time to make my own screencap

“My father built our empire on the backs of resemblance. The universe can no longer doubt our strength. Each ally gained only makes us stronger. All those who continue to stand against us… will be crushed.”

I fixed it :D

i was asked to do a tutorial on how i make my icons by anonymous, so here’s my super easy way of doing it. there’s no major editing or backgrounds simply because i’m super lazy and i prefer the look of clean, bright icons. i’ve only ever used this method on cartoons (voltron. i’ve only ever made voltron icons lol), so i can’t say for sure whether this method would work well with real people. just keep that in mind!

for some examples of what you can make, here’s my icons page.

please like/reblog if you try it out, and feel free to ask me any questions.

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Anyone remember these two sly goofballs? >v< Finally, a new anime screencap re-draw, and this time it´s Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club! I literary named my file blep, because thats what this pose is, it´s just blep xD Once again, original on top and my re-draw on the bottom! This time I tried making the drawing a bit more my own by colouring the lineart as well! Hope you like it <3


If what they say is true I studied it, as a child, with the Chaste.
I committed it to memory, so I could fight it one day.


kagehina wallpapers part 2 (640 x 1136 px)! ☆ | part 1 

do not reupload or claim as your own but feel free to use them! (`・ω・´)” 


Coming off my little hiatus from this blog to post my own varsity jacket tutorial!

I’ve been scouring for one and I’m like “screw it, I’m gonna make one” and it turns out it’s a lot easier than I thought. The only difficult part is what to put on the back :“) I’ll be going back to the hiatus after this and occasionally coming back to post more tutorials. I just have no time for trading and anything other than maintaining my town.

I’d also like to thank @sokecrossing because without their sweet Love Wins varsity qr (which is in my “acnl clothes” tag), I wouldn’t have decided to make my own version 😅

missmolly57  asked:

A question for a rainy day --- in one of the later books WG goes into a lot of detail about Demelza making 'bathing costumes ' for her and the kids. I assume most kids swam naked in those days but what did the adults normally wear -- if they had money. How about those with little money. ---I love reading this blog --and your tweets. Thanks-- Sue Emery ( and my dog Miss Molly).

Thanks for this really great question @missmolly57! Today is the “rainy day” because I am having technical issues processing the 1970′s screencaps. :) 

The Nampara Poldarks are a bit ahead of their time in regards to people of status regularly bathing by the beach. Visits to spas or the seaside by those with means did occur in this era, but they were special occasions. Skinny dipping for women or children wasn’t regarded as proper even on a private beach like Nampara Cove. In the novels, Demelza is described as making her own spin on the Greek chiton or cotton wrap dress. That style doesn’t exactly match the few surviving pieces of pre 1800′s bathing attire however. This is actually Martha’s Washington’s bathing dress. Notice how it looks closer to the chemise (undershirt) Demelza wears in both the new series and in the 1970′s:

In fairness to the books, historians have uncovered a lot more compared to what information Winston Graham had access to 40 years ago. Demelza had the right idea though in terms of constructing a simple cotton dress that would cover the body as well as dry easily in the sun. Women without means would have often re-purposed a petticoat and chemise for beach attire. For more information, this blog post on Jane Austen’s World is an excellent resource

I’m hoping we do see an example of these outfits in Season 3 and 4!


get to know me meme >> Favorite Female Characters [15/40] Kate Austen

Can you hear me? Sawyer? Wayne? I’m probably crazy and this doesn’t matter, but maybe you’re in there somehow. But you asked me a question. You asked me why… why I did it. It wasn’t because you drove my father away, or the way you looked at me, or because you beat her. It’s because I hated that you were a part of me… that I would never be good. That I would never have anything good. And every time that I look at Sawyer… every time I feel something for him… I see you, Wayne. And it makes me sick.


“that thing with Cassandra and Jenkins came out of nowhere!!”

are u sure

I hope this isn’t seen as confrontational. I think shipping wars are silly, ship what you want to ship! This show has always been wonderful about making any and all ships probable. I don’t ship things often and, of the things I do ship, this was probably the one I thought was least likely to be acknowledged. But they did!! I was shocked and delighted! Just as I was delighted that they fully acknowledged Cassie being non-hetero.

Cassandra has always been the one to notice when something is bothering Jenkins. Being the caretaker, Jenkins notices when any of them are upset, but it’s hard to deny he has a soft spot for Cassie. He’s comfortable enough to be silly with her (”you know what this makes me want to do? It makes me want to go ‘hmmm…’”). Cassandra is always first to jump at the opportunity to help him and is incredibly eager to do so. (That scene where Jenkins was tossing books down to the boys from the balcony and she was running about trying to catch them first, then Jenkins walked down and handed her one.) They have a great deal of mutual respect and make an excellent team.

I just wanted to point out that this ship is just as valid as the others and, in fact, has had just as much subtext as the others. They handled the situation perfectly, and Jenkins reacted exactly as I’d expected him to. He feels it would be improper, all but saying he’d feel he was taking advantage, but he let her down without being condescending (knowing Cassie is more than capable of handling herself) or dismissive of her feelings.

I hope the subject is brought up again, I hope they talk about it more. Though no matter what happens I hope Cassandra is happy, because sometimes the way people in the fandom pull her back and forth with everyone makes me a bit uncomfortable. Ship all the things, but remember Cassandra is her own person and not a vehicle for a ship! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Countdown to The Battle of the Five Armies: a post-hoc post

I got a message from a lovely Nonny (yes, they do exist!) asking me what happened to the last day of my Countdown series with Thranduil (counting down to the U.S. release of The Battle of the Five Armies), since the countdown stopped two days before Dec. 17, 2014.  The short answer: I never posted anything for the final day.  The longer answer:  I had run out of material except for a spoilery clip that came from a Hobbit cast interview but was not in any previews/trailers or any other official promotional material that I could find. Since my policy was to use only material that had been officially released by Peter Jackson or Warner Bros., I decided against posting the edits I made from that clip.

But, just for you, Nonny – and because Lee Pace said (in an interview somewhere) that it’s important to finish things – I am finally posting the edits I made for the last day of the countdown. ;-)

This also gives me a chance to thank everyone who liked / reblogged / commented on any of my Countdown posts.  (I’m surprised to see that some posts continue to get notes, even after the series has ended, but I suppose that’s because more people are still discovering the magnificent fabulousness of the Elven King.)  More than likes or reblogs, I love all your comments and tags (yes, I read every one of them!), and I am grateful for the new friends I have made in the course of doing the Countdown

Final tally: 94  When I started the series on Sept. 8, I wasn’t sure I would actually last the whole 100 days. Sure enough, I didn’t quite make it:  I missed day 44 to observe the Tumblr strike on Nov. 3, I would have missed day 28 but for a guest post by the lovely 3intheam (with her mad Photoshop skillz), I missed days 7, 6, 5, and 4 because of my trip to New York to attend the Apple Store Q&A with Lee and Richard Armitage, and, of course, I missed the final day.  The absenteeism rate in the U.S. is supposedly around 9%, so my 6% absenteeism is somewhat better than the norm.

It has been a lot of fun coming up with ideas and finding the right material, and also a lot of work making screencaps and edits (while learning basic Photoshop skills on the fly). Until I started making my own edits, I never realized how much time and effort were involved, and the level of artistry in the best edits I’ve seen never ceases to amaze me.  larygo, maivolchica, loriendesse, enfantdivine, stewardessme, armitageuniverse, @mrpuddingston, richardcfarmitage, synathroesmus, and of course 3intheam:  I bow to you all, senpai.

TL; DR:  Thank you for following along with the Countdown.  I have enjoyed doing it and have learned much.   


skeleton-adventurer replied to your post “skeleton-adventurer replied to your post “melancthe replied to your…”

yeah I know there’s no judgment. swtor has always been something I visit occasionally bc I can’t/don’t want to do the sub fees. and I’ve got my own issues where I feel nervous about talking about OCs so it reallllly limits our possible interactions related to swtor. I def understand wanting to switch servers given the circumstances

I know, and I won’t make you talk about them, I know I post about my dumb star war characters all the damn time but I’m actually shy about sharing things that are like… meaningful with them or quick drabbles I write up or anything that isn’t “dumb screencap caption” so I getcha :(

mainhoonemily  asked:

I like your gifs! I completely understand being insecure about them (I feel the same way about my screencap posts, like, why am I bothering when other people would gif this and it'd be 15 times better?), but I really don't think you have anything to worry about. And like you said, you're one of the only people making gifs of Daesung...if you stop then what will we do?

Aww thank you ! Screencaps can be just as good sometimes !! Plus people don’t always gif what you think is good or funny in something so it’s nice to just make it on your own, even if it is screencaps !! Awww well when you put it that way aha. I think I’ll continue to make them, but only while I still enjoy it. As soon as I start making them for someone else or it’s not fun I’ll stop aha. Thanks for your encouragement !!

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

so we’re back to square 1 (potentially a callout)

so i still dont want to call this a call out a post but use   deathaze/now moved to herweary   is still blantantly copying. i am unable to contact them again because they either blocked me on all of their active blogs, or deleted the ones we were able to work things out on. i would still do so, if there were ways for me to contact her but at the moment, there is no way.   so in the early months of october (october 16th) i had made  THIS  POST  as something to be aware of.    but now as they have moved blogs again (as they seem to do so as this problem is always brought up) i was able to see that they still have not changed. and under the cut are some screenshots of things that ARE STILL WAY TOO SIMILAR to connie and her character.

look, i only keep bringing this up because as someone who has had this character since middle school, who has gone through so much hefty development, so much time and love put into, only to be disregarded or copied off of, it really makes me uncomfortable ! it makes me feel like there is no point of being on here since there is someone else just like mine. and that’s no fun is it? be creative, friends. don’t copy. it isn’t fun to the person you are stealing from. if there’s a problem that keeps coming up to you, dont you think you should fix it ?

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28-30/? preseries screencaps

They had been at court together. Companions to Princess Rhaella.

Renegades [1/?]

Everybody’s got an EF!AU in them somewhere. Here’s mine. Five months in the making, do so hope you enjoy!

For @seastarved, for being the best. Intense gratitude to @spartanguard for the beta, all remaining errors are all my own. Screencap from kissthemgoodbye.net.
Rated M for reasons including but not limited to violence, minor character death and rude words. On Ao3 HERE.

Tagging @trueromantic1 because you asked :)

Chapter One: Throw the First Punch

They all start the same way, these stories we tell our children, with the words “once upon a time,” and the promise of a happy ending.

They tell of a land far, far away, where there lived a beautiful princess, hair as dark as ebony, lips red like a rose, and a prince so charming it became his name.

They spin tales of a war fought against a terrible witch, and how the heroes won. They tell us of the witch locked away forever as the princess’s womb grew round with child, and how the whole kingdom celebrated the victory of hope, and heroism, and True Love.

They all start that way, they all end this way.

All, that is, except this one.

The castle heaves and shudders under the vicious assault as the Royal Council gathers, all wide eyes and pale faces, in the crumbling sanctuary of the throne room. Their prince staggers in, palest of all, wearing a smear of crimson blood across his shirt and a smile that looks like heartbreak.

“It’s a girl,” he announces to a room full of tremulous smiles and plaster dust, and the youngest woman cries out, a hiccuping sob, as he’s followed by his wife in a bloodied nightgown - leaning hard on the arm of a small man - with a pink-red bundle gathered close to her chest.

Her face is tear-streaked, the exhaustion of childbirth clear in the sheen of sweat on her brow, but she straightens herself as her husband takes her arm and surveys the scene with the hard eyes of a queen.

“What’s happening?”

“The bridge is destroyed,” says an older woman, her fingers bunched in the red cape of the girl who’d cried out. “Her forces have us surrounded. There’s no way out.”

“Her forces,” spits a bearded man. “Since when did she get forces? She’s supposed to be locked up! How the hell did she get out?”

“So there’s no hope?” The princess’s knees buckle under the weight of her own words, and the babe lets out a whimper at the combined jolt of her mother’s fear and the shaking floor.

“Only one.”

The fairies approach like tiny stars, their light casting the council in a half dozen pastel shades thanks to the darkness of the magic pressing at the cracked windows. Their leader glows blue, and hovers over the pinched face of the baby before, in a flash of light, she appears before the princess as a woman.

“Blue,” she says, the relief and the fear clear in her voice, “what can we do?”

“Nothing,” says Blue with a sad shake of her head. “Regina is too strong; she will defeat us. But the child…”

“What about her?” The Prince has said nothing more, his concentration entirely on his wife and the child in her arms, but now he faces down the fairy, his face hard and his sword close at hand.

“We can take her from this place, hide her where Regina will never find her - will never know she exists.”


“Snow White,” says Blue, her voice low and soothing, “you know the prophecy. The child must live. She is the only one who can defeat - ”

Snow sobs, nodding, but holds the baby impossibly tighter nonetheless.

“You’ll keep her safe?” The prince pleads, his eyes flickering from babe to fairy and back again, “You swear it? Always?”

“We’ll protect her,” says Blue, her wand coming to rest gently against the infant’s forehead. “You needn’t fear. Now, what is her name?”

Despite everything, Snow smiles.

“Emma. Her name is Emma.”

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Here is the plan

So, remember when I asked you all for your favourite myths?

Voila. What I have done is this: I have screencapped all the responses and assigned them numbers, just based on the order I got them. The plan is that, whenever I am not entirely sure which myth to do, I will be able to go on a random number generator and pick at random. I’m hoping that this will make the myths a little more diverse, too; you gave a variety of responses from Welsh to Greek to Abrahamic, so there’s no shortage of weird worldly narratives to recount. Win / win! 

I’ll still be picking my own stories a lot of the time as well, but where someone has also suggested that story, it’ll count as their suggestion. 

I’m a bit excited about this, particularly as I have a bit of time at the moment (until the dissertation really gets underway) so it’ll be nice to not retell the same Greek myths all the time. Although lets be honest, most of the myths you all like are Greek, so about half of these are probably Greek anyway. They probably all involve cows, knowing you lot. 

Yay for systems! 

anonymous asked:

What do you think happens to nations when they, like Prussia is now, lose their nation responsibilities? According to the wiki, "Himaruya states that all of Germany's siblings are "retired" and that they may die out and disappear over time." Do they disappear into thin air, or die, or what? I think it's a nice thought that they would, essentially, become mortal and get to live out the rest of their lives as if they were normal humans, but I don't know if that's too much to hope for. Thoughts?

I’m sorry you asked for my thoughts and I’ve written an essay. Before I can talk about Prussia and the German Brothers I need to look at everyone else.

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