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Full List of Redesigned Aliens
The number of species I’ve drawn/written about has now reached levels where individual page listings on my tumblr are unreasonable. Here is a master list of species tags in alphabetical order instead!...

I’ve updated the redesign list! Armus, Orion, and Robots have been added, with Robot serving as a term to refer to a USS Shenzhou crewmember who is likely supposed to be a human but I want her to be a robot. If I draw other unrelated robots in future, I’ll look into separating the tags.

Although they’re not redesigns for reasons stated on the list, I’ve also decided to make an extra section at the bottom and have included Q, El-Aurians, and… Kyuubey. In future, when I’ve got time, I’ll sort out all my Soong Android art and give them their own tag here too.

I believe that brings the list up to date for now!

The Evolution of Adrien’s Game

I binged a few eps of Miraculous Ladybug while I was sick today and ended up making a long-ass observation post about Gabriel as Hawkmoth (or maybe Mr. Kubdel, wtfk) instead of resting.  Because priorities.

Anyway, here’s something else I noticed that wedged itself into my brain and won’t leave.  Prepare for another long post. 

In “Origins”:

  • Falls in love with a person he just met (proof he’s a Disney princess)
  • Which one?  Ladybug or Marinette?  Who knows.  He gives them both the same “oh shit, I think I’m in love” look.

In “Copycat (L'Imposteur):

  • Nino invites the girls to the movies and Marinette squeals.
  • Adrien’s reaction (half startled, half “that was cute wtf?”)

In “Timebreaker (Chronogirl)”:

  • He freaking winks at Marinette after complimenting her.
  • Oh yeah, you’re smooth -_-
  • Also, you’re a pirate.  ARGH MATEY!

See how this plays out below the cut:

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What the House Vote to Repeal Obamacare Means for Planned Parenthood

Congress Is a Step Closer to Repealing the Affordable Care Act and ‘Defunding’ Planned Parenthood. Here’s What the Bill Actually Does, and How to Fight Back.

On May 4, the U.S. House voted to pass the worst bill for women’s health in a generation: the American Health Care Act (AHCA). This bill not only seeks to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but also to “defund” Planned Parenthood by blocking Medicaid patients from care at its health centers. 

As the bill heads to the Senate, here’s what it actually does — and what it doesn’t do.

What Thursday’s Vote Did NOT Do

  • It didn’t become law.
    The ACA repeal bill passed the House by a narrow margin, and now it faces an uphill battle in the Senate. We can expect more changes to the bill that will impact women’s health.
  • It didn’t close Planned Parenthood.
    All Planned Parenthood health centers are open as usual, and staff are doing what they’ve always done: getting up in the morning; opening the health center doors; and providing high-quality, affordable health care to all people who need it. That includes patients who rely on Medicaid coverage.
  • It didn’t cancel your insurance.
    The benefits of the ACA are still here for you, even if you’re 26 or younger and on your parents’ plan. In fact, the majority of people can still purchase a plan for $75 or less. If you have health care coverage, it is still in effect until there is an actual change in the law, which takes time. So, make your medical appointments, and get the care you deserve and are entitled to under the law.

What the AHCA Threatens to Do to Women’s Health

In particular, the AHCA would:

  • Take away health coverage for 24 million people

  • “Defund” Planned Parenthood by blocking people who rely on Medicaid from accessing preventive care at its health centers — including birth control, cancer screenings, and STD testing and treatment

  • Reduce access to no-cost preventive services, including birth control

  • End protections that keep insurers from charging people with pre-existing conditions unaffordable rates — allowing insurance companies to once again charge people tens of thousands of dollars a month because they had cancer

  • Impose a nationwide ban on private insurance coverage of abortion

  • Undermine Essential Health Benefits — including maternity coverage and prescription drugs, which disproportionately affect women.

  • Gut the Medicaid program, which approximately 1 in 4 women of reproductive age rely on to access no-cost, critical reproductive health care (such as birth control, lifesaving cancer screenings, and maternity care)

4 Ways to Fight Back Now

Infuriated? You’re not alone. Here are the top three ways to stand up for health care and stand with Planned Parenthood right now.

#1: Call Your Senators
This is the most important way to take action right now. Use our easy online form to call your U.S. senators. We’ll give you a script so you can tell them to protect health care and stand with Planned Parenthood.

#2: Tag Your Senators on Facebook
Do you notice when somebody tags you on Facebook? Chances are,  your answer is “yes” — and that goes for your senators, too. Our simple form automatically tags your senators and gives you time to edit the post.

#3: Tweet at Your Senators
If you have Twitter, take a moment to tweet at your senators. Our easy-to-use form automatically finds your senators’ handles. It also gives you a sample tweet if you don’t want to write your own.

#4: Tweet at Reps who Voted Against Women’s Health
Click on the link above and scroll own for our list of representatives who voted in favor of this dangerous bill. If you see your House member, tell them you will not forget that they stripped access to care — and will not forgive.

Voltron fic recs, the fourth wall


So it’s been about six months since I’ve done a fic rec list. I’ve been asked a number of times to do this and I’ve read a lot of fic in that time so uh, I guess some of these are like my greatest hits of the last half year? 

Some are very popular and some are less well-known but no less deserving of praise, so go give them all some love!

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings

Trouble’s Making Everything Alright - 78k (WIP); klance; Keith and Lance crash-land on a lawless, low-tech planet and become rough and tumble mercenaries, donning leather coats and gun holsters, righting wrongs (while committing a few heists of their own) and fighting to get back to their team.

you never stood a chance - 12k; klance; Lance accidentally sends Keith a gym selfie snapchat with the caption “BET YOU WANNA LICK THESE NIPS” and promptly freaks out. Turns out to be one of the best mistakes he’s ever made.

King and Reaper - 35k; klance; The story of the destruction of Earth and its aftermath, feat. questionable science in regards to weapons of mass destruction, gratuitous Star Wars references, theoretical chess games with the emperor of most of the known universe, explosions, the greatest bromance of all time, the worst romance of all time and many more things besides.

nothing’s quite as sweet - 50k; klance; Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street. When Keith finds abandoned kittens behind the store and in a panic goes to Lance for help, he kicks off a chain of events that includes kitten cuddles, coffee experimentation and a whole heap of fluff.

Foreign Scenes - 110k; klance; Lance is travelling across Europe and keeps bumping into Keith sneaking past “no trespassing” signs in an attempt to get better photograps. Basically an AU in which Lance and Keith become impromptu travel buddies and get into trouble.

You and I Collide - 55k (WIP); klance; Lance likes to sing in the shower. Keith lives in the apartment next door and the walls are not very thick. And you can bet when Lance wakes him up at 7:30 in the morning, Keith has something to say about it.

Pulsar - 31k (WIP); klance; A story about college, coming to terms with your past, being scared of your future, and running into crazy things like love somewhere in-between.

Ignorance is Bliss - 161k (WIP but almost done); klance; As it turns out, learning that your house is haunted makes the ghosts a lot more aggressive. Who knew? Ah, well. At least one of them is hot. And he’s the less-evil one, too, so that’s always a plus.

the potential of you and me - 15k; klance; The summer after freshman year of college, Lance drags Keith back to their hometown to hang out. But the two of them rarely spend time together without Hunk and Pidge around, because things had a way of getting out of hand real quick. This summer is… no different.

Deepest Shade - 40k (WIP); klance; Lance, idle middle son of the Álvarez family – shippers and traders, backbone of the galaxy, the epitome of self-made wealth – is drifting. Keith Kogane has been a thorn in Lance’s side since the day he was adopted by the powerful rival clan, but he can’t deny that Keith is incredibly attractive. A chance encounter at an Altean dinner party makes him realize the attraction might be mutual.


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Easy-ish Ways to Help The Planet For Free or Cheap

I’m aiming to make sure everything on this list is either free, very cheap or saves you money in the long run. I also don’t want to include anything that requires owning a house because this is 2017 and we’re all millennials here

Cheap/Financially Beneficial:

  • You’ve heard this one before but if you menstruate, buy reusable products. The average person uses tens of thousands of pads and tampons in their menstruating life, which is not only wasteful but expensive. 
  • If you wear makeup, use cloth pads instead of disposable wipes. You can even make your own makeup remover using olive or coconut oil and water. 
  • The same goes for cleaning supplies: use washable cloths and for extra brownie points buy non toxic or eco cleaning supplies such as Ecover brand supplies or castille soap.
  • Buy bar soaps in paper instead of gels in plastic bottles. It’s usually as cheap if not cheaper, although it’s harder to find bar face soaps. 
  • Support local small businesses!
  • Try indulging your online shopping cravings and/or doing some groceries on EthicalSuperstore.com or EthicalShop.org if you’re in the british isles. If anyone knows any equivalents in the USA or anywhere else please add it below!
  • If you have bulk stores nearby, bring your own containers and buy unpackaged bulk items.
  • If you can use public transport to get somewhere, always choose this over using your car. Try to nurture a ‘driving is my last resort’ mentality. 
  • If you’re planning a holiday (lucky you!) consider exploring the beauty spots in your own country instead of going abroad to avoid air travel. I know you want to be ‘cultured’, but why not get to know your own culture a little better? Plus, the tourist industry can often be really damaging to some beautiful countries.
  • Buy a stainless steel reusable water bottle and stop buying bottled water if your tap water is drinkable. If it isn’t, look into filters.
  • Replace some of your meat with meat-free alternatives and/or try to eat less meat. Regardless of your stance on animal rights, livestock farming is bad for climate change. 
  • Loan $25 to small business owners struggling with poverty all over the world with Kiva.com. Not only is a $25 microloan fairly affordable when it comes to potentially pulling someone out of poverty, but if and when they start earning, they’ll pay you back! And the site pays your second loan for free! Plus you can claim to be an investor on your CV. Look out for causes where a lender is matching your donations to make maximum impact.
  • Watch documentaries (legally) to support people who are spreading the word/doing something about issues, and to educate yourself and get more ideas on how to help. 
  • Stop buying new clothes and start buying vintage or second-hand. I’ll let you off for shoes an underwear. 
  • Look for products in glass or metal not plastic. Not only are you more likely to reuse them, but they’re much easier to recycle and are more often made from recycled materials. 
  • Buy metal safety razors and razorblades instead of disposable plastic ones. 


  • Set Ecosia as your homepage and default search engine. It’s a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees! You plant about one tree every forty searches
  • For both the planet and the people, go to GreaterGood.com and click a button to donate to a different cause on each tab. You can do it once a day.
  • Recycle. Even if they don’t have home collection where you live, there should at least be a collection point you can go to.
  • Don’t throw away empty jars and bottles. Use them to fill with other things, especially homemade food, drink and toiletries. 
  • Use your vote to support politicians, locally and nationally, who prioritise the environment. 
  • Share your eco-doings on social media. Give local small businesses a shout-out by by posting pics of your delicious meal or pretty soap and tagging them, or let people know that you took your old furniture to the recycling place at [address].
  • Get new furniture from Freecycle or similar sites to save money, prevent those things from going to landfill, and avoid using up new resources on new furniture. Also, donate your own old stuff. 
  • If you have free time, try volunteering. If you can’t commit to a regular shift, look for local beach cleans or similar events. 
  • Watch YouTube videos by people living zero waste, low energy or eco-food lifestyles. You’re not only supporting them and spreading their message, you can pick up some tips. You don’t have to go vegan or zero waste or whatever, but just one or two changes can help. I recommend trashisfortossers especially as a starting point!
  • Stick seeds or roots of your vegetables into pots and grow your own vegetables from it. Some of these are super easy, some might need a bit more effort. Celery really takes off. 
  • If you have the confidence, ask your boss if you can pitch some ideas on making your workplace/company more sustainable. If you hint that it could save money, they’ll probably go for it. 
  • Turn the heat settings on your heating and hot water down. You don’t need your water scalding, and if it’s coming out cooler from the boiler, you need less cold water from the cold water tap. 
  • Get wildflower seeds for free from Grow Wild and sprinkle them anywhere, be it your garden or a roadside verge (out of a car window, don’t walk on roadside verges).
  • Support your local park, library and other services that provide free stuff for the public. Libraries = less books being bought while still supporting writers, and parks = green spaces.  

That’s all I can think of right now - I’ll add more if I think of more. Add your tips below!

The A-mew-sing Sequel To Adrien’s Game

This time, there are only four episodes covered but a lot of pictures so I’m adding a “read more”…eventually.  Also, Ladybug is on Netflix!  Go watch.  Here we go with the next four eps!

The last time we left our boy Adrien, he was developing his flirting technique with the lovely Marinette.  Or not.  It’s fun to speculate though, right?  Right?!

…ANYway, let’s see how he tops the almost kiss.

 In “Darkblade” (Le Chevalier Noir):

  • Marinette decides to run against Chloe for class something-or-other
  • To the utter delight of 95% of the class
  • That’s right man, just play it cool…

In “The Mime” (Le Mime):

  • Hey, I didn’t know y’all were gonna be here too lol!
  • Smooth move, dude.  Just play it off like you had NO IDEA.

Our cat son heats things up below the cut!

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You once said that a step towards recovery means I’ll need to break myself into pieces, darling I’ve been trying to put my heart back together. I like to step on myself sometimes, I don’t take compliments well because I don’t think too highly of myself. When you step on the same lego piece everyday even your ego starts to melt a little. You once said that if I find someone to hold my thoughts before I hold their heart– then maybe she’s the one. Or maybe there’s no one out there, who knows, right? We can circle around this a little longer than always, but I’ll always run back to the why. Why do I want to conquer my memories? Each city that I’ve built for them inside of my head is still bright and I’ve not let a single light bulb blow out, I’m so out of it– while thoughtlessly I’ve been reaching out of my head, my heart likes to beat me to it. It says that love can only be achieved if I chase after it. You once said that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Do you still believe in those words? Because if I’m not cruel to myself, I could be cruel to someone else. If I read enough books, do you think I’d finally own a chapter in my own life? If I open up some more, will I close off opportunities for myself to the prospect of loving myself? And what about them? Vanity is my master and I’m a slave. It’s okay to be a little vain sometimes, right? I’ve got it in my veins, maybe I’m the only honest one. You once said that if I trip over the same rock and stub my toe a million times within a week, you’d still say it’s okay. Like falling requires gravity to bend to my whispers. Like drowning demands my lies to swim back to shore. Like dying seeps through my eyes, how can I love if all I’ve got is missing pieces? You once said that a river flows like time and if I’m out of seconds– you’ll just record your voice saying I love you until I finally get it. I remember everything that love has to offer, but never the person. I remember the feeling of infection that is affection. And if I walk alone and get hit by a car, maybe it’s just another story that I won’t write. Some words live in between the lines, I’ve been seeing dualities. Life and death is just a kiss and hug. Black and white, storms and clouds are just pears and apples. Poetry and prose likes to sound sweet, but it’s the bitter bits of me that’s suicidal. Love and hate was born from strangers, so you never knew the difference between the moon and the sun– the lightness of tomorrow likes to coat the darkness of past days. Cigarettes and lung cancer, a dance of smoke that disguises itself as stress free, do you think I’ll die healthy? Drugs and my body, which one will make me feel better if I’ve been sweating for a week? You once said that we’re spinning around in a circle just waiting for someone to stop by– grab my attention and you can have my voice, steal from my hands and you can have my poems, which hurts more to have loved or to not have loved at all? An empty silence that’s so full of itself– I can’t hear myself think inside of my own head. I’ve got file cabinets tagged under read later, but I’m a sucker for love– so I feed into it. You once said if the sky breaks into a brighter day, you’ll be there. That is wishful thinking, my favorite kind. Words can’t give meaning to our story, but we still write. You once said that it has to mean something. Every statement paused long enough for several lifetimes to become real again. It feels like such a long time, but we’re still in love with them in there somewhere. It’s buried. It’s in a coffin, but it’s there and we know it. We can hear it. We can hear it. Fuck, we can hear it. That little beating that isn’t ours, it’s always theirs. And that’s my fear, you once said that maybe that’s my fate– I’m supposed to cling onto that strand of innocence, of who I used to be, to remember what it feels like to feel, it has to mean something. Giving meaning to nothing, my favorite pastime. Giving something to someone, the only way that I’ve been living. You once said that until I learn to keep more for myself, I’ll always end up in square one– alone, but as long as I’ve got you, it’s not true, right? Some thoughts like to sleep alone, that’s not one of them. Hold onto that piece of us, the poetic storm that is joy. Keep your kindness to a burn, a stretched out sunrise screaming your name is my simmer. I know about nothing and that’s my one redeeming quality. I know that I don’t know shit, and that’s why I write like this. I know that I don’t love like I used to, and that’s why I love like this. I know that I’m not the same person from last year, and that’s why my guilt likes to trip up. I know that I’m no longer in love with her, but I can’t seem to explain the empty feeling unless I spell her name backwards under a star somewhere that I can’t touch. I know that I’m still messed up, but I’m just taking advantage of my youth. You once said some people will get over you in a week, but it’ll take you a lifetime to get over someone. If forever is a drug then I’ve overdosed. If always is a lie then I’ll take the beautiful. If never is more and a secret is sore– then I’m sorry about the words that didn’t stop, I am trying. I am always trying. You once said that if we kiss the ocean long enough, the mountains will answer. I’ve buried my love letters on the highest mountain and emptied my heart into my art. If I live long enough to spread my wings, do you think I’d still be condemned? Life is too short to live in the past, but I can’t stop asking about my what ifs. Love is too long to just be over, but I’ll just keep painting over it with a new layer of red. If you’re still reading, then I’m still writing. This yin and yang battle of ours has no meaning. Tortured souls live in the canvas and I’ve seen enough chains– I shall be unbound someday. You once said I love you– darling, that’s the only fucking truth that I believe in. You once said that soulmates aren’t always lovers– I guess it’s just you. You once said that flowers don’t just bloom, they wilt– so I guess I’m just withered. You once said that if you had your way, I’d own the universe. You don’t get it. When you became my best friend, I got it.
—  You once said

Even if you never listen to any other thing I have to say, please listen to this:

Stop disparaging your work.

No matter what form it takes, prefacing your work with phrases like, “This sucks; This is probably bad; I’m not a good writer/artist/creator but I did this anyway,” is a two-edged knife and both sides are lethal.

On the one hand, putting yourself down rots away not only any self-esteem you do have, but any you might be trying to build. If the most constant voice in your life – your own – tells you you’re awful, you’ll never be any good, why bother when so-and-so is ‘better’ or such-and-such is ‘more popular’ guess what? You’ll start believing that voice. And, chances are, you’ll stop creating anything at all, because why bother?

The other deadly edge of the knife is that if you’re putting work out there – and I see this all the time – with tags or artist’s/author’s notes that say, “This probably sucks,” or variants, many people won’t give it a chance. They will never even click the read more or the link that might let them make up their own minds because you’ve already told them it’s not worth their time. People are pretty susceptible to suggestion. If you start them off with the thought, “This is going to suck,” even those who do click that read more will be predisposed to see the flaws you’ve prepared them for and think poorly of your effort.

Stop disparaging your own work.

I know it’s hard. I do. Putting yourself out there where anyone can see and anyone can say anything is so terrifying. Creative work is personal. It often leaves us feeling particularly vulnerable. When we’re vulnerable and afraid of being hurt, we often get defensive even before anything bad has been said. A lot of the time, that defensiveness comes out as self-deprecation.

Nothing is ever perfect. Everything has flaws. That’s part of what makes each creation unique. Some people will love your work. Others won’t. That goes with the territory. Make art for the audience who’ll love you, not the ones who won’t. Above all – and I cannot stress this enough – make sure that you are part of that first audience. That starts by not putting yourself down in the instant you put yourself out there.

Creating work is challenging and scary and wonderful and brave. Letting other people see that work? Even more so. Keep working. Keep learning. Keep failing and trying and failing and trying; that’s the only way any of us learn and grow and change and get better. 

But most of all? Stop putting yourself down. You deserve better than that. Yes. You do. You really, truly do.

Merlin having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Merlin 😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him realizing he might be having some feelings for you as he’d always seem to pay attention more to you than the other recruits

-Him thinking it’s adorable of you still trying to help the other recruits while you yourself are one and liking you even more whenever you’d tell him to mind his business when he’d warn you about it

-Him being unfair with you and making you wake up earlier than the others to go workout with him, only for it to be because he wants to spend his time alone with you

-Him enjoying to look at you doting on your puppy but having to try his best to stay stern and serious as he warns you about it, only to feel bad when he sees you getting upset

-Him always showing you the new gadgets he has first as he just feels the need to talk to you about it and even teach you how to use them

-Him always being ready to reassure you while he watches you from the cameras, whether it be you on a hard test or your first mission

-Him losing his train of thought whenever he sees how beautiful you look from his monitor and you having to constantly ask him if he’s alright

-Him getting jealous of the other rookies that get to spend all their time with you, especially considering how most of them are boys your age, only to always give them the hardest task whenever they piss him off

-Him desperately wanting you to become a Kingsman so he can spend even more time with you and just encouraging you to keep working as hard as you can

-Him awkwardly letting his feelings for you when you were out on your first mission in which you had to dress up, by complimenting you a little too much

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Attention All Readers And Writers!

You know it really makes me upset seeing all these amazing and beautiful writers getting so much anon hate. It’s damn sad seeing that someone actually rook their time to figure out the flaws of a writer, that’s if the writer has any flaws.

Now let’s start basic, everyone here is human. So no one is perfect, they’re gonna have flaws whether you like it or not. It’s your choice if you decide to focus on those flaws, or if you look at the positive parts of them as an individual, look at what make these writers special.

And let’s not forget the fact that writers on Tumblr are literally giving you free books upon books of fan fiction for your binge reading nights.

They take requests from as many people as they can, putting aside their lives outside of the internet so they can write these and satisfy themselves and others who enjoy the same things as they do.

Writers are people who have busy schedules outside of these websites, and yet it’s a miracle that they have the time to write these fan fictions so we could sit down on our couches, chairs, benches, cars, beds, etc, and read about their imagination. They could have families of their own, or still be living with family, but either way, they want to do this. Writing isn’t a requirement, an obligation, or anything that’s forced. They want to show off their amazing talent by bringing your ideas to life with words.

And you know what else? They tag you in the prompts that you suggest to them! This is literally the best thing for those who request prompts, because it gives you the joy of seeing your ideas turned into an x amount of words. Best part? You’re not the only one tagged! These writers have a TAGLIST, a list of other people who wish to read those prompts!

So not only does your idea come to life thanks to a wonderful writer, it’s read by so many other people all around the world!

And another thing that’s absolutely mind blowing? No writer ever writes in the same way another writer does. You’ll never find two angst prompts that look the same, two romantic prompts that look the same, two fluffs, two horrors, two mysteries. Never, ever, ever!

Each writer has their own unique style of writing that stands as their signature to others. Just like how an artist signs their work, these writers have their own sort of signature that marks their work as theirs, whether it be certain references they make, the way they finalize their works, certain vocabulary they use, or the way they make you feel like you’re actually seeing these things happen in your head. Or feel like it’s happening to you.

The anon hate comes from bitter folks who express their opinions in the worst way possible, in the form of insults. Now look at this. You can tell someone they’re fat, or call them cute and chubby. You can tell someone they’re short, or say their adorably tiny. You can tell someone their new hair cut is awful or call it unique.

There’s a difference between speaking your opinion and being straight up rude.

Now these anons come back with more stuff to say no matter what happens. But if there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Here are some tips for those writers who are dealing with anon hate.

1- Don’t answer it. Whatever you do, don’t answer those anons. They’ll come back for more when they see you’ve answered them.

2- Delete it from your page, asks, messages, etc. Don’t look at it for longer than the time you need to read it. Completely remove it.

3- Go and read some fan fictions. Watch your favorite movie. Watch a series on netflix, youtube, or any of those other websites you use. Don’t let the anons get to you! You’re absolutely wonderful in your own special ways!

Go and let a writer know that you like their writer, that you appreciate them and their works, that you’ll have their backs, and that no matter what, you’ll continue to give them the positive feedback that they deserve!

You’ve got supporters and I’m one of them!

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Hello bookish bees! 💖

I am here today to bring you a read-a-thon!!! It’s been a while since I’ve seen one being organised around booklr, so I decided to take matters into my own hands 😂

So, without further ado, I present to you The Cookie Read-a-Thon! It will take place for 10 days, between October 13th and October 22nd (I figured that this way it will give people more time to get some reading done, alongside work and school and all that crap). We’ll each start and end on our own time zones, so when midnight hits on October 13th, you’re free to start reading! 😊

We’ll be using the tag #readacookie, so make sure you tag all your posts so we can find each other and have fun together!

I also put together a kind of challenge - the prompts are for every other day during the read-a-thon, and you can interpret them however you want, through photos or just a post discussing them 😊 Also, they’re not compulsory, so you can choose not to do them, but still participate in the read-a-thon.

I really, really hope a lot of you take part in this. I have always loved participating in read-a-thons, because they encouraged and pushed me to read more and they were always great in helping me get back on track with my Goodreads challenge. 

So please, spread the word as much as possible and see you all on October 13th!

Mary 💖

Attention Team D - We Need To Come Together

As you know, we are coming up on a very important date.

November 30th

It was the day that changed a lot of us and was the beginning of Team Delusional / Team Defiance (which will hereby be known as Team D)

We have been waiting patiently for answers and we have yet to get real ones. We have been given clue over these past seasons but never shown true proof of her survival. 

Some of us will wait, others are ready to call it quits but I say, we need to take one last stand and let these producers and writers know that WE are still here and we’re not happy about what happened.

So many unanswered questions still remain about her body, what happened in those 17 days, who really shot Beth and so on. We have been supporting this show in hopes of some answers but we have not yet received a thing.

My suggestion is a one day campaign. A rally of Beth fans who will let their voices be heard and hopefully heard some sort of response from those of power on the show. 

My suggestion is this:

On Thursday, November 30th, we tag the producers and writers on Twitter and Instagram posts with our chant to Bring Back Beth. By keeping our message clear and positive, I hope that with enough of us, they will understand that we are not happy and need them to give us answers.

This is an all-day campaign. Once every hour, once every half hour, whenever you remember. Write to them and tell them our message.

#Bring Back Beth

List of Producers and Writers:

Twitter: (tag them in post)

Scott Gimple - @ScottMGimple

Robert Kirkman - @RobertKirkman

Angela Kang - @angelakang

Official Walking Dead -  @WalkingDead_AMC

Instagram: (tag them in photo)

Denise Huth - @golightlyish

Greg Nicotero - @gnicotero

Official Walking Dead - amcthewalkingdead 

Messages to Write:

Bring Back Beth

Give Us Beth or Give Us Closure

We’re Still Strong

Who Really Shot Beth?

Where is Beth’s body?

Images To Use:

Feel free to create your own pictures or message but please keep it positive!

Instagram and Twitter profile must be public, so make a new account if you need. 

Please tag and reblog this post so we can make it as successful as possible. 

The date we do this is November 30th, whatever time that means for you. So if you are in another country, do this on that day, the day that changed it all for us!

Thank you!

anonymous asked:

About the lil things that annoys artist... does that mean if i reblog stuff and tag them as future references or my muse because i like to have pic of my favorite character... is bad? :(

Its a bit of a gray area. Its one thing to get inspired by a character versus referencing them (at least for me, I’m sure everyone has different views on this). For example, when I create a character I often make an inspiration board consisting of art and characters like this.

And sometimes these things will have characters from other artists but the thing about this is that Im not just directly taking from these designs. Rather Im trying to figure out what aspect about these designs I like and how to incorporate them. I wanted a character that was kinda chub, kinda cute, but also a lil chaotic. Thats what this is for. I ended up with this

I think this design has aspects from the characters above but doesn’t look like any of them directly. And this is okay, you’re not directly referencing an artist’s character and just kinda copy/pasting with a few tweaked details. 

I think when you tag a person’s character as reference for your own character it can sound like you’re just overwriting someone else’s work and saying ‘this is mine’ just under a different name and that can definitely rub artists the wrong way. 

If you want to avoid hurting an artist just politely ask them ahead of time. As long as you ask politely like “Hey, can I use this tag for this’ then they’ll politely give you an answer. 


(A/N): I’ve been having major writers block so I decided to write this because I can. Cheryl deserves better.

Pairings: Cheryl Blossom x Fem!Reader

Summary: Your new to Riverdale High and despite your new friend’s warnings, you can’t seem to stay away from a certain redheaded Vixen.

Warnings: None

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @ridingmoxley

Originally posted by roadtoriverdale

You had just moved to Riverdale and it was your first day at Riverdale High. You were nervous to say the least, the real word to use was terrified. You were shy and of course the move was in the middle of the school year, forcing you to join a new school halfway through. Everyone would already have their friends and classes together while you would probably end up as the loner, new kid. 

However, you couldn’t change anything so, you take a deep breath before entering the school. There are students everywhere laughing and talking and you try to maneuver around them politely as you look down at your schedule trying to figure out where you were going. You look around confused when you feel a light tap on your shoulder. 

You turn meeting a blonde with green eyes, hair in a tight ponytail behind her a redhead boy, another boy with a leather jacket and beanie and a dark-haired girl. A wide smile spreads across the blonde’s face. “I’m guessing you’re the new sophomore I’ve heard rumors of?”

You give a nervous chuckle as you sheepishly nod your head. “Yeah, I am.” 

Somehow the blonde’s smile widens more than it already is. “Don’t worry, we’ll show you around. I’m Betty Cooper by the way and this is Archie, Jughead and Veronica.” Betty introduces and they all give you a friendly smile with a small wave. 

“I’m (Y/N).” You return the smiles with your own small one and she looks at your schedule before they all help guiding you to your class. 

The little rag tag group showed you around the school the whole morning and you were thankful you met them. They weren’t your old friends but at least it was a start, right? It was lunch time and Betty told you to meet them in the cafeteria. You grabbed your food, sitting down at one of the corner tables away from everyone and you awkwardly wait for the group when you sense someone standing in front of you. 

You avert your eyes up, meeting the eyes of a beautiful redheaded girl with bright red lips and a small spider brooch on her shoulder. She has a cheeky, confident smile across her face as she gestures to the place next to you. “Mind if I sit?”

“Oh… um, yeah. Go ahead.” You respond tripping over your words as you scoot over for her to sit. She slides in next to you before holding out her hand to you. 

“I’m Cheryl, Cheryl Blossom.” You give a small smile as you shake her hand.

“I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” You state as you pull your hand back and she pulls her long red hair to one side as her smile remains, still looking at you.

“Thought a pretty girl like you could use some company.” Cheryl compliments causing your cheeks to burn the color of her hair as you stare down at your lap. 

She can’t help the satisfied smirk across her face when Betty’s voice interrupts her staring. “Cheryl, what are you doing here?” Betty questions coldly and Cheryl’s smile seems to change into a forced, fake one.

“I’m just introducing myself to the new girl.” Cheryl states plainly, gesturing to you and you sit confused at your friend’s change in attitude towards the redhead. You notice the groups concerned looks and Cheryl slowly stands from the place next to you. “I’ll see myself out. I’ll see you around, (Y/N).” 

Cheryl sends a smile your way before she walks away, red heels clicking against the floor. You can’t help the butterflies in your stomach but they disappear when you notice the group staring at you with wide eyes as they sit at the table. “What?” You ask hesitantly.

“Did I just see Cheryl Blossom genuinely smile? Seems Riverdale’s queen bitch has taken a liking to you.” Jughead comments in his usual monotone voice and you look at him quizzically but he doesn’t notice as he begins to munch away at his food. 

“She doesn’t act like that with everyone.” Veronica adds to clear up some confusion.

“You should really stay away from her, (Y/N). She’s trouble and she’ll just drag you down with her.” Archie advices, sending you a sincere look along with Betty and Veronica. You nod at his advice before they begin to chat about whatever and you look up seeing Cheryl from across the room. She sees you before sending a wink, walking away with a group of girls and you have a feeling deep down you won’t be able to stay away. 

Despite all the rumors and reputation, you could see past Cheryl’s cold, rude, sarcastic exterior and saw a person who needed someone. You had been at Riverdale for about 2 months and despite Archie’s advice, you and Cheryl became friends. The friendship wasn’t too special, she would come sit with you at lunch or come chat with you at your locker or after Vixen’s practice or sit with you at Pop’s. She acted like it was no big deal but after some time of getting to know each other, she admitted she was glad you two had become friends and how nice to have someone, who was kind to her, after Jason. 

But after all the time spent with her, you had developed the biggest crush on her. You knew from your short time at the school, she had a position to uphold and because of it you didn’t think you had a chance with her. You, a nobody with the queen of Riverdale? It just wouldn’t happen. 

You walked into the gym to find where Betty and Veronica were since you were going to Pop’s together and you found them just getting out of Vixen’s practice. “We’re going to change real quick!” Veronica calls out and you nod as her and Betty run into the locker room.

You look over at Cheryl who’s talking to a couple of the Vixen’s and you can’t help but look her over in her cute shorts and yellow and white t-shirt. She notices you staring and you quickly avert your eyes away before you hear her excuse herself, walking over to you. You mentally curse to yourself, your cheeks heating up as she approaches you and she stops in front of you, arms crossed across her chest as a smirk inches up the side of her face. 

“See something you like?” You can’t bring yourself to say anything as your cheeks burn a brighter red at getting caught and you hear her chuckle. You look up slowly observing her smirk melting into that genuine smile, which was always saved for you, as she stares at your flustered and nervous form. “You’re cute, you know that, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N)?”

No matter how many times she told you that throughout your friendship, you never got over it. Cheryl Blossom thinks you’re cute and it takes everything in you to not scream but you instead decide on a smile. You give a chuckle as you fidget with your fingers. “Thank you.” You mutter out quietly and there is a small silence between you before she’s beaming.

“You’re taking me to Pop’s on Friday. Pick me up at 7, don’t be late.” Cheryl declares, confident smile back and she doesn’t give you time to respond before leaning over, pressing her perfect lips to your cheek, leaving a lipstick stain. 

You freeze as she pulls back sending you that damn smirk and wink before walking out of the gym, leaving you in your shocked state. You’re pulled out of it when you hear Veronica and Betty wandering towards you and they have impressed looks. “Looks like someone just scored a date with the infamous Cheryl Blossom.” Veronica states cheekily.

“There goes for staying away from trouble.” Betty says with light annoyance but with a small smile. You stare at them with eyes the size of saucers before you bring your hand up to where Cheryl kissed you as a bright smile grows across your face.

You had a date with Cheryl Blossom… Who cares if she’s trouble?

Voltron Trick or Treat: Anarchy Style! 🎃🎃🎃

So we’re all sad about the VLD trick or treat exchange getting cancelled. And as great as a multifandom one sounds…that’s not what a lot of us wanted. So we have come up with an answer: A Voltron Trick or Treat Exchange…with no mods. 🎃🎃

How does it work?

Step 1: Request

  • Make a text post with the title: Voltron Trick or Treat Request
  • The body should contain at least the following: 
    1 Trick
    1 Treat
    Good Ships - (ships that are ok to appear in your gift)
    Bad Ships - (ships you don’t want to see in your gift)
  • The post needs to be tagged with “#vld tot 2k17” in the first 5 tags (so it can be found)

Step 2: Be Prepared

  • Turn on your ask box and make sure you can accept anons

Step 3: Claim

  • Stalk the “#vld tot 2k17” tag and find someone you want to create for
  • Send them an anon ask telling them you claimed them and giving the date/time (this is so you can track your own ask)

Step 4: Accept Claim

  • You must accept the first claim you recieve by replying to the anon! If you recieve more than one, please deny the remaining ones, so they can find a new person to claim.

Step 5: Create

  • Anything can be created, as long as you keep to the request you claimed. See below for more details.
  • Min requirement: 1 trick or 1 treat
  • Max requirement: none! do as much as you want. 🎃

Step 6: Post

  • @ the person you created for when you post it! This is a tumblr only event, so tag them here. (if you post on AO3, please post the fic here as well and tag them in it.)
  • Please also tag “#vld tot 2k17” so the rest of us can track it! 🎃


  • Now-Oct 20: Post Requests and Make Claims
  • Oct 20: Contact Pinch Hitters (if necessary)
  • Oct 21-31: Post Final Works!

Pinch Hitters

If you are willing to pick up someone who hasn’t been claimed, include the tag “#tot pinch 2k17” in the first 5 tags of a post. It can either be your requests post or a separate post.
Contact pinch hitters Oct 20 if you have not recieved an anon.

Pinch hitters are only required to pick up 1 extra request. Please respect this.

Accepted Gifts

Any creative works can be made! There are no min requirements for art or fics, since this is a mod-less event. You can do anything from taking pictures of your VLD action figures to writing and illustrating a novel. (cosplay, art, fics, poetry, gif sets, edits, etc are all excellent examples)

All you have to do is create something for 1 trick or 1 treat requested by the person you claimed. Easy. 🎃

Anticipated FAQ

  • Can I request/recieve NSFW?
    Yes! This is un-modded. But we do request the following:
    If you are ok with NSFW, please include it in your claims.
    If you claim someone who doesn’t have NSFW please do not gift them NSFW.
    Be respectful, okay?
  • What if I never recieve anything?
    If you do not recieve an anon claim by Oct 20, please contact a pinch hitter using the tag “#tot pinch 2k17”
    There are no mods for this event, so we are trusting you, the fandom. Therefore, the rule is: if you post a request, you must claim someone.
  • What if I recieve multiple gifts?
    Lucky you! We ask that, if you do that, you please reach out to find someone who hasn’t recieved anything. I understand people are busy, but there are no minimums. It’s better to recieve a sketch than nothing.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions?
    No one, please. This is the only post for this event. We submitted it to QC anonymously so that this event could remain pure and mod free.
  • Why no mods?
    Usually exchanges have the mod assign people to each other and act as an intermediary in the event something goes wrong. That requires a lot of time and commitment which no one really has right now. Since this is last second, this is being run more like a week (tag the event and let people find it.)
  • I really like this idea! How do I help?
    Spread the word! Also consider being a pinch hitter. We want to see this do well. Mostly because Halloween is the best holiday ever and it’d be a shame to not have such a fun event for it.

🎃🎃Thank you so much for participating! Happy Halloween Voltron! 🎃🎃


Coffee gramps omg that’s too cute… And I’m grateful that a sweetheart like you loves my blog! <3 Thank you all for requesting! I hope you like it!

Note: grab a snack / water because this will be a long one.


  • Akira would want a child, but it would be in the far future when his life is more stable because he knows it takes tremendous responsibilty.
  • In addition, he’d most likely want to adopt; from his experience, meaningful bonds don’t require blood relation.
  • He’d be comfortable with one child, and when he and S/O arrive at the foster home, his eyes unconsciously stray to the loneliest child in the room, and it clicks. The kid’s about five or six years old.
  • The knowledge that Akira’s missed out on a few years of his child’s life makes him that much more determined to shower them with love and wonderful memories. he’s the ultimate dad
  • Bedtime stories, piggyback rides, and skateboarding are among the many activities he engages with his child. 
  • In addition, his child loves Morgana and converses with the cat quite a lot, much to Akira’s surprise. 
  • He also loves cooking and playing the piano with them.
  • If they can afford it, the family will go to Destinyland during the summer.
  • Most of their holidays are spent with friends / family, usually at Leblanc; luckily, the size of the venue has expanded over the years.
  • Sojiro closes up shop on those occasions and the children of the Thieves constantly tug at him from all directions. his understanding increases
  • He handles it well with a reluctant smile on his face, and Akira is quick to tease him.
  • “You’re smiling, old man.~”
  • “Shut up and eat your dinner before I make you clean the attic.”
  • Sojiro brews gourmet hot chocolate for the kids (and Ryuji), but when discovers that Akira’s child prefers coffee, both he and Akira nearly shed a tear from how proud they are.
  • Typically, Akira and S/O take their child visit Sojiro and Futaba on available Sundays; the kid frequently requests it along with Sojiro and Futaba themselves.
  • Moreover, Akira never misses a recital / rehearsal / game for his child; if he has to take a personal day off of work, he will. 
  • Furthermore, he’s going to be the dad that wears some kind of jersey / shirt with his kid’s name on it, probably relating to the star arcana. yusuke helped him design it
  • He teaches his child numerous life lessons and skills, although S/O may have had to reprimand him for teaching their child how to construct a lock-pick.
  • Despite him being very proactive in his child’s life, he doesn’t feel the need to control it; his child’s life is their own, and they can make their own choices / mistakes. 
  • Akira knows that his role is to support them regardless of their decisions and to impart wisdom when it’s requested; that being said, he is by no means a pushover, and if his child is out of line he won’t hesitant to call them out (only in private, of course).
  • Even when he ‘scolds’ them he maintains a neutral expression and he never raises his voice. He’ll simply explain the reason why the thing they did / said was wrong. those speech skills come in handy
  • Other than that, Akira’s a really chill parent, and his kids’ friends love him.
  • He’ll dance with them and S/O sometimes whenever he’s endured a rough day; it melts his stress like snow. 


  • When S/O expresses that they want to have a child, Ryuji is… conflicted, to say the least.
  • He’s worried that he won’t be a good father, or that he’ll end up like his own, so he asks for time to think about it since he refuses to rush into such an important decision.
  • Ultimately, he truly does want a child, so he pushes aside his fear in favor for pursuing an experience that could be wonderful.
  • Ryuji would probably want three or four kids since he loves them so much, and he’d want them to be biological.
  • Likewise, kids tend to gravitate toward him as well because he’s in perfect harmony with his inner child. to think like a child you must become the child
  • He gets emotional every time he looks at his baby; he just can’t grasp the fact that he’s taking part in something so beautiful, and he wants to show this kid the time of their life. 
  • Ryuji wants to be as involved as possible in his kid’s life, so he’ll constantly take care of them and play with them.
  • In addition, he is extremely gentle whenever he holds his baby, almost as if he’s afraid they’ll break.
  • When he hears the baby cry in the middle of the night through the monitor he practically bolts across the hallway to check on them.
  • When the baby calls him ‘dad’ for the first time, he almost faints.
  • Ryuji uses one of those baby backpacks when he goes shopping with S/O, but when his child is older he’ll give them cart rides.
  • As his kid grows, he’ll start to give them piggyback rides and they love it because he runs so quickly. They’ll also play tag with S/O and Ryuji lets them win. he’s unbeatable otherwise
  • Ryuji and his child sneak into the kitchen at night to get chocolate, but they always get caught by S/O (who then joins them).
  • Of his own accord, Ryuji dresses up as Santa every Christmas and he internally cries from how pure his child’s excitement is.
  • He’s terribly smothering, and the family often snuggles together on the bed (until the child’s outgrown it).
  • His bedtime stories consist of his grand adventures during his time as a phantom thief… except infinitely more exaggerated.
  • Nicknames are definitely integrated into the kid’s life. he even called them ‘dude’ once
  • When S/O takes pictures, Ryuji and his kid always strike a pose. He has to help them since they’re small, but he manages.


  • did you really think she’d be anything less than an amazing mother 
  • Ann’s initially terrified of the prospect due to the rumored pain of childbirth; in addition, being a supermodel and traveling for photo-shoots ensures that she has no time to spare for raising a child.
  • However, she’s wanted one (or two) for a while now, and she feels as though she’s ready.
  • As a result, she becomes impregnated and requests maternal leave from her agency. 
  • She’s beyond excited once she overcomes her initial fear, and the first thing she does is go shopping for her child and herself.
  • Ann is definitely going to be the type of person to ask their S/O for fast food / sweets in the middle of the night. Other than that, she tries to eat mindfully.
  • She gets morning sickness once or twice, but nothing too drastic. S/O usually holds her hair and soothingly strokes her spine.
  • Her pregnancy barely shows until the final trimester, although even then she appears as though she’s simply bloated.
  • Ann fondly hugs her tummy from time to time and whispers to it, informing her future child that she can’t wait to see them; S/O will occasionally read stories to it.
  • Once it’s born, she does not stop taking pictures, or rather, selfies.
  • She dresses her baby up in the most stylish clothes, but she won’t overdo it (sometimes they’ll match, and that includes S/O).
  • Ann and S/O will perform ‘shows’ while the baby’s in the high chair to entertain it. Both of them squeal with delight when it giggles.
  • Peek-a-boo is one of her favorite activities, especially when she’s peeking around the corners of the wall; the baby just watches her with wonder in their small eyes and Ann can barely maintain a straight face as a result.
  • As the child grows, she’ll start taking them to the neighborhood park, and the two love going on the slide together.
  • She frequently hugs them and kisses the crown of their head.
  • In addition, she’ll probably request one of those family photo-shoots, and to no one’s surprise, they all look amazing together.
  • The beach is a typical location for family vacations, and Ann will invite the other Thieves as well as their children. 
  • All the kids love her because she’s so much fun and she always has candy.


  • dream daddy
  • S/O is the one to approach Yusuke with the topic of children, as he hadn’t given the matter much thought.
  • He deliberates on it for a time, since it’s an important decision. Ultimately, he and S/O decide to have a baby of their own. He’ll probably adopt another a couple years later once he realizes how much he adores caring for his children.
  • Painting doesn’t come easily to him anymore because he’s so excited, and a bit worried. S/O reassures him that he’ll be an incredible father. spoiler: he is
  • When he first holds his baby in his arms, he just stares at his with widened, disbelieving eyes, as though he had stumbled upon the world’s most precious treasure.
  • He uses the baby voice, but his manner of speech doesn’t change at all.
  • *baby voice* “You’re so adorable that words cannot sufficiently encapsulate your charm.”
  • Akira gives him a planetarium lamp as a gift for the baby, and Yusuke will lay with it and simply watch the rotating, twinkling stars while humming a calming melody.
  • The family finger-paints often in Yusuke’s home studio.
  • Speaking of which, once the baby becomes a toddler he’ll buy them art supplies, and whenever his child creates any kind of art – be it macaroni, finger-painting, or even from his own collection –  Yusuke marvels at with wide, glimmering eyes, proclaiming that he’s truly inspired by such a marvelous piece. he’s not faking it in the slightest and it’s so adorable
  • Moreover, he’s so proud of his child’s artwork that he displays their best piece in his exhibits.
  • Yusuke enjoys watching movies with them perched in his lap, and when a song commences, he’ll occasionally ask them to dance with a bow.
  • When they’re in large crowds or if there’s an event, Yusuke plops his kid onto his shoulders to help them get a better view. giraffe man
  • He’ll sit in those little 25-cent rides inside malls or he’ll ride the carousal with his child. His favorite is the dragon.
  • Bonus: when his child is in their high school years, all of their friends have a massive crush on Yusuke because they think he’s extremely attractive. amen


  • Makoto’s considerably busy with police work, so she’s never had the opportunity to think about having a child.
  • She finds the idea intriguing, but she’s concerned that she won’t be able to spend time with them and properly bond with them.
  • It takes time for her to grow accepting of the idea, but she decides that she wants a child of her own.
  • As usual, Makoto eats extremely nutritiously during her pregnancy, thus her cravings are scarce.
  • She’ll slowly sway with S/O and they’ll shower her with kisses, intermittently kissing her slightly protruding stomach.
  • Exercise is important to her, so she’ll likely go on walks or do some light yoga with S/O. 
  • After giving birth, Makoto and S/O are practically inseparable with their baby.
  • She makes silly faces and uses peculiar voices just to make the baby laugh, and it works.
  • Baby yoga is absolutely something she’d sign up for, and Ryuji (along with his baby) sometimes comes with her.
  • Makoto adores going to wide-open parks or piers with her baby just to lay down a blanket and snuggle them as they sit between her legs. She’ll gently rest her chin on top of their head, too.
  • She actually cuddles with them quite a lot, mostly when she’s reading or watching TV with S/O.
  • They’ll ‘help’ Makoto cook too, and she’ll make sound effects when she adds the ingredients.
  • Bonus: when her kid’s enrolled in school, she’ll show up to PTA meetings and improve everything.


  • The poor health conditions of Futaba’s childhood have unfortunately impacted her as an adult, consequently influencing her ability to bear children.
  • She wanted to adopt anyway, but she was slightly disheartened.
  • Luckily, S/O was open to the prospect of adoption; in addition, adopting a baby was the most viable option for Futaba, and she was so overjoyed from holding it for the first time that she cried. precious mom
  • She’s absolutely going to be the video recording mom, and she’ll probably edit hilarious effects into it. She’ll send them to Sojiro and he sighs in exasperation.
  • Moreover, Futaba always visits Sojiro so he can spend time with his grandbaby. He’ll have portraits of the whole family (including Akira) scattered throughout his house.
  • Most of the baby’s toys came from crane machines that Futaba nearly swiped clean. she’s the only person in the world that’s good at those games
  • Futaba smiles whenever the baby steals or smudges her glasses, and she’ll smooch them as punishment.
  • The baby will sit in her lap while she researches or plays video games, and they’ll occasionally clap when they’re excited.
  • She taught her kid how to high five and fist bump. baton pass
  • As far as family venues go, Futaba’s ecstatic to escort them to the zoo, and she can offer more information about the animals than the plaques.
  • Her child learns how to read / write quickly due to her clear and concise instruction.
  • Futaba eats tremendously healthier to set a good example and to preserve her child’s health. 


  • there’s no possible way she couldn’t be a phenomenal mom
  • Haru has already come to terms with wanting a child of her own (likely three), so she doesn’t exactly hesitate. S/O is equally as eager.
  • She eats as healthily as Makoto, and she also performs light stretching / barre exercises with her while pregnant. she wears pink leg warmers too
  • Her wardrobe during this time consists mostly of fluttery dresses and snug flats; it’s easy and comfortable. S/O away offers to carry her items for her.
  • Thankfully, she has a smooth delivery and she’s extremely impatient since she just wants to go home with her baby.
  • Haru purchases the most stylish and top-of-the-line toys, furniture, and clothes for her baby.
  • She has an indoor pool that she’ll take the baby in, ensuring that their floaties are properly fastened to them. They’re so surprised by the sensation of water that their eyes nearly bulge out of their head, and Haru orders S/O to fetch the camera through her flurry of giggles.
  • Haru sings along with the Disney movies and her baby incredulously stares at her as though she were the moon because she has such a dazzling voice.
  • The baby imitates her when she drinks tea, utilizing their own plastic tea set. She simply smiles fondly behind the teacup.
  • Sometimes she’ll reintroduce ballet into her routine and her baby will spectate. If they already know how to walk they’ll attempt to join her.
  • Haru adores playing hand games with them, such as patty cake. She delicately presses her fingertip on their button nose often, too.
  • S/O and the baby will occasionally join her in the garden, and she’ll craft matching flower crowns for all of them.
  • Haru’s frequently busy with running her businesses, and she definitely feels guilty leaving the baby with the nanny. She compensates for it when she comes home by peppering them with kisses and compliments.


  • oh boy
  • Out of everyone, Akechi is the most nervous by a landslide.
  • He knows that all the time in the world wouldn’t be enough to quell his uncertainty and crippling self-doubt; he has next to no confidence of being an appropriate father.
  • Truthfully, he does want a kid, but he needs a lot of time alone to fully grasp the idea.
  • It’s a difficult process for both himself and S/O, but if he’s going to go through with this, he’d rather adopt; he’s all too aware that there are plenty of children that need good homes.
  • Akechi’s stomach is in knots for the duration of the adoption, but S/O reassuringly squeezes his hand, causing him to relax slightly.
  • He’ll probably adopt a younger child, most likely a toddler.
  • Much to his astonishment, the two bond quite naturally, and he finds himself growing along with his child.
  • Every hug Akechi receives from his kid is like a confirmation that he’s doing something right, and his confidence skyrockets as a result.
  • With S/O’s patient assistance, it doesn’t take him to long to fully warm up to his child, and he becomes exceedingly more playful with them.
  • He spoils them often by sharing sweets, although he’ll be firm if need be.
  • They love watching him play darts, and their jaw is on the floor by witnessing Akechi’s skill and precision.
  • Like any responsible parent, he denies their request to play, but he offers an alternative: water guns / grenades. he is a pro run kid run
  • When Akechi has to leave for work, both his child and S/O see him off, and his throat tightened with emotion the first time; after all, he never he’d make it this far.
  • He braids their hair frequently, and he’ll dress up if they want him to.
  • The family stargazes together on the roof of the apartment complex, quietly leaning on each other while sipping on cups of coffee (juice for the little one).
  • He nags his kid about topics such as hygiene, proper eating, etc. S/O knows he means well, but they have to gently remind him to tone it down sometimes.
  • Additionally, he’s the stylist of the household so he’ll usually choose his kid’s clothes, unless they desperately want a specific item.
  • He knows a moderate amount of magic, so he loves performing magic tricks for his child, and he subdues his laughter with all his might when he observes the flabbergasted expression on their face.
  • Akechi enjoys the experience exponentially more than he initially presumed; perhaps it was because he reclaimed his childhood, along with a child of his own.
  • He doesn’t think too hard on it, though; seeing the welcoming smiles of his first family is more than enough.
Over 200 words to use instead of ‘said’

There is nothing wrong with using the word said in written dialogue. Be careful not to treat the word said as a word to be avoided. Well written dialogue should never rely on tags such as the ones below, but should convey its own attitude. When using words instead of said, be sure you utilize them properly. For example, you cannot laugh and talk, or sneeze and talk at the same time. “That is so funny, laughed Bob,” should not be used. A person can laugh before or after they speak, but not while they speak. Think about how your character is going to speak and the emotion that they are experiencing. Think it out before you write it down. Let me give you some examples. The following sentence does not use the word said: “I hate you,” spat Bob in disgust. Now think about that sentence. Can a person spit in disgust and speak at the same time?

Watch what happens this time when I use the word said and describe Bob’s actions: “I hate you,” said Bob as he clenched his fists. His lips snarled with rage as he stormed out the room, vowing never to return.

Here is another example where the word said works just fine: “Do have some more gravy, Bob,” said Darla, spooning it out herself.

For dialogue to be effective it must appear to be realistic. The person reading your story must believe that your characters actually talk this way. You should use dialogue to reveal insights into characters, set the mood, and even to clarify plot points. I was once told that when writing dialogue, to think of it as action. Use dialogue to make something happen.

You may notice that some words on the list below cannot be used as replacements for said. These words have been added to assist you to enhance your dialogue and make it more descriptive. For example, the word “quietly” cannot be used instead of said, but it can enhance your dialogue. Ms. Maple covered her lips with her index finger until she had the attention of the entire class. “Let’s use our inside voices,” she said quietly.

Use the list below carefully and remember that there is nothing wrong with using the word said in dialogue.

  • accused
  • acknowledged
  • added
  • addressed
  • admitted
  • advised
  • affirmed
  • agreed
  • announced
  • answered
  • apologized
  • approved
  • argued
  • asked
  • asserted
  • assured
  • avowed
  • babbled
  • badgered
  • barked
  • bawled
  • beamed
  • began
  • begged
  • bellowed
  • bet
  • bickered
  • bleated
  • blurted
  • boasted
  • boomed
  • bragged
  • breathed
  • broke in
  • bubbled
  • bugged
  • burst out
  • cackled
  • called
  • cautioned
  • chatted
  • chattered
  • cheered
  • chided
  • chimed in
  • chirped
  • chittered
  • choked
  • chortled
  • chorused
  • chuckled
  • claimed
  • clarified
  • clucked
  • coaxed
  • commanded
  • commented
  • complained
  • conceded
  • concluded
  • confessed
  • confided
  • confirmed
  • congratulated
  • continued
  • convinced
  • cooed
  • corrected
  • coughed
  • countered
  • cried
  • croaked
  • crowed
  • cursed
  • dared
  • decided
  • declared
  • demanded
  • demurred
  • denied
  • described
  • disagreed
  • disclosed
  • divulged
  • doubted
  • drawled
  • dribbled
  • echoed
  • encouraged
  • ended
  • exasperated
  • exclaimed
  • explained
  • exploded
  • finished
  • fretted
  • gasped
  • gawked
  • gently
  • gibed
  • giggled
  • gloated
  • greeted
  • grimaced
  • groaned
  • growled
  • grunted
  • grumbled
  • guessed
  • gulped
  • gurgled
  • gushed
  • hinted
  • hissed
  • hollered
  • howled
  • huffed
  • hummed
  • hypothesized
  • imitated
  • implied
  • informed
  • inquired
  • insisted
  • interjected
  • interrupted
  • intoned
  • jeered
  • jested
  • jibed
  • joked
  • laughed
  • lectured
  • lied
  • lisped
  • maintained
  • marveled
  • mentioned
  • mimicked
  • moaned
  • mocked
  • motioned
  • mumbled
  • murmured
  • mused
  • muttered
  • nagged
  • nodded
  • noted
  • notified
  • objected
  • observed
  • offered
  • opined
  • ordered
  • panted
  • perplexed
  • pestered
  • piped
  • pleaded
  • pled
  • pointed out
  • pondered
  • praised
  • prayed
  • proclaimed
  • promised
  • proposed
  • protested
  • provoked
  • purred
  • put in
  • puzzled
  • quavered
  • queried
  • questioned
  • quietly
  • quipped
  • quizzed
  • quoted
  • raged
  • ranted
  • reasoned
  • reassured
  • recalled
  • reckoned
  • recounted
  • reiterated
  • related
  • remarked
  • remembered
  • reminded
  • repeated
  • replied
  • reported
  • requested
  • resounded
  • responded
  • retaliated
  • retorted
  • revealed
  • roared
  • sang
  • sassed
  • screamed
  • scoffed
  • scolded
  • shot
  • shouted
  • shrieked
  • shrilled
  • sighed
  • simpered
  • slurred
  • smiled
  • smirked
  • snapped
  • snarled
  • sneered
  • sneezed
  • snickered
  • sniffed
  • sniffled
  • snorted
  • sobbed
  • spat
  • speculated
  • spluttered
  • spoke
  • sputtered
  • squeaked
  • squealed
  • stammered
  • started
  • stated
  • stormed
  • stressed
  • stuttered
  • suggested
  • surmised
  • taunted
  • teased
  • tempted
  • tested
  • thanked
  • theorized
  • threatened
  • told
  • trilled
  • urged
  • uttered
  • volunteered
  • vowed
  • wailed
  • warned
  • went on
  • wept
  • wheezed
  • whimpered
  • whined
  • whispered
  • wondered
  • worried
  • yawned
  • yakked
  • yelled
Adrien's Game IV: The Revenge

**Disclaimer and links to other parts of this series are at the bottom of this post.  If you see a text in bold and linked, it leads to another of my ramblings.**

You know those post-2000s remakes that give you the TMI version of a character’s back story? Yeah…y’all can blame (or thank) @luciemiddleford for giving me ideas.

In Horrificator (Revised):

  • The kids are doing a movie for REASONS and
  • Mylène and Adrien are playing the leads
  • how did they get her to agree to this btw?
  • she had to have known it was a horror movie, right?
  • RIGHT?
  • predictably, she gets scared
  • not of how handsome her lead is (which is understandable)
  • …of this
  • hey I’m not gonna judge; some people have a fear of luchadores
  • also I can tell you from personal experience that wearing a burlap sack on your head is itchy and smelly
  • …which makes Mylène’s smelly wolf song much more relevant…
  • …ANYway, Chloe opens her damn mouth
  • You know you’ve gone too far when the Sunshine Child calls you out on your bitchiness
  • Mylène is OUT you guys
  • Who’s gonna take her part?
  • Adrien: *hopeful look at Marinette*

Will Adrien finally catch a break?  Find out after the cut…

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pilindiel  asked:

Tell me about Shiro with dog tags please since i already messaged you about it

uhhh this is so cute but i messed it up. here’s 1k of shared dog tags sheith angst? i’ll write a reunion sequel to fix this, i promise.

Two days into captivity, they take his dog tags.

It was an oversight, he thought, that they let him keep them at all—a lucky one. The line of the ball chain stands out under the black body suit they tossed him in the cell with. It becomes a compulsion to run his fingers over the raised cloth, over the plates of metal lying against his chest, body-warm and solid.

The metallic tang of ozone permeates every corner of the ship, along with the cold. The Holts deal with their dread by trying to figure out what the Galra want from them, endless speculating that makes Shiro’s head pound. He presses against against the tags until he can feel the indents they leave in his skin. He has their order memorized, has for months now, and he knows exactly what name he’s stamping across his sternum.

It’s invaluable. Of all the things he brought with him to Kerberos, it’s the one thing he can’t imagine letting go of, which is why it’s so unbelievable that it’s the one thing he has left.

But the Galra, he learns, overlook nothing.

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