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I just realize how sexual ‘My Home” by GOT7 is… and MARK wrote the lyrics. But then I came to think of Coco. Plot Twist in My Home– the song is for Coco.

I almost died in the lines.

“You are atop my bed, together we are cozy,”

“But I go straight to you under my favorites.”

“I put my legs on the sofa, kicked back relax, hot hot bath time just lay back.”

oh damn. I need to get out my got7 and mark tuan overdose.

You know, it is entirely possible that in this scene, Steve feels the hammer shift…and stops straining. Maybe he knows that yes, he is worthy of Mjolnir, but doesn’t pick it up…


Because he doesn’t want or need the power the hammer can give him. He doesn’t want to rule Asgard. Being Captain America is enough.

Or because he knows that if he picks the hammer up, his friends will never see him the same way again. Steve has always been Captain America, the protector of the weak, the voice for those who can’t speak and the leader who sees his soldiers as friends. If he could wield Mjolnir he would be known as more than that. So much more. He would be able to bring down all the wrath of Asgard if he picked it up. But more importantly, his friends would look on him in awe, rather than as besties. They could never make conversation with him in the same way. Thor has always had the hammer, always been godly and noble, but if Steve, and only Steve, could pick up the hammer then they might resent him, might think that he’s better than them, Thor most of all. It would have started the Civil War earlier.

At heart Steve has always wanted peace, which was why he enlisted in the war. He wants to be with people who trust him and support him, and at the end of the day all he really needs is some time to kick back and have a chat with his friends and relax after a long day of being Captain America.

Things he’ll never have if everyone knew he could hold Thor’s hammer.

Artwork Asks
  • Mona Lisa: Do you like to look neat and orderly? How long does it take for you to get ready for the day?
  • Starry Night: Do you enjoy watching the sky and daydreaming?
  • The Scream: How easy/hard is it for someone to startle or make you lose focus?
  • The Persistence of Memory: Do some people consider you to be a weird or strange person?
  • Girl with a Pearl Earring: Do you like to wear jewelry? What are your favorite pieces of jewelry and approximately how much are they worth?
  • The Last Supper: Are you religious at all?
  • Guernica: Is the world "Black and White" to you?
  • American Gothic: Would you like to lead a simple and happy life? Or do you prefer adventure?
  • The Creation of Adam: What is your favorite story from Mythology? Do you have any favorite Fables or Fairytales?
  • The Birth of Venus: Do you like to be in the spotlight?
  • David: Are you the bold type? Do want your ideas and thoughts to be heard all around the world?
  • A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte: Do you take time out of your day to kick back and relax? Where can people find you if so?
  • No. 5, 1948: Do you tend to break away from traditions and cultural norms? Are you the rebellious type?
  • Pietà: Name something that tugs at your heartstrings.
  • Venus De Milo: Do you believe that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what they've been through in the past?
  • The Thinker: Do you often find yourself getting lost in thought? What is it usually about?
  • The Great Wave off Kanagawa: Do you like the Ocean?
  • Water Lily Pond: What are your favorite flowers?
  • Capitoline Wolf: What is your relationship with animals? Do you like them? What is your favorite animal?
  • Winged Victory of Samothrace: Do you strive to meet your goals and never give up on them?
  • Nighthawks: Are you a night owl or a early bird?
  • Lady with an Ermine: Do you have any pets? Would you like to have pets? If so, what would your dream pet be?
  • Wanderer above the Sea of Fog: Do you tend to get lost easily?
  • Napoleon Crossing the Alps: Are you a brave and daring individual? Would you fight for freedom if you had to?
  • The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp: Do you value your ability to get an education?
  • Christina's World: Is there anything you long for?
  • Washington Crossing the Delaware: Do you want to make an impact on this world? What do you want to be remembered for?
  • Carrot: Mister Vimes… has done time.
  • Sally: What for?
  • Carrot: No one knows for sure. He changes the story every time you ask him.
  • Vimes: I tackled the King of the Dwarves.
  • Vimes: I went back in time and kicked my old sergeant in the balls.
  • Vimes: I fought the man who summoned the Dragon Queen.
  • Vimes: I killed a werewolf...with this thumb.
  • Carrot: Reg ran weapons for the resistance.
  • Sally: Which resistance?
  • Carrot: He won't say. Apparently they didn't win.
  • Carrot: Don't ever go to parties with Nobby Nobbs. He's been banned from the Mended Drum AND the Bunch of Grapes.
  • Carrot: Cheery there? Ran away from her house at twelve. Got hired by the Alchemists' Guild as an instructor. And then, she got fired for blowing up the Guild House three times in one day.

Honestly what I want is for it to flash back to the endgame present time and Lup just kicks the door in with Kravitz thrown over her shoulder like “sorry I’m late but SOMEBODY left their fuckin boyfriend in the astral plane so I had to make a pitstop, you’re WELCOME” and then just shoots a fireball at the pillars of darkness coming out of the sky

Haunted By War: Jared Kushner Just Woke Up In A Cold Sweat After Having A Flashback About Getting A Blister During His 2-Day Trip To Iraq

The horrors of war can have significant impacts on those who experience them, and it seems like the president’s son-in-law is no exception: Jared Kushner just woke up seized with terror after experiencing a flashback to a blister he got on his foot during his two-day trip to Iraq.

What an incredibly harrowing experience.

Dreaming he was back in the war-torn country he visited last week, sitting with military generals in a climate-controlled room, Kushner broke out in a cold sweat as he was forced to relive the trauma of having his big toe rubbed raw by a pair of shoes he had not yet had the chance to break in. His mind replayed scene after scene in which he had to excuse himself from conversation with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in order to limp to the bathroom and shake any grains of chafing sand from his new loafers. A phantom pain in his heel throbbed as he repeatedly clapped his shoes together in his dream, only to find the Italian leather insoles covered in a fresh layer of sand every time he slipped them on his aching feet. The terror of the nightmare proving to be too much to handle, Kushner gasped audibly as he bolted upright in bed, eyes bloodshot with the horror of the injury he had sustained in Iraq.

Trauma can be difficult for anyone to overcome, and these flashbacks to his 48 hours in Iraq spent 10 miles away from any fighting show that Jared Kushner is having a tough time adjusting back to civilian life.

As he kicked off his covers and tried to catch his breath, Kushner was plagued by visions of the long hallways he had been forced to painfully traverse with the soldiers who’d put their lives on the line every day, his blister growing redder with each passing step as they told him about their fellow service members who had not made it home alive. He was haunted by memories of meetings with military strategists, in which he had stoically endured hours of discussions about the future of the United States’ involvement in Iraq without a single opportunity to apply an ointment or soothing balm to his foot.

Kushner attempted to clear these thoughts from his mind as he tried to fall back asleep, but they kept him awake for hours more. The sunburn he’d gotten on his nose still felt as fresh as ever, even though by now it had faded into a tan, and he could swear his shoulder still felt the slice of the uncomfortable seatbelt in the Humvee in which he’d had to ride on the second day.

This just goes to show the serious horrors Jared Kushner faced for our country. We hope he has a strong support network to help him get through this grim chapter of his life and work past the traumatic blister flashbacks that haunt him and disturb his rest. No one should have to live like this.

Other Fans: “Tony tried his hardest to kill Steve and Bucky but instead he just got his ass kicked lmao!!!1!

Me: *thinks back 2 that time when Tony destroyed like 50 robots with one laser blast / created an explosion that blew up like a mile radius with just his and Rhodey’s repulsors / almost got hit by a fucking missile and then turned the fuck around and blew that tank up with one tiny shoulder-missile* 

Also me: Okay Sure Jan

Secret is Out: Part 6

AN: Here is Part 6, as voted on twitter! Enjoy!

Prompt: What happens when secret identities are taken away from every DC superhero?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

    “You know you don’t have to wear the glasses, right?”

    Clark glances back at you in the mirror, before looking back at the glasses, “I suppose it doesn’t matter. They’ve pasted both versions of my face all over the news.”

    You crawl out of bed and jump on to his back, so that you’re hanging off his back. When you can’t quite manage it, he smiles and bends down a bit. Wrapping your arms around his neck, he makes sure you’re secure before straightening again.    

    “You realize it’s the same face, right? This one just happens to be void of glasses.”

“I know, I’m just going to miss it.”

You kiss his cheek, “Miss what?”

“Being able to walk around without being recognized, or taking you to dinner without

being ambushed by reporters. Going to work without being stared at.”

    You wince before letting go, and sliding off his back, “You’re nervous, aren’t you?”

    “More than a little.”

    You nod, “Understandable, because if I worked in our office I’d give you lots of grief over writing articles about yourself.”

    His eyes focus in on you, “You do work in my office.”

    You snap your fingers, “That’s right! I take the photos, and dig up information, silly me.”

    He stares at you, “You have something planned.”

    You shrug before sending him a smirk, “Guess you won’t know until we get there.” And without another word you walk into the closet and change. When you’re done, you come out to find him staring at the door.

    You whisper, “Is there an alien on the other side?”

    His tone has a bit of bite to it, “Nope. Just lots and lots of neighbors.”

    You roll your eyes, “The neighbors have been trying to steal a glance of you since the news broke. You just keep flying out the window.”

    “There’s other women out there.”

    You roll your eyes, “Do I look worried? I have Shayera and Vixen at my beck and call. I’ve got mad back up, so it’s time to kick the farm boy persona, remember you’re in the city and get a move on, before we’re late.”

    He pouts a bit, but allows you to push him towards the door, you pull it open to reveal several of the little old ladies who live on your hall. You give him a look that says, “This is what had your tights in a twist?” before focusing on the neighbors.

“Good morning Ms. Ghent, Ms. Libby, how are you this morning?”

They smile, “We’re fine dear. Just here to tell you something.”


“Yes, we just wanted to let you know we got rid of those girls who were trolling around.

You and Clark are a match made in heaven, and just cause he saves the world doesn’t give them the right to come trolling around.”

    You smile, “Thank you Ms. Libby. To tell you the truth Clark is a bit nervous, this is our first time going out with everyone knowing.”

    Mrs. Ghent snorts, “Nonsense. Clark Kent is just as good a man as Superman. In fact this whole thing just makes the world seem a bit less crazy.”

    You glance at Clark to find him smiling, “Thank you Ms. Libby, Mrs. Ghent. Let me know if you ladies need anything moved, okay.”

    They smile and send the two of you off with a tin of cookies. The front door to your building is a bit of a different story. It’s filled with reporters and shouting fans. Clark glances at you, “Sad thing is we know each and every one of those guys.”

    You nod, “Half of them are scum.”

    “We should get a car.”

    You roll your eyes, “When you fly you can break Mach 1. We are not getting a car.”

    “Is flying your suggestion for this situation, because I’ll remind you that you’re wearing a skirt.”

    You smirk, “I have shorts on underneath.”

    The two of you stare at each other, before you surge forward and push open the doors. You stick your fingers in your mouth and let out a sharp whistle. The flashes from the cameras stops and you smile, “I’d just like to remind ALL of you, that there is a very good chance that we have worked together before, or at the very least I’ve worked with someone who knows you. That means I know your dirty little secrets. Also remember that I’m not my husband and I have no problem hanging you out to dry. So stop looking for news and go find a celebrity to photograph instead.”

    More than a few of them look nervous, and all of them know what you’re capable of. Clark comes out a minute later and asks, “Was that really necessary?”

    You stare at him for a minute, before turning and walking down the street. You murmur just loud enough for him to hear, “I married a boy scout.”

    He catches up, and takes your hand a moment later. You get stopped several times on your way. Mainly by fans. You get more than a few stares, but you make it to the office eventually.

    The stares are enough to unnerve even you. You’re proud of the way Clark keeps his head high and his eyes on his desk. You take your seats and get to work. You’ve almost blocked out the being watched feeling when Perry yells, “Kent. My office NOW!”

    You both jump up, until he says, “Superman only.”

    You wince at the use of the name, but watch as your husband walks in. Then you realize everyone else’s eyes are on him, and turn back to your work. He comes out half an hour later and slumps into his chair.

    Clicking through the images you ask, “Do I want to know?”

    “I’m not allowed to write about Superman anymore.”

    “As expected.”

    “He wants me to cover what it means to have superhero identities exposed. Interview the League and such.”

You laugh, “Can I be there when you ask Bruce for an interview?”

Clark just groans.  

can you imagine kara wanting to do a games night with maggie and lena

It’s movie night at Kara’s. Its not always just the Danvers sisters anymore. More times than not Maggie and Lena are invited to join them in junk food commas and cheesy films. Maggie, being around for movie night longer then Lena has been slowly infiltrating the junk food choices, starting with vegan ice cream. Which mainly just resulted in Kara buying ice cream for her and Alex and adding a special pint for Maggie in the freezer. She was determined though, already roping Lena into the little escapade. The two of them taking turns bringing some healthier version of a snack. Being sure not to over do it in case the sisters caught on. 

“I think we should have a games night!” Alex raised an eyebrow looking down at Kara from her spot on the couch with Maggie. Kara never interrupted the movie, she must not have been able to stop thinking about it. 

“We haven’t had one in awhile.” Kara sat on the floor in front of the chair, her head leaned back against Lena’s legs curled up behind her. 

“Games night?” Lena’s voice came out low and relaxed, having almost fallen asleep while running her fingers through Kara’s hair. 

Alex shifted next to Maggie, “Yeah. Kara used to host a games night every few weeks and everyone would come over for pizza, potstickers, and beer and we play charades or pictionary usually.” 

“That sounds fun!” Grinning Maggie gave Alex a little shove. “I can get back at you for all the times you kick my ass at pool.” 

“In your dreams.” 

“You’ve never seen me play pictionary.” Maggie looked back Kara, “Alex and I are in.”


“Games night sounds fun babe.” Kara could tell Lena still seemed a little hesitant pushing herself up in the chair as she said it, but she was way too excited. She knew Lena wouldn’t agree if she really didn’t want too. 

“Yes!” Kara suddenly jumped up looking for her phone. “I’ll text James and Winn! Do you think Mon-El will want to come?” Kara picked up a blanket shaken it out with no luck. “Where did I put it?” Spinning Kara made her way over to the pizza boxes finally spotting her phone on the counter. “What about J’onn?” 

“Invite everyone Kara, they can say no.” Alex took a swig of beer. “And we can figure out teams and stuff later.”

“Right.” Kara started tapping rapidly in her phone. “Let’s do Saturday?” She asked no one in particular. “I’ll make sure I order pizza…” Kara opened the fridge checking inside, “…and pick up more beer.” 


“Yeah?” Kara looked up from her phone at Lena just as she started to stand up and walk over to her. She just noticed that someone had paused the movie. 

“How about Maggie and I bring some groceries over and we will make something?”  

Alex shifted away from Maggie on the couch, trying desperately to get Kara’s attention waving a hand under her throat. Her eyes bulging as Kara looked rapidly from Maggie to an approaching Lena and back to Maggie missing Alex’s silent cue.

“Are you sure?” Alex flopped backwards with a dramatic sigh, earning a jab to the ribs as Maggie nodded. Alex didn’t know if Kara noticed the change in snacks lately, she doubted it. But now they were going to be stuck eating kale salad and god knows what else on games night. 

“Of course.” Lena caught Kara’s hand in hers, gently tugging the phone from her grip and placing it back on the counter. She pulled Kara towards her. “I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t want too.” Lena loved pizza as much as the next person but there was only so much she could eat in a week. 

“Ok!” Kara smiled brightly at Lena as she let herself be pulled back into the living room. Her eyebrows cringing in confusion when she saw Maggie grinning and Alex shaking her head. 


Alex opened her mouth-”Nothing little Danvers. Lena and I have it covered.” Maggie grinned wider as she pulled Alex’s arm back over her shoulders earning herself a glare as Alex pointed a finger at her, moving it back and forth between the two women. “Make whatever you want, but I’m not eating any kale.”

My favorite things that happen every time Starkid performs live:

1) the audience singing Darren’s part during “Not Alone” like it’s some kind of hive-mind moment where everyone just knows everyone else is going to do it

2) the audience yelling their respective houses at the appropriate times in Back to Hogwarts

3) Joey, without fail, kicking the air when he gets to the “kick some ass” line in Back to Hogwarts

4) the audience collectively losing their shit when Joey and Lauren end up onstage alone together because they know what’s coming next

5) matching outfits