time to get into the christmas spirit!

So now that Thanksgiving’s over

It’s time to start planning our group watch and live blog of the terribly cheesy A Princess For Christmas. I hope you’re all still up for it because I’ve been looking forward to it since we watched Heart of Lightness! Hopefully Hallmark will be showing it a bunch of times again this year. Everyone get in the holiday spirit!

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Laurel’s Easy Sabbat Planning Guide

For all of the witches who struggle with Sabbats sneaking up on them, here is a guide to help whip up an easy celebration so you never have to miss out on Sabbats again!

A Sabbat is a seasonal festival mostly celebrated by Pagans and Witches. Sabbats are like any other holiday, except these are normally celebrations of the changing of the seasons, or the “turning of the wheel.” Each person will celebrate each Sabbat differently, as each season is completely personal to you.

⛤ The First Step

The first step I recommend to planning a Sabbat celebration is to figure out exactly what the Sabbat is to you. Figure out how you feel about the sabbat and what you naturally associate each one with. This can take some time to work through, especially if you are new to sabbats or if you tend to avoid nature at all costs.

⛤ What to ask yourself:

- What does this Sabbat mean to you?
- What is the Earth doing right now? What does it look like outside your window?
- What is in season (this includes foods, herbs, flowers and decor)?
- How do you feel this time of year? How does this particular Sabbat make you feel? Is this normal?
- What sort of things make you feel “witchy” or connected to this Sabbat?
- Why is this day special to you?

⛤ Things to Do:

- Perform a ritual. Rituals can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. Sometimes all you have to work with is a tealight candle and a week old pack of cookies.

- Cook. Some of us feel connected to the world around us when there is food involved. After all, it’s not a party unless there is food. Try out a new recipe with in-season foods, or make your favorite comfort food dish.

- Go outside. The easiest way to celebrate the changing of the seasons is to go outside and experience them. Even if it’s a short walk (because not many people want to go for long strolls in the dead of winter), take a moment to step outside and experience nature and observe what it’s currently doing. If you are able, plan a day trip to somewhere special or new to explore.

- Decorate. Nothing gets me in the holiday (or Sabbat) spirit like decorating. As a child decorating for Christmas was the best because that was the only time we put up decorations. Now, as an adult, I use whatever I have handy to decorate for every Sabbat I can to make me feel more festive.

- Offerings. If you work with spirits of deities, you may wish to put together some sort of offering for them when you celebrate. This can be food, special rocks or flowers from outside, or something you’ve made yourself.

- Spells. Sabbats are prime times to do spells for me. The spells I cast are reflections of the coming season and what I want from them.

- Crafts. There are a ton of different little projects for Sabbats floating around on the internet. Get creative and make something! If you are on a budget, make something with what you have, or modify a craft to include what you have. I like to make something new each year for the Sabbats (it’s an easy way to get “decorations” too!)

- Divination. Nothing says celebration like a good old fashion look into the future. Choose any form of divination that you’d like and do a reading for yourself. 

- Journaling. Sometimes the easiest way to celebrate and connect is to get into your own head. Let the Earth inspire you. Stare out a window (or sit outside if you can) and just watch what happens around you. Let it inspire you to create. Journal about your own feelings, write a freestyle poem or sketch and paint what you see.

⛤ Creating a Ritual

Not all rituals have to be long and elaborate. Some of my favorite rituals are just sitting around in sweatpants with a hot cup of cocoa and my journal, reflecting on the season and my life. Ask yourself these questions to help piece together how a ritual would be best done for you.

- What am I celebrating? How can I celebrate this?
- Who am I worshiping?
- How much space do I have?
- How much time do I have?
- Why am I celebrating this Sabbat?
- What do I/can I buy for my celebrations?

The important thing for Sabbats isn’t how grand your ritual is, it’s all about gaining something from it, whether that be a nice warm fuzzy feeling or a great insight into your life. 

⛤ Reflection and Meditation

After each Sabbat day, I find it helpful if I reflect upon what I did that day and how my celebration went. This is when I do most of my journaling, but you don’t have to write anything. You can simply sit and rest and meditate on the day if you wish. Use this time to unwind.

- What did I do today? How do I feel about it?
- What ideas do I have for next year?
- What did this year’s Sabbat teach me?
- What was my favorite part of today’s celebration?
- What was my least favorite?

Happy Celebrating!
~L <):)


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7 More Study Moods

So you STILL wanna study, but somehow the mood just isn’t right. Maybe try these? Pick your favorite, or do one each day of the week!

  • The Freshman: Hot coffee, boy bands, reading your textbook on your bed.
    • This is the Basic Mood. It’s hard to get much simpler!
  • The Hermione: Earl Grey, ambient noise, writing/researching a research paper deep in the stacks of the school library.
    • A great way to feel super Prepared and Scholastic, this mood also pairs well with argyle socks and maroon V-neck sweaters.
  • The Carefree: Lemonade or cider, the wind in the trees, highlighting key points points in readings at a picnic table.
    • Useful for when everything seems overwhelming - being outside can make difficult and stressful readings seem not as bad. And enjoying the last nice weather of the year is good too!
  • The At-Home: Hot chocolate, swing bands, writing journals in your parents’ living room.
    • Thanksgiving break is around the corner, and that’s when a lot of people go home for the first time. If you have anything to catch up on, this mood is perfect!
  • The Work-Study: Lemon water, rain noises, making bullet point outlines of key info at the desk you staff for your work-study job.
    • Just because you work doesn’t mean you can’t be productive at the same time! I’m writing this at my work study job, for instance. 
  • The Holiday Spirit: Peppermint mocha, Christmas carols, crafting timelines somewhere lit by string lights.
    • I KNOW Christmas is still far away. However, some people get in the spirit early, and that’s okay! Live it up, you merry people.
  • The Cinderella: Something fizzy, waltzes, working on something due at midnight while wearing fancy clothing.
    • Hey, just because you procrastinated doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you finish it. Make it less of a stressful event by going full-on Cinderella - maybe leave one shoe somewhere for realism’s sake, too!

Don’t stress about doing exactly these - they’re suggestions! Mix and match at your leisure.

Go forth and study!



✰ * º ❛   buzzfeed unsolved sentence starters  ( pt. five )   ❜

          (   part of the youtube starter series   )

‘  spoiler alert: it’s probably aliens.  ’
‘  bad idea.  ’
‘  i’m considering him a suspect.  ’
‘  i’m considering him a suspect. her son’s feeding her sedatives. yeah, he was like, ‘go on mother, eat these pills.’  ’
‘  you just made this go so much more dark than it needed to be.  ’
‘  well, i just don’t trust this boy.  ’
‘  yeah, have some pills, smoke this cigarette. goodnight.  ’
‘  this is a very irresponsible landlady. if your tenant’s apartments smell like smoke, maybe check in on ‘em.  ’
‘  if your tenant’s apartments smell like smoke, maybe check in on ‘em.  ’
‘  this is gonna get a little morbid, but who’s to say that a burning body doesn’t small like barbecue?  ’
‘  no, of course it doesn’t make sense, it’s weird!  ’
‘  has any skull shrunk at any other point in history?  ’
‘  now you’re acting like a detective and not like a jackass.  ’
‘  you don’t think it’s weird that all of her was gone except for a skull, parts of the spine, and a fucking foot that was still completely intact like nothing happened?  ’
‘  i bet if george clooney was on the tonight show and you set him on fire, one of his feet would burn, and the other one would probably still be planted there on the floor in a very nice shoe. clooney’s flammable.  ’
‘  clooney is probably flammable, you’re probably right.  ’
‘  so, a fire that was too hot for firemen did not damage her apartment?  ’
‘  too much fire here. what do i look like, a fireman?  ’
‘  soot and a foot. that’s all they got, huh? soot, foot, and a cup skull.  ’
‘  that’s a bizarro version of a dr. seuss book right there.  ’
‘  the foot did not catch on fire… one of ‘em anyway. that other one? phew. donezo.  ’
‘  the first theory… is ridiculous. i’m just gonna say that right now, it’s ridiculous.  ’
‘  i don’t trust anyone who says, ‘it seen it happen.’ that sounds like a country bumpkin if i’ve ever heard one.  ’
‘  it seen it! i seen it with my own two eyes!  ’
‘  i seen it happen while i was playing my banjo!  ’
‘  yeah– well, okay… keep going.  ’
‘  can you imagine just being out, having a good night with your pals, drinkin’? and you know, toward the end of the night when you’re like, ‘yeah, what a fun night this has been,’ can you imagine just exploding? just catching on fire. all your pals would be like, ‘huh?’ not a good night. for him or his friends.  ’
‘  is it very european to burst into flames?  ’
‘  put that pen down. you look like a jackass.  ’
‘  a lot of people explodin’ in europe. something you might wanna look into. this runs deep.  ’
‘  when i think spontaneous combustion, i think, like, ‘bam!’ like a popped balloon, just shards of person just exploding.  ’
‘  that asshole in fantastic four? what do you have against him?  ’
‘  if my clothes are on fire i’ll do a little dance to try and get ‘em out, stop, drop, and roll, what have ya.  ’
‘  maybe she just passed out or died or something.  ’
‘  i’ve never had a doctor speak to me like that. i would love it if i showed up and a doctor just started unraveling strange little tales.  ’
‘  the answer could lie with extraterrestrial origin.  ’
‘  what if aliens just get drunk and fly around the universe and shrink people’s skulls and turn them into little piles of ash?  ’
‘  i can see how aliens would be involved in kind of like shenanigans and be hooligans.  ’
‘  i don’t even smoke, but i would love to have one last cig before i go.  ’
‘  this is a weird case! this is just sinking in! what are we doing here?!  ’
‘  what if we’re just lab rats to these aliens?  ’
‘  they’re gonna shrink her into a little tiny titty.  ’
‘  no… no. what’s the matter with you?  ’
‘  if you used voodoo for evil, you would kill me!? you would murder me?!  ’
‘  it’s a hypothetical, i wasn’t thinking of doing that.  ’
‘  sometimes we argue, but i don’t want to murder you.  ’
‘  i never said i wanted to murder you!  ’
‘  you wanna kill me!  ’
‘  this is a hypothetical situation!  ’
‘  alright, yeah, no. continue to tell me about it now that i know you want me dead.  ’
‘  i think you might intellectualize too much.  ’
‘  so this is kind of a night out… with spirits.  ’
‘  wha– you look so scared already.  ’
‘  i do find that more compelling than any of the other dumb ‘evidence’ you’ve dug up.  ’
‘  any time i can get you to do that shrug, it means i make a great point. it’s a great point. it makes me heart warm.  ’
‘  i’m gonna buy you one of those haunted dolls for christmas.  ’
‘  put away your fear and just focus on what you feel.  ’
‘  i’m bad at feeling. i really wanna believe in something outside the norms of, you know, physics.  ’
‘  i took an improv comedy class once because… well, i’m a white guy.  ’
‘  so, the takeaway here is… every little sound is a ghost?  ’
‘  the takeaway here is that sounds that don’t belong in that environment may or may not be ghosts.  ’
‘  my jacket just moved in a way that it felt like somebody touched me on the shoulder and i think if you had felt it, you would scream.  ’
‘  wait, what? that was never part of the bargain.  ’
‘  a lot of times i just do these because i know you’ll hate it.  ’
‘  i feel like i’m gonna fucking cry.  ’
‘  i don’t wanna talk about it. i wanna leave.  ’
‘  i think you need to learn how to shut the hell up.  ’
‘  i think you need to learn how to shut the fuck up… i stepped it up with the bigger curse word there.  ’
‘  i’m not even trying to be a jerk about this, i’m just getting tired of you asking me if i get scared about things i don’t believe in.  ’
‘  it’s like asking me if i’m concerned that, when i fall asleep, the moon turns around and winks at me with a big, evil face and has a boner or something.   ’
‘  tell me what’s more probable: the moon having a boner or a ghost being real.  ’
‘  the dark side of the moon just has a giant, dusty boner. that’s about as real as ghosts.  ’
‘  now we’re heading into the belly of the beast.  ’
‘  i’m excited. this is maybe he only time i believe in what you’re talking about.   ’
‘  bigfoot’s meat and bone.  ’
‘  no, that’s dumb. it’s not supernatural, it’s natural.  ’
‘  this is the heaviest sandwich i’ve ever embraced.  ’
‘  my organ’s are starting to shut down. i’ll be dead in five minutes. i think i might need to go to the hospital.  ’
‘  could you imagine being the guy who coined the phrase ‘bigfoot’?  ’
‘  ain’t that like a couple of funny brothers… destroying their father’s legacy.  ’
‘  don’t make bigfoot believe in your little ghostly energies bigfoot is meat and bone.  ’
‘  i don’t think that’s how bigfoot rolls.  ’
‘  the vest is gonna make me look more festive… and i won’t get shot, so there’s that. that’s an added bonus. having fun getting shot. i’m not gonna help you.  ’
‘  having fun getting shot. i’m not gonna help you.  ’
‘  you honestly think we’re going to encounter a sasquatch, the sasquatch is going to attack you and your life is going to be saved because you’re wearing a helmet? it’s gonna bring a rock down upon your head, we’re gonna get it on film, and we’re gonna say, ‘thank god you had your helmet on your head.’  ’
‘  i think we’re ready to rock and roll, man.  ’
‘  you look like an idiot.  ’
‘  if i see people taller than me i get concerned about them because i think they’re gonna die young.  ’
‘  i wasn’t fat-shaming bigfoot. i was just mentioning that this is a creature of enormous strength.  ’
‘  his name is cedric. he struck me as a cedric when i first saw him after i destroyed his apartment.  ’
‘  well, if it’s any consolation, you look like an idiot.  ’
‘  i think it’s time for a little beer break.  ’
‘  if a bigfoot actually walked out right now, this would be the greatest thing ever captured on camera, if we lured out a bigfoot with a beer.  ’
‘  they said that… i agree, but they meant it more, so hit them!  ’
‘  nah. this guys inhaling too many… cat… shit… fumes.  ’
‘  yeah, this is all jolly right now, but can you imagine what this is gonna be like at night?  ’
‘  it is a very old piece of footage, but so is… die hard. still good.  ’
‘  i’m saying just ‘cause something’s good doesn’t mean it’s bad, or–  ’
‘  that’s a completely different train of thought. what the fuck is going on here?  ’
‘  (wheezing and laughing) it’s been a long day.  ’
‘  now you look like a man i would never talk to under any circumstance.  ’
‘  don’t judge a book by it’s cover? it’s a hell of a cover. this place is beautiful!  ’
‘  i don’t wanna kill the vibe, but we could just turn the lights on, it’s a hotel.  ’
‘  holy shit! it’s a jacuzzi tub!  ’
‘  this is the best place we’ve ever ghostbusted.  ’
‘  like a ghost sitcom? sign me up!  ’
‘  well, he can go to hell.  ’
‘  oof. i don’t even wanna talk about that evening.  ’
‘  i stole this off the woman who died in the titanic!  ’
‘  …shadows do tend to follow you, though. that’s sort of how they work.  ’
‘  you gotta fuckin’ calm down, man!  ’
‘  ghost 101. week one, knock books off shelf. week two, uhh, hold a candlestick in the middle of a hallway. week three… sheets.  ’
‘  this is one of the best days of my life.  ’
‘  i freaked out because i thought something flew in front of me, but come to think of it, it could’ve been the reflection of my light turning off.  ’
‘  you know, a ghost has probably whispered point blank in your ear, but you’ve probably never heard it because you were too busy going, ‘ugh ugh okay, oh, what did i do? oh, what did i do? i always get myself into these things ooo.’  ’
‘  are we doing more of this or can i use the jacuzzi hot tub that we’ve been blessed with?  ’
‘  are we gonna spend the night here and not use the jacuzzi?  ’
‘  the jacuzzi jets don’t work… we’re just two guys sitting in a tub.  ’
‘  yeah… it’s daft punk. the dj’s daft punk came into our suite at night and gave me a little diddy, that’s what happened.  ’
‘  it’s not haunted. i know it’s not haunted. it’s not haunted.  ’
‘  you’re like a stupid string puppet that i can just bring along with me and i can pull it when i wanna hear something dumb.  ’
‘  no– they’re. no. no. nope.   ’
‘  the ball also stopped at the ‘i love pot’ graffiti, so maybe this ghost just loves to blaze it.  ’
‘  wha– what are ya doin’?  ’
‘  look it up. it’s a thing on the internet.  ’
‘  who are you pointing to?  ’
‘  i bet i could squeeze an apple till it exploded.  ’
‘  you hear that in the distance? it’s the excuse train coming.  ’
‘  great. that’ll be good. i’m gonna snap that.  ’


*fics that are NSFW are marked as such



Park Place: You go on your usual walk with your dog only to bump into someone special. (COMPLETE)

60 Seconds: You’re part of the Avenger’s team, but that doesn’t mean you get treated the same by everyone. Your relationship with Bucky is playful, but as your past comes back to haunt you, things might change. (COMPLETE)

My Mission: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and you’d do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you might just end up doing anything for Bucky, too. (COMPLETE)

A Very Bucky Christmas: Snow, Christmas trees, lights - standard things people see around Christmas time. But when you and a few the Avengers are stuck at a safe house during the Christmas season, you get bummed that you can’t have a standard Christmas. Bucky takes it upon himself to get you back into the holiday spirit. Well, he tries his best, anyway. (COMPLETE)

Before the Dawn: The Avengers are called to destroy a HYDRA weapon, but when they arrive at it’s location, they find you there. Bucky knows you’re highly dangerous, your powers even more so, but he can’t help but get closer to you. (ON HOLD)

Short Series

Relationship Mini-Series (ONGOING)

  • Part 1: Flirting - You and Bucky have been staring at each other all night - but do either of you have the guts to flirt up close?
  • Part 2: Dating - You and Bucky have been flirting constantly for the past few weeks after the party, and both of you might just have a plan to do something about it. (*NSFW)
  • Part 3 - Steady - You and Bucky finally go on that date he asked you out on, but it would seem Bucky has some other plans at the drive-in instead of watching movies. (*NSFW)
  • Part 4 - COMING SOON


  • Ice Skating: When Bucky notices you’re homesick, he takes you for a surprise.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Bucky: You and Bucky are neighbors, speaking only to say hi to each other. But when a spider appears in your bathtub, Bucky comes to your rescue.






brandnewsoundsinmymind  asked:

Oh my god yes. Enemies to friends to loves is my all time favourite trope i am so here for this i love it. Can I ask for "You come to the restaurant I work at and choose me as your waiter(ess) every time just to annoy me and I can’t do anything in retribution or I’ll get fired AU" or "Just got caught under the mistletoe with my arch-nemesis and now everything is slow changing between us AU"? Pretty please? ilu goodbye

This is my completely inappropriate Christmas-in-March fic!

– –

“Move it,” Steve says, trying to shove past Bucky from Marketing.

“Jeez,” Bucky from Marketing says. “The eggnog will keep.”

Steve shoots Bucky from Marketing a look over his glasses. “You’re standing in the middle of the doorway,” he says. “You’ve been standing in the middle of the doorway for eight minutes.”

“That’s an exaggeration,” Bucky from Marketing mutters.

And,” Steve continues, refusing to be silenced, “I’ve been trying to get by but you’ve been ignoring me.”

“So go by,” Bucky from Marketing says, rolling his eyes.

“You. Are. In. The. Way.” Steve spits.

“I. Am. Not. Moving.” Bucky from Marketing responds, in turn.

Fine,” Steve says, pushing again, which would probably be more effective if Steve weren’t barely hitting five-four and if Bucky from Marketing didn’t work out so much (which Steve only knows because he comes into work with his sweaty gym bag).

And that’s when he hears Darcy from Accounting go, “OOOOOOOOOH.” He looks up, but it’s too late. Half the party is looking at him and Bucky from Marketing. “We got two losers underneath the mistletoe!”

Steve looks up at Bucky from Marketing, who is looking down at him and…

Is blushing. Like, a lot.

Bucky from Marketing’s jaw twitches. “Can it, Darcy,” he says, eyes darting over to Darcy from Accounting, then back down to Steve. “So, uh, you, uh…”

He’s a stuttering mess, and Steve frowns. “Is the idea of kissing me really that bad?” he asks.

“What?” Bucky from Marketing asks, voice cracking a little. “No!”

“Then kiss me,” Steve says, putting a hand on his hip. “I mean, having this mistletoe at an office party is a ridiculous notion, but whatever. It’s fine. Kiss me.”

Bucky from Marketing just sort of gapes.

“Fine,” Steve says, “then I’ll do it.”

And then he goes up on his tiptoes and does.

Bucky from Marketing is tense, so Steve doesn’t make a big deal out of it. He kisses him, waits a few seconds, then pulls away. “There,” he says. “Hope that wasn’t too painful for you.”

“No, not… It wasn’t painful, not at all! But I, uh, gotta, uh, I gotta go over there,” Bucky from Marketing says, then practically leaps out of the doorway and towards Natasha from Sales at the other end of the room.

“The fuck?” Steve asks.

Darcy from Accounting saunters up to Steve and gives him a high-five. “Hell yeah,” she says. “Look at you!”

“Uh, thanks?” Steve says.

“So, are you in love? Are you gonna get married? Have little Barnes-Rogerses bouncing around the living room?” she asks.

“Don’t think so,” Steve says. “He didn’t seem too interested.”

Darcy from Accounting raises an eyebrow and chuckles. “You’re joking, right?” she asks. Steve doesn’t bother responding, just gives her an impressed look. “He’s been pining after you since last quarter, maybe even before that. I think he was waiting under there in the hopes that you’d come by and he could sweep you off your tiny, Chuck Taylor-clad feet.”

“You’re joking,” Steve says.

She shrugs. “Better ask him,” she says in a sing-song voice.

Out of morbid curiosity, Steve looks over to where Bucky from Marketing and Natasha from Sales are standing, talking to each other with a sort of intense, quiet urgency. He watches them for a second, then nearly flinches when Bucky from Marketing looks his way. He’s still blushing.

Normally, Steve would look away, but this time he doesn’t. Instead, he smiles.

Looking almost confused, Bucky from Marketing smiles back.

“Well,” Steve says, “I guess I could use someone to get me a glass of eggnog, and Bucky is standing close to the buffet.”

“That’s the spirit,” Darcy from Accounting says. “And a true Christmas miracle.”

“I’m an atheist,” Steve says.

“It’s the spirit of the thing!” Darcy from Accounting argues.

“Fine,” Steve says, heading towards the eggnog and Bucky from Mar—

And Bucky Barnes.

Masterlist (Oneshots and twoshots)


Juice takes care of you after a long day at work

Juice admits to you that he can’t be alone

You’re a member of the MC and might have a not so secret crush on Juice

You try to seduce Juice and he finally gives in but the guys catch you **Sexual content*** 

Juice has the flu an you take care of him

Juice comes to stay with you and Tig for a couple days, then comes onto you

You tell Juice that you’re pregnant

Juice is your friend with benefits and he finds out your ex is harassing you

You’re Jax’s sister and a member and the club finds out you’re with Juice

You’re Jax’s sister and sneaking around with Juice but you end up pregnant

Juice cheats on you and tries to make it up to you

You’re Opie’s sister and Juice gets protective of you after he dies

You ask Happy to be your maid of honor when you marry juice

You meet Juice for the first time when you come home from college

You’re Jax’s sister, Juice’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped  

Juice doesn’t like the things he hears Sack saying about you.

You find the bruises on Juice’s neck after he attempts suicide **Trigger warning**

Juice gets rough with you for the first time. **Sexual content**

You give Juice some TLC while he’s driving **Sexual content**

You find yourself at a club party that you really don’t want to be at. The kid with the shaved head is nice though. 

Juice imagine based off of the song Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots  

You and Juice have a hate/sex relationship **Sexual content**

You’re Juice's plus size girlfriend and you meet the club for the first time

You’re Juice’s ex and after years apart, you get brought together again. 

You’re in bed ready to go to sleep but Juice is horny. You’re not in the mood. He knows just how to fix that **Sexual content**

Juice wants you to be his Old Lady but he’s not sure how to ask. Gemma comes to the rescue. 

You play hard to get with Juice because you think he’s too nice. He proves you wrong.

Your one night stand with Juice doesn’t quite go as expected

You’re a drug trafficker and partner of the club. That doesn’t mean you can’t go on a date though. 

Your dad Chibs walks in on you spending quality time with Juice **Sexual content*

Juice comes onto you while your boyfriend Kozik is passed out

Juice is your new friend and you look after him

You’re Juice’s girl and baby momma, and you find out about his suicide attempt **Trigger warning**

The Hills (Full fanfic)

You’re a physical therapist and give Juice a little more than just his everyday massage **Sexual content**

It’s hard to keep your relationship with Happy a secret when your cousin is Happy Lowman

Imagine based off of Marilyn by G-eazy **warning for cheating**

Juice fixes your laptop and you finally find a way to pay him back **sexual content**

Juice is away on a run, but he comes home early and walks in on you participating in some self love **Sexual content**

Juice is still locked up in Stockton, but you need him. Bad. **sexual content**

Juice is staying the night at your house when someone breaks in *Some violence*

You and Juice finally decide to meet after an entirely online friendship 

You teach Juice how to dance salsa so he can impress your family at a house party

Juice is designated to keep an eye on you while Jimmy O is in town, and keep an eye on you he does **Sexual content**

Juice tries to help you lose weight and uses his love as an incentive **Trigger warning for mention of weight, insecurities etc**

Imagine based off of TiO by Zayn **Sexual content**


Jax cheats on you

Jax gets jealous of you working with a male coworker

Jax asks you to be his Old Lady

Jax forgets your anniversary

The guys make fun of you for driving a street bike. You make Jax eat his words. 

You’re Jax’s sister and are sneaking around with Juice but you end up pregnant

You spend Christmas with Jax in your new house

Tara comes back to Charming but Jax’s loyalty lies with you.

You’re Tig’s daughter and you get caught with Jax 

You’re Jax sister and Tig’s Old Lady and Tig doesn’t want you to go on the run

You’re Jax’s sister, Juice’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped

You spend your birthday with Jax

You’re Jax’s sister and get protective of him when Tara comes back to Charming 

You’re Chibs’s Scottish niece and catch Jax’s attention while visiting

You go after Jax when you find out your boyfriend Juice was killed

You haven’t said I love you back to Jax and he isn’t happy. **Sexual content**

You try to get your old man and brother in the Christmas spirit.

You go off to the cabin with Jax to relax and spend some quality time

Imagine based off of Afterlife- Avenged Sevenfold 

Jax has a Croweater in his lap at a party. That’s not flying with you **Sexual content**

Jax thinks seeing you fight is sexy **Sexual content**

Your boyfriend Jax finds out that the Mayans kidnapped and hurt you.

After years of being Jax’s friend despite your parents wishes, you wake up next to him naked one morning. 

Jax and the club come to your rscue when a guy gets too pushy at a club party

Jax has to deliver the news of Opie’s death to you after they get out and you don’t see your man with them.  

Jax imagine based off of the song Humming by Turnover

Jax announces his feelings for you after years of being your friend

Jax finds your sex toy and uses it on you **Sexual content**

Jax meets your mom’s douchebag boyfriend for the first time

Jax is your best friend and doesn’t like Tig’s interest in you

You and Jax keep arguing and you’ve got just the thing to shut him up

You get into a fight with Jax and find out that he lied about where he slept that night 

After leaving Charming due to Opie’s infidelity, you find a new you and also find Jax in a new light 

Threesome with Jax and Opie **Sexual content**

You bump into Jax when you got back to Charming and it’s just like old times 

Lyla invites you to a club party and it doesn’t take long for you to hit it off with Jax, or figure him out

Falling in love with Jax and being Sheriff Roosevelt’s daughter isn’t easy 

Being Jax’s wife, you try to help out the club but bringing a prospect is more trouble than it’s worth


Chibs is being a little bossy and you get a bit of an attitude. He likes it though

Chibs forgets your anniversary

You’re Chibs’ new girlfriend and Tig tests your loyalty

Chibs proved himself to your father, who’s a mob boss

Things go a little south at your wedding to marry Chibs

First big SAMCRO party with your new man Chibs

You kill someone to save Chibs and he comforts you when you breakdown

Chibs dumps you to protect you but gets jealous when you go to a club party with a new guy

Being Hispanic and dating Chibs on the down low but the club finds out

Dating Chibs but being much younger than him and getting teased about it

Staying by Chibs’ side when he gets hurt in the van explosion in season 2

You’re Tara’s baby sister and seeing Chibs behind her back

Chibs teaches you how to shoot.

You’re the SAMCRO princess and you find Chibs crying. 

Chibs finds out you have an eating disorder **Trigger warning**

You’re Chibs new girlfriend and you attend your first club party

You’re Gemma and Clay’s daughter but you’re also with Chibs. Trying not to get caught at a party is hard.

Being SAMCRO’s princess and having a crush on Chibs is hard when he won’t pay attention to you. You make sure to turn that around. 

You and your Old Man Chibs babysit Jax’s kids for the day

Chis tries to surprise you with an anniversary meal but it doesn’t go as planned

Chibs teaches you how to fix a motorcycle

You and Chibs burn dinner

You’re Chibs’ younger Old Lady and you meet Fiona in Belfast. She doesn’t like you at all and you have to take a walk when Chibs pisses you off as well.**Sexual content** 

Abel is grown now and trying to get into the club after coming back to Charming. Chibs is still president though and is still holding his promise to keep the boys out of the life.

You’re Tara’s baby sister and seeing Chibs behind her back

Chibs really likes you and he’ll do what he has to do to get your attention


Threesome with Tig and Kozik

First time with Tig (mini imagine)

You’re Tig’s daughter and you come back from college to see him

You’re Tig’s daughter and you get caught with Jax

You’re Jax sister and Tig’s Old Lady and Tig doesn’t want you to go on the run

You find out you’re pregnant with Tig’s baby and leave town

You go to Gemma for advice on your relationship with Tig

You reminisce with Tig on your relationship

You’re Clay’s daughter and he finds out you’ve been messing around with Tig

You’re Chibs’ new girlfriend and Tig tests your loyalty

You comfort Tig when he admits he hates himself

Tig and Venus want you to carry their baby

You convince Tig to let Kozik patch SAMCRO ** Sexual content**

You get wasted on your 21st birthday and hook up with Tig **Sexual content** 

  Tig teaches you how to ride a motorcycle

You’re Tig’s daughter and messing around with Happy behind his back

Momma Gemma catches you hooking up with Tiggy

You get shot and have a confession for your husband Tig

Imagine based off the song Oh darling What Have I Done by The White Buffalo

Tig’s ex wife comes to the clubhouse. You’re not happy.  

Tig finds out that you’ve been faking it in bed **Sexual content**

Dawn is dead and its up to you to comfort your Old Man

Tig’s dog is sick and you’re the only on that can help. Gemma is Gemma. 

Your daughter from your previous relationship calls Tig daddy for the first time

You and Tig put on music to get in the mood in the bedroom but a certain wrestler ruins it. **Sexual content**

You’re Tig’s pregnant Old Lady but you’re bigger than expected. Turns out its twins.

You’re Tig’s daughter and love Kozik. Tig tries to protect you and forbids it.

You have a threesome with Tig and Kozik **Sexual content**  

You’re Tig’s daughter and you tell the club that you have brain cancer

You have a threesome with Tig and Juice **Sexual content**

You surprise Tig in the bedroom after his shower wearing only his cut

Tig gets out of Stockton and you couldn’t be happier

Tig doesn’t appreciate when people bring up the age difference in your relationship 


You wake up Happy with some TLC **Sexual Content*

Happy dumps you then gets jealous when he sees you with another man

Happy refuses to leave your side while you’re in the hospital

Happy Takes you home to meet his family for Christmas

You spend your first Christmas with Happy

You ask Happy to be your maid of honor when you marry juice

You’re Happy’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped

You get hit in the head and can’t remember your old man, Happy

You’re Hap’s kid and got him wrapped around your finger

Happy refuses to have sex with you because you’re pregnant ***Sexual content***

Happy brings a pitbull home

You visit your uncle Happy and accidentally hook up with one of his brothers ***Sexual Content***

You’re Tig’s daughter and messing around with Happy behind his back

Imagine based off Judas by Lady Gaga

Everyone wants to know why Happy’s girl always wears flower crowns

Hap comes home covered in blood and you’re asking too many questions. ***Sexual content**

Happy teaches you how to ride a motorcycle.

You and Hap adopt a baby together.

Hap can love. He’s just a little rusty at getting it out. You trying to leave during a lockdown gets him using his words.

You’re Hap’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped. You ain’t no wimp though **Violence**

Imagine based off of Porn Star Dancing by My Darkest Days

You’re Hap’s Old Lady and he goes with you to your monthly check up for your baby

You and happy are cuddling in bed after sex and he asks you to get his crow

Some kids from school are bullying you, but they don’t know your cousin is Happy Lowman *male pov*

You find out you’re pregnant while in your longterm relationship with Happy and you’re not sure if you really want a child **Trigger for talk of abortions**


Threesome with Tig and Kozik

You try to seduce Kozik. It works

You’ve got a thing for Kozik, but he doesn’t seem to be catching on

You’re Marcus Alvarez’s daughter, also unknowingly dating a Son, Kozik

Kozik doesn’t appreciate the prospect hitting on you. Like, at all. **Sexual content**

You get your first tattoo, Kozik’s crow, but you hate needles

Kozik imagine based off of Haunted by Beyonce 

You leave Charming after Kozik cheats on you

You’re Tig’s daughter and love Kozik. Tig tries to protect you and forbids it.

You have a threesome with Tig and Kozik **Sexual content**

You’re Koziks plus size girlfriend and feeling a little down at a club party.**Sexual content** 

You’re Gem and Clay’s daughter. You’re also heart broken and angry over your Old Man Koziks death.

You and Kozik’s nightly routine

Imagine based off of Like I Would ***Sexual content***

Being patched comes in handy when you save Kozik from the landmine


Your relationship with Opie suffers because of the club

Your best friend Opie drops a bomb during karaoke

You’re a member of the MC and Opie’s Old Lady

You and Opie confess your feelings at a club party

You’re Opie’s teenage daughter and dealing with your mothers death

Imagine based off Ed Sheeran’s Photograph 

Opie gets picked up and put inside before you get the chance to tell him you’re pregnant. He figures it out when he  sees you for the first time, obviously with child.

Opie isn’t happy that you walked out on him. Now you’re back and he wants answers

You’re Opie’s sister who he’s lost contact with. Your family is reunited

You try to play hard to get with Opie but he’d the one that gets you**some sexual content**

Half Sack

Sack is nervous about the club meeting you.


Tig and Venus want you to be their surrogate mother

You have a girls day with Venus and Donna after a rough day.

Venus helps you get ready for your date


Jax is originally the one that leaves Charming. Tara is shocked when he’s back, and at her front door.

You’re Jax’s sister, Tig’s Old Lady. Decorating the clubhouse for Christmas

You’re Gem and Clay’s daughter. You’re also heart broken and angry over your Old Man Koziks death.

You’re Gemma and Clay’s daughter, who just so happens to be 4 months secretly pregnant.

You help out the club but they end up having too much fun with it.

The club comforts you after you and your friend get kidnapped and she dies.

***TRIGGER WARNING: SELF HARM*** The club finds out about your self harm

Gemma finds out she’s pregnant with Clay’s baby

The clubs finds out that you’re dating a Mayan

You’re Jax’s sister, Juice’s fiancé and in the MC when you find out Gemma & Clay’s roles in Johns death

Stress from school is getting to you and Mama Gemma is there for you

What happens when you’re JT’s daughter and you overhear what Gem and Clay did 

David Hale has always had a crush on you but Tig and the club make sure he knows that’s as far as it will go 

You’re dating Tara but Jax comes and wants to rekindle *gender neutral*

Your friends needs a place to stay so she stays with you and you introduce her to your life 

Otto and Luanne want you to help them celebrate Otto’s homecoming ***Sexual content***


Grab your hot chocolate & sing along to “Santa’s Coming For Us”  - Team Sia


Nights are getting shorter now, hot chocolate
Fills the air and Christmas cheer does too
Picking out your Christmas tree, so lovely
The joy this time it brings to you
Santa’s coming to town
Santa’s coming to town

Sing it to the deer in the sky
Sing it as they jingle-jingle-jingle tonight
Sing it to the moon, set it free
You’re the angel on the top of my tree
Sing it to the spirit above
Sing your heart out with all of your love (merry baby)
Santa’s coming for us

Santa’s coming for us
Santa’s coming for us
Santa’s coming for us
Santa’s coming for us
Santa’s coming for us
Oh, Santa’s coming for us

Sent your letters of to Santa, baby
Tell them all your secret wishes too
Send your letters off to Santa, baby
Hoping all your wildest dreams come true
Santa’s coming to town
Santa’s coming to town

Sing it to the deer in the sky
Sing it as they jingle-jingle-jingle tonight
Sing it to the moon, set it free
You’re the angel on the top of my tree
Sing it to the spirit above
Sing your heart out with all of your love 
Santa’s coming for us

Santa’s coming for us
Santa’s coming for us
Santa’s coming for us
Santa’s coming for us
Santa’s coming for us
Oh, Santa’s coming for us

Santa’s coming to town
Santa’s coming to town
Santa’s coming to town
Santa’s coming to town

Deck The Halls

not my gif


Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Percival Graves

Pairing: Reader X Percival Graves

Notes/Warnings: *looks despairingly at the word count* Why do these tend to get out of hand?! Anyway, happy Christmas 8th (aka I feel festive because of December, so here you go)

Word count: 2,025

Imagine: Imagine Percival Graves not kissing you under a mistletoe but not for the reason you think.

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Boy did this idea sucker punch me in the gut.

Inspired by Kendrick’s latest pictures of her in Noelle…

Enjoy. #BechloeIsLife


“I can’t believe you’re making me do this Chloe.” Beca grumbled as she and her girlfriend walked side by side down the high street; her high heeled boots clicking on the pavement with each step she took.

The redhead could barely contain her mirth as she listened to the empty threats that were uttered from Beca’s lips; the younger girl’s hands clenched tightly within the woolly constrains of her dark red mittens.

The brunette loved Chloe more than anything in the world; she’d do almost anything to make her happy… note the word “almost”. This was not one of the things. Honestly, who forces their girlfriend to dress up as one of Santa’s elves… all in the “spirit of Christmas”… and then go out in public? This was a whole new level of cruelty.

The tights were rubbing against her recently shaved legs and they kept falling down slightly when she walled, something that never failed to make Chloe giggle every time she saw Beca’s hands go to… righten them… every few steps.

In addition to that, Beca was certain that, because of her natural height, people actually mistook her for an elf. So she gave anyone who looked at her for too long a dirty look, hoping that they would get the message. She wished that she possessed a sign with the words: “my girlfriend made me do this”, so as to assure people that this had not been her idea… in any way shape or form.

Though she complained, the truth is that Beca loved seeing Chloe happy, and right now, her redhead was gazing at her fondly with the largest smile she had even seen grace those perfect lips. It was a breathtaking sight.

The Bellas were told that Chloe was taking Beca Christmas shopping due to the younger girls’ reluctance to buy her presents early, which caused the other girls to erupt in voracious laughter. Although Beca knew it was true, she just wished the girls would put their bloody phones away before she smashed them.

They were currently huddled together under Chloe’s umbrella; it had just been raining heavily and there remained a slight chill in the air. Beca knew the umbrella may not be necessary, but the last thing she needed was to be soaked to the skin in an outfit as thin and light as the one she was currently wearing. She would not be a happy elf.

The super-senior had dragged her to various locations within the last few hours, and to Beca’s surprise, they had all been toy shops. Children’s stores. Strange. They spent no time perusing the small stores, which is what she had expected. Instead Beca was left at the door whilst Chloe made her way to the main desk where she, after a brief conversation with the cashier, would be given a few large sacs filled to the brim with… gifts, Beca guessed.

She trusted her girlfriend more than anything in the world, and although she was feeling rather impatient at being kept in the dark, she knew Chloe had good intentions for doing so. Every now and again, their eyes would meet and the super senior would smile softly as her eyes shimmered in the sun. Beautiful.

Arriving at Chloe’s car, she was startled to see that there were a few other large, identical sacs in the back seat of the Mini Cooper; Chloe placing the ones she currently held amongst the rest. Giving her girlfriend a questioning look, which was promptly ignored, Beca sighed and buckled herself into the car before Chloe did the same and drove off.

Ten minutes passed before Beca felt the car come to a gentle stop. Noticing where they were, Beca’s eyebrows furrowed and she turned to Chloe, intent on finally hearing an explanation.

The redhead knew Beca had wanted to understand what was happening from the moment she asked her to wear the costume, but she knew her girlfriend would have been reluctant to come had she told her. She owed it to Beca to open up too. Never before had she told anyone what she was about to tell her girlfriend; that’s how much Beca means to her.

Turning the engine off and lifting up the handbrake, Chloe took a calming breath and kept her eyes focused on the windshield.

“Every year, since I was old enough to understand, my family has had a tradition. My grandfather would choose between myself and my four brothers for someone to accompany him on what he called his ‘Quest For Happiness’.”

She paused, as if lost in her memories and she felt a soft touch on her arm. Beca’s fingers were gently curled around her forearm and it was clear she was trying to get her to face her.

Complying with Beca’s silent plea, she then continued. “My grandfather would take us to different toy stores; a large smile on his face as he greeted anyone and everyone, carrying large sacs as he did so. The final stop was always the Children’s Hospital; a different one every year. People considered him to be a 'Christmas Miracle’; I would go with him as he’d visit every child in that hospital, dressed as Father Christmas, and watch as he would do everything in his power to make them smile before moving to the next child. He didn’t do it for himself, he didn’t do it because it was expected… he did it because he wanted to give something to those children that no one else could give them… happiness. Terminally ill children were given happiness, even if just for a moment. And it was in that moment, that I swore I would follow his footsteps and bring happiness to others, the way he did. After he died, my father took over that role, and we’ve been doing it ever since… and now, I want to share it with you.”

Beca sniffled as she furiously wiped away the tears that trickled down her cheeks. Chloe constantly surprised her everyday, but this… this was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard. Everyone knew that Chloe Beale was a generous woman; that she was someone who desired to help anyone and everyone who needed it… but this story had shaken her to the core.

If Beca had not already been head over heals in love with the redhead, then this story would have erased any and all doubt. Chloe’s eyes glimmered with such emotion, such passion, that Beca knew this meant the world to her. Leaning forward to gently place a lingering kiss on her lips, Beca gently and lovingly caressed her cheek.

“Thank you.” Was all the younger girl said as she blinked back the next wave of tears.

Sensing Chloe’s confusion, Beca smiled fondly at her. “Thank you for sharing this with me. This is something that means a lot to you and your family, and I want to thank you for including me in something as wonderful as bringing joy to those that need it most at Christmas. I am so proud of you and nothing would bring me greater pleasure than to do this with you.”

Chloe’s smile shone brighter than any star in the sky; and it was all Beca could do to just hold her close and make sure this wonderful girl knew how extraordinary she truly was.

Squeezing her hand, Beca gazed into Chloe’s eyes. “Come on Chlo, let’s go and change children’s lives for the better so that we can one day teach our own children to do the same.”

ballora14  asked:

Hi there! I want to tell you that your art is amazing and your AU! Have a wonderful thanksgiving and a great day! Plus I have a question for the crew. What is your favorite holiday and why?

((aww jeez, thanks! <3 i hope you have a great thanksgiving as well! here’s some headcanons for ya:

Bendy: His own birthday. It’s basically a whole day dedicated to him, and he loves it.
Boris: Every holiday is his favorite holiday.
Alice: She’s fond of the atmosphere of Christmas, but any holiday where she gets to spend time with the people she cares about is a good holiday in her book.
Joey: Halloween, it gives him a reason to be more odd than usual “in the name of the Halloween spirit” and deck the studio out to be even creepier than usual. He likes the strange and occult, is this really a surprise?
Henry: Christmas, for the cold weather and being able to see loved ones.
Sammy: Any holiday that allows time off.
Susie: Christmas and Valentines Day, both are tied. She likes Christmas for all the usual reasons, and she loves the romance of Valentines.
Wally: Thanksgiving, since he gets to hang out with his family (because his family is so huge, it’s one of the few times where they all get together at once) and eat ungodly amounts of food. (Christmas is a close second, but Thanksgiving wins because it usually doesn’t snow on Thanksgiving.)
Norman: Christmas, as its a time of bringing families together (and we all know how much he loves his family) and being happy.
Shawn: Halloween, he doesn’t really dress up but he likes the Spooky aspect of it. He’s got a handful of scary stories to tell to his kids and coworkers every year, and he never tells a story the same way twice - he always changes slight details to make it more interesting.
Thomas: Doesn’t really have a favorite holiday. In fact, if it’s not Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween - he probably has forgotten it exists until its right around the corner.))

My Fanfics So Far

*Images are not mine*


Pop A Top Again Mini-Series-Part 1-Part 2-Part 3 - Dean x Reader - Fluff, Eventual Smut, NSFW, COMPLETE

Reader’s old flame, Dean Winchester invites you up to his winter cabin to go fishing.  Is he just looking for a friendly chat, a hookup, or will it be something more?

Drunk on You Series - Dean x Reader - Smut, NSFW, Angst, Depression, COMPLETE

Dean meets Jo’s childhood best friend at a bonfire.  Drama between Jo and Reader results.  Dean and Reader’s relationship plays out.  Will it survive the drama or will the drama be the end of them?

Discoveries Series - Bi!Reader x Dean, Bi!Reader x Sam - Smut, NSFW, masturbation, oral sex, Daddy!Kink, Flirting, Drinking, Sexually Suggestive Language, Angst, Fem/Fem, IN PROGRESS

The reader gets the boys assistance in exploring a whole new set of experiences.

One Piece At A Time Mini-Series - Chapter 1 - POV Baby - Fluff, minor character death mentioned, tiny bit of angst, IN PROGRESS

The story of putting together a family, one piece at a time.

Dean x Reader Fics

Up to No Good - Dean x Reader - Fluff, Foreplay, Smut, NSFW

Dean decides to have a little fun.  The reader decides to tag along, mischief follows.

Mine Now, Mine Always - Jealous Dom!Dean x Reader - Smut, Dom!Dean, NSFW

Jealous, smutty Dom!Dean.  

Come and Get It - Dean x Reader - Smut, NSFW

Dean and the reader have been flirting for weeks with no action.  Well, that’s all about to change.

Parchment & Passion - Dean x Reader - Smut, NSFW

Reader works in a library and Dean drops in to visit.

Mr. Man - Dean x Reader - Fluff

Reader’s car breaks down and Dean helps her out.  The reader ends up with a Christmas surprise.

Fire Your Guns - Dean x Reader - Dean POV, Smut, NSFW, male perspective smut and thought process, unprotected sex, oral sex, Impala sex, Canon level violence

Dean runs into a blast from the past during a vamp hunt, however, neither one of them clearly remembers the past.  They give each other a little help in remembering what happened the first time they met.

Night Out - Dean x Reader, briefly Sam, OFC Stacey and OFC Heather - Fluff, jealousy, hints at possible smut

A night out at a local bar.

I Can Do It - Dean x Reader, Angst, serious injury during a hunt, loss of hearing

An injury during a hunt leaves the reader permanently out of action, will her relationship with the boys be finished too or will they find a way to make it work?

Shut Up and Drive - Dean x Reader, Smut, NSFW

The reader can’t help but be curious as to just what Dean is up to when he playfully gets her behind the wheel of Baby. But when a juvenile Dean is suddenly very mature, she will never forget what it was like to push Baby’s pedal to the metal and drive.

Jensen x Reader Fics

Paralyzer - Jensen x Reader - Angst, Drinking

The reader sees Jensen in a club and is mesmerized by him but doesn’t feel that she is worthy of him.

When In Rome - Jensen x Reader - Smut/Fluff

Jensen meets the reader before/during Jibcon and one night leads to some unexpected actions.

So Lucky - Jensen x Reader x Danneel, Jensen x Reader, Danneel x Reader - Smut, PWP, NSFW, Fem/Fem, Threesome, Oral Sex, Unprotected Sex

The Ackles like to keep things interesting and they decide to let you in on just how they achieve that goal.

‘Til Next Time - Jensen x Reader, Smut, NSFW, Dom!Jensen, Light Bondage, Drinking, Sub!Reader

The reader starts a new job next door to a brewery, which Jensen just happens to be the owner of.

Sam x Reader Fics

Moon Flower - Sam x Reader - Fluff

You have been married to Sam Winchester for a wonderfully amazing five years.  The good times have been like a fairy tale, but you have had your share of bad times too.  You have been by Sam’s side through many of his friends and loved one’s deaths in the past five years.  It hasn’t been easy on either of you and you have learned to lean on each other for support.

One Single Yesterday - Sam x Reader (kind of) - **TRIGGERS! Angst, failed marriage, cheating, mental abuse, mention of sexual abuse

After five years of marriage, the reader cannot do it anymore.  Luckily, she has Sam to help her out and keep her safe.

Play With Me - Sam x Reader - Smut, NSFW, Masturbation, Fingering, Dom!Sam, Sir!Kink, Unprotected Sex, Fluff

Sam finds a tipsy reader in the bunker’s library and decides to “play” along to get her to do what he wants her to.

Waves and Rocks - Sam x Reader - Angst, Jilted Bride, Metaphors and Analyzing Life, Sappiness, and perhaps a little fluff

Being left at the alter left you feeling like the world was crashing down on you, much like the waves of the ocean crashing against the rocks. As you start to see that it is more than being left at the alter that is bothering you, a stranger comes along and offers to help you find your happiness again.

Jared x Reader Fics

The Surprise Party - Jared x Reader - Fluff

You have been working with Jared on the set of SPN for four years and decide that this year you are going to do something special for your friend’s birthday. 

Slowly - Jared x Reader - Sensual/Smut Adjacent

Sometimes it takes a new location, a new appreciation of art, or a stranger to make us look at the world in a new way.

Choose Your Winchester Fics

Pain Relief - Winchester x Reader - Smut, NSFW, unprotected sex, fingering, sex with stranger, drunk sex, divorce (mentioned briefly), cheating (mentioned briefly)

After a divorce, the reader is in a bar alone.  She sees a Winchester and with no words spoken, they manage to connect.  Smut ensues.

Cas x Reader Fics

Lift Me Up - Cas x Reader, Sam, Alex (OC) - **TRIGGERS! Depression, thoughts of suicide (but no action is taken)**, Fluff

After Cas smites the angels and returns to Earth he seeks out help at a local crisis center.  The counselor on duty at the time is the Reader.  Cas and the Reader spend time discussing what has happened to him and form a bond and Cas discovers a whole new set of emotions.

The Cherry on Top - Cas x Reader, Sam, Dean - Smluff, Flirting, Teasing, Foreplay

Cas has been flirting with you for months and refuses to make a move. Will you be able to get him to tell you how he truly feels?

Multiple Pairing and Other Character Fics

Hood - Crowley x Reader/Dean x Reader

The reader is betrothed to the Prince of Hell, Crowley, but then crosses paths with someone she knew during childhood.  Now she must decide which path the rest of her life will follow and deal with the consequences that will result from her decision.

Help Wanted - Lucifer x Reader, Sam x Reader - Mentions of prostitution

The reader is down on her luck and ends up stumbling across Lucifer’s establishment, connects with Lucifer, but something isn’t quite right.   What will she do when she finds out the truth?

Bravery and Broken Bottles - Jo x Reader, Smut, NSFW, Flirting, Fingering, Fem/Fem

When being stood up leaves a bad taste in the Reader’s mouth, she decides to swear off all men. Jo sees this as one door closing and another one opening and takes the opportunity to help the reader see that there are other ways to get what she is searching for.

Non-Pairing/General Fics

Harvest - No Pairing, Reader (Y/N), Dean, Sam, Bobby, Farmer AU

You inherited your Daddy’s farm and Dean, Sam and Bobby move in to help you take care of the land. 

That Magic Creek Water - No Pairing, Dean POV

Dean reminiscing about times with Sam at Scribner Creek.

Nut Up or Shut Up - No Pairing, Reader (Y/N), Dean, Sam, Crowley

Sam finds a case that winds up being a coven of witches possessed by demons and the boys decide to call in Crowley to help out.  The reader and Dean both wind up cursed and the cure puts them in a rather intimate situation.

Sugar Plum Fairies - No Pairing, Sister!Reader, Dean, Sam, Bobby, Annabelle (Winchester niece - OC) - Fluff

The reader has to get her daughter to Christmas recital but when she forgets an important item at home, she has to rely on her brothers, Sam and Dean, for help.

MOW Fics

The Doepointe Disappearances - Dean, Sam, Reader, Spirit (Briefly Suzy, Brad, Bill, and Mom; Greg and Alex Doepointe – All OC’s) - Missing children, vengeful spirit

The reader is a long time hunter. Travels through a town and hears about a case.  While working the case, crosses path with Sam and Dean.


More Than One Way to Fight - November CYOSA - Reader, Dean, Sam (captured by the vamps), (Dead vampires- Trudy, Stephen, Leon, Frank, and Marcus!) - and the head count just keeps rising. Daniel (captured by Dean), Nayan, Leather-clad goons Claude and Clive, and 4 other random vampires.

You’re going on vacation! A break! You’ve totally lined up a whole break! Yay! It’s starting right after this hunt…or at least you hope so.

Truth or Dare: Part 5: Y/N picks Truth-March CYOSA- Dean, Leah, Sam, and Reader - NSFW, Smut, Explicit Talk of Oral Sex, Groping, and a little Fem/Fem action.

A Game of Truth or Dare starts to heat up.


She What?!

Peppermint Sam

Tangled Together


Not So Bad

A frappu-what-o?

Jellybeans and G-Strings


Pieces, Scattered

Tumbling in Dean’s Room



Feel’s Like Christmas|S.Mendes Imagine

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Countdown to Christmas: Day 4
Song(s):You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton
Summary: Where with the help of the reader’s love, Shawn starts to believe in the spirit of Christmas once again.

I wanna thank the storm that brought the snow

The storm outside had picked up its pace as the town was covered in a soft blanket a snow. Not a person was found outside all warm and comfortably snug inside their homes. Shawn was watching from his place by the window as the snow fell rapidly down accumulating and turning his childhood home town into the north pole. A soft smile made it’s way onto his face as he heard her soft hums and the clatter of pans in the kitchen. Somehow God was on his side and sent an angel into his life when he lest expected it. Y/N had managed to quite literally crashed into his life about a year ago and now they stood eight months into a relationship he never planed of being in.

His apartment was decked out to the nines, this time of year was her favorite. No matter how many times she had try to get him in the spirit it never work but this year something about this snow storm, and being cuddled up next to the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and Christmas movies brought a sense of delight within him.

“Ready babe?”

Turning back to look at him he couldn’t help but smile. She was wearing her favorite silk pj’s she had gotten last year, her feet were clad in cozy socks and two cups of hot chocolate were in her hands. Nodding his head he walked over taken the cups and setting them down. “You get the movie ready and I’ll add more wood to the fire.” He stated as she nodded her head reaching up and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

Throwing to pieces of wood in the fire he watched as the fire went ablaze before turning around to find her snuggled into the blanket. She giggled softly as she lifted up the blanket for him to get in. They shifted a bit before finding a comfortable position. It wasn’t long before the mugs were empty. Y/N had picked ‘The Sweetest Christmas’ from Hallmark. A channel Shawn didn’t even know he had but yet again she surprised him.

“You know I’m thankful for this storm..” He breathed during a commercial break making her lift her head from his chest.

“Oh yeah?” She giggled as she placed a soft kiss on his jawline causing him to smile and pull her closer to him.

“Hmmm, you’re hopefulness is making me believe in the Christmas spirit..” He admitted as she squealed causing him to smile as she looked at him with so much love in her eyes it made it head spin.

“Knew my Christmas spirit would rub off one you..” She breathed.

“You know when I first met you, never did I imagine I would be in a loving relationship like this. You came crashing into my life and saved me gorgeous..” He stated as she felt her eyes prickle of tears.

With tears in her eyes she smiled up at him. She knew Christmas wasn’t his favorite time of the year but he still did everything with her. He did them simply before he loved her, he loves her so much he is willing to do anything to make her happy even if he despises the activity.

“I knew we were gonna be a classic since the moment I met you..” She breathed as she chuckled softly. “It’s like a poorly written fanfic..” She stated as he laughed out loud shaking his head.

“God I love so much baby…”

“Not as much as I love you.”

“Not possible, but I wanna thank you.”

“For what?”

“For making it feel like Christmas again.”

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Christmas Headcanons Megapost

So these are entirely SFW, but I do have something special planned for the next batch. Thanks so much to Admin Panini from @sportsanimehell-scenarios for writing about half of these and helping with the other half. 
~Admin Emma


  • Christmas morning is one of the only days where he skips his morning jog. He prefers to spend it cuddling with you until you both feel like getting out of bed to open presents. In fact, it’s one of the only days where he lets himself be lazy for once.
  • When Ushijima has kids, one of their big Christmas traditions is to go see The Nutcracker every year. It used to be a romantic thing for him and his s/o but now they take the kids along and it’s a cute little family outing.


  • Has a hand-knit Christmas stocking with his name on in. His aunt made it for him when he was really, really little and he treasures it
  • Really loves scarves because his cheeks get super wind-chapped in the winter. He always loses his or wears them out, so if you give him one (or better, make him one) he will be so weak? He feels so blessed


  • Get’s really embarrassed when he goes from the chilly outside to the warm inside and his glasses start fogging. He doesn’t know what to do–he’s tried everything, he can’t see shit without his glasses, and the air is too dry for contacts so basically the winter months=RIP Tsukki


  • Him and Saeko have a pact where if they’re both single on Christmas Eve, they’ll get together and get absolutely shitfaced. But not before she feeds her adorable baby brother with both of their favorite foods.
  • A Christmas Eve date with him is pretty rad–coffee, light shows, a bit of shopping, then ending the night with a movie or something. Low key, you spend most of the time in the back of the theater making out, so you don’t remember much of the movie, but it’s pretty rad either way.
  • Fuzzy sock king. So many fuzzy socks. He collects them, and he has dozens of them in different patterns. He also has dozens of beanies. And yes, he is willing to share with you. Low key it gets him so flustered to see you in his hats. 
  • Love Live trash (Eli is best wife, fight him, but he’s also weak for Kotori) and he is so weak for the Christmas costumes. Please don’t judge him, they’re just so cute!
  • Makes his own wrapping paper. He serious will handpaint wrapping paper and fold his own origami bows, and it looks fucking professional like, Damn Ryu! He’s super embarrassed by this fact, but if you show appreciation he will high key be so flustered but so happy.


  • He and you shared their first real kiss on a Christmas Eve date; it’s always going to be special, and low key, he’s the type who would propose on Christmas Eve. He takes the romance to a whole new level


  • Literally perfect at finding your size? Like, he bought you a pair of jeans and a sweater one year and they literally fit perfectly and to this day you have no idea how he did it. How do, Hayato?


  • Never buys gifts. He either makes them by hand, or he bakes something for you. He thinks it’s just more meaningful.


  • He and Makki throw a hell of a party every year. It’s fucking hopping from about 5pm on the 23rd and maybe (MAYBE) ends around 8 am on the 24th when everyone is too drunk to move anymore. No one remembers it but it’s always a good time.
  • He will legit buy you the nicest gift you’ve ever owned, and then he’ll nest it’s (probably small) box within progressively bigger boxes until it’s in a fucking refrigerator box filled with tissue paper and lies. Watching you get progressively more frustrated as you open is only slightly less fun than the look you get when you see what he got you.


  • Gets really into the Christmas spirit. Buys for everyone, bakes, calls all his friends. Everyone gets a gift. He’s grinning through the whole last few days before Christmas.


  • Hates holiday shopping with a fiery passion. He just hates dealing with all of the jerks that seem to crawl out of their holes this time of year. High key he’s had your gifts bought and wrapped since September because he really doesn’t want to deal with people.
  • The worst person for Secret Santa. He has accidentally given away who he’s buying for four out of the five times he’s done a Secret Santa but his gifts are always very thoughtful and chosen with care.
  • Refuses help when putting the star on the tree. He can do it. He is the man of the house. It is his job. No he doesn’t need a chair, what sort of man needs a chair!?!? (Please get him a chair)
  • His most precious Christmas memory is probably curling up in an armchair, watching the snow fall with you on Christmas Eve. You fell asleep like that, and woke finding his mom had tossed a blanket over you. He was high key flustered in the morning, but he’ll always treasure that moment.


  • Tries to find out what Iwaizumi is giving his s/o so she can try and top him and get you something even better. Spoilers: it never works, but it’s the thought that counts.


  • Tried to dye the front part of his hair like a candy cane once. It was supposed to be “festive” but in truth ended up Pepto-pink and totally fried. It was… a dark time.


  • Is at his most exhausted around Christmas. He will forget to take care of himself, including eating and drinking. You’re free to pick on him about it, but take care of him. He’s so tired, and all he wants is snugs.


  • Has a huge family with tons of kids, and always kicks it with his little cousins, nieces and nephews when he’s home for the holidays. He knows they look up to him, and he takes a genuine interest in what they do.


  • Working behind the scenes at the Fukurodani Christmas Party to make sure everything gets done and nothing gets set on fire. Everyone calls Akaashi the “mom” of his team, but everyone there knows better. Konoha is making sure Akaashi is hydrated and Bokuto isn’t getting too wild and that the presents are secured and the snacks are replenished and, if he has a minute, stops in to say hi to you.


  • Could care less about the present if it doesn’t come with a nice handwritten card. Since his parents are always gone, he’s used to receiving packages in the mail with short typed notes that say generic things on them. He really appreciates it when people take the time to write him notes. He keeps every single one in a box.
  • Likes the chaos and noise of the holiday season. It actually soothes him a bit, so he usually spends time with his team or your family.
  • Super weak for the classic Rankin-Bass Christmas specials. He’s a bit freaked out by the stop motion but he high-key cries at the end of Rudolph and he’s not sure why
  • Always decorates his own mini tree. He’s never really had a big tree before, but he’s always wanted one. He just can’t justify it, where he’s alone most of the time and he’s barely home as is.


  • Gets low key offended when people serve hot cocoa from a packet. He has a recipe that will literally knock your socks off, and if he can swing it, he’ll always add a shot of Bailey’s and a crushed mint leaf. You’re not sure what else he adds–the recipe is a closely guarded secret–but it’s a cup of hot, molten, chocolatey sin.
  • Your Christmas Card photos are always adorable. They always look like something out of a catalogue, and he always looks so beautiful. In 100% of the pictures you take, he’s always giving you the schmoopiest grin, and even if it embarrasses you, it’s so soft and affectionate you can’t stand to stay mad.


  • Has received an advent calendar from his parents every year since he was ten, but he can never control himself. He always cheats and eats more than one a day. You might have to buy a package of chocolates to put next to the calendar just to keep him in check.


  • Terushima has always wanted to go on a romantic Christmas Eve date with someone special, but he’s never been in a relationship stable or deep enough to get to that point. Usually they think he’s joking so he stops asking. Please ask him out for Christmas Eve, you will make his dreams come true ;u;
  • Trash for seasonal specialty drinks and desserts. If it has candy cane or gingerbread flavor he is 1000% there for it, even if it’s gross and overpriced. He wants it, and it’s a problem.


  • Prefers peppermint mochas to hot chocolate; not enough caffeine in the hot cocoa and he needs it to get through this year
  • Tries not to fall off the wagon as far as his training and diet are concerned, but Suga makes it so hard. Plus, if you can bake, he’s gone. He gets really self conscious if he gains a bit of weight over the Holidays, though.
  • Another member of the “is an actual goddamn space heater” club. He runs really warm and is actually a big fan of walks in the snow. Sadly, he tends to forget that not everyone can survive in blizzard conditions in a goddamn hoodie, Daichi.
  • Team “Couldn’t wrap a present to save his life, but he tries anyway.”
  • Really likes mulled wine? He’s not sure why–regular red wine makes him a bit sick–but he can literally drink mulled wine all night.


  • If he doesn’t have someone to spend Christmas with, he usually spends it with his team. He doesn’t like being by himself, so he’ll usually curl up next to a friend and watch movies, lamenting another Christmas as a single stud.


  • Hates being cold, and he runs so cold? He’s basically a blanket burrito wearing 18 sweaters from November to May.
  • Claims to hate Christmas Carols, but is always the first to pull up to the piano and start playing the classics. He’s played since he was a little kid, and it’s something he still enjoys doing.


  • Everyone assumes that he wants new games for Christmas but he actually wants cozy things like hats and scarves (and maybe baked goods). Bonus points if they’re handmade. He will high key wear them all winter long.
My Hellenismos Calender (A work in progress)

-21-23rd - Lenaia - Celebration of Dionysus. First day is a feast, Second day movie/theater marathon, third day libations to the ground for the kthonic. Wine all around

14th- Valentines Day. Devotions, offerings to Aphrodite and Eros and Hera if married

22nd - 24th -  Anthesteria - Dionysus, Hermes. 1st day is a party, Merry making and wine. 2nd day is solomn, offerings are made to  Dionysus Kthonois. 3rd day is for Hermes Khthonois and those that have passed, offering and prayers.

20th - Anthesphoria- Persephone - Marks her return to the land of the living. Pick flowers, wear flower crowns, make fruit salad and pie.

1-5th - Great Dionysia - Dionysus. Processions or parties are normal, leader wears red or animal fur. Traditionally a huge festival for the theater. Pick at least a movie a day to watch. Tragedies and Comedies are classic picks. Prayers and libations before hand.

10th Spring nouménia - first day of the visble new moon, time to get deep cleaning.

Mothers Day (second sunday of may)- Offerings and prayers to Leto and Hera, and ancestral mothers

24-25th - Thargelia honored Apollo and Artemis. Offerings are made to Apollo and Artemis, the first day is for purification. Cleanse and khernips in the morning, religious fast until sundown as sacrifice. Second day is a celebration of the twins,  their birth and family, ample amounts of singing and food.

29th - Memorial Day: offerings and prayers to Haides, khtonic theoi

18th- Fathers Day - offerings and prayers to Zeus, Kronos, ancestral fathers

21st - Summer Solstice - Apollo - Write, sing, do divinations, have friends over for a music filled barbecue or picnic.

20th - Aphrodisia - Aphrodite. fire, flowers, and incense were given as offerings. Red and pink candles. Self care indulgence, chocolates, bath bombs,champagne with loved ones

4th-6th - Hermaea - Hermes. First and second day, find a competitive sport to watch or gather friends for competitive games, food and drink. Games that require wit or gamble especially. Third day, give to the homeless, travel somewhere new even if it’s just for dinner, if you can’t physically Travel then watch documentaries and learn about other cultures and languages.

4th - Labor Day: Devotions to Hermes, Hephaestos, and any professional patrons that you may have.

22nd -  Koris Katagogi.  Haides - Persephone. Originating in Sicily, Koris Katagogi was a festival specifically to celebrate Persephone’s descent, where other festivals tended to focus on her ascent more than anything else.

4th - fall nouménia - first day of the visble new moon, time to get deep cleaning.

20th - Pyanopsia - Apollo as a sun God and ripener of fruits, where offerings were made to him and the Horea A branch wrapped in purple or white wool and adorned with season fruits, jars of honey, and jars of oil was made as an offering to Apollo in thanks for blessings received and to ask for protection from evil. Doors could be similarly adorned, or else the offering branch hung for protection, and left for the year.

31st - Halloween - Halloween through November 2nd: Devotions to Khthonic deities, Haides, Persephone, Thanatos, Kharon, ancestral spirits, Dionysos, Hermes Khthonios, etc. First day is a party to Dionysus, then november 1st and 2nd are solomn, mute meal, libations to the dead.

11th - Veteran’s Day: offerings and prayer  to Ares and Athene, devotions to ancestral spirits

-23rd - Thanksgiving - offering and devotions for Hestia and Artemis as a huntress

21st -25th - Christmas/ Rural Dionysia, offerings to Hestia and Dionysus, gift giving, movies, fires, hot cocoa, mulled wine, time with family, celebration of Dionysus birth.

29th- nouménia - Deep clean, spiritual and physical, get ready to be new for the coming year

30th- New Moon. Offerings to Hekate and Hades before the new year

31st - New years eve - Apollo, Dionysus, Hermes. Party on. Prayers and offerings for guidance, freedom, new experiances and light in the coming year.

Used for inspiration and reference