time to shit


Music to my ears

Can you hear it? Is the voice of perfectation

Where tha melody come from? From this little MARVELOUS mini guy

Prepare your bellys to be ripped by this amazing singer!

Dre belongs to @cursetale

Un!Sans belongs to @kaweii


Leo’s different hair styles - ranking by @smilange ❤️️

bonus: Celine’s “favourite” hairstyle :D

I really appreciate the wins of these older black actors and crafters because it’s motivating to see that success is truly not just for the young, that sometimes it takes years, but eventually it will be your time, and I don’t know about y’all but I honestly need more of that kind of encouragement. 

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please do one with the Oncelers sunglasses

Your  awful wish is my command (Why must you bring this back??)

When you pause the livestream at the right time -dabs-

♡in luv♡

Tagging time! (part 35, M Y  M U S I C  T A S T E)

I was tagged by my perfect child @adstfu. I guess the fun is with writing a song name on every letter from you URL :D (If I knew it would be so hard, I’d got new URL really :/)

C- Cirrus by Bonobo (This is my song for walks in the rain)
L- Looped by Kiasmos (Kiasmos is one of the things which helps me with depression, really)
A- A few years later by Block B (not my fav song but that letter only suited)
I- In a week by Hozier (I’m really crying every time)
R- Ring off by Beyonce (I am obsessed with this song lately)
L- Lying is the most fun… by Panic! At the Disco (because… eh. Memories)
E- E.S.T by White Lies (White Lies will always be my fav band)
S- Stranger than earth by Purity Ring (Last year’s #1. Still is)

Okay, I want to know music taste of everyone?? But like, I have to tag few people, so: @accordingtomel, @wandamaximwff, @n0rrie, @blueberrysenpaii, @seeyounextlevel, @otayurimess, @marcosreus (I know you’re still there :D), @paperpug, @flowercrownedraphael, @phanibal-lester (I’m sorry if someone doesn’t want to do this just ignore my ass :P)

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Okay just imagine the two literal balls of sunshine, elain and Mor, as either a crack ship or besties...

Listen dude, I have more than considered this, I have written drabbles for this, @pterodactylichexameter have discussed this extensively (since it was…almost entirely Alicia’s fault that I started shipping it in the first place) Morain is…so Pure…so Good. We are not worthy of Morain. They’re beautiful.