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In my opinion, I believe that Edward’s top priority right now in Gotham is Oswald’s safety. I can understand where the mistrust in Ed from some fans comes from; however, I think the climactic scene at the Sirens (when Butch was revealed to be behind the Red Hood Gang) says a lot more when we analyse it a little deeper.

When Butch appears wearing the red hood and threatening Oswald, Ed is up on the stage in a flash, and Oswald actually says: “Ed, what are you doing?” as Ed holds him in place. At first we’re led to believe that Ed is doing this because he’s conspiring with Butch to get rid of Oswald. However, in retrospect, the reason Ed holds Oswald in place is because he knows Oswald’s life isn’t in any danger.

Later, Ed’s reaction is very different.

Edward: “Oswald, move!”

Ed assumes that Butch’s target is still Oswald, so he puts himself in Butch’s firing line in order to protect him, without much consideration for his own life. He couldn’t have known that Oswald would do something in order to save him. I think this goes to show that Ed does want to protect Oswald, he does care about him, and he trusts him.

Ed’s reactions in this brief moment seems genuine, and I’m convinced he has Oswald’s best interests at heart.

Parental!RoyEd Week 2016 Day 2: AU/Crossover

“Very well, Fullmetal. Your insubordination will be your ultimate downfall. So then,” it growled, opening its eyes to reveal a red Ouroboros in its left, “Be prepared to answer to my wrath.” 

-  Hellbound AU by @the-flame-and-hawks-eye

The last chapter killed me….again…

i’d appreciate it if people could stop calling pyrrha friendzoned bc that boy was 100% fucking in love with her kthxbye


Oh my God. What ever happened to professional distance and good old foster care?

!!!! PSA !!!!

I fucking love Shinee

eyyy new house

I already talked with a friend about this but I’m still immensely sad about it because like:

there are people that I find so gorgeous and attractive, and I just kind of realized the fact that I’m not conventionally attractive the same way that they are, and will never be in their league, or capture their attention the way that they capture mine

it sucks to think about

When I was younger (even so much as a couple of years ago) I liked a lot of really disgusting things in fandom because I didn’t know any better, things that, had I seen now, I would’ve completely recoiled from, things that now disgust and humiliate me. There are things on my blog that make me deeply uncomfortable that I can never take back, that I can never apologize enough for, and I’m literally waiting for the day this fandom claws its way down into the deeper recesses of my blog and vilifies me for mistakes I made when I was ignorant 

The Helser’s have created this unexplainable, fascinating, and entirely spirit-filled/led home. 
Their family is entirely based off of this mantra: “You [the children] will outgrow your need for us [the parents], but you will never outgrow your need for God.”

So whenever their children are freaking out (as children do) or are afraid, they’re learning when to step in and parent, and when to let the Holy Spirit parent.
Their kids are now 10 and 12 ish and they know when to say, “God help me!” and when to say, “Mom [dad] help me!” 

They’ve learned to reach for Him on their own. They love family and community, but there is a greater need for God at the end of the day. 

They pay so much attention to God, it’s a relationship I admire and also envy. 

My challenge is to find Hoy Spirit in every day. Tomorrow is Monday and it might be normal or it might be more. I am praying, “Come either way, God.”

This is the depth I crave. A man with the same fire whose interest is in raising kids in the same manner - with a need for God.  

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y'all I’m stressed I’m like halfway in two friend groups, like not enough to be automatically in on like Halloween and stuff but not far enough where it’s not possible at all and I’m scared to ask either of them because I’m really close with one person of each group and ahhhh how should I ask one of them if I could hop onto their plans