time to fill up that empty queue!

Hullo there (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I went through some “cleaning” and unfollowed inactive blogs, as well as those with changed blog styles, so now I need more content to fill up my empty dash! For real I’m not even following 100 blogs

This may be my first official following spree but I’m not all that picky I think

Reblog and write in the tags what applies to you:
          • Active (this is the most important factor!)
          • Multifandom blog
          • Majority of the posts are anime/manga
          • Do NOT post character/ship hate

          • Make edits/GIFs
          • Tag system
          • Queue
          • Willing to be mutuals or already follow me
               • Please don’t follow me just for this and unfollow right after

Yup, that’s it! I’d rather not include a list of anime since it’s pretty much everything on my own tag list. Plus, I get into new series through Tumblr so seeing something I don’t post helps me a lot :3

Last but not least, I would also appreciate it if mutuals can spread the word around–thank you!

The inbox is empty! Feel free to submit any of your submissions as always!

All of the submissions have been added to the queue and the queue has been filled with posts to be posted on a daily basis until Friday.

I’ve started going back to uni for around two weeks now and this semester I’m taking much more demanding classes, leaving me with very little free time throughout the week, so this blog will be run by the queue. I’ll be filling it up with posts for throughout the week every weekend, so hopefully this would mean this blog would be more active. Thanks for contributing as always!

fancams from aomg north american tour 2016
(youtube playlists compiled by jpnetsubs2)

[160405] chicago, il – house of blues: playlist | tag

[160408] new york city, ny – playstation theater: playlist | tag

[160411] houston, tx – warehouse live: playlist | tag

[160412] dallas, tx – bomb factory: playlist | tag

[160413] las vegas, nv – house of blues: playlist | tag

[160414] los angeles, ca – wiltern theater: playlist | tag

[160416] san francisco, ca – warfield theater: playlist | tag

[160417] seattle, wa – showbox sodo: playlist | tag

LBPQs is looking for a new mod!

Hey friends! Our inbox fills up really quick and our queue seems to empty out even faster, so we are looking for another person to help us out. 

Specifically, we need a person who:

-is a girl/woman or girl-/woman- aligned

-is attracted to girls/women 

-is at least 14 years old

-is capable of spending some time going through tags to add posts to the queue

-is capable of answering both informative and advice asks 

-is not racist, transphobic, ableist, lesbophobic, biphobic or any other -ist or -phobe!!!!!!! and who is willing to learn if they make mistakes

We would love a mod who:

-is a trans woman

-is non-binary

-is capable of making original posts 

The application is here! Please apply by December 1 and message us if you have any questions.