time to sleep and forget this misery

McCoy: (to Spock)…you’ll never know the things that love can drive a man to - the ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, the glorious victories. All of these things you’ll never know, simply because the word “love” isn’t written into your book. Goodnight, Spock.

 Spock: Goodnight, Doctor. 

 McCoy: I do wish he could forget her. 

(McCoy leaves.  Spock initiates a mind meld with the sleeping Kirk.) 

Spock: Forget. 

 TOS - Requiem for Methuselah

A little artwork I did for one of my favorite scenes!

another 7/7

My brother would have been 29 today.

He wouldn’t have made any plans.

He would have been ok with whatever

as long as we were all together.

Maybe a trip to the beach….

smoke some weed.

We were never bored

and I was complete.

There was nothing anyone could say or do..

not a moment of feeling lost or confused…

because i had my brother and we had our truths.

A built in best friend.

He was my youth.


the truth is

as long as I am on this earth without you,

I am here alone.

I am not myself.

The rest of us left….

we still have each other,

but you were the joy

the smile,

the laughter,

that kept us together.

The hardest thing we do is pretend to be happy without you.

It’s an everlasting sadness.

I can never get past it.

I am tired of missing you.

I am a broken record, I know 

and I will cry a million more times… 

and write a million more rhymes…

until my misery is ended by your company,

and we stand side by side…..

but “we gotta keep goin”

and fight how you did

but everyone is not as strong as you, kid.

you’re in all of my favorite dreams.

 all my favorite memories…

I can’t forget all that you are….

do you still remember me?

i would sleep forever if i knew that 

you’d be sure to show up..

and it would be nice 

if where ever you are, 

you were seeing Nami grow up….

do you see it?

are you still here?

i keep looking for you.

and i keep wishing 

and i keep hoping

all your wishes came true.

happy birthday.

Bedtime Stories

Okay so apparently I never posted this?? Thought you guys would like this little ficlet. Alternate title: Bones Loses His Shit Over Fairytales. Enjoy!

It isn’t often that Leonard McCoy is gifted an entire week with his now nine year old daughter. The cosmic powers that be had bestowed upon Jocelyn a business trip and none of the usual sitters could take Joanna for that long. Leonard was a last resort, and he couldn’t be happier.

Of course, Leonard deemed himself a particularly unlucky man, if his past experiences were anything to go on. A sizeable wrench in the form of a shore leave denial, courtesy of Starfleet admirals, was thrown into the gears. Jim wasn’t about to push his luck with his higher ups just for Leonard to spend some time on the ground with his kin. He understood, though. Couldn’t blame Jim for trying. But the ship’s cargo wasn’t going to deliver itself, and the trip to Beta Centauri was top priority.

And so Leonard was left with the predicament of caring for his beloved child aboard the Enterprise while smartly avoiding any contact with Jocelyn at the same time. Eventually she would get wise to what was going on but he wasn’t about to give anything up. For now, he could just enjoy it. Mercifully, Jim gave Leonard a much needed leave so he was free to spend every waking moment with Joanna.

After a long day of ship exploration, it was finally time to wind down for bed.

“Daddy, I want to watch this one.” Her tiny hands held out the holovid she selected for her nightly ritual. Leonard recognizes it immediately. Sleeping Beauty.

“That old thing? You still into that silly story?”

Joanna’s brows pull together in consternation and she visibly deflates, arms hanging limply at her sides.

“It’s not silly. This is the movie you used to watch with me back home.”

Yes, he remembers it like it was yesterday. Leonard would come home in the early morning hours, when the world was still asleep, after tirelessly working surgery after surgery. The second he walked through that front door, his little girl would be waiting for him. They would watch that damn movie and fall asleep on the couch, Leonard stretched along the length of it and Joanna in his arms. Every night without fail.

Guilt takes hold of Leonard in an unrelenting grip and he stiffens with the surging pain it brings. He could never bear the thought of his pride and joy suffering so much. A suffering that he caused. The custody battle was just as painful and violent as the divorce. It took its toll on Leonard. The ongoing war destroyed him, each day breaking him down a little more. It turned him into a hopeless alcoholic until he submitted to the alluring embrace of defeat. Finally, he gave up. Gave her up.

But his misery was nothing compared to Joanna’s. And bless her heart, she didn’t blame him for a goddamn thing. This week, Leonard was going to make up for all the time he’d lost even if his efforts meant losing sleep.

“You think I’d forget a thing like that? You go on and pop it in the player and I’ll get your nest all ready to go.”

The way her face beams with joy and lights up the room is almost enough to ease the pain in Leonard’s chest.


The CMO’s quarters are modest but quite comfortable. There is a desk in the corner with padds strewn about, framed with pictures of Joanna through the years. The walls are decorated with old crayon drawings and other artwork, once his only reminder of their life together. Leonard has a large bed with an ample amount of blankets on it, one of which was Joanna’s from her diaper days. He arranges them carefully, deliberately into a cave-like structure. Leonard eases himself into it and makes room for Joanna to crawl in beside him.

With the holovid starting, Joanna burrows into the nest and works her small frame right into Leonard’s waiting arms.

For a long while, Leonard is content to watch and lose himself in the memories of every hour he put into this very same position. It’s like they are frozen in time, transported back to their suburban Atlanta dream house.

The outlandishness of the animated film is enough to bring him back to reality.

“Well now those fairies’ gifts are just entirely intangible. Can’t give a thing that you can’t touch,” Leonard comments dubiously.

“You say that every time! It’s just pretend, daddy.” Joanna chides.

“Just pretend. Right.”

Another several minutes pass.

“Okay but how in Hades did this girl spend that long in the woods right outside the damn castle without anybody finding her? Isn’t that Maleficent lady supposed to be all knowing?” Leonard is gesturing wildly, accusingly, at the screen.

He could have sworn he heard Joanna grumble at his queries which made his heart swell with pride. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Another few minutes and Leonard is sitting up fully, now, Joanna perched in his lap.

“Now that’s just completely ridiculous. Ain’t no way a spinning wheel’s gonna put a girl in a coma. Unless maybe it’s covered in a Gornian poison. Or maybe a Cardassian venom.”

At this point Joanna is trying very hard to focus on the plot of the story and in her exasperation she reaches up and plants her hands right over Leonard’s mouth.

They make it almost to the end of the fairy tale without further incident. Until the scene with the cure-all kiss.

Leonard promptly loses it.

“You can’t tell me that’s in any way believable. I mean it’s romantic and all, but utterly preposterous. That girl is as good as dead! Not a snowball’s chance in a Georgian July will a kiss from a charming prince work any sort of medical magic.” Leonard ignores the glare burning a hole in his head.

“It’s magic! He loves her so much that it breaks the spell that the rude lady put on her. Obviously. Everybody wants a happy ending!”

“And people in Hell want ice water.”

“Daddy, you’re the worst person to watch movies with.”

As the credits start rolling the two simply stare at each other, all heated glares and crossed arms. And goddamn it, if Joanna isn’t the spitting image of Leonard in every way. His resolve cracks and he starts to laugh heartily, and his little girl melts right along with him.

Leonard darkens the room, leaving it dim enough for Joanna’s liking, and they settle in to sleep. Leonard lounges on his back and Joanna rests atop his chest. He runs his fingers soothingly through her hair to lull her to sleep the way he always used to, like nothing’s changed.

Just a he’s about to drift off to sleep, Leonard feels Joanna pick her head up.

“So tomorrow night we can watch Snow White?”

“Don’t even get me started on that apple thing.”

Ron Pope “Daylight” Starters - Pt. 1


“ i’m not one for missed adventures. ”
“ i won’t cry if you can’t love me. ”
“ there’s wounds that never heal. ”
“ i ain’t never been this broken. ”
“ i’ve got nothing left to give. ”


“ my mother laughed more than she cried. ”
“ i don’t know if this is where we’re meant to be. ”
“ won’t you spend your days with me? ”
“ my hands remember yours. ”
“ i drank because i couldn’t sleep. ”


“ we’ve been watching for a miracle. ”
“ we’re praying for a sign. ”
“ the cure is made of poison. ”
“ we will not survive on misery. ”
“ we’re anything but lost. ”


“ i never was a fan of innocence. ” 
“ i’m wrong for you. ” 
“ if i was you i’d run from me. ”
“ maybe i was meant to be left behind.” 
“ your gentle caress makes me forget. ” 
“ you found someone else to lay beside. ” 


“ i’ve seen sad dark times. ” 
“ i’ve waited for the sun to rise. ”
“ there are nights when words seem out of place. ” 
“ we’re better of together than we ever were alone. ”
“ i will find a way to help you ease your troubled mind. ”
“ if the morning comes i’ll be thankful just to see the sun. ”
“ daylight seems so far away. ”


“ all i ask of you are honest words. ”
“ nothing here is right. ” 
“ we can stay up all night just to watch the sunrise. ” 
“ nothing’s right without you. ”

2. l i e t o m e

Originally posted by yuijiyong

Title: lie to me

Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/reader

Summary: I lose my breath every night, my heart loses itself in your touch but the coldness that comes from it only makes it feel like home. You kiss my lips, hug me tight and never let me go. When are you going to stop lying to us both? Lie to me, hurt me, tell me you will never let go…but suddenly, the fantasy is broken when you ask me: Is it okay to love you?

Is it okay to love you?

He silently asks me one day, under the stars that promised us to keep us company in that lonely night. My eyes can barely look at him as I look down; my lips tremble with hatred, frustration because I know that I could never get everything out of my chest; my eyes try to blink quickly so the salty tears that were pricking to appear could lose themselves in a memory and as a way of keeping myself sane, I hugged my legs up to my chest, then pressed my trembling lips to my knees.

I could picture him perfectly; his recently-dyed orange hair sticking up in several parts and flowing mercilessly with the wind. His eyes, the same ones I grew obsessed with, were filled with despair as memories of heartbreak reached his bones to freeze him in place. His lips would be parted slightly, the constant sigh escaping from them as if it was the only way to complete the empty space that the silence between us left, and most importantly, his arms that were reaching for me before, were now pressed hard to the ground, trying to keep himself steady as questions filled his mind.

However, I always waited for him. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t think of the uncountable times that I had given up everything just for him; but he always returned to the misery that brought him deeper into the hell he lived in every time. Personally, I didn’t mind seeing his sad façade every once in a while; I couldn’t just expect that he would be happy every day, but I knew way better than anyone else that he was unhappy because he couldn’t let go. Even when he could love someone else, that person being me, he couldn’t forget the old memories that haunted him in his sleep and left scars into his skin.

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no one else to blame; a Tim Drake Fanmix (Listen HERE)

01. “Chocolate” Snow Patrol 02. “Breathe Me” Sia 03. “The Death of Me” City and Colour 04. “Logical Song” the Young Romans 05. “Weight of Living pt. 1” Bastille 06. “Sleeping Sickness” City and Colour 07. “Coming Clean” Green Day 08. “Walk” Foo Fighters 09. “Titanium” David Guetta feat. Sia 10. “Fight Song” Rachel Platten

5 of 8 BatBrat Fanmixes

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Pairing: You/Kim Jongin

Other Characters: Lee Taemin, mentions of Kim Jongdae and Zhang Yixing

Word Count: 10,176 words

Genre: Angst, Smut, Romance

Rating: M+

AU: Domestic / Marriage (Divorce)

Synopsis: With the relationship in turmoil and only fighting prevails, you turn to the easiest but most irrational choice that made you end up wondering if you made the right decision. When things get far too complicated, you search for that one reason to prove that salvaging everything is worth it.

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I don't remember falling out of love with you. All I remember is that you left and the days started to fade into one another and when I think back to that time it is just a haze in my mind. It’s all just a haze of sleeping on my bathroom floor and smoking to get the taste of you out of my mouth, but my tastebuds will never seem to forget you. It’s a blur of aching but one thing that I do remember so vividly is that it hurt; it hurt so much that I eventually became numb to everything. For a while, I felt fortunate enough that the hurting had stopped. For a while I was put out of my misery. That is until I realized that not being able to feel anything is paralyzing, and it is an entirely different type of pain, far worse than the pain I had experienced previously. I can’t explain it, but I remember that for a while, “I love you” had no meaning to me. And I started to wonder if a heart was still a heart if I could not love with it, if I could not feel with it.
—  October 6th, 2015
i dare you pt 2

hello! this drabble turned into a series lol but anyways HERE’S PART 2 GUYS sorry if it sucks :p happy reading!

part 1

genre: slight fluff, ANGST

characters: jungkook x reader

words: 3,084

3 weeks had passed, and you hadn’t spoken a single word to Jungkook.

Everyday, as you walk into your classroom, you would see him staring at you from the corner of your eye. He had tried countless times to talk to you, to explain, but you weren’t interested in hearing what he had to say. You couldn’t be bothered with him any longer, well at least that’s what you told yourself. He had hurt you pretty badly, and you still couldn’t get over the fact that he had lied to you, and cheated your feelings. Every night, you still lock yourself up in your room, crying into your pillow, hoping your roommate wouldn’t hear you. Your heart still hurt each time you saw him in class. You wanted so much to get back together with him. But it’s not like he feels the same way, you thought. He had never liked me, and he never will. You were nothing but a tool for his game of truth or dare. Seeing Jungkook in class each day made you feel sick. Each time you saw him, you got reminded of all the good times the both of you had when you were dating. All those happy memories which now became the sole reasons for your misery and depression, knowing that you’ll never experience those times again. So, you decided to transfer schools.

You knew it was a rash decision, and you knew it would affect your studies negatively. You’ll have to adapt to a new learning environment and make new friends. However, it would help you forget. Forget all the unhappy memories you made in your current school. Forget Jungkook. Entirely. That was your goal. Only if you did that, will you finally be able to lead a normal life, without having to cry yourself to sleep each night and putting on a false pretense the next day that everything was alright. If I transferred schools, all this would be able to stop, that’s what you thought.

You didn’t tell Jungkook about this. You just wanted to get it over and done with. In, and out. So you kept your mouth shut about your transfer, not even telling it to your closest friends. The teacher finally announced it on your last day at your current school.

“Class, I’m sorry to announce to all of you that y/n would be leaving us, and joining another university instead,” the teacher said. Immediately, you could hear whispers and murmurs in the class. You didn’t have to glance at Jungkook to know that he was staring at you. You could literally feel his stare piercing through your body. You shifted in your seat uncomfortably. The teacher continued to speak. “Today will be y/n’s last day here, so please be nice to her and leave her some good memories, alright?” You snorted. Good memories, huh.

When lessons ended, you saw Jungkook standing up and taking slow steps towards you. Your heart raced, and you quickly shoved all your things into your bag before running out of the room. You were afraid of what he might say to you, whether good or bad. If he was coming to mock at you for being weak and taking things too seriously, you may actually lose it and punch him right in the face or start bawling your eyes out and attract unwanted attention. If he was coming to persuade you to stay, you would probably relent and give in to him, only to be hurt by him again and again after buying his sweet talk. If you looked him in the eye, you would lose all your willpower and give up on leaving. The best choice would be to just stay away from him. If there was no contact between you and him, perhaps your pain could be numbed.

Little did you know how depressed and guilty Jungkook felt when he knew about your transfer. He knew it was definitely all because of him. And he swore to himself never to play truth or dare again, and never to make use of someone’s feelings for anything, especially not for a game. He knew it wouldn’t help though. Nothing would help to mend your broken heart now…unless he showed through his actions that he did truly love you.


On your first day at your new school, you felt horrible, despite having friendly classmates and approachable teachers. You missed everything at your old school. Most importantly, you missed Jungkook. You didn’t exactly want to see him, but now that you couldn’t see him at all, your heart felt uneasy. FORGET, you told yourself. You placed Jungkook all the way to the back of your head and focused on making new friends and doing well in your studies. You built a wall between your heart and the world, to protect yourself from those who wanted to get in. You were not about to let anyone break your heart again. As a result, you turned quiet, and rarely spoke to anyone. You didn’t want to open up, you didn’t want to be vulnerable, you didn’t want to let your guard down on anyone. Otherwise they may tear you apart again, just like how Jungkook did. And you couldn’t afford to have another mental breakdown. You knew if something like that happened again, the hole in your heart may be too big to mend, and you may actually lose it.

After school one day, as you were making your way out of the campus, you noticed a few groups of girls huddling with each other and talking in hushed tones near the school gate. They seemed to all be staring at something outside of the school. Out of curiosity, you walked closer to find out what they were looking at. As you neared them, you could hear muffled whispers, something along the lines of “he’s so cute” and “who’s he waiting for”. You pushed past them and squeezed to the front, only to see something that made your heart sink. Jeon Jungkook was standing just outside your school, waiting expectantly for you to arrive. He had been pacing up and down the pavement, worried that he might have missed you. The moment he saw you, his face lit up and he rushed towards the gates, gripping tightly onto the metal bars. “y/n!” he shouted out excitedly. The huge crowd instantly turned to stare at you. You froze momentarily, unable to recover from the shock at seeing him. Then you turned and ran back into the school. “y/n, wait! please!” Jungkook yelled, as you ran off into the distance. He shook the metal bars violently, but it was no use. The doors could only be opened from the inside, and he couldn’t get to you.

You ran all the way back to your classroom and sat down at your seat. The classroom was empty, which gave you some space to sort out your thoughts. What the heck was Jungkook doing here? You ruffled your hair in frustration. You had tried so hard to avoid him and get as far away from him as possible. Why did he have to come look for you? Did he come to fulfil another one of his dares? Tears began to well in your eyes. You quickly brushed them away and took a deep breath, before slowly walking towards the windows and peering down. Jungkook was still there, desperately tipping his toes to see if he could spot you over the crowd of girls swooning over him. You felt a little sorry for him, and contemplated as to whether you should go down and speak to him. But I can’t, you told yourself. If I do, all my efforts will go to waste. You’ll just be tricked by his pretty lies again and you’ll be going back to square one. You sat at the table closest to the windows and watched him closely. He soon realized that you’ve gone back into the campus, so he stopped searching and decided to just stand at the gates to wait. Your phone buzzed and you glanced at the screen.

Jungkook: Please come out y/n. We need to talk.

It’s been so long since he last texted you, and you yearned to talk to him, to have long chats with him like you used to. But you couldn’t. You couldn’t let all your efforts go to waste, so you switched your phone off. You glanced at Jungkook from the windows and could see him slump back onto the gates. You felt as though there was a force on your heart, pulling it towards where Jungkook was. You missed his company so much. Sighing, you propped your head on your hands and watched him. Soon, there were fewer and fewer people at the gates. It was getting dark, and the school gradually got emptier and emptier, until the only people left were you and Jungkook. He glanced back up at the school building and for a moment, it seemed to you as though he was looking right at you and your heart rate increased. But of course, he couldn’t have see you from such a distance. His gaze shifted away, and you heart beat slowed down as well. Realizing that he wouldn’t get a chance to see you, Jungkook finally gave up and walked home. After making sure that he’s gone, you ran out of the gates and back home.

You thought Jungkook would give up after that day and stop coming to find you, but you were wrong.

Every day, you saw Jungkook wait for you at the gates. Every day, you would sit by the windows, watching him and waiting until he leaves before you do. It hurt you, seeing how dejected he looked each time he had to leave without seeing you. Rejecting him was the hardest thing you’ve ever done. But you found it hard to trust him again. What if this was just another prank?

One day, however, you noticed that he didn’t come. You should be feeling glad, but instead, you felt dismayed. Did he…give up? you thought. You were afraid, afraid that he gave up trying, that he gave up on you entirely. Even though you weren’t sure if he actually had a purpose when he came to wait for you, or if it was just another prank, deep down you were happy that you still had some kind of connection with him, as much as it may bring you back painful memories. Now that he suddenly disappeared from your life entirely, you felt like a piece of your heart had been stolen from you. You waited for him after school, waited to see if he would turn up. Maybe he’s just busy? you tried to comfort yourself. You waited and waited, but to no avail. He never turned up.

The next day, he didn’t come to look for you.

And it was the same for the rest of the week.

What have I done? you buried your face in your hands. Why didn’t I just meet him and accept him when he came to look for me? Now he’s gone.

You sighed in frustration and repeatedly blamed yourself for ignoring Jungkook. You were about to head home for the weekend when your phone rang.

It was a call…from Jungkook.

Desperate to hear his voice again, you didn’t have to think twice before quickly answering it.

“Jungkook!” you cried out desperately. You didn’t want to hide how you felt anymore. You were tired of all your pretense. All you wanted to do was to see Jungkook and tell him how much you missed him, whether he felt the same or not.

There was silence on the other end, before an unfamiliar voice spoke. “Is this y/n? This is Mrs Jeon.” Jungkook’s mother? Why would she be using his phone? “Ah good afternoon Mrs Jeon,” you greeted politely. “Is…everything alright with Jungkook?” you asked with concern. She seemed to hesitate a little before speaking again. “He…got into a car accident a week ago and has been in a coma ever since then. He just woke up today and the first person he wanted to see was you,” Mrs Jeon explained. “Maybe you should come over to the hospital.”

What? Car accident? Your jaw dropped, and you clamped a hand over your mouth. Was that why he didn’t turn up at your school for the past week? How did he get into a car accident? He was always so careful and alert. Usually, he would be the one watching over you when the both of you crossed the road. You’d be messing around, teasing him, while he kept a lookout for vehicles. There was once, you nearly got hit by car, and he was the one who pulled you back onto the pavement in the nick of time. He even chided you after that, complaining about how clumsy you were. He valued safety the most, so what could be the reason he was so distracted? Tears instantly formed in your eyes and you felt so guilty. You thought he’d forgot about you and had decided to move on. How could you think of him in such a way? “The first person he wanted to see was you…” Your heart skipped a beat. Perhaps…all we had gone through together was real?

You quickly rushed out of school and flagged a cab to the hospital.

After you found out which ward Jungkook was staying in, you took the lift upstairs and ran all the way to his room. You were so worried then you didn’t even remember to knock before barging into his ward. Everyone in the room instantly turned towards the door and three pairs of eyes fell upon you. Mrs Jeon, Mr Jeon, and…Jungkook. You must have looked pretty disheveled, judging by the way Jungkook’s parents eyes widened when they saw you. There was a moment of awkward silence before Mr Jeon spoke. “Kook ah, your mother and I will go get some food for you at the canteen,” he said, and you caught him winking at Jungkook, before he left the room with Mrs Jeon. Jungkook smiled and nodded his head slightly.

The atmosphere got even more tense after they left you and Jungkook alone in the room. You shifted around awkwardly, not sure of what to do or what to say.

“How did you get into a car accident?” you asked quietly. Another moment of awkward silence. “I…I wanted to get you some of these,” Jungkook answered, taking a paper bag from his bedside table. “Are you kidding me, Jeon?” you cried out exasperatedly. “You got into an accident because you went to get cream puffs?” The brick wall surrounding your heart instantly shattered into pieces, opening up for Jungkook to enter once more. You felt like crying all over again. “Why?” you croaked out. “I-I remembered you saying that you liked them, so I thought if I got you some you might come out and meet me. I was running late and I was afraid I would miss you, so I ran across then road and…” he trailed off and smiled sheepishly. “Y-You really shouldn’t have, Jungkook,” you were sobbing uncontrollably now. So he did all this…just for me? “Why bother doing so much for me? It’s not like you even-” “It’s because I love you,” Jungkook blurted out, cutting you off. You froze momentarily, touched by his words. You looked into his eyes, searching for hints that this may be another trick, but you couldn’t find any. At that moment, everything seemed so real, and you felt loved. Never have you met anyone who would risk their life just for you. Before you could hesitate further, you rushed towards the bed and crashed your lips onto his. He instantly melted under your touch, and so did you. It’s been so long since you kissed Jungkook like this. You broke away from the kiss and punched him lightly in the chest. “Idiot,” you said, before flinging your arms over his neck and hugging him with all your strength. You weren’t going to let go, ever. “Yah y/n, I. Need. Air.” Jungkook lightly patted your back, pretending to cough. You pulled away and smacked him hard in the arm. “You’re not lying to me again when you said you loved me, are you?” you asked quietly. You felt that you had to ask this question in order to assure yourself that everything that was happening then wasn’t just a dream. “I admit, when I first told you that I liked you, it was because I had to complete my dare, but after we started dating, I realized that I genuinely fell in love with you. I swear. And you had no idea how hard it was for me to ignore you for an entire month,” Jungkook said with a serious tone. “In fact, I was going to tell you all this the day you came to confront me, but you ran off before I could say anything,” he explained. Ugh, you wanted to punch yourself. If you had stayed that day to listen to Jungkook explain, you wouldn’t have to transfer schools, and all this wouldn’t have happened at all. This is all my fault. “I-I didn’t know,” you replied, embarrassed to look him in the eye. “Well, now you do,” Jungkook pulled you into his embrace again, wrapping his strong arms around you, and you relished the feeling of his warm body against yours.

“By the way,” Jungkook whispered into your ear. “I could see you every day from the gates y/n, I bet you thought I couldn’t huh,” he chuckled. “What? But I was so far away!” you pulled away, instantly blushing. “Yah! So you saw me standing there for hours and you didn’t come down to meet me?” Jungkook pouted. You rolled your eyes and laughed. “How could you?” he pretended to cry into his pillow. “Stop acting cute Jeon, it doesn’t work on me,” you smiled at him sarcastically, patting his head. “I’m not acting cute, I am cute,” Jungkook pointed out with a serious expression. You giggled and gave him a peck on the cheek.

As you were trying to stuff down some one-week-old cream puffs into Jungkook’s mouth and laughing as he tried in vain to escape, a warm feeling filled up inside you.

Everything was finally back to normal.

thanks for reading and i hope y'all liked it! this will be the last part to i dare you in case y'all are wondering :-) gimme some feedback okayy i’m dying to talk to y'all

i’m not cute, i’m punk rock; kick ass punk mix

a mix for being awesome and punk rock (because when you got that and good friends, what else do you need?)

1. forget about it - all time low | 2. desperate measures - marianas trench | 3. rejects - 5 seconds of summer | 4. tell that mick he just made my list of things to do today - fall out boy | 5. save it for the bedroom - you me at six | 6. she’s a lady - forever the sickest kids | 7. do you feel - the rocket summer | 8. don’t give up on “us” - the maine | 9. picture perfect - every avenue | 10. send my love to the dancefloor, i’ll see you in hell (hey mister dj) - cobra starship | 11. sleeping with your lights on - karrigan | 12. misery business - paramore |13. good girls are bad girls - 5 seconds of summer | 14. dear maria, count me in - all time low

[listen here]