time to look at pictures of cute puppies

  • INFP:I just can't do it anymore INTP!
  • INTP:*sends a picture of a puppy*
  • INFP:Nope not this time INTP.
  • INTP:*sends another picture*
  • INFP:You can't fix the world with puppies.
  • INTP:*sends another*
  • INFP:Oh my god it's so cute!! Look at its little nose!
Reasons To Date Reddy

You can take pictures of him whenever

When you ask him to smile but he dabs instead

When he wants to take pictures of you 

Him and puppies

Being lazy together


Late night biking dates together

Him being cute

Sending you snaps 

That one time he looked like a grandpa and you had to document it

When he see’s you for the first time while he’s playing basketball 

Him being RUDE AF

Being real cute together

There were a lot of just you taking pictures of him but… I mean what can I say he’s a gorgeous man who wouldn’t want to document his every moment.. but his fashion tho… man… questionable 

I don’t know if I wanna do a Hilite edition of Reasons To Date.. so if yalls wants to see it let me know

(Credit to gif and still makers)



 Since you asked for us to show you our pets, I wanted to show you my baby girl Lady! Most of my pictures of her are blurry because she gets so so excited and likes to move and wriggle all the time. She’s happy and lovey and is a huuuuge snuggler. I hope that pictures of this big puppy brought a smile to your face!

i actually didn’t ask for people show me their pets everyone just started doing it! lol not that i’m complaining everyone has really cute pets and i wanna pet them all ´u`