time to set them free

“You have work to do my son…”

“My life was just a reflection of the emptiness, the violence, the poison of my soul.

“Until you were born. You made me a father, a better husband…”

“Family is everything. You are different, touched by greatness. I was a prisoner and YOU set me free.”

Go back in time…. and give them the only thing we never had, HOPE!”

I know we’ll meet again…”

Closed // handsomefxckface

Zer0 felt adrenaline pulsing in their veins. Now they were the closest to the Vault as they have ever been. But the assasin wasn’t alone, they had a company named Jack. He was irritating them to the last bits of their nerves, and it was only a matter the time when they will set all the rage, which was building up in them, free. Besides, Zer0 could tell that if they opened the Vault and got rid of the creature, which was guarding it, Jack would probably find his way how to take all of the credit. So when they had the chance, they stood tall in front of the man. Without a second thought or a single word, they ran the katana through the man’s torso before pulling it out again. They were sure they didn’t hit any internal organs, but still it would be very painful and life threatening for Jack.


happy thoughts

With a sigh, Chris relaxed his shoulders, willing the pair of dark feathered wings to spring free from his body as he threw his shirt to the grass far bellow. It was easier now. After a couple of times when he unconsciously set them free, Chris was starting to get the hang of it. He was almost completely controlling the wings now - still adjusting to the new pair of limbs but still - he thought he was ready. He had to be. Although he considered them pretty adorable, Chris wasn’t a penguin. He wanted  to put his wings to good use! He wanted to fly! So with that in mind, he balanced himself on the window of one of the corridors, the one that opened up to the gardens. That was how birds learned to fly right? It was much harder to try to get off the ground, softly making his way down sounded much easier. So with a deep breath he let himself fall. And with a pained breath he hit the grass face first, groaning and flapping his wings to try and get off the floor. “Okay. So trial #1 was a fail…”