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naruko88558855  asked:

Hi I love your art! I notice the kind of paints you use and I was wondering if you could do a small picture tutorial on how you use them? It can be short if you want, I was just wondering because I use the same kind and I never get as good results as your amazing art work. 😶😶

sure thing!! heres a tutorial for you

1. paint the first layer, make sure you paint it evenly

2. add details, hair, clothing folds, shading

3. small details and white lining

hope this was helpful <3

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I'm not transphobic but there's no way the transgendered peter parker headcanon would work in the way of physical appearance, there's no way a trans guy could every achieve the muscles that are required of Spider-Man or any superhero. I'm not transphobic, but you trans guys will always have feminine builds and it isn't realistic for you to say that transgenders could look like buff superheroes or even just strong men. Sorry.

okay putting aside the fact that you are blatantly transphobic despite how much you say “i’m not transphobic” and also putting aside the fact that while peter parker does develop muscle definition he is still known for being very small and lean even after being bitten by the spider, let’s just take a look at some trans guys who will never be able to have the physique of superheroes or of strong men in general:

and that’s just a few of the many trans guys in this world, some of which are fat, or skinny, or curvy, or muscular as fuck – you know, like any other human being. can cis people stop acting like they know shit about what trans people look like.


yall theres a trailer for the vr video game thing


space dad and space fab


iconic harry looks™

n.1: Harry Styles: Behind the Album (Abbey Road Studios) aka the most iconic pants ever