time to stock up on ammo


dating J-Hope (BTS) would include:

  • this snickerdoodle deserves a novel written about him when it comes to your relationship because he’s the closest thing to perfection on the earth don’t argue with me
  • you are literally the thing he worships more than anything else in the world and he will gawk at you like you’re not human and it’s uncomfortable when he does this in public, the members tease you
  • the two of you are children in adult bodies, seriously when news came out about a new star wars movie you both screamed and held each other while crying hysterically
  • he loves taking you places and hates being contained in small spaces, and one of his favorite escapades was the time you guys went to the beach at sunset and turned out there was a party going on that night
  • it was awesome, there were fireworks and sparklers, hobi managed not to burn himself, much happiness and kisses
  • will frequently discuss the zombie apocalypse with you and if there are enough food supplies and ammo stocked up and you’re like no hoseok we only have the boomerang you got on vacation
  • you are petrified at all hours of the day that he will break something or himself when he starts spazzing out, you basically run around behind him with your arms out ready to catch him but he’s too damn fast
  • there was a time you tried surprising him with some lingerie but he was so afraid of ripping it and it looked really expensive so you had to strip yourself out of it and hang it up before he would go for sexy time
  • so now you just go to bed wearing absolutely nothing and that’s his cue to know what mood you’re in, if you are wearing those ugly cotton pajamas he knows to keep his hands to himself because you’re just not feeling it tonight and that’s fine
  • sometimes you watch him dance and think wow he can’t be real, and when he doesn’t have deadlines or anything invites you to dance with him and he does this weird version of the tango that gives you whiplash but it’s fun and firms up your glutes
  • he is amazed by how good you look in heels, like he’s checking out your calves mumbling why are women so flawless and this one agreed to date me holy crap
  • there is a rap that he wrote for you and when you are angry with him or having a bad day, he will perform it just for you and it will never be published because it was his gift for you it’s awesome be jealous
  • sex is fun and excitement, there have been times the two of you actually fell off the bed, it wasn’t cute or funny it definitely hurt and you don’t speak of it but hobi thinks it’s hilarious and tells the members frequently
  • when you’re having cramps he will be so distraught and will rub your back and wrap blankets around you because he doesn’t understand how you can deal with your own body trying to kill you so calmly
  • he finally gets a break and the first thing out of his mouth is he wants to take you to the zoo, there are animals there and hoseok is excited
  • the two of you play video games in your underwear and aren’t the least bit distracted because it’s mortal kombat and you are kicking his ass but he thinks you’re so cool that it doesn’t even bother him
  • there will be times he will say “when we get married” and you blush and fight a smile because he’s being so honest and he truly thinks that any minute now the two of you are just gonna call it a day and elope to the tropics or something
  • when you buy him things or surprise him he will cry because it overwhelms him how much you both love and like each other, you’re planning on getting him a puppy one day and he will probably faint jimin promised to have a camera ready to film the moment
  • being his partner is like something out of a dream because you’re both kids that are in a relationship that feels like an unbreakable friendship but you also have really fun sex and you talk about car payments so all around you’ve both got this being adults thing totally under control

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CHASING SUNS: Chapter 5 Giving Chase

1,264 words
Tiny chapter, but mostly something to get the plot advanced. Still hope you enjoy, as always tagging the soulmate AU buddies @blindbae and @nifwrites

For the first couple weeks at HQ Cam went on as many hunts as she could handle, and as many as Greyson’s time permitted. A routine developed; up at eight, an Ebony to go, handful of hunt flyers stuffed under her arm and ammo clips stacked in her pack at the ready. They’d plan a route based on the locations and do a circle around, one after the other, snapping pictures of their slain and dog-earring the hunts they’d completed. Cam’s cellphone gallery became a grotesque slideshow of dead daemons, but after so long she treated them as trophies, the more the merrier.

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1.) It’s clear Trump himself didn’t write this
2.) This is the scariest thing I’ve read in a very long time and also the type of thing to make me think people stocking up on ammo and canned goods have the right idea in mind

And that's fun in the kitchen - Sam Winchester One Shot

Prompt: http://dirtysupernaturalimagines.tumblr.com/post/90896271592/imagine-baking-for-sam-and-him-throwing-frosting

“Imagine baking for Sam and him throwing frosting all over you. Imagine then having heated sex in the kitchen covered in baking ingredients.”

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1,500

Warnings: swearing, fluff, smut and baking

You waved goodbye to Dean and closed the door of the bunker. He was off to stock up on ammo and spell ingredients so you knew he would be away for most of the day, meaning you had the chance for some quality alone time with your boyfriend Sam. You and Sam had been item for around a year now, having joined forces with the Winchesters on a hunt and moving into the bunker with them soon after. You and Sam two connected instantly and now you couldn’t imagine your life without him. He was so sweet and so much fun to be around, not to mention being a drop-dead gorgeous giant! You smiled at the thought of having the bunker to yourselves for a day, but since it was still pretty early you decided you’d leave Sam in bed for a little longer and headed to the kitchen to do something you loved almost as much as you loved Sam…baking!

You didn’t often have the opportunity to bake living out of crappy motels as a hunter so you were so excited when you saw the bunker had a proper kitchen, meaning you baked for the boys pretty regularly, and they were always very grateful! You were still in you pyjamas, just some shorts and a baggy crop t-shirt, when you got to the kitchen and put the radio on full blast. You got to work making some pastry for a pie for dean, and mixing up some of Sam’s favourite caramel buttercream frosting. You had just put a cake in the oven and set the timer when your absolute favourite song came on the radio, and you couldn’t help but jump and dance around the kitchen singing at the top of your lungs.

You heard laughter and looked over to the door to see Sam leaning on the door frame, a huge smile lighting up his face. You skipped over to him and grabbed his hand, spinning him round and pulling him into your pyjama dance party. He put his hands on your hips and danced along with you, even managing to dip you at the end of the song. When the song had finished you both stood there in laughter before Sam pulled you into a long, slow kiss which filled your stomach with butterflies, even after being with him all this time.

“Good Morning Beautiful,” Sam said pulling away from your lips to admire how sexy you looked in your little pyjamas. “Something smells amazing in here.” He said wrapping his strong arms around your waist and planting delicate kisses on your neck. You sigh happily at the feel of his warm, wet lips on your skin, taking his hand and lead him over to the kitchen ledge.

“Look, I made your favourite.” You said winking and using your finger to scoop a bit of the caramel frosting out of the bowl. Before you had a chance to put it to your lips, Sam took a hold of your hand and slowly sucked the frosting off your finger, never breaking eye contact with you. You couldn’t ever think of a day when Sam hadn’t been sexy as fuck, but feeling his wet lips around your finger made your pulse race and you could feel a slight wetness in your panties. Sam slowly licked his lips before placing one hand firmly behind your head pulling you in for another kiss, while the other hand traced small, soft circles in the small of your back. His tongue roamed your mouth, filling it with the taste of caramel, which made you smile into his passionate kiss.

You decided two could play at that game, and as you pulled Sam’s t-shirt over his head, you drew a line of frosting down his incredible, chiselled abs, and began slowly kissing down his stomach, until you were on your knees, sucking and licking as you went, earning you some deep grunts from Sam which only turned you on more. When you got to the waistband of his sweatpants you could already see his sizeable erection bulging through the material, so you pulled them down to the floor along with his boxers and begin slowly licking his tip, causing Sam to moan your name loudly. Feeling a warmth growing between your legs, his moan spurred you on, taking his full shaft in your mouth and sucking, slowly at first but getting quicker as Sam’s moans got louder and louder, and sometimes tracing your tongue down the length of him. When he was getting close, he reached for the ledge of the kitchen counter to support himself but, being so distracted, his hand knocked a bag of powdered sugar off the ledge, and all over you.

You stood up, covered in the white powder only to see Sam laughing his ass off at you trying to shake some of the sugar out of your hair. “You think this is funny?” You questioned with a raised eyebrow, doing your best not to laugh at the situation yourself, but Sam was laughing too hysterically to even respond. “Well then you can be a mess too,” You laughed, grabbing a nearby bowl of cake mix and flicking spoonful’s of it at Sam’s bare chest. He ran over to you and wrestled the bowl out of your hands, still laughing hysterically, and once the bowl was back on the ledge he picked you up by the ass and carried you over the kitchen table and carefully placed you so you were sitting on the edge of the table.

He pulled your tshirt off over your head and used his finger to take some of the cake mix from his torso and spread it on your chest, before he started licking and sucking at your breasts. You groaned in delight as he started to flick his tongue over your nipple while his hand massaged the other breast. He pulled his mouth away from your chest to kiss you again before slowly lowering himself to the floor.

 He knelt down between your legs, and starting kissing and licking the icing sugar that was now covering your thigh getting higher with every kiss and staring deeply into your eyes. You could feel your panties getting wetter as he reached the top of your thigh, looked up at you and said “As if you weren’t sweet enough already,” with a cheeky wink, before sliding down your shorts and now soaking underwear, leaving you completely exposed in front of him. Without any hesitation he placed his flat tongue on your clit and used his fingers to dip into you slightly then massage your sensitive folds. You threw your head back and moaned in bliss, you could feel your pulse getting stronger down there as he slipped two of his fingers into you and started rubbing on your most sensitive spots, bringing you closer to orgasm. You felt the pleasure building inside you, but you grew more desperate and needed him inside you now, so you hopped down from the table, turned Sam around so he could lie on the table while you climbed on top of him, licking some of the cake mix off his amazing chest before lining him up with your slit and slowly lowering yourself onto him. It felt so fantastic to have him filling you that you both let out a huge moan before you started gently rocking your hips, rubbing your clit on his hip as you went along.

“Fuck (Y/N)!”Sam moaned as he placed one hand firmly on your hip, helping to control the ever increasing speed of his thrusts, and getting overwhelmed with desire for you, he used the other hand to pull your lips to his so your chest was rubbing across his own. You could feel the pressure building in your lower belly and you knew you wouldn’t last much longer. You took firm hold off Sam’s strong arms as the wave of pleasure hit you and you tightened around him moaning his name. This sent Sam over the edge as you felt him grip your hip hard enough to leave a bruise, not that you minded, and he filled you with his warmness. Went you had ridden out your incredible orgasm you slowly raised yourself off of him and lay beside he on the table, trying to brush some of the sugar off your now glistening skin as he pulled you in to a tight hug and kissed you lovingly on the cheek with a huge grin plastered on his face.

“You look amazing and cook amazing, I am one lucky man,” He announced loudly, while covering your face in his warm, comforting kisses. You were just about to tell him how lucky you felt when you heard the oven timer going off on the other side of the kitchen.

“That’s one way to kill time while a cake bakes.” You said standing up and pulling Sam’s tshirt on as you went to get the cake out of the oven. “Funnily enough, I seem to have worked up a bit of an appetite this morning.” Sam laughed as he hopped down from the table, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into a tight hug from behind. You really did feel lucky. 

anonymous asked:

Possibly a "first time" bit between Mads & Danse? But if you're not up to that, maybe just about the first time they just sleep in the same bed?

I went with your second suggestion. Hope that is okay! Under a cut for game spoilers and length. 

It was already dark by the time Madelyn and Danse arrived in Diamond City. They had been on the run all night after leaving Listening Post Bravo and the events that had taken place there. She was still trying to process it all—her anger and frustration with Elder Maxon…as well as the heaviness in her heart for how Danse must be feeling. They hadn’t had much time to talk about it before deciding to flee while they could. Madelyn knew she would eventually have to report back to the Prydwen and explain herself but for now all she wanted to do was get Danse somewhere safe.

Diamond City was to be a short stop on the way north towards Sanctuary—a chance to stock up on supplies for the long journey. As long as Madelyn was traveling with Danse she knew the Brotherhood would shoot them both on sight and she would need all the ammo and stimpacks she could carry. It wasn’t the situation she dreamed of for either of them.

After bartering with Percy she glanced around to find Danse loitering in the middle of the plaza, idly toying with the junk littered on the Power Noodle bar. Madelyn wondered if he was just as tired as she was after everything that had happened. There was so much she still wanted to talk to him about, so much she wanted to say that there wasn’t time for in the bunker. Part of her didn’t want to wait until they were somewhere safe, not wanting to waste another moment holding back whatever she was feeling. She could only hope Danse felt the same.

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