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25 Writing Prompt Ideas

25 prompt ideas for writers who keep requesting~

1.) A close friend hasn’t shown up for work in three days. You’ve repeatedly called them on their cellphone and they haven’t responded. After work you go to their house. 

2.)  You notice two people glancing at each other nervously and acting strangely.You and some others are victims to a robbery, and witness (hero) save the day.

3.)  You turn a corner at work and bump into a coworker, spilling your coffee on them.

4.)  You are following a confusing set of directions and end up in an unfamiliar, sketchy neighborhood.

5.)  Walking home from work you witness the police chase someone who sees you, taking you hostage. (Hero) comes to save the day.   

6.) You doze off on the subway and miss your destination by several stops. The person beside you goes to your school/work. You both start an interesting conversation, with him/her asking to see you again.

7.) You are walking your dog in the park when the leash breaks.

8.) You are a niche celebrity and often meet fans randomly on the street. Or, you’re a fan, and randomly meet your hero swinging/walking by.

9.) You are walking outside when it begins to rain. A stranger offers you their umbrella.

10.) You are in a parking lot unlocking the door to your car when you realize the car was moved from its original spot.

11.) You pick up Chinese food from a local restaurant, and you meet a familiar face, the two of you talk, but when you get home you find something unexpected in the bag.

12.) You’re the new kid moving in, and are greeted by neighbors who live across from you. They have a kid the same age as you, and you both go to the same school district.

13.) Your daily routine consists of you running to catch the bus on time.

14.) You slip a tracking device into someone’s backpack.

15.) Your neighbor is sneaking out of his house at odd hours of the night. Something you see makes you worried.

16.) You wake up to find your hands tied and yourself seated on a wooden chair in an otherwise empty room.

17.) You turn the corner and bump into a hooded figure wearing a mask.

You are afraid of flying, which makes the trip very awkward for you and the person with you.

19.) You drop by unexpectedly at someone’s house and are surprised by what you see.

20.) You stare out the car’s side window at the brightly lit downtown storefronts when an something or someone catches your attention.

21.) You wake up and can’t get back to sleep, so you go out onto the balcony / patio to think. But don’t realise someone is watching.

22.) You chase after a piece of paper as it gets carried away by the wind. Which puts you in a life threatening position. 

23.) The pizza delivery person arrives with your order of pizza and something unexpected.

24.) Your love of photography leads you to accidentally capture an interesting or strange photo.

25.) You remove you clothes from the dryer and find an object that doesn’t belong to you.

It kinda hints about Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Hope these help out some of you!

Alright kids, stop scrolling for a minute and listen up please.

Christmas is coming up fast, and that’s exciting, right? Well not for everyone. Each year more and more people have been shopping online to find that perfect gift.
But then sometimes those gifts don’t ship in time. And then do you know what happens? People who ordered said gifts get really upset. And who do they take it out on? The delivery guy.
Alright now let me tell you a story. When I was about seven years old my dad took on the job as a UPS driver, he’s been doing it for ten years. And every single year Christmas turns into hell. Everyday he gets up and does into the bitter cold and stays out until almost ten delivering everyone’s shit. He works about 14 hour days in December and barely has time to eat and sleep before getting up to do it all over again. Christmas isn’t a fun time for us. By the time Christmas rolls around he’s an exhausted emotionless husk, and we spend the day keeping quiet so he can catch up on his much needed sleep for one day.
Well guess what? UPS is considering making their drivers work on Christmas Day. All day. Delivering everyone’s shit they ordered. And you wanna know the reason why? Because people are selfish and file complaints that their useless junk wasn’t here in time for Christmas.
A gift can wait a few days. Those postal workers have lives and families too, and work themselves to the bone.
So please please PLEASE don’t complain if your packages are late. If you can, avoid shipping anything until after Christmas, it’ll help a lot. Please show your appreciation for your postal workers. Leave them a thank you note or some cookies, maybe buy them a fucking dollar hot chocolate to help them warm up, smile at them and be kind.
I’m so sick of my dad coming home every night in December in near tears and crashing before he can eat or spend any time with us. So please, spread the word and next year try to get online christmas shopping done before December
Thank you.

neurodivergence and the software industry

I miss the days where I worked for 14 hours straight. I both love and resent the software industry for this.

The thing about those days is that usually they meant multiple instances of code trance, AKA hyperfocus, AKA flow. Flow feels good. In flow time passes like nothing, and then you come out with a problem solved and feel like the smartest person ever.

In flow, interruptions are physically painful. This means you don’t check tumblr, and it also means you don’t eat. Or do other self care things, like stretching, etc. 

In the software industry, a certain type of neurodivergent person thrives: the kind who finds flow easy and positive. Also, the kind who is a white cis dude, who usually has a girlfriend or a wife who makes sure they eat and gets their laundry done while they’re in 14-hour trances.

The software industry benefits from hyperfocus, and it encourages it by fostering a culture where people are expected to work an insane amount of hours regardless of actual productivity inside these hours. This tends to exclude people who don’t have an unpaid support system feeding them and doing their laundry, as well as people who for whatever reason can’t work 14 hours straight. 

The siren song of repeatable hyperfocus is incredibly tempting. It makes one want to ignore self care, since hey, nobody else is doing it either and they’re doing fine! But either they have someone else doing it for them, or they burn out. Fast.

My advice for people who go into software? Take care of yourself. Your company won’t do it for you. It will use you up and discard you if it can get away with it - and it can. It will encourage you to overwork yourself, and give you no support when this takes its toll.

The software industry won’t love you. I learned this painfully. Love yourself.