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The song is one the band fell in love with immediately.

“This song, first of all, I love the melody,” says LBT’s Jimi Westbrook. “The chorus just kind of soars when it comes in and it feels like one of those classic country melodies on a chorus that we just fell in love from the first time we heard it.”

“The message,’ he continues, “I think everybody can identify with the sentiment of this song. A lot of times in life, there’s a lot of things you have to walk away from that don’t necessarily feel like the greatest decision to have to make in your life, but sometimes you just know that it’s time to move on and no matter how hard that is, you just know that down in your heart that it’s time to do that. Those are very difficult decisions that we face sometimes in our lives, and I think this song talks about that beautifully.”

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Hai haai~ I just wanna thank you and your team for bringing to me my fav couple of all time: MayaNemu! (*´∀`*人*´∀`*) I just can't wait for the new chap! Keep the good work!! Thank u so much, sending you a lot of love from Brazil!!! (*‿*✿) <3333

Our pleasure!!!! (literally xD)
Thank you for your message!!!!!

We have planned one or two surprises, stay tuned ^^


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Hi! I love reading all these caffeine challenges, so much beautiful writing, I feel so inspired!! Is it OK for anyone to take part? Where can I find the details for it? Does it matter if I'm not good at writing??

Hey, anon! Of course you can take part, no matter the skill level! The only way for us all to get better is to practice, which is why I think it’s great to do the challenges!

You can do Caffeine Challenges at any point, even after I’ve done them! All you need to do is send me a message telling me where to find it (since I only check the tag every now and again) so I can read it and fangirl over it! Then I’ll add them to the google doc here (X) (Side note, I think I’m going to start a new one next challenge and archive this one! It’s gotten looooooong.)

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Caffeine Challenges are writing warm ups! A lot of the time they can end up starting a new project or new story for everyone who participates!

I announce that there’ll be a caffeine challenge the day before and ask for prompt ideas! Prompts can be posts from writing prompt blogs, pictures, songs, first lines, dialogue, or any combination thereof! Then an hour before the challenge, I post what it’s going to be!

Then we all write for one hour. After that hour, we post what we have and tag it Caffeine Challenge. I scroll through the tag and read everything, fangirling/commenting, and reblogging a few here and there! Everyone’s challenge gets added to the google doc (X) with their tumblr urls so everyone can go follow their favorite writers!

I’ll actually be figuring out my schedule and posting when the next few challenges will be tonight! So stay tuned :)

Breaking... Ch.2

A/N: Part two is finally done and it’s pretty long! I have no idea how to make links so if someone could message me and tell me how that would be apreciated ;-; Once I figure that out I’ll put one to part one on here so that no one has to go through my blog. Anyways I hope you enjoy! Here’s all the people who asked to be tagged, if you would also like to be tagged then just shoot me a message and I’ll add you in the next part! @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @renae-writes 

ok this is my attempt at trying to link this to part one

Part one

Word count: 3965 (oh)

Warnings: Anxiety/Panic attacks, allusions to sexual assault, more cursing(there will never not be curing)

Breaking Promises

             There was no way, this was literally physically impossible. No Y/N, what are you crazy?  Of course you didn’t travel back in time! There had to be some sort of explanation to this! Yet for some reason you couldn’t help your mind wander to that possibility. What if you had actually gone back in time? How would that even be possible? What are the consequences to you being here? How much have you changed by just breathing where you weren’t supposed to? More pressing, how would you get back if this was all real? This couldn’t be real, maybe you fell in some weird coma dream after that guy shot you. Hell maybe you were dead. You hadn’t even noticed how tight you were clutching your chest, how heavy and painful your breathing was.

             Everyone had their eyes glued to you, Eliza was holding onto your shoulders to help you stand. Angie and the two little boys looked scared about what was happening. Alexander looked like he was trying to keep his composure but his eyes were searching for answers. You could see their lips moving but it took a few moments before you could actually hear them. Eliza’s voice flooded over you first, it sounded diluted, almost washed out.

“Y/N! Dear, you’re safe, you have nothing to fear.” Her voice snapped you back slightly, only enough to the point where you could actually look at her. She was simply glad that you were finally being responsive.

“Yes, that’s it now. I am here, we are here. I’m going to count; focus on what I’m saying. Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…” She kept going, your head bobbing ever so slightly to the numbers but every time you thought you were about to calm down another thought came to mind. What if I really am dead? If I’m not, then how do I get back home? Can I even get home? Am I stuck here for the rest of my life?! Eliza looked over at Alexander frantically, he looked you in the eyes as his voice replaced Eliza’s. His was more clear than Eliza’s was.

“Miss Y/N, if you can hear me I would like to ask you to please nod your head.” You were able to do so and nodded slowly, a small bit of relief could be seen in his eyes.

“Very good, now take a deep breath with me.” He breathed in and you were able to shakily follow along. Eliza joined in with her husband, her voice was no longer hushed like it was before. Her voice was soft and comforting, she was a mother after all. A good one too if we’re being historically accurate. She was able to guide you through breathing well enough as to where you no longer were shaking, that was good. You fixed your posture and Eliza loosened her grip on you, for the first time in who knows how long you were able to speak.

“I’m, I’m sorry…” Your voice was feeble and weak, everyone’s gazes softened.

“Do not worry dear, you have nothing to apologize for.” Eliza said reassuringly.

“I have not seen anyone react to anything like that since the war. I do not know exactly what I said that upset you, but you should not be sorry, if anything I am sorry.” Alexander stated, his eyes completely focused on you to ensure that you wouldn’t regress.  You nodded along, your head aching, not quite the same way it was earlier but still debilitating. You rubbed your forehead with the palm of your hand before taking one last deep breath. Okay, this is real, at least in some capacity it is. I really don’t want to think I’m dead so I should put that thought on hold for now. I’m standing in front of Alexander Hamilton, the very first Secretary of Treasury, the guy on the $10 bill. If I really have gone back in time, then I have to be careful. I could literally change all of history if I meddle around at all, hell even existing here is probably screwing everything up. Stupid Butterfly Effect. You made a silent promise to yourself to not break history; it was probably for the best anyway.

             Opening your eyes, you saw Alexander and Eliza standing in front of you with worried eyes and downturned lips. These people, they don’t know who you are or how bad is it that you’re there. They don’t know anything about you and yet they treat you like a dear friend. You at the very least needed to thank them.

“Mr. and Mrs.…Hamilton I, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me, you know, calm down. That hasn’t exactly happened in a while…” You weren’t lying, it’s been a long time since you had a freak out like that. Not since graduation if I’m remembering correctly.

“My dear, there is no need to thank us. But you seem to be under a lot of stress, perhaps you need to take a break?” Eliza asked. Are we running away for the summer to go upstate? Shit, Y/N this is not the time for musical references! Pull yourself together! You allow yourself a moment to scream internally before responding.

“That won’t be necessary, I’ll be fine in just a second. Maybe we could sit down or something?” Wow that sounded dumb. Nice job trying to deflect yourself from the situation!

“Yes, perhaps that’s-“ Alexander started to speak before he was interrupted by a familiar, female voice.

“My apologies Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton but I wanted to inform you of Philip’s arrival…” Rachel locked eyes with you. “Miss Y/N! What’s wrong, did something happen?” She asked worriedly. She was standing in front of the now open front door, you could hear the sound wheels and some odd clacking from outside.

“Yeah, I’m fine Rachel, don’t worry.” You smiled at her meekly. Just as you were finishing your sentence a figure stepped up behind Rachel. He slid past her in the door way and his eyes scanned the room, his gaze finally fell onto you.

“Ah, Philip! Back later than usual aren’t we my son?” Alexander interjected with slight suspicion. Eliza patted him lightly on the arm before smiling at the young man making his way towards us. Wait… Philip? As in Philip Hamilton, the ray of sunshine in the midst of darkness? The sweet sunshine boy!

“There he is! My drop of sunshine! How was class today, love?” Eliza beamed. Oh praise we were right! The name is canon! His eyes never left you as he made his way over.

“Fine, class went well as always, mother… More importantly however, who might this lovely lady be?” Oh, of course this is coming from Mr. Let’s-strip-down-to-our-socks. I may indeed look good in my frocks but it is not happening today sir! He stops in front of you, holding out his hand with his palm facing up. He bows lightly and introduces himself.

“As for myself, I am Philip Hamilton.” He spoke with a slight chuckle and a sly grin. It took a second for you to realize you were supposed to give him your hand. You placed your hand on his palm, raising your hand to his lips he pressed a ‘polite’ kiss to your knuckle. This cheeseball really thinks he’s being slick, huh? You did your best to keep a straight face.

“My name is Y/N, it’s a pleasure to meet you, um, Philip was it?” You tried to hint that you were not interested. He stood back up with that grin still plastered on his face. You could finally get a good look at him as he stood in front of you. His slightly curled hair paired with the freckles splattered on his face reminded you of a piece by Jackson Pollock. Autumn Rhythms. His clothes were similar to his father’s but with color and fit were slightly different. The color itself was interesting, from far away it seemed to be grey but up close it looked to be more of a dull cyan.

“Yes, it is Philip, and if I may be so forward I’d like to say that your name is quite possibly as lovely as you.” This little shit, sunshine my ass, more like fuckboy. Wait a second was he the original fuckboy? Oh God no The Founding Fuckboys. You decided to stop thinking about that and try to look as serious as possible for someone thinking of ‘The Founding Fuckboys’ as a phrase used for the fathers of our country. You pulled your hand away and folded your arms behind your back, giving a sardonic smile towards his general direction. Alexander cleared his throat.

“Philip, my son, we were discussing some rather pressing matters before you arrived.”

“Oh? What matters exactly?” Philip questioned.

“I believe it would be best for us to sit down at the table first, supper is ready after all.” Eliza touched your arm gently before turning her attention to Rachel, who had stayed surprisingly silent throughout the conversation. Both of them turned to head down a separate hall, Alexander and the children followed them and just as you were about to join them Philip tapped you on the shoulder.

“Miss Y/N, as the eldest son, it would be politest of me to escort you to the table.” He held out his arm for you to take. Seriously? Okay, at this point this is just getting ridiculous.

“Thank you Philip, I’m sure it would be polite of you to lead me down a hallway, but I can walk myself just fine thank you.” You started to walk away with a bit of annoyance, you stopped and turned to look back at Philip. He looked shocked, not upset or angry, just shocked. You decided to add something to even the playing field slightly.

“Also, Mr. Hamilton, calling me Miss seems a bit formal. Just call me Y/N, after all I’m probably around the same age as you.” Although you were still a bit annoyed by his previous attempts to flirt when you clearly weren’t interested, you couldn’t help feeling a little sorry about how dejected he looked. You gave him a friendly smile and you could literally see his shoulders relax. Wow, was he really that tensed up? His surprised expression was quickly changed to one of intrigue. He folded his arms behind his back and spoke up once more, even his voice sounded more relaxed.

“Very well then… Y/N, forgive me, my behavior was not very becoming of me. If you could find it in yourself to pardon me for my actions, then I would be greatly appreciative.” His voice was softer and genuinely apologetic.

“You’re forgiven, now we should probably follow the others. Don’t want to miss dinner right?” You chuckled and turned back around to walk down the short hallway. Philip jogged up to walk beside you, a soft laugh escaping him as he approached. The two of you walked toward the dining room, Philip making offhand jokes about his parents along the way. Everyone was already sitting and adjusting themselves to be more comfortable by the time you had gotten there. Angie’s head perked up when you stepped into the room and when she noticed Philip at your side a mischievous grin replaced her innocent smile.

“Ooooh! Philly’s found his beloved!” She teased happily. You couldn’t help but laugh at her antics. What did Alexander call her earlier? Sunshine girl? Yeah, she’s the real sunshine in this house.

“Angelica, please, it’s rude to insinuate such things.” He buried half his face in one of his hands, you could tell he was a little embarrassed.  Oh siblings, the only people who are allowed to ruin your day. You walked to an empty seat at the table, Philip was about to pull the seat out for you but he stopped himself.

“Sorry, force of habit.” He shrugged with a smile before making his way to the other side of the table to sit across from you. You shook your head and rolled your eyes. Well, at least his little shit levels are manageable. What a dork. On the table you saw some sort of bread? It looks like bread but it’s got a funny shape to it. A few older women came out of a set of doors, their clothes were similar to yours and they were carrying bowls in their hands. A bowl was set down in front of everyone, when yours came you could finally see what it was. Some kind of stew? Honestly why am I surprised, New York was prominently Dutch during the colonial era. Wow I really am majoring in history aren’t I?

“Y/N dear, I know you’ve been having…a rather trying day so you do not have to tell us what happened quite yet. But if you think that you are well enough then we will listen.” Eliza cooed. What happened? What is she… Oh shit this is bad. I showed up on their doorstep with blood pouring from my head and definitely not wearing the proper attire for the century. Not only that but I’ve been saying things willy-nilly, how the hell am I supposed to explain my situation? You looked up to see Philip staring at you, not so much at you actually but at the bruise on the side of your forehead. Did he not notice it until now? Okay, if I tell them I don’t want to talk about it I’ll just have to do it later. I need to think of something now while I remember everything I’ve said in the past few hours. Come on, four years of Drama Club don’t fail me now! You took a deep breath to ease your rapidly beating heart.

“It’s fine Eliza, it’s probably best to get this off my chest now rather than later.” You cleared your throat. Alright, keep it simple and easy to remember.

“I’m from upstate New York, although I haven’t lived there for some time. When sickness came through downtown, my father decided I was to move down to North Carolina. I’m the only child that survived to adulthood so it was rather important that I stay as far away from the illness as possible.” Yes! Off to a good start! Everyone at the table was fully invested in what you had to say. They know that I can read, that’s what Eliza meant when she said she was surprised that I was educated. Only wealthy people were well off in education. I’m going to have to explain that.

“Honestly, my father is the one to thank for my wellbeing. He insisted that I have the best education; my mother was educated as well. I learned to read and write. He also made sure I had an appreciation for art as well as music. Though I must confess, I always had an infinity for politics and history. And my father indulged those interests.” Alexander seemed to take the most interest in what you were saying. Shit, I’m running low on ideas… Okay, Okay, what’s left? How I got here and why… Grand Finale I guess? I don’t know what to say… Fuck, this is going to get personal, I have no other options here. You swallowed the lump in your throat.

“Unfortunately, my parents passed from the disease last year. Land and money can’t be passed down to unmarried women so once word of their deaths went around I had several…visitors.” Damn it all.

“There was…one in particular that was, uh, a bit more aggressive than the others. I came back to try and get away from him but he found me. I was lucky to escape before anything really serious could happen.” You couldn’t help but look away from the eyes staring at you.

Eliza was the first one to break the silence. She swiped at her eyes and, after clearing the lump that formed in her throat during your story, she pushed her chair back and rounded the table to get to you. Eliza enveloped you into a warm embrace.

“Oh, you dear, sweet child. How horrible! No lady should ever be put into that situation. And no gentleman should ever press his advantages. I cannot even imagine! No wonder you were in such a disarray when you arrived.” You were taken aback for a moment but you couldn’t help it when you hugged her back. She pulled away and smiled warmly, smoothing down your hair with one hand. Alexander slowly stood up and walked to stand beside his wife.

“I believe I speak for all of us when I say that we would be honored for you to stay here with us.” He said with a proud smile. How are they so nice? Eliza nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Alexander is right. We’ll have a room set up for you in no time.” You didn’t know what to say for a second. You felt guilty for lying to them, even if they weren’t total lies and you knew you couldn’t actually tell the complete truth. All you need is a place to stay until the threads of time shove you back to the time where you belong.  Until then you need to lie low and try not to destroy the space time continuum. Easy, no problem at all.

“You’re too kind to me Eliza, thank you both so much.” You smiled as wide as you could manage but you knew your eyes were still downcast.

“Now I’m sure none of us want to exhaust you anymore so if you need to talk to any of us we will gladly do so. For now, let us all relax and eat supper, you must be starving dear.” Eliza ran her thumb across your cheek before her and Alexander went back to take their seats. You sat down and looked at the seat across from yours. Philip sat silently for a second until your eyes met. He didn’t look at all like he did earlier, no cheeky grin, no playful shine in his eyes, it was all replaced with something that resembled being distraught. He mouthed a sentence to you so that no one could hear him.

“May I speak with you later?”

“Of course, Philly” You mouthed, giving him a weak smile. Eliza and Alexander sat back down in their seats, an oddly comfortable silence filled the room. You looked around to make sure there wasn’t some specific way to eat the food, you settled with just trying to eat it as quickly and quietly as possible. That was kind of hard though, once you took a bite you realized how right Eliza was. You felt like you hadn’t eaten in days. Eliza filled the silence.

“Alexander, love, how was work today?” She smiled at Alexander, he didn’t seem to be happy though.

“He doesn’t even have a real job… Washington should have done something about him.” Was all that you were able to comprehend through his angry mumbles. Eliza heaved a sigh.

“We talked about this Alexander, John Adams has a job. And while we’re at it you must remember that George is no longer in office, he is back in Virginia, Adams is our president now.” Eliza explained. Wait, didn’t he say earlier that he worked under Washington? How can he work under him when Adams is in office?

“Betsy, I refuse to accept that that man is the leader of the country I fought for! He’s arrogant, ignorant and anti-charismatic!” Wow, he really didn’t like Adams did he? I guess I can’t blame him too much, no one really liked him as a follow-up to Washington.

“If that scoundrel thinks that he has the right to call me “Creole Bastard” than he is utterly mistaken!” Alexander spat. That fat motherfucker. Eliza coughed, practically choking on the tea she was sipping, Angie was staring at you with wide eyes, Philip and Alexander had wide grins stretched across their faces. Philip actually looked like he was trying with every ounce of strength in his body to not laugh. Why are they all looking at me like that?

“What did you just say?” Alexander asked with a sort of twinkle in his eyes. Oh no, what did I… Shit did I say that out loud?

“Uh, what? Did I say something?” You shoved a piece of bread into your mouth so that you wouldn’t be able to say anything else. This isn’t good, not only did I just make a reference out loud but it was also something that you probably didn’t hear women say! Nice job with trying to keep a low profile Y/N! Alexander and Philip both started to laugh hysterically.

“A fat motherfucker? That is a rather astute way to describe him actually!” Alexander howled.

“That is quite the slur, I have never heard someone say something such as that so casually!” Philip snorted. Eliza slapped Alexander on the arm and stared menacingly at Philip.

“Alexander! Do not use that sort of language around the children!” I never knew that you could yell quietly until now, Eliza you truly are impressive! You haphazardly ate the bread that was in your mouth, everything was happening so fast, you didn’t even realize how red your face had gotten.

“I am so, so sorry Eliza! That was extremely improper of me!” Eliza shook her head, giving another sigh.

“It is alright Y/N, my husband and son are also at fault for reacting in such a way. Dear, would it be alright if I asked you to watch your speech, at least around the little ones.” Her voice wasn’t quite unpleasant in that moment, it just sounded like a mom who wanted to make sure her children didn’t say something wrong. Which is exactly what she was. How do mom’s sound so nice yet so threatening at the same time? You nodded in a rather exaggerated manner.

“Of course! No problem at all, I’m really sorry…” You ran a hand through your hair to shake it out slightly. Note to self, never cross Eliza. Mom skills too great.

Supper finished relatively quickly after that, Angie and the little boys from earlier plus one more you didn’t recognize were the first to scamper off. Eliza stood up after a little bit and excused herself, she said that she would be in the garden for a little while. Now that you think about it, even for the time period, her clothes were still a bit off. Her dress was almost flat in the front, not figure hugging like most of the clothes in the 18th century, in fact the cloth seemed to pull away from her body. Weird. Alexander coughed softly to get your attention.

“I apologize again Miss Y/N, I promised you talks of literature during supper. If you would like you may join my son and I in the study. Not only can we discuss Shakespeare, as my daughter has told me you enjoy, but we might also converse on our…mutual distaste for…President Adams” Alexander’s voice strained as he said the last two words. Philip looked at you expectantly, he gave you a comforting smile.

“That sounds wonderful, I’d love to join you.” You sat up from your seat and began to follow Alexander down the hall. You matched your pace with Philip’s so that you would walk side by side. He looked down at you and nudged your arm. Looking up at him to see what he wanted he turned his gaze away, pretending he hadn’t done a thing. You chuckled softly and repeated what he did, he gave you a similar response.

All I have to do is not change history, simple right?

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oh I just scrolled down and saw the evil expression chart. . . OOPS. Atsushi as C2 please, sorrry about that

Haha, it’s okay. Thank you for clarifying your previous message shortly after. Here’s Atsushi!

I have done C2 three times now and I still got one more character for this one. lol ALMOST DONE WITH THEM ALLLLL. 

Evil Smile Challenge! Expressions here if you wanna give it a try cause, requests are closed! So don’t send anymore! trying to finish all the requests in my inbox!!

I just want to say thank you

(Please excuse my poor English. o<<)

since I started to post art of mob psycho 100,I received some message of encouragement.Thank you all ;;;;;;;; ❤My English is bad, All I can do is put my emotions into my art.(I always try my best.><)because of this, Every message really gave me great encouragement.

 I think I will keep drawing mob psycho 100 for some time.(I will keep drawing original art, too.)Thanks for following!, Thanks for sending me the message!。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。 ❤

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My girlfriend automatically calls all dogs "he" and all cats "she." It amuses me that she gets shocked every time (about 27%) someone corrects her.

Hello anon! This is a fascinating message. Let me break down the levels by which it’s intrigued me. First, congrats on having a partner you delight in enough to regale strangers with rather adorable stories about. This is rare, incidentally. Not that people are inherently unhappy in their relationships, but it seems (in my completely unscientific, anecdotal findings) that after some time, the spark that makes us want to share their quirks is supplanted with grocery lists and Bob In Accounts Payable Is Such A Dick stories. She’s a lucky lady indeed, and hold tight to your impulse to share the things you love about her with the world. Second, you are incredibly specific about the number of times she is shocked when someone corrects her. I’m not even sure where to begin there, but how long have you been tallying this? Do you use an app? How do you define “shocked”? Does she know you’re conducting the experiment? THERE ARE SO MANY POTENTIAL PROBLEMS WITH YOUR EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN! Third, why anon for this message? Is it because you were worried I’d yell at you about experimental design? You were right.

In recap, carry forth you lovesick, non-statistician. We’re rooting for you.

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Why are you always so negative and rude now... :/ I used to like you a lot better before you started being so sarcastic and bitter. Now you're just... like... idk. Like it seems like you just really dislike being on Tumblr. Maybe you should take some time off or something. Idk. Not trying to provoke a mean response though sorry.

i got annoyed at someone for spamming the same message every single day, and nursing school is stressful as hell so i haven’t been in the worlds greatest mood. doesn’t mean i can’t use my personal blog. 

maybe stop being so judgmental, unfollow me, all the fun stuff. thank you.

The Iron Giant

My mom watched The Iron Giant with me for the first time. She LOVED it. She agreed that it is a seriously underrated movie and the message is so moving, and meaningful, and STILL important. She got all teary-eyed and that NEVER happens to her, especially at an animated film.

If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a fantastic movie. First traditionally animated feature to have a main character, and the title character, be completely computer-animated. They worked SO hard on this movie, it’s evident in just how well it’s made but also the details are pretty much completely accurate, too. It’s set in 1957 and the cars and planes are all from before that year, the style of uniform the soldiers use is accurate as well. There’s a gorgeous musical score. Humor and tears… this movie has it all.

10/10 recommend.

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Apparently Nintendo of Europe uploaded the WiiU version of Breath of the Wild and it got hacked! Zelda and it's entirety is now online. Are you going to stay spoiler free or should i unfollow :(

I just found out about this!

In an effort to preserve the experience of all of our followers, I will be avoiding anything (new) Breath of the Wild-related for the next while or so. A quick scroll through my dash didn’t show me anything footage-wise I haven’t been seeing for the past few weeks. However, as the ZU tumblr is run on a queue and has hundreds of posts in line at all times, there are going to be some BotW posts in there, though none of them should be spoilery beyond what’s been provided through official announcements and postings.

Thank you for asking! And as always, if I mess up on something, feel free to shoot me a message and I can fix it! Good luck navigating out there, folks.

edit: I’ve been informed that the leak likely won’t be shared, so that’s a plus. Eyes will remain peeled.

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Saeran + yoosung only dealing with an MC who passes out a lot (like two times a day minimum cause LMAO that's me)

Friendo passes out? Is friendo okay?? Should I call an ambulance???
Also I hope I did this right

-You had mentioned in the chat that you pass out regularly before
-And of course he panicked
-Like ten messages all caps bold letters panic
-You brush it off and say it’s not a big deal and he just agrees because he doesn’t want to freak you out
-He didn’t really forget that you passed out often but the first time he saw it happen he was freaking tf out
-You were both in the kitchen. He was cooking something and you were watching him
-But you got a familiar dizzy feeling in your head
-“Yoosung, I’m getting dizzy…”
-He immediately left what he was doing and rushed to you
-He was able to catch you right as you fell
-Yoosung manages to keep himself calm by reminding himself that this is normal for you
-He carries you to the couch and makes sure your head is supported
-He wants you to be comfortable
-He leaves back into the kitchen to save any food from burning, but he kisses your forehead before returning to the kitchen
-While he was finishing up in the kitchen he kept checking on you
-He would glance at you to see if you’re still unconscious
-As he was about to serve the food he made, he hears you call out to him
-“Oh, you’re up! Are you okay?”
-You tell him you’re fine, but you ask him how you ended up on the couch
-“I carried you, of course.”
-“Thank you… you really have become a man, haven’t you?”
-He’s blushing
-“Anyway, food is ready!”
-He does the same thing every time you pass out around the house
-He picks you up and carries you someplace comfortable, making sure to check on you regularly while you’re out

-Saeyoung has already told him that you have episodes of passing out pretty often
-He doesn’t really think too much about it
-But the first time he actually sees you pass out, he is very terrified
-You were standing in the living room leaning against the wall distracted by your phone. Saeran was standing a little bit away.
-Suddenly you started getting the familiar faint feeling in your head
-You grabbed onto his arm and told him you felt dizzy
-He gently guides you onto the ground so that you don’t fall and hurt yourself
-Saeran is really scared but he keeps himself calm
-He knows this is normal for you but his mind is full of what ifs
-What if they don’t wake up? What if they need to go to the hospital? What if they don’t wake up??
-He picks you up and lays you on the couch carefully
-Saeran sits on the ground in front of the couch and watches you the whole time
-He watches your chest rise and fall the whole time, scared that if he looked away you’d stop breathing
-Eventually, you wake up and Saeran has never been more relieved
-He asks you if your head is okay
-You’re a little disoriented, but you’re completely fine other than that
-He sighs in relief
-“Promise me that you’ll tell me when you get dizzy from now on, okay?”
-You promise
-But still sometimes it just sneaks up on you and you don’t get a chance to tell him
-He forgives you for that when it happens because you had no control over it
-He just really doesn’t want you to get hurt

Just letting you all know,

I have a few things lined up. I keep thinking of a ton of new and exciting ideas; it’s hard finding the time to produce them. Here’s a short list of things I’m planning (and needing) to do:

  • Answer a few wcif messages floating around - I’ll probably end up doing a showcase of a few items like I did for the sink, so bare with me. 
  • A character page for Wren’s story - Something I’ve been needing to do for a while now.
  • This idea of showcasing some new custom content (new to me, anyway) that I enjoy using, also as a nod to the creators - It also gives me an excuse to do a few lookbooks, thanks to @raspberi‘s suggestion of that.
  • And a general continuation of Wren’s story.

Hopefully in due time I can cross these off. But thank you to everyone for providing support and the necessary inspiration for me to do more on my blog. 


Look, another musical song in multilanguage! Fun fact: This is my favourite song from all musicals. Unfortunately, there is no Norwegian here :( But still, I enjoy this multilang version very much, and this is more diverse than the Do You Hear The People Sing video I shared before.

Unfortunately, I could not find translations for the other languages (some “translations” I found were inaccurate), so I need your help! If you are able to translate some parts of the song, please message me, and I will edit this post with the translations!

Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination
Silently the senses abandon their defenses

Selymes, gyengéd, éjjel minden lágyabb
Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendor
érezd, kérdezd, sejti minden vágyad
Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender

Vänd dig bort från allt som om dagen lyser kallt
Turn your face away from the garish light of day
Vänd dig till en mörk och sällsam melodi
Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light

夜の調べの中で (Yoru no shirabe no naka de)
And listen to the music of the night
目を閉じて すべての悩み (Me wo tojite subete no nayami)
Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams
夢の中に捨てよ (Yume no naka ni sute yo)
Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before

Spanish (Mexico)
Sin mirar sublimando en esplendor
Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar
y tu vida jamás será mejor
And you live as you’ve never lived before

Słodko, czule, pieści cię muzyka

Softly, deftly, music shall caress you
Wczuj się, wsłuchaj, pozwól się przenikać
hear it, feel it, secretly possess you

Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind
In this darkness that you know you cannot fight

The darkness of the music of the night
Let your mind start a journey to a strange new world
Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before

German (Austrian)
Lass’ Dich treiben, lass’ alles hinter Dir
Let your soul take you where you long to be
denn erst dann wirst du ein Teil von Mir 
Only then can you belong to me

Floating, falling, sweet intoxication
Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation

Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in
To the power of the music that I write
The power of the music of the night

You alone can make my song take flight
Help me make the music of the night

My face is aching from a head cold. Drinking coffee alone. 8 hour work shift. But I’m thinking about the fact that 18 years ago today you were born and I don’t get to wish you happy birthday without the words sounding like a one sided message in a bottle. I don’t know how to tell you all the things I want to tell you because you don’t have the time to hear them. I wanted to make all of the words line up in 18 perfect little lines that sound like ripping paper and rustling ribbon. I don’t know how to give you a gift that you won’t ever receive or write a thank you note to. I wonder if you wondered if I would stop writing these messages after a few little conversations. The answer will always be, no I won’t ever stop writing about you or writing about this or us or the things I wish I could change because that would be throwing my house key away. All of these things I say never really make sense and my confessions will be taken and twisted by other people who don’t know what it feels like to care for someone without conditions or expectations. A year ago today we stood on a beach and I wrote your name in the sand to state how much I love you. Today I will stand at a window talking to strangers about their days and wanting it to be you. 
This is not a voicemail or roses or grand gestures of missing you more than I want to admit. Of course you may read this and it will dig into your shoulder blades, heavy and overbearing. It’s not to hurt or maim, I just wanted to wish you happy birthday.

Just finished writing the epilogue of Ten Years! I have to do some editing, but I’m pretty sure it will be up sometime tomorrow evening (I’m on Eastern time). Kind of sad to see this one go, but I hope you guys will like the ending!

Thanks for sticking with me, and for all the messages and encouragement! 😊❤

Hey, everyone!

I don’t normally speak on issues like this, but I really wanted to make a post seconding @4x ‘s: Zeb, aka @satan, was being impersonated by ichigofanpage at the time of the url scams. They have not scammed anyone in the past. 

As you may imagine, past events have damaged their credibility, but I’d like to say that they have been absolutely nothing but sweet in every interaction I’ve had with them. Zeb is currently working toward returning all of the scammed urls to their original owners (as was shown by their willingness to return 4x to its original owner). They’ve made a post themselves asking those who’ve been scammed to message them, too. 

TL;DR: Zeb was being impersonated and is actively trying to right his impersonator’s wrongdoings. They were not and are not a scammer. While I do believe everyone should exercise caution while trading, Zeb has absolutely no history of scamming, and should be treated as any other user.


Why are you guys always so nice to me, it looks like i’m making a victim of myself and i don’t mean to, but it surely looks like that and yet you always send me some message or write sth nice, i always say “thank you” and that’s all, because i don’t know what to say, i don’t know how to thank you all for being there for me even if you don’t have to and i sound like a whiny jerk all the time.. i can only thank you in these situations when im depressed because im mentally too exhausted to keep talking about it, but it is appreciated always, it means a lot that you message me, im so sorry for not responding how i should though, i wish i could but believe me, i am very tired in these situations and i can’t make myself talk to you… So instead i just make these short posts, i prefer talking to you like that.. Im really sorry again

chocolatehellspawn  asked:

im sorry i sent that awful message im sorry im sorry for you and youre famills loss and i dont blame you if you need time to vent

You didn’t send me an awful message. You are fine. The messages that I have gotten from everyone have all been very nice and supportive. Thank you for your words. You don’t need to apologize for anything.