time to do chemistry stuff


Oh myyyyy gaddddd!!! They are such beautiful babes! #i mean seriously hawt af

stitch-witchy  asked:

Fic prompt for Mako and Ami (because they are the cutest); cooking and chemistry since they are similar in some ways. ps I love your fluff and I am very excited for femslash February.

Thank you!!! Hope this is enjoyable.


Ami screwed up her face as she measured out the amount of cinnamon exactly….just one more millimeter in the cup…She looked over at Mako and her eyes widened when she saw her toss some in without even bothering to measure.

“Mako-chan? Have you made this so much you know even without measuring?”

Mako blinked. “Oh! No. Sometimes…sometimes I like to not follow the recipe exactly and put in what I think feels right. Just mess around a little, you know.”

“Ah.” Ami looked down at her measuring cup. “I suppose that’s why you’re a better chef than I am. I’m not…intuitive like you. I just follow the instructions.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that!” Mako said quickly.

“Yes, but I can’t make anything new like that. I’m afraid I’m not creative enough.”

“That’s not true! You do creative stuff all the time, like writing songs. And…in chemistry!”

Ami raised her eyebrows. “Chemistry?” 

“Remember in class you discovered that when you combined that stuff it made a sort a glue? That was making something new…literally experimenting! Cooking’s the same way!”

A smile spread across Ami’s face. “You’re right. I just need to experiment more!”

She scooped up some cinnamon and threw it at the bowl. Unfortunately, she did so a little too enthusiastically and it ended up blowing back all over her face and body.

“Are you okay?” Mako said as Ami coughed and sputtered. 

“Yes… oh, this is embarrassing…”

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed! You look pretty tasty now.” Mako leaned close with a giggle and nervous little smile “Can…Can I have a little?”

Ami flushed, her skin tingling. “Go ahead.”

Mako kissed Ami and then leaned back, licking the cinnamon off her lips. “Yum. That was the best treat!”

“Mako-chan?” Ami responded shyly.


“Prepare yourself.”

And without further ado, Ami smeared Makoto’s face with cinnamon. 

“Now it’s my turn,” she said with a grin. Mako could only laugh.

Ami’s cake did not turn out very well that day, but that was all right. In her opinion, the experiment was success.