time to pimp myself



Last outfit post from Shanghai

Even though I haven’t realized it by now, my time in Shanghai is almost over ⊙︿⊙. Just one day left and I’ll fly to Tokio and after one week vacation I’ll fly back to Germany. Just a few hours ago I packed all my stuff so that I’m able to relax tomorrow before all the stress begins. Before leaving China we really wanted to go to our favourite restaurant in Shanghai to have one last awesome chinese meal. So today we went to "the grandma’s" in Pudong. Well since it’s a quite nice place I thought it was time to pimp myself up… more than usual (•‿•). I wore my Halloween costume again (everyday is Halloween, anyway (︶ω︶)) and formed my hair into two balls. Ok, I know it’s not possible to ignore my outgrowth anymore. Just wanted to look like Björk in the “Venus as a Boy” music video (freakin love all of her albums btw ♥(‾⌣‾)♥).


Time to pimp myself out. ;)

Over the next 10 days I’ll be offering a few prints for sale. These archival 19.5" x 13.5" prints are in black and white and will be available for $250 each.

I will only be printing five copies of each image and it will be the last time that I’ll be selling these images in these sizes. Each of the unframed prints will be signed and numbered as one of five. The price includes free shipping within the continental US.

Let’s call this series ‘Midwest Summer.’ Send me a note if you are interested in purchasing a print. The last date for ordering will be noon on July 18th.

If you love art and/or black and white photography or just want to support the work of a photographer as he travels around the world, I’m certain that you’ll be very pleased with the prints.

Here are the images that are available as prints in the 'Midwest Summer’ series.