time to mow

Ways men opt out of housework and childcare by “helping out”

  • take on weekly or monthly tasks, and think it’s equal to their wives daily tasks (even when wives also have weekly and monthly tasks)
  • take on tasks that require very little time or hard labor, like mowing the lawn.
  • take on a “project” that could be fixed by a professional, and work on it little by little but never really finish
  • create chores for their children, i.e. delegate rather than doing
  • do housework only in tandem, i.e. never on their own or without help.
  • volunteer on their own for some disliked task. For example, cleaning the toilets without asking. unfortunately, this tends to be seen as very loving and exceptional. Often it will be used as an excuse not to do anything else
  • enthusiastically volunteer to do things often, then conveniently “forget”, “make plans”, or have some sort of weird parameter to get started. When wife or child does it instead, claim they were going to do it, really!
  • pick a jurisdiction they already enjoy, like “take care of dog” or “the yard”
  • do something really badly, so that someone else has to do it for them anyway afterwards
  • “tidy up” a mess they made
  • pick up or organize clutter, however the often stressful, emotional, and time consuming task of de-cluttering is left undone or for someone else
  • meticulous keep clean a space that is only theirs, i.e. their study, their garage.
  • create tasks that aren’t needed, like “organize the toolbox” or “rearrange the bookshelf”
  • do tasks that require prep work that their wives will do for them (i.e. grilling the food, but not planning, purchasing, seasoning or preparing the sides)
  • take control of “finances” but do very little, perhaps the taxes. this is also used as a way to control their wives often
  • use their time with their children to play or dole out discipline/lessons, but very little time on feeding/bathing/dressing or organizing their lives. this is also away men can create a “fun parent/mean parent” dynamic
  • make lists of what needs to get done, discuss what needs to get done with their wives, act very invested in the housework, take on a “manager” role in the housework, but do very little of it
  • tell wives that what little is done in the house, by either of them, is “enough” and that he “doesn’t care” what the house looks like (this is a l i e). i.e. doing little and then making an emotional appeal that it’s fine, co-opting the emotional labor his wife does for him, but actually it’s very manipulative
  • getting involved with children’s after school activities, i.e. being a coach, organizing a concert, etc. often a thing he already enjoys. often does very little of the organizing/plan making. often makes little effort to create time for his wife’s personal interests

pay attention to your fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, boyfriends, husbands actions. you’ll start to see these constantly 

To Grantaire, there is only one-jolras.

This one-jolras is often a wan-jolras. Enjolras becomes a fawn-jolras when he fawns over Grantaire for caring so much about him. He continues, however, to only sleep until dawn, as is proper for a dawn-jolras. He uses this time to mow the lawn, like a lawn-jolras. Sometimes, he pretends to sleep in and becomes a con-jolras, but Grantaire always knows better.

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I'm sorry you have to deal with shitty anons, hon. :(( if you need to talk (or want to talk about sheith) my inbox/messenger is always open~

ah thank you.. 

i just. want to do my own thing and if people dont like it than they have every right to unfollow or block me i would just rather not have people just to major conclusions about me or my life. 

Random headcanons for domestic!voltron

Me & @grandaddycoran thought of some of these together

1. Keith is mowing his lawn when he sees lance speeding down the street on a tiny ass bike.
2. Lance is, of course, trying to impress keith
3. Lance is goin hard, knees out, crouched to go faster, his face is so intense
4. Keith is strangely impressed??? How can someone that tall & lanky fit on something so small???
6. Lance does the bike thing a whole bunch and one time Keith decides to mow shirtless just to see what happens and as Lance rounds the corner he just ogles Keith and FUCKING WIPES OUT RIGHT THERE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD
7. Lance is the neighborhood lifeguard(pool boy ofc)
8. This boy LOVES the pool
9. Keith regularly takes jobs to mow the lawns
10. Hunk is the neighborhood repair boy, he fixes fences, roofs, ACs, etc. He also loves to cook & bake
11. Pidge & Matt are CRAZY good at fixing computers & other electronics
12. Sometimes Pidge will fly their drone around & fuck w/ the others
13. Allura is the neighborhood activity planner (Saturday nights are movie nights @ the pool)
14. Shiro is the neighborhood Daddy; he watches out for these poor children
15. Shiro helps repair cars and stuff w/ Matt, & occasionally helps Hunk
17. COOKOUTS. EVERY. WEEKEND. Ofc he’s not that good so chef Hunk will assist. Daddy Holt will bring them peas
18. Coran is also at EVERY neighborhood activity that Allura plans. With cookies.
• They’re all in the neighborhood watch
• They’re trying to stop the neighborhood robberies by a group who calls themselves zarkon
• Shiro is the leader of the N. Watch ofc
• Keith doesn’t know how to swim that well & will purposely go in the water so that Lance will help him
• Cute Klance swimmings lessons.

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I saw that "Gladio mowing the lawn" post and I was cackling because it reminded me of the time my brother mowed the lawn in a Speedo because he wanted to get an even tan, and I feel like that's definitely something Gladio would do.

LMFAO that is hilarious and definitely something Gladio would do. Partially because of the tanning thing and partially to troll the neighbours


Reasons to be happy today (based on my new theory that Damian really likes plants!)

  • Damian with his own, very tiny herb garden that he uses to make tea. His room smells like lemon thyme.
  • Damian being lowkey upset every time Alfred mows the lawn, because it cuts down all the wildflowers
  • Damian with very strong opinions about which plants should go in the Manor garden this year
  • Alfred decides to let him help manage it because hey, it’s cool that he’s interested, right? Damian drags him around the plant nursery for an hour before he’s prepared to make a selection. He has to see all his options first. Also research them. This is important.
  • Why does Todd think it’s hilarious that he’s looking for a shrubbery
  • Bruce has a small pond constructed in the yard after Damian says he wants to study water plants too (and maybe paint them like Monet?)
  • Tim buys Damian plants as apology presents sometimes like ?? I don’t know why you like these so much, but sorry I was spying on you. Have a cactus. It’s tiny and it stabbed me while I was trying to buy it, so I feel like this is an appropriate gift
  • Bruce lets Damian plant climbing ivy outside his window (A mistake. Sneaking out just got 835603807% easier @ father who’s grounded NOW aHHhahaha)
  • Damian trimming his tiny bonsai (B&R #18)
  • Damian having a 100% serious conversation with Pam about proper plant care while Bruce rolls his eyes in the background. They are in the middle of a firefight. Why is his son like this