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Dinner Party

Summary: After Bucky returns home from a mission all you want to do is stay in bed (naked) all day with him. But you two have to go to a friend’s birthday to make things fun he proposes a little game.

Paring: Bucky x Reader.

Words: 2575

Warnings:  There is a lot in fuffly in this, but also SMUT and loats of teasing.

This is a one-shot

Thank you to @drinkfantasy, for being my beta you are the best.

Originally posted by sebstanslaugh

You look at yourself in the mirror, felling happy about your appearance. You are wearing one of your favorites dresses, it is navy blue with a modest cleavage in the front and another masive one in the back.

You look cute for your friend’s birthday, your make up it’s done in a very simple away, just some mascara and lip gloss. You turn around and see Bucky who is lying on your bed almost sleeping. You sit by his side and he hides his face on your lap. You start playing with his hair, making him moan at your gentle actions.

“Are you sure you want to come along? You can stay here and sleep a little. I won’t hold against you if you don’t come with me.” You know that he is tired, Bucky came back home around 4 a.m. from a two weeks mission and he only slept a few hours.

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007 / 101 kisses

007; truth, dare or drink
♡ optional bias (second person)
♡ best friend!au
xwhen your kisses aren’t supposed to mean anything but eventually do

it started when your roommate came home from work with a bag filled with colorful sticky notes she had swiped from the office and your best friend coming over with his roommates with cases and cases of beer.

with a snapback filled with clever, immature and probably inappropriate questions and dares, you and your friends were set for a night filled with laughter and alcohol.

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she means it, she does [1/1]

emma just wanted to quietly enjoy tequila and loneliness on valentine’s day. killian just wanted a beer and some solitude. they most definitely didn’t want to see each other.

a (very) belated exes on valentine’s day fic with a splash of national margarita day.

cs modern au / ~3,500 words / rated T / Now on AO3

February 14th

It’s really a little sickening all things considered. The chubby babies with wings and the hearts made out of lace and the flowers. The flowers that make her eyes water and her nose tickle from the pungent smell. And don’t even get her started on the cheesy cards and overpriced candy and the feelings. There’s a reason they also call it Single’s Awareness Day.

There’s no room for love when you’re drinking your second strawberry margarita a little after noon on a Tuesday.

Jesse’s Bar and Grill is just grubby enough to warrant such a promotion on a holiday - buy one tequila fueled mistake, get one free. So Emma calls in sick - she would undoubtedly be sick by the end of the day, so that wasn’t technically a lie - and ditches the paperwork for a more enjoyable companion.

She’s playing with the condensation dripping down the side of her mug, contemplating whether or not to get a basket of onion rings, when a moment of inconsequential chance changes everything.

A man walks into the bar.

Or more specifically, her ex-boyfriend walks into the bar.

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Poker Face - Joe Sugg

Request: Hi can you do a scene with Joe involving a long time secret crush on a girl who he’s been really good friends with for a while, and something to do with them being in a pool together when he makes his move? It can be smutty but not required haha

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it! :)


“God, Conor!” Jack yelled after finishing the shot. “What the hell did you put in there?”

“Some Tequila, Vodka and just a little Rum for some extra fun.”

You rolled your eyes, jokingly as the two brothers began to bicker. Sure Jack took shots all the time but Conor had gone a little too far with that one.

“Here’s a re-fill.” Joe said, handing you a solo cup filled with beer.

All the boys were at your place for your annual pool party. Although it was pretty cold out, it was something you had been doing since the beginning of high school and since you had met the boys, you refused to let anyone else join. You met the boys through Joe, someone you had known ever since you could talk. Growing up, you weren’t the best of friends, just family friends, however when you moved to London, you connected with him and started getting closer. Now, you couldn’t go a day without talking to him and you practically live at each other’s places.

“It’s funny; every year you have this pool party…but no one actually goes in the pool.” Joe said, laughing as he watched the others take more shots.

“I know…I feel like it’s a waste of a perfectly good pool.” 

“(y/n), you’re out of Rum! I’m going to Uber and pick some up.” Jack said, as he ordered an Uber.

“Wait, I want some food. I’ll come with.” Josh said, causing the others to pipe up at the sound of food.

Pretty soon, it was just you and Joe drinking in your backyard. It was quiet as you two stared off into the sky, enjoying the peace and quiet you had while the others were gone.

“Come on.” You said, placing your cup down and standing up. “Let’s go for a dip.”

“It’s probably freezing.” Joe said, looking at the pool.

“You won’t know until you try, come on!” 

You extended your arms, pulling Joe up and dragging him towards the pool. You knew it was pretty warm since you had been warming it up all day so you weren’t afraid to just jump in. Joe, however…was terrifed. You laughed as he thought it through and couldn’t believe he was being this childish. You pulled your shirt over your head, took off your shorts and looked over at him.

“You either jump by yourself or I’m pushing you in.”

“Okay, okay.” He said, taking his shirt off. He took one last breath and jumped in, causing you to follow suit. “It’s warm…” He said, shocked. “You little shit.” 

You laughed as Joe began to splash you. You knew he was dumb but not this dumb. “I wouldn’t leave it freezing.” You said, swimming over to him.

“You’re still a little shit.”

Joe took your arm, bringing you closer to him. Before you had time to say anything, he closed the gap between your lips.

“Joe…” You said, pulling away.

“6 years. I’ve been wanting to do that for 6 years.”

“Well, what took you so long?”

“I can never tell what you’re thinking…” He said, causing you to laugh.

“My dad always told me I had a good poker face. Can you tell what I’m thinking now?” You asked, wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I have a pretty good idea.” Your lips curled into a smile before Joe kissed you once again.

IDFC- Joe Sugg Imagine

Word Count: 1,058

Request:  PLEASE WRITE AN IMAGINE BASED AROUND IDFC BY BLACKBEAR!!!!!!!!!! preferably with conor, jack or joe but if you think a different boy would fit better then that’s ok!

Author’s Note: I love blackbear and this song, so it was a fun one to write!


You remember taking shots with a couple of your friends. You lost count after three. The music was blaring and you were dancing the night away. Going on nights out was your favorite way to blow off steam.

You weren’t entirely sure how long you’d been out, but you knew you were drunk. Stumbling into the booth where you left your bag, trying to locate your cell phone. You moved your hand across the seat until you finally felt a hard, square object. You lifted it up, pressing the home button to make sure it was yours. Your lock screen was displayed on the screen. The time read 3:30 am.

“Shit.” you groaned, finishing your drink you left on the table. You knew you should probably head home. You were definitely in no condition to drive. You could take an uber, but you never liked riding in one this late all alone.

As you struggled to find to the door, you finally made it outside to make a phone call. You held your phone up to your face, not wanting to bother with dialing or accidentally drunk texting the wrong person. You knew exactly who you were going to call.

“Siri, call Suggy.” you managed to say clear enough for your phone to register.

The phone rang a few times before you heard a sleepy voice answer, “Helloo?”

“Suggy! Can you pretty please come pick me up? I’m drunk and I need you.” you said sweetly.

You heard let out a deep sigh into the phone, “Yeah, sure. Where are you (Y/N)?”

“I’m outside of DRAMA.”

“Ok, just let me throw on some clothes and I’ll be there in like 15 minutes.”

“Thank you babe. I’ll be waitinggg.”

Joe POV:

I sat outside of DRAMA in the car waiting for her. (Y/N) had called me to come take her home again. This has happened several times in the past few months. Almost every weekend, she calls me drunk and I come to her rescue every time.

I ask myself, Why?

Why do I let her do this?

When she sees me, she kisses me on the cheek, slurring her words, whispering in my ear. “Suggy I freaking love you.” I can smell the alcohol on her breath, but it doesn’t really phase me anymore.

I never know what’s the truth and what’s not. Does she really care for me? Or am I just the one who’s available at her beck and call?

I don’t care

This time was no different. She opened the door and basically fell into the seat. There was no denying she had had a few. She adjusted herself in the seat, placing her hand on my thigh.

Leaning her face towards mine, pressing a tequila filled kiss to my cheek, “There’s my Suggy! Thanks for rescuing me.” she smiled as she bit her lip. I just brush it off.

The whole car ride she talked about the guys she met and how much fun she had at the club. And also just chatted absolute nonsense, before passing out in the passenger seat.

I arrived at her flat and put the car in park. I looked over at her asleep with her heels in her lap. She was a mess. Her makeup was slightly smeared and her hair out of place. Yet she still managed to look beautiful.

I reached my hand over to her side, gently shaking her arm. “(Y/N)! Come on. We’re here. I’ll help you up.” I got out and opened the passenger side door. Holding my hand out to her as she stretched and gathered her things.

She batted my hand away. “Thanks for the ride Joe, but I go it. I don’t need a babysitter.” she snapped, then letting out a laugh.

I wanted to tell her off for being rude, but I just stayed quiet and let her pass by. She made her way up to her flat, heels and purse in hand. All without saying another word to me. Which isn’t unusual.


After I dropped off (Y/N), I went over to Jack’s to film.

I entered his living room to see him on the sofa, scrolling through his phone. “Hey bro! How’s it going? You look terrible.”

I laughed, running my hand through my hair, then rubbing my tired eyes. “Thanks man. Yeah I’m knackered. I just got back from taking (Y/N) home from DRAMA.”

Jack looked up from his phone with a smirk, “Again?”


He shook his head and laughed to himself, “I can’t believe you woke up and took her ass home again. Why do you keep doing this to yourself?”

I was about to answer, but Jack interrupted waving his finger at me. “I’ll tell you why, it’s because you still care about her! Even after she friendzoned you.”

“Nah mate.” you scoffed. “I’m just a good friend, who doesn’t want her going home alone when she’s drunk. What if something happens to her?”

“Joe you know that’s bullshit! She could’ve taken an uber or something. You still care and you know it.”

I continued to shake my head despite what was running through my mind. I’m a fool for you

“I don’t fucking care honestly.”

Jack stood up with a sigh, putting his hand on my shoulder, “Yeah keep telling yourself that.”

I was done with the conversation. “Can we drop this and go film please?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “Alright, alright! Let me go get the lights and the tripod.”

When Jack went into the other room, I sneakily slide my phone out of my pants pocket. Quickly, I typed a text and sent it to (Y/N).

Reader’s POV:

You had just gotten out from being sick in the bathroom, you were exhausted and hungover. Your head was pounding and all you wanted to do was sleep.

You climbed into bed throwing the duvet over your head. Avoiding letting any light in to disturb you. You were just about to doze off, when suddenly you heard your phone chime. You slipped your hand out from under the covers, blindly searching for your phone on the nightstand. Once you grasped it, you let your eyes adjust so you were able to read the screen.

It was a text from Joe that read: We need to talk.

anonymous asked:

Prompt Sanvers: One where they are at the dinner with Jeremiah and Mon-el is spewing hate and Alex does get to go off on him before Maggie is there and calming her down, instead of Kara dragging him off.

Anon, I had the most fun writing this. Also, thank you to @chaoticsawyer @dxtsawyer and @ohmywanderingsoul for the help coming up with parts of Alex’s bit.

I hope I did this anon justice.

It was supposed to be a happy night. Jeremiah was home. The world was safe(ish). Everything was going just swell. There was even tequila.

But no.

“…and now he’s just gunna walk right back in to the DEO. With full access, I’m guessing, right? No background checks for your old soldier buddy.”

Alex had been across the dining room, making herself a drink, but at that, she ever so slowly set the glass down and turned to face Mon-el.

“What did you just say?”

Maggie glanced out of the corner of her eye at Kara, whose eyes had grown wide at the sound of the tension in Alex’s voice. Then she took a second and glanced at J’onn, who was looking at Mon-el like he knew what he was in for. And being a mind reader, he actually did.

After a few seconds of Alex and Mon-el staring each other down, Kara finally pulled it together and tried to lead Mon-el out of the room until a low growl of “No, let him stay.” from Alex stopped her in her tracks.

So when Alex took a step towards Mon-el, Jeremiah saw the look on his daughter’s face and tried to intervene.

“Honey, it’s okay. He’s right. You should be taking all of the nece-“

“No. This is between me and him.”

And at that, all of the shit hit the fan.

“Who the hell are you to be saying anything about my father? He was kidnapped. He was taken! Taken from me. Taken from Kara. I was still a kid. But I know my father. And I know that he is a better man than you will ever be. And this?” Alex gestured around. “This? This is a family. This is my family. And you don’t get to come in here, after two months, and imply that about my father. My father. You don’t get to come in here and insert yourself into our lives. You may be from another planet, and you may be learning Earth customs, but that’s no excuse to be an ass. I don’t care if you’ve been here for two years or two months or two days. I don’t care. Because you treat everyone like they’re below you. You treat the world like it owes you something. You act like a hero, when on the inside you’re a coward. I know it’s an act. I know you’re trying to get at my sister. And considering how loud and obnoxious you were about making sure we all knew it, it seems like you’ve succeeded.”

Maggie watched as Kara’s jaw almost hit the floor. “But Alex-“

Alex shook her head. “Oh no. I’m not done.”

From then on it was like a dance: Alex took a step forward and Mon-el took a step back, looking absolutely dumbfounded.  

“And while we’re on that subject, you will never be good enough for her. You will never even be good for her. You have her fooled. She thinks you’re worth it. Like there’s something inside of you worth being brought out. And that may be true, but Kara is so nice, that to make you a decent man, she will put herself down. She will let herself be less of an equal to fuel your precious ego. My sister is Supergirl. Supergirl! But you treat her like she’s a prize to be won. Like she’s lucky to have your love. When in reality, you don’t deserve her. You don’t listen to her. You don’t respect her wishes.’

Mon-el finally stopped backing up and decided to stand his ground, “This isn’t about Kara and I’s relationship. This is about Jere-“

“No. It’s about all of this. Because not everything is about you. As much as you want it to be, it’s not. This is not the Mon-el show. So start showing some respect.”

Between the looks of shock on everyone’s faces, and the quiet shuffling of feet as Kara escorted Mon-el out of the door with a mutter of “I think it’s time for you to leave.” Alex didn’t know what to do with herself but stand there awkwardly trying to catch her breath.

At some point during all of this, Maggie had snuck away into the kitchen, but she had just returned with a shot glass, filled to the brim with the tequila she had brought. She handed it to her girl, “Take a shot babe, cause we have a man down.”

Secret Love - Simon x Reader

Summary: Please do a Simon x reader where the reader is one of Negan’s wives but Simon is in love with her

Warnings: kind of angst?, drinking

about 1.1k words

hi if you like this please let me know! i have this set up to where i can make it a series, so if you’d like to see that, let me know!!

You sat on the roof of the Sanctuary, feel dangling off the edge as you rested your forearms on the railing. You gave up on trying to look decent today; you gave the tight, black dress your middle finger and opted for jeans and a v-neck top. That’s the only reason you were dangling your legs off the edge. Being one of Negan’s wives wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, especially when you weren’t the girly-girl, submissive personality that all the other wives were.

Truth be told, you didn’t want this life anymore. There was more than one factor making you feel this way, yet you still felt trapped. You were in a rough place when you agreed to being one of Negan’s wives. He took you in, took care of you, and brought you back to your lively, healthy self. But now, six months later, being (mostly) recuperated and ready for action, you couldn’t stand the life you were living.

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Just Friends - part 12

Thanks @letojokerownsme​ for understanding my vision for this chapter and helping me bring it to life.  You’re my fic lobster.

The pilot’s voice comes over the intercom.  “Mr. Leto, we’re descending.  Please return to your seats and buckle up.  It’s windy and 75 in New Orleans today, sir.  We may experience some turbulence.”

“Surprise!” Jared says excitedly, watching her face light up at the announcement of their destination.

“There are no mountains in New Orleans,” she points out.

Jared’s heart fills with joy and he reaches for her hand.  “I thought we could make a pit stop and visit with your family for the day.”  Her smile fades and Jared questions his decision.  “I know you miss them.  They miss you too.  What’s wrong?”

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loveyooumeanit  asked:

Harry but 37, 40 or 50 you pick! Haha

Okay, love, here ya go. I went with #50: “Oh come on, one lick won’t kill you!” LOL I had no idea where I would go with this, but I ended up going completely AU fratboy Harry. It’s kinda weird, forgive me.

Harry Styles was a cocky asshole. You knew it, everyone within your circle of friends knew it. Hell, everyone on campus probably knew it. He had a reputation and although you wouldn’t say you knew him well, you’d run into him enough to make your own assumptions.

So why in God’s name you had allowed yourself to be alone with him for a few minutes, you’d never know. There was no arguing that he was attractive. You would even go as far as to say he was incredibly hot and sexy, and most likely amazing in bed. But you’d been warned too many times at various parties to stay away from him because he was bad news and would only break your heart.

But tonight you didn’t care. Your heart had been broken and patched up so many times, you doubted it even beat the same. You knew the difference between love and sex, and right now love was the last thing on your mind.

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“Is alcohol speaking?“

Request: “drinking contest with josh“ & “getting matching tats with josh“

(A/N): I just thought these two would really compliment each other. Thank you for submitting x

Words: 623

Originally posted by tylerjosephappreciation

It‘s your birthday so your boyfriend decided to invite some of your closest friends over to your place and organise a little ‘get together‘ for you. Everyone has gone home by now, leaving you and Josh, alone in your apartment. Since you two haven‘t had that many drinks, you are still sober. Actually no one really got drunk except for Brendon, who used your birthday as an excuse to pump alcohol into his blood. But drunk Beebo is the best Beebo, so no one really stopped the man.

“Sorry again for failing at your birthday surprise, babe. I promise I‘ll get you something else as soon as possible“ Josh says apologetically, planting a kiss on the back of your hand.

“Don‘t be sorry Joshua, it wasn‘t your fault. No need to get me anything else, you‘ve already planned this whole thing“

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Gajevy-AU Romance through Bachata

So, this is my first time participating in the Gajevy week and I’m super excited about it. I would love to get some feedback on my writting. The inspiration for this story came from my best friend who went through something similar to what Levy will go through in this story.

Hope you like it!

Summary: Modern-AU Levy flies to Cancun, wishing to relax and have fun there. Faith gets her meeting Cana which introduces her to her crazy friends, one of which captures Levy’s heart instantly. The night has many surprises for the blunette and for her new person of interest. Drinks, dances and a bonfire at the beach is the perfect set for love to bloom. Especially when Gajeel teaches Levy how to dance bachata and sparks fly all around them.

Words: 8,022

Disclaimer: I don’t own Fairy Tail characters or the song “Propuesta indecente” by Romeo Santos (put that on youtube when Gajeel starts to sing [because obviously I needed to put Gajeel singing sexy spanish lyrics])


“Urgh! I can’t believe them!” a furious Levy exclaimed while closing her hotel room’s door quite roughly. Said room was being shared with 3 of her closest friends from the university’s book club.

The four girls had agreed to go in a vacation after the semester ended and bought their tickets to go to Cancun, one of the most popular beaches in Mexico. The original plan was to have fun and get a little crazy after the stress of the exams. Well, that’s what Levy thought was the original plan.

Once they got into the airplane to go from Austin to Cancun, Trish, Sasha and Clem rounded up on Levy and told her they were going to play nice and not go out to nightclubs or bars. Levy’s jaw hung down a little bit in disbelief. All she had been looking for in this trip was to have fun and have couple of drinks and maybe meet new people, but her friends had a completely different idea about what a vacation in Cancun meant.

She had hoped that maybe once arriving to the hotel and seeing the beautiful beach that was just around the corner of their hotel, her friends would change their minds. She had been so wrong…

After having lunch at the hotel’s all-you-can-eat buffet, her three friends decided to go and take a nap. Levy suggested going to the beach and relaxing under the sun, but they just refused saying that they didn’t wanted to get sunburn. Really?! You fly all the way to Cancun and you don’t want to get sunburn! Levy almost yelled at them but decided to let it slide. Maybe after sleeping a little bit, they would be in a better mood to go out and explore the city. Wrong again.

After the 2 hour nap, Clem turned on the TV to find that there was a Harry Potter marathon, to which Sasha and Trish got super excited and settled down on their beds to watch the TV. Levy ignored them and decided to go for a walk at the beach all by herself. Maybe they’ll get bored and we’ll go out to a bar later tonight she thought. Wrong!

When she came back to the hotel room, it was past 8 pm and the sun had long hid behind the horizon. Levy steeled herself to try to convince her friends to go for, at least, one drink at the hotel’s bar. They obviously refused, saying that they were too tired and that there was still two more films before the marathon ended.

That’s when Levy snapped. She locked herself in the bathroom and took a quick shower. She then put on her night black dress and arranged her blue curls in a messy high ponytail with a thin black headband holding up the loose strands that tried to cover her face. She applied a little bit of makeup on her face and sprayed her neck with her favorite perfume. She gave herself a quick look in the mirror and decided she was ready to go.

When she got out of the bathroom, her friends stared at her in confusion on why she had prettied up for. “Well, even if you don’t want to go out, I do! So I’m heading to the hotel’s bar. Don’t wait up on me” Levy stated with a posture that emanated confidence. She grabbed her black 5-inch heels along with her purse and walked out the door. Her friends called after her, telling her it was dangerous to go out alone and that she shouldn’t go, but Levy was beyond the point of listening them.

Which takes us to where this story began.

“Urgh! I can’t believe them!” Levy put on her heels and hastily walked up to the elevator that would take her to the first floor. She was beyond furious! All she wanted to do was to let loose a little bit, but her friends were just too tied up!

Even when Levy wasn’t a frequent drinker, she felt the urge to drown her frustration in alcohol.

Once she got to the first floor of the building, she made a beeline to the bar’s counter and sat down on one of the empty stools. She propped her elbows on the bar and covered her face with her hands, groaning in frustration. She didn’t noticed the strange look the brunette sitting to the right was giving her.

“Tough night, eh?” she said while sipping beer from her mug.

“You have no idea” Levy snorted and looked up to her side to acknowledge the woman. She saw a tall slender woman with brown hair, wearing a red bikini top and tight black jeans. Levy suddenly felt a little self-conscious when she noticed the huge breasts of the brunette and she made an effort not to cover her small chest with her hands.

The woman smiled down to her and extended her hand, which Levy took in hers. “Cana Alberona”

“Levy McGarden” she replied. Then, Cana pulled Levy’s hand forward, reached down and kissed Levy’s right cheek. Levy pulled back blushing intensely at the gesture. She was just trying to be friendly but maybe this girl was looking for something else that Levy couldn’t give her.

Cana cackled loudly. “Yer not from around, right?” Levy shook her head from side to side saying ‘no’ which earned her another loud laugh from the brunette “That’s how we say 'hi’ here in Mexico. Don’t freak out about it”

Levy smiled at her explanation and laughed nervously “Sorry. Yeah, I just got here today”

“Well, let’s give you a proper welcome” Cana exclaimed before downing her beer in one swift motion. Then, she jumped to the other side of the counter and ducked behind it. She grabbed two shot glasses and a tequila bottle from under the bar, she prepared two lime slices with salt, one for Levy and the other one for herself, and finally placed everything on top of the counter.

“So, we are going to play a little game now” Cana said while pouring tequila on the glasses. “Basically, it goes like this. Ya tell a story about anything that happened ta ya and I’ll try to guess if it’s true or false. If I’m right, ya drink, if not, I drink. Then, I’ll tell a story and you try to guess and so on until someone calls it quits. What da ya say?”

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These Days

Author: castielohcastiel

Characters:Castiel x Reader

Warning : smut, some fluff. Unprotected sex. drinking. 

Word Count :1894

A/N: Request by @willowing-love​ :  Okay, something easy…Human!Cas and tequila. Do with that what you will… And boy did I.

Warning: NSFW gif below.

Song: These Days by the Black Keys

“Okay, but you’re not an angel anymore Cas. So slow your roll..” You advise the blue eyed man, watching him throw back yet another shot of tequila. You sat across from Cas, at some dinky bar, outside of some shitty little town. The two of you walked over from the motel room that Dean checked everyone into. It was decent hunt, a few vamps, nothing too hard. But Castiel was growing weary of hunting, each time it seemed harder and harder. He had wished for his grace back, when he felt more powerful, more needed. You were constantly assuring him, that he was indeed needed. This hunt proved practically hard for him, nearly getting himself killed, until you intervene and saved him. Cas was grateful, but he remember once when he was the one saving you. The two of you had lusted after one another, never having the courage to do anything about it. Even when Cas had his grace and could read your thoughts, he’d grown hard just hearing all the things you wished to do to him. But the timing was never right, something was always going on. Another life to save, another world ending event. And now, as he sat across from you, he couldn’t read a damn thing in your mind. Kicking himself for not doing something ages ago, when he was sure you felt the same.

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27 Dresses (Part 4)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – Excessive alcohol consumption and drunkenness

Word Count – 2,053

Notes –  This fic is so much fun to write!! I love fluffy, fun fics like this. I especially love the interactions with her and James/Bucky.  I know what’s going to happen, but it still makes me smile like an idiot!  I hope you guys are enjoying this!  As always, I love hearing from you whether it’s a reply, a comment on a reblog, or an ask! 

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!” It’s your turn, Roo @sebseyesandbuckysthighs!!!

*Special tag:  @stories-from-stark-tower

Part 1  

Series Masterlist


Originally posted by luvinchris


“What about you?” He asked as you two came to the door leading into the party.  “When do you get what you’ve always dreamed of?”

The smile that had been on your face all night long suddenly fell away as you remembered that the love of your life was currently out on another date with your gorgeous sister, doing who knows what.  “One of these days, perhaps.  And when that day comes, my friends will be there for me, just like I was there for them.”

“Well,” he drawled.  “I might actually know of a guy that would be more than happy to try to make those dreams come true for you.”

You rolled your eyes at him as you walked back into the loud room already looking for Chanel and T’Challa.  “Not you too!  Why does everyone keep trying to set me up?  I promise, I’m more than capable of finding Mr. Right all by myself.”

“I’m not too sure about that, doll,” he whispered as you walked away from him yet again.  “Not too sure at all.”


Nat didn’t make it back to your apartment until well after noon on Sunday.  She was all smiles and dreamy eyes as she went into more detail about her dates with Steve than you wanted to know.  You tried to tune her out as you started making your mother’s homemade red sauce for dinner that night.  

Every now and then you would say “mmhm” or “okay,” just so that she wouldn’t think you were completely ignoring her, which you were.  It wasn’t until she said your name loudly that you realized she had caught on to your charade.

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It's About Time

Your name: submit What is this?

“Guys, I think I found something.” Sam yells from the library. You and Dean were in the kitchen making lunch. We quickly made our way to the bunker.

 “What’s going on Sammy?” Dean asked while sitting in a chair across from him, placing his feet on the table.

 “Really Dean?” Sam commented. Dean just shrugged. “Anyways, I have some possible cases for us to check out. In Lafayette, Indiana; a man thirty-five year old was killed on his morning run a few days ago.”

 “That doesn’t sound like our kind of weird Sam.” You said while taking a bite into your sandwich.

 “Okay. In Omaha, Nebraska; a twenty six year old woman was found dead in her apartment. Police report there was blood blanketing the floors and walls. No suspects yet.” He explained, looking at you and Dean. You both just shook your heads.

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The Other Woman Sentence Meme
  • “I can’t talk to you until you stop crying.”
  • “You screw me , I screw you back. I’m a lady like that.”
  • “Selfish people live longer.”
  • “That’s what happens when you piss people off.”
  • “You wrecked two marriages!”
  • “One of them was mine, so that doesn’t count.”
  • “One night and you went right back to being a Stepford.”
  • “Cry on the inside like a winner.”
  • “And you don’t think you can take her?”
  • “What do you want me to say? I get more ass than a toilet seat!”
  • “Don’t come at me with all your weird little man logic.”
  • “I get it. Things are coming into focus.”
  • “Why can’t he just stuff it into a tube sock like a normal guy?”
  • “I swear to god, every time I look into a pair of binoculars, this guy has another mistress.” 
  • “I might not always get it right, but I’m right where I want to be.”
  • “They should have that for your brain. Like a brain camp.”
  • “It’s completely crazy, and I don’t know where it’s going, but we just have that twinkle, you know?” 
  • “I wouldn’t even be me without you.”
  • “I want to. Let me just… I’m sorry. I just am sad.”
  • “As long as it works, it doesn’t really matter why.” 
  • “I want a divorce, [insert name].”
  • “I’m insecure, I have issues.”
  • “You slept with him, didn’t you?”
  • “Oh my god, he’s taking this shit internationally.”
  • “You told me that you were getting a divorce, and that we were moving to Tuscany.”
  • “Nothing will ever be enough to fill up that hole inside you where something real should be.”
  • “You’re so much better now.”
  • “If we find anymore mistresses I’m going to have to send her to rehab.”
  • “We got played by the same guy… do you want vodka or tequila?”
  • “Not all, just half. That’s what equal partners get, 50%.”
  • “Next time, call a plumber.” 
  • “I did say that, but nothing I ever told you was true.”
  • “Sorry. I’m usually a fun date. I am.”
  • “You know [insert name], you’re not a very nice person.”
  • “But apparently, I’m the CEO. I’m the CEO of several companies actually.” 
Us Against The Universe

read on ao3 here
pairing: jung hoseok & kim taehyung | vhope
length: 15.3k words
warnings: infrequent strong language, tiny bit of smut, angst

summary: the moment you kiss your soulmate, your universes bloom into magnificent colour - at least, that’s what all the stories say. but when taehyung kisses hoseok and the two of them discover that the latter’s world is still dismally grey, taehyung finds himself determined to splash colour into hoseok’s life - even if it means doing the unthinkable, and giving him up to someone else. 

alternatively: hoseok and taehyung defy the laws of the universe.

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He steps out the bedroom, leaving the door open, breathing heavily, steam emitting off his body as he walks to the liquor cabinet. The smell of sex filled the air, but thoughts of guilt filled his mind. He opens the liquor cabinet looking for something so strong, that could help wash the taste of regret from his tongue. He pulls a bottle of the strongest tequila from the cabinet, cracks the seal open and floods the tumbler glass. Takes a sip. Savours the bitter taste that danced violently on his tongue. It numbs the brain, but not nearly enough to cleanse his thoughts. Every time he swallows the voice in his head continues to scream loudly. Drops the glass on the table. Grabs the bottle by the neck, and starts drinking from its lips. 

It had been about four years running since Thato and Nthabiseng devoted themselves to their relationship and things were going great until they could not see eye to eye on fundamental matter. She wanted to find a job that will help pay her families debts (Black Tax), move into her own house, get married and start a family of her own. Thato had dreams very ambitious dreams aside from those, they had in common. She thought that his dreaming was unrealistic. She urged him to dumb down on his thinking so that they could realize the vision she had in mind. Thato’s optimism wouldn’t allow himself to settle for anything less than what he thought they deserved. They had reached an impasse which neither could compromise on and slowly, but surely he began to doubt their future. 

They chose to dismiss their long-term prospects of their relationship whenever it came up in conversation. When they met, they spoke less. Spending majority of their time getting undressed. They’d drink and make love to one another, getting lost in the moment till they both passed out. It was their temporary solution, but the quick fix to the bigger conversation soon became very addictive. They tried to speak, but the distance between them wouldn’t allow it. Addicted to the feel of her skin, her with him. All they wanted to do, is to get naked. Rip each other’s clothes off and touch each other in the right ways, indulging in pleasure, non-stop… 

Every time after they gave into their undeniable sexual attraction, he would lay next to her with this feeling of guilt, because he knew that he saw no future in their relationship. He thought deeply about letting her go, even though he cared immensely about her, he couldn’t allow things to carry on as they have been. The love was fading and ultimately crippling their relationship. 

He turned and looked to her, took a deep breath, she asked him what was wrong. He took a long pause trying to find the right words to sum everything up, but he knew he just had to speak from the heart. 

He began with: 

“I love you… but that love comes at the cost of me sacrificing the love that I owe to myself. I have given you all the love that I have. My heart no longer wishes to be in this and should we continue with this relationship, it will be a loveless one and… I don’t want to live like that.” 

Nthabiseng was not ready to give up, tears began running down her face and true to his nature he held her tightly in his arms, as she calmed down he pulled away slowly to wipe her tears. They looked at each other. They passionately kissed. He tried to push her away as he felt himself give into his carnal urges, but she then kissed him where, he liked it. He picked her up and placed her on top off him and just like that, he had slipped back into his pattern. She thought should could fix things by fucking the love back into their relationship. He told himself this is a goodbye fuck. 

After the sex he gave her one last kiss and as his lips slowly parted with hers, so did the rest of him. As he left the bed she knew that he was not coming back to her, she got out of the bed got dressed packed her bags, tried to compose herself and walked out the room. 

She saw that he was within his drink and didn’t want to disturb, but before she left she whispered to him, “I’ll always love you”. 

He took one big gulp from his bottle slammed it on the table, got up and went to go take a shower.

The Bartender

Pairing: Y/N/Bartender!Michael

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 5.600+

Summary: Drowning her feelings to get over the sad fact of her husband cheating with their maid, Y/N drags her body all the way to Michael’s bar every Friday to numb everything away with alcohol

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July - 3:54pm

“But a question of etiquette - are you a crunchy or smooth peanut butter kind of girl?” - Matty, raising a jar in each hand, a glint in his eye accompanied with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle. And you can only assume he’s making some sort of innuendo.

You blink, passively - an exasperated sigh, “Matty, I don’t know what that means.” 

Taking his hand - tugging him from the aisle, impatiently. Grocery shopping with Matty was basically grocery shopping with a five year old. Cursing George for leaving you alone to do it. You and Matty had spent the weekend at his Mum’s, and George had asked you pick up stuff for dinner on your way home.

Of course - Matty had grumbled, asking why George couldn’t just do it himself, he was the designated chef, after all. And what had he even been doing all weekend anyway, apart from smoking and having an hourly wank. 

But - Matty was easily tamed with a mention of tequila and wine, and the promise to make sangria tonight. 

Now, Matty’s dragging you down the confectionery aisle, dropping Haribo jellies, M&M’s, marshmallows, an array of other sweets into the basket. An actual five year old. He’s whining now about how you should’ve gotten a trolley, you roll your eyes. Habitually, when the three of you went food shopping - it would be in the later hours of the night, when the store was basically vacant. Matty would clamber into the bottom of trolley, letting you and George pile everything on top of him. 

“Matthew, I’m not pushing you around in a trolley in the middle of the fucking day - you’re a fully grown man,” - A pout, you smirk, your gaze drifting over him, struggling to reach a bottle of chocolate syrup on the top shelf, giving himself a boost from the lower shelf. “okay, a shorter than average, but still a fully grown man.”

An incredulous look, scoffing, eyes narrowing, pointing the bottle at you - “I’ll have you know, darling, that I am five fucking eleven,” Lips curving, a smirk, “and there is nothing smaller than average about me.”

A laugh, shaking your head, tugging him along, a teasing tone - “Alright, shrimpy.”

A defiant sound, hand flying out in matty-esque outrage, “Shrimpy? I am not a fucking shrimp, you just wait - oh shit, m’sorry, love.

Cutting himself off, hand knocking a box of baby formula milk out of a passing woman’s grip. She’s sighing, insisting it’s okay, too busy trying to quieten her seemingly distraught baby girl sat in the front of her trolley. Matty ducking down to retrieve the container, the baby grabbing a fistful of his curls - screeches of despair turning to delight. 

“Oh my, aren’t you a cute little idiot.” - straightening back up, cooing, pulling faces, eliciting more screeches, bubbles of laughter - her hands outstretched, reaching for his hair again. 

The mother - the young, blonde, looks-like-she-could-be-a-part-time-victoria’s-secret-model mother, looks on, doe eyed. Her hand on his upper arm, profusely thanking him, speech heavily accented. A loud laugh at whatever he’s just said, your eyes narrowing slightly - okay, hop off blondie. 

Engaging in conversation with her for a few minutes, eyes wandering back to you, calling your name - telling you to come look at the “cutest fuc - fudging baby he’s ever seen.” - Scandinavian Victoria Secret model wannabe giggling at his save on the curse word. 

Her eyes meeting yours as you approach, all warm smiles, gushing about how lucky you were, how much of a lifesaver Matty was - because Audrey, the baby, hadn’t settled down since she stepped foot inside the supermarket. And you nod and try to smile, hoping it’s not coming out as a grimace. 

Mah - Mah,” - the baby pipes up, sudden - a change from her non consistent babbling, and it’s when she repeats it again that Matty looks down in wonderment, adornment. “Did she - is she trying to say my name?”

He’s attempting to coax it out of her, sounding out his name. Not properly, with his accent he’s completely missing the t’s - “Ma-hee”  and he’s nodding his head each time he says it, curls bouncing. Her hands reaching for his hair, legs kicking in excitement - shrieks, “Mah.. Mah.. Ma-eeee!

A triumph grin splitting across Matty’s face, he’s clapping, Scandinavian blondie is clapping, eyes alight - shifting between Matty and her kid, the baby clapping, animated giggles, repeating, “Ma-eeeee!”

And you’re clapping along, because the scene is too unbearably cute, and also the fact that you’ve never seen Matty cooing over anything other than puppies or George.

Blondie is gushing about what an excellent dad Matty would make someday, shooting him a wink and warning to to keep a hold on him, when her phone buzzes. Announcing it’s her husband here to pick her up, giving your arm a squeeze, thanking Matty once more and telling Audrey to say bye to him. 

Ma-eeee.” - a final shriek, Matty waving as they round the corner. Turning back to you,still in a doting tone, “She was well cute.”

You, quirking a brow, an amused smirk - “The baby, or the mum?”

A chuckle, arm draping around your shoulders - “C’mon babe, you have to admit, she was proper fit.”

Bluntness, you scowl, his lips tilt, pinching your cheeks between his thumb and middle finger - pressing a chaste kiss to your pouted lips.  Humming in thought, chucking celery, an avocado into the basket, “But you know she did get me thinking,” he pauses - carrots in hand, eyes meeting yours, a playful glint - “that we’d make pretty fucking cute babies. We should have a baby.”

A laugh, shaking your head. “Babe, I wouldn’t leave a child in your presence for five minutes, you -”

“Hungarian Sports Illustrated model mommy disagrees,” a singing smug tone interrupting. “she seems to believe I’d be an excellent father so shut up you.” - Pointing the carrots at you.

Rolling your eye, his arm back around your shoulders - “No, listen - think about it, the basic rules of physics, biology, whatever - science, prove that incredibly cute babies come with one stunningly, other worldly attractive, Beyonce complex parent, aka me,” bringing the hand holding the carrots to his chest before tossing them back to the shelf. “and the other parent is mildly, borderline fit, aka you. It’s the perfect balance.” 

Pinching your cheeks between his fingers again when you try to protest. Digging an elbow into his ribs instead, drawing a hiss from him, “Jesus! Why and how are your elbows so fucking sharp? Fucking hell, bloody weapons. Why are you constantly battering me?”

“Why are you constantly an arsehole?” you, retaliating. Walking towards the checkouts, you look into the basket for the first time, a frown. It’s filled with sweets, chocolate, crisps, red wine, brandy, tequila, and little to no actual food. 

“Matty, we were supposed to get actual food for dinner, what the fuck is this?” - an aggravated expression, because Matty was the one who had loaded the basket up with utter junk crap.

A scoff - “What are you on about? There’s plenty of fucking actual food, look we have an avocado, cheese, peanut butter, a lemon - wait no that’s for the sangria - okay, celery, garlic bread… bloody hell, stop looking at me like that - George is the self acclaimed chef, he can sort something out - we have a baby to make.”

You glare - “Matty, we are not having a baby!”

And he’s shrugging, getting in the queue for the checkout, “Well shit we might, I’m like.. 95 percent sure we’re out of condoms, and it’s not like I can even rob any off G, ‘cause he’s apparently gone celibate now and all.”

Defiant, you cross your arms over your chest, “Then I guess we’re joining him on the celibacy front.”

Matty’s matching your glare, lips attempting to suppress an amused smirk, rolling his eyes and stalking off to go grab some condoms - muttering under his breath, something about how he only came to have a good time and he’s feeling so attacked right now.

Skipping across the car park, in pursuit of Matty, carrying one of the shopping bags, he carries the other. A low wolf whistle as you approach, lips tilting at the shorts he’s wearing, ending just above his knees - Louis’. You had only ever seen Matty wearing shorts a handful of times. Matty had only brought one pair of jeans with him to his Mum’s, and he had managed to spill gravy all over them at dinner yesterday.  Leaving him to have to borrow something off of his little brother. 

He turns upon hearing your whistle, jaw set, cigarette between his lips, holding up a finger to you - “Do not..”

And you laugh, shrugging, a wink - pressing into his side, singing into his ear, “And he’s got his shorts on - she says babe, you look like a twat, you look-”

A chuckle, arm slinging around your shoulders, “You’re a right little bitch sometimes, y’know that?” pulling the sunglasses from atop your head and putting them on himself, “But you’re my bitch, and I love you, bitch.”

“I ain’t never gonna stop loving you, shrimpy.” - taunting, hooking an arm around his waist. He scowls, giving your ponytail a yank. 

Honey, we’re home!” 

Matty, bursting through the front door of the flat. And it’s almost comical the way he stands in the living room, arms outstretched, waiting for the usual George tackle welcome - taking a few seconds to realise it’s not happening - George is nowhere to be seen. A frown, dropping the shopping bags onto the couch - calling out, G? - Disappearing into the kitchen.

Your brow furrows, walking past his bedroom door, noticing it’s shut tight, stopping. Listening, a faint groan from the other side of the door - a brief streak of panic shooting through you, initially thinking something had happened and it was a groan of pain. Until you hear it again, and a third time - accompanied, intertwined with a softer sound this time round. And you gasp, the sounds suddenly clicking, a whispered, “No fucking way.”

You hiss for Matty, trying to stay as quiet as possible. He reappears in the kitchen entrance, chewing on a strawberry lace, you - holding a finger to your lips and motioning for him to come here. He just gives you a look, raising a brow. You sigh, forming a circle with your pointer finger and thumb with one hand, then repeated shoving your index finger of your other hand through the circle, jerking your head towards George’s door.  

Again, it’s almost comical how fast his eyebrows shoot up once he understands what’s going on, and how quick he’s across the room, ear pressed to George’s door, mouth falling agape once he hears the same noises you had. Except they’re growing louder now. You both exchange a glance, eyes wide. And Matty’s mumbling - “Oh thank God, finally - yes G baby, get in there.”

You or Matty for the life of you, couldn’t even remember the last time George had brought a girl round, let alone get laid in the flat. And George had blamed you two for that, Matty declaring that that was bollocks, insisting George was just afraid of sex. 

The noises - groans, moans, whimpers, mattress squeaking - are growing louder, you managing to pry Matty away from the door, holding his hand to his heart and muttering about how proud he was. 

The novelty of George finally getting laid, however, wears off after a few minutes. Now you and Matty are sat on the living room floor, backs against George’s bean bag,shoulder to shoulder, Attempting to suppress giggles, passing the bottle of tequila Matty had opened in celebration, back and forth. Shoving M&M’s into each other’s mouths, mocking the noises drifting from George’s room. 

“Yes! George.. Harder!” - Matty, accentuating shrill moans, head falling back against the bean bag. Lips curving, giggles. You’re mimicking George’s deep, guttural groans - lips by Matty’s ear  - “Fuck, s’good, baby.. so tight.” 

And it continues, echoing their noises between the two of you - and it’s when a crescendo starts to build, screams, and George refers to himself as Daddy, that Matty’s head falls against your shoulder, spluttering tequila over your shirt. Silent laughter raking through the both of you, gripping onto each other.

A few seconds later - it’s quiet, you and Matty calming, footsteps from the room, you both scramble for the kitchen - knowing George would be pissed once he found out. Matty pushing you against the wall beside the entrance of the kitchen, finger to your lips telling you to shush, and you’re telling him to shut up because he’s the one giggling. 

He peers around the entrance frame once he hears George’s door creak open, nodding in approval as he watches the girl walking across to the bathroom, adorned in George’s shirt. “She’s fit.” - he informs, and you’re craning your neck to get a glimpse, when George exits his room. Matty squeaks, you both snapping your heads back, silent giggles. 

George’s brow creases, standing at the foot of his door when he notices the living room floor, littered with scattered M&M’s, a half empty bottle of tequila, and it clicks immediately, a grimace appearing over George’s features as he calls out for the two of you.

Matty’s shaking his head, the two of you barely able to breath, and it’s when George pokes his head though the doorway an crosses his arms over his chest once he finds you both, an impassive glare - is when the cackles start, on the verge of tears. Matty managing to get out a choked - “Hey, Daddy.”

A/N: I’m really not sure what this is - it started as a prompt from an anon wanting Matty and his girl to overhear G with another girl and this is apparently what happened.