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Let’s say that vampire mates are a thing, BUT powers don’t work on a vampire’s mate. Bella can’t shield Edward; Edward can’t hear Bella’s thoughts. Alice can’t see any visions with Jasper as the focal point; Jasper can’t influence Alice’s emotions. And so on. How would everything go down? Would Alice even even meet Jasper? Maybe she sees herself with the Cullens and Jasper, but can’t focus on him? How would Bella protect Edward in BD? Would Marcus fall in love with Didyme after all?

That would certainly complicate matters! But in a way I think it make a lot of these relationships more equal/healthier? I might be in the minority but the way that certain gifts give one partner power over the other, no matter how judiciously the character might try to use it or not use, can freak me out at times.

I mean you run into questions like: does Afton actually love Chelsea or did she force him to? Is half the reason Marcus is suck to such depths of despair because he not only love the love of his unlife but also the unnatural happiness high he must have been on all the time because of her ~aura? Do Alice and Jasper deal with issues that crop up or does Alice just foresee a fight and avoid it and/or Jasper makes her feel cool about whatever it is? I’m convinced that a HUGE part of the reason Edward fell for Bella is that he COULDN’T read her mind, he had to develop a relationship with her on equal terms. He was a mystery to her; she was a mystery

Alice wouldn’t have visions of Jasper, and Jasper wouldn’t directly benefit from her upbeat emotional climate. I suppose Alice could just meet Jasper the “ordinary” way, and I say “ordinary” because all the Cullen meet-cutes are pretty bizarre. “Hi! I randomly found you getting mauled by a bear!” Alice finally meets someone whose future she cannot see and, like E with B, has to relate to him on equal footing. Likewise, Jasper can’t feel or manipulate her emotions, so that’s a novel thing for him. I think it would be much more of a slow burn this way, with Jasper being wary because he’s not very trusting and he can’t get a “read” on her, and Alice not knowing they are meant-to-be, but SM says they’re destined so *shrug*. 

Bella not being able to shield Edward would be a bigger problem… I guess they’d just have to keep him in the middle of everyone who is shielded and hope the Volturi didn’t figure out the one hole there?

I don’t know that we know enough about Marcus and Didyme to say either way. I tend to think they’d still find each other, but maybe they’d be less inclined to leave or Marcus’ grief wouldn’t be quite so profound without the added trauma of losing the artificial happiness along with the person he loved?

“Biggest Loser” Challenge

I haven’t talked about it here yet, but I joined this “biggest loser” style challenge that my coworker and her girlfriends host every January.

I would typically not be interested at all in something like this.. the competitive nature of these types of things send me straight into perfectionist mode, and the first time something goes wrong or I slip up, I freak out and shut down entirely. But for the past months, I’ve been going back and forth kinda trying to restart this healthy journey, giving up, trying again, giving up again… it’s been tough. I’ve been off the ‘healthy wagon’ so to speak for so long that I figured maybe I should just give this a shot.

I’m hoping the group support will help me out, and coming back to tumblr I’m sure will also help. I can feel that supportive nature of this community already. The way the challenge works is that we all weigh in every other Friday and email our weights to this one woman’s husband who tallies them all up and keeps track of everything. The challenge runs through the last Friday in March. The person to lose the most weight by percentage wins something like $375 – we all contributed $25 to participate. During the challenge, anyone who weighs in 1 lb+ more than their previous weight at any weigh-in, or anyone who misses a weigh-in entirely, gets ‘dinged’ and has to put in an extra $5. The second place winner gets a smaller pot of money from the $5 ‘dings’. 

Our first weigh-in on January 5th I weighed 199.3 – highest weight ever. The two following weeks were okayish.. the first week I wasted but the second week I got my shit together, went to the gym 3 days, and was eating well. Still, the second weigh-in yesterday, I weighed in at 199.0. Talk about disappointing. This morning though I woke up and figured what the heck – I weighed myself again. 196.2. I must have been hanging onto some water or something.

Seeing that drop on the scale gave me the motivation I was looking for, and just in time too. This is definitely going to help me make the best out of this weekend. Oh, and my husband is in on eating healthier and working out too – he lost 7 lbs this past week! Amazing.

I’m freaking out I missed 2 days of school and I have so much work to catch up on by Monday and I’ve been working at it but it’s so much I want to cry. I have tests and quizzes that I have absolutely no understanding of the material this week, and my teachers for those classes don’t care. I’m actually about to cry from being so stressed.

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is it a regular repulsed aro thing to get terrified when you think someone's attracted to you? any time someone is described as ' flirting ' with me, i freak out immensely and i want to get away from them. if the thought never crosses my mind, though, it's fine.

I personally would love if someone flirted with me, just not in the romantic way. But yes, this is a common repulsion thing :)

Why is it that every time I turn my back for a couple of seconds, the fandoms of tumblr lose their collective shit?

Also… what the fuck is happening in the Markiplier fandom? What did @markiplier do this time and why is everyone freaking out? I’m kinda late to the party.

Also also… petition to protect Dark and Warfstache because reasons.

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Have you noticed that kat doesn’t post scorpion bts anymore? Neither does the cast post anything with her 😔 things are weird. If kat leaves scorpion,the show is over


Kat is not posting bts because she hasn’t been on set.  She can’t post bts if she’s not there and the cast can’t post anything with her if she’s not there.  The reason she isn’t there is because she has other commitments (as does Ari and Robert from time to time but no one freaks out when they aren’t on set for a bit) and so the show has scheduled her days for the episode they’re filming to be consecutive and at the end of the filming process to extend her holiday break so she can do both those other things and Scorpion - just as they did for Elyes two years ago.  Paige IS in episode 16, trust me.

since the year is ending, let’s get some things straight once and for all~
  • idols are human beings, you do not own them and therefore you have no right calling them ‘mine’ and actually meaning it.
  • stop this fanwar shit now or you’re canceled forever.
  • seeing someone supporting and fawning over a group that you don’t particularly like is not an invitation for you to step in and preach about your faves. let people stan and love whoever they want as long as they’re not being problematic.
  • let this year be the time where you fix and polish your fandom’s reputation and prove people wrong.
  • idc who you are, call out the people and the blogs who constantly disrespect other groups’ success while putting their faves on a high pedestal.
  • success wouldn’t exist without competition, so be a good sport and appreciate it when supporting your favorite groups and artists without bringing others down.
  • stop with the fucking whitewashing, we’re sick of it and no one’s afraid to call you out with your ghost edits ffs.
  • I get that this is mostly in good spirit, but please stop writing and commenting ‘any __ here?’ on literally everything. you’re annoying others, so have some respect. this goes for non-kpop videos / posts too.
  • protect girl groups at all costs but don’t attack people who only know boy groups. educate them instead.
  • views on youtube mean close to nothing, stop comparing and instead focus on the artistry of the music videos and appreciate that it’s actually available for you to view.
  • shipping is okay but please don’t go overboard and spam these idols with edits or freak out every time they interact with someone you ship and make them visibly uncomfortable.
  • don’t ever ever harass idols and demand that they speak English every time they appear on a vlive or go live on instagram.
  • same goes with asking for other members on a vlive (literally who the fucc do you think you are ¿).
  • It’s sad that we are fully realizing this after Jonghyun’s death, but mental health issues are something that we need to be aware of and be supportive of idols that are / have been going through a rough time.
  • remember the stress levels for these guys and gals are pretty bad sometimes, make sure to give them your support whenever you can with some nice and encouraging comments and tell them they’re doing okay 🌹
  • doesn’t matter who you are a fan of, keep the members of SHINee in your thoughts and send them love bc they truly need all the love and support in the world right now.
  • show some appreciation  to underrated groups.
  • we’re a community that needs to stick together instead of fighting within it, so……….
  • last but not least, be a good example to the rest of your fandom(s) and spread love this year ✨

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if valentine started creating shadowhunters or gained control of demons, it’d be like beyoncé riding on a dinosaur through times square. people would notice.


A Wrinkle in Time

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds