time to stop the trend

2017 is the year of the hustle

Its time to get that education, make more money, budget and SAVE THAT MONEY, and most importantly look good while doing it

I'm sorry but can we just get one thing straight?!

Boys can be ARMYS too. BTS is one of the most important things to me and I’m a boy so please stop stereotyping ARMYs as only girls. BTS is what’s getting me through this horrible place in my life and if I ever go to a concert I’m gonna be the loudest one screaming.

I do everything a girl ARMY can. I know their songs by heart, I know their choreographies and spend hours training them, I watch crack and fake sub videos, I ship them with each other, I get triggered by their rudeness, I call them “my boys” and yes I even feel a very strong sexual attraction to all of them (like it’s impossible not too, and guys bias and Stan guys all the time). So please stop the “female only ARMY” trend and remember:

Boys are ARMYs too.

I looked up yhboys because of the drama surrounding then and tbh anyone who is sending hate to literal kids can burn in hell but you know who else can burn in hell ?


Like, dear God these boys are babies ? I have an 11 year old brother I can’t imagine him in an idol group at his age, or with the pressures that come with it ? Nct dream was pushing it but these babies ? They won’t have a childhood, they won’t have anything other than job obligations that even adults can’t handle at times.

This trend of preteen idols debuting needs to stop even if it has just begun. Those kids deserve their youth and they deserve to be free of work obligations at this young age.

On Deaths in Supernatural

Here’s the thing.

We know characters may die any time on a show like Supernatural. That’s part of the show and we all know it.

But when you’re killing off a character, especially a fan-favorite and most certainly a lead, the absolute least you can do is give them a proper sendoff.

Give us Ellen and Jo’s literal blaze of glory. Ruby, struck down in her moment of victory. Give us Gabriel’s decision to side with humanity. Meg’s choosing to fight to give Sam and Cas time to escape. Bobby’s sendoff in ‘Death’s Door’. John’s sacrifice. Benny staying in Purgatory. Metatron’s standoff against Amara. Even Crowley sacrificing himself to take out Lucifer. Those are the deaths we love. Those are the deaths we respect.

But instead, you give us Charlie, left in a bathtub, killed by a season subplot she could have easily escaped. Frank, killed by Leviathan offscreen. Kevin, his death used for mid season shock value. Tessa’s suicide. We get Hannah, killed while a one-off actor takes the place of the actress we recognize. Billie, stabbed in the back for doing her job. Eileen, a kickass deaf hunter played by a kickass deaf actress, gratuitously killed before the title card by a hellhound she can’t see. Rowena, the female character in the most episodes in the show’s entire run, killed offscreen.

And Castiel. The third main character. Absolute fan favorite. The character that means so much to so many people. Played by Misha, who has inspired and changed and saved lives through his work with Random Acts and Gishwhes. His milestone 100th episode. On a Thursday, no less. And he’s stabbed in the back for shock value after running in to a fight he didn’t need to be in and should have known was handled. In the same episode as the deaths of two other reoccurring characters, and minutes after Crowley’s sendoff. Not only was it pointless, it was a huge disservice to the character, the actor, and the fans.

And yes, in real life death is often just as random and meaningless as we saw tonight. But this isn’t real life, and the writers chose to do this. It wasn’t an accident. It was a purposeful decision. And sure, we all know that there’s always a chance a character will come back. That doesn’t change the fact that the death they gave Castiel this episode was woefully insufficient for a character of his importance and tenure to the show. Not to mention what he means to so many fans.

Whatever the writers decide to do next season, whether Cas is resurrected or chalked up as just another loss for the Winchesters, that doesn’t change the fact that the death they gave him was unacceptable for a character of his importance.

If you’re going to kill off characters, fine. But at the very least make it good. Make it mean something. Don’t just shock us. Make us sad and proud and happy and vindicated. Give us fight scenes and imagery and sacrifice. This show breaks our hearts every season and we love it for that. We know the writers can tug on our heartstrings. Hell, they made us start to feel sorry for Metatron. If they can do that, they can give their hero characters the deaths they deserve. That is not what we saw tonight, last week, and so many times before.

Just, stop this killing people for shock value trend. We’ve all seen it before, and keeping it going is not making the show any better. Bring back the righteous deaths and meaningful sacrifices. We love these characters, and we just want their deaths to have the meaning and dignity and impact they deserve.


Dear Youtube,

     This makes no sense. In a heartbeat has three times as many views as the top “Trending video”, and has 19 times as many likes. So just stop. These animators deserve to be the top trending video, and the statistics support that.

     I am a very political person, but the world doesn’t revolve around American politics. Let someone else have a go at being famous, the talk show hosts are already on national television.


               One irrationally angry Tumblr user who knows you probably won’t see this

there’s a fandom trend happening that i reeeally do not like, and it’s happening in BMC specifically right now, but it’s by no means limited to that (or it wouldn’t be bothering me)

see, when the characters that people headcanon as asexual en masse are ALWAYS the same characters that people headcanon as autistic or are autistic coded, we start to have a problem.

this trend of autistic asexuals becoming the only popular asexual headcanons comes across as more infantilizing than anything else.

combined with the other trend that ace characters are all just too pure for that, not that they’re just… asexual because they are. i haven’t seen an asexual character represented in fandom that wasn’t either “shut in who doesn’t like people at all” or “the bubbliest and purest person who could never like sex because they’re so sweet.”
and there’s nothing wrong with those types of characters being ace, i guess, but when those are the ONLY characters that get ace and autistic headcanons, and they consistently get both, we start to have an issue.

anyway what i’m saying is, let’s have some variety in asexual characters AND avoid infantilizing autistic characters, all at the same time!!

i just watched suicide squad for the second time on the theater and i smiled even harder on every harley/joker scene than i did the first time, and to be pretty fucking honest, what i think more people should realize is, no one is fucking obligated to know or care about how their relationship works in the comics or anywhere else that’s not the movie, if that’s where they want to ship them in. if a person started shipping them because the movie showed a good or slightly better relationship than what they have in any other universe, then that’s literally all that should matter. “oh but the movie still shows flaws in their relationship!!” get out of my fucking face, what fucking relationship isn’t flawed. “he made her crazy and shit!!” for what i realized, she was already deeply in love with him before he even did anything? and she would already do anything he wanted her to do even before anyway. so people should really stop wasting everybody’s time with this new “jarley problematization trend” that’s been going around.

While scrolling through my dash and looking at all the beautiful Dean gifs and screencaps I think that the reason Jensen’s current summer hair style is so fucking sexy is not just because of the change in length.  The length is a factor, but so is the fact that he’s been wearing it swept to the left instead of to the right.  Dean never really parts his hair, but it all kinda sweeps to the right, and his new do goes to the left, and it’s so very different that it’s attractive.

Sam’s hair changes every season.  Dean’s hair is kept almost exactly the same.  I think it’s time to stop that trend.  Especially since the last season was so focused on change and character growth.  The toxic co-dependency is fading (if not broken), and the Do Whatever It Takes and Damn the Consequences attitude have changed.  Let’s reflect it in a new hairstyle for Dean.

What I’m sayin’ is, let his hair go a little wilder.  He’s almost 40… he’s gotta be tired of getting the same damn haircut.

I always change my hair when I feel like I’ve changed as a person.  I’d love to see that reflected in my favorite characters, kthxbai.

You know what this means

We’ve seen how hot they are together, how amazing they can be. It’s time to fight harder. Don’t stop the trends, don’t stop the campaigning. Caroline is a core part of TVD world apparently, but she’s been a prop this entire season, we need to get her to TO, even if Julie Plec says this is the end, we must refuse this reality. 

They intend to have Klaroline scenes this season, our fighting made it possible. Let’s not stop fighting. 


Okay so Christi is fucking gross ! First of she tweeted saying Chloe hasn’t had anyone ‘pave’ the way for her and that’s why she’s voting for her (not because she’s her daughter or anything). Which is obviously her trying to throw some shade at Maddie who apparently didn’t ‘dance’ her way to her success. Which is all absolute bullshit ! Both Maddie and Chloe had the same exact platform ‘paved’ for them when they joined dance moms then life happened after that. Everything Maddie has gotten it’s because she works hard and is talented and that allows her certain privileges. Secondly I saw this screen shot of what Christi said in a dm and thought it was fake I FOUND OUT THE DM IS A FAKE PICTURE. However I saw that she had liked this shady tweet insinuating that Maddie didn’t deserve her win. ibtimes reported that Chloe also liked that tweet (http://www.ibtimes.com/chloe-lukasiak-responds-losing-2016-teen-choice-award-dance-moms-star-maddie-ziegler-2396515) but it’s not under her likes so maybe she deleted or maybe it’s not true but if it’s true I’m so disappointed and confused to why she’d like that then include Maddie in a nice post ?. Bottom line is I can 100% say that Christi Lukasiak is scum ! She’s not changed from her days from dance moms she’s still the same bitter jealous and nasty person she’s always been. What kind of adult fully engages in fandom drama like this ? It’s pathetic ? Furthermore Maddie trended for choice dance A LOT of times it was like a tug of war between them. She was trending right before the time when voting stopped as well. Furthermore trending only tells you who is mentioned the most it doesn’t tell you about how many of those votes actually count. (There could be repeated and invalid votes). Either way Maddie won this time and Christi is just gonna have to get over it 🙄. Honest I worry about Christi’s hateful obsession with Maddie.

Ps: got some anons saying the dm is fake but everything else is real.

If you think about it, Kate’s now as tied in with the twister as Chloe is. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Because look at it this way. No matter your game choices and outcomes, Kate Marsh was supposed to die. Max watched her body splat on the ground, just as she watched Chloe’s chest explode red. She witnessed both of their deaths, and yet they’re still alive for episode three because Max reversed time and saved them.

So if you want to think the butterfly effect theory, you’re going to have to add Kate to the mix. If Chloe has to die to stop the twister, doesn’t Kate as well? What if each episode Max saves someone, and at the end she has to let everyone die that she previously saved? That’s where that is going.

Also, think about this; I don’t think Chloe’s the catalyst for the twister. Max had her vision before she even knew what she would find in the bathroom, so you could probably assume that she had her powers then as well. Maybe. And then in the bathroom, a blue butterfly just happened to fly inside Blackwell’s girl bathroom, and to a place where Max wouldn’t be caught if someone came in.

I think that there’s more to play here that we just don’t know yet. The “Chloe has to die” theory seems like it’s a red herring to me. It’s too simple, too easy. And I don’t think any of the three at the end of episode two are innocent. I think they all know something separate of each other that has to do with the storm or Rachel.

Another popular theory is that Max gets her powers when she saves someone (Chloe - reverse time, Kate - stop time). Does that trend continue? Does she save Alyssa (from death this time) and get the ability to fast forward time? Does she save Victoria and be able to project herself through two different timelines?

Idk. I’m rambling. I can’t wait for episode three.

anonymous asked:

Hi, Gabi! I don't wanna stir drama or anything, don't publish this, please, but I just wanted to say that I kinda get it how the blogger who trash talked L and today is saying they love him. Like, I'm a harrie larrie and H's stunts affect me emotionally more than L's (unless it's bg, this shit is the worst (tm)). When yachtgate happened I was so freaking mad at him, at everything, really. I knew it was all a show, but I couldn't contain it. And I think it was just an emotion for the moment, (1)

after the shitshow was over I was much better and still loved him, so… It was just something that messed up with my mind (and I still feel sick whenever that days or Kendall are mentioned, but alas). I can’t talk for the people who said these things about L and I’m not saying they were right to do what they did, but I guess it was just a thing for the moment and what L did today was really great, it brought hope again to lots of people, it lift the mood of the fandom. (2)

Of course he didn’t need to do anything, even if he didn’t do this to reassure us. Times are really hard in the fandom, and I think it’s normal to react like this when it gets too much in tour head, I know I’ve done it, so… And most important, I have to say that I’m sorry you get shit for staying positive and I really appreciate your lightness, stay awesome, Gabi! <3 (3) 


Hi there, you asked me not to publish this but as you were on anon and I think you touched a subject that would be important to discuss, I am going to address it and I am going to answer this as an adult person and not as a Larrie. 

I think it is normal to be affected by events, some more than others, and I am not going to say you can’t be affected because that is bs, we are all invested in HL, some more than others, but I think this anger comes from the frustration of not understanding what is happening. And that comes from the constant need of wanting to BE IN THE KNOW, because people are used to being in the know in the past, they are used to seeing through the transparency, they are used to patterns, they are used to the repetition of stunts and events. But the thing is: there is no transparency anymore, at least not like before. The update accounts are absolutely totally out of the loop and no one knows anything.

They are with a new management now, they are getting actual advice and actual protection (and yes i refer to Louis now, because we have NO IDEA how bad babygate would have turned if it was not for the new team protecting Louis. Otherwise we would have had:

  • Media not mocking and treating it as a joke
  • active participation from the band members
  • no Larry mention and no pregnant Harry manip,
  • a promised baby shower,
  • engagement,
  • several romantic pap walks together,
  • a full spread photoshoot,
  • rep statements,
  • threatening with lawsuit for the fake baby claims
  • etc etc

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Posting for


week because, earlier this week when I put on the bindi for the first picture, my first thought was “I look really Indian,” and my first instinct was to change that. But after seeing all the incredible and amazing people and posts during reclaim the bindi week has helped me realized that it’s okay to look Indian, no matter what anyone will say; it’s okay to wear something of my culture and be happy with how I look with it on. Which is why, when I put on the bindi on today to take the last pictures, I didn’t feel the panicked need to immediately remove it. I, for once, wasn’t scared of how different I looked with it on; I sort of even liked it. But that doesn’t mean I will go around wearing a bindi every day as a fashion statement. The bindi is not a fashion statement; it’s part of a culture, it has cultural significance. I will wear it when I’m wearing cultural clothes or attending cultural event; not when I’m in non cultural clothes and want to wear something fashionable. Because the bindi isn’t a trend; it’s not a fashion, and if it’s not part of your culture and you’ve been wearing it simply because it looks pretty, please stop. You’re disrespecting a culture and it’s people and traditions, and you’re taking something that’s not yours to have. You’re wearing something that, if a desi person wore freely around like you do, they’d be ridiculed and called names and maybe even be hurt, while you’re being lauded for your “fashion”. If someone who is South Asian has invited you to partake in an activity that required to wear a bindi;that’s okay for that one time. But if you’re wearing one as a trend, please please stop. And shout out to everyone who’s posted or supported this amazing movement; you’re all incredible people and thank you so much for helping me realize it’s okay to look different and to be me.