time to make more cookies

Sin worthy double chocolate chip cookie recipe for those interested 😈

2 cups. All purpose flour
1 + ¼ cup. Cocoa powder
2 tsp. Baking soda
½ tsp. Salt

1 cup. Butter
1 cup. White sugar
1 cup. Brown sugar (I used demerara)
2 tsp. Vanilla extract
¼ cup. Milk (bonus, if it’s chocolate)
2 eggs, room temp*

1 cup (or more). Chocolate Chips, any kind you like. I used dark chocolate.

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees F.

You’ll need 1 medium bowl and 1 large bowl.

Put the “Dry” ingredients in the smaller bowl, whisk together and set aside.

Put the “Wet” ingredients in the bigger bowl. Cream the butter and sugar once mixed thoroughly combine, add the other “wet” ingredients (in the order listed) mixing inbetween :)

Pour the “dry” mix into the “wet” mix bowl a little at a time. Then add the chocolate chips. Try not to over mix, a little bit of powder won’t hurt :)

Line a baking tray with parchment paper (or however you prefer). I make smaller cookies, so I use a little more than a tbsp worth of dough per cookie and I can fit a dozen per tray. Just take a spoon and drop the dough on…try to keep the dough away from your mouth…or you might not have any left for cookies…

Bake @350 degrees F for 15 min** and let rest on the tray for 5 min before devouri…I mean removing from tray.

(* Protip: if your like me and just took the eggs out of the fridge rn. Sit them in a bowl of warm water while you prep the rest of the mixtures. They’ll be warm by the time you need them.)

(**Protip: since oven temps can vary, a good way to tell if your cookies are ready (around he 12 min mark) is to poke the cookie (be careful, it’s got in there) if the dough sinks in and doesn’t come back up the cookies need more time.

I hope this makes sense! Enjoy your cookies!!


Soooo….I had two scenes: the Buckingham Palace scene from National Treasure 2, and the Skyfall scene where Silva hacks into MI6. I flipped both around and chopped them up and glued them back together again to make this, all in a very limited amount of time. This is not a fanvid masterpiece by any means, but it gets the story across in a fun way. And there’s a surprise little 00Q nod in there straight from Riley’s mouth, so I give myself kudos for somehow pulling that off, lol!

Anyway, don’t take it too seriously. It’s just for fun, and I’ll probably make more later when I find the time. :)

(Serves as a visual cookie for the Q/Riley - aka Qoole - fics I’ve been spewing out lately on AO3.)

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Desmond groaned at the feeling of the other rocking against his lap, blush steady on his cheeks and cursing his shy admission that he'd never had a lap-dance before, his pants now straining uncomfortably tight and lips surging up to beg a kiss from Victor, wanting to muffle the sounds of his growing whimpers.

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Christmas with chocolate (Narry one-shot)


If you’re not open to gay smut, then don’t read this one shot.

Pairing: Niall Horan/Harry Styles

Words: 3422

Prologue: Niall and Harry were spending their Christmas evening baking pastries for the boys. But when Niall gets a taste of what Harry’s making, things get out of hand.

Harry’s POV 

“You’re doing it all wrong!” I yelled at the blonde beside me for the third time this evening as I watched the flour float around us. He just doesn’t want to listen and it’s fucking frustrating me! We were baking pastries for the rest of the boys because that’s what we were assigned to bring for our get to together at Liam’s tomorrow morning. I didn’t even know why I agreed to this, to be honest. But can I blame them? I was the only one who had any experience with pastries and breads. Niall seems to be having a difficult time with the ingredients and the look on his face tells me that he’s not enjoying this at all. He’s not into baking that much, he just likes to eat all of the things I bake.

I watched as the lines on his forehead appear and his thin pink lips form into a sad face. His eyes were glued to his feet as he mumbled, “I’m sorry, Hazza. I’m trying.” He sounded like he was about to cry. I sighed in frustration. I couldn’t be mad at him during Christmas, in fact, I could never be mad at him.

You see I let Niall be in charge of making the cookies since I already made the cake and pie. I was trying to teach him how to sift the flour properly without having it floating all over the place. I told him not to hit the sifter too much but he didn’t listen to me. Saying that hitting it hard would make things faster and we’d have more time to bake more cookies. And now we were both covered with white powdery stuff and it doesn’t feel pleasant at all.

I went over to him and pulled him in for a hug, not caring that we were both covered in flour. “I’m sorry, Niall,” I started and lifted his chin up so my green orbs can look at his blue and dilated ones. “We’ll start over and listen to me the next time, okay?” He nodded and we both cleaned up the mess that he made.


I watched Niall as he mixed the batter for our cookies to perfection. He finally listened to my instructions and everything was going perfect for us. Everything looks good. He even looks pleased to himself with that little smile on his face as he continued to mix. When he’s done, he scoops the batter with an ice cream scooper and places it in the baking pan.

I put my arm around him and I feel his warmth in an instant. A huge grin appears on my face as he hums in delight. He did it; he finally finished making those cookies! “Good job Niall!” I kiss his forehead and let my lips linger on him a little longer than usual. He smelled like butter, cookie batter and my favorite scent of all, Niall. I let go of him and cup his cheeks with my big hands. “Thank you for being patient with me, baby.” I kissed him again, this time, on his left cheek. He just looks like a kid again. His cheeks all flushed and warm. I can’t help but smile and just stare at him. I almost forgot what I had to say. “Now all we have to do is to make the chocolate sauce for the cookies while we wait for it to bake and we’re done, yeah?”

“Can you make it, Harry? I might just fuck it up again and I don’t think we have enough chocolate for three trials.” I laughed at his statement. It was true. We had just enough chocolate to melt for the cookies. So I agreed and started making it right away.

Niall’s POV

It smells amazing. The chocolate smells amazing and I just want to lick the chocolate off the wooden spoon that Harry’s using to stir it. I could ask for a taste right? It wouldn’t hurt.

I watched him intently from the kitchen island. I was seated on the bar stool with my chin resting on the palm of my hand. I so badly want to taste the chocolate sauce that Harry’s making. Just one spoon and I promise I’ll stop and just watch him again.

I was so busy staring at the chocolate that I didn’t even notice that Harry was standing right beside me. “Babe, you have to taste this.” I heard him say. Yes, fucking finally! Harry was holding out the wooden spoon in front of me with a small puddle of chocolate sauce on it. I eagerly nodded and I know that my eyes were shining as I stared at the glorious chocolate in front of me. I wasn’t sure if I heard Harry laugh but hey, I just really wanted to know what it tastes like.

I opened my mouth and Harry fed me. As I cleaned the wooden spoon with my mouth, my eyes immediately closed. It tastes so amazing! Is he sure that this is just chocolate? Because I’ve tasted chocolate before and I’m sure as hell that it never tasted this good! I couldn’t help but moan as I swallowed every single drop of chocolate sauce of my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Harry staring at me with his mouth slightly opened. He was staring at me with his wide eyes that are filled with something I can’t distinguish.

I raised my eyebrow at him, “Harry?” He’s all flushed and he looking nervous. Harry’s eyes never looked so huge, god. He only looked like that when he’s really in to something. And he was stuttering. “B-babe.” He spoke in breaths. I was about to ask him what was wrong when suddenly he swiped his thumb on the corner of my mouth. He sucked his thumb with the leftover chocolate from my mouth and honestly; I’ve never seen anything so hot. I could just take him right now on our kitchen island.

I watched his eyes slowly close and his mouth turn into a smirk. He moaned, mimicking the sound that I made earlier when I ate the chocolate sauce from his wooden spoon. My eyes started to fill with lust and I felt my insides squirm at the sight in front of me. How can someone looks so fuckable but at the same time beautiful? I could never get used to this.

“You know what tastes better than chocolate, Niall?” His eyes were open now and I was out of breath. Harry’s eyes were filled with so much lust and his eyes were dilated. I felt like someone was binding my stomach into knots. I shook my head, wanting him to tell me the answer even though I already knew what he was going to say. I want to hear it and I want him to keep on seducing me. He was walking closer to me, the wooden spoon still in his hands, and he grabs a fistful of my hair and pushes me until my back hits the wall, hard. I felt like I was suffocating, but in a good way­. My nostrils could only smell him and the chocolate sauce that he was making a while ago. I want to taste him so bad.

“You mixed with it.” And so I kissed him hard. I left no space between the two of us as I engulfed him in a hug. I know that sex in the kitchen isn’t really normal but nothing is ever normal when you’re with Harry. He was slightly taken aback but he kissed me back with the same force. He knew it, that this was coming.

I tugged his brown locks using my other hand and kept my other one wrapped around his neck. He tightened his grip on my waist as he swiped his tongue over my lower lip. I wanted to tease him so I didn’t open my mouth for him. I just kept on kissing him. But Harry wasn’t too pleased with that so he pinned me harder against the wall. I could feel his growing erection on my stomach and he was toughly grinding his dick on me. He bit my lower lip so hard that I thought it was going to bleed. I couldn’t keep this teasing act any longer so I let him in and let his tongue massage mine. I thought Harry tasted amazing already but Harry mixed with chocolate is something else. I couldn’t help but moan and wrap my leg on his waist as we continued to make out roughly.

I was still pressed up against the wall when Harry’s hand left my waist and slid down my thigh. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. We continued to make out while he was walking. His erection still pressed up on me. I don’t even know where we’re going and honestly I didn’t care. I just wanted him to fuck me really hard tonight.

He set me down on the kitchen island and immediately stopped kissing my lips so he could start on my cheek, then my jaw, and lastly my neck. Harry kissed my neck a few times before he started nibbling and sucking, trying to find my weak spot. And when he did, I let out a moan, a loud one, making Harry smirk against my skin as sucking harder on my sensitive skin. He kept on licking and sucking and I’m sure I’m going to have a mark tomorrow. “Harr-y, bab—oh.” And just when I thought he couldn’t suck any harder, he did. Oh Harry Styles, your mouth is so fucking amazing.

When he finished sucking, he kissed on my sensitive skin one more time before tugging my shirt off in an instant. He continued to kiss neck then started going down to my collarbone, sucking a few more love bites that’s only going to be visible to him and I.

“Rest on your elbows, Niall.” It was a command rather than a favor. He sounded like he was so hungry and I couldn’t help but just stare. The yellow light of our kitchen is shining on to him. When did I get so lucky, I thought. I followed what he said and he started kissing his way down to my right nipple. He flicked his tongue hungrily and it sent waves of pleasure through me. “Oh, ff-uck.”

My other hand found its way to his hair and I was tugging on it so hard that I felt Harry moan while he was sucking my nipple. I opened my eyes and we were staring at each other with so much lust in our eyes. I couldn’t wait any longer so I stopped him from sucking and cupped his face so that I could kiss him. We switched places so he was now seated on the kitchen island with me in between his legs.

I removed his shirt and started leaving kisses on his neck all the way down to the visible area of his boxers. “I can’t wait anymore Haz, sorry.”

He chuckled as he ran his fingers through my hair. “Get the bowl of chocolate.” Oh. What were we going to do? I never mixed sex with food but the thought of Harry with chocolate dripping on his body just sent my dick into a full erection. I was holding the bowl in front of him and I noticed that he was completely naked now. The head of his dick was already leaking with precum. I stared at his erection with my mouth slightly open. I wasn’t new to this, why was I so nervous? His seductive and husky voice rang through my ears, awakening me from my daydream. “What do you want to do with me?” Oh he was teasing me with his lust-filled eyes and his hand slowly stroking his erection. I want to pleasure him and I want to be in control. I put the bowl down beside him and slapped his hand away from his penis.

I got a spoonful of chocolate and poured it all over his erection and surged forward to start licking the chocolate and precum off of the head. I heard him hiss and immediately his hand was on my bleached hair. This is so fucking erotic that I can feel my dick twitching in my boxers. It tastes so amazing as well. Wanting to turn him on more, I looked up at him with his dick still close to my mouth. He was breathing heavily and his forehead was starting to glisten. “Relax, babe.” He nodded eagerly, wanting me to stop teasing and just suck him off immediately. I licked the excess chocolate off of his thigh before seductively saying, “Harry with chocolate, my new favorite.”

I started sucking him off slowly. Tasting the warm chocolate on my mouth and the smooth skin of his penis. It tastes so wonderful and I don’t think I can ever get enough of it. I hear him moaning my name along with a few curses but I wasn’t sure. I was focused on bobbing my head up and down and using my hands for the places that I couldn’t reach. Giving him pleasure and removing the stress that he’s experiencing. Eventually, the taste of the chocolate started to lessen and I can taste more of him. My mouth was filled with Harry and only Harry, just the way I like it.

Harry was pushing my head further down, he wanted me to deep throat him and so I did. I felt the tip of Harry’s dick hit my throat. “Fucking hell, babe. So good.” I moaned while sucking him off, sending Harry into frenzy and making him stand on the floor instead of sitting down. I let my knees fall down on the floor and I held on to his waist for support.

Without stopping, I looked up to Harry and he was staring at me intently. He was breathing so heavily while he was biting his lower lip. God he looks so sexy.

He slowly started to thrust into my mouth, with the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat with each thrust. He was gripping on my hair so tightly and was moaning out my name. “Niall, I’m c-clo-se.” He tried to stop me from sucking but I held on to his waist and gripped it tighter. I wanted to taste him and clean him up using my mouth. Getting the hint that I want him to come inside me, he was thrusting a little bit faster and it was getting sloppier. He was near the edge, I can feel it with the way he’s tensing up. And with one last thrust that almost made me choke, he came in my mouth, making me taste his sweet and salty cum with a hint of chocolate. His dick was probably really sensitive right now and it’s going soft. I gave him the release that he wanted. I licked him clean, not leaving any residue of chocolate and cum on his lower region. Nothing tastes better than this.

Harry’s POV

I watched Niall lick me off clean, and god, his gag reflex improved. He didn’t even choke that much! I grabbed him by the elbows to guide him up to me. I instantly kissed him and his open mouth gave me the entrance I needed to dart my tongue into him. I can taste myself with a little bit of chocolate. I held on to his elbows and roughly turned him around so his back was facing me.

“Your turn.” I growled to his ear and pulled his sweatpants down right away. I got a spoonful of chocolate and poured on his neck, making drip all the way down to his back. Before the chocolate could reach his boxers, I licked it off, all the way up to his neck again. “Mmm”, he moaned. His body was so tense as I let kisses and continued to lick the chocolate off of him.

I moved closer so he could feel me rub my cock on his boxer-covered ass, making him moan again. It was like music to my ears. I slowly and agonizingly removed his boxers with my pointer fingers. My chest was pressed up against his back and his heavy breathing was in sync with mine. “Hazza-a… hurry…”

I continued to remove his boxers slowly. “Beg me for it.” He squirmed under my touch, as he was almost completely naked. “Fuck Harry, I need you to fill me up, please.”

It made me chuckle but at the same time it pushed me off the edge. My cock was fully erected now and, slowly, I continued to grind against him. “But you’ve been very naughty, love.” Niall whined. I was driving him crazy, I know, but I know that he loves it when I tease him and make him wait for it.

I pushed his boxers all the way down, this time, quickly. Without turning him around, I pushed my pointer finger in his mouth. “Suck it.” I needed to lubricate it so it wouldn’t hurt him. And when he was done, I slowly eased my finger into his rim and pushed it in and out slowly. He was whining and breathing heavily and I know that he just couldn’t wait anymore.

When it was stretched enough, I eased my second finger and pushed harder this time. And when Niall moaned, I knew that I hit his prostate. “Harry, the-re, ff-uck righ-t there.” I thrusted my fingers harder and faster into him then started scissoring them to stretch him further. Niall’s moans were filling our kitchen and his warmth was radiating to me.

I removed my fingers from his hole and aligned the head of my cock to his entrance. “You think you can take this, baby?” I suddenly felt Niall pushing himself towards me, making my cock go deeper into him. “Want you to fill me up, please.”

I slowly kept on pushing my self into him, stopping when it was painful for him. And when I was completely in, I started to ease out then in again. “So tight.” I hissed on to his back. Slowly fucking him until he feels pleasure. Niall feels so good and warm around me. His tight hole was giving me so much please that I couldn’t help but thrust into him a little harder and faster. “Just, like that baby, just like that.” I heard Niall whimper. I started thrusting harder, hearing Niall moan and curse every time I hit his prostate. I gripped on to his waist and we met with every thrust. “You feel so fucking good, Niall.” It came out, as growl and I sounded as needy as hell. But could I couldn’t help it, Niall just always felt so amazing.

I felt my stomach twirling and with Niall’s moans, I knew he was close. My thrusts were getting sloppier since I was close too. Just a few more thrusts and we were both done. I gripped Niall’s cock and started pumping it, driving him crazy and making him moan louder.

I felt cum start starting to come out of me but Niall was still riding his orgasm. “Niall, baby, let go. Come for me, babe.” A few more thrusts and pumps and I can feel Niall’s cum dripping on my hands. I was still inside him and we were panting heavily. “What are going to tell the boys?” I heard him say. I thought about how it was our first time to mix food with our sexual activities. “We’ll feed them tasteless cookies.” I answered. We both laughed and I just held him tightly and inhaling his scent. I kissed his shoulders blades as I eased out of him. And just like I expected, he let out a small moan. As I was removing my cock out of him, cum was dripping out of his hole. I was once again, turned on. A horny bastard I am, I know. But you just can’t help it when your boyfriend’s moaning lightly in front of you with cum coming out of him.

I hissed at the warm feeling and the newly pool of heat forming on my stomach. Niall turned around and wrapped his arms around me. And just like he was reading my mind, he said, “Let’s go upstairs baby, I want another round.”

Merry Christmas, Harry Styles.

End notes: Merry Christmas guys! This is my first one shot so please be nice. :) I hope you liked it!

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Hey, every time I make cookies, they come out more of a dense cakey texture rather than crisp on the outside and gooey in the middle. Do you have any advice? x

Well… this woman here had a mission to create the perfect cookie. She talks about chocolate chip ones, but you can use her ‘research’ on your cookies too. Read, I think it’s very good. She even explains how each ingredient effects the result, and what you can change to achieve what you had in mind.

Bitty making making cookies for the first time and getting more of the dough on his hands than into the balls he’s supposed to be making, they come out lumpy but taste great

Bitty getting to make his first pie on his own and he sits in front of the oven with the light on and his nose against the glass to watch it cook

Bitty starting to try and make his own pie recipes around 11 or 12 and his mom helps him make them while Coach tries them all

Bitty entering his first pie baking contests when he starts high school and at the first one he’s so nervous he can’t stop himself from talking to anyone and everyone who comes within earshot of him

Bitty celebrating his first win at a pie contest by eating pie and attempting to make consolation pies to send to his defeated competitors

Bitty getting to his senior year of high school and trying to fill out and submit all of his applications, he’s picked too many schools and he’s running out of time and he doesn’t know what he’s doing or what next year will be like, so he bakes pies

his mother finds him at two in the morning in the kitchen with three half made pies sitting around him and Bitty’s crying into his attempt at a fourth