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For the Best

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Prompt: “You’re still here…and you’re making pancakes.”
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 825
Warnings: language, implied smut
A/N: I feel like I haven’t written Dean (other than series) in ages. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Imagine Sam waking you up in the morning

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Author’s Note: Sorry! I was gone for awhile! I was suffering from an anxiety disorder and physical sickness as well. Not to mention, there was a project for my Art History course but I am back with a fluffy and sweet Sam imagine! Hope you guys like it!

Imagine Sam waking you up in the morning                                                

Couple: Sam x Reader

Sam Winchester walked out of the small, steamy shower of his ensuite bathroom in the Bunker. With one towel wrapped around his strong, lean waist while he used the other smaller one to dry his hair.

He had returned from a run awhile ago and decided to lose himself in a nice, heated shower before Dean or his girl woke up.

Waiting by the closet as he glanced around for a new flannel, he heard your soft snore and noticed the clock: 7:55am.

You were cuddling his pillow as if it was someone you were hugging. Your arms were wrapped around it as the blankets fell to your bare waist while you slept on your tummy.

Your silky hair was all over the place as you snored into the late hours of the morning. Sam smirked as he put away the towel he was using to dry his hair.

He sat on the side of bed which you did not occupy.

Sam Winchester smirked as he placed gentle kisses on your neck and shoulder as you tightened your grip on the pillow.

“Go away.” You shook your head as if someone was disturbing your dream. A dream where you were the knight in shining armor. 

Sam slightly laughed before placing a kiss under the spot near your ear. “Honey? It’s time to wake up.” He whispered into your ear as you tried to slap him away.

“No, I want to save the prince in distress Sam.” You groaned as Sam sat back up, laughing. With a smirk, he placed his hands near the side of your body.

“Okay! I guess I have to do this.” He let out a deep laugh as he started tickling you.

Your tired eyes bolted open as you jumped into a sitting position as Sam tickled you over and over again.

“Stop!” You squealed and squealed as he laughed.

“Hmm? I don’t know if I should?” Sam tickled your sides to the point you were out of breath from laughing.

“I’m up!” You rasped. “What the hell Sammy?”

“You wouldn’t wake up. Besides, it’s eight o’clock in the morning.” He gave you his puppy dog eyes which made you both melt and roll your eyes.

“Why?” You held the blanket to your bare chest as Sam fixed the towel around his waist.

“Because it’s fun.” He gave you a toothy smile which caused you to raise an eyebrow.

“And I love the sound of your laugh.” He added as you grinned at the blush on his cheeks.

“Oh Sammy!” You giggled as you cupped his face with your hands. Lips were locked in the fierce kiss as you lazily draped your arms around his neck.

Before pulling away, “Sammy, I swear if you try that again next time. I will!” You were cut off as he picked you up from the bed and his towel dropped.

“Where are we going?” You questioned with a laugh.

“To the shower” Sam exclaimed.

“But you already showered!” You giggled as he started walking toward the bathroom.

“Yeah but I missed you in there.” He smirked.

“You’re such a dork!!!”

The End.

You Are My Song (Pt. 4)

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Summary: You meet Kihyun in psychology class and can’t stand him.  Outside of class is a different story.

Disclaimer: All of the things mentioned in this story are all works of fiction and have been made up by me, the author.  I did not intend to make anything based on real life, and any coincidences to real life are purely coincidences.

Members: Kihyun x Reader

Rating: PG-13/Angst/Brief mentions of smut

Length: 4,229 words

Notes: Y/BF/N = Your best friend’s name | Y/R/N = Your roommate’s name

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Imagine...Dean taking care of you

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

“Dean!” you called out as you sat on the bathroom floor. You heard a quick series of footsteps before the door opened to reveal your concerned boyfriend. “I need help,” you said bitterly, wrapped lazily in a towel. 

Dean moved over to you and helped remove the plastic bag covering the cast on your leg, careful not to let any water run down into it. 

“Come on,” he said, wrapping his arms underneath you and carrying you bridal style back to your room. You scoffed at him as he walked down the hall.

“If you would just bring me my crutches like I asked I could take care of myself,” you said. Dean hummed as he turned the corner and entered your room, careful not to hit your injured leg on the door. He sat you on the bed as he moved to the dresser and closet, pulling out some sweats and one of his shirts you liked to wear.

He turned around and handed them to you with a soft smile. Annoyed, you grabbed them from his hands, wishing he would stop babying you. “I could have gotten those on my own,” you said, dropping the towel from your body and moving to dress yourself. 

Your bra went on no problem but you couldn’t get your underwear over the plaster. You struggled for a few moments before Dean’s hand were on top of yours, gently moving them away so he could help you put them on. He helped with your pants next, the baggy material much easier to get on. He backed away as you pulled his shirt over your head. 

“Do you need anything?” he asked but you rolled your eyes before he could even finish.

“I’m fine Dean. Just leave me alone,” you said harshly, rolling on the bed and turning your back to him. Even if you couldn’t see him, his head had nodded in silent acceptance as you heard his footsteps leave the room. 

For five or so minutes you laid there, feeling worse and worse about how you’d treated Dean the last few days. All he wanted was to help, be there for you. If he’d been acting this way, you’d have already argued and made up by now. Footsteps returned as you heard a glass being placed on the bedside table behind you. 

“Dean,” you said as they started to walk away again. They stopped as they patiently waited for you to continue. “I’m sorry.” The bed dipped as you felt a hand brush against your cheek. 

“Why are you sorry? You haven’t done anything wrong,” he said, gentleness in his words. He tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear as you turned to face him.

“I’ve kind of been an ass lately,” you said and he smiled.

“Like I’ve never been an ass when I’ve been hurt?” he said. 

“But I always call you out on it. You haven’t been doing that,” you said. For a moment you saw a flicker of sadness in his eyes.

“I want to take care of you. Not fight,” he said. You reached your hand up to pull him down to lay next to you. He propped his head up as his other hand continued to play with your hair.

“How about you take care of me, but let me do some things on my own?” you said. Dean hummed in agreement.

“I’m still going to help you with the shower and getting dressed. At least until you aren’t in as much pain,” he said.

“Fine. As long as we agree that next time either one of us get’s injured we aren’t going to go through all of this…again,” you said.

“Sounds like a plan,” said Dean. “Let’s just hope that isn’t for a very long time.”

“Agreed,” you said, despite knowing that you enjoyed taking care of Dean just as much as he enjoyed taking care of you.

Imagine having to sleep in the impala with Sam and Dean...

You’d been sat outside the victims house for the past 4 hours and still there was no sign of the werewolf. You shuffled in your seat and stifled a yawn with the back of your hand.

“Look, if you two want to catch a quick bit of shut eye, I can keep watch for now.” Dean said in a low voice as he looked at a map of the area.

“Dibs on the backseat!” You whispered without missing a beat.

“No way, Y/N, you’re practically a fairy, I get back seat, I’m biggest so I need the space.” Sam muttered back.

“No way Sam, I called dibs.”

“What are you? 5?”

“Play nice kiddies.” Dean said with a smirk looking between the pair of you.

“Whatever. I’ll be the bigger man, you can have the backseat.” You saw Sam begin clambering over into the back. “On one condition…”

“What?” Sam said raising a sceptical eyebrow from his point half way.

“The next two times we’re in motels, I go in the shower before you. I’ve had cold water for the past week.” You gave him a triumphant grin.

“Fine.” Sam rolled his eyes and got into the seat before collapsing down.

You settled back into the passenger door in an attempt to get comfy and you saw Dean smirk again before you closed your eyes to get some sleep.

anonymous asked:

Can you name and give a summary of all of Sen Takatsuki's books?

Oh I will try to do it, but we don’t know the plot of all her books. I will just mostly quote what the manga says.

  • Dear Kafka (Takatsuki Sen’s debut work): We just know there’s a trick with a letter (x). It’s Takatsuki’s best-seller with 500.000 copies (x). Quotes from the book: “That time, while making sure I would not be noticed by anyone (not even Father), I secretly and quietly rewrote the summary.One can only destroy things one cannot change.This is so for me, a person who left in the womb everything that was needed(x), “ The child who has forgotten how to go home,has forgotten the act of going home itself.And so once again, the child wants to die” (x)
  • Monochrome Rainbow is a short story collection (x) and contains “Summer Diary”, “Resentments”  and “Showers at Sunset” (Sayoshigure), Kaneki calls Summer Diary insanity based and Resentments comedic. These two are his favourite short stories from Monochrome Rainbow (x). “Showers at Sunset” is the prototype of the “Black Goat’s Egg” (x)
  • Salt and Opium: In the story there’s an investigator  with the name Kunazaki. (Warden Oota Kimio from “The Hanged Man’s MacGuffin” is Kunazaki’s uncle. Kaneki figured this out because both stories are from the same timeline (x).)
  • The Black Goat’s Egg (Takatsuki Sen’s seventh work): A cold-hearted, inhuman, female serial killer called “the Black Goat” and her only son are the main characters. The son of the Black Goat is the main character, so he’s the “Black Goat’s Egg”. (x).  The protagonist is disgusted by his mother’s depravity, but begins to realize that he is developing the same cruel impulses. The book combines brutal descriptions with a delicate portrayal of the main character’s mental state (x). Quotes from the book: “ My dear lost one, your parents failed in raising you” (x), “In this room, you are not allowed to love anyone” (x) , Volume 5 Extra (x)
  • The Hanged Man’s MacGuffin (Taktsuki Sen’s eighth work): It’s a collection of stories about death sentenced prisoners.These stories are told from the point of view of the prisoners (x). There’s a warden (Oota Kimio) and a fan of Takatsuki describes him as a “bad guy” (x). Quoted from Wikipedia (x):  “ In fiction, a MacGuffin is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation. The specific nature of a MacGuffin is typically unimportant to the overall plot. The most common type of MacGuffin is an object, place, or person; other, more abstract types include money, victory, glory, survival, power, love, or some unexplained driving force.” 
  • King Bileygr (Takatsuki Sen’s tenth and final work): The story is a heroic epic and about a One-Eyed Ghoul known as “Nameless”. The heroic protagonist “Nameless” leads his fellow ghouls as their “King” in a rebellion against the world that oppresses his kind. The human organization in the novel is probably modeled after the Washuu clan. It’s later revealed that the organization secretly cooperates with ghouls. Bileygr is a reference to Odin, the one-eyed ruler of the Norse Gods (he’s often associated with the tarot card the Hanged Man (x)).
Arie’s Corner - Fics to Love

It has been a LONG ASS time since I have told you guys what I am loving reading right now.

Jensen & Dean - One Shots/Imagines/Drabbles

@torn-and-frayed - Isn’t It Great

  •  With this angsty Dean x Reader piece, Steph has proved that she is satisfied with setting the world on fire and watching it burn. Now that I said that, you know you want to find out what the hell is going on. Join the damn club.

@blacktithe7 - Don’t Say a Word

  • This is one of her older pieces, but it is brilliant, per the usual. This Dean x Reader one shot will remind you what the word feels really means. I promise, you go read it, and you won’t regret. And don’t worry, she wrote a follow piece. (Say Something)

@sincerelysaraahh - Jensen at the Airport

  • This is a cute Jensen x Reader interaction that explains the video of Jensen’s when he was rushing to catch his flight in Rome in may. Super cute a fluffy.

@one-shots-supernatural - Restless Nights

  • This is ANOTHER take on the airport video, but this time we have Daddy! Jensen x Reader. It’s so fluffy I could float away every time I read it. I’m a sucker for daddy Jensen. ;)

@loveitsallineed - My Drab Request

  • I sent in the lines 25. “I don’t think anyone else has ever made me feel that way about myself.” 30. “There was always a little part of him that wanted to get caught.”  and Caroline came up with this piece that had me giggling like a little girl. I was doubling over in fluffy laughter at Dean’s reaction to the reader several times. 

@supernatural-jackles - Locked Up

  • Dean x Reader get locked in a freezer and there is an angsty, fluffy revelation. I love it. 

Jensen & Dean Series 

@one-shots-supernatural - The New Roomate Series

  • I put this series off for a while in the name of, “I’m too busy, I don’t have time!” Well, I’m glad I found the time. This Reader x ? series is completely wonderful. Its AU Sam and Dean, but she stays true to all of the characters and puts them all in a world where you would think this is what their life would be like if they weren’t hunters. It’s fabulous and when you find out the pairing, after quite a few parts, you’ll sigh in relief or cry. Depending on if you’re a Dean girl or a Sam girl. 

@deanscolette - Love in the first Degree

  • Another AU series. This one is Dean x Reader and you need a box of tissues, man. I’m just warning you. She isn’t very deep into the series yet, but I’m so hooked and so sad. 

Smutty Dean/Jensen Oneshots

(Damn, I read a lot of smut)

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing - Red-Handed

  • She is at it again, folks. A Dean x Reader smutastic fic. Let’s just say you’ll need a cold, COLD shower when you get done with this masterpiece by Karina. You’ll probably want to read it a couple times. ;)

@whispersandwhiskerburn - Sunshine in Rain

  • I’ve only recently discovered this wonderful writer, Angel. I tell you, she is going to have a new stalker soon. This is a smutty, angsty, fluffy, Dean x Reader one shot that will just make you sigh contentedly at the end. *sigh*

@dean-reader-stories​ - Mudder Virgin

  • This is a Jensen x Reader smutty, fluff piece where the reader decides to participate in Tough Mudder for the first time and runs into Jensen and the guys and they invite her to join their team. The reader ends up running the race with Jensen. It is one of the FIRST fics I found on Tumblr, and recently found it again. You have to read it. It’s wonderful and a big part of why I write the way I do.

@ilostmyshoe-79 - Tease Me

  • Kim never EVER disappoints, and she certainly doesn’t with this smutty, hair pulling, dirty talk Dean x Reader piece. Gotta break that tension somehow. ;)

@nichelle-my-belle - Birthday Blues

  • Dean forgets the reader’s birthday and makes up for it it in the sweetest way. *sigh* It’s bloody brilliant and full of fluffy smut.

@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid - Now Boarding

  • A very fucking HOT take on Jensen’s video in the airport. Good lord help me. This is Jensen x Reader SMUT-tastic wonderfulness. And the best part, there’s a part 2. (Awaiting Departure)

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