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My Illness Demystified Part 1/?

If you are reading this, it means that I have finally gathered the courage to hit “post” and start sharing with you what has been one of the weirdest and hardest struggles of my life.

I was inspired to write this the other day when someone told me that I didn’t belong in a certain segment of the spoonie community. It was a little surprising to me because this was the last group I thought would reject me and people with my illness. As of now, I have officially been cast out by members who claim to represent all areas of society. It’s not about fitting in or belonging anywhere, but I realized it is about awareness. So, I think it is time that I come out publicly and talk about and start advocating for my disorder.

There is so much confusion and misunderstanding regarding my illness and it is extremely hard to come forward and talk openly about it. I mean, it still is unbelievable to me. I’ve been dealing with symptoms for over 9 years, and I still think that I may wake up tomorrow and find this has all just been some bad dream. “How could something like this happen to me?” Often runs through my head. So, these posts aren’t going to be easy for me.

I don’t owe anyone an explanation for my illness and I shouldn’t have to give one to be accepted and I can guarantee that coming forward with my illness will lose me friends and followers. I’ve been completely abandoned in real life except for a few. And the rumors have been nasty. The things said to my face, worse. I have been called “tard,” “cripple,” “crazy,” and, perhaps the hardest of all, “liar.”

So,  I am going to make a post that talks about my illness. I am going to come out as an advocate for it. Awareness = funding = research = help. And I am posting a preliminary announcement because I want to make sure this is accurate and that the emotions I feel don’t come spilling into the announcement. There are 20million suspected cases of this illness. So, I am not alone, but I often feel like it. If this story resonates with you, there is a chance we are talking about the same thing and I’d like your help with resources and experiences. If you are a spoonie and care about our representation, I encourage you to reach out to me and help me proofread and edit this draft. We should be working together, not competing with each other. (I am guessing it will take me some time to get the second part out)

Awareness = funding = research = help and I think it’s time that I realize that I am step 1.

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Could you write a lil Drabble where one of the Flashes (Barry or Wally idc) always saves the reader while being a Superhero and the reader is in love with the flash so when Wally/Barry go to tell the reader irl that he likes them he also has to be like "yeah.... I'm the flash" :O

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Gif because Barry is a precious cinnamon bun.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 571

Notes: It’s a little different from the prompt I think :P

“I…I think I’m in love with The Flash.”

Barry knew that he should have seen this coming. He saved you in disguise several months ago, and had done so many more times since. Each time, you would run back to him and tell him every single detail, not knowing that he already experienced it. At first, he had enjoyed seeing you talk about him with such admiration in your eyes. Now, it was blowing up right in his face. You were in love with him, but not him.

He suddenly realized that you were staring at him expectantly, and he quickly stammered, “But you…do you even know this guy? Who he really is?”

Your shoulders slumped slightly and you sighed, “I don’t know his identity, and I know this sounds crazy, but he feels almost…familiar.”

‘If you only knew’, Barry thought.

Barry found himself on the roof of your apartment and he watched you lean against the edge as you looked out over the city. You looked so beautiful in that moment that he almost left as fast as he arrived, but he knew he had to do this. He vibrated his face and vocal chords as he had been doing for months to keep you in the dark about his identity. His mask alone wouldn’t hide that fact that he was your best friend since childhood, you were too smart for that.


“Flash.” You turned to him with a smile on your face and crossed your arms over your chest. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“There’s…” Barry straightened himself up and planted his feet on the concrete in the hope that he wouldn’t bolt. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“Alright, go ahead.” You leaned up against the ledge, keeping your eyes trained on him.

“First, you’ve probably been wondering who I am.” He noticed your arms drop to your sides. “I’m not what you were expecting.” With a deep breath, he pulled his mask back and ceased his vibrations, leaving his face fully exposed to you.

“Barry? You’re the Flash?” You stepped towards him, but he held his hands out to stop you.

“Wait, that’s not what I was going to tell you. (Y/N), I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.” The defeated look on his face as he continued broke your heart. “Look…I know you don’t feel the same way, and that’s okay, but I just wanted to be honest with you. About The Flash. About all of it.”

It felt like an eternity to Barry as he watched the emotions on your face run the gamut. Bolting didn’t seem like such a bad idea now. Even with his speed, he wasn’t expecting you to suddenly grab his face and kiss him passionately. Once he realized what was happening, he relaxed and gently placed his hands on your hips. You pulled away and looked him directly in the eye. "Barry, I’m in love with you, too.”

Barry grinned, so giddy that he could barely suppress a laugh. “I’ve been waiting a long time to hear that.”

“Well, I thought you were in love with Iris, so I tried to get over you. It turns out I just fell for you twice.” A small smile appeared on your face at the thought. The two men that you loved, that had you so conflicted, were one in the same. What were the odds?

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Your posts have helped me reevaluate the way I write, both as an academic and as a fiction writer. I'd like to echo the question of another ask, regarding transitioning from first to second drafts. Since following your advice, my first drafts are much more open and free-flowing, but I'm not sure how to edit without spending endless amounts of time trying to make it perfect, often rewriting the whole thing, so it often just feels like I'm doing the first draft again, and from scratch.

I really need to write that post on second drafts! But in the meantime, a couple of things:

1) Personally, I do have to rewrite it—by which I mean, open a new document and type the second draft clean. If I take really rough prose full of fragments and notes in brackets and try to edit that into something cleaner and tighter, I end up with a big mess. It’s much easier, for me, to write out the second draft fresh, using the first draft as a guide—almost as if I’m translating it. This seems like it would take extra work/time, but at least for me, it produces a much stronger second draft with far less agony and tying of my brain into knots. I just put the two documents side by side and refer back and forth between them as I go. (Arguably, I guess, my “first draft” is more like a .5 draft. But then, the second draft I produce feels more like a 2.5 draft…if that makes any sense.)

2) When I write out a second draft in a clean document, of course, I’m tempted to return to my old habits and get super fussy and cramped as I try to make everything perfect. So I have to remind myself to work fairly quickly, even though I’m no longer in the messy-first-draft phase. I can always nail it in the third draft, I tell myself—whether or not I end up writing a third draft. This is really just a way to trick myself out of slowing down and obsessing over every detail. On the other hand, sometimes I do write a third draft. This whole way of writing produces more drafts and more documents and more overall words, I guess, but ultimately I find this much easier than endlessly noodling with the language of a single document, and I like the results a lot more.

peter parker || prompt list

Sorry I have been gone for so long! I’ve just been super stressed out with school and everything but I am gonna try some new things this summer. First of all, I am going to give certain characters or shows certain request times, for example Peter Parker for about a month. It’ll just help me focus more and help me write better for that character. Also, I’m hoping to get some of my ideas in my drafts done before summer but let’s be honest there is a possibility I might never get to those so… Oh and finally, when you request something please write the type of writing (headcanon/imagine/gif) and the number(s) you’d like to request. For imagines let me know what you’d like the relationship between the characters and for gifs make up a little story to go along with it.

If your haven’t already guessed I am currently (and will always be…) obsessed with Tom Holland, so send in your own Peter Parker request or borrow one of my ideas from below. Sorry again for disappearing for a while.

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Coming soon to @stevetonystudios‘ Superhusbands Aluminum Anniversary Anthology, a 616 Steve/Tony story set in the glorious early days of Avengers volume 3. Featuring an unscheduled trip to the Savage Land, pining as only Tony Stark is capable of, truly epic amounts of hurt/comfort, and Our Heroes PUNCHING A BUNCH OF VELOCIRAPTORS RIGHT IN THEIR FEATHERY FACES. Take that!

Our tale begins like so:

The most frustrating thing about Tony’s present situation wasn’t the fact that mysterious energies were playing havoc with every single sensor system that he had, both in his suit and in the Quinjet. It wasn’t the fact that the Quinjet emergency indicators had just informed him that the third of five engines had now failed. And it wasn’t even the fact that they were now falling, careening toward the outskirts of the Savage Land at high speed, in what was sure to be a spectacular and deadly crash.

No, the most frustrating thing about Tony’s situation was that he’d had a plan for today, goddammit, and this most definitely had not been included in it.

Yep, it’s the Savage Land, all right! But you probably want to know more about the RAPTOR PUNCHING, don’t you? Well, let’s just say they find out that Sauron’s made some improvements to his dinosaurs. Other than the feathers, I mean.

“Holy shit,” Tony breathed, and he tried in vain to quell the terror within him. “Okay, as a man of science, I am deeply offended. Raptors aren’t venomous.”

“Oh,” Steve said, in a dry voice that was probably masking a fair amount of nervousness, “does that mean you’re volunteering to go tell Sauron he made a mistake?”

Oh no! However will they get out of this one? Read the story and find out!

Ten thousand words of Steve/Tony by me! Written to accompany absolutely beautiful artwork by @phoenixmetaphor! Stay tuned for the zine!

1099). Now, this is a strange confession, but when I came out to my parents I accidentally outed myself. I was fourteen at the time and thought about telling my parents that I was bi countless times, but I never did. I never thought the timing was right. I even gave up on verbally saying that I was bi to them and started drafting coming out letters. I lost count of how many of those letters I wrote and where I put them, so I decided to clean my room and get rid of any letters I found in the room. I stuffed all of them into a trash bag and hauled it out into the garbage can outside. I guess I didn’t notice one of the letters slipping out onto the floor, because that night my mom came to my room and talked to me about the letter I wrote. I was caught off guard, and instead of wondering how she even found a letter (she told me she thought I was being eccentric in leaving a note for them on the floor of the living room), I wondered which letter she read. Half of them were very blunt while the other half were very wordy and heart-felt. To this day I am thankful she found a wordy letter rather than one of my more bluntly written letters.

The Speech- Mitch Marner- Brother Sister Imagine

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So I watched this video of this funny speech and I couldn’t stop laughing and it gave me this idea and i thought Mitch would be prefect this! I don’t know why but I love writing brother sister or father daughter imagine I don’t know why but I do! So enjoy

Y/N sat beside her now husband Joey her maid of honor was to her right followed by her bridesmaids Joey best man to his left and some more of his friends. Everyone was having a great time and Y/N couldn’t have been happier with her husband. He gave her a kiss just as there was a light tapping of a glass. Wherever one looked over to the sound there stood Y/N little brother. Mitch Marner had a microphone in hand his suit jacket was off and he sent his older sister a smile.

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You’re Dating HIM (Min Kyunghoon requested)

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A/N: I really did try on this one, however I have never seen a full episode of knowing brother I know I know I am terrible it’s just I have almost no way to watch a full episode, however, I do watch some of the funny moment competitions on youtube,   so I am very sorry if I got anyone’s personality wrong and if this imagine sucked but again I did try. This was requested by @wishangewls  and I am so sorry this was in my drafts for a while and I just forgot about it because of the heat so I am really sorry. Sorry if there are any grammar or spelling errors. ~Zero

Rated: G

Reading time:10 to 15 minutes it really depends.

Word count:987

Y/B/N= your band’s name


I guess being a recently debuted Idol has its perks, like going on variety shows, doing live performances and fan meets. It’s terrible when you get put into scandals though, once I was hanging out with my brother and some people have seen us and the next day I am in a dating scandal that is never fun especially when you are dating another Idol. Who you ask? Well, that is a secret, for the time being, I can give you a hint though Y/B/N we are going on the same variety show with them this week. I know it doesn’t really help but we will be going public.

* Time Skip to the day we are going to film*

“Unnie, are you so excited to be on Ask Us Anything? I know that I am!” Our maknae Yuna asked while jumping up and down.

“I guess, I more nervous than anything.” I tell the younger girl honestly.

“What about you Oppa are you excited?” The younger girl asks while getting excited again.

“Yah Yuna-ah, you need to calm down because we have a long day ahead of us.” Our leader Dongwoo states in a serious tone.

“Sorry, Dongwoo Oppa.” Yuna says with her head slightly down.

I was about to say something when we see one of the directors come up to us and hand over our uniforms for to day. Saying a quick thank you, Yuna and I go towards our dressing room while Dongwoo goes to his. Once we got into our uniforms we met outside the door of the set, getting into order by age the line goes Dongwoo up front, me in the middle then Yuna behind me.

I can hear the loud voices of Heechul and Ho-Dong arguing over something but it stopped as soon as Dongwoo opened the door walking in with me and Yuna trailing not far behind.

“Oh, it is Y/B/N, a male/female Idol group that debuted recently.” Heechul says looking at us, I know he recognizes me personally because I am dating one of his friends and because I know him personally.

We get up to the podium the leader starts the group introduction. “Annyeonghaseyo, we are Y/B/N, we are as Heechul stated a male/female Idol that is under JYP Entertainment I am the Lee Dongwoo I am the Leader and main rapper out of us three.”

“Annyeong my name is Park Y/N and I am the second oldest in the group I am the main dancer and visual.” I say while bowing.

“Annyeonghaseyo. I am the cute maknae Lee Yuna  I am the lead vocalist.” Yuna says while bowing, of course, Yuna being Yuna made the hosts laugh.

It is now question time and I am going first oh joy.  “Before you start Y/N tell me about the dating ban, that your group is facing.” Ho-Dong requested.

“There is a dating ban on Dongwoo Oppa and on Yuna, I was already dating when I joined JYP as a trainee, me and my boyfriend have been dating for so long that JYP is letting us continue to date, We plan to go public on a variety show, that is all I can tell you as of right now so let’s get on with my questions.” I state while everyone but Heechul and Kyunghoon looks awestruck. I will accept it is very unusual for an entertainment company to let their idols openly date however the CEO thought it would be good publically for my group if we went public.

“Okay I know you guys probably won’t know this but I thought it would be fun to ask, so how did my boyfriend and I meet?” I ask while nodding at Kyung-hoon this is part of the plan on how we were going to go public.

I hear a chorus of ‘That’s impossible no one is going to get that correct.” and ‘That’s not fair you can’t ask that if no one knows it.”

They all stop talking when they see KyungHoon stand up and start walking towards me. “We met through Heechul, it was mid winter and we met up at a cafe when I went to pass you the coffee that you got it slipped out of my hands and the coffee spilled all over you because I felt so bad I gave you my jacket and the rest is history.” He says while smiling.

“Wait wait wait, you’re telling me that you’re dating this guy the one that you would think could never get a girlfriend? No offense but have you standers dropped?” Jang-hoon asks.

“Ya, you take that back.” Kyunghoon says while walking toward the giant.

“Hey, Kyunghoon how many coffees did you have to spill on the poor girl before she said yes to going out with you?” Sang Min asks while laughing.

I can’t tell if Kyunghoon is angry or embarrassed, however, I am over here laughing my butt off. “Y/N I am curious now how many times did he spill coffee on you?” Heechul asked grabbing everyone’s attention.

“Twice once when we first met and on our first date.” I reply honestly.

“Even though that happened you still stayed with him, why?” Youngchul asks

“I stayed because I thought he was nice, mature and to top it all off he was cute.” I say looking at Kyunghoon with a smile.

I thought that would shut up their teasing but boy was I wrong that only brought up a whole another round of teasing. This continued until the end of filming, let’s just say that it was an interesting experience and I will definitely be coming on the show again sometime soon either with my group or with other Idols. Let’s just say when the episode came out the fanbase was very supportive and even shipped Kyunghoon and I.

so some ooc notes/to-do for myself but kind of a head’s up at the same time, i guess.

+ gonna dump out my ask box from before the storm, just because i’m starting to spazz about it again.  things i will keep will be the dual promos i owe because i do want to do those, but i’m going to space them out so as not get the people tracking the tags i use annoyed lmao.
+ some drafts i no longer have any muse for will be going, too.  i need to organize myself better, lbr here, all the way around.  i’ve been really shitty about keeping my shit together this semester and i gotta fix that.
+ i still have approx. 100000000 people to talk to about plotting and mains.  i’ll be working on that this weekend/through next week.  sorry about that long af wait.
+ full verse write ups with some actual fucking details.  since i apparently have decided to develop further offshoots of existing verses, yolo.  you know who you are and why i blame you (pointedly looks at @roipirate, @mostlyhxman, and @changing-roads).
+ catch up on those memes in my likes i was tagged in that are sitting there languishing.
+ catch up on homework i got an extension for because we had no power.  the only good thing about the whole irma mess is that all of us were in the same boat, for the most part.

so that’s the plan for the week.  mostly it’s going to be drafts that are really, really old that i’m letting go of.  i just need to clean out so i can get jumpstarted and not feel overwhelmed, but what i am going to do is rewatch awe probably tonight to rekindle the boi bc i’m a little rusty.  so hold that thought.

i owe one more starter for my bby the meme lord :))) , and then i have around 7 memes to answer. which is pretty good compared to other times my drafts had overfilled so much i had to delete some memes just because i really didn’t want to do all that. i’ll get to that stuff tomorrow though because i’m about to pass out tbh soooo, night night lovelyz. sending hugs and kisses <33333.

Alright so I guess an update with how my fic is going…I have the rough draft for chapter 18 done for Kindred Souls and will start on 19 tomorrow if I get time to. Once I finish chapter 22, I’ll edit then maybe try to get my girlfriend to clean them up before posting and hopefully finishing the last five chapters from there just so I won’t have to waste as much time going back through and editing out the mistakes I make…like I had to do with the first 17 chapters…sigh…

i was going to catch up on drafts over the weekend, but i only did two. i had time, but i guess being in a new city by myself made me kind of depressed ahaha…i got lonely so i just kind of slept my entire weekend away…

but i’m sure things will get better eventually! the more i mope around the worse i feel too, so i’ll try to get things back on track for the upcoming week. i’ll catch up on all the drafts i owe and be more active again owo)/

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Hiii, I love your art! I was wondering if you could do post some tutorials of how you draw? Like anatomy, eyes, etc. :-) If you're comfortable & it's not a bother! c: x

adfsad Heyyyyy, haha. Firstly, thank you very much! This is really kind of you and honestly I’m kinda shocked that I got an ask like this >///<

As a self-taught and still learning artist myself, I dont think I’m have enough know-how yet to give a tutorial;;; I use ref/tutorials all the time myself so I wouldnt even know where to start, but I hope this small step by step take on how I draw in general will suffice ;;;;;;

First (but not all the time) I make a really rough sketch. Just to get the feel of what my idea might look like.

Secondly, I guess this would be like the second draft. I make another layer and make cleaner lines and map out the body more “accurately” as well as draw out the hair line.

THEN, I MAKE A LAYER ON TOP OF THAT, and start the lineart. I usually start with the hair or clothes first, and then work my way from there…

After I finish the outline and make sure the lines are clean as possible and leaving no open areas, then I move on to coloring. By now I have a ton of layers. It makes it easier to change/add colors and details and then I clean it all up and boom! Most of the time I also change the color of the lineart and even sometimes copy and paste the lineart to make the lines look thicker or to create a– something special effect.

Personally I think my style is rather.. plain or just kinda simple at best but like I said before I’m learning to try and practice new styles/methods forever struggling to improve my style orz;;;;;

haha this was completely random so I hope it wasnt too boring to look at. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to do a proper tutorial if people are truly interested in seeing one from me ; v ;


When I was a kid and going to punk rock shows, there weren’t any girls on stage playing instruments that weren’t there as a pretty prop. Girls that weren’t afraid to get their make-up smeared and look sweaty. To be fearless and make the stage their own. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning…One of the biggest reasons I do what I do is for other women and for other girls.” – Lindsey Way 

I Spy with My Critical Eye: Trusting Your Inner Writer

Writing a first draft requires a unique set of skills. All month, we’re asking authors to look back on their past first drafts… and the lessons they’ve learned from them. Today, Alan Averill, author of The Beautiful Land, shares how he learned to trust his own vision:

First drafts are funny. People generally assume that the poor author will have to spend the next few years mining through the dreck to pull out one little nugget of goodness. And sure, I suppose it can be like that, but I don’t think it’s a general truth. Instead, I think writers just don’t trust themselves enough to realize that first drafts are often much closer to completion than they know.

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Next Week's Prompt Theme Chosen!

I think I’m gonna take all three of these! When I first read Angelicxi’s reply, all I could think of was something along the lines of videogame glitches– like how characters can ‘fall through the world.’ I love the idea of glitches in videogames, so how about Glitches in Real Life? Now, that sounds like something fun to write~ ♥︎

Thank you all for your submissions! I love hearing from all of you, and seriously some of your other ideas almost made it in, such as:

Fantasy Creatures (and Where to Get Killed by Them) could totally be next week’s theme– make sure to remind me about it in next week’s Saturday post! :D

And now, here are my replies to a bunch of silly things you all said.

I like how you think! ouo

I live for people to catch the references I throw on pretty much everything I make ;p

More like: Gotta Write Fast.




Did I just… write a cover to Escape from the City? :0