time to pay the piper

Maria's Version - Say No To This Parody

So like why hasn’t anyone written Maria’s side of Say No To This?

Not in the Say Yes To This, mixtape style but like the original album style. Like the same way, same beats and all but different. I don’t know how to explain it and all but eh. So, @feral-tomcat-hamilton helped me with most of this and created a ton of this, so most of the credit goes to them, they are an angel

Of course, the original song belongs to Lin and the production of Hamilton: An American Musical. So, please don’t sue me if you see this.

So it would be like this:

I don’t like to go down to the city.

But when I do, I make sure I look pretty.

Clothed in a red dress, eyes filled with pity.

Toxic summer air, I can smell it.

Alexander hungrily stares, I can tell it.

I hadn’t eaten in a week, I was beat, I was afraid.

I hadn’t been this scared in a relationship, I needed a break.

Longing for freedom, hating this strife.

That’s when I walked into Mr. Hamilton’s life.
I said

I know you are a man of honor. I’m so sorry to bother you at home. But I don’t know where to go

And I came here all alone (I said)

My husband’s doing me wrong. Beating me, cheating me, mistreating me. Suddenly he’s up and gone. I don’t have the means to go on

So he offered me a loan. He offered to walk me home. I said

You’re too kind, Sir

He gave me 30 bucks that he had socked away. I lived a block away.

I said

This one’s mine, Sir

Then he said “well, I should head back home”

I turned red.
I led him to my bed.
Let my legs spread, and said.




Then I pull his mouth onto mine, and he doesn’t say no to this.

He doesn’t say no to this.

He doesn’t know how to say no to this

Oh my god, he’s so helpless, and my kiss makes him say hell yes.

(Woah…) Lord, don’t show him how to say no to this

I don’t want him to say no to this

In my mind I can’t let him go

Go, go, go

Then I pull his mouth is on mine

And he doesn’t say-

No! Go!

Say no to this

No! Go! Say no to this.

No! Go! Say no to this. No! Go!

Say no to this

The fact of the matter I’m not the only one blame here. I wasn’t the only one to have sex there.

A month into this endeavour he recieved a letter from my husband James even better it said:

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter finds you in good health

And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth

In the pockets of people like me
Down on their luck

You see, that was my wife who you decided to

(Maria saying this furiously at the letter.) Fuck!

Uh-oh! You made the wrong sucker a cuckold

So time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled

And hey, you can keep seeing my whore wife

If the price is right

If not I’m telling your wife

I hated the letter, simply it could’ve been better

I tried to keep to my self, but it’s hard to do that when Alex is losing is wealth.

He raced to place

Screamed in my face putting guilt on my part

Forgetting that I even have a heart.

Mad. Angry. Up in my space

I cried “No sir!”

So was the whole story a set-up?

I don’t know about the letter!

Stop crying, goddammit, get up!

I didn’t know any better!

I am ruined!

Please don’t leave me!

I am helpless!

How could I do this?!

Just give him what he wants
And you can have me!
Whatever he wants
If you pay
You can stay!

Lord, show me how to help him with this

He doesn’t know how to say no to this

But the situation’s helpless (Helpless…)

And his body’s screaming, “hell yes”

(Woah…) Lord, don’t show him how to say no to this

How can he say no to this

I beg him not to go
Go, go, go

When his body on mine he does not say no.

He doesn’t say

Yes! (Yeah…)

Say no to this!

Yes! (Yeah…)

I want to help him with this.(Yeah…)

Yes! (Yeah…)

Say no to this(Yeah…)

I want to help him with this

I don’t

Say no to this

There is nowhere I can go

Go, go, go


Nobody needs to know

There’s a lot of fanon, possibly backed by Word of God, that Harry was also a doctor, but what if Harry wasn’t that kind of doctor.

Like, they’re back from a mission, and Eggsy is like, “Harry, I think I’ve tweaked my shoulder, could you take a look? ”

“Well, I’m not sure I’m the most qualified-”, Harry demurs.

“it’s alright, I know you ain’t been a doctor for ages, but I don’t fancy going down to medical, they hate me. And you probably know as much as them.”

Harry winces. Time to pay the piper, as it were. “Ah, yes. Well, actually you see, I am a doctor, but not that kind. I have a doctorate in biology.”

“… You what, mate?”

“Yes. I specialized in butterflies. I wanted to be a lepidopterist. That’s really why I joined the army, at first. I thought it would be rather romantic, traveling the world, finding exotic butterflies.”

“So, you mean…” Eggsy is visibly struggling. “You mean to say you’ve been letting me think you’re the other kind of doctor all this time…”

Harry scowls. “Well, back when you and Lancelot were watching Grey’s Anatomy together, you kept going on about Patrick Dempsey, forgive me if I took advantage of your little misapprehension in the hopes it might stir your interest.”

“That’s because it’s Patrick Dempsey, Harry!” Eggsy now looks like he’s forgotten all about the shoulder. “And you’re you! You’ve been *holding my interest* ever since you picked me up from Holborn looking like you stepped out of a Byron novel, you great big wanker. Fuck!”

They’re both silent for a moment, the sound of the landing gear unfolding underneath them. “You know,” Harry says finally, “I do believe I may have something for that shoulder at my house.”

“Yeah?” Eggsy’s eyes are bright with interest. “Is that right?”

“Unfortunately, I may have to keep you for observation overnight. Standard procedure, you understand.”

Eggsy’s fingers creep into his. “I think I’ll manage.”

“I have been told, however, that I have excellent bedside manner.”

“Harry, oh my god, shut up and kiss me already. Doctor’s orders!”

“Who am I to refuse that,” Harry agrees and obeys.

Living Two Lives Chapter 1

Summary: Y/n Winchester is Sam’s and Dean’s younger half-sister who is an agent of NCIS. She hasn’t seen her brothers in three years; until one day when her brothers find her by the woods, on a case.  Will y/n be able to hide the truth about her past from her boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs; or will the lies catch up to her?

Warnings: language, mentions of abuse, some violence

No pairings in this Chapter

Word Count: 1,765

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(Requested by Anon)

It had been the brief flickers of images that had come first to you.

The back of black cloaks as they marched away. The pale blank features of frozen faces that stared at you. A castle. A familiar face staring back at you, the only one that smiled at you. Red eyes. Sometimes, they looked like your eyes. And in more absurdity, the red pool that was slick across the floor beneath you as the euphoria bundled inside you like a sating need.

 A need you did not experience anymore.

The castle was the first to become reality. A place belonging outside your imagination.

Italy, you thought, your lips twisting in a soft smile. Triumph blooming in your chest. The castle was real.

What was better than staring at the outside of it? The free tour that was offered by the friendly face of a tour guide calling last minute additions.

Inside was beautiful. The high-topped ceiling, echoing clips of heels on marble. A yearning reaching inside of you. I have been here before.

Soon, the tour was winding down, coming to an end. ‘The great surprise.’ The guide boasted, with a dazzling smile on her red lips.

You stood outside the large doors, excitement buzzing through you. The doors opened, ushering the tour inside.

Moments later the screams began.

Time had passed since then, months; and more things belonged outside your imagination you learned.

Red eyes. 

The black cloaks that hung on the statue-like-bodies. 

The one friendly face that stared at you. Marcus. He saved you that day, the day you arrived at the Castle, the day you was ushered into the room that reeked with death. The day you learned the truth about the world you thought you knew. 

More memories had come back since then. All of them revolving around someone who struck fear into your very being. 


“Y/N,” His voice soft and hollow. “Remember me?” He asked, his lips twitching in amusement from the sound of your heartbeat jumping with anxiety. 

You willed yourself to be calm and looked up at him, trying to find his motives in his face. It revealed nothing, except the same flicker of amusement from before. 


“Lie.” He said with certainty. His finger trailed down your cheek and to your chin, tilting it so he could stare you in the eye. 

“You remember more. You know the truth.” 

He was different now than he was when you first arrived. While he was full of contempt at your arrival, now he was curious. He was searching for something in your eyes. His finger travelled, running along the side of your jaw, down the line of your neck and settling along the nape. You shuddered when you felt the rest of his fingers curl around it like stubborn Ivy. 

Just a small squeeze of his fingers and your eye were brimming with tears. “I can do it again.” He leaned closer, a small smile on his face. 

“Will you betray me, sister?” 

Translation: Will you tell? 

He knew the answer. But Aro continued to toy with you. 

He would continue to do so until you died again, whether it be by his hand or not.

Back in Marcus chambers, you were sprawled on the bed, staring at the ceiling as you furiously blinked away tears. I will not cry. 

Marcus returned moments later, his red eyes seemed more vibrant with from both the feeding and seeing you. 

“My love,” He whispered, his hands wrapping around your waist as he laid down next to you, his chin resting on top of your head. “When will you change?” 

Translation: When will I be able to stop worrying about your fragile humanity?

You had been thinking about it for a while. But you were at a crossroads. Aro had turned you, your past self, in hopes that you would be a potential advantage. You had been a disappointment, but he kept you around until the infatuation between you and Marcus began causing issues. 

You lost interest in trying to gain power, and Marcus was only interested in being with you. Since neither of you cared for Aro’s plan of chasing power, he decided to eliminate the weakest of the two, even if it was his sister. 

Could you risk it again? Could you risk Marcus

“Why are you upset?” Marcus asked, smelling the faint wet saltiness of nearing tears. 

“Aro …” You started before stopping yourself. Mustn’t tell. 

I know what you will do, Marcus. You thought. If I tell you how I died, it will only cause more problems than solutions.


“Nothing. I think I’m ready.” 

It’s not like you had the option to say no, you would have to change eventually. Your time as a human was simply borrowed and it was time to pay the piper. 

Marcus smiled down at you, adoration in his gaze. “You have nothing to fear.” He brushed strands of your hair from your face. You could hear Aro’s voice echo in your mind. 


me: ok time to go to sleep

brain: ok great

me: *lays down & closes eyes*

brain, 20 seconds later: UH OH YOU MADE THE WRONG SUCKER A CUCKOLD

me: no


me: please stop it’s 3 am


me: *sits up, sweating* IF NOT IM TELLING YOUR WIFE

What More Could I Want? (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 3115

Warnings: KINDA SMUTTY YOU WERE WARNED, overuse of the word sang

Summary: Ben and Y/N are performing Say No To This at MisCast. Things, naturally, get steamy, and some feelings are revealed

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb

A/N: Combining three requests! Yay! I had two anons ask for kinda smutty Ben stuff, and one who requested the whole steamy MisCast performance! Hope y’all enjoy

“Cast meeting! Report to the blue room!” I read aloud, chuckling at the text from Will. I made my way to the blue room, noticing that I was the last person to arrive.

“And now we’re a complete set.” Will said, raising his eyebrows at me. I put my hands up and sat down on the couch next to Ben. “Anyway, I have decided to call a cast meeting for a very important reason.” Will said, standing at the front of the room.

“And what would that reason be?” Mike asked, only to be met with a violent shush from Will. “Let me finish, Faist. As you all know, MisCast is this weekend.” Will said and we all cheered.

“Hush. Anyway, I have consulted with a majority of the cast and we have decided on our number, and performers.” Will said and I looked at Ben with a  confusion that he shared. We hadn’t talked to anyone about this.

“We will be performing, drum roll please, Say No To This from Hamilton!” Will said and everyone clapped. “And onto the cast reveal. In the role of Aaron Burr… Mike Faist!” Will said and Mike stood up, taking a mock bow.

“In the role of James Reynolds… myself. Thank you, thank you.” Will said, bowing. I chuckled, clapping lightly to myself. “The bastard orphan Alexander Hamilton will be played by none other than Benjamin Platt.”

Ben looked a little confused but stood up none the less, bowing and smiling. “Which leaves the role of the infamously seductive Maria Reynolds, my wife and Benny’s mistress. Who could possibly play that?” Will said, stroking his chin in mock thought.

“Y/N Y/L/N, that’s who. Congrats wifey.” Will said, gesturing for me to stand up. I’d watched my fair share of Hamilton bootlegs, and I knew how Say No To This played out. There’d be some pretty steamy stuff going down, and I’d have to do it all with Ben.

“Thanks for letting me know beforehand.” I muttered, earning a laugh from the rest of the cast. “Just so you know, we’re getting a divorce after this.” I said, pointing at Will. He put a hand on his chest in mock hurt, an offended look on his face.

“That hurts, Y/N. Anyway, even though everyone knows the song, we should probably do a quick run through before the event.” Will said and I nodded, looking at Ben, his hair shining a golden colour in the sunlight.

“Awesome.” Ben said, a wide smile on his face. “Well, thanks for coming everyone. Meeting closed.” Will said, smirking briefly at me before leaving the blue room, most of the cast following suit.

“So, Miss Maria Reynolds. How does that feel?” Ben said to me when everyone had left. I chuckled nervously, scratching the back of my neck.

“A little overwhelming. How the hell am I gonna fill Jasmine Cephas-Jones’ shoes?” I said and Ben shrugged his shoulders, giving me a shy smile.

“I have the utmost faith in you. I’ve heard you sing Satisfied in your spare time, so I don’t doubt that you can sing this one.” Ben said, gently squeezing my shoulder.

“You’re too kind, sir.” I said, and Ben laughed, his cheeks flushing slightly. “See? You’re in character already.” Ben said, shaking his head slightly.

“Well, I should probably go get ready. I’ll see you later, Alex.” I said, and a half smile crossed his face. “See you later, Maria.”

I took in a deep breath and smoothed down the skirts of my crimson dress, walking up towards Ben. “Hey Ben.” I said, tapping him on the shoulder. He turned around and his jaw dropped, his eyes scanning my body.

“Woah.” Ben muttered, his cheeks flushing a colour a few shades lighter than my dress. “Oh, uh, hey Y/N.” Ben said, stuffing his hands in the pocket of his suit.

“Hi. You ready for our big performance?” I said, taking in a deep breath. Ben nodded, his eyes still trained on my body. “Ben?” I said and he snapped his head up, his cheeks flushed.

“Oh, uh, of course.” Ben said meekly and I smiled, putting a hand on his shoulder. He took in a shaky breath and mustered up a smile. “Then let’s go.” I said, looping my arm through his and walking towards our seats.

“I’m kinda freaking out because two of the current Hamilton cast members are here. What if we screw it up?” I muttered, sitting down on a plastic stool.

“Y/N, you are incredibly talented. We’ll do great.” Ben said, placing a hand tentatively on my knee. I took in a deep breath, internally screaming because Ben’s hand was on my knee.

“Let’s go.” I said when I noticed that Mike and Will had taken their seats. We all stood up, and Mike and Ben walked onstage. “Hey guys!” Mike said, waving to the audience.

“Well, today a few members of the Dear Evan Hansen family will be singing something from a musical you’ve probably heard of.” Ben said, nodding to the band. The cello began to play, and I took in a deep breath.

“There’s nothing like summer in the city. Someone in a rush meets someone looking pretty. There’s trouble in the air you can smell it, and Alexander’s by himself. I’ll let him tell it.” Mike sang, the music playing ominously.

“I hadn’t slept in a week, I was weak, I was awake. You’ve never seen a bastard orphan more in need of a break. Longing for Angelica, missing my wife. That’s when Miss Maria Reynolds walked into my life. She said.” Ben sang, his voice low.

I walked on stage, clutching the microphone for dear life. “I know you are a man of honour. I’m so sorry to bother you at home, but I don’t know where to go, and I came here all alone.” I sang, my voice surprisingly sultry.

I noticed Ben’s eyes widen slightly, but he kept singing, turning to face me. “She said.” He sang, leaning against the desk provided. I nearly missed my cue because the sight of Ben leaning against a desk was rather attractive.

“My husband’s doing me wrong. Beatin’ me, cheatin’ me, mistreatin’ me. Suddenly he’s up and gone. I don’t have the means to go on.” I sang, walking closer to Ben.

“So I offered her a loan, I offered to walk her home. She said.” As Ben sang this I walked right up next to him, and I turned to face him, clutching my dress as I did.

“You’re too kind, sir.” I sang, winking at him as I did. “I gave her thirty bucks that I had socked away. She lived a block away, she said.” Ben sang, moving his free hand about as he did.

“This one’s mine, sir.” I sang, looking away from Ben. “Then I said "well, I should head back home.” She turned red, she lead me to her bed, let her legs spread and said.“ Ben sang, and I whipped around to face him, my dress clutched in my hands.

"Stay?” I sang, trying to be as sexy as possible. “Hey.” Ben said awkwardly, looking me up and down, earning chuckles from the audience. “Hey.” I sang seductively, and I noticed Ben bite his lip.

“And that’s when I began to pray Lord, show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this. But my god she looks so helpless. And her body’s saying hell yes.” Ben sang, growling slightly on those last two words.

“Woah.” I sang, circling Ben as I did. “Lord show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this. In my mind I’m trying to go.” Ben sang, and my eyes were trained on him. “When her mouth is on mine I do not say no.”

As Ben sang this I walked away from him, and took a deep breath, knowing what was about to come. I turned around at the same time as Ben, our eyes locking. I walked quickly towards him, and took in a deep breath.

I gently grabbed the sides of Ben’s face and pulled him into a kiss. I closed my eyes and melted into the kiss, relishing in the feeling. Ben’s hands sat on my waist, and he pulled me close to him.

My stomach filled with butterflies, but before I knew it, the kiss was over. Ben broke away, and even though he was in character, it still hurt a little.

“I wish I could say that was the last time. I said that last time, it became a pastime. A month into this endeavour I received a letter from a mister James Reynolds, even better. It said.” Ben rapped slightly, Will swaggering onstage.

“Dear sir, I hope this letter finds you in good health. And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth in the pockets of people like me, down on their luck. You see, that was my wife you decided to.” Will sang cockily, looking over at Ben who was clutching a piece of paper.

“Fuuu….” Ben said, earning chuckles from the audience. “Uh oh. You made the wrong sucker a cuckold, so time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled. And hey, you can keep seeing my whore wife if the price is right. If not, I’m telling your wife.”

Will ended his part and waltzed off the stage, shooting me a wink as he did. “I hid the letter and I raced to her place. Screamed "how could you” in her face. She said.“ Ben raced over to me and I clutched his arms tightly. "No sir!” I belted, suddenly feeling like I was very much Maria Reynolds.

“Half-dressed, apologetic, a mess. She looked pathetic, she cried.” Ben sang and I sunk down onto my knees, my face dangerously close to his crotch. “Please don’t go, sir!” I sang, and Ben walked away from me, my hands slipping off his knees.

“So, was your whole story a set up?” Ben questioned, looking down at me. “I didn’t know about any letter!” I sang, my hands clasped together. “Stop crying. Goddamnit, get up!” Ben sang, and I clutched my dress.

“I didn’t know any better!” I cried, and Ben sighed, crouching down so he was looking me in the eye. “I am ruined.” Ben sang and I looked him right in the eye. “Please don’t leave me.” I pleaded, watching as Ben walked away.

“I am helpless.” We both sang, and Ben stood up and walked away from me. “How could I do this?” Ben sang softly, almost to himself. “Just give him what he wants and you can have me!” I belted, beginning to stand up.

“I don’t want you.” Ben sang and I felt those words cut deeper than they should have. “Whatever he wants. If you pay, you can stay!” I belted, the key change flowing smoothly.

“Lord, show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this.” As Ben sang I raced up behind him, running my hands over his torso. His breath hitched slightly, but he continued singing.

“But the situation’s helpless.” I turned around so I was looking him right in the eye. “Helpless!” I sang, my breathing laboured slightly. “And her body’s saying hell yes.” Ben sang and I spun him around, holding onto his arm.

“Lord, show me how to say no to this.” Ben sang, and he placed one arm on my waist and one on my back. I cupped the side of his face, and took in a deep breath. “How can I say no to this?” Ben and I sang in unison, and I pushed him away.

We decided not to use a chair, so Ben wandered upstage, and I lingered towards the front. “There is nowhere I can go. When her body’s on mine I do not say no.” Ben sang, and I raced over to him, snaking my arms around his neck.

Ben took hold of my arms and took them off his neck. He grabbed my waist and flipped me so I was facing forward, and my back was pressed against his chest. “Yes.” Ben breathed out, his head resting in the crook of my neck.

“Yes.” I sung, leaning back so there was no space between Ben and I. Ben’s arms circled my waist and I rested my hands on top of his. I took one of his hands and moved it higher up my chest, bravely sitting it just above my cleavage.

We briefly forgot about the other lyrics, and I gasped a little when I felt something poking into my lower back. It took all of my willpower to pull myself out of Ben’s embrace, but I had to.

“Say no to this, I.” Ben sang, panting a little. “Don’t say no to this.” We both sang, and I slinked further and further behind Ben. “There is nowhere I can go.” Ben sang and Will stepped forward. “So?” Will said, looking over at Ben.

Ben sighed and walked over to him, handing him an envelope. “Nobody needs to know.” Ben sang, letting out a shaky breath. The music faded and the entire theatre erupted in applause. Mike and I made our way back to the front of the stage, and the four of us all took a bow.

“Thank you!” Will called as we walked off the stage, waving to the audience. “Y/N. Can I, uh, talk to you for a second? In private.” Ben whispered in my ear and his breath tickled and made the hairs on the back of my neck raise up.

I waved at a few people, but quickly followed Ben off to a slightly sheltered area. “I’m gonna cut right to the chase here.” Ben said and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.

“Please tell me it wasn’t just me that felt something onstage.” Ben said and I nodded slightly. “I mean, other than your, uh, you know.” I said, gesturing to Ben’s crotch with my head, and Ben frowned a little.

“You know what I mean, Y/N.” Ben growled, his tone of voice igniting a fire in my stomach. I simply smirked and pulled him into a heated kiss, nothing like our one onstage.

This one was frantic, in a way. Like we were trying to convey months of repressed feelings in one kiss. Ben held me close to him, his hands resting on my upper and lower back. My hands sat on his chest, fiddling with the lapels of his suit jacket.

I quickly pulled off Ben’s jacket, and it fell to the floor. Ben kicked it away and moved me so my back was pressed against a wall. I pulled away, desperate for a breath. My lips felt swollen, and I was fairly certain they were.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Ben said, his voice low and gravelly. “Well, against the wall at MisCast isn’t how I imagined this going, but here we are.” I said and Ben’s eyes darkened, lust clouding them.

Ben attached his lips to my neck, and I felt my legs tremble a little. “Ben.” I gasped, clutching onto the fabric of his shirt. He grabbed the zip of my dress and expertly tugged it down.

I shivered a little as my bare skin hit the cold cement wall, but I let out a breathy moan as Ben found the most sensitive part of my neck. I leaned forward from the wall and I felt my dress fall down, pooling at my feet.

Ben stepped away, surveying his work before his eyes travelled to my incredibly exposed body. “Y/N.” Ben whispered, his wild eyes scanning me up and down.

“Now, it’s not very fair that you’re still wearing most of your clothes, is it?” I said and Ben almost immediately took off his tie, discarding it with his jacket. I captured Ben’s lips in a fiery kiss, and I hastily undid the buttons of his shirt.

Ben shrugged the shirt off, and I trailed my hands down his now bare chest. A moan escaped his mouth and the fire in my stomach blazed. I swiftly unbuckled his belt, noticing the rather significant tent in his dress pants.

I tugged his pants down, and Ben kicked off his shoes at the same time as his pants. Ben’s moved his hands up to the clasp of my bra, and fiddled with it for a second. He went to undo it when we heard a voice.

“Jesus Christ!” I looked up meekly to see a slightly traumatised Mike Faist. “Ben!” I whispered harshly, gesturing to Mike with my head. The look on Ben’s face could only be described as varying degrees of frustration.

Normally I would’ve laughed, but I was suffering from serious sexual frustration at the moment, so I wanted to punch Mike in the face and get back to screwing Ben.

“I knew you two had chemistry, but this is a lot more than I expected.” Mike said and I chuckled nervously, trying to ignore the fact that Ben looked like he wanted to murder Mike.

“Mike, can you, uh, give us a second, please?” I said, shooting him a look that screamed ‘leave us alone’. “Oh, ok. Sure thing.” Mike said, winking at us before walking away.

“Ben.” I said, and Ben cut me off almost immediately. “I really like you Y/N. How about you come back to my place after this? Maybe we can have a proper date before we run straight to third base.” Ben said and I nodded, pecking him on the lips before pulling my dress up.

Ben quickly got redressed, although his clothes were a little more crumpled now. “Hey, you mind zipping me up?” I said and Ben nodded. He zipped up my dress, his hands lingering on my back a little longer than normal.

“Thanks.” I said, and Ben smiled sheepishly at me. He leaned forward and our lips connected, butterflies filling my stomach. I cradled Ben’s face in my hands, and his hands sat gently on my waist.

We pulled apart, and I rested my forehead against Ben’s, panting slightly. “What do you bet the rest of the cast set this up so this would happen?” I said and Ben chuckled, his cheeks flushed.

“The odds are pretty high, but I don’t care right now. I’ve finally got the girl I’ve been pining after for months. What more could I want?”

Percy Jackson Headcanons #2

•Percy talks in his sleep. Mostly of the time it’s just gibberish, but once when Jason was staying with him at Percy’s apartment, Jason heard Percy say in his sleep, clear as day, “Quiero afeitarme un gato.” Which is ‘I want to shave a cat’ in Spanish. Jason doesn’t even know where Percy learned Spanish.
•Piper and Percy often go out and play laser tag. Piper pays most of the time, but Percy makes up for it by bringing her blue cookies, made by his mom, which Piper thinks are just heavenly.
•On Frank’s 21st birthday, Percy and Jason took him out to a bar to get him drunk. Percy and Jason were the ones who got off-their-ass drunk and after a drink too many, the two were flirting (as if that was something new). Frank had to drive them home and explain to their girlfriends of their failed plan.
•Jason passed out while Frank was driving him home, so when he got home to Piper, Piper joined with Frank to draw on his face.
•Jason woke up the next day wondering why his head hurt so badly and why he had a drawing of Captain America on his forehead.
•Annabeth, Piper, and Hazel once went on a girl trip to the mall. Most of their time there was spent with Annabeth and Piper dragging Hazel away from today’s technology. Some of their time was also spent with Hazel and Annabeth trying to stop Piper from Charmspeaking her way into lower prices for clothes.
•Percy invites Frank to family gatherings all the time because while he’s not close family, he is still family. Sally loves him all the same, and she even has a separate bedroom for him in case he needs a place to stay while in New York. He takes up that offer every time he is in New York.
•He sometimes invites Hazel, but Sally’s number one rule is that Frank and Hazel can’t be in the room together with the door closed.
•Neither of the two remember it until they look at old class photos, but Percy and Piper were in preschool together. Piper often makes fun of Percy because of how goofy he looks and Percy responds that “not all of us are child of Aphrodite. Gods, Piper!”
•After having their first child, Percy and Annabeth were tired most of the time. Mostly Percy because he’d wake up in the middle of the night to check on their baby then accidentally wake her up and have to make her a bottle to get her back to sleep. Because of that, Annabeth (and everyone else for that matter) finds Percy asleep in the most random spots. Jason once found him asleep under the Poseidon table, curled up in a ball. Like a cat.
•Jason acts like this tough, strict, Roman leader guy, but in reality Piper has found him more than once singing songs such as What Makes You Beautiful and Call Me Maybe in his cabin. Once when she found him, she scared him and Jason screamed and whacked himself with his “mic” which was a hairbrush out of fear.
•Despite what Venus had told her, Reyna keeps trying to find love. She actually found love with a son of Apollo. The two were together for awhile, to a point where Reyna told Venus to suck it. (Mentally, not verbally. She’s not that stupid to insult a goddess).
•Percy ended up in the hospital from being in a car crash. It was nothing serious, but everyone was acting like it was. Piper even joked that if he didn’t make it, she’d be taking his mom and making Sally her mom so she could have blue cookies whenever she wanted.
•Once Percy heard Nico and Will talking and decided to eavesdrop. He heard Will ask Nico teasingly “then what is your type?” to which Percy interrupts and practically screams at the two “NOT ME!”
•On the day of Percy and Annabeth’s wedding, Jason was the best man and he was suppose to give a speech. He completely broke down with everyone staring at him, and he just blurted out all the bad moments that he’s had with Percy, including a moment where Annabeth walked in on Percy on top of Jason while the two were wrestling, making it a very awkward moment. It wasn’t until Percy kicked him off of the “stage” that Jason shut up.
•On the anniversary of Leo’s death, the demigods get together and play some songs that remind them of Leo. Someone (*cough* Piper *cough*) made the mistake of adding Things We Lost to the Fire, which the eight demigods laughed over but soon started to cry.
•The Athena cabin has a bunch of stupid jokes that only they (or anyone else who was smart enough). One joke that Annabeth once said made everyone laugh then made them realize how sad it was that they all understood the joke, and it ended up with most of the Athena cabin sobbing and saying “we’re a bunch of nerds” while Annabeth tried to say sorry.
•On the day of Piper and Jason’s wedding, Piper was terrified that she’d tripped and fall and make a fool of herself. However, it was actually Jason who tripped.

… I don’t know what to do with my life.



You ready for more yet? Here is some of Act II in Hamilton the Game! In which Hamilton battles everyone, Burr is playing games within games, and the first president of the United States is throwing figs in your face. go figure.

Part 3 of 4: Here are the descriptions/mission for each game:

  • What’d I Miss? A lot, Thomas Jefferson. You missed a lot. Help him get caught up on the current affairs as he heads to New York.
  • Cut Scene: The issue on the table
  • BATTLE! Jefferson vs Hamilton Round 1: Would you like to join us? Take down Jefferson in this heated cabinet meeting.
  • Cut Scene: Take a break
  • Say NO to This: Time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled! Help Hamilton and Maria Reynolds escape her husband James Reynolds in this chase.
  • Room Where it Happens: Complete the timed challenges behind each door to collect all the keys Burr requires to get to the room where it happens. And hurry up! You get nothing if you wait for it!
  • BATTLE! Jefferson vs Hamilton Round 2: France is going to war, do we provide aid or do we stay out of it? The battle is on…now with backup!
  • Cut Scene: Southern Bleeeeeeeping Democratic Republicans!
  • One Last Time: Washington? more like WashingDONE! Keep those pesky politicians away from your vine and fig tree of rest and peace. Teach ‘em how to say GOODBYE!
  • Hamilton Archives: Eliza’s been taking notes - has she done enough? Retreat and read every treatise on the shelf. (page accessible throughout the game) 

Full series: || Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 …And Peggy! || 

@linmanuel #yayhamlet!

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Daisy even said some time ago, before TLJ promo, that she wondered how fans of Rey from TFA would feel about her after TLJ (this is a rough paraphrase, but the quote circulated tumblr for a while). And on top of this, just about all the cast has been saying TLJ is unexpected from what audiences expected from TFA. Antis have been warned repeatedly, but they never listened.

Reylos have been warning antis even before the filmmakers were; before JJ did his commentary, who was talking about fairy tale motifs and themes? Reylo shippers. Before the SW databank was updated who was saying that Rey and Kylo had a unique connection? Reylo shippers. Before Rian outright said word for word, who was insisting that Rey and Kylo Ren are like Yin&Yang? Reylo shippers!!

All of these pointed into the direction we are now clearly going yet we have been mocked, dismissed, harassed and demeaned. Well, the time has come for antis to pay the piper and they need to toughen up or get out.

Say No To This (A Lams Rewrite)

I swear I have way too much free time so I get super board and wrote a Lams style rewrite of the song Say No To This where john never died and mariah never came to ham. Also a fanfiction in the works pm me if you want the link to it.

Burr: There’s nothing like summer in the city.
Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty.
There’s trouble in the air you can smell it.
And Alexanders by himself,
I’ll let him tell it.

Alex: I hadn’t slept in a week.
I was weak, I was awake.
You’ve never seem a bastard orphan more in need of a break.
Longing for Angelica.
Missing my wife.
That’s when John Laurens walked back into my life.

Alex: He said-
John: I know you are a man of honor.
I’m so sorry to bother you at home.
But I don’t know where to go and I came here all alone.

Alex: He said-
John: Alex you’ve been doing me wrong.
I was loving you, kissing you, now I’m missing you.
And finally I’m back in town.
And I knew I had to see you now.

Alex: So I spoke to him alone.
And he led me to his home.
He said-
John: I still care for you.

Alex: Over the next few days I had my heart locked away but he lived a block away.
He said-
John: And you still care too?

Alex: Then I said, “Well I should get back home,”
He turned red, he led me to his bed,
Let his legs spread and said-
John: Stay?

Alex: Hey…

John: Hey…

Alex: That’s when I began to pray.
Lord I know I should say no to this,
But I don’t know how to
Say no to him.

Alex: But my god he looks so helpless.
And his body’s screaming “Hell yes!”

Alex: Whoa…

Alex: Nooo show me how to
Alex/Ensemble: Say no to this.

Alex: In my mind I know I should go.

Ensemble: Go! Go! Go!

Alex: Then his mouth is on mine and I don’t wanna say

Ensemble: No! No!
Say no to this!
No! No!
Say no to this!
No! No!
Say no to this!
Say no to this!

Alex: I wish I could say that was the last time.
I said that last time. It became a pastime.
A month into this end endeavor I received a letter
From a Mr. Henry Laurens, even better it said-

Henry: Dear sir I hope this letter finds you in good health
And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth
In the pockets of people like me, down on their luck.
You see, that was my son who you decided to-

Alex: Fuuuu-

Henry: Uh-oh! You played poker with the wrong politician.
So time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled.
And hey you can keep seeing my whore son
If the price is right; if not I’m telling your wife.

Alex: I hid the letter and I raced to his place.
Screamed “How could you?!” In his face
He said-

John: No, sir!

Alex: Half dressed, apologetic, a mess he looked pathetic,
He cried-

John: Please don’t leave me!

Alex: So was it all just a set up?!

John: I don’t know about any letter!

Alex: Stop crying!
Goddamnit, get up!

John: I didn’t know this would happen!

Alex: I am ruined

John: Please don’t leave me with him-

Alex: How could I do this?!

John: Let’s just give him what he wants so we can have peace!

Alex: I shouldn’t want you!
I shouldn’t love you
I shouldn’t-
John: If we pay we can stay.

Alex: Lord, shown me how to
Say no to this.
But I don’t know how to say no to him.
And the situations helpless.

Alex: And our hearts are screaming, “Hell, yes!”

Alex: No, show me how to
Say no to this.
How can I
Say no to him?
There is nowhere we can go.

Alex: When his body’s on mine
I don’t wanna say…
Ensemble: No!

Alex: Yes!
John: Yes!
Alex: Yes!
John: Yes!
Alex: Yes!
John: Yes!
Alex: Yes!
John: Yes!

Alex: Say no to this.
I won’t say no to him.
There is nowhere we can go.

Henry: So?
Alex: Nobody needs to know.

deadzai-osamu  asked:

(Enemy secret agents AU?) OtaYuri with the prompt "You shouldn’t have said that.” For the requests thing?


Warnings for implied sex

I really fucked up this time.

Yuri was cuffed to a desk and recovering from being knocked out by a syringe to his neck. He was in a dimly lit room with no other furniture other than said desk and the chair his ass was sat in. He didn’t know where he was or when it was or how to get out.

Fucked just about summed up his situation.

He hadn’t even seen who’d captured him. They’d come up from behind and had the needle under his skin before Yuri could turn. He’d been so focused on breaking into the safe that he hadn’t heard anyone approaching. And then it’d been too late.

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Request: “Hello. I know you have a lot of requests at the moment so this can totally wait. But could you write something we’re the reader asks Isaac or Scott to baby sit their younger sister and they are really nervous at first bc they don’t know what to do with kids. But when the reader comes home she finds them having a tea party with her sister and it’s really cute and fluffy. Thanks.” 

Ship: fem!reader x Isaac x Scott (friendship), Stiles x reader (romantic)~barely talked about but still there. 

Warnings: fluff, so much fluff, swearing, embarrassment, tea-parties, etc.

Notes: none of these gifs are mine, credit to owners. 

Third P.O.V [a few months ago]

“You boys owe me big time.” (Y/n) said as she nearly kicked Scott and Isaac back to the car. Lying to the police was not something she wanted to do especially when she was trying to get with his son. But it was necessary. Drastic times call for drastic measures. (Y/n) was an impeccable con-artist when it came to getting what she wanted. She could make any dead man look like an angel. If it weren’t for her Scott and Isaac would have been toast. “Thank you, (Y/n)!!” They repeated, much like a mantra. She merely huffed, flicking her wrist. “Shut up and get in the car.” When she sat down, the boys didn’t have to be supernatural beings to know that she was fuming. “Ya know, you’re really fucking up my chances with Stilinksi.”  Scott dared to speak, his voice uneven. “(Y/n). We will make this up to you. I promise. We owe you big time.” 


(Y/n) stood before the boys with a glint of mischief in her iris’s. The day of reckoning has come. She cleared her throat, smiling wickedly at the boys. “Remember when I saved both your asses and you told me you owed me a huge favor? Today is that day, boys. Time to pay the piper. Follow me.” Glancing at one another with uncertainty, they trailed along. Halfway through the drive, they noticed how nicely (Y/n) was dressed. They’ve never seen her dress up before. After pulling into her driveway, they hopped out and listened warily to (Y/n)’s words. “Tonight is a very special night for me. I’m going on a date with Stiles but my mom told me last minute that I had to babysit my sister. So, as your payment for saving your asses-” She opened the front door to be greeted by a tiny girl. “You boys will be watching over my sister for the evening.” 

Wide eyed and scared, Isaac and Scott glanced at one another in fear. Neither of the two boys had ever babysat a kid before. They were practically children themselves. Gwen, (Y/n)’s sister, tilted her head to the side, examining her prey. Or at least that’s what the boys thought. “Alright, you be good for them, alright? I’ll be home around ten. I love you, sweet-pea.” (Y/n) hugged her little sister goodbye, wishing the boys a good luck before leaving. Isaac and Scott turned over their shoulders, eyeing the little girl suspiciously. “Scott?” Isaac asked, his voice somewhat shaky. “Yeah, Isaac?” The other boy responded. “I’ve never babysat before.” Scott grimaced in fear. “That makes two of us.” Sharing another glance, they gulped in fear. 

[a few hours later]

(Y/n) was grinning from ear to ear. The date had gone really well, better than she had predicted. Hell, she even got to kiss him. She was beaming so much her cheeks hurt. Pulling into her driveway, she had only hoped the house wasn’t a mess. “Hello?” (Y/n) called out. Nobody responded which only made her more anxious. Tossing her heels to the side, she ran up the stairs to Gwen’s room. Popping the door open a little, she couldn’t help but laugh at the sight that laid before her. Scott and Isaac were dressed in pink scarves and crowns, uncomfortably sitting across Gwen who poured them tea which was actually apple juice. “Cheers, princess Gwen.” Scott said with a small smile. From where (Y/n) was standing, she thought the boys actually enjoyed themselves. They brought their cups together and made a ‘clink’ sound. The sight made (Y/n) grin. 

“Is there enough room for one more, lady Gwen?” She asked playfully, opening the door so she could be seen. The boys blushed but grinned, happy for her to be home. “(Y/n)!!” Gwen said happily. Getting up to hug her sister. The eldest sibling lifted her up with ease. “Hey there, seat-pea. Let’s get you to bed, okay?” She nodded, not realizing how exhausted she was until now. Putting her to bed was easier than ever. Kissing her forehead, she made way into the kitchen where the boys resided. “Thank you for watching over my sister. It means a lot.” They both nodded and smiled. “It was actually really fun. I never knew there were so many logistics when it came to tea parties.” They all laughed together. (Y/n) would definitely keep those words in mind for future references. 

(I hope you guys liked it!!) 

We’re Still Good

Written for:  Hazel & Dreamer’s 1k/2k Sammy Says writing challenge

Tagging: @impala-dreamer @idreamofhazel

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, and Cas

Words: 4,033

Prompt: “We are far from perfect, but we are still good.”

Warnings: Angst, Language, Canon-typical violence, slight fluff

A/N: Congrats to both of these lovely talented writers and all their very well deserved followers. This quote is actually one of my favorite Sam quotes. I wanted to kind of keep the quote in its context and the story seemed to work better in my head than written. I’m not 100% happy with the finished version but I hope you do like it. Italicized words are flashbacks. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: The British Men of Letters make their first moves against the Winchesters using the one person who cares about them the most…you.

     Slipping into the bunker through garage had been easy enough. It was a little after one am so you knew Sam was definitely asleep while Dean was probably too drunk to put up much of a fight. You took the gun and knife he’d given you making your way to find the Winchesters. Personally, you wanted to make Dean watch as you killed Sammy just to see the look of betrayal on his face. Or make Sammy watch as you made Dean relive every torture he’d known in hell. The possibilities were endless at this point it really depended on who you found first.

     Dean hadn’t been in his room so he was probably still drinking in the library, which gave you ample time to get to Sam and tie him up. The door opened quietly as you gazed upon Sammy’s sleeping form. You slipped the knife back into the sheath on your thigh and moved closer to the bed with your gun pointed at Sam. “Sam?” He murmured turning away from you and you laughed before delivering a hard kick to his kidneys jolting him awake and into the floor. “Glad you’re awake, Sammy.”

     Sammy bounced up quickly raising his arms in a defensive position before looking at you in awe, “Y/N?” Sam dropped his arms in confusion, “Where the hell have you been? We’ve been looking for you everywhere! It’s been weeks.” Sam moved toward you and you brought the gun up causing him to stop. “Y/N?”

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I’m not even going to lie, on my first viewing I was a little pissed at how okay Barry seemed to be at leaving everyone (especially Iris) forever to go to the Speed Force. But then after a couple re-watches it hit me that he was okay because he was finally free.

It reminded me of the Barry from ‘Cause and Effect’ he was so happy and light because he didn’t have the burden of all his pain, tragedies, and fatal mistakes. Barry has become an increasingly dark character this season ever since he became aware of the repercussions of Flashpoint and that guilt has been piling on him all season long. The latest and most horrifying repercussion was Savitar threatening to kill Iris and even though in the end she survived they still lost HR. Each one of those things from Cisco’s brother being dead, to Diggle’s daughter being erased from existence, to even Caitlin turning into Killer Frost was just one burden on top of the other that he was going to have to bear for the rest of his life.

Now, he doesn’t. He can’t undo any of those things but he can pay his penance for them. He can acknowledge that he is wrong and that he was at fault and now it’s time to pay the piper. He has to do this for himself, otherwise he will always carry that burden around. Until HE felt like he had paid for what he had done that black cloud would always be hanging over his head. Now it won’t be. He chose to sacrifice himself to pay for him crimes (so to speak) and his time in the speed force will give him the absolution he needs. Or, like he said this is his redemption.

So with that in mind I hope that next season when he comes back he’s the happy, optimistic Barry that we all know and love. I want to see a man that is excited for his life and happy to be the Flash, and over the moon about marrying the woman of his dreams. If they truly want to redeem Barry Allen that is what they need to do.

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Tord, i hope this ask finds you in good health and it a prosperous position to put welsh in the pockets of people like me, down on their luck. See, that was Edd you decided to FU--


Originally posted by whats-your-name-man

There’s nothing like summer in the city
Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty
There’s trouble in the air, you can smell it
And Issa’s by herself. I’ll let her tell it

I hadn’t slept in a week
I was weak, I was awake
You never seen a art blogger
More in need of a break
Longing for Elesii
Missing my wife
That’s when Miss Anon walked into my life, she said:

I know you are a woman of honor
I’m so sorry to bother you at home
But I don’t know where to go, and I came here all alone…

She said:

My husband’s doin’ me wrong
Watching Netflix and Musicals without me
Suddenly he’s up and gone
I don’t have the means to go on

So I offered her a loan, I offered to walk her home, she said

You’re too kind, ma'am

I gave her free advice that I had socked away
She lived a block away, she said:

This one’s mine, ma'am

Then I said, “Well, I should head back home,”
She turned red, she led me to her phone
Let her fingers type and sent:




That’s when I began to pray:
Lord, show me how to
Say no to this
I don’t know how to
Say no to this

But my God, she looks so helpless
And her body’s saying, “Hell, yes.”


No, show me how to

Say no to this

I don’t know how to

Say no to this

In my mind, I’m tryin’ to go

Go! Go! Go!

Then her mouth is being drawn, and I don’t say…

No! No!
Say no to this!
No! No!
Say no to this!
No! No!
Say no to this!
No! No!
Say no to this!

I wish I could say that was the last time
I said that last time. It became a pastime
A month into this endeavor I received a letter
From a Mr. Anon, even better, it said:

Dear ma'am, I hope this letter finds you in good health
And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth
In the pockets of people like me: down on their luck
You see, that was my wife who you decided to


[Mr. Anon:]
Uh-oh! You made the wrong sucker a cuckold
So time to pay the piper for the pants you drew
And hey, you can keep seein’ my model wife
If the price is right: if not I’m telling your wife

I hid the letter and I raced to her place
Screamed, “How could you?!” in her face
She said:

Aw, Man!

Half dressed, apologetic
A mess, she looked angelic, she cried:

Wait, your pencil Ma'am!

So was your whole ask a setup?

I don’t know about any letter!

Stop crying
I’m not good with emotions!

I didn’t know any better

I am Art blocked…

[Anon (Issa):]
Please don’t leave me with him helpless (I am helpless — how could I do this?)
Just give him what he wants and you can have it!
(I don’t want it!)
The pencil! (I don’t want it)
If you pay (I don’t)
You can stay

[Anon (Issa) {Followers}:]
(Lord, show me how to say no to this) {Say no to this}
Tonight (I don’t know how to say no to this) {Say no to this}
(‘Cause the situation’s helpless)
(And her body’s screaming, “Hell, yes.”)
(No, show me how to say no to this) {Say no to this}
How can you say no to this? (How can I say no to this?) {Say no to this}
(There is nowhere I can go)
{Go! Go! Go!}
(When her body’s on paper I do not say…) {No!}
(Yes) Yes {Say no to this! No!}
(Yes) Yes {Say no to this! No!}
(Yes) Ye-ye-yes {Say no to this! No!}
(Yes) Yes {Say no to this!}
(Say no to this…)
(I don’t say no to this) Don’t say no to this
(There is nowhere I can go)
{Go! Go! Go!}


Nobody needs to know