time to get drunk lol

everytime a white person says the n word around me i go through the 5 stages a grief 


Don’t think i am drunk so saying this But you are beautiful 

@celestialjoon replied to your post: okay, anyone remember this drabble here ? i lowkey…

Please d o

oh i am v v tempted, but i also have soooo many actual fics to work on and idk if that might not me the better thing to do ?? like… a short little drabble vs fully fleshed out stories n smut ?? do ppl care about drabbles? idk? i am lost ?

werenzki  asked:

1, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 17 :)

1. Who was your very first favourite player(s)?
Steve Yzerman (STEVIE Y BABYYYY) 
5. What 5 players would make up your dream first line?
Sidney Crosby
Evgeni Malkin
Auston Matthews
Erik Karlsson
Kris Letang
7. Most attractive player?
Kristopher Letang
9. Whats one unpopular opinion you have about your favourite team?
I don’t want to get attacked but there’s a certain D that I think is a little overhyped THAT’S ALL
11. If you could spend the day with any player who would it be and what would you do?
Hornqvist and I’d want to go to an amusement park and ride roller coasters and eat pizza because HE LOOKS LIKE A GOOD TIME 
13. What player would you want to get drunk with?
17. How did you start watching hockey? 
The first of back to back Red Wings/Penguins stanley cup finals, my dad is a Detroit fan and I picked the penguins just to go against him and BAM now I’m in too deep and penguins trash.

Hey everyone - I am so ecstatic right now because I have just found out I passed second year! I was so worried for these results, but it shows that the hard work this year has paid off. As some of you probably know, I failed first year and had to do retakes and was in such a bad place, but now I’ve managed to turn it around. This just goes to show you should never let one failure get you down. Thank you everyone for all your support and I hope you get the results you want too <3

[Slytherin Party]

Rory stumbled up to the person, reaching her hand out to keep from falling. “Sorry,” she said sweetly, giving them a flash of her grin. “The dance floor got a little bit too intense for me."