time to start something new

if you remember that life is fluid you’ll never feel stuck. nothing is the end all or your only option. when something ends it’s your time to start something new. it doesn’t matter how often doors close if you’re always moving forward. don’t dwell or try to open those old doors. the more you keep moving, the more you’ll see life is working in your favor.

How the eclipse will affect the signs

Aries: The eclipse can affect your growth and success in areas of romance, hobbies, and creativity. You will feel a call to action in one (or more) of these areas of your life, luckily, in a positive way. On the other hand, be cautious when entering any-long term commitments, it is likely these obligations will not go your way.

Taurus: The eclipse can be affecting your energy and other matter close to home. You might have a need to take action and make a change in your family dynamic or home life. If you have been feeling out of balance lately, things will finally be looking up for you.

Gemini: With the eclipse approaching you should focus on letting go on the past and resolving any relationship issues. The eclipse will be effecting your third house of communication and self expression which will allow you to form new relationships and partnerships.

Cancer: It’s time to start taking action and turning your ideas into plans to achieve the goals you’ve been working towards. The solar eclipse will bring you a positive  support that will help you to improve your career life or school life.

Leo:  Start preparing for a big change as the solar eclipse can give you a clean slate this year. The eclipse is the start of a new chapter in your life, where you can kick bad habits and turn over a new leaf. However, as your life is changing you will feel uneasy with the lack of control you have over it.

Virgo: While Mercury is in retrograde the solar eclipse will not start out well for Virgos. Now is the best time to slow down and seek out balance, take time to rest and look within yourself. Don’t worry, once Mercury in retrograde ends, the effects of the eclipse will become positive for the rest of the year.

Libra: The eclipse will be effecting Libras in an empowering and positive manner. It will bring a charge of energy to friendships and group associations. If you’ve been working on a project now is the time you will recognize the need to collaborate, or start something brand new.

Scorpio: For Scorpios, issues that have been resting below the surface will start to suffice in your life. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s a great time to go in a new direction or gain a new perspective on your goals and, like Leos, start a new chapter in your life.

Sagittarius: For Sagittarians, the solar eclipse will act as your “new years”. It will bring a desire to personally expand and grow and maintain balance in your life. Your energy will settle and you’ll be able to find a balance between responsibilities and pleasure. Try to resolve any relationships issues and if there’s a conversation you’ve been putting off, have it before August 21st.

Capricorn: Capricorns must let go of the past in order to uncover new support during the eclipse. The eclipse will be effecting your eighth house. You will feel a sense of renewal and energy with regards to your ability to master new skills. The eclipse will leave you determined to face the upcoming months.

Aquarius: The eclipse will affect your seventh house allowing you to discover new ways to connect with the people around you. You will be able to connect deeper with existing friendships and a sense of renewal of energy will impact your relationship skills. You might become aware of a need for somebody significant to rely on. Just make sure to be cautious of those who try to derail you out of jealously.

Pisces: The eclipse can be extremely draining on you, so slow down and focus on your health and personal happiness. A new set up in your job, or a new job altogether, may occur during the upcoming months. You will feel renewed and energized in regards to your daily activities, health, and routines. Stay aware of your personal health and of how your daily routines can keep you organized and less stressed. Now is a time to reflect upon yourself and find happiness.


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“And suddenly you just know… it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” ~Meister Eckhart

Wishing my dear friend, Pete @thevortexofourminds/ @tvoom​, a very Happy Birthday!! You are an inspiration to our community. Thank you for always encouraging and supporting us with your love, “humor?” 😄 and knowledge!! I hope you have a magical day full of all things fun and delicious!! Much love and *BIG HUGS* to you!! ~Angie 💖💖

Life Without You (Part Two)

Part One 


As Harry and Niall sat across from each other in Harry’s living room, there was an uncomfortable silence. The tension could be felt by both and was only growing as time passed. From the moment that Harry had called, Niall knew that something was up, and he had wished that he was better at hiding his emotions. His eyes darted everywhere around the room, completely avoiding meeting Harry’s intense gaze. Niall’s leg bounced up and down as a way for him to calm his nerves. He could tell that Harry was upset; he was fuming. Niall couldn’t help but to notice the way that Harry’s breathing was uneven, how he kept clenching his fists, clear indications of his mood. It was obvious Niall already knew why Harry had demanded he come over so urgently- he had kept a very big secret hidden from him.

“When were ya gon’ tell me?” Harry asked, finally breaking the silence.

“Tell yeh wha’, mate?” Niall responded, trying to play it cool.

“Don’ play stupid wit me, Niall. Ya know exactly wha’ ‘m talkin’ about. When were yeh gon’ tell me that (Y/N) moved to America?” Harry was losing his patience, and Niall knew that it wouldn’t be smart to keep pressing the matter.

“It wasn’ my place to say anythin’. She made it clear tha’ she wasn’ changin’ her mind on leavin’. Plus, yeh were still wit Megan when she moved, didn’ think yeh would care to be honest.”

“Are ya bein’ serious right now? Yeh know more than anyone that I will always care ‘bout (Y/N), doesn’ matter who ‘m wit.” Harry growled, gritting his teeth as he tried to contain his anger.

“‘m sorry, ‘arry, but I only did it because she said she didn’ wan’ yeh to know. I couldn’ go behind her back like that, ya understand tha’ right?” Harry felt his heart nearly stop when he had heard this. She didn’t want him to know? It was now clear as day that (Y/N) wanted nothing to do with him, when all he wanted to do was to have her back in his life.

“Yeah, I get it. Would‘ve done the same thing. ‘s just weird how she didn’ tell me yeh know? I thought she wanted to be friends or somethin’.” Harry admitted. His anger had dissolved, and now all he had felt was sadness. He had hoped that one day maybe you and him could start over and be friends or at least civil with each other.

“Who knows. Maybe she doesn’ wan’ to talk to yeh right now. Or maybe she doesn’ want to be friends.” Niall told Harry, trying not to sound too harsh about the possibility of (Y/N) not wanting to speak to him again.

“Suppose so.” Harry said, sounding completely defeated. He was done talking about you, and he wanted to get off his mind, “Man, ‘s trip is gon’ be a disaster, innit?”

“It won’ be. Don’ worry, ‘arry, it’ll be fine.” As much as Harry wanted to believe Niall, he could shake the bad feeling he had in his stomach.


San Francisco was absolutely amazing. You felt like an entirely new person. No stress, no worries, and most importantly, no Harry. Life was easy here. You enjoyed living alone in a small apartment not too far from the beach. You enjoyed the beautiful weather as opposed to the cold you were used to living in London for a large majority of your adult life. You enjoyed that there was enough to distract you from thinking about Harry.

You’d asked Niall to let him know that you were moving away, hoping that he would want to at least say goodbye. However, you were only given disappointment as Niall told you Harry said he didn’t care that you were leaving.

At first, you were hurt by what Harry told Niall. It hurt that he didn’t even want to see or talk to you again, but you could understand. You weren’t even talking to each other. Of course he wouldn’t care if you were moving away. You decided to stop trying to fix something that was broken beyond repair and to finally let Harry go. Although, he was acting totally out of character for the Harry that you once knew and loved, and you couldn’t help but to think that something wasn’t right.


It had been about four months since your move, and you were really enjoying your new life. You’d made sure to keep in touch with Niall and the other boys. It was nice to know that they still cared about you despite everything that had happened, and they were adamant on making sure you knew that they were here for you. A gesture that was greatly appreciated but entirely unnecessary.

As great as life was, it all changed when the boys had told you that they were coming to visit in two weeks. They said that they missed spending time with you, and they were in need of a holiday. Whenever you had asked if Harry would be coming too, they would completely avoid the question and change the subject. That was enough of an answer for you.

You began to lose your mind upon learning that Harry would also be in attendance while the boys were visiting. You were coming up with a thousand different questions that were all left unanswered. Was he married now? Was he going to bring Megan with him?

As the days came and gone, it got closer to the day where the boys were supposed to fly in. And as the day neared, your anxiety about facing Harry only grew with it.


“Don’ worry, (Y/N). Everythin’ will be fine, promise.”  You were currently one the phone with Louis, telling him all about your worries surrounding their visit. You weren’t sure how to act around Harry or how he would act around you. You didn’t know if you should pretend nothing happened and be friendly or if you should ignore him.

“I can’t help it, Lou. I mean, Harry’s always been so nice. I just thought that he would at least want to say bye to me. It didn’t even have to be in person, a text would’ve been fine. He’s completely changed from when we were together, it’s weird.” You were still bothered at the fact that Harry didn’t care that you were moving. It was just something that you never thought would happen. He’s always been the person who was mature, polite, and kind beyond belief. So the fact that he felt that he didn’t have to say bye to someone who he once considered a lover, and before that a friend, was peculiar.

“People change, love. ‘nd sometimes it isn’t the best, but maybe he just thinks ‘s awkward between you two? I mean ‘s a lot of history there. I bet ‘s hard for ‘im to pretend it isn’t there.”

“That’s exactly my point though. Shouldn’t he want to get some closure because of our history? We haven’t really had a decent conversation since I came to get my things from his apartment. Even then, that was almost three years ago, and that definitely didn’t go as planned.”

“I don’ know, (Y/N). I really wish I did, but I haven’t got a clue what’s goin’ through his mind.”


It had been a week since you had officially called things off between you and Harry, and you thought that it was time to come and get the rest of the things you had at his place. Because you’d purposely given him a couple days to think everything over and to calm down, you hoped that this entire situation would be more civil than your last encounter with him.


You had shot him a quick text telling him that you were coming over, only to receive a notification showing that he had seen your message, but there was no reply.


Over the course of the last week, you had slowly built the courage to face him and to talk again, which landed you where you were right now. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t even a little nervous, but you shook the feeling aside, and put on your bravest face. As you opened the front door with your key, you wanted nothing more than for Harry not to be home. If this were the case, you would be able to avoid having another screaming match with him, the last thing you wanted.


However, this hope was broken once you saw Harry standing in the middle of his kitchen, fully dressed, looking like he was just about to leave. 


“Didn’t think you’d be home.” You admitted, hoping that this conversation would be kept to a bare minimum, “I’ll be quick, don’t worry.” You began to walk out of the kitchen, making your way towards the stairs and into his bedroom, realizing quickly that you were still not ready to face Harry. 


Before you even started to walk up the stairs, Harry had stopped you, “Wait, (Y/N). Can we talk ‘bout it? I think I need some closure.” Harry stated, lightly grasping your wrist to keep you from walking away from him for the second time.


You avoided keeping eye contact with Harry and instead kept your gaze locked onto where he held your wrist in his much larger hand. You thought that a week was enough time apart, and you believed that you would be ready to talk to Harry. Although, you now know that you were definitely wrong. The moment you had set your eyes onto him, everything from that night had came rushing back. Seeing Harry this soon and having him touch you only added salt to the still very fresh wound.  

”You can talk while I pack up.” You say, practically in a whisper, “I don’t have anything to say to you at the moment.”  You wished that you had the courage to look at him while you talked, but it was just too hard to face the reality of the situation. This was the end of a chapter that you’d both hoped would never end.

”Wha’ do yeh mean ya don’ have anythin’ to say?” 

”What I mean is, there is nothing left for me to say to you, Harry. I said everything I wanted to say that night, and it changed nothing. So why would me repeating the same thing over again change anything now?” Your emotions were getting the best of you. Your voice cracked, and you tried your hardest to keep your emotions at bay. You felt weak, not even attempting to get Harry’s grip off of your wrist. All you felt was sadness, but under that sadness you felt anger. Pent up anger that was finally coming out.  

 “We‘ve both had time to think things over, ‘nd this time I really am ready to listen to yeh. Had some time to calm down too, yeah? If yeh don’ wan’ to talk to me then ‘s fine. I just wan’ to say what’s been on my mind.” The desperation in his voice was obvious. Even though you weren’t looking at his eyes, you knew that they were pleading you to at least hear him out. 

With a sigh in defeat, you agreed, “Fine, but don’t expect anything else except for talking. I’m not going to get back with you just because you suddenly want to talk about our relationship.”  You retorted, finally looking him in the eyes. His face fell slightly at your response, but he reluctantly nodded his head in agreement.

 As you both made your way to his bedroom, it was silent. Harry was obviously hesitant to talk to you, but you couldn’t figure out why. You weren’t sure if it was because he was still gathering his thoughts or if it was because he genuinely didn’t know what to say despite telling you that he had a lot he wanted to tell. However, you chose to ignore it, enjoying the silence because you knew that it wouldn’t last once you both started to talk.

The first few minutes of you packing up the remainder of your clothes and other belongings remained the same. Silence. All Harry seemed to be able to do was watch you gather your things from his position seated at the end of his bed. He wanted to tell you everything that had been on his mind for the last couple of months, especially the last week, but he had no clue how or where to start. His mind was working a million miles a second, and Harry couldn’t even process the whole situation. 


“Look, I know ‘s hard to be talkin’ to each other right now, but I just wanted to say that ‘m sorry for bein’ a proper dickhead to yeh that night.”  He felt that the best way to start was to apologize because he knew that the most important thing was for you to understand how sorry he was for putting you in this position.


”Harry, I’m just confused. I thought that marriage would be a topic we could talk about, but apparently, I was being delusional and presumptuous.” 


”I know, love. I know. I still don’ quite know wha’ I was thinkin’ tha’ night. Should’ve told yeh how I felt about marriage in the beginnin’, but I didn’ and ‘m sorry for leadin’ ya on like tha’.”  There was a long pause after Harry had finished apologizing to you. You had thought that he had more to say than just that he was sorry. An explanation maybe?


”Is that all you have to say? You told me that you wanted to tell me everything that was on your mind, so all you were thinking about was a half assed apology?” You were seething at him. Yet again he had failed to explain his feelings to you, even when you had given him the chance to do so. His eyes dropped to the floor, unable to keep eye contact with you. He was ashamed that this was all he had to say to you. Even when there were thousands of things running through his head about what he could say, none of them came out.


“I’ve got to go, but if you want to talk about this when you’ve had more time to think, call me, okay?” You softly spoke, calming yourself as you got closer to him. Harry still couldn’t meet your eyes as you talked to him. You stood there for a little while just staring at him, wanting nothing more than for him to stop you from leaving and to give you an explanation. That, however, did not happen. With yet another sigh, you said goodbye and left. 


That day you walked out of Harry’s house hoping that one day he would call to tell you that he was finally ready to talk about your relationship, but he never did. 


The day that the boys were supposed to arrive in California had finally come. You had told them your address as they were eager to see you the moment that they landed. There was still an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, knowing that you had to see Harry again in mere hours.

You spent the entire day trying to occupying your mind. You vacuumed your house, cleaned all your bathrooms, mopped the floors, and dusted nearly every surface in your apartment. Unfortunately for you, nothing you did seemed to work. All you could seem to think about was Harry. He was making you a ball of nerves, and you hated that he still had control over you.

After all of your pointless cleaning, you plopped down onto your couch and relaxed for a little while before the boys arrived. It was odd to think that Harry would even want to come when he knew that the boys wanted to spend time with you. You had come to the conclusion that he would be spending his time elsewhere, with his other friends in and around the area. That would mean that you would only have to see him for one day, when they arrived. You just wished that day wasn’t this one.

Sometimes you wished that you and Harry never dated in the first place.


You didn’t realized that you had fallen asleep until you were awoken by pounding on your front door. As you made your way to the door, you rubbed your eyes, trying to wake yourself up.

“(Y/N), love, we’re here! Open the door ‘fore I break it down.” Niall yelled, sounding slightly muffled as a result of the door. You could hear the other boys giggling at Niall’s comment, and you couldn’t help but to roll your eyes at them.

The moment you opened the door, you were engulfed into a hug by Niall. “Good to see ya, lovely.” Niall said, as he gave you a tight squeeze.

“I’m glad you guys are here. I missed you.”

You could feel a pair of eyes practically burning holes in your head with their intense stare. It was obvious who this was, and you did everything you could to avoid making eye contact. However, you couldn’t help but to notice that a certain girl was not present. She wasn’t holding his hand or cuddling into his side, so where was she? Pulling away from your embrace with Niall, you continued to hug each of the boys one by one, inviting them inside.

Harry stood behind the rest of boys, looking awkwardly at the floor, shifting from one foot to another, suddenly stopping his gaze on you. When it was finally just him standing outside of your apartment, he looked up at you and gave a shy smile. A wave of relief rushed over your body as you realized that he was being friendly. Deciding to return the favor, you gave a genuine smile back and motioned for him to come inside.

You led the boys to your living room where you were previously taking a nap. “Are you guys hungry? Thirsty? I can get you something if you want.” You offered, trying to make them as comfortable as possible.

“Just a couple of waters will do, love. Anythin’ yeh want to give to us ‘s fine.” Niall said, giving you a smile.

“I’ll help yeh.” Harry spoke, swiftly arising from his spot situated on the couch. You didn’t feel like being rude to him, so you simply gave a short nod of your head and made your way into the kitchen, Harry following closely behind.

“How’ve ya been?” Harry started, as he helped you gather a variety of different snacks and water bottles for all the boys.

“Good, stressed, but good. What about you?”

“‘s good. ‘m doing well, thank yeh.” After that, there was a bit of awkward silence as both of you didn’t know what to say. All you could do was pass Harry the food while he made a pile of everything you had given to him on your counter.

Gathering all of the food and water bottles, you started to make your way back to the other boys. However, Harry had other plans as he began to speak again. “Hey, can we talk?” Harry asked you, a slight nervousness detected in his voice.

“We can talk in the living room.” You responding, already feeling the nerves and anxiety start to build up.

“Boys, could you give Harry and I a minute, please?” You requested once you both had gotten to the living room and placed everything on the table.. The boys nodded their heads and got up to give you and Harry the space you asked for. As they left, they gave you reassuring smiles and gave your hand a quick squeeze.

“We’ll go fo’ a walk ‘round the block. Text one of us when ya done, alrigh’?” Louis softly spoke to you. You shook your head at him, not feeling like talking. The boys gave you both one last look before they shut the door and left.

And once again, you were left alone with Harry.


You and Harry sat at opposite ends of the couch, staring straight ahead at the wall in front of the two of you. The tension in the room was quite prominent, and it was making you both fairly uncomfortable. There were so many words that could have and needed to be spoken between the two of you, yet all you could do was sit there in silence as you did all those years before.

“Where’s Megan?” You started off, trying to refrain the inevitable conversation.

“Doesn’ matter where she is.” Harry quietly replied. He seemed to be out of it, as if he had no energy at all, and this wasn’t because he had just gotten off a series of long plane rides. No, this was an emotional toll that Harry held with him on his back. One much bigger than you could ever understand. His response, although, confused you beyond belief. Why didn’t he want you to know where she was? “I won’ tell yeh considering we aren’t friends.”

“Oh,” you say, a little surprised at his quick change of mood, “Well, I thought we could start over some day, but if that’s what you want then okay.”

“Yeh wanted to start over?” Harry let out a humorous laugh, “I doubt that, (Y/N). If yeh wanted to start over wit me, yeh would’ve told me yeh were moving away.”

“Harry, that doesn’t make any sense. Me telling you about me moving would not signify us starting over. It’s more like us ending.” You were so upset at the tone he was using with you that you didn’t actually think about what he was saying. If you did, you would’ve realized that what he was saying was entirely wrong. You did tell him about your move.

If you had taken a second to stop and process everything Harry was telling you, you would’ve realized that there was something wrong. You would’ve gotten answers to why he didn’t say goodbye to you before you left London. You would’ve learned that none of this was his fault, that he wasn’t as bad as you had cut him out to be, and that he was still the same Harry you knew. You would’ve learned that you had both been lied to, played, by one of your closest friends. But of course, you didn’t. You didn’t stop to think about anything but your anger towards him that had been building up inside you for years.

“No, yeh’ve got it all wrong. It would’ve done somethin’ for our relationship, our friendship, but no yeh were so eager to get away from me yeh didn’ even think ‘bout yeh actions ‘fore ya did it.” By now, you were both standing on opposite sides of the room, facing each other. Your voices had turned as loud as they did that night as you both desperately tried to get your point across to the other.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You know what’s funny? All those years ago you told me that I had lost my mind for thinking that you would want to get married, but now, you’re the one that has lost their mind. Let me ask you this, Harry. What would you have done had you known about me leaving? Would you have came running to my apartment, begging me to stay? Would you have come over to congratulate me and helped me pack my things? Would you have tried to fix something that can’t be fixed with one simple conversation? What would you have done that was so monumental that you’re so upset about this?” You rambled, throwing up your hands to make ridiculous gestures out of pure frustration and irritation.

“I’d ‘ve tried, (Y/N), but yeh didn’ even let me do tha’. Sometimes yeh can be so fuckin’ reckless. All yeh seem to care ‘bout ‘s yehself, and yeh don’ care wha’ ‘appens in the process. Yeh try to pretend that ya are carin’, but I know the real person yeh are.” Harry had turned into the exact same person he had been on the night you stormed out. He was saying the first thing that came to his head, and his filter was gone. Of course he didn’t actually mean all the things he was saying to you nor did he believe that any of it was true. He was just completely fed up with the way that your relationship had taken such a negative turn so abruptly.

“Fine, Harry. If that’s the way that you really see me, as some sort of toxic, deceiving, manipulative bitch, then so be it. You don’t know me anymore, and I don’t the validation from someone I never talk to. I can’t change the way you think about me, and frankly, I don’t care. If you want to hate me the rest of your life, go ahead, no one’s stopping you. I just hope that one day you can learn to move passed all of this.“ You put in your last word, done with this conversation and Harry.

“I don’ hate yeh, love. ‘m just confused, and I wan’ to start over.” Harry was trying his best to try to calm himself down because he knew that if he didn’t, you would run off again. “I know ‘s hard for both of us to pretend tha’ nothin’ happened between the two of us, but yeh too important to me to jus’ let ya go.”

You had both stopped yelling at each other, and the conversation had turned into one with soft whispers that could barely be heard by the other.

“I don’t think that’s true. If you really wanted me to be in your life, you wouldn’t have said that you think I’m fake or that all I seem to care about is myself. You sure do have a weird way of showing people that they’re important to you, and I’m not sure that I want that. I’m sorry, Harry, but I think that it’s best if we don’t talk to each other. There’s always going to be that tension and resentment, and that’s something that can’t be brushed under the carpet only to pretend it isn’t there.”

“(Y/N), ‘s not true. I can promise yeh that. I would never do that to yeh. I would never hold a grudge ‘gainst ya. The tension will go ‘way some day, jus’ need time. I mean sure it’ll be difficult for us to get passed this bump in the road, bu’ I really want to try again. As friends.”

“Harry, I’m sorry. I just can’t. Seeing you and talking to you is too much for me to handle, even now after all those years of us not talking to each other.” By now, you were crying as all the emotions you had been holding in had finally come out. You brushed passed Harry to get away from him as quickly as possible.

“(Y/N), wa-” Harry tried to stop you, however you were already gone. He wanted nothing more than explain everything to you.

But it didn’t matter what Harry said to you in order to try to change your mind. Because Niall had gotten what he wanted and he won.


Hello, my loves! There’s part two! I really hope you all liked this, and I’m so sorry that I made you wait an extra day to read it. This is the final part of the series because I quite like how it ended. Thanks for reading, and your feedback is always welcome. :) Much love- Emily xx


See the big gold chain that I’m rockin’
I got the ring for the bling, not a problem
I got a stash full of cash that I owe to my brother
All up in the club, just to live it up (x)

Only You | 3

Overview: It’s junior year and Riley’s best friend develops a crush on her first love, Lucas. Not wanting to stand in between them she lies and says she’s okay with them being together. As it turns out, Lucas has an older trouble making brother that none of his friends knew about. One that just so happens to take an interest in Riley.
Author’s Notes: In this AU, the triangle never happened and Farkle never outed Riley’s feelings. [Italics indicate flashbacks.]
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2
Chapter Three: “Rejected.”
Word Count: 2,676

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 End Of Junior Year, Texas. 


Soon the only noise that can be heard is the crackling of the bonfire and the distant sound of footsteps. Riley’s footsteps to be specific. Lucas waited a beat, turning his head slightly to stare at the fire in front of him. He watched the colors dance around each other, casting a terracotta glow against his face.  

He could feel his body holding tension as he tried to process everything that just happened. Riley doesn’t see him the way he sees her. Brother, she said. He’s like her brother. The worlds echoing in his head leaving a nauseous feeling at the pit of his stomach.  

It takes him a minute to remember he’s not alone. Sat on a log behind him is Maya. She has yet to say a word since Riley’s reveal, instead she’s just sitting there, eyes locked on the fire. She quickly glances up at him, expecting him to say something pertaining to everything that just happened but he just holds up a finger. “I’ll be right back.”

And with that he’s on his feet, following the same path Riley and Farkle walked down, hoping it wasn’t too late. Hoping he could still catch her.

Sure enough he spots her, standing off to the side by herself, arms crossed over her chest as she leans against a tree on the outskirts of the ranch. Farkle was nowhere in sight and he figured it was the perfect opportunity to let everything out. If she wanted to drop a bomb on him he was going to return the favor, no matter how messy or painful the outcome was.  

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Cause and Effect

Lance felt an uneasiness linger in his gut,He and Pidge were sent on a mission to an Galran Base hidden underwater,so Lance and his Lion were the ideal transport.Pidge was to extract some information on were her family was,along with some Galra intel.They got into the base without problem,they had timed it so they did the first half between the patrols.Once they got to the Generator room,which also held the main computer,Lance noticed how eerily quite it was,save for a beeping sound coming from behind the computer.

“Hey Pidge,I dont know if-”

“Quiet” Lance was cut off by Pidge.She was instantly in front of the computer tapping away at the keyboard.Of course,Pidge didnt know Galran that well,she was just pressing the keys that she knew would input certain commands from previous experience,But Lance had started learning in his free time,and new there was something Very wrong with what was being put in.Out of the corner of his eye,he noticed a timer on the screen

“Pidge are you sure-”

“I said Quiet.I need to focus” She snapped back.Lance shrank a bit.He knew she was stressed.The mission was important to her,but the uneasiness in his gut only grew as the timer went down.How could Pidge not see it?Lance started looking around for anything that the timer could link too,the beeping only becoming more insistent and a bit annoying in the otherwise silent room.It was like the base was holding its breathe for something.Something big.

The next few seconds happened in a blur.Lance saw the generators around them glow brighter and start to shake,Letting off a whirring sound as they started steaming.The countdown was nearly ate the last tick,and the beeping started rapidly going off.In a moment of quick thinking,Lance assumed the worst.


“What!?” She spun around,looking furious,until Lance wrapped his arms around her and pulled her over in front of him,protecting her from whatever was about to come.The timer reached the final tick,and the generators started shaking and rattling loudly,and then the computer shut off.For a tick everything was silent,until an irritated sigh escaped Pidge’s lips.

“What the hell Lance-”

The Generators and computer blew up,the brunt of the force tearing at Lances left side.He dropped to the floor,keeping his body over Pidge to protect her from the wave of fire and shrapnel shooting at them,and falling into the water that quickly poured through the holes in the walls.Lance couldn’t feel the left side of his body anymore.The explosions kept going off around the room,any extra machinery quickly getting caught in a blast and following suit,but all he could hear was the ringing in his ears.He wondered if this was what it was like for deaf people.Probably.
He was vaguely aware of the screams coming from Pidge,and his own?He wasn’t sure.Everything just felt numb,like the whole world was on a different frequency.The explosions stopped (When did they stop?) and Lance realised that he was leaning on Pidge,being pulled out towards the exit through the now knee height water.The ringing in his ears slowly died down,and he realised Pidge was talking to him,and alarms.Loud,blaring alarms were blasting through the hallways,and guards started pouring in from every side,Sending blast after blast their way.Lance realised he was now behind a shield,Pidges shield,and that Pidge was fumbling for a way to shoot back.With a weak sigh and a soft chuckle,which had Pidges head whipping around to see his,he pulled out his Bayard and activated it.

The bayard had switched to a pistol,to Lances surprise,which looked like a smaller,flatter version of his rifle.He didnt bother to figure out the reason for its switch,before shooting sentry after sentry,sending them into the water below.He didnt notice Pidge staring in amazement at his aim,nor did he notice that all the sentry’s were destroyed and he was,again,being pulled to the exit,still shooting every sentry that came past occasionally.He tried to speak,to tell Pidge he could get to his Lion on his own without her needing to carry him,but he couldnt find his voice.All that came out was a raspy breathe.He realised that everything was starting to get blurry,and he didnt have an arm (Where’d that go?),and he stopped shooting,and more sentry’s were gaining on them,and that they wouldn’t make it in time,despite the airlock/exit thing was only a few feet in front of them.He made a quick decision.

Once they were near enough to the door,It opened automatically,welcoming any possible guests inside.Lance spared a glance at Pidge.She was smeared in his blood,glasses cracked from before,and had a look that screamed both determination and fear.Lance hated to leave her like that,but with the guards catching up,only one of them was going to make it,and it sure as hell wasn’t him.With a moment to gather his streangth,he shoved Pidge past the lost two and a bit metres into the airlock,and shot the control panel,closing the door and jamming it.He saw her fumble and spin around,slamming on the door and screaming.

He put on an exhausted smile,barely realising he was being dragged away by the cold,metal hands of sentry’s and Galran armour.He continued to smile as Pidge was released into the water.Continued to smile as he heard Blue screaming his name in his mind.Continued as he was placed in a pod and shot off to who bows what prisoner ship,speeding away from the planet and his lion.He smiled until his mind gave up and he let himself be swallowed up by sleep.
May be a part 2??Idk

March Horoscopes

Aries: friends and family are important to you. You’re having trouble reaching out and getting help with your problems right now. Don’t be afraid to open up and focus on your priorities

Taurus: You’ve been stuck in a rut lately. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. A secret is making you nervous. You’re prone to small accidents right now, so be careful when handling sharp objects.

Gemini: now is a good time to start a new project, especially something out doors. Remember to stay positive as the seasons change and don’t let the negativity of the past few months hold you back. You’re vulnerable to stomach upset right now, so avoid salads.

Cancer: things are looking up! Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many commitments, focus just on one thing at a time. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes. Your lucky numbers are 9, 35, and 83.

Leo: the thing you’ve been dreading will soon come to pass. Do not shy away from the road ahead, and embrace adversity as you’ll only grow for it. Unrelated, but now would be an excellent time to plan a short vacation somewhere new.

Virgo: Chill Virgo. Virgo you have got to relax. The problems of close friends and family are not your problems, let other people take care of themselves. It’s a good time to take bold action and personal risks. Break up with him Virgo.

Libra: Things are going positively in your career. Now is the time to make long term commitments and big purchases. Some wind chimes would be nice.

Scorpio: despite everything, you still cannot legally marry a spider. Maybe that’s for the best. Stop taking wild gambles and think before taking action. Consult a close friend for advice on important decisions. Your color this season is teal.

Sagittarius: now is the time to start focusing on your health. Start a diet and workout regime, do a juice cleanses, quit vaping. Really just get down on a bowl of that sweet sweet kush. Be careful when running outside though, as you’re more likely to encounter petty bad luck this month.

Capricorn: I don’t know if I want to be you or marry you. You’re in the spotlight this month- enjoy the attention you deserve. Fortify relationships with Aquarius and Taurus, they’ll help you to further greatness. Be sure to push food away from the edge of the counter this month and be wary of ants.

Aquarius: you did it! The period of strife is over, so enjoy your well earned break. Remember balance work and pleasure. A Virgo is very important to you. Don’t start any big projects until you have all the small things you’ve been letting pile up handled. Avoid gluten. You literally cannot digest wheat gluten like stop eating so much pasta. Aquarius come on.

Pisces: it’s your month! Don’t let jealousy get the best of you. If you feel you are being outshined or ignored, just build yourself a bigger pedastal. Fuck Capricorn it’s your month. Bitch. You’ll have a fateful encounter at a smoothie stand this month.

Here comes June.

1. Tak ada bahagia di masa lalu. Yang ada cumalah keindahan dalam kenangan yang takkan berulang lagi. Move on.

2. Kehilangan adalah untuk menemukan. Bila kita kehilangan sesuatu inshaallah Tuhan akan menemukan kita dengan yang lebih baik. Redha.

3. Yang terlepas dari kita itu mungkin bukan yang terbaik. Kerana yang terbaik itu tak boleh diganti. Terima kehilangan inshaallah akan ada yang lebih baik berganti. Sabar.

4. There’s no undo button in life. We can only learn, so we can change to be better.

5. We can’t take back what we’ve done. We can’t undo the past, cause the future keeps coming at us. We can only move forward.

6. Keep the past in the past. Move on. Learn from it, from our mistakes. What’s done is done, and the future is our to choose now, for better or worse.

7. Fight for the right cause. For the right person. Or else you gonna get hurt.

8. People can fail us. So don’t depend on them too much.

9. We hurt. We break. We bleed. But sometimes, going through all of that will make ourselves right. And change us to be better. So keep going. Don’t give up.

10. Just because things go wrong, it doesn’t mean we can’t fix it. It’s on us to take everything that wrong, and make it go right. It’s on us to try.

11. Our regret and frustration can rot us from the inside, if we decide to let it. Don’t let that happen to you.

12. We can start over. Every day, we get second chances to become better. We can decide. It’s never too late to change.

13. We can leave our past behind or we can learn from it.

14. No one wants to be left out in the loneliness, rejected and alone. That’s why you have Allah. He always listen to you. So make a du'a.

15. You can’t be scared of what’s next. Have faith that Allah will give you what is best. If you get hurt, you don’t have to go through it alone.

16. Think before you act or you will get into trouble.

17. Memories, no matter how painful it is, it is our most valuable possessions. Learn from it. They made us who we are.

18. Nobody is perfect or complete. That’s why we need Allah. That’s why we need to build up good relation with people.

19. Yang berlalu tak berulang, tapi tak semestinya kita tak boleh dapatkan yang lebih baik di masa hadapan. Masa kita memang singkat, tapi dalam masa yang singkat itu inshaallah kita boleh buat sesuatu yang baik dan bermakna.

20. Berikan masa pada doa dan takdir. Seduka mana pun kita, bahagia akan hadir juga - jika hati dan iman tetap berpaut pada-Nya.

21. Kadang-kadang tempat yang baik untuk memulakan sesuatu yang baru adalah pada penghujung / pengakhiran sesuatu. Tapi tak ramai yang nampak perkara tu, sebaliknya masih cuba membaiki perkara yang dah berlalu, yang dah tak boleh diubah.

22. Yang terbaik itu dalam rahsia Allah. Maka minta pada DIA, bukan merayu pada manusia.

23. Accept who you are. Accept your mistake. Then inshaAllah you’ll be better.

24. We have to accept everything, either good or bad, either smile or tears, either happiness or sorrow. Why? Because there’s lesson in everything.

25. Kadang Allah menjarakkan kita daripada orang tertentu, supaya kita tak terluka lebih dalam. Jangan bersedih kalau ditinggalkan, diabaikan, dijauhi. Kerana Allah tak pernah meninggalkan kita, tak pernah mengabaikan kita, tak pernah menjauhi kita. Carilah DIA, cuma DIA.

26. Time heals. And ending could be a good place to start something new.

27. Save your heart and yourself for yourself.

- sederhanaindah

p/s : Salam ramadan dan selamat melaksanakan ibadah berpuasa. Stay good!

The Signs as Beautiful Things
  • Aries: Aries is the adrenaline rush after a victory. Aries is a firework on a summer night. Aries is the feeling in your gut on a roller coaster.
  • Taurus: Taurus is the sense of accomplishment when you finish a long task. Taurus is a strong mountain, with life coming from every side of it. Taurus is the satisfaction of simply surviving.
  • Gemini: Gemini is the look in your eyes when you make someone happy. Gemini is a pair of well worn boots that have traveled more than most people. Gemini is the cadence of a poem.
  • Cancer: Cancer is the shore of the ocean. Cancer is the moment before a long awaited hug. Cancer is fire and ice, bonded together.
  • Leo: Leo is the golden headpiece of an emperor. Leo is fantastic plans being made. Leo is a campfire under the stars.
  • Virgo: Virgo is the sun shining on fresh snow. Virgo is the feeling of revenge. Virgo is a bird, flying free from its cage.
  • Libra: Libra is holding hands with two people at once. Libra is the smell of baking bread. Libra is sitting in silence with the ones you love, knowing they are there and thinking about you and loving you.
  • Scorpio: Scorpio is a budding tree branch. Scorpio is moving on from the bad things. Scorpio is a long talk in the middle of the night about life.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittarius is a worn leather journal, filled with accounts of adventures. Sagittarius is a crowd singing in unison at a concert. Sagittarius is a spark, jumping from fire to fire, starting something new each time.
  • Capricorn: Capricorn is knowing someone is proud of you. Capricorn is a sunflower, always bright and providing. Capricorn is your favorite hiking trail.
  • Aquarius: Aquarius is a canoe in the middle of a still lake. Aquarius is saving a life. Aquarius is humans helping humans, and appreciating the beautiful mess of life.
  • Pisces: Pisces is a feather, floating on the breeze. Pisces is peaceful mediation. Pisces is giving to the world in secret, because you don't want the credit.

tarot cheat sheet - wands


wands are associated with fire, and i associate them with days. they represent the spirit itself, motion, action, creation, and gain through effort. they also represent all-around masculinity, and generally mean ‘yes’ in yes-or-no questions (although pay attention to the card itself!). the corresponding suit of normal playing cards is clubs.

  • ace of wands: upbeat, energetic feelings; creation; good luck, in some cases money. signifies a good time to start something new. reverse: the downsides of things; finding it difficult to focus.

  • two of wands: partnership (a foundation to build them on or a significator to start building them); the give-and-take of every human relationship; opportunity to plan ahead. reverse: a need to put emotion in perspective.

  • three of wands: the necessity of focusing on not losing direction & the necessity of keeping the importance of direction in focus (tl;dr: don’t get distracted). endurance (may be needed) in areas such as work or finance. reverse: signifies (a need for) a break, stepping back.

  • four of wands: be open to the input of others; there may be an upcoming event; signifies peace, serenity as a strong foundation. reverse: pretty much the same. you might want to inspect your feelings closely, though: maybe not everything is as peachy as it seems at first?

  • five of wands: competition; struggle; signifies the need to believe in yourself. reverse: open conflict; a spat, a disagreement; do trust your instincts when it comes to that.

  • six of wands: a positive omen; victory, glory; moving onwards; oncoming challenges, positive changes; happiness, celebration. reverse: things are coming through, albeit a little slowly. bear with it; a card of cautious optimism.

  • seven of wands: bravery, courage are needed; the need for working through the fear; a need for clear thinking and independency; do not let the feelings of inadequacy drown you. reverse: indecision, anxiety; be still, silence can be healing, too.

  • eight of wands: frustration, hurry; decisions must be made by others now, not you, so exercise patience. there is no rush. nothing is moving yet - forcing things to move will backfire. so. be. patient. reverse: jealousy, inner conflict; guilt; listen to your conscience. your energy will keep dissipating if you don’t do something about this.

  • nine of wands: anxiety, worry; burden; feeling small and inadequate; the strength behind you is greater than the challenge in front of you. you will endure all if you set your mind to it. maintain discipline and calmness. reverse: inconsistency; pay attention to others around you and remain gentle.

  • ten of wands: a heavy burden. is it all yours or someone else’s? do step back a little, distance yourself to get a clearer view of the situation. reverse: (a need for) honesty; are things what they seem?

  • page of wands: MIGHT MEAN AN ACTUAL PERSON. being easily distracted; unbounded positive energy and creativity (which might prove to be too much); welcome news; them childlike vibes; things already started bear their fruits now. reverse: confusion, indecision; negative change; unwelcome news.

  • knight of wands: MIGHT MEAN AN ACTUAL PERSON. travel, distances; messages; pride. don’t go around saying your ‘wand’ is biggest, because it is probably not, in fact, the biggest. reverse: dissonances, setbacks, delays, differences in opinion; negative messages.

  • queen of wands: MIGHT MEAN AN ACTUAL PERSON. good, fertile energy; spiritual hunger, exploration; creation. mother hen. reverse: the need for drawing boundaries. you can’t just take everyone in, y'see, that will leave you hollow and exhausted. draw'em boundaries.

  • king of wands: MIGHT MEAN AN ACTUAL PERSON. wise, open, positive; also strict. an abundance of positive energy. being goal-oriented; don’t get carried away. there are others around you; don’t think taking advice somehow lessens your value. reverse: slacking off. don’t slack off. be the man with the biggest wand. make wand kingdom great again.

so of course, there isn’t a good way - such as there ain’t a bad way either - to read tarot. these interpretations aren’t set in stone. what matters most is your intuition.

(i haven’t seen many posts on minor arcana, as opposed to major arcana, and. guys. i think y'all gonna remember “death”. but a bunch of sticks? yeah not so much.)


Noctis: alright, witch boy - 50 gil says you can’t slam dunk Izunia’s ass all the way back into the Disc of Cauthess from here 

Prompto: please, with this spell I can send him all the way to Niflheim

Not Pictured: Ardyn about to cop a gravity/force combo spell to the face, and panicking about it

One day I will give a damn about backgrounds. Today is not that day.