time to go to the mall y'all

fluffy date w/ mark!!! ⭐️ requested ⭐️ hope you like it! ⭐️ if you don’t like it I can always try again. I just don’t know the definition of fluff even though I am fluffy ⭐️ I love Mark sm if someone doesn’t like this bc of something tell me 

• ok so
• thIS BOY
•cutest thing I’ve ever seen please get me some water
• he just woke up and picked up his phone right away bc he wanted to text u
• sees that you already sent him a text to say good morning and that you love him
• dead man™
• he sheds tears probs omgmg so blessed
• he sees u don’t have to do anything today and is like “hey bab u wanna come over??”
• so u go over and he’s ecSTATIC to see u
probably because y'all haven’t been able to have alone time for like a week  
• he sees that you’re wearing the sAme sweater from like 2 days ago and is ?? where are all ur shirts bby
• is ready to fight you when you tell him you have like 2
• he doesn’t stress on you not wanting to go shopping or just not caring because ?? he loves u so much and respects u
• he lowkey stops at a café on the way to the mall to buy coffee and breakfast because he forgot 
cafe dates r highkey one of my bf!mark hcs for any situation
• you both sit down and he starts to take pictures of u when u drink ur order and he just g l i s t e n s with love bc CUTIE 
• insert cute triggered s/o “mark omg pls stop”
• threatens to not pay for your next date and u just ಠ_ಠ and then smile because he looks so happy
• goes to sit next to u so u both can take like 500 pictures together
• does his cute laugh when u do aegyo because cuteness overload omG mark is gonna die stob it
• he angles the phone when u have ur hand on his shoulder and are leaning in rly close to be in the picture
• and just as he takes it he almost screeched bc u kissed him ?!?!
• “what did you do that for I was threatened”
•  so red honestly chill tf out there’s like 2 people in there
• looks at the picture because he probably looked ugly from being so shook™ but he just
• clutches his chest and sighs because he thought it was so cute
• sets it as his background when ur not looking
• *catch him spending his life savings that day*
• when ur at the mall he just looks for cute clothes in ur style and wants to buy everything
• show him anything and he will tell u that ur beautiful
• ends up spending so much yet so little
• refuses to let u repay him
• highkey sneaks u lil kisses while ur behind the racks and moves away so fast
•  thinks he’s slick
• when the day is over he just hugs u for like 3 hours and does the cute sway thing
• is so happy that he got to get you things
• “did I ever tell u that I love u more than I can ever express”
• “yes mark u just did”
• cute lil puppy who never lets go of that hand
• just wants to give u the world and doesn’t know how
• u wanna give him the world too ugh
• the two of you probs go back to your place
• and cuddle for hOw long???
• neither of u know when to let go and it’s probably like 6am at this point ffs
• so cute I wanna protect this

What jobs the sincerely three would have hc(s)

A/n: pls request me ideas and stuff I’m running out of ideas lmao

Warnings: mentions sex a few times, swears, I mention getting a piercing.


- obviously he works at Ellison state park
- You visit him a lot
- And may or may not sneak him away for lil picnics in the park
- Or sometimes to have sex
- Either or
- He usually works in the same spot
- It’s this lil information booth by a pond
- You’ll leave him lil notes
- Just like cute shit
- Usually tree related puns
- ’ I be-leaf in you’
- ‘Love you so berry much’
- 'Have a tree-mendous day’
- He has a lil box that has all ur notes in it
- He’ll look at it whenever he’s bored or is having a rough day Bc they always make him smile
- LOTSA dates at the park
- Like lotsa
- Lotsa
- You’ll bring him an ice cream from the ice cream truck that come around
- (He likes king cones)
- You guys get each other little trinkets from the gift shop
- One time he got u a tree plushy key chain
- And u got him a little mug with two trees hugging on it.
- (He loves it and used it as much as he could)
- Like I say in all Evan head cannons
- Pure

- he probably works at a record store in the mall.
- Bc he likes the whole 90’s ~aesthetic~
- TBH not many people come into the store so he’s mainly alone
- But u come to visit him!!
- Like all the time!!
- Also the record store is right next to a Claire’s where u may or may not work
- One time u went to get ur cartilage pierced with Connor but u chickened out and he ended up with one
- Aaaand a week later it got infected Bc he didn’t clean it
- Clean ur piercings kid
- But this isn’t about piercings
- U always try really hard to work close to the same hours as each other
- So like I can have lunch together and all that fun stuff
- When u guys hang out in the store u mainly listen to like classic 90’s jams
- I.e.: smells like teen spirit, my heart will go on, hit me baby one more time (a personal fav) spice girls anything tbfh, bohemian rhapsody, u get the idea
- U guys got into the mall real early one day and Connor started playing some slow songs and y'all danced for a bit
- Then another day he played slow songs and y'all fucked in the back
- ^^ this is a common occurrence
- And you get bonus points if his co-worker or even better his BOSS is in the next room.
- U mainly visit him Bc he doesn’t like Claire’s
- He literally fuckin hates it
- He thinks every item in the store is shit
- Except the candy
- That’s the only part he likes
- You’ve smuggled pockey on multiple occasions
- But when he does visit u he sticks out like a sore thumb
- Like imagine a sea of, pink, white, and purple, the just this tall figure in all black
- Yup that’s what Connor looked like in Claire’s.
- U guys are so heckin’ cute tho

- he works at one of those arcade places that has a go kart track built into them
- He loves working the go karts because “it’s like real life Mario kart (y/n)!!”
- But he also likes working the arcade Bc he basically know how to cheat each one for tickets so he helps out some non douchey kids get stuff
- He took you on a date to the go karts and lemme tell you he’s 100% the asshole who RAMS into the back of your kart even though it says 'no bumping’ in BIG ASS LETTERS on the back of each one
- He’s definitely gotten kicked out for this
- “I can’t believe I got kicked out of the place I work.”
- “I can’t believe you got kicked out by the dude you were supposedly cool with.”
- But he’ll take u to the arcade more often
- So he can get u things
- So there’s this one big ass bear that costs like 100,000 tickets and you fucking NEEDED that bear
- He saved a shit ton of tickets and got it for u for your birthday
- You named him 'jer-bear 2.0’
- He has 100% snuck you into the break room to make out with you
- One little kid ended up asking him how he got hurt on his neck later that day
- He blushed and said he fell out of a tree
- So he was having an off day and you snuck him out later that night after the arcade closed and basically you guys had the arcade to yourselves
- You guys fucked on the air hockey table
- Jared was never able to look at that air hockey table the same again.
- He actually interacts really well with the kids and will even sneak them a few extra pieces of candy
- Just
- Wow
- Nerds

December Day 8

The first time you got a letter from your “Secret Santa” you were pretty darn confused because nobody told you that y'all were playing. Usually at the Avenger tower you just got each person an individual gift.

You walked into the living area and asked “Guys, why didn’t y'all tell me we were doing Secret Santa gifts?”

Everybody looked at each other like they didn’t know what was going on and simultaneously said “we aren’t”.

Now you were even more confused, but you needed to go get ready to go shopping with one of your best friends, Bucky. Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers had been your best friends since you had become an Avenger. You basically dragged them to the mall, book stores, food trucks…anything. You loved spending time with them whether it was all together or just one of them.

A knock on your door startled you out of your thoughts and back into the present time.

“Y/n, are you ready to go?” Steve’s voice drifted through the door.

You moved your newest gift off of your lap and got up to open the door. “Yeah, let’s go!”

Steve and Bucky were taking you to the bookstore. Stevie liked to joke that if you had “one of those biographies on one of those relationship screens on the electronic thing” that it would say “likes long walks down the bookstore aisles” instead of on the beach. It’s probably pretty accurate though.

You were really confused because your Secret Santa had been getting you gifts that you mention you want when you are with Steve and Bucky individually. Yesterday you mentioned to Bucky that you wanted a plaid shirt and then you mentioned to Steve that you wanted a new pair of jeans. Today both items was what your Secret Santa had gotten you.

You didn’t know if you wanted it to be one of them though. They could just be telling someone the things you want since they are your best friends. You like them both though, so you don’t think you could handle just one of them liking you and the other one helping them.

All three of you were walking back to the tower from the bookstore when you decided to just ask.

“Bucky? Steve? Who are y'all telling everything I want to?”

Steve and Bucky shared a look before Bucky spoke, “Nobody, y/n? Steve and I wouldn’t do that. It would obviously ruin our Christmas ideas.”

“Well they are already ruined since everything I ever mention to either of you I get. So which one of you are doing it? I can’t deal with secrets, you guys know that. Why would y'all even be doing this? Do you just want to make me happy? Or do one of you like me? I just can’t…”

You were right in front of the tower now, but they both stepped in front of you to make you stop and they each grabbed one of your hands.

Steve says, “Y/n, listen. We have both been giving you gifts.”

“What do you mean? Like a competition?”

“Doll, no. We both like you. We decided that just ONE of us couldn’t have you. It’s both of us or neither so I guess we wanted to…woo you.”

“Bucky is right, y/n. We were actually going to ask you if you wanted to go to dinner with us tonight. Like a date. We are tired of not telling you how we feel. I mean you don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable….”

You interrupt him by trying to squeeze both of them into a hug and yelling “Of course I will!”

You were still holding onto them and probably smiling like an idiot. “I’m sorry, I just got excited. I like both of you too. I didn’t want to mention it though because I didn’t think either of you would like me back. Or if only one of you did then I don’t think I could have taken that. So yes, I’d love to go to dinner with the both of you.”

You unattached yourself from them, dragged them into the tower, and into the elevator. When it got to your floor you kissed each of them on the cheek and told them to pick you up at 7.

Steve just blushed and smiled adorably at you while Bucky said “You got it, doll” and winked at you right before the elevator doors closed.

You had never been happier in your life. And to think that this happened because of Secret Santa.

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imagine dating jeremy heere tho??

he’s WAY too fucking nervous to ask you out cause look at you, you’re so pretty and cool and holy sHIT did you just look at him oh my god mICHAEL HELP so obvi you noticed his cute-ass and were like damn i wanna piece of that sweaty dork and you asked him to see the new spider-man with you and he’s like asdfhdjdklkdk yES and y'all have a killer time accidentally being super late bc he spent too much time pysching himself up and then tripping down the stairs getting a black eye and then missing the movie and just going to ur house and watching ferris bueler or smth instead

second date you guys go to a mall and holy fuck there’s a pet store here jEREMY WE HAVE TO GET A FISH so now you guys are the proud parents of a fish named danny dorito and you love him

jeremy invites u over all the time for some netflix and chill ((;;;;;;0000)) but in all seriousness he truly means just chill like the first time he texts you to come over for watching netflix and chilling he freaks the fuck out and backtracks like oh my god i’m so so sorry i didn’t mean like netflix and chill i meant like hangin out and watching cooking shows please don’t block me and tbh ur like dude i’m down for either and he’s like aaAAAA UM SO DO U LIKE CUTTHROAT KITCHEN OR UH cause he can’t handle the idea of netflix and chilling with u

you guys watch creepy videos together at like 1am cause you’re a couple of idiots and just FREAK the SHIT out of each other cause you’re scared and you being scared makes him more scared and you try to call michael cause he seems put together right but nope he comes over and watches one video and now he’s fucking terrified, in the end you guys have to call jake to come over to calm you guys down cause he’s the only one with sense around here tbh (and he’s the only one that could probably beat up the demons for y'all)

his hands are kinda shakey but dude he absolutely loves painting ur nails it’s so calming just focusing on ur really nice hands and painting them nice colors it’s just good vibes all around

he plans a really nice date for you to show how much he loves u and you guys go out and have a picnic but oh shit there’s a beehive nearby and he got stung bc he kept freaking out when a bee landed on him and it turns out he’s kinda allergic to bees so u had to stab him in the thigh with an epi pen and drive him to the hospital just in case but u kept making dumb jokes the whole time to keep him laughing and not focused on what’s happening and god he’s fuckin smitten, ur too good for him , he’s a mess but he’s ur mess lucky u

anyways i’m gay and in love with jeremy heere bye

Dating Seungkwan would include


- the type to be trying to tear open his chopsticks and hit your titty with his elbow let’s be real

- annoying girlfriend type who always wants to sit like, RIGHT next to you in the booth and you’re like seungkwan I can’t even see you

-  “that’s what makes it more romantic”

- him slipping into his jeju accent when he gets mad and starts talking fast and you ain’t got any idea what he’s saying but nod anyways

- feeding him your food so much that your arm reaches for his mouth while he follows the fork like a baby bird

- sitting on the couch watching Disney movies and you hear some gross sniffling and when you turn on the lights its seungkwan crying into your shirt

- on weekends since he got the energy of the fucking energizer bunny he wakes you up by singing into your ear obnoxiously

- “ayoooo ladie-” “seungkwan I will put you in a headlock, don’t try me”

-  walking in butterfly gardens together having a great time, but then seokmin almost chokes on a butterfly behind y'all and you have to leave

- seungcheol is like the annoying high school teacher at prom, like he even sees seungkwans hands on you he’s like “ha ha, lets it keep it pg guys ;-) haha”

- trying to text seungkwan very serious but he jus keeps sending you memes and you’re like what the fuck

- going to the mall while a very exhausted seungkwan follows you around

- suddenly he’s 100% reenergized as soon as y'all even pass by a Victoria’s Secret

- he’s always trying to talk to you in English but you kinda sit there confused like….that ain’t English boy

- going out to eat and always over ordering, like y'all will think you’re hungry enough for all this shit but then you’re sitting there with half full plates like….what now

- kissing his neck but he throws his drink because he got surprised and then he’s mad at you for the rest of the day

- he’s really easy to scare….,,,…but you don’t do it a lot cause he cries easily and has a weak heart

- loses his mind whenever you do anything cute like he starts throwing shit he can’t handle it he wants to fight

- wearing his shirts and he gets mad but you don’t listen, but then he walks out in your bra and shit like how do u like it????

- “seungkwan…it’s not the same.”

- always singing when shit don’t call for singing, like you’re trying to cook and he’s in the background rapping about every ingredient you have

- “Vernon please come collect him.”

- doesn’t like it when you wear heels because he feels small

- tries to be cute and place little kisses on your mouth before he leaves for the day but ends up tripping and falling on top of your sleeping body, has to run out with a red bump on his forehead

- probably gets asked about it later on by his manager or an interviewer and seokmin has to help him with a response

- taking boat rides to jeju together while you sleep on his arm and he’s so hype for you to meet his mom

- his mom loves you and seungkwan is over the moon cause she’s important to him and you’re important to him and he boutta cry

- he don’t bring you to the dorms a lot cause even though it doesn’t show he’s really touchy about you and chan is to damn comfy with you for his liking

- sneaking off together at night to little shops and restaurants all over while seungkwan holds your hand extremely tight like he doesn’t want to lose you

- he the type to get lost in a supermarket and have to go to the front and get them to call you on the loudspeaker

- when you go up to find him he’s sitting there with a blue ballon while the old manager lady pats his head and you’re  like what the fuck am I dating or babysitting

- but sometimes you get really sad or scared sometimes and he’s suddenly superman and makes you feel safe and warm and you’re sorry you made fun of him for crying over the lion king again

- entertaining his weird phases, probably has a week where he’s super into fly fishing and you gotta deal with it

- being the 4th wheel in seokmin, hoshi, and seungkwan’s endeavors

- but it’s okay cause seokmin gives you piggy back rides and hoshi always feeds you when seungkwans away mc'ing or something

- you think they’re being nice but seungkwan probably asked them to do it because he doesn’t want you sad while he’s away

- flying to see your parents this time, and he probably practices his greeting for your dad in front of the mirror, in seven different octaves, 3 different postures, lmao

- going wild over your moms cooking and she probably loves him, and even though your dad looks at him like he’s weird, which he is, he likes him deep down

- people havin a hard time deciding if you guys are being sarcastic or serious talking to each other, it’s a house of sassy hoes

- dramatic coats together in the winter

- hoshi making you guys have a “get along” shirt that he sticks you in when you get mad at each other

- singing in the car to your favorite songs but seungkwan is like…,,,no

- “who sings this song, y/n?” “Exo, why?” “Yeah let’s keep it that way.”

- if he ever hurts your feelings from being a butt sometimes he’s always unsure how to apologize because of it

- ends up grabbing you and hugging you and singing cheesy love songs to make you feel better

- kissing his shoulders when he’s sore from practice but scoups runs over and grabs you like time to goooooo!!!!!

- borrows your lotions a lot so he always smells sweet like you

- trying to be cute and finish each others sentences but y'all always say the wrong endings

- little late nights where he calls you (until you wake up, you’re on alert for divaboo) and let’s out his frustrations, finding comfort in the way you would tell him everything’s okay and will continue to be

- trips with him in the moonlight where he makes you laugh and giggle by dancing all over town, cracking jokes at everything, kissing your cheek in little surprise gestures

- hoshi taking sneak pictures of you both and sending them to seungkwan later, he probably posts them with wild ass tags like “#truelove #seungcheolandjeonghancantfuckwithus #kawaii”

- it’s gonna be a relationship where you can never guess where he’s gonna go, what he’s gonna do next, and that’s all part of the surprise because your mc boo is one of the biggest motivators in your life and he loves you more than he loves being dramatic and that’s a whole lot and it’s just one of the most refreshing and wild relationships you’ll ever have and seungkwan the type to always keep you guessing and excitable every second of every day


my queue is empty…and I’m tired and emotionally spent. I’m going to bed. So for the first time since I started this blog over 4 years ago, it will go quiet. I’ll try and post tomorrow night. Just wanted to let you guys know. Don’t want anyone worrying about me..I’ve just been to upset the past few days to load my queue..and..sigh…well, you know.

Story time

So I’m in the mall with some friends, right? I see this menswear store and remember I could use a couple more dress shirts. So I go in and I’m just browsing when I realize the two men in the store are speaking Arabic. I didn’t want to disturb their conversation so I continue looking around. Eventually there was a break in the conversation so I had to ask “Excuse me, where are y'all from?” They replied “Morocco”, and I know Morocco is a Muslim country so of course my next question was “are you Muslim?” They kind of tensed up for a moment before replying yes. I smiled and said “me too” and gave my salaams and man I wish y'all could’ve seen the transition of their faces. Huge smiles, laughing, and we had a good lil convo before I left out the store. There was one thing that stuck out to me though. After I told them I was Muslim, one of them was like “You scared me for a second brother” and I laughed it off. But with all this Trump shit and being in northern Louisiana, I now know what he meant by that. They were legitimately on guard because a stranger had asked if they were Muslim. In that one second it took them to answer, they probably had come to the conclusion that whatever situation or consequence could follow was not worth denying his faith. Masha'Allah that’s what I aspire to be like!

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Hi! Can you please do a request for shopping with Tae when you get a chance? Thank you 🌞

sure thing cutie pie!! sorry it took so long i have been swamped with work and school stuff this week im so sorry here you go though!! 

  • again another request which is my fave like requests are my favorite in the world!!
  • okay tae is the hardest for me to personally write for but i am trying very hard for you all!!
  • okay so tae is still our small little child you know but seokjin doesn’t really care about his butt shopping alone he really only needs to come and babysit jeongguk on his shopping adventure
  • but tae is social and fluffy and cute and he loves all his boys very much so if any of them wanted to come he would definitely bring them along!!
  • which usually means chim and hoseok end up cramming in the car with you guy and it is not the mom suv
  • oh also also!! same deal with jeongguk you guys prefer the mall as your fave shopping place and not the crummy one just down the road that only has like aeropostale or whatever the heck people shop at
  • no the mall you go to has multiple levels and it has lots of quality stores and it’s nice and clean
  • but anyway you and tae pile in up front cause he has his license in this and even if he didn’t i bet this boy would go for it if you were going some place that made you happy
  • and hoseok and chim are in the back and they’re giggling and teasing you two for being so cute and if you two even look at each other for point five seconds the two in the back are screaming
  • when you first went on mall adventures tae almost crashed the car every time they would do that cause distractions!! but now he’s so used to it he just rolls his eyes and threatens to veer off the road if they don’t shut up
  • the entire car ride tae plays all the cyphers cause he is a dweeb and hoseok sings his part and tae sings yoongi’s part and chim does namjoon’s part and if you ever ask to change the song the three of them will all glare at you then start singing louder and at this point you know better than to ask again
  • tae probably speeds or drives like a grandma there is no in between okay he like goes way under or way over the speed limit
  • and you kinda
  • “i hope we go with jin next time geez god this is too much”
  • and you guys probably stop on the way like five times cause taehyung is a sweetie and when hoseok needs to go to the bathroom you stop and when chim shyly says he’s really hungry you guys get like five large fries at mcdonalds
  • which hoseok and taehyung end up throwing at each other so it really defeats the purpose but anywaY
  • you guys would get there much later than you had expected and you kinda greatttttttt
  • and you all hop out and 95 line dramatically say goodbye and hug each other and hobi hugs you just because he felt lonely and needed someone to hug as well but tae is not a fan of that so trades you for chim immediately
  • and you all plan to meet back at the same entrance to the mall at like six thirty or something so on the way home you can stop and get actual dinner and rub it in everyone else’s faces
  • and tae is a big hand holder in the mall cause sure arms around the waist or shoulder is really cute but hey the mall can get really crowded and he doesn’t want to lose you! and he also doesn’t want to be over the top cause god knows how many fans are there and he doesn’t want to be really mushy in front of them you know??
  • and so he can also tug you along excitedly if he finds something you might be interested in!
  • your boy though, idk the big mall here has a disney store!!
  • and so that’s usually your first stop is the Disney store!!
  • you guys are the only adults there without children
  • but the look on his face is all worth it
  • he asks you for help with their names and so he goes around pointing out all the characters he knows
  • and he likes to say you’re prettier than any of the princesses
  • he likes to also help the little kids reach the toys maybe they can’t reach by themselves and he’ll put a tiara on his head and he’ll sing along to under the sea with the little girls and he always has a cluster of kids following him around in the store
  • they actually ask him to come work there a few times and he has to decline every time with a pout
  • okay but he does end up actually buying stuff he likes to get plushies and if you weren’t there for impulse control he would buy one for every single one of the boys every single time
  • so he just gets one a trip and this time he ends up getting an eeyore stuffie for yoongi
  • he gets one for the both of you too and for the dogs and cats so you guys have even more things to snuggle when you go to bed!!
  • all the little kids get sad when you leave to go check out the rest of the mall
  • but obviously there’s a lot more you want to do !!
  • like after all this intense singing along taehyung would suggest it’s snack time !!! like what’s a mall trip without a snack
  • you guys would be the type to get pretzels !!
  • like not boring old salt pretzels but the yummy cinnamon kind and you always end up getting three cause taehyung eats two on his own and then still wants half of yours
  • but you let him how could you not have you seen this small little squish he is too adorable to say no to
  • and he always munches away happily and he licks his fingers all cute and if you have anything on your face like any cinnamon he would be rude and either kiss it off or like lick the corner of your mouth and you have to beat him because “taehyung there are CHILDREN here”
  • I wanna do fan interactions for all the boys buT
  • taehyung is definitely one of the more popular members so I think he would get approached a lot
  • he would always make sure to say hi and sign anything and everything for them !!!
  • and then he would introduce you always like he would be so open about his love for you like he knows idols are supposed to have their relationships on the down low but there’s no way he’s gonna pretend you don’t exist like he’s gonna show you off forever and we all know big hit is a lil more chill than lots of companies so they wouldn’t care too much after a while you know like he’s gonna fall in love let him bE
  • if a fan asks for a hug or something (idk do ppl do that) he would always give you a look first to get your approval
  • and you’re a super chill lover and you want all the fans to be happy okay thx
  • one time he asks the girl if she wants the rest of his pretzel and she passes out and you guys have to call mall security but that’s a different story
  • okay anyway
  • y'all are walking around, holding hands and being cute
  • and then you go to the pet store
  • and there’s a little puppy in one of the cages chasing his tail and Tae walks by and it starts tipping excitedly !!
  • and taehyung gasps and his presses his face to the glass and he’s so in love already and he asks the attendant if he can go in the little room and interact with the puppy
  • but that is one expensive puppy and you guys have like seventeen already ???
  • but he puppy looks so sad and lonely and taehyung is about to sob so you agree
  • but then the attendant comes back like “sir I just checked and um that puppy was gonna be sold to another person”
  • and taehyung is !!!! “I need my parting words”
  • and so he does what anyone else in this situation would do
  • and he stuffs the dog in his shirt
  • and he walks out all normal and the attendant just
  • “where’s my dog??”
  • “what dog???????????”
  • and he just glared and you kinda tae, love, baby
  • and then the guy realizes his shirt
  • and taehyung just “I’m pregnant”
  • you guys aren’t ever allowed to go back to that store again
  • you guys go get some ice cream to cheer him up and you also get a balloon to cause here there’s a clown and it’s scary af but it has those really big shiny character balloons!!! and you guys get one cause they’re cute and you get a scooby doo on even though it’s outdated as heck
  • but it’s cute and that’s all that matters!!
  • I don’t see a lot of actual shopping going down
  • it would be more going in all those oddball random shops and just looking around more
  • like I don’t see taehyung being the biggest spender out there and he could be like a lil bit of a minimalist so he doesn’t like to buy much for himself
  • he would always want to buy things for you and the other members though!!! like just little things that remind him of all of you
  • but if you wanted to go in any shops he would be so patient and he would always be so supportive of all the clothes you tried on and he would carry all your bags for you too!!!
  • and if he saw you staring at something he wouldn’t even be subtle he would just go up and buy it for you he really likes getting you jewelry so he can be really cheesy and brush the hair from your neck and put the pretty necklace on when you get home and wow nice I’m digging
  • and he would especially like getting things for his chimmy !!
  • and all your pets he makes sure to get them all special treats
  • there’s a fudge store that you always get fudge from to take home and share and you guys do that too !!!
  • if you ever go past like the lingerie section in any particular store he would be shameless and be like “wow that would totally be your color!!”
  • but like in a really sweet innocent way like him just complimenting you?? even if it’s kinda blunt !!!
  • okay so maybe it’s not that innocent but hey that’s taehyung for you
  • anyway after aimlessly wandering for a bit and enjoying each other’s company you guys meet up with chim and hobi and you go out to get dinner !!
  • and you go get pizza and guess what you guys get like two large and one is extra cheese and one is pepperoni !!
  • and you guys make sure to send lots of pictures to seokjin cause you’re rude
  • and taehyung keeps his hand on your thigh the entire dinner
  • you guys show off everything you bought and share stories and it’s just fun bonding !!!
  • on the way home you fall asleep and he pulls the car over to take cute pictures of you
  • shopping with taehyung would be a lot of fun plz invite me along thank you!!

I work for a very popular young women’s clothing store (named after a French cake). Anyways, I’m not exactly the skinniest person who works there, but as a manager, I set an example of how to dress and act as someone who works there. I can obviously wear the clothes that we sell. So the other day we’re having a good day and we’re steadily busy. I see a customer walk up to the cash wrap and I head that way to cash her out. I do the whole customer service thing “hi how are you” “did you find everything okay?” Blah blah blah. The customer asks me, “is there plus size here?” I reply with no, we don’t have plus size in this store, we do have plus size in the surrounding cities. She goes “No, that’s NOT what I’m asking. I SAID is there any plus size stores here in the mall.” I apologized, and then gave her directions to Lane Bryant, and that was the only store I know of that was specifically targeted for plus size women in the mall. Irritated with me,(for whatever reason), she says “well I need something for my friend. Like leggings. What size y'all go to?” I said the biggest size we go to is an XL. The whole time I’m totally nice with speaking to her, only I know where this is heading. She then asks me with this stank look on her face: “well, where do YOU even shop then???” And then EYES me up and down. My face immediately changes. With a blank face and monotone voice I said “I shop here. I wear a size large. The shirt I’m wearing? It’s right over there.” (Not that she needed to know that.) She then RAISES her eyebrow at me and then goes “Oh.” I hand her her change and said “have a GREAT DAY MA'AM.” She walked away and never looked back. This type of behavior sickens me because it’s like really?? Do people really need to be that cruel? Does basically calling me fat feel make you feel good about yourself? Seriously? Fuck her. Fuck that customer. I wear my stores clothing with pride!