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Missing You (With D.O.)

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genre: there’s no smut

1k words

“What a cute couple!” They would say when they would catch a glimpse of you and Kyungsoo……’s height. They would always focus on how you two looked as a couple instead of how you worked as one. I mean, sure, you guys weren’t the tallest humans out there but you were not the shortest either!

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Sleep over at Renjun's

Okay so this is gonna be bullet points again becuaseee, I just find it easier (tbh I can’t be bothered) Small note, we are gonna pretend that this is renjun’s house and not the dorms. Enjoy~ ——————————————————————–
- Right so we all know what a smol bean Renjun is
- So ofc when he messages you ‘Hey wanna come sleep over tonight?’ It’s all innocent and you know he just wants to chill with his best friend
- Also you being his crush may have something to do with it
- And you message him back like ‘Yeah sure I’ll bring snacks I’ll be there in a few.’
- By now you have accepted your feelings to Renjun
- But the fear of them not being mutual and it could ruin your friendship forever made you bottle them away
- You knock on the door and renjun’s mum answers
- You make small talk and just talk about life
- Which is alright cuz you absolutely adored Renjun’s mum just as she adored you
- Then Renjun comes down the stairs and is like ‘Mum you could’ve told me Y/N got here.’
- Cuz ofc this bean didn’t hear you knock at all, probs too concentrated in them Moomin episodes.
- So you both go upstairs and his mum leaves you be for now
- As soon as you get in his room you flop on the bed
- Admires his artwork that’s up on his walls, Gold hands istg
- Yall talk about school, how NCT’s going for him.
‘How’s NCT? Are my babies doing okay?’
‘We aren’t your babies Y/N.’
‘No you aren’t but they are.’
- Sighs internally every time you call Dream your babies honestly
but you stg that they are
- Starts watching anime together
- You know he gives 0 damns about your lie in april but you need to finish it
- Eventually you just end up watching Moomin cuz this guys snaggle toothed smile and doggy eyes is the death of you I swear
- After a while yall somehow get into a pillow fight????
- Honestly don’t know how but yall whooping each other’s asses not literally he’s a baby
-Then ofc his mum walks in just when you trip and fall onto Renjun
- yes your dumb ass just did that
- So there you are, lying on top of Renjun cuz of your stupid ass
- And then there’s his mum, standing in the hallway with the bedding looking sh00k af.
- Yet there you are still lying on top of Renjun
- finally gets up and come to your senses, smh
- So yall just standing there awkward af, you and Renjun blushing, his mum still standing there sh00k af
‘So I’m just gonna leave these here, Erm. Have fun…’
- As soon as his mum leaves yall burst out laughing, fully laughing your asses off
- like the look on her face was too funny not to laugh at fr
- After yall stop laughing you both go clean up
- obviously along with some banging tunes as well
- Cue you singing chew-chew-chew-chew chewing gum and renjun dancing with a toothbrush in his mouth
- Some truly great banging tunes
- Once yall are done washing up you go get changed separate rooms guys jesus
- Once you get back to the room there’s candles lit, fairy lights on and a cute little tent made on top of the bed
- pure comfort honestly
- You look around for the culprit knowing who it was
- He comes up behind you and taps you on the shoulder, now this boy be looking so troubled honestly
‘Do you like it? My mum told me she couldn’t find the extra bed and we’d both had to sleep in mine… So I thought I’d make something cute to sleep in.’
- all you are thinking is how long did you take getting ready for Renjun to have done all of this
- You hug him unconsciously, cuz?? Like??? Renjun just slaved away to make this perfect tf????
- This is when questions start running through both of yall minds. She can’t like me surely? She’s just hugging me cuz were best friends right?’ Or ‘Wait? Did he do this cuz he likes me? It can’t be right?’
-Yall get into bed, both drastically aware that if you move a little you’ll graze against each other
‘Well, err, goodnight Y/N’
'Yeah, um, goodnight Renjun.’
-:You weren’t going sleep but apparently you were really good at acting cuz Renjun definitely thought you were
'Aish Y/N, when are you gonna realise my feelings for you. I want to be with you so much but what it you don’t like me… I can’t ruin our friendship with these feelings, I must keep them secret.’
sorry I had to
- His eyes trebled in size honestly, this guy thought you were asleep ahhhhh. He’s actually dying inside
- you both just lay there, not knowing what to do at alllll
- Renjun finally speaks up
'Look Y/N I’m sorry you found out this way…. I’m really sorry. But I do really like you but it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way.’
- The look in Renjunie’s eyes omg, he looked so upset and as if he knew you weren’t gonna have the same feelings.
- oh how much he was wrong
- You somehow mustered up the courage to kiss him on the cheek????
- Then be able to say 'You idiot, I like you too.’
- His facial expression was a mix of OmFg IM So HapPY and DID SHE JUST KISS MY CHEEK OMG
- Tbh you’re face was just a mixture of beetroot and tomatoes so I guess it equals out.
- He cautiously wraps his arm round your body and hugs you close. He’s so damn happy you don’t understand you’re literally the girl of his dreams
'Does this mean you’re my girlfriend?’
'Yes Renjun, yes it does.’

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Roommates? Pt.2 | Taehyung (Rated M)

A/N: Sorry for the wait. This would’ve been ready to release earlier last weekend but it was Harry Potter weekend and I’ve never missed one in like 3 years lmao and I was stumped writing in the context before the smut. I’m probably going to rewrite this later, but for now I hope the wait was worth something.

Word Count: 2,887
Genre: Smut, Oral, Biting
Scenario: Accidentally renting the same apartment w/ V

Part 1 


“Y-yah! You’re dripping water all over the floor!

“Let me sleep in your bed…”

“Taehyung please… I’m so wet…” 

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Got7 Reaction #8 - Their s/o has unique eyes

anon asked: Hi ! Can I ask for a Got7, BTS reaction to one of their girl friend having not ordinary eyes (some not ordinary color on the iris, yellow, green, blue, grey ect.) but still kind of mesmerizing because they are big and make her look cute, Please ? Thanks ! :D

Mark: “Green eyes are so unique…”

You: “My entire family has them Mark, they’re not that uncommon” *laughs*

Mark: “No, but they’re extra beautiful on you.” *Kisses your forehead* “Plus you look like a doll with your huge eyes, it’s just all kinds of cute!!”

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Jackson: NEVER. STOPS. STARING. You would be like “Jackson…stop staring at my eyes, it’s getting kind of creepy…you’re not even blinking.” and he’d just laugh and say “But babe!! You’re eyes are freaking yellow. How cool is that?”

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Jaebum: “Each time I see you again after being apart… I realize all over again how stunning and unique you are. I’m so lucky to have you jagi…”

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Jinyoung: *is salty that you look cooler than him without contacts in* ((but he secretly loves it and stares into your eyes deeply when he talks to you, no matter what he’s saying))

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Youngjae: at first he’d be really intimidated trying to talk to you until he got to know you better. When you guys started dating he would often just grab your face randomly and just stare at you, quite possibly squealing “THEY’RE JUST SO PRETTY” out of freaking NO WHERE. Half the time you get so confused you think ‘what is the ‘they’re’ he’s talking about!?’ and when you realize it’s your eyes, you just laugh and roll them at him, making him smile even more

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Kunpimook: “Babe….babe…. Babe!!”

You: *sigh* “What bambam?”

him: “you know why it’s so cool that you’re eyes are yellow?”

you: “…because it’s like you’re dating an anime-”


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Yugyeom: *when you ask him to stop staring he’d blush and look to the floor with a smile on his face* “Jagi, do you think it would be cool if I got colored contacts? I think we’d look cool together like that…”

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A/N: i think they’d all be really obsessed with their girlfriends eyes tbh xD especially if her eyes were big and doll-like!!

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hihi! can I have some scenarios of Tokoyami, Souji Mezou and Shinsou having a S/O that's voice can change really easily?? Like the pitch of it really is influenced by how S/O feels and most of the time, they sound like a child lmao? SORRY IF ITS A WEIRD ASK BUT I DO REALLY HAVE A WEIRD VOICE THAT CAN CHANGE REALLY EASILY DEPENDING ON HOW EXCITED I AM?? // and some people get annoyed by it sobs//

{I hope I got this right!! It’s not weird lol, I wrote this as a more ‘first meeting’, or ‘first time alone’ setting if that’s ok! I think if they were together, they would have already accepted that part of their s/o, so I wanted to write their initial reactions! Enjoy!~}


Walking with your class, the teacher decided to do a bit of an outing to look for some petty villians, someone a student could stop. Matching my stride to my partner for the day, I look over to view his face. His stoic posture was a bit of a contrast to my own, as we looked to be a bit of an odd coupling. I giggle, and he glances at me, looking for a reason for my laughter. I shrug and turn away, continuing the search. Glancing to my left, I double take at a shop front. Right on the corner of the street sat a little, quaint pet shop, with paw prints on the window. I gasp and turn my attention to the small creatures within the window.

“Oh my good! They’re so cUTE!~” I say, hands pressed against the glass, my voice coming out slightly squeaky at the end. Tokoyami walks silently over, to tap on my shoulder.

“Excuse me, but we are supposed to be looking–” He starts, his face turned down and his eyes looking into the window.

“Buuuuut Tokoyami!!! LoOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE~ LITTLE BABIES!!~” My voice has completely turned into almost a full high-pitched squeaking. Tokoyami, takes a step back, his eyes wide and his mouth open. I realize what just happened, and I stand up straight, clearing my throat. My cheeks are hot from embarrassment, and I close my eyes to get a hold of myself again. Upon opening them again, Tokoyami’s head is pointed away from me, and his eyes won’t make contact with my own.

“S-sorry…I-I just really like animals…” I explain, wringing my fingers in front of my stomach. He closes his eyes and nods, sighing he opens his mouth to speak.

“Do…do you want to go inside?” He asks, looking at me, his eyes looking for something. I tilt my head, confused.

“This pet shop…I visit it regularly, and they allow you to pet them. I-if you want we can take a little break.” He offers, looking away again, his hands are opening and closing at his side. A smile appears on my face.

“Yes, PLEASE!” 

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My Love for You Is Bigger Than the Moon

For @might–just–die:

Imagine a pocket-sized you petting the damp face of Taehyung as you lay next to him. Both of you were tired, but Taehyung was too scared to fall back asleep so this is where you are.

You slept in your dollhouse that night, but a tap on your roof woke you out of your dream. Rubbing your tired eyes, you sat there wondering if you dreamed it, but there was another tap and a very low shaky whisper of your name from outside. Getting out of bed, you walked over to the window to see who it was. When you saw his state, your heart instantly wanted to cry with him. Trying not to make matters worse for him, you kept yourself from crying and walked outside of your house to ask Taehyung what was wrong. Sitting in his trembling palms, he told you about the terrifying nightmare he had. He told you that in the dream everyone hated him; his family, his fans, the boys and you. The tears that were threatened to fall finally did. Feeling your heart break, you stood up and held your hands up from him to bring you closer. Hugging his nose, you told you loved him. Everyone loved him and that nothing would change.

It took a lot of convincing and telling him you would stay up with him (he apologized a million times for waking you, but you didn’t mind) until he went to bed. You tried everything to get him to sleep. Telling him stories, watching anime, even playing a couple videos games on silent. If Seokjin found you two up this late playing video games, he wouldn’t have been so happy and would’ve given you two a lecture. That’s when you get an idea. Already lying close to his ear with your handkerchief pulled up to your chest, you start to lightly stroke his face and softly sing to him.

I’m lying on the moon….

The sigh from him is a sign to you that he’s finally relaxing, but you continue to sing.

There’s no thing I’d keep from you….

Stopping, you whisper Taehyung’s name to see if he’s still awake. When you don’t receive a response, you sit up to see that his eyes are shut. Laying back down, you snuggle back into the pillow, pull your blanket up to your chin, and finish the song before you doze off yourself.

Making sure that I’m okay and we’re a million miles away.

Taehyung Scenario: Take a Ride?

Taehyung loves amusement parks a little too much.

Genre: Fluff.

Amusement parks were always so cliché. Want a first date? Amusement park.  Want to go out with friends? Amusement park. Want to take the kids out? Amusement park. Want to take your girlfriend on a super special date for your  fifth month? You guessed right, amusement park.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like them, you did enjoy the feeling of being there, the energy of the crowds, the food, the games, the way everything was made to have fun, but there was this tiny detail with amusement parks that got you on your nerves, you were absolutely and incredibly terrified of roller coasters.

Those big and hideous monsters were only made to a terrorize people, more specifically you. But of course, your boyfriend Taehyung had already made plans for this amazing and perfect date. You recalled the whole thing while roaming through your closet in the search of something cute to wear.

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  • alec lightwood waiting outside in the cold for magnus to open the door
  • magnus bane opening the door and standing there in dinosaur boxers
  • alec getting all flustered and trying not to look at magnus
  • magnus saying “what, don’t dig the dinos?”
  • alec blushes even more furiously 
  • magnus pulls him into the apartment 
  • alec finally asks why he’s not wearing pants
  • magnus says it’s because he’s had a busy and exhausting day of summoning and banishing demons for clients
  • magnus notices how flustered alec gets around the dino undies in particular and starts wearing them almost every time he answers the door for alec
  • alec buzzing into the apartment one day and saying “but WAIT MAGNUS I” and getting cut off before he can tell Magnus he’s not alone
  • magnus opening the door in the dinos
  • jace looking from magnus to a very red alec
  • magnus sighing and snapping his fingers to wear leather pants
  • jace never letting alec hear the end of it
  • ever
  • like
  • anytime there’s an argument at the institute, jace says to alec “well at least my girlfriend doesn’t wear dinosaur underwear”
  • clary and isabelle just staring in surprise
  • simon rambling on about some random anime or comic character girl
  • I don’t know where I’m going with this

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Shy! Aizen and Mayuri scenario with their crush?

Aizen Sousuke:

They were really something else. There eyes were the most beautiful color, their hair just as stunning and eye catching. In the end though, he kept his distance, a bit nervous about talking to them.

They were just so, so perfect. It was almost impossible, in his mind at least, to think of a plan where he got the other to fall for him. He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. They walked by again though, and this time he knew he had to talk to them.

He grabbed their arm gently, smiling a bit at them as his cheeks turned a pale pink. “Mind if I walk with you, ___?” He asked, trying to be polite before he dropped his hand quickly.

God just seeing them made his heart race, his body was reacting the way that was common for people in love. He started to get nervous, but quickly he calmed down, walking with them and just listening happily as he heard them speak.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi:

His mind had already been preoccupied enough as is, just trying to work was hard enough at this point. They were always on his mind, always. There was almost no end too it. He couldn’t even figure out what the feeling was.

Soon enough though, he had the same problem again, watching them walk in happily into his office and holding out some papers. 

“Captain Kurotsuchi, Captain Kyoraku asked me to bring these too you.” They smiled.

He nodded, trying to keep his calm as he took the papers from them and set them on the desk. His nerves started to get the better of him again. Stupid. Why was he getting nervous at all? He took a few deep breaths, offering them a small smile.

“Thank you, ___.” He mumbled, looking up at them. That was something he’d been trying to avoid, especially since each time he did his breath stopped in his throat. It was like looking at an angel. No no, just calm down. 

Soon enough though they walked out, giving him a good bye and saying they needed to return to work. He just sighed and said bye back.


Genre: Fluff (tad bit of angst)

Word Count: 2 510

Warnings: small mentions of existential crisis


Or the one where Dan tries his best to convince Phil to not be a hugist by showing him 5 different hugs.

1. lazy cuddles

2. comforting hugs

3. friendly hugs

4. romantic hugs

and last but not least,

5. the tackle hug

A/N special thanks to @justcuzfandoms​ for helping me out with certain parts + @phantasticbro​ for the other thing in the phanfic

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Sleepover with Senpai; jongyu; nc-17

They hadn’t talked about what they’d do when they got here, not in specifics.  There had been ideas, passed back and forth over IM whenever Jonghyun was feeling brave, but nothing concrete.  Jonghyun wasn’t prepared for the tension, or the anticipation, or the realization that they had hours to do nothing but touch and no one to stop them.  

Jinki moves first.  He exhales, and Jonghyun freezes, staying perfectly still as Jinki’s arm stretches out and searches through the sheets.  He finds what he was looking for in Jonghyun’s hand, and he holds it softly, thumb running slow across the back of his hand in a way that makes the room feel too small.

i wrote this for the lovely fleckle for her birthday! (happy bday again dearie!) this is a few days late posting, but i got it to her in time. this one takes place in our weeaboo jong au, in case it wasn’t obvious from the title. it takes place before the wonderful fic she wrote for me for my birthday.  hope y'all enjoy!

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Jogging Back To You

Summary: Dan decides to take up jogging (even though his body is screaming in protest) and he meets an incredibly cute boy on his jog.


Words: 789


Dan knew he had to do something about his fitness when he could taste blood after briskly climbing the stairs.


He was just so lazy.  He had spent his whole life procrastinating, telling himself he’d definitely get around to reaching his goals eventually.. all while surfing the internet and stuffing his face with the nearest crisp.

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