“Look at this. Spiderman is running around again saving lives and cracking skulls” she laughed showing you the news “while looking fine as hell might I add. That ass though” you saw your teacher look up from her book to glare at you two.
“I mean we can’t even tell what he looks like under all of that super suit who knows what he looks like. He could be a mixture of Donald trump and Steve Buscemi” you rolled your eyes at her.
She shrugged “I prefer to think he would be more of a mix of Ryan Gosling and Tyler Blackburn” she sighed staring off dreamily into the distance.
“You know he could totally be like 50 years old and gross” you grimaced your teacher looking up and glaring at you again
“Does that ass look 50 years old and gross to you” your friend said with a serious expression on her face causing you to snort. Your teacher put her book down about to intercede when the bell rung. You both sprang out of you chairs and ran out of the class as quickly as you could.
“Y/F/N I’m actually going to meet up with Peter so I’m not sure if I’ll be sitting with you at lunch today” she stopped in her tracks
“Peter? Do you usually meet up with Peter?” She questioned giving you a look.
“I do now. I think?” You said still unsure of your relationship status.
“Did something finally happen between you two?”
You shrugged “Kind of. Not really sure. I’ll report back to you after lunch” you smiled giving her a wave.
You texted Peter to meet you outside of the cafeteria and you set up post leaning on the trophy case. You checked your phone for the time. It had already been five minutes with no reply from Peter. You opened up your phone and scrolled through your Facebook news feed. Kim Kardashian, Pretty Little Liars, Spider-Man. You clicked on Spider-Man to read more into the situation.
“Spider-Man Apprehends Criminals Involved in Bank Robbery” the title read. You had time to finish the article before checking the clock again 5 minutes until lunch was over. You sighed picking yourself up off of the trophy case and finding you friend in the cafeteria.
“Peter?” She asked wondering where he was. You just shook your head and sighed. It seemed as though your relationship status was quite defined; single.

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Some kind of nonbinary! They/She pronouns!!

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It’s a very complicated thing rn, honestly.




A cat and a bunbun whom I looooove!!!

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8 AM sometimes noon

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Love  ♡ ♡ ♡

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Both? And bunbuns

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Text plz I can’t talk on the phone for shiiiiiiit lmao

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I met Amy Lee back when I was in my scene phase and freaked out a little tbqh

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Odd-coloured hair!

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Both? Neither? Idk how to answer this…

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Duality by Bayside

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Does anyone have experience or advice on how to deal and get rid of night terrors?? I’ve been dealing with them for two months and I can’t and don’t want to sleep anymore bc every time I close my eyes I see someone die & I wake up crying or some shit bc it’s so graphic in my head
It’s so bad I go to sleep at 12 and get up at 4-5 am so I don’t have to sleep longer than necessary
It’s fucking ridiculous that I’m afraid of sleep

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I was asleep. I checked my phone and now I'm freaking out. It's bloody 06:26 in the morning here Niall!

At least it’s a normal wake up time I should be going to bed right now!

Have a good day


I have not been writing lately, for many reason I have not been spending time with myself. A lot is happening, days have been shorter and beers have been getting colder. I have been busy sleeping, drinking or strangling the old man.

I am on my single bed covered by two thin blankets that I have not washed in 6 months. I am restless, tossing and turning. Thinking about what I should think about to stop the incoherent thoughts in my head. The meaningless, incomplete thoughts are starting to depress me. I am thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. What am I going to do when I wake up? is she really in to me or is she confusing love with loneliness? I have no definite answers to my questions. All the questions I have are leading to more questions. I start thinking about her breasts and the warmth of her thighs around my thighs. I think about cuddling naked with my penis pressed on her pubic hair. I can feel my penis hardening and sounds of her moans intensifying in my head. My hand is on my penis and I’m sweating under my blankets. I ignore the sweat and start rubbing my penis, gently, softly and the alarm rings. I am too deep in her vagina to care about the irritating sound of my alarm. The grip on my penis has tightened and my hand is moving up and down vigorously. We do the reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, wolf and grinding all at once. I am breathing heavily and I don’t care that my best friend who is squatting at my place might hear my passionate breathing. There’s a tingling sensation on my toes and I can feel that I’m about to ejaculate. I have no tissue, do I ejaculate on the blankets and before I could make a decision marbles start running up my urethra. Tsu tsu tsu. I am embarrassed and eventually fall asleep. In my dream I can only see emotionless portraits as I walk inside the bus. I look for an empty seat but what I find is deep sadness written on the creased faces of the passengers. No one is smiling. Some passengers have their heads bowed. Some have earphones on. Some are having conversations but they are not listening to each other. Some have their heads against the windows. Some are looking at me but most of them are dead. They are dead black. I eventually find a seat and sadness. I hope I get hired today.

We are all wasting each other’s time. Asking questions and responding with solutions that lead us to more complications. Our lives were better before we learnt how to speak. Only a few were exploited and none were enslaved. Teachers and students are all alike, they know little and lie a lot. Doctors have cured no one, people are sick and dying. The moon is watching and the sun is laughing at pilots trying to fly knowing very well that the ending is landing. Authors are writing and the blind are reading thinking that they can see. What have they learnt when the sun still sets at east and old age equals death. New-borns are immunized but they still contract sadness, hate and have to be buried in expensive caskets. Shoe boxes and old religions are no different. They are all useless. This is how I feel but that won’t change the weather. It’s still going to be cold and the coldness will be felt within the marrow of my cheek bones. I can’t smile and I can’t cry. I can’t. I can’t. I am missing I am lost to myself. Find me. Should you do please return me to the dark forest hidden deep within my mother’s thighs. I hope she still recognizes me for the smoke and dust from within restricted book shelves have changed me. I no longer smell like sun dried sweat and petroleum jelly. I smell like little bottles from France and stale cigarettes. My eyes have no love. They bleed tears no longer of joy. My eye bags are icicles of lies. My smiles are insincere. I guess it happens after years of seducing innocent women and earnest men.

I have not been seeing the moon. I have to find it and feed it. I can sense that it is famished. Portraits and poetry paintings adorn my walls. The night that is given light thanks us by waves on shores and roars on riverbanks. The inland noise clogs my pores and chemicals have blocked my nose. I listen better now that I am deaf. I have no urge to scream now that I don’t have a voice.I woke up feeling sickish. I still feel sick. It’s not a near death sickness but it is one that cannot be ignored. It is like a blocked nostril on a windy Tuesday at the bus stop. I no longer wish to pretend to be brave and confident. The world has bashed me to a pulp and I am no longer embarrassed to speak about its terror

What is wrong with us?

When we feel angry; we scream instead of doing wudu.

When we feel sad; we cry to our friends instead of crying to Allah (swt).

When we feel stressed; we listen to music instead of listening to Qur'an.

When we feel cheated; we plan for revenge instead of having patience

When we feel empty; we go watch a movie instead of doing dhikr of Allah (swt)

Really! What is wrong with us???

It’s 2016, just being pretty doesn’t cut it anymore. What is your hustle like? Are you aspiring to be something important? How are your moves impacting on your growth and success? Are you unique? Have your own style?You can be good looking and still be a nobody.