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6.05 Why do you think Quinn ascended the stairs in the Franny method? Also, when he slipped on the stairs going down, that definitely did not look deliberate. Or maybe it was? Or maybe Rupes' ankle is still weak?

He lets the ESU team see his location in the house on purpose when he goes to the window, and then changes his location. He is ascending the stairs with the Franny method (LOL) to remain undetected. Not sure about the slip, I didn’t catch that. But I know I will be rewatching this episode a bunch of times, it was AMAZING!

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I usually go to happy memories and rewatch them (yes, in third person) in times of stress, which is quite a lot. I do a lot of wandering around favourite places in my mind, trying to improve the quality of my memories. It's interesting to say the least, and something I always thought everyone could do. I never named it as it came naturally, so I just thought it as part of me. I also tend to slip into my mind when I'm just sat left to twiddle my thumbs.

For the person asking for tips: I spend a lot of time imagining a place that is packed with memories, making it easier to find a memory that stands out. Then I basically try remember points of that memory that really stand out and they usually trigger the smaller parts. I guess it became a big thing for me when I began using it to remember someone I missed. The memories are more vivid in the place that they happened, but I often remember in places they didn’t happen

Very interesting. Does anything link the places you’ve been to together? Or do you have to remember the places in order to find the memories?

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I'm rewatching stargate for the first time in years, and I completely forgot that Kinsey wanted to run for the president. I think he'd have done a better job

It’s difficult to imagine any politician actually doing a worse job than what we’ve currently got. :\\\

Holding onto hope.

What do these three moments have in common? Apart from being amazing, wonderful Olicity scenes that is? They came out of nowhere. Sure, with hindsight we can chart the path that led up to these moments, but I certainly didn’t see Oliver’s declaration coming in 2x23. Back then I was living off scraps, not really thinking the show would go there, but hopeful. Then bam. I remember spending the summer obsessing over whether it was real, was it just a ruse? Then freaking out when they showed the kiss in the ad for 3x01. Let’s take a moment to truly appreciate those days. Having rewatched the show several times, I can see them setting up the rise of Olicity pretty clearly. We all knew something was coming when Stephen told us to “remember 3x20”, and boy do we remember that. 23 million views on YouTube remember 3x20. Then the trailer dropped and we all lost our minds. But logically it wasn’t possible, right? Felicity was still with Ray. I reiterate “remember 3x20” whenever you worry about the logistics and pacing of Arrow. We have 10 episodes left this season. Things can change quickly. Remember 3x20.

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I have literally laid in bed for the past hour scrolling through here just smiling. It should be law that all Caryl reunions are followed by a national holiday. Wonder how many times I’ll rewatch the episode today…