time to get drunk lol

hello, hello. i’ve been on this blog for six months and have stayed with these muses longer than i have with any other blogs/muses so i think that needs a celebration! my commitment-fearing ass couldn’t believe i stayed in one place for half a year and met wonderful people along the way! i’ve procrastinated this follow forever for the longest time but now it’s finally here! the people under this post have been very lovely to me, and i really do enjoy writing with them. i appreciate all of them for appreciating my muses so without further ado, here we go!

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Don’t think i am drunk so saying this But you are beautiful 

Hey everyone - I am so ecstatic right now because I have just found out I passed second year! I was so worried for these results, but it shows that the hard work this year has paid off. As some of you probably know, I failed first year and had to do retakes and was in such a bad place, but now I’ve managed to turn it around. This just goes to show you should never let one failure get you down. Thank you everyone for all your support and I hope you get the results you want too <3

[Slytherin Party]

Rory stumbled up to the person, reaching her hand out to keep from falling. “Sorry,” she said sweetly, giving them a flash of her grin. “The dance floor got a little bit too intense for me."