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Can I have when it's like in the middle of the night and the Paladin's S/o just gets up from the bed and leaves the room, only to get a cup of water or something and the Paladins wake up only to see that their s/o isn't at their side, freaks out, only to find them in the kitchen with a cup of water in their hands.. Sorry if this is long

Hey it’s mod Enki! This is really super cute so it’s gonna be like a tiny drabble for each! I’m sorry this is so long orz I kinda got carried away. 



You woke up with the taste of dried spit and left over whatever you had for dinner. Space goo again? You could have sworn it was something different this past time. Either way, it didn’t leave a good taste in your mouth. With what little light in the room you looked to your side to see Shiro comfortably asleep next to you, his head on your shoulder. Even though you hated to disturb him from his sleep, you needed to get a glass of water. You were a little hot, too, from being so close to him while you slept. With a sigh you gently wiggled your way from out of the covers and out of the bed. As soon as your bare feet hit the cold floor you shivered. Suddenly you weren’t so hot anymore and even debated going back to bed. The grimy taste in your mouth told you otherwise and you headed to the door. 

Once out of the room you flinched at the bright lights in the hallway almost bumping into a few things as your eyes adjusted. Even as you got used to the bright lights, you still stumbled your way to the kitchen like a drunkard. Fumbling with the light switch you managed to light the kitchen. It didn’t take you too long to get a nice refreshing glass of water and you pretty much downed it in one go. 

However, when you turned around to refill your glass you practically jumped three feet in the air as you saw someone out of the corner of your eye. You couldn’t manage to hold on to your glass in your fright and it fell right out of your hands. You fumbled trying to properly catch it until your hands managed to get purchase on the slippery glass. A low chuckle resounded to your side and you almost jumped again. Instead you turned to face the source only to see none other than your loving boyfriend, in the same groggy state as you.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” He said, his voice low and a little scratchy.

“I don’t think startle really covers it.” You replied clearly exasperated. “I would phrase it more like… scared the living shit out of me.” 

He chuckled again putting his hands up in surrender. “Okay okay, I got it. Next time I’ll send you a letter before I enter a room.”

“Oh ha ha…” You mocked sarcastically. “What are you doing up anyways?”

“I woke up and couldn’t feel you next to me and got worried. Sounds a little silly I know.” 

“I see, then I guess the next time I leave the bed I’ll be sending you a letter of warning.” You said quoting his earlier remark. He just shook his head before letting out a yawn. It wasn’t long before you were yawning, too. Setting down the glass you shuffled your way over to him, rubbing your arms for warmth.

“Let’s just go to bed already, I’m cold.” You mumbled. 

“Alright.” Shiro pressed a kiss to your forehead before the two of you headed back to his room for some much needed rest. 


It was probably the dead of night when you woke up, annoyed by the boy sleeping beside you. He was practically sprawled out on the bed and kicking you in the side. All the blankets were bunched up onto you and clearly overheating you to the point of being pretty uncomfortable. You angrily shoved the blankets off of you and onto Lance who was dead ass asleep and drooling onto the bed. A sigh forced it’s way out of you and you tried to think of how exactly you were going to get out of the bed with the mess of a boy beside you. You debated just shoving him off the bed entirely so you could just get out easily. Hell, he probably wouldn’t even wake up if you did. 

As tempting as it was, you weren’t that mean. Or you were and you just didn’t have the energy to move his dumb ass. Either way you managed to escape from the bed and exit out into the hallway. You were too god damn hot and needed to get something that could cool you down. The lights of the hallway were probably even more annoying than Lance’s sleeping habits at the moment and you squinted to make sense of your surroundings. 

“Stupid lights…” You mumbled to yourself as you finally made your way to the kitchen. 

You perked up as soon as you got your water and felt the cool liquid slide down your throat. It was so simple yet so refreshing to you. You sighed contently and just stood there for a second, relishing in the peace you had found in the dead of night. That is, before you felt two arms wrap around you and a face bury itself in your neck. 

“Y/n…. Come back to bed. You scared me I thought you were gone.” Lance mumbled. 

“You’re so dumb sometimes… I just needed a glass of water.” You said trying to wiggle out of his grasp. His grip was too solid though and you had no choice but to give up. 

“Y/n…” He mumbled your name again and you couldn’t help but realize how ironic it was. He never wanted to cuddle you in bed but suddenly he was all over you. 

“Well I can’t go back to bed if you keep holding me like this.” You said trying to shove him away. 

He seemed to comply this time and let go, eyes still closed, almost like he was sleep walking. You took him by the hand and led him out of the kitchen and back to bed where you two could hopefully get some more sleep. 


When you woke up you were surprisingly comfortable, tangled up in the sheets with Keith and head resting on his chest. You sat there for a second just listening to his heartbeat and steady breathing. Everything seemed just perfect until you realized just how thirsty you were. It was that kind of thirst that you could feel all the way to the back of your throat. It was bothering you more and more every second you sat there just dealing with it. You really didn’t want to get up, it broke your heart to leave your boyfriend as he was probably having one of the most peaceful sleeps he’s had in a while. But man, you were thirsty as hell and there was no way you could go back to sleep now. 

You begrudgingly got out of bed, untangling yourself from the covers and from Keith. He looked so cute in his sleep so you quickly kissed his cheek before you made your way out into the hallway. The lights blinded you and you really regretted getting out of bed. But you had come this far so there was no way you were going back now. You zombied your way to the kitchen and managed to down two whole glasses of water before you heard someone running down the hall. 

Sitting on the counter you just shrugged before downing another glass and setting it down beside you. A yawn escaped your lips and you could’ve sworn you heard someone calling your name. You listened again and you heard it call a second time, a little louder this time. It wasn’t hard to recognize and you almost hit yourself for thinking he wouldn’t notice you leaving. 

“Keith…!” You beckoned from the kitchen. It wasn’t long before you could hear the taps of his feet as he made his way to you. He called out your name again when he entered the kitchen and you noticed how his expression turned from a scowl to a more relieved one. 

“Wow, I didn’t think you would notice me gone for literally five minutes.” You said laughing a little.

“I was worried something happened to you!” He defended himself. “You should’ve told me where you were going.”

“I was gone for five minutes, Keith.” You said. 

“Still…” He mumbled. “Just don’t do it again.”

“Okaaaaay.” You drawled getting down from the counter. “You just looked so cute while you were sleeping that I didn’t want to wake you up!” 

“Oh whatever.” He huffed. “Let’s go back to bed.”

“Whatever you saaaay.” You laughed lightly, trailing after him and back to bed.


As much as you loved Hunk, he radiated nothing but heat when you two cuddled and while you were 100% okay with this you were really feeling the heat right about now. It was late, everyone was surely asleep by now which meant you could wander the castle in whatever gross sleep state you were in right now. Sweat collected on your back and forehead and you really needed to cool off right about now. You wiggled out of your lover’s grasp and hated to part him while he was so contently sleeping. But when you’re gross and sweating and extremely hot it literally feels like the worst. 

You really preferred to be cold most of the time because it was really easy to just cuddle up with Hunk to get warm. It’s a whole different story for when your were hot though. When your feet touched the nice cool floor you really debated just laying on it for like an hour to properly cool off. But it didn’t really sound like something you had the patience for. A nice glass of water sounded way more appealing than just laying on the ground feeling like you’re dying. 

So you stepped out into the hallways and absorbed the shock of the lights and nice cool air blowing over your body. Once you were done bathing in this new found bliss you headed down to the kitchen. It still smelled of whatever goodies Hunk had managed to cook up for dinner when you entered it. You smiled to yourself as you stood in the kitchen with a nice glass of water. 

Closing your eyes you could’ve sworn you could fall asleep just standing up. However a warm voice pulled you from your sleepy stupor. 

“Of course I would find my favorite person in my favorite place.” Hunk said entering the kitchen. You looked at him with surprise before breaking into a small smile.

“Oh, what are you doing up?” You asked. 

“I mean I woke up and you weren’t there suddenly. It’s just a little scary you know?” He said scratching the back of his neck. 

“Sorry, I guess I should’ve woken you up then. I needed to cool off for a second.” You said sheepishly. “I’m done now though, so let’s go back to bed.”

“Sounds good to me.” 

The two of you walked back to bed, hand in hand humming a tune the both of you vaguely knew. It wasn’t long before you were back to cuddling and sweet dreams.


It was one of those rare occasions that Pidge was asleep next to you at a reasonable hour. You were very grateful to be blessed with this opportunity to finally cuddle your girlfriend after a long week of missions and helping out around the castle ship. Everything was perfect. Well, almost everything… You were sleeping so soundly that you managed to drool all over the pillow and now your mouth felt as dry as a desert. Dried spit didn’t taste too well and it really did bother you. 

Pidge probably wouldn’t take too kindly to your gross slobber breath or the fact that you drooled all over the pillow. So you wiggled out of bed and flipped over the pillow to the dry side of it. Your first task was done so now you were one to accomplish the next. You stepped out into the bright ass hallway and instantly regretted it. You stumbled around like you were afflicted with some sort of illness. In fact, you took you the longest time to get used to these blinding lights. 

You weren’t too fond of the lights in the hallway so you didn’t even bother turning on the lights in the kitchen. It seemed like a much better idea to just let the lights from the hallway filter into the kitchen. The darkness of the kitchen was comforting and it helped keep you groggy enough to be ready to fall back to sleep the second you got in bed. 

As soon as you got your water you quickly downed it to re-hydrate your mouth. It was nice and refreshing, although a little cold making you shiver a bit. Turning on your heel you were about to head back to the room when you saw a figure in the door way. You let out a mixture of startled noises before realizing it was just Pidge. She started at you with a blank expression. 

“Did you drool all over the pillow again?” She asked. You could practically feel your heart stop.


“Y/n, you only get a glass of water after you drool in your sleep.” She added, completely trapping you.

“Fine, you got me. I’ll wash the pillow case in the morning.” You admitted. “Why are you up anyways. You never come after me just for drooling on a pillow.”

“It just scared me that you weren’t beside me while I slept like you always are.” She mumbled. “I had a bad dream.”

You smiled and went to hug her from behind. She sniffled a bit and you squeezed her a little harder. 

“You’re just the only one I have left.” 

“Don’t worry, Pidge. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

Imagine...Dressing Alike

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Pairing: Jensen x reader

“It’s about time you showed up sleepyhead!” said Jared. “We’ve been out there stalling and goofing around for ever.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault you guys decided to show up early the one time I’m running late,” you said. “Blame Jay. He’s the one that came down without me.”

“He said you were taking forever in the bathroom,” said Jared, obviously no longer in any rush when you saw you were still two minutes early.

“I was braiding my hair, again, after he went and messed it up, again. That man loves to play with it,” you said, cocking an eyebrow. “This isn’t the morning panel where I can show up looking like a zombie.”

“I hear Y/N back there. I guess someone decided to come to work today,” you heard Jensen tease from on stage. You grabbed a mic and hopped up the step to get up there, Jared right on your tail. 

“Don’t even get me started mister,” you said, taking your normal seat next to him. Jared started laughing to himself as he walked past and you saw a few people start to snicker as well. “He did not mess up my hair again, did he?”

“Nope, but you two certainly are coordinated today,” said Jared, biting back a smile. You glanced down at your pretty light blue dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. You had a simple pair of dark skinny jeans on with some tall brown boots. 

“Oh,” you heard Jensen say at the same time as you. He had on a light blue dress shirt, dark jeans and brown boots, albeit his were under his pant leg but still…you looked like twins.

“Did I miss the memo?” teased Jared, a small blush creeping over your face. But Jensen threw his arm around your shoulders, those damn long fingers playing with the ends of your hair again. 

“We happen to have excellent taste,” said Jensen. “Right baby?”

“Obviously. We chose each other after all,” you said, Jared rolling his eyes as you heard an ‘aw’ rise up in the room. 

“Alright, we got a whole hour for you two to be cute. Let’s get this thing started, shall we?”

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Saw this au prompt part II

Nico sat on the chair, waiting for his father to say something. Aidon di Angelo stood facing the view outside of his office.

“Nicholas,” his father said.

“Nico,” he muttered uneasily, aggravated. He hated to come here. The last time he was here was when he came out to his parents, a week before his life was completely shattered.

Jules Albert stood to the back of the office, emotionless as a zombie, waiting for Nico to attempt to run. Which, in fact, he’d attempted to do once, but that’s another story for another time.

“Jules Albert tells me that you’re getting home late again, and he found a cigarette packet hidden inside your jacket pocket. Your school called yesterday, and it seems as though you’ve been skipping classes again. You are eighteen years old. When are you going to grow up, Nicholas?” his father asked calmly.

Nico internally winced. He needed to have another chat with Jules about his habits and privacy.

“What I do and do not do,” Nico said, icily, “is none of your business. You lost the right to tell me what to do the moment you stopped being a father. You work all the time, why do you suddenly care?! Hell, you’ve managed to replace the last living family member you have with a freaking company!” Nico yelled.

God above, it felt good to get this off his chest.

Aidon’s eyes softened, “Is that what you think I’m doing? Replacing you?”

Nico nodded stiffly, enjoying the sting of tears. He stood. He was going to leave, and Jules was not going to stop him.

Aidon quickly came across his desk and brought himself eye to eye with his son. They stared at each other for a moment. Adion gently dragged Nico into his arms, passing his hand re-assuringly through Nico’s hair.

His father’s voice broke as he whispered, “My boy, I would never do that to you. You are the most precious thing I have. You are, after your sister, the best thing Maria could have ever given to me.”

He pulled away, his dark eyes boring into Nico’s identical ones.

“And you’ve been so much happier and better with the blonde around. Why would you deprive yourself of that happiness?”

Nico’s week was sucking more balls than him.

On Monday, Percy Jackson, Nico’s ex, and a group of his friends who called themselves “The Seven” cornered Will. Nico caused a huge fight when he punched Jackson in the face after seeing the tears on Will’s face. The fight broke up when someone who Nico thought was Leo Valdez yelled, “Break it up, morons! Coach Hedge is coming!” Plus, Nico got a black eye when Michael, Will’s brother, punched him after school.

On Tuesday, he couldn’t go to school because his father was going on a two day trip to China and Nico had went along with Jules Albert to drop him off at the airport. Along the way, his phone vibrated with a text from none other than Will Solace, who said biology test on Thursday. We’re even, death boy. Will called Nico death boy in the early stages of their relationship, making fun of him and his lack of fashion, and how Nico constantly dressed in all black.

On Wednesday, Nico got detention for swearing in class. The reason was: he fell asleep and was having the routine nightmare when Hazel, the girl next to him suddenly woke him up because he’d been called on to answer a question. Which Will answered anyway.

On Thursday, Nico failed the biology test. Will was wearing a rainbow coloured “Out and Proud” t-shirt under a leather jacket, which surprised Nico, along with seven hundred other students. Will always had trouble accepting who he was, but here he was, laughing at something Chinese-Canadian Frank Zhang said. Nico clenched his fists, silently brooding, aching to pick a fight, cursing out Frank Zhang in his head.

On Friday, however, Nico’s luck turned. Their literature teacher, Mr. Brunner, had said, “Will, tell us the purpose of Caesar muttering Et tu, Brute in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.”

Nico had never seen Will so disoriented in his life, which shocked him.

“I’m-I’m sorry?” Will said, his gaze unfocused.

“The meaning of the phrase, And you, Brutus,” Mr. Brunner pressed.

“I don’t know,” Will whispered, “I–”

People were starting to mutter. That’s when Nico decided to speak.

“Jesus,” he said, rolling his eyes, “the statement is used to express Caesar’s surprise and shock by someone who Caesar considered a friend. Brutus being the friend. Give Will a break, will ya, Mr. Brunner. Nerds are people too.”

The class laughed at that. Nico leaned back in his chair, a happy glint in his eye.

When the class was dismissed, Nico felt a sharp tug on his hoodie, and was dragged into an empty classroom.

“I owe you a thank you,” Will Solace grinned sheepishly.

Butterflies erupted in Nico’s stomach, “No thanks necessary, sunshine.”

Will’s eyes flickered to Nico’s lips before he pressed his gently against Nico’s.

“Thank you, anyways, death boy,” Will’s smile lit up the whole room, but not as bright as a genuine Will Solace smile.

“Will,” Nico frowned, “talk to me. What’s wrong?”

Nico suddenly remembered his mother’s funeral. Everyone was in black. The rain was pouring, thunder booming ahead. Maria di Angelo looked as if she was asleep. He’d buried his elder sister a year before and now he had to bury his mother, the glue that held his broken family together. He was on his knees, sobbing, not caring as the crowd dispersed to find shelter. His memories were dark for that day, but he clearly remembered Will. Will who knelt next to him in the pouring rain, holding him in his arms. Will, who kept whispering it’s okay, I’ve got you as Nico whimpered in broken Italian. Will who pressed his cold, shaking lips against his forehead to give him comfort in his dark times. Will, who caught a fever and was rushed to hospital but still made sure Nico was okay. Will, who comforted Nico over the phone when he had nightmares and cried for his mama. Will, who said nothing when Nico whimpered ti amo over and over, unsure himself whether he was talking to Will or his mother and sister.

“Nothing,” Will said, his eyes darting around the room.

“Don’t lie, Solace,” Nico pushed.

“I– my dad has another kid. A little girl named Kayla,” Will muttered, a tear falling from his eye, “Mom is….really upset and they’re getting worse and worse. And life’s been so much harder now that you’re not here with me.”

Will, the taller boy, let his head fall into Nico’s shoulder. Nico always had loved the height difference between them. Will was the taller one, and often used it to his advantage. Not that Nico ever complained.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Will?” Nico asked, stroking Will’s hair.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about me. You just lost your mom…it’s unfair for me to involve you in my messed up life,” Will answered.

“So that’s why you’ve been pulling away,” Nico whispered, “Will, it’s my job as your boyfriend to worry about you! I love you, you idiot!”

“What?” Will whispered, “S-say that again.”

“I love you,” Nico kissed him, “I love you. Every inch, every part, everything that makes you Will Solace is a part of you that I love. I only broke up with you only because you were pulling away from me.”

“Oh, Nico,” Will said, and Nico felt hot tears seep into his Greenday hoodie he stole from Will, “I’m so sorry…give me another chance?”

“You don’t need to ask, Will,” Nico said, kissing his Will Solace gently, passionately on the lips, “It’s already yours.”

No one was really shocked to see Nico di Angelo and Will Solace back together. In any universe, they were meant to be.

Long time no see

Word count: 2600-ish

Pairing: Sam X reader

Warning: None, angst if you squint.

A/N: This is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog Trope Challenge. Mimi you’ve been more patient with than most. You’re too frigging awesome. Thank you so much for giving all those extensions. 

I tried to make this into a one shot, really did, but the prompt stretched across weeks, so mini-series of 3 parts, here we come.

My Trope was: “We’re forced to work together and pretend we’re a married couple for a job even though we’re not actually dating. Oh look, a few weeks later and the job is ending and we realize we love each other and the last few weeks have been bliss.”

I didn’t really twist the prompt, but this is different than anything I’ve ever written before. Feedback is really appreciated :)

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You turned away from the burning pyre with a somewhat satisfied expression. This had to be it. For crying out loud, there was no other dead person left in the family now. The town was so boring, even installing a new candy dispenser made it to the headlines here. You sighed, and called the sheriff to let him know you were soon going to be out of his hair.

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Skinny Love- Finn Shelby

*There’s really not many Finn gifs out there! Luckily bonniebird has made her gifs open for other writers to use! xoxox*


Finn Shelby was the most complicate boy you had ever met. He was a perfect gentleman to you and always had an ear open to listen to your problem. Why was this so wrong? Well, because though you liked him and thought he may like you, he had yet to make a move. The most you had managed to get from him was a goodnight kiss the week before while he walked you home. His actions were always endearing, but you had begun to question if he actually saw you as anything more than a friend.

Boys is Small Heath were definitely not of the flattering type. They’d spend most nights out boozing and doing Tokyo, but they’d always been direct about their feelings for you. Isaiah had been the leader of the pack. He’d always goad you and ask when you’d finally let him take you out for a good time. Isaiah had become the poster boy for young blinders, being reckless in nature and wicked in demeanor. You had continually turned him down with a gentle smile, not wanting to find out what a ‘good time’ entailed.

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Living Nightmare

I blame @chikach00’s headcanon for this story. :P This story is dedicated to her!!

Summary: Lucy thought she was alone, living in a nightmare she couldn’t wake up from. She thought there was no hope, but that changed when she found herself running into a certain zombie again and again. Each time she thought he might try to hurt her, but he surprised her in ways she could never imagine. Left 4 Dead AU. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

My second submission for nalu angst week. Day Four: Nightmares

Rated: T, foul language and some violence.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Angst with some humor

Word count: 6.6K

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Lucy’s heart pounded in her chest as she ran down the alley. Tears lined her eyes, falling down her cheeks despite her attempts to hold back her sobs. They were dead. Every last one of them. Her comrades were torn apart in front of her by a tank, and there was nothing she could do but run. She was out of ammo. Her pistol was useless like this.

No, she was useless.

If she couldn’t save her friends, what was the point of living? She didn’t want to be alone in this fucked up world. What was worse, she couldn’t take her own life now. Her only option was to run or let herself be eaten.

She ran.

Lucy heard the snarls behind her. No matter how far she ran, there would always be more zombies. It wasn’t fair. She had her whole life ahead of her, but then everything came crashing down a few weeks ago. Within hours, Magnolia was overrun. Within days, Fiore belonged to the infected.

Lucy jumped, banging her knee on the dumpster as she climbed on top. The pain barely registered to her, her body working hard to keep itself alive. She grabbed onto the brick building beside her as she placed a boot on the chain link fence. She debated how she should go about jumping over, but all thoughts died when she looked behind her, seeing the hoard of zombies coming straight for her.

“Fuck,” Lucy mumbled, putting all her weight on her foot as she jumped over the fence, landing hard on her ankles. She winced at the pain, but it wasn’t enough to stop her. She would rather die of exhaustion than let herself become one of those horrid things.

The fence worked to stop the hoard, if only for a little while. She used that time to run down the main street, keeping low to avoid attracting attention from any other infected in the area.

She didn’t know how long she ran until she made it to a familiar neighborhood. It was the one she lived in when she was a child. If she went a few blocks up, she would find her childhood house, the one she lived in when her mom was still alive.

Remembering her mother’s death reminded her that everyone she knew and loved were also dead. She was the last one, cursed to live alone until she too fell like the others.

Lucy stole a look around her in all directions, making sure the coast was clear before falling to her knees. She let go, the tears she was trying to hold back falling faster than before. She buried her hands in her face, hating this life she now lived.

Why couldn’t she wake up from the nightmare?

She screamed at the ground, cursing everything around her for this shitty situation. What was the point of living if she had no one by her side, no one to talk to?

Lucy cried, cursing herself and everyone else for leaving her alone. If they had just ran instead of tried to fight that monster, maybe she wouldn’t be alone.

While Lucy cried into her hands, she didn’t hear the distinct growls of a predator coming closer to her until it was too late. The hunter let out a shriek before it pounced, pushing Lucy backwards as it pinned her down.

She screamed as she saw it throw its clawed-hand backwards, ready to rip into her chest and devour her. In that moment, she realized she didn’t want to fight anymore. It would be easier to give up and die. Closing her eyes, Lucy accepted her death.

Only… it never came.

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                                      MY KIND OF HALLOWEEN  

  1. this is halloween - danny elfman 
  2. spooky scary skeletons - andrew gold (remix) 
  3. beetlejuice main theme - danny elfman
  4. time warp - richard o’brien 
  5. i put a spell on you (hocus pocus) - screamin’ jay hawkins 
  6. hungry like the wolf - duran duran 
  7. it’s terror time again - skycycle 
  8. tiptoe through the tulips (insidious) - tiny tim 
  9. cemetry gates - the smiths 
  10. dead as fuck - motionless in white 
  11. goosebumps theme - jack lenz 
  12. house of 1000 corpses - rob zombie 
  13. blood theme - daniel licht 
  14. nowhere to run - arnold mcculler
  15. weird science - oingo boingo
  16. oogie boogie’s song - ken page 
  17. mr.ouija - bone thugs-n-harmony 
  18. ghostbusters - ray parker jr. 
  19. ballroom blitz - sweet 
  20. i’m a hex girl - hex girls 
  21. cry little sister - gerard mcmann 
  22. kidnap the sandy claws - danny elfman (korn cover)  
  23. dragula - rob zombie 
  24. the walking dead main theme - bear mccreary 
  25. killer klowns from outer space - the dickies 
  26. michael myers theme - john carpenter 
  27. who do you voodoo, bitch - sam b 
  28. silent hill (remix) -ldukmusic 
  29. bad moon rising - creedence clearwater revival 
  30. people are strange - the doors 
  31. all my friends are dead - turbonegro
  32. we only come out at night - motionless in white 
  33. thriller - michael jackason 
  34. superstition - stevie wonder
  35. witchy woman - eagles 
  36. pet semetery - ramones 
  37. warewolves of london - warren zevon 
  38. scooby-doo theme song - larry marks 
  39. somebody’s watching me - rockwell 
  40. don’t fear the reaper - blue öyster cult 


A message to those who think running 5K is impossible.

I’ve seen a lot of people in the community talk about running a 5K like it’s some sort of impossible feat only the fittest of the fit can achieve and I want to talk about that for a moment.

Here’s what I have to say about it: If you can walk. You can do it.

I’m not saying you should, or that you’ll be able to do it right away or that it’s some sort of obligation. No. 

All I’m saying is, you can. 

There’s a phrase I love that goes “It always seems impossible until it’s done” and it can be applied to running your first 5K.

It might seem like an impossible feat right now. Something you can only dream of because “not everyone is cut out to be a runner” and you’re one of those people who would only run to save their own lives, right?

Well, let me tell you something… you’ve probably already walked 5 kilometers.

Are you a mall rat? You’d be surprised how much you can walk just by going from store to store. Download a step counter if you don’t believe me.

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Have you visited and explored a new city? Chances are you walked way more than 5 kilometers.

Originally posted by anthony-samaniego

Do you have a dog that enjoys long walks? Your pooch has probably made you walk 5K already.

Originally posted by slothilda

Do you play Pokémon GO? Guess what? You’ve definitely walked 5K because that’s what it takes to hatch a yellow egg. And maybe you’ve even walked 10K!

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Isn’t that amazing?

“It’s different” You say. “I as walking. I was taking my time”

Fair enough, let me ask you something…

What makes you think you can’t do that when running a 5K? 

I promise you this. Unless it’s an obstacle course or one of those zombie runs (which are fun as hell) no one is going to chase you. No one is going to hurry you and make you run faster than you want to run.

In fact, no one’s going to make you run. You can walk if you want.

You can stop, take a break, get up again and keep walking.

The goal for most people isn’t to get there before everyone else. The goal for most people is just to finish the race and, dammit, you can finish it.

I know it because you’ve already done it, and you can do it again.

So what’s so intimidating about running 5K again?

What’s so impossible about it?

Let me tell you about my first 5K.

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voltron zombie apocalypse au headcanons? o:

SOrry this got kinda long,,, but: 

  • lmao ok but first off if its zombies then keith is definitely doing very glenn like things—fast enough to go on supply runs, reliable friend in the group, good at improvising and super resourceful. 
  • the outbreak happens while lance, pidge and hunk are still at the garrison, so keith rides out most of it in the shack by himself. its just him and he knows the layout of the land so its pretty easy for him to stay there or hide someplace else nearby for a short time. 
  • shiro’s still missing and keith finds him again months later, though he doesnt seem to know how fast the virus spread. they stay in the shack for a while, but then the garrison trio breaks in because—well, garrison has been compromised so its no longer the safest place and!! hey!! free little house stocked with lots of food and essentials!! 
  • it in fact is not free, and keith tries to run them out several times until shiro lets them stay. they try to make that work for a bit, but they end up leaving the shack and just drifting between towns. keith misses it
  • id say shiro probably got bitten at some point and thats why he loses the arm. 
  • he doesnt amputate it himself though, it happens in the facility that developed the virus and shiro was just the poor guy they were running tests on. 
  • you know what? lets just throw aliens in here too. they’re still a thing, but the virus is just something they create to get rid of all the humans before they colonize. 
  • keith’s galra genes also give him a natural immunity to the virus, but its a while before he realizes it.
  • pidge’s family is still missing in this au. Everyone always tries to get her to Stay with the Group but if she finds a new lead on her family she will just get up and go. sometimes it takes the team over a week or two to find her.
  • shiro and hunk are the best trackers usually, but sometimes lance or keith will accidentally run into her first
  • other times she’ll just like, show up again after three week and be like “hi guys, i went for a walk” 

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Daycare AU: Robbie

(Eeeeyyy lookie another Daycare AU fic. This one is from the zombabe’s pov. Anti just wants a friend):

Robbie enjoys a few things. And he doesn’t enjoy another few things.

The few things he enjoys include but are kind of limited to: the sound of crayons on paper, everything about his best friend Marvin, and Schneeplestein’s funny accent.

The few things he doesn’t enjoy includes but isn’t limited to: his hands falling off constantly, not seeing like everyone else, and Jack not letting him eat proper food. He can get quite hungry, but Jack only will let him eat… chicken. He doesn’t like chicken, raw or cooked.

He doesn’t mind being in this “daycare room” all day as long as he has Marvin or Schneeple nearby. They always help him walk around and give him crayons and things to draw on. Marvin always holds his hand when he can’t see and Schneeple helps put his limbs back on if they fall off.

He also does like Jackieboy and Chase sometimes. Jackieboy is fun to chase while playing “cops and robbers”(when he’s actually not a robber) and Chase is a fun person to hang out with. Chase lets him shoot with his gun even though he can’t see and they run from Jack when he gets mad at them for having a nerf gun in the first place.

Currently Robbie is sitting at one of the tables outside with an open book and is scribbling all across its pages. Jack is beside him, watching all of the kids and Wiishu is playing with them. Robbie doesn’t normally play outside unless it’s some sort of chase game but they’re playing a kind of sport… something with kicking a ball. He doesn’t know.

“What are you drawing, Rob?” Jack asks the zombie child sitting beside who shrugs in response.

“Don’…. know?” He said with a shrug and turns the book towards Jack. “You.. tell? I can’t… see..”

Jack hums and picks up the book from the table to observe it more closely. Robbie keeps an eye on him, not wanting the Irishman to hurt his favorite book. “Hhmmm,” Jack hums and sets the book back down. Robbie takes t and resumes drawing. “It actually looks kinda like a cat to me.”

“I… draw… cat!” Robbie exclaimed happily and curves his hand to try and capture the look of cat. Even though he can’t see if he should have done that or not. He could have just messed up the entire picture for all he knows.

Jack chuckles and Robbie continue to draw until suddenly Jackieboy comes running over and slaps the child zombie. “Tag! You’re it!” He shouts and runs off, laughing loudly.

Robbie pushes from the table sloppily and nearly falls face first on the ground. His hands and feet brush against the dirt covered earth as he launches himself forward at Jackieboy, letting out a loud roar of excitement. He maybe a zombie child, but he can move surprisingly quickly when he so chooses to.

Jackieboy leads him to the rest of the playground and now he can smell the rest of the kids including Anti and he kind of wants to go after the demon child. Though, he does end up going after the closest one. This being Chase.

He chases after Chase(no pun intended) and catches up with the other kid quickly, basically tackling him to the ground. The impact causes one of his entire arms to pop out of socket but he’s too invested in the game now and continues running forward after getting back to his feet, doing his best to not trip on anything. Because it is currently so cold, everything’s colors are all dull and dark and hard to tell apart. Though, he can’t feel the cold, he can smell it for sure.

“Hey! You lost your arm!” Chase called after him but he doesn’t care because he’s already on the other side of the playground and turning the corner around the building to hide. He’s played this game enough to know what you’re supposed to do. Run and hide when you’re not “it”, and chase and catch when you are “it”.

When he fully turns the corner he trips over a small and dull red lump which had blended in with the rest of the ground. He goes toppling back down with someone underneath him, breaking his fall and also letting out a noise of frustration.

“What the-!” The owner of the voice cuts himself off before he can say anything he’ll regret. Robbie connects the dots of this being Anti. The demon child always does enjoy either hiding further away from the others, or picking on them. It must be a day where he wants to be alone. Though, Robbie notices how cold he is and knows it’s not healthy. “Oh, Robbie… what are you doing?”

He doesn’t sound as aggressive as he normally does with the other kids, ether. This is partly helped by the fact that he doesn’t mind Robbie’s presence as much, actually. Probably because he’s a zombie that doesn’t catch as much as the others think. But he does catch stuff. A lot of stuff. But hey, the demon gives him crayons(as long as he swears not to tell anyone) and that’s cool with the zombie.

“I…. hidin’!” He replied, pointing to the corner he’d just come from even though he’s still later out face first on the ground. He can never really pick himself up unless, well, he was running like he had been earlier. “Chassse… isss it!”

Anti scoffs and helps Robbie sit up, which the zombie is grateful for. “You’re playing that stupid game again, huh?” He asked and Robbie shrugs in answer. “Why don’t you… why don’t you hang out with me more?”

“Caussse… you never… want to!” Robbie replied softly and this fact has actually bothered him for quite some time now. Anti sighs heavily next to him and they both sit awkwardly beside one another. Just because they’re both okay with the other’s presence, doesn’t mean they actually know how to handle themselves. “You… yell at me… if I ever get… near you!”

“Yeah cause you’re always with the magician idiot,” Anti pointed out grumpily, pulling his knees close to his chest. Robbie frowns because he doesn’t like the way Anti calls Marvin an idiot.

“Marvin…. isssss…. my… bessst friend! He… issssnt… idiot!” Robbie growled out, quickly losing his “dumbness”. He’ll be passive for an extent. For a long extent. That is, until someone insults something he enjoys. “He… isssss way better… friend than you… too!”

Anti falls silent and Robbie can smell the sadness on him and okay maybe he feels a little guilty for saying that but Anti is always saying mean things about everyone else but never apologizing so why should he?

“Yeah… I stink as a friend…” Anti said finally in agreement.

“Yeah,” Robbie said with a nod.

“You’re not supposed to agree!” Anti shouted, obviously offended. “Eh, I don’t know why I try with you-”

“You… don't… really?” Robbie said in question, tilting his head to the side. Anti pushes to his feet, clearly outraged in his movements.

“I try with everyone!” He exclaimed and is pulling at his hair. “But- but no one ever gives me a chance! They always yell at me and tell me to go away before I can talk! Before I can offer them to play! An- and it m-makes me-” his voice cuts off in a small sob and Robbie’s eyes widen at the sound. He never believed that he’d hear Anti on the verge of tears.

The demon child wipes at his nose in frustration with his shirt sleeve, sniffling in a breath. “Isn’t like you… care though,” Anti said, voice merely shaking now. “You’ve- you’ve got Marvin and- and Schneeple and- and-”

But Anti is cut off when Robbie has somehow stood up on his own, wrapping his remaining arm around the demon child’s shoulders. Anti falls silent before his body begins to shake and he slowly and hesitantly returns the hug, crying softly. They stand like this for a few minutes before Anti finally pulls back, once more wiping at his face with his shirt sleeve. His eyes harden a little and he crosses his arms over his chest.

“Yeah okay I want friends,” Anti finally said and his voice isn’t shaking anymore. He jabs a finger into Robbie’s chest, “But you better not tell anyone or I’ll break all of your crayons!”

“I…. I can… be your friend… unlesss you… break my… crayonsss…” Robbie pointed out in a mutter, back slouching slightly because he’s so tired from all of the physical and emotional activity he’s had today. He normally only receives physical because most people don’t go to a zombie child for emotional support. This might have happened because Anti and Robbie are sort of kindred spirits- both normally feared creatures stuck in the forms of human children.

“R- really?” Anti asked and he sounds so shocked, so confused. At Robbie’s nod a large grin splits across his face. “O-okay. What do friends normally do together?”

Robbie shrugs and then Anti is grabbing his hand. “Okay! Maybe we could figure out what to do for both of us?” He said questioningly, as if checking if that’s the correct thing to say. Robbie nods and the demon child lets out a noise of excitement before growing serious once more: “Just don’t tell anyone. I kinda want them to still be scared of me?”

And with that the two go running off to do something with one another.

A demon and zombie child. What could possibly go wrong?


I love my babe


Zombie baby boy!

I took your advice lmao

Last Minute Costume (Isaac x Reader Request) - HALLOWEEN WEEK

Halloween is a great time of year for a werewolf. Isaac decides to wolf out for a costume party and Y/n is rather impressed. Things get a bit much though when Isaac reveals his costume is as real as it looks.

Request: ‘Hey could I please get a teen wolf Halloween imagine please? One where Isaac ‘dresses up’ as a werewolf for a Halloween party (but is just himself duh) and the reader loves it- and Isaac feels bad and decides to tell her his secret? 🐺The reader runs away because she’s so scared and begins to avoid Isaac so one day he breaks into her house to fix thins between them? Can you make it romantic please? thank you!!!!! 🎃🎃🎃👻👻👻’ - Anon

Characters/Pairings: Isaac x Reader, Scott, Stiles, Malia, Kira, Lydia.

Warnings: One swear word.

Word Count: 1964.

Notes: Apologies this is up late, I scheduled it for the wrong time! I changed the plot a little cause frankly if you’re trying not to scare someone, breaking into their house isn’t the way to go. ;)

Masterlist    Halloween Week Masterlist

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It was Halloween night which for the teenagers of Beacon Hills meant one thing; a costume party at Lydia Martin’s.

‘What do you think?’ Stiles walked out of Scott’s bathroom, pointing at his newly fitted fangs. Scott chuckled at his enthusiastic vampire friend, Stiles had always loved Halloween since they were kids.

‘Very nice, Twilight.’ Isaac snarled from the corner. He was looking through a box of costumes Stiles had brought over, desperately trying to find a costume.

‘Well at least I’m prepared. Have you found anything yet?’ Stiles asked as he sat next to Scott on the bed who inflating a parrot to complete his pirate costume.

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Zombies in Riverdale!

Description: It’s literally what the title says, man.

Requested?: Kinda?? 

Word count: 1111 (it was actually 1119 but I edited it to get it to 1111)

A/N: That title sucks I’m sorry I can’t think of anything right now. So, I made this post a while ago and I finally wrote it! Sorry it took so long! Also, this doesn’t tie in with the show at all. It’s just the characters plopped in a zombie-esque Riverdale.

Ships: You’ll find out soon enough  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Archie was in the bathroom when it happened. He was washing his hands when he heard the familiar crackle over the intercom followed by Principal Weatherbee’s voice, asking all the students to report to the gym.

Archie furrowed his eye brows and slung his bag further up his shoulder before stepping into the hallway. It was extremely crowded, every student looking as confused as Archie felt. It wasn’t usual for them to be called for a school-wide assembly during class hours.

The human torrent of students slowly moved into the gym and Archie immediately noticed Betty and Veronica standing near the back of the room. They waved at him as he made his way over to them.

“Do you guys know what’s going on?” Archie asked, leaning against the wall.

“No, but something’s definitely wrong.” Betty said. “My mom just sent me this.” She held her phone out and Archie leaned over to read the text.

Stay where you are. I’m coming to get you.  


Archie frowned. “What do you think is going on?” He asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s some political thing.” Veronica said. “My mom sent me this.” She mimicked Betty’s actions from before, holding her phone out.

Ronnie, please be careful. I’m trying to get to your school but they’re everywhere. Please hang on, Mija, I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Archie inhaled sharply. “Woah.”

Veronica slipped the phone back into her pocket, biting her lip. It was obvious she was internally freaking out. Betty slipped an arm around her shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay, Ronnie. It’s probably nothing.” Betty reassured her. “Don’t worry.”

Veronica nodded shakily in response.

Archie pulled his own phone out and his heart began to pound when he saw that he had five missed calls and two texts from his dad. He swallowed the lump in his throat before opening them.

Archie, I don’t think I’m gonna make it, son.


I love you. Be safe.


“Guys, look.” He showedthem the messages and the expression on their faces reflected his worry. Betty took a deep breath. “Okay, I know it looks like something is really wrong but we just need to remain calm, okay?” She tried for a smile but it was clear she was scared too.

Archie looked around at everyone in the gym. They all wore the same expressions, mirroring what Archie was feeling.





Kevin ran up to them a while later, a frenzied look on his face. “Guys, something happened!”

But before he could elaborate, there was a massive screech of the microphone and Weatherbee’s voice boomed out. “Okay, now, settle down, kids. Settle down. I know you’re all curious but chattering about it isn’t going to help.”

Jughead walked over to where the rest of them stood, just as a hush fell over the room.

Principal Weatherbee cleared his throat before he spoke. “Okay, so, some of you probably got some texts or calls from your parents. I know you’re all confused or scared but there’s no need to be. You’re safe in here.”

“Excuse me, Principal Weatherbee.” The lilting voice of Cheryl Blossom interrupted him. “Are you trying to tell us it’s not safe out there?”

“I—that isn’t what I was going to say—“ Principal Weatherbee looked flustered, which wasn’t something that happened often.

“Well, it doesn’t matter what you were going to say!” It was Kevin who interrupted him this time. “It isn’t safe out there!”

“Kev, what are you talking about?” Archie asked him as everyone turned to stare.

“My dad told me what’s going on outside.” Kevin said, walking over to take the mic out of Weatherbee’s hands as everyone watched with wide eyes.

“There was an incident at the Riverdale Central Hospital.” Kevin began. “They don’t know exactly what happened there yet—but that’s where it began.”

Archie was surprised that Weatherbee hadn’t yanked the mic out of Kevin’s hands and told him to shut up yet. In fact, he seemed just as intrigued as the rest of them.

He doesn’t know the whole story either, Archie thought and the realization made him uncomfortable. If the person in charge doesn’t know what was going on, how exactly is it safe in here?

“There’s something happening around town.” Kevin was now reading off of his phone. “The police got reports of aggressive and violent attacks occurring at and around the hospital late last night—around 3 am—and the officers that went to check it out didn’t come back. When I—uh, my dad—and a couple of other officers went to check it out this morning, they found something that could only be described as gory. There were barely any people at the hospital. The only things left were…” Kevin’s voice wavered. “Blood and corpses.”  

There were more than a few gasps at that, including Archie’s.

Blood and corpses? What is this, a horror movie?

“And then they came. A group of eight, four patients, two doctors and two policemen. The ones that went to investigate last night. There was something not quite right about them. It’s hard to describe. They were, in short, zombies.” As soon as Kevin uttered those words, there was a shout of laughter.

“C’mon, man! Stop messing with us!” Some kid yelled but his joking tone seemed to be covering a layer of fear.

“I’m not messing with you.” Kevin snapped and held up his phone. “That’s what my dad told me.”

“And what? Your dad just had the time to fire out a huge, extremely detailed text when he was running from zombies?” A girl yelled. There were murmurs of agreement in the crowd.

“Look, I’m just telling you what I know, okay? And the reason my dad texted me everything is because…” Kevin paused, swallowed. “He got bit. And we’ve all seen enough zombie movies to know what comes next.”

The silence filled the room again as Kevin shut his eyes and turned his head down. Archie could see his shoulder shaking, his hand tightening around his phone. After a few moments, Kevin seemed to compose himself. When he looked up again, Archie saw an intensity in his eyes he’d never seen before.

“I don’t know what happened to my dad. But I do know that he thought he was going to die. And he told me what was going on to help me survive whatever the hell is going on. So, that’s what I’m going to do. There’s not much else we can do.” He said.

“Kevin…” Jughead started. “If there were only eight people in the hospital, does that mean…?”

Kevin gave a grim nod. “They’re outside.”  

A/N: PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT!! You can tell me in the replies or in asks or pm me or anything! Also nag me to update pls I’m a chronic procrastinator. Thanks for reading!~

New Feelings||10k imagine

Pairing: 10k (Tommy) x reader

Word Count: 2950 (a long one)

Summary: You are a part of Operation Bitemark making your way to California, but you guys are dealing with a lot of other things on top of all of that. You are trying to understand what is going on in your best friends head. 

Warnings:  zombies, angstish

Note: This takes place during season 2. This is takes place during Zombie baby daddy after the episode that Red comes in during season 3, but 10k didn’t start liking red in this gif. Also this is my Gif please credit me if you use it.


This is my imagine to kick off the 10k imagines that I recently added to my roster. 


You and your small group that you called your family was making their way through the Midwest on their way to California. You had meet the group when it was just with Doc, Warren, and 10k. They were looking for Murphy after the nuclear explosion, and they invited you to join them. Well Doc invited you, Warren agreed, and 10k just went along with it. Since you were alone and not doing anything else, you figured it couldn’t hurt. You had been with them through their short journey so far.

The last few days had been hard on your group, well harder. You had met a group of people who were living in the abandoned mercy labs buildings. They were really great people who were just trying to get by. You had become close with a girl who named herself Red while 10k spent time with her “brother.”

10k had become a makeshift role model for the boy. He taught the boy how to use a sling shot, and the boy had even started to dress like him. Doc had dubbed the small boy 5K. At the time, you like everyone else thought it was really cute, but now you saw how damaging it was for 10k. The boy was lost to Zs in our battle with the man. That was enough to practically break your best friend’s heart.

You didn’t know what to do. When you tried to talk to him about it, he just stared at you before shutting you down. The only time you really got a handle of his feelings was when he would wake up screaming. You figured that he needed time. You would be there for him when he was ready.

The group found their way into Springfield, Illinois. It didn’t take along for a hoard of Zs to come down on your group. Lucy was crying drawing more in. Everyone was scrambling to keep the little baby safe while killing off the approaching undead.

You stood on the hood of a long abandoned car slicing through Zombies left and right with your katana. 10k was right behind you shooting gears through the heads of distant Zs. The two of you worked as a unit; you kept zombies off him while he worked as a backup for the rest of the group. On more than one occasion, Doc had called the two of you the dream team because of your ability to work efficiently without words.

You heard Murphy call out to Doc and turned to see why. You saw the small blue child go flying through the air. Your breath caught in your throat as you watched. The moment that Doc caught the child you heard a gear go whizzing past you right into the head of a z that was about to overtake you. You gave 10k a small smile as a thanks. He gave you a short nod before returning to the zombies approaching the car.

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw doc head into a bus to take care of the infant. You swung your katana slicing through three perfectly aligned heads. The movement was graceful up until the small splatter of liquified brain came back to streak your face. You saw Warren and Addy run to the bus trying to force the doors open. You grunted at the 19-year-old behind you asking him to cover you. He made a sound to alert you that he had your back.

You jumped off the car and ran in their direction to go help. You made your way to them cutting Zs as you went. You got to the small group right as they got the doors open and Doc came tumbling out backwards. Abraham Lincoln Zombies came out behind him.

“What in God’s name?” Warren said. Her gun was pointed at the heads of the oncoming Zs.

“Oh good, you see them too,” Doc said. You scoffed thinking back to drugs he had found and taken earlier. He surely thought that he was seeing things. The bearded man was clutching Lucy to his chest tightly as continued to back up.

“Addy, hot potato,” he called. Addy dropped her Z whacker in time to catch the baby. Lucy let out a giggle as you approached the closest zombie. Before you could even get to it, you heard Addy call out to Warren. You were guessing that child was once again changing hands.

The undead Abraham Lincolns had changed course heading toward Warren. You furrowed your eyebrows at it. It was as if they were attracted to Lucy. Warren started running with the child. You raised the katana to kill the Zombie, but a gear went through its head. You looked to 10k who smiled before reloading his slingshot.

Doc stabbed a Z while you swung your sword around. Addy picked up her z whacker beside you and joined in on the zombie killing. The four of you worked to eliminate all the Dead president look-alikes. Warren and Vasquez joined in. All but Murphy and Cassandra, who were nowhere to be found, worked to kill the Zombies.

When all the Zombies were eliminated, Doc walked over and picked one of the top hats off the ground.

“This was so wrong,” he said as he placed it atop his head even though it had a bullet hole through it. Murphy and Cassandra rounded the bus running.

Warren still had the Lucy who was now crying. You walked over to her and took the child out of her hands gingerly. You looked down at the small child and smiled. You loved babies before all of this. Now that Lucy was around, you held her any time you could, unsure of when you would be able to next.

“I’ll take her now,” Murphy said practically yanking her out of your arms. “Adorable, isn’t she?

A look of distain settled on your face as you watched the blue man holding his daughter. Warren was still beside you. She moved her weight from one foot to another before speaking.

“I thought you didn’t like babies,” She said looking at Murphy. You walked away from the two not really caring to hear the rest of their conversation. You came up to 10k and Addy. They were watching Murphy with looks of disgust. On instinct, 10k lazily draped an arm around your shoulder still watching the scene unfold in front of you.

You looked at the faces of all group watching Murphy coo at the little girl. Vasquez was shocked while Warren just raised her brows at the man. You shook your head and looked to 10k making a small gesture to him to start walking. Doc and Addy had already started to make their way out of the city and the two of you followed them.

After walking for a while, the group came to stop among large rocks. You and 10k had ended up leading the pack making you first to arrive. All you wanted to do was sit down because your legs and arms were sorer than they had been in a while. The holster of your katana was causing chafing along your shoulder and your side. You were uncomfortable, but you were also used to the feeling. It was one that you definitely weren’t a stranger too.

You turned back to look at your best friend, 10k, who had this gun slung over his shoulder. You were pretty sure that he was experiencing the same feelings you were. He was worn down, and you could see pain in his eyes with every step. He dragged his feet on the ground kicking up dust. No one was close by him to complain.

The two of you placed your stuff on the ground. You took this time to stretch as 10k reached in this bag to pull fishing wire out of it. He gestured to you without saying a word to come with him to the stream that you had passed on your way there. You nodded and picked up your knife following behind him.

The two of you had sat in silence as he waited for fish to bite. He had scrounged up enough materials to use as hooks and tied them to the fishing wire. He had also gathered a small stick to indicate when the fish were biting. You were continually shocked by the man’s resourcefulness.

You leaned your head on 10k’s shoulder and watched his hands holding the wire. He had already caught one decent sized fish, but he wanted one more.

“10k, what are you thinking about?” you said softly. You kept your voice low to avoid scaring away fish, but you also didn’t want to scare 10k away. The pain that he had been feeling the past few days had left him nearly silent and you didn’t want him to retreat back into himself.

You felt him shrug his shoulders from the movement it had on your head. He too was staring at his hands that were fiddling with the thin wire.

“I don’t know,” He spoke mirroring your tone.

You let those words hang in the air for a while. As you opened your mouth to continue, the stick bobbed. 10k stood up abruptly and slowly brought in the hook. You sat on the ground still watching him.

When 10k turned to leave, you slowly stood up and brushed yourself off. You caught up to him.

“I think I’m feeling a little lost,” he said slowly. You almost missed it between the rustling of the leaves and the sound you were making as you walked. “When we were at Mercy labs, I had this purpose that wasn’t just the mission. I kept picturing a life, something more. The way that I was with 5k. I don’t know. I just thought that maybe I could have a kid of my own on day.”

He let out a gentle sigh. He scanned the area around you as he lead you back to camp. You were so focused on not tripping that you had no time to watch for anything else. You saw his feet slow and you stopped beside him. You looked at him to see he was squinting at something in the distance. You followed his gaze to see he was looking at a figure walking away from your camp. This time you were the one to quietly lead him closer to get a better look.

You crouched down surrounded by dry trees. You made the figure out to be Vasquez and turned to look at the man beside you’s face. He was watching his eyebrows furrowed. You turned to follow Vasquez with your eyes as he kept an even pace moving away.

After a moment, 10k let out a huff of air and moved behind you away from your hiding spot. You stood and followed behind him trying to make little to no sound.

The two of you made it back to camp. Everyone was doing their own thing. 10k lead the way through the fall and decaying wood slats helping you step over large pieces.

“We caught some trout,” you said as 10k held up the catch for all to see. “Well, 10k caught some trout I just watched.”

Warren looked up from where she was sharpening her machete and smiled. Addy laughed as Doc met us and looked at the fish.

“Kid, you are a fishing guru,” Doc said. “What’s your secret?”

You walked to Addy watching the interaction between your best friend and his father figure. You sat down beside Addy.

“Be one with the fish,” 10k responded without a moment of hesitation. He wore a completely passive expression. You and Addy both laughed at his response. You shock your head as Addy went back to carving.

“Far out,” Doc said fish now in hand. 10k made his way towards Warren.

“Atta boy,” she said as she fist pumped him. He crouched down to look over at Murphy and Cassandra. Warren and Addy talked about what to do about the baby. While Doc prepared the fish, 10k kept watching the small group that sat a few paces away, and you watched him.

“Where’s Vasquez?” Warren asked after a moment. Both your and 10k’s eyes snapped to her for the first time since you sat down. He looked to you as if asking for confirmation of his actions. He wanted to tell them about what we had seen.

“Disappeared again,” Doc said nonchalantly. You gave 10 a small nod.

“We passed him in the woods,” 10k started.

“He was headed South into town,” You finished for him.

Warren stood and told us she was going to follow him. She told Addy and Doc to figure out more about Lucy before she left.

10k returned to watching Cassandra, and you started up a conversation with Addy. The conversation was short lived, and you when you could think g nothing else to say, you moved close to 10k.

“Can we talk?” you spoke just loud enough that he could hear. He looked at you, his eyes scanning your face. He nodded slightly and motioned with his head to move further from the group. You both stood and walked away from Doc and Addy who were too busy discussing how they were going to cook the fish to notice.

“About what you said earlier,” you spoke when you were out of their range. “About a purpose outside of the mission and a future…”

“Look, Y/N,” 10k interrupted you. “Can we just forget I even said anything? I know it’s dumb and it’ll never happen.”

You were becoming frustrated at his lack of sharing. The two of you had made a promise early on in your friendship, all cards on the table at all times. There just wasn’t enough time left to live to hold things in.

“No 10k,” you said raising your voice. “We tell each other everything. Now start talking.”

He sighed deeply and ran his hands across his face. You watched him with your arms crossed across your chest. You could feel your finger nails digging into the palm of your clenched hands. This was a conversation you had had enough of having.

“No,” He said demandingly. It was the loudest that 10k had ever spoke to you and it was more abrasive than anything you had ever heard. “You listen to me. When we made that promise to each other, things were different. I didn’t know about Cassandra being whatever sort of monster she is and I didn’t know there were people who were going to look up to me. I didn’t know that babies could be born in the apocalypse. Most importantly, I didn’t know that I would end up feeling this way about you. I can’t tell you everything because I’m scared that if you knew it all you would run the opposite direction. I love you and I can’t let you see how broken I am.”

After that confession, he got quiet. You stood there with wide eyes. You could feel your whole -body trembling, both from fear of his outbreak and from the words and feelings that led to it. He was practically pleading you to say something as he stared into your eyes. His face was so broken and you weren’t sure why.

It was the first time since you had met 10k that you were not sure of what to do around him. Acting on from the heart. You closed the gap between the two of you and grabbed his face with both your hands. For just a brief moment, all you did was look at him, and then you were pressing your lips to his.

You were pretty sure that this was his first kiss, and you knew that it was yours. The moment was everything you had dreamed it to be. It was like fireworks going off inside you. You felt his arms snake around your waist pulling you further into him. When you pulled away, you were the first to speak.

“I will never run away from you,” You said with a surety. You knew that it was true. 10k had become your everything. You had unknowingly fallen for him over the past few weeks just like he had for you.

You kept your eyes closed as you slide your hands down from his cheeks to his neck. Your foreheads were pressed together and you could feel his warm breath fanning across your lips. The fact that you both smelled awful and neither of you had brushed your teeth in who knows how long didn’t even seem to matter.

“You promise?” 10k said after a long break in time. You opened your eyes to see his staring back at you. He was begging you searching desperately for the answer that he wanted in your eyes.

“I promise,” you said.

He pressed his lips into yours this time. The kiss was different from the first. This one was softer and less urgent. You relaxed into him as he seemed to guide you with his mouth. You didn’t pull away until you were both out of breath.

“We should head back,” He said with a simple gesture. You just nodded and released your grip on him. He did the same pulling away slowly. You didn’t want to let him go, but you knew too long of an unexplained absence would raise some red flags.

10k grabbed your hand. His palm was sweaty, and his fingers were calloused. You gave it as small squeeze and pulled him back to camp to help figure out what to do about little Lucy.

Rotting - [BTS] Halloween!Jungkook Au

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[A/N] Please don’t associate my zombie with the kinds that you see on tv or the ones you read in books. It will be slightly different than what you expect. 

My name is Jungkook. And I’m a zombie.

Location? The morgue. Jungkook was awakened by a spell. And prior to his wake, he had flashes of his past life.

A voice I can’t remember whom from. Her laughter and taste of her lips, seem to be the only thing that is human to me. I know my name was Jeon Jungkook from the tags they tied on my right toe when I pushed myself out of the metal locker made for the dead. I was losing consciousness every now and then.

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There’s this little boy in another classroom who is obsessed with tractors.

I don’t know when it started (more like I can’t remember) but every day when he’s in my room, he’ll sit by me and just talk my ear off about his tractors. Occasionally, he’ll bring over a toy car and pretend it’s a tractor. It’s like clockwork.

Yesterday, we were outside because it was so nice. He grabbed a push mower (you know, those mowers with the balls that would pop when you ran with them) and told me it was his new tractor. It was muddy, so he had to wash it. He said how the grass was still brown, so he didn’t need to mow it very much. And he’d walk away to mow his grass, then he’d come back to sit next to me, and we’d start the whole thing over.

Today, we went outside again. I decided to play with a few other kids, chasing them around like I was a zombie, and if I caught them, they’d have to do the same. This little boy held onto his push mower and watched. I kept asking him if he wanted to play too, but he kept running away every time I asked.

Eventually, I got tired, and I sat down in my spot. About five minutes later, he came to sit by me again. He didn’t say anything, but he sat next to me. It lasted for about five minutes. The other kids asked me to come play again, but I told them I was still on break, and they could play without me.

So I asked him, “Do you want to play with us?”

And he sat there for a few minutes, before he answered, “I want to push my tractor.”

It took me a moment before I thought about it. He wanted to play all along, but he wanted to keep pushing his mower at the same time. I didn’t catch on. I felt rather guilty at first, but I wondered if he would play if I asked again.

“You can push your tractor too. I’ll still play with you.”

He thought for a few moments before standing up and running with his push mower. I chased after him, and soon the other kids were playing with us as well. 

I have to remember kids don’t always express what they want in words, but they will always express what they want through action.

title: cold cold cold
words: 1478
pairing: novahd
tags: blood, mild gore, temporary character death, kissing your best friend while he’s dying and you’re crying

uhhh if you’re familiar with the fake ah crew, there’s a thing where they’re all immortal. so…immortal fake chop! just a drabble, idk if i’ll add more or not, but i couldn’t get it out of my head until i wrote it up. it’s a little rushed, but i hope you enjoy! i’d appreciate feedback!

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we interrupt your regularly scheduled requests for some halloweenies

the last time i went to a haunted house (it was technically a ride), i had my eyes shut the entire time, even the parts where the car was outside the house and there were five of us and only two people to a car so guess who had to ride alone?

happy almost halloween, my chicken frienders~ here are some headcanons!


  • It takes a little while to convince you, but he reasons that you’re seventeen and those things aren’t real anyway. Besides the whole team was going too, so you could not only count on him to protect you, but also Yamamoto to fight someone, if necessary.
  • You’re a shaking mess the entire time and you cling to his arm, which he loves at first, but your gripping his bicep so tightly that he starts to lose feeling in his arm.
  • When his attempts to calm you down fail, he turns to Kai to help try and soothe you. Except just as Kai opens his mouth, one of the actors waiting under the covered table shoots his hand out and grabs your ankle. You shriek so loudly Kuroo is sure he’s gone deaf in one ear.
  • You bolt from that room faster than anyone had ever seen you run in your life. The whole way down the hall you were screaming, “Nope! Nope! Not today!” garnering some confused looks from other groups making their way through the house.
  • You end up tripping over one of the rugs, and curl yourself up on the floor. You shut your eyes tight in case one of the frightening maids come around, and cover your ears to block out those eerie sound effects.
  • You aren’t there for very long before something or someone touches you again and you jump higher than a surprised cat. Thankfully, it’s just Kuroo.
  • He scoops you up and leads you out of the house, apologizing sheepishly the whole time. He’ll make it up to you somehow.


  • He didn’t really want to go all that much either because he’s just not that interested, but he also never wants to pass up an opportunity to get a rise out of Tanaka and Nishinoya. You’re naturally reluctant at first, but because it’s so unusual and yet refreshing that he’d want to spend time with his team outside of practice and games, you agree to go anyway.
  • The attraction only lets people in three at a time for crowd control, and the host at the entrance makes the groups themself. Tsukishima ends up with Daichi and Narita, while you end up with Hinata and Asahi.
  • You end up being the one who has to put on a brave face to console the two boys. Until a door slams open right in front of you and dart in the opposite direction without worrying about the other two.
  • Somehow you end up in the dining room. But aside from the way you came in, there’s no other way out. And from there you have no idea where to go. Just as you’re about to turn around and head back into the hall, a voice calls out your name and you jump with a scream. It was just Tsukishima, who is a little confused to see you by yourself.
  • You start tearing up right away, and Tsukishima takes your hand even though he’s never been big about PDA. You’re a little embarrassed about crying in front of Daichi and Narita, but they promise to keep you safe until your group is out of the house.
  • Tsukishima apologizes on the way home, but he holds your hand again the whole way there, so it makes up for it even if only a little.


  • He knows that you really don’t want to go but the both of you had been so busy lately that it really would be the first time in a long time that you’d be able to spend some time together.
  • He tries to comfort you the entire time in his most soothing voice, which always works in any other situation, but for some reason his words in time with the creepy noises only makes matters worse.
  • Part of the attraction has a sequence where a thunderstorm cuts the lights. You happen to be in one of the larger rooms when this happens. You try to find Suga in the pitch black of the room and follow the sound of his voice, but somehow you manage to keep getting farther away from him. It’s not helping that Hinata, Nishinoya, and Tanaka decide to play a round of Marco Polo in the dark. Daichi has to keep yelling at them to shut up.
  • You decide to stay put and sit down on the floor in the dark until the lights come back up.  When the lights flicker on again, you’re alone in that room still, but you’re too scared to bring yourself to move. The antique decorum feels like it’s watching you.
  • Nishinoya is the first one to find you. He sits right beside you and keeps you company the whole time and tells you jokes until Suga finds you.
  • Upon seeing your boyfriend, you immediately jump into his arms and hold onto him tightly until you leave the house.
  • He’s so torn up about putting you in that kind of situation, even chides himself for having been selfish just because he wanted to spend time with you. You assure him that it’s okay, but he’d have to make it up with a lot of cuddling.


  • The Seijou third-years have been doing this haunted house trip every Halloween since they started high school. Now that their dearest Iwa-chan has a girlfriend, she must come as well. He refuses at first because a) he knows your scared and b) he’d rather do something a little more romantic with you, but you do think it would be nice to finally meet his friends.
  • His face flushes the moment you cling to his arm, and Matsukawa and Hanamaki teasing him about it certainly isn’t helping. He does thoroughly enjoy that you’re so close to him, but then Oikawa starts clinging to his other arm after a loud crash sounds from behind one of the doors.
    • “We do this every year, Oikawa, and now you’re scared of it?!”
    • “Sh-shut up! I wasn’t expecting that one!”
  • After another loud crash from the same room, the door opens and one of the zombified actors emerges and immediately approaches you. Fight or flight kicks in; flight it is and your legs carry you as far as you can go until the zombie stops chasing you.
  • Speaking of losing, that probably wasn’t your best idea because you have no idea where you are or where Iwaizumi and his friends are. You call out his name weakly a few times, but aren’t really sure why.
  • Something brushes past your leg in the dim light and you’re off and running again as soon as the chills subside. In the distance, you see a group of four, and you’re absolutely sure it’s Iwaizumi and his friends. Sure enough, it is, and Iwaizumi is already running towards you as well. You throw yourself at him and knock the both of you to the floor.
  • He doesn’t let go of you after that.
  • He beats himself up on the way home, but you’re more worried that you didn’t make such a great first impression on his friends. Next time, the five of you are probably better off getting to know each other at an amusement park.
Day6 As Early Mornings

Sungjin: the “Nothing like hot coffee on a brisk fall day” morning

Stands on a balcony to take in the fresh morning air while sipping their song Ethiopian blend and humming a little tune with a smile on their face.

Jae: the “20 minutes late cause my alarm was set for pm” morning 

Hair isn’t brushed, two different shoes on, still wearing pajama bottoms on under their pants, and skips brushing teeth in exchange for a half a glass of orange juice and a breath mint found in the depths of a pocket. 
“Where are my damn keys??”

YoungK: the “How the fuck did I get here??” morning

Found themselves already sitting in class with a full page of notes and a half drunk latte in front of them. Can’t remember taking a shower (but they smell good). Can’t remember taking a train (but they have the stub). Can’t remember getting coffee (but it has their name on it). 
…..How the fuck-??? 

Wonpil: the “Birds are singing and I smell pancakes” morning

These bastards look good sleeping. They wake up perfectly dishevelled. They float into the kitchen where breakfast is ready and waiting for them. The fruit is fresh, the pancakes fluffy, and the milk ice cold. Everything goes great for them…

Dowoon: the “Fuck it’s already 4??? I should go to bed” morning

Has been sucked into the depths of the Interweb for hours. Doesn’t even realise it until they hear the shower run in the other room. Logs off, closes their laptop, and dives under the covers in record time for a short nap before they have to leave again. 
Cue zombie-mode for the rest of the day. 

Fat Fingers part 3: Family

Note: I won’t be posting a lot this week, since I am going skiing. Will probably have this one and another one or two. We’ll see

Word count: 2452

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: Language, racism and a lot of other -cisms. Again, do not read if Trump supporter

Originally posted by sincerelydaveed

You had been trying to avoid Daveed for about a week now and it had honestly been really hard. You really liked the guy, but things were a lot more complicated than it seemed with a family like yours. You were pretty sure there was no way in hell that the two of you would make this work.

You were on your way to bed when you received a message from Daveed. “I hope we’ll see each other soon”, which made a sad smile appear on your lips. He was really adorable, in a way. Even with his whole tough- rapper image going on, he was a real softie. It hurt to know that this was destined to fail even before it started.

“Goodnight D.” You decided to answer as you went to bed. You were honestly exhausted after a long day of work and you badly needed sleep. You found yourself unable to fall asleep, though. You worried where this thing with Daveed might lead because it honestly seemed like both of you had intentions of being more than just friends and it worried you in a way. You worried that it would ruin your relationship with your family completely. Even if you did not agree and even if you thought that they were racist, homophobic, bigoted ass hats that you should not care about, you still did and way too much for your own liking.

You were unable to fall asleep for most of that night, tossing and turning, your mind not giving you peace for a single minute. At 5:30, you finally gave up. There was no way in hell you were getting any sleep that night. You texted Daveed to see if he was up because you really wanted company. “You up?” You wrote, as you slipped out of bed and made your way to your kitchen.

You were surprised when you got a message just seconds after leaving the bedroom and honestly just thought you were starting to hear things due to the lack of sleep. However, Daveed had actually been up. If he had not, you would have woken him up. “Yeah. Restless. So why aren’t you asleep?” He texted. You decided to call him instead, as it was a lot easier.

He picked up after just a few seconds. “Hey.” He said, sounding slightly tired. You started to worry that you actually had woken him up.

“Did I wake you up?” You asked, biting your lip slightly. You hoped not.

“Nah. I woke up a couple of hours ago. I can’t sleep.” He admitted.

“Can you come over?” You asked a bit nervously. You really needed to get all of this off your chest. You wanted him, badly. But you also knew that this would never work.

“I… Sure. Why?” He was obviously confused and also sounded sort of worried and you understood. It was probably weird for someone you barely to call you at shit am to get you to come over.

“I just really need to talk to you. I’ll make coffee.” You answered and gave him your address. After hanging up, you felt sort of proud of yourself for actually having the courage to ask him over. If you actually got to talk to him about your worry was another question, though. You were afraid that you would hurt him but also knew that it was important to tell him. Sure, you had only been on one date. But, you just had that thing that you probably will never have again.

After making coffee, you waited for what seemed like ages for Daveed to finally show up. In reality, it had probably just been a couple of minutes. But, you had still managed to overthink everything to a point where you felt your head was about to explode. You had to end this. It would probably hurt both of you, but you felt like you had no other choice. Rather now before it starts. When you heard a knock at the door, you were at the entrance in a heartbeat.

You unlocked your door to reveal a tired-looking Daveed standing in your hallway. He still managed to look really attractive, which annoyed you a bit. You felt like you faded beside him. He could do way better than you, you thought.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He frowned. He seemed really worried about you, which made you smile softly.

“I just really need to get something off my chest.” You tried to calm him down a bit. You closed the door after him and led him to your kitchen, where you handed him a mug filled with warm coffee. Your hands trembled slightly. You knew what you had to do.

“Okay.” There was no sign of anger from making him go to your place at night, which made your heart swoon a little bit. Did he really care that much?

“My famil-“ You began but was cut off by him.    

“I know, Y/N. You worry and I don’t want to put you in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable, so if you don’t want to do this, I get that.” He rambled. He had obviously known that your family had to have some sort of part in you not answering him for some time now.

“Daveed.” You sighed. You wanted to tell him that you could and wanted to this. And you definitely did want to, but you knew that it would never work. There was no way in hell you were going to get away with this without your family knowing.

“No. I understand. Don’t Daveed me.” He was not angry, even if it seemed like he should have been. He probably had every right to be. You could easily tell that he was hurt by this. You really wanted to apologize and fall into his arms and lose yourself to him, but you already knew that this would be doomed from the beginning if you even tried.

“I’m sorry.” It was barely above a whisper. Tears were starting to sting your eyes, as you were pretty sure this was the end. You were almost certain that you would never see him again.

“I know, Y/N.” He clearly understood and was able to see things from your perspective, even if all of this really hurt him. He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead as he sat the mug down on your kitchen table. “It was nice knowing you, it really was.” He mumbled. He left you in the kitchen, standing all on your own. He was out of your apartment in a matter of seconds and that was when the tears really began rolling down your cheeks. You wanted to run after him and tell him that all of this was a mistake and that you wanted to try this out. But, you knew that it was not a possibility. You would rather have him move on and be happy with someone who actually had the courage to take the leap and have something serious with him, even if that meant defying their family. You just were not ready to do that.

It had been a couple of weeks since the incident in your kitchen and you had not talked to Daveed since. You had wanted to text him several times but managed to stay away. You had already hurt him once and did not want to do that ever again. You wanted him to be happy and if that meant that you would be walking around like a zombie with less than 5 hours of sleep at night and tears running down your cheeks as often as every time anything bad happened to you, even if it was just a tiny thing, then that was just going to be what you had to deal with.

You had dinner with your family that night and they had clearly heard about the incident where Garrett had seen you with Daveed. You had not really visited your parents since before the incident, so they, of course, had to bring it up and make everything even worse than it already was, even if it was a long time ago now.

“So, Garrett saw you with a black guy on the street the other day.” Your father started and you knew you were in for a long ride.

“So?” You asked  as you took a sip of wine. You had just started to get over what had happened a little bit, but they clearly were not going to let you do so in peace.

“Don’t ‘so?’ me young lady. What in God’s name were you doing with someone like him?” Your dad seemed really unpleased with you.

You snapped at that. “A guy like him? Really? You and your friends ruin every form of relationship that I have with any person who doesn’t have the same values and views as you. Why does his complexion even matter to you?” You shot back, almost yelling at him. You had had enough. You really liked Daveed and you had to let him go because your family did not approve. You were done with sacrificing your own happiness to stay on good terms with your family, you decided right then and there.

“I will not tolerate you talking to me like this, you brat. I have given you everything you could ever want and this is what I get in return? I don’t want you to see him anymore.” He said sharply with a lifted finger. He was getting angry and even if you knew you were playing a dangerous game, you kept going.

“Well, then find someone else who wants to be subject to your male chauvinistic views, because I can’t deal with this shit anymore. You are bigoted, racist, sexist, and homophobic and you don’t get to tell me what to do with my life. You might be my father, but I never asked you for anything or nor do I want anything from you. He made me happy, but because of you I will never actually be happy!” You yelled. You did not think this was fair. They always managed to ruin everything and got themselves mixed up in your business. Business that did not belong to them.

“Enough!” Your mom finally had enough and slammed her flat hand into the table, making both you and your father stir as she pretty much shouted at the two of you. You were both fuming at that point and you knew that your father was ready to throw you out of the house. “I hate to say this, love. But, if Y/N wants to be with a black, then how can we tell her not to? She is an adult.” She started while looking at her husband, before turning her attention to you. “And you, Y/N. If you date him, we want nothing to do with you and you can’t ever contact us, is that clear? We do not approve of this lifestyle of yours” She said, sounding a lot sharper this time. It definitely was not up for discussion.

“Don’t you get it, mom? It doesn’t even matter! I let him go because it was either that or getting screwed over by my own family. But you know what? I don’t care anymore. I might lose all the people I know for all I care, but I will still have done the right thing. If you don’t start realizing soon, that what you are doing is wrong, I want nothing to do with you.” You started, taking a few deep breaths. This was a lot harder than you thought it would be. “Don’t contact me if you have no intention of realizing that your so called political values are racist and not values or opinions. I want no part in this anymore.” You said, a bit more calmly as you got up. You had no intention of staying under the same roof as your parents for another second.

You were out their front door in less than a minute, not even offering them a goodbye or anything. They had been ruining your life since the beginning and it had gotten to a point where you just could not take it anymore. You were honestly not surprised when tears started streaming down your cheeks for the second time that day. You were pretty sure you had lost Daveed for good, but you really wanted to try to make it up to him, because you honestly really needed him in your life.

You walked through the luke-warm, dark night of Los Angeles as you made your way to the address that Daveed had given you about three weeks ago, when he had tried to get you to come over. You had ignored him because you were scared and that you very much regretted too.

When you got to the building, you were unsure as to what to do. You wanted to see him and have him hold you tight, but you could not know for sure if that was what he wanted too and you obviously worried that it was not. He could have easily managed to move on since you saw him the last time.

You pushed the button beside his name on the street door, which made a small buzzing noise. You felt like you waited forever before someone picked up on the other end. “Yes?” A tired sounding Daveed answered.

“Can I come in?” You asked, your voice sounded much weaker than you intended and the fact that you had been crying a lot was definitely evident. Even if Daveed wanted to ignore that and not let you in, he also promised himself that he would give you another chance if you came around again. He really liked you.

You took a deep breath at the sound of the buzzing and stepped into the stairway. You were not sure what to expect, but honestly just hoped that there was a small chance that Daveed would actually forgive you. You wanted to tell him how sorry you were and you wanted to tell him, that you did not care what your family thought.

You would not be surprised if he did not accept your apology, though. There was a huge possibility that he would not and you knew it. But, you would at least have tried to make it up to him and if it did not help, then you were just going to have to take it from there.

You slowly made your way up the stairs, fearing the worst. You really wanted things to work out with him because you honestly really liked him.