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David Tennant’s Contributions to Doctor Who Episodes
“Partners in Crime Reshoot” Edition

Excerpts from The Writer’s Tale by Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook:

From an e-mail from RTD dated Friday 19 October 20074.1 [Season 4, Episode 1 - Partners in Crime] is cursed! Last night’s filming had been rescheduled from its original date, because of the rain two nights ago, so we ended up shooting the Donna-goes-to-the-TARDIS-with-her-hatbox scene up against a nightclub, with BAM BAM BAM music and crowds of drunk Welsh, literally, yelling.  Very loud. On and on and on. The offstage noise is terrible. With David and Catherine soldiering on bravely. Take after take after take.  Today, David sent Phil, Julie and me an e-mail, complaining - well, complaining is too strong a word for him. He was just genuinely sad, because it’s a lovely scene and he thinks that their performances were constrained. Ideally, we’ll have to reshoot.

Orig.Poster’s note: This post is part of a series on some of the contributions that David made to episodes of Doctor Who, because he sometimes gets questions about ad-libs or input he may have had to episodes, but he tends to not take credit for his various additions/suggestions - so I figured I’d list some for him.  Bless David for speaking up about his concerns and bless Russell T. Davies for taking his lead actor’s concerns to heart and carving out the time and budget for a reshoot.  I appreciate how hard they all tried to produce the best show they possibly could.  In my opinion David and Catherine were both fantastic in the original scene, but I do believe that the re-shot scene is even better. I’m thankful the original shoot’s footage was included with the deleted scenes on the Series 4 boxed set so we can see the differences.    

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@yuriplisetsky is a size queen

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky

2,900 words

“What are you talking about?”

“Your Twitter? Your thread that spends about ten tweets waxing poetry about the size of my dick? Everyone’s talking about it, the fans are going crazy, I had Victor ringing me up half an hour ago to ask if it was true and if I really had deflowered Russia’s Fairy like that, and I just – what the hell were you thinking, Yuri?”

In which Yuri gets drunk and Tweets some things he probably shouldn’t have.

AO3 link

So @94mercy made this post that headcanoned that Yuri gets drunk one night and talks about the size of Otabek’s dick on social media, and I immediately knew I had to write it. Otherwise known as me just wanting to join in with all the hung!Otabek content that’s been coming out of this fandom in recent weeks. 

(Also tagging @daddybek because that’s where this all started back in February)

They’ve been dating for a few months when it happens.

Yuri goes round to Mila’s for a few drinks after practice one day, and they steadily make their way through a bottle of vodka, laughing and talking about their respective partners. The music is loud and Yuri feels all loose and giggly as he reaches for his phone, taking selfies and documenting their escapades on Snapchat. He’s never been this drunk before, so drunk he’s not even sure what order his memories from the last few hours go in, so drunk that he can barely stand, so drunk that the room is spinning.

He sits down and opens Twitter, starting to type. He doesn’t even think about what he’s Tweeting, just starts a thread and keeps on going until he gets it all off his chest. Mila is grabbing at his hands and pulling him up so they can dance together again, and Yuri’s phone lies on the couch, forgotten.

So he doesn’t see what he’s done until morning.

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SPN Fans? (Beware VERY VERY Long Post!)

There has only ever been a very small handful of times where I have had to make a public post to call out hypocrisy in this fandom. And now, again, this is one of those times.These past few days I have seen fans, specifically Destiel & Cockles fans, hating on both Jensen & Jared. Some of these fans reasons being valid, while other reasons are just to be malicious to these men simply for the attention of a retweet on Twitter or reblog on Tumblr.

Just to be clear before I even start to delve deep into the several topics of what I am about to discuss. Yes I am a “AA” or whatever people like to insult Jensen fans with. And yes I am a fan and appreciate Jared. And lastly, yes I do ship Wincest. I am not ashamed of it either. All this evidence is visible when you (because I know some of you will) click on my account to view my posts. I normally avoid drama because I am fan that likes to reblog or to simply make posts that support the boys and the wonderful show that is Supernatural. But I do have a decent following and amount of followers on here. And me staying quite on issues like this is almost as bad as the malicious people who attack the SPN actors out of spite.

Now to get to the matters at hand.

Jensen Ackles: I’ve seen Destiel Fans hate on Jensen because he quote on quote “doesn’t speak up enough on political issues.” And when he does he still receives mass amounts of criticism for it. An example of this is when Jensen recently made that #metoo tweet on Twitter to show support for women who have been sexually abused/assaulted/and or harassed. And when I looked at his mentions I honestly cannot even give you the exact number of how many people attacked him for showing support to women because there were so many. I could have taken screenshots & added them in this post, but I wont. That is how disgusting I found them. If anyone would like to know what I am talking about for proof all you have to do is go to Jensen’s Twitter, click on the #metoo tweet, and see for yourself.

Another thing Jensen receives hate for and fans have called him homophobic for is because he said “Destiel doesn’t exist” at a convention. I do understand if you are a hardcore Cockles or Destiel shipper and what Jensen said grated your nerves. It is a common human emotion to be upset. What is NOT okay is to tag him on Twitter calling him all sorts of derogatory hateful slurs because your feelings got hurt over a fictional ship. I’d like to point out that Jensen being called homophobic has not happened recently, but when it did happen mass amounts of people dragged him. And yes I did call Destiel a fictional ship because it is not canon. That’s not a dig at the ship or anyone who participates in that part of the fandom either. That is literally just the truth. Destiel isn’t canon the same way Wincest isn’t.

When Jensen first dismissed Destiel questions at a J2 panel, within days the top Google search when typing Jensen Ackles name in the search bar was “Jensen Ackles is homophobic.” It stayed like that to for a long time. And it is crazy that people in this fandom do not realize how fucking damaging rumors like that can be to someones career let alone how that might make them feel if they were to see what was being said about them. 

Could Jensen have handled Destiel questions better? Absolutely. But the fact that fans started career damaging rumors about him out of spite of what he said is extremely harmful. 

The most recent thing Jensen has been dragged for is for liking a Blue Lives Matter post. Even I am a huge fan of Jensen and even I know that shit was wrong. But instead of attempting to educate him respectfully on his ignorance, he received slurs and name calling instead.  

Jared Padalecki: Recently Jared has been getting hate for calling out bad service on his social media in front of his several million followers. The first few times he did it, those could be semi excusable because everybody has their days where they’re off. I do believe fans had the right to say “man that isn’t cool, please delete this.” But instead of doing exactly that and trying to educate in a calm, cool and collected manner. The same way they should have done to Jensen when he liked that Blue Lives Matter post. Some of you do the exact opposite. You berate Jared with your words in attempt to make him feel lesser than. As if you fans not tagging him on Twitter means he won’t see the shit you say about him. It’s damn near common knowledge that most celebrities search themselves up online.

And the comments some of you say to Jared shake me to my core. When I see some of you telling Jared to kill himself, it literally hurts me which is a bit insane because these comments are not even directed at me. Fans wishing that Jared would die, makes me scared for his life. And I’m not trying to play that card of “ooooooohh poor weak Jared! He has depression! Everyone please be nice to him! Let him be, poor weak little soul! Awww!”

No, I realize Jared has made mistakes. But the way some of you go about correcting him is appalling. I am shaking as I write this because you are telling someone to die who has publicly said MULTIPLE TIMES he’s wanted to die and has been on the verge of almost killing himself, that he is basically a worthless piece of shit. Those types of comments literally make me want to cry which bothers me because I don’t consider myself a weak minded person. Not after all the obstacles I have personally went through. Jared, like Jensen, is a grown man that I’m sure can handle some criticism. But the criticism some of you show isn’t educational criticism at all it’s hate. And I have to say is that if Jared ever tried to hurt himself over something he’s read online that a supposed “fan” sent him, you will always be vile to me.

Jared’s most recent call out tweet, was that wrong? I have to say yes. And that is not hate, just truth. But clearly Jared learned his lesson seeing as he deleted the tweet within the first few minutes. 

Final Thoughts: It’s very sad to me that fans, and lets be honest here, mostly Destiel and Cockles shippers with Misha in their icons are the ones that continue to attack Jared and Jensen for things that happened years ago. Could you imagine everyone bringing up your past only to throw it in your face every five seconds? Most of you are lucky stuff like that does not happen to you like it does for celebrities in general every morning they wake up. Some celebs deserve criticism while others don’t.

What’s also fascinating is that a specific group of fans continue to drag Jared for calling out bad service or defame Jensen for several different matters like dismissing the ship that is Destiel. When only a few years ago Misha Collins was making racist and disgusting slavery jokes on Twitter.

It’s jokes like the one Misha made a few years back that literally give more examples and reasons as to why informative enlightening groups like Black Lives Matter exists. It is also jokes like that being the reason why I still get the “she must be angry” simply because I am a black woman who was having a bad day and didn’t feel like smiling at any creepy ass men. 

Stereotypes like the “black women are always angry” are so fucking hurtful and I can’t stand all the misogynistic and racist people out there. This fandom claims they’re so progressive but are the first ones to call a women or even some men of a certain age “old hags” or say things like “you’re too old to be in a fandom”.

As a woman of color I was extremely offended, hurt, and surprised when Misha made those borderline racist tweets. Did he apologize? Sort of. In the second screenshot above, that apology was half-assed. I still cannot for the life on me wonder why he seemed surprised that a slavery joke like that would not receive backlash just because he does a lot of great charity work. And that slavery joke that he made on Twitter is the number one reason why I can’t and will not support Misha and his endeavors. But despite the fact that I do not support Misha, you don’t see me slandering his name every five seconds either.

To be clear I don’t think Misha is a racist nor do I believe that people should loom this over his head for the rest of eternity. But I’m using this as example to show that like Misha, both Jensen and Jared have made mistakes. And to bring up their mistakes on a constant basis like Misha’s fans seem to do to Jared and Jensen whenever possible is out of decent respectful humane character.

There is one thing no one in this dysfunctional fandom can deny. And that is that all three of these men have some of the biggest hearts, when it comes to charity, in the sexist world that is Hollywood. And the fact that some fans can’t even let Jensen, Jared, or Misha do any charity work without them supposedly having some sort of hidden deceitful agenda behind their motives it is truly sickening. 

Now before anyone attacks me on bringing up old news, like the racist tweets on Misha, decides to say that I just contradicted myself. Or that I am trying to bring Jensen and Jared up while tearing Misha down. That isn’t even the case.The point I was trying to make was that I or anyone else really could say and do that EXACT same thing, in regards to bringing up old mistakes, the same way some of you do to Jensen and Jared whenever you get the chance or whenever they do or say something you don’t like. Jared, Jensen, and Misha are not your puppets. They don’t jump when you say jump and they will continue to make mistakes. Which isn’t all that surprising seeing as they are human beings with emotions like everyone else.

I realize many people will not take this post and message the way it was meant to be, which is honestly to stop being so petty and let people ship what they want to ship. And let them love their faves. No, I’m sure a good amount of people will see this post as something to start up drama. But it’s fine because I would not have made this post if I couldn’t handle people not agreeing with me.

This fandom always talks about how they support women, they don’t bully, and that they support the LGBTQ community. Now lets see if I get attacked and berated for expressing my opinion. 

I am going to put this post in the tags because I feel like it is extremely important. No matter your take away from my post and message I am trying to send. It is critical to realize that at the end of day, it is okay to respectfully call a celebrity out without any hidden shade and name calling. But it is not okay to tell Jared to kill himself, call Jensen homophobic or racist for liking that Blue Lives Matter post when you don’t know his stance on anything. It’s also not okay for people to tag Misha in their slander either.

It really is time for fans to start respecting Jared, Jensen, and Misha. This fandom is headed down the wrong path. And we really need to fix it before it’s too late.

Day6 on Instagram


• posts pictures of delicious food
• w/ the occasional wonpil trolling, also taking pictures of maknae line at their worst possible moments
• has hella hoes in his DM’s, but always responds w/ memes or a ‘lol’ when getting hit on
• ootd posts for days
• giggles every time someone tags him as a MCM


• posts pictures of his kids / cute selfies with the peace sign
• captions are always full w/ cute animal emojis and rainbows and flowers
• follows lots of people but never likes anyone’s posts
• deletes all the comments if they’re not complimenting him
• mirror selfies, also with the infamous peace sign


• spends hours just finding the right lighting and pose
• gets mad if he doesn’t get 100 likes under an hour
• low key shades everyone on insta
• posts pictures of healthy meals yet he’s snacking on junk food all mf day
• snapchat filters still going strong “SC saw it first :^^^^”


• does covers of songs and posts like 15 seconds of them
• takes pictures w/ his worst enemies and posts them anyways “tag me when you post it!!! :))))))”
• will do / has done everything to get a verified check
• shows everyone the nudes he’s been sent in his private DMs
• his snapchat is linked to his insta and it’s a mess


• innocent flower boy who just wants his insta to look aesthetically pleasing
• wears chokers in some of his pics and yes you can hear screaming from 20 miles away
• hella sarcastic when someone asks him where he got a certain clothing item “a sweat shop lol”
• comments on everyone’s posts w/ weird emojis like just emojis
• tags jae in all the “__ pack would include” posts lmao

Originally posted by omona-wangja

Casual reminder to not post or reblog pictures from Danny’s high school yearbook, he never posted those pictures and he talked about how he hated school and also went through depression around that time, so how about we don’t be creepy and gawk at what are basically private pictures, okay?

Give Danny his privacy. He shares so much of himself, he’s entitled to keep some things out of the public eye.

(It’s okay if you didn’t know that he didn’t post them, but just go back and delete the posts/reblogs so they don’t get spread around. Thanks!)

callout for kingwander/jollywander/fuzzywander/heroicwander/wvander

hey all my friends have agreed i should do this so. Here We Go!!!

and also, i think this would be a good way for me to compile my thoughts and sort everything out since most of this still feels kind of like it happened in a blur.

i’ll keep this post updated with his current url so if you’re not sure what it is just come back here. current url: 00903902-0df98e9idko40t4945

please reblog this

tw: abuse, suicide mention, faking mental illnesses, nsfw, self harm, slurs

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how the warrior cats are during discourse (first series edition)

firestar: responds to every person in the thread either agreeing / fighting them, tries to be polite until he loses patience

graystripe: reblogs everything that firestar says, only comments 2 go “loll”

ravenpaw: reblogs the thread and eerily tags it w/ #receipts

longtail: tries 2 fight firestar and graystripe, realizes half way thru he’s defending the wrong people and starts posting screenshots of the group chat to let firestar know he’s on his side, posts an apology

sandstorm: starts namedropping and adding 👀👀 emojis whenever she starts to add shit up

dustpelt: @s everyone

tigerstar: the asshole everyone is talking about and fighting

darkstripe: tries 2 defend tigerstar the whole time, longtail exposes both of them and darkstripe fucking deletes right away

bluestar: doesn’t know what’s going on, crytypes a little, takes a break and comes back strong

scourge: @s tigerstar head on and doxxes him

First Meeting

alright, here’s my second rick x reader fic! i’m,, so sorry it’s so long oh my go s h

i considered breaking it up into maybe two or three chapters, but i wanted to get it all out there in one fell swoop

this fic contains the reader going through a heart-wrenching breakup, borderline alcohol abuse, the presence of a knife used in a threatening manner, and 1 (one) death happens (kinda eventful and admittedly dark for the stuff i normally write but wanted to go into a territory i normally don’t go into with my writing, so!!)

let me know what you guys think ;u; !


It finally happened. You just didn’t think it would happen as soon as it did. You always had suspicions that he was being unfaithful, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to believe it, even after all this time. He just made everything feel so believable.

You were more stunned than anything. You were still in that initial phase where everything felt surreal – like a soft veil had been placed over reality; everything sounded muffled. Lights had a soft bloom effect. People moved in slow motion. You weren’t actually there; you just… existed.

And then one day, out of nowhere, reality finally sunk in. It hit you harder than anything ever had before.

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Grumps As Tumblr Users

Arin: Writes fic, most of it is porn, a lot of it involving blow jobs and out of the box kinks like slime girls and monster girls. He also draws fan art, some of it porn, a lot of it suggestive. He tries to answer a lot of asks, is sometimes involved in fandom drama. 

Dan: Mostly reblogs content. He reblogs a lot of audio posts and retro music videos. If you catch him late at night there are a few risque posts he’s reblogging. He’ll post original content in the form of his selfies and gets a niche following from them. He doesn’t understand half of the website or how to do shit, he answers asks but they are usually unfinished because he hit answer too early. He doesn’t tag things even when his legion of followers tell him how. 

Vernon: Creates Aesthetic posts and moodboards. He has a sideblog for fan fic because he likes the creative outlet and the quick response time but he doesn’t want it under his main blog. He doesn’t want to mix brands. Reblogs bikes, music, hipster stuff. He shitposts late at night and deletes posts that have low note counts. 

Ross: Reblogs mostly art, posts his own sketches and drawings. He does a lot of streams and posts links to them. He got big in a particular fandom and gained a mass following by doing fan art, but now he’s pushing a lot of his own stuff in his streams and he gets some shit for that. He’ll never shy away from answering rude asks and giving snark as well as he gets it. One time he accidentally reblogged some cartoon porn and people never let him hear the end of it. 

Barry: Hardly remembers to log on half the time but when he does he’s reblogging pokemon pictures, information on video games, articles he thinks people should be reading. He reblogs pictures of kittens and pigs and other small animals and cute drawings of his favorite characters. 

Suzy: Posts OOTD pictures, is very good at answering asks, she does giveaways and makes sure to always link to her Instagram. She reblogs make-up and pretty girls, posts pics of herself. She rates the snapchat filters from best to worst. She has a sideblog for Overwatch related stuff and one for Solid Snake, but they both bleed over on to her main blog most of the time. She shares headcanons on her sideblogs but isn’t committed enough to actually write fic for any of it even when her followers beg her for more. 

Brian: He’ll reblog whatever asshole idiotic thing is happening and he’ll throw his two cents in on it, he’ll be smarter and more well-spoken than the others and he’ll win the arguments. People reblog his stuff with reaction gifs of him destroying others with his words. He reblogs pictures of space, science articles, he engages politically and shares information with his followers. He’ll answer asks, sometimes he’ll do long stretches where he just answers them with gifs, some that fit and some that don’t. 

Jack: Posts a lot of his photography. He’s in the musical fandoms so a lot of his content is centered around that. He’ll post his covers and silly clips of him singing online. He is generally well liked and is the fandom sweetheart. He gets a big following because he’s so approachable. He also gets hit on a lot. Sometimes reblogs pictures of different architecture he likes, will reblog your commission posts and help spread the word. 

Holly: Posts photos of her cosplays and her arts, links to her Patreon, she does streams a lot, reblogs a lot of pictures of Rowlet and posts her own bird photos. She’ll shame people who send her hate and then reblog a lot of cute stuff to make up for it. 


@kvltboi tagged me to post a picture! Thank you!! 💫 (please check his blog out, it’s great!!) So here are two pictures I keep deleting and reuploading for some reason lol, hopefully the last time y’all see these! 

I tag: @agyjones, @electricblueals-dustygarage, @sodascherry, @one-bad-apple, @a-walk-on-the-moon, @theladyofthehighway, @ride-the-storm, @angiemars, @m—ermaid, @electricxgypsy, @xhatefuckx, @twerkhammett, @death-is-only-everlasting, @jackiefoxxx, @englishbards-and-scotchreviewers and anyone else that feels up to it! ✨

Internet Friend!Seungcheol

Originally posted by cheolshu

  • requested by anon: who wanted an internet friend Seungcheol in which you didn’t know he was a part of Seventeen
  • Seungcheol was curious
  • he was curious over this whole rave about Tumblr
  • he knew his fans were so into the site, but he couldn’t find anything amusing about it
  • so he decided to give it ago
  • Creating a whole new tumblr account dedicated to himself
  • His username @ xcoups
  • ‘Get it, because it sounds like s.coups’
  • ‘Please stop’
  • he chose pictures he felt were his best and placed it as his profile picture and header
  • the members broke in laughter seeing the leader be so interested in the new technology, they even tried to help make a short bio which only ended with them teasing him
  • after two hours of hard decisions over pictures and a short bio,
  • It was time for him to start working the actual site
  • it took him fifteen minutes to figure out the reblog button, ten minutes to find his likes page, another ten minutes to write a post accidentally and then trying to delete it
  • he finally mastered the art of tumblr after about an hour and a half
  • and he was addicted
  • he mostly reblogged things, pictures of himself, some of the members, and some random things he found along the way
  • Seungcheol was mesmerized by the tags, he followed his own tag, and seventeen’s, he scrolled late at night often staying glued to his phone
  • Overall he was impressed, his fans created intricate gifsets and pictures that honestly he thought made him look better
  • he even showed off to the members all of the tumblr users dedicated to him
  • in just a few days, he followed more than fifty people so his dash could be filled with random things
  • Seungcheol knew your tumblr by heart, he hadn’t realized he did until he kept getting notifs from you reblogging stuff that he had
  • He’d be lying if he said that he didn’t stalk your blog
  • You were a Seungcheol blog, he found your tumblr cute, your header was a gif of him and your profile picture, well it was also him
  • He scrolled through your post, most of it was reblogs but once in awhile he’d come across a post you’d make, some of it describing the little things you loved about seungcheol, and others were of just random parts of your day
  • and sometime he’d unconsciously reblog them which he would then kill himself over because now he thinks he’s a creep
  • you on the other hand, smile when you receive the notification, it felt nice to have someone like and reblog your random personal post, it made you feel like someone was listening
  • and with small interactions, here and there, the title of mutuals falls between you two
  • it all started when you weren’t having a particularly nice day so you took to tumblr, writing that all you needed was to be tagged in a few seungcheol post
  • and you weren’t expecting much from your just over thirty followers who probably don’t even see your post
  • but it wasn’t ten minutes later that your phone buzzed
  • a little tumblr notification popping up from none other than xcoups himself
  • Your heart filled with joy seeing a cute gifset of Seungcheol in which he smiled and waved
  • you reblogged the post, thanking xcoups with your whole heart and a smile on your face
  • and now, you two constantly reblog post tagging each other
  • until tagging turned into sending each other things privately
  • and then conversations of anything besides himself of course
  • Seungcheol was smitten
  • He was glued to his phone even more now because he awaited your messages
  • he didn’t care if it was of you screaming over a cute pic you saw of him, or just you saying you were lying in bed snuggled in your blanket
  • and when he wasn’t waiting by the phone, he was thinking, he was thinking of what to message you
  • should he message you about how one of his friends (Mingyu) who tripped over air, or should he message you that he saw something cute that reminded him of you
  • he got jealous sometimes
  • Because you talked about other members being cute, often joking how you might leave Seungcheol for them
  • and he would pout at the phone
  • ‘Seuncheol’s going to be really mad if you drop him’
  • ‘oh but Jihoon looks so cute’
  • ‘ S T O P’
  • You’d laugh at your friend’s reaction to keep you loyal to seuncheol
  • to be honest, you assumed you were talking to a girl, never in your life would you think you were talking to a boy, let alone Choi Seungcheol himself
  • It’s been a year now
  • You two have talked non stop almost every day for a year now
  • You’ve always wanted to meet your friend but Seungcheol on the other hand, nervously didn’t want too
  • he felt that when you met him, you’d feel lied too, because you’ve poured your heart out to him multiple times, and it’d feel as though he broke your personal space
  • so when you said that you were so excited to be attending a fanmeet, he was panicking
  • Because he was finally meeting you, face to face, up close, he was going to actually see you
  • he knew what you looked like, you sent him selfies unexpectedly sometimes and he’d grin ear to ear because to him, you were the most beautiful person
  • he knew it was finally time, to tell you the truth, to let everything out on the table
  • he was waiting for you on the stage, sitting in his chair, he was looking everywhere, his hands were antsy as they messily wrote other people’s names, his legs bouncing rapidly as he tried to remain calm in front of everyone else
  • and he was so focused on trying to remain calm, he didn’t notice you standing next in line
  • so when he saw you, when he looked into your eyes, he froze
  • this was the moment, this is what he waited for for a year now
  • ‘Hi! I’m such a huge fan’
  • and he got scared, he smiled brightly just like he did to the others, continued a nice conversation where he gave fanservice and you moved along with his eyes slowly glued onto you who moved over to Wonwoo
  • you got off the stage buzzing, you went back into the crowd of fans, you were so excited to show xcoups your signed Seungcheol page, you flipped to the page quickly to sneak a quick picture when you noticed it
  • it was not signed ‘S.coups’ like you’ve seen other people’s page have, no it was signed @xcoups
  • and you were in disbelief, it must have been a mistake, so you looked up, looking at Seungcheol who was already staring at you
  • you felt deceived
  • Seungcheol watched as you scowl, the fansign just finished at the moment when he saw you packing up, trying to get out of the crowd
  • he excused himself to the bathroom, running backstage, he was at the entrance, waiting as your figure walked towards him
  • ‘y/n’
  • ‘No!’
  • ‘What was i supposed to do, tell you I was the leader of Seventeen from the beginning?’
  • you remained silent, you knew he was right, he couldn’t have just outright told you
  • Seungcheol pulled you into a private room
  • ‘Okay what i did was wrong. You practically confessed your love for me to me without knowing it and I’m sorry. But i like you, a lot, and texting you everyday was the highlight of waking up’
  • ‘Flatter isn’t working right now’
  • ‘Can we start over. We can be friends, i promise i’ll just forget everything you said’
  • You look at him skeptical ‘i guess’
  • ‘Okay. Hi, i’m Choi Seungcheol’ he grins with a hand out
  • You shake it with a smile yourself, ‘I’m y/n, hey aren’t you a member of Seventeen? My bias is Jihoon’
  • ‘HEY!’
  • Your heart swooned even more now than when you hadn’t met him officially. Watching him up on stage, messing around with his members, eyes secretly looking at you. The feeling was weird, because you knew him for a year, and yet now, knowing his true identity, it felt as though time reverted to when you met this awkward tumblr user xcoups.

anonymous asked:

Larries stay on their blogs. lmao I haven't gone into the Harry Styles tag on tumblr, since 2013, because it's littered with Larries. I cannot go into any Narry tag because Larries are there. I have to go through ten-fifteen pages of a blog before I decide to follow one, just to make sure the person is not a Larrie. They, for real, have no idea how to look in the mirror own up to their b.s.

Louis and Gemma have both blocked the word “Larry” on their accounts.

When Austin was 10 his mother had to both censor dozens of words on his account as well as go through intense blocking/deleting every time he posted just so tinhats wouldn’t leave their Larrie bullshit on a 10 year old boys instagram.

When his mother shared a photo of him and his baby nephew Larries held a back and forth discussion about Louis and Harry’s sex life over the comment section for pages. Something a child could have managed to see because it was on a photo of him.

After his mother passed and Louis’s family members posted photos of Freddie their accounts and that of their friends were inundated with Larrie BS. 

Danielle had to remove commenting on almost all her photos for a month just to get the Larries to leave her alone.

Some of the 14 year old girls in Louis’s girl band had post messages thanking fans for their nice comments after Larries decided to flood their comment sections telling them how Louis was making a huge mistake getting involved with them as they were totally talentless and would embarrass him through association.

Larries held three global twitter trends trying to spam out the idea that Briana had a sex tape in order to slut shame her out of the paternity of her baby. They sent screencaps of those porn movies to Louis’s mother and to his under age siblings.

They have made at least two different twitter trends over the idea Briana had a miscarriage because they wanted to mainstream that idea.

People have sent death threats to both Briana and Louis over Freddie.

Big Larries here regularly urge the universe to hurt Briana’s family.

But we have to pretend this is all just innocent happy blogging that stays on their blogs.

One step forward and two steps back, eh, Tumblr?

Adding functionality to the mobile app while breaking other functionality is more than a little frustrating. Let’s look at the latest update.


• We can now change our font styles and do things like bulleted lists.

• We can reply with photos/gifs.

• Removing a tag no longer makes you back out and re-enter the tag editor to continue tagging.


• Setting something to queue instead of post immediately is noticeably slower.

• It takes two taps before you can even begin typing tags, instead of one like before.

• The auto-complete suggestions somehow start with the least used/relevant first. (i.e. I want to tag “jacksepticeye” but instead of getting his name suggested within two characters, like before, I get some full-sentence shitpost tag from a month ago.)

• The tag editor textbox type has changed, so now it triggers autocorrect, which is a goddamn nightmare when you work with a lot of strange/fictional names a hundred times a day. The constant editing slows down posting.

• Editing something already in the queue crashes the app entirely.

• For some reason, I can’t delete extraneous line breaks. Like, I can’t backspace from one line to the one before it.

• As I’ve just learned from this very post, you appear to have removed the ability to manually enter the HTML for line breaks while not fixing the reason everyone had to do it in the first place. Fabulous.

• Additionally, the spacing on the bulleted lists is so weird that it’s easier to read if I manually enter the bullet characters myself.

EDIT: Images. Are. Loading. Slower. Than. Molasses. In. January. Sometimes they refuse to load entirely. Actually the whole app is being sluggish.

Maybe I’m just being cranky, but it seems a bit ridiculous to have to relearn how to use the app every other update.

PS: Fix the goddamn gif browser. Half the images are showing up so tiny you can’t even make out what they are.

PPS: Don’t get me wrong, @staff , I appreciate the long-wanted features and all, it’s just really fucking frustrating to trade other functionality for them.

Dirk tells his friends he cares

Dirk calls himself “a heart player who was just a stone cold motherfucker” but Dirk is wrong. Not only is that not true about how he really feels, it isn’t even true about how he acts.

Dirk shows himself to be open when it comes to expressing his love and care for his friends.  The dude is not cagey about his emotional attachment to them.

He’s more than willing to tell them how much he cares about them and wants to do things with them:

As well as give them praise, especially if they’re putting themselves down:

He’s also willing to be honest with his criticisms:

Sometimes he gives praise and criticism at the same time:

Dirk loves his friends, and he isn’t cold or distant about it. He tells them to their face by trying to encourage and support them with honest feedback, whether praise or criticism—after all, what value does praise have without honest critique?—and expressions of his affection and enthusiasm for them. This doesn’t always pan out but he really does try. 

From what we can tell, there are very few things he’s actually cagey about with his friends. These seem to mostly be things that would would reveal that he was hurt or upset by something: emotions related to his own feelings rather than emotions related to himself.

He doesn’t let on to Roxy exactly why her comments about his sexuality/her flirting make him uncomfortable, he also hides how fucked up he is and how much he hates himself from them, and he avoids total honesty about how he feels about flirt-LARPING and the AR and his Bro frequently. None of those are that strange to hold back on. He also avoided directly confessing to Jake, which is presumably related to Jake’s “And years ago i used to joke around with him that we would probably be totally into each other if he was a girl” comment. Admitting a crush to a friend is particularly difficult when stigma around sexuality comes into play. 

All of these are emotions where he’d have to risk exposing aspects of himself he isn’t ready to. Other than those and being from the future, he’s open, honest, and direct in his affections, praise, and criticisms. He is not cagey when it comes to what he feels about people.

After all, it’s DIRK who is the clingy, overbearing boyfriend.

Sure, he has the facial expressiveness of a teaspoon. But you can probably give a kid who grew up totally alone a break on that. Dirk makes up for it in sincere comments about how much he cares for his friends, all the time, to their faces and in conversations with other people. Dirk loves his friends and he tries to let them to know it.

So much for a stone cold motherfucker.

Hanjoo shippers on Insta are annoying, BYE.

So, dear Hanjoo shippers,
Y'all still tagging Hansol under HANJOO related stuff on Instagram, congratulations for being disrespectful.
HONESTLY, how many Tumblr posts do we need to write before you realise TWO SIMPLE THINGS
1) Hanjoo makes Hansol feel uncomfortable, he dislikes it and therefore ASKS HIS FANS NOT TO TALK ABOUT IT
2) Hansol is not gay, so the whole “omo they r such a cute gay kpop couple” comment thing is not okay
Do you want him to BEG you to stop tagging him? Do you want him to delete his pictures and make his account private so he won’t be annoyed by it anymore?
Do you know that when Sangdo posted a picture of Hansol and Byungjoo and used HANJOO as a hastag (it was in Korean tho BUT), Hansol commented, “please, anything but Hanjoo”?
Do you know how many times he was called gay?
Really, come on, it’s not that hard. All we ask is to NOT tag Hansol in anything HANJOO related.

I don’t see why tagging him (or any other idol) is necessary at all tbh.

anonymous asked:

if TD weren't idols and had tumblrs, what do you think they would be like (like, photography, art, bandom, etc)

  • bjoo: memes. just a shitton of memes screenshotted from twitter or tumblr. adds ‘XD’ to posts unnecessarily
  • hojoon: has like 12 followers, 4 of which are pornbots. posts long paragraphs about life. still hasn’t figured out how tumblr works. adds 100+ tags to every post
  • p-goon: a fitblr/workout blog. also reblogs memes from bjoo but deletes the caption every time. his most famous post is one of his torso selfies.
  • yano: one of those edgy egalitarians. “if you can’t handle the truth, do not follow”. 
  • nakta: a lot of music, posts his soundcloud music a lot, reblogs from other artists in the community. doesn’t know how messaging works though.
  • a-tom: is actually a youtuber and posts links and screenshots from his videos. has around 120 subscribers, most of which are 10 year old boys. posts prank videos
  • xero: aesthetic/beauty blogger. follows the latest trends. has a vague-ass quote as his title. cites authors he’s never read. his selfies get 1k+ notes
  • sangdo: positivity blog. posts art and his photography. has like 2 really popular posts and like 10 notes on all the rest.
  • hansol: guro blog with like… his art and thoughts. weird. his images get removed by tumblr often. keeps remaking.
  • (bonus) jenissi: quotes about jesus and a lot of rap music. occassional porn gif. follows back his pornbot followers.
The Space Between Us: Drabble

Pairing: Chris Beck x Reader

Summary: You ask Chris to help you with a difficult task, and get a complex but simple response.

A/N: This was supposed to be a deleted one-shot, but I think it at least deserves a drabble. Not doing permanent tags for this one, y’all. @thewinterswimmer this has been in my drafts for a while and it’s time I let it go.


EVERY TIME HE looks at you, he swears that he sees nebulas collapse and planets align―you’re the kind of light that science can’t explain. 

Through his post-catnap stupor, Chris gives you a sidelong glance, blue eyes fixated on you with clouded vision from his sleep-induced haze. You can’t imagine how he fell asleep in such an uncomfortable position, head sandwiched between the crook of where your shoulder and chin meet. His fingers rest on the curve of your hip, sinking into the skin. “You’re still awake,” he says. It’d probably sound more like an accusation if his voice wasn’t so bogged down with fatigue. “You almost done?”

Nope. You fumble with the papers in your lap. The chapter assessment on astronomy’s kept you up for hours on end, draining away what little energy you had left. “Get a load of this: describe the universe. Can you believe that?” You huff out your frustration and nudge him. “Help me out here.”

“Easy.” His answer comes out swift, remarkably fast for somebody in his tired state. “You. Is that what you wanted to hear? Because you mean everything to me.”

Hi guys,

Since I just got 5 hate-anons (I deleted them, btw, so if you’re waiting for me to answer your ask, you can stop now and do something a lot more fun with your time, like join in here!) I decided this fandom needed a dose of positivity and love so I’m hosting “Fandom positivity-weekend”!

How it works is simple, really!

You simply do one of the following:

  • Send me an ask with your love for a member of this fandom (on or off anon) and why you think they are amazing, and i’ll post it tagging their account.
  • You can also write an ask with your love for one of the crew-members/characters in this show we all love.
  • Or, if you’ve written/made an edit for something that you’d like to share then you can send me a link for that in PM or in an ask (though remember Tumblr sometimes eats those asks, so make sure you use spaces when you paste it so it arrives in my inbox).
  • If you’ve just read a great fanfic that you’d like to share some love for, feel free to sned that/rave about it too and I’ll share your love for the author to see and most likely fangirl with you!

Let’s spread some love together this weekend and make some people smile! <3

First Time's the Charm - Prompto x Reader

Tumblr messed up my formating on my original post, so I had to delete it :( This is for the anon that requested a cute and fluffy first date! Wrote this half asleep-

Tag list: @itshaejinju @disneygirl2202 @sonsoflucis @squishypoet @rubyphilomela @stargurl16 @idiotflowerex @centari @iwantedtobeadored @mimickers @eternallydaydreaming2015 @blondechocobobutt @mp938368 @argentum-momentum @firefistnoct @dragon-chica

Word Count: 764 words

He stood facing the mirror for what felt like eons.

Ignis and Noctis managed to pull together a nice outfit for him to wear for his first date in a while. It consisted of long black dress pants with a white button down tucked in. Ignis helped with the thin tie that was around his neck now, and then added a black vest as the finishing touch.

As he stood there, studying his clothes, Noctis came into view. A mockingly proud look was in his eyes, he offered a thumbs up.

“Ready?” He asked. Prompto turned towards him and mustered up his best confident grin.

“Ready as I’ll ever be. Wish me luck.” He replied, running a hand through his hair one last time.

“You know, Prompto, it feels a little weird. I feel like a mom sending her son on his first date.” Noctis teased, which Prompto rolled his eyes.

“Oh come on, isn’t that basically what’s happening?” The blonde quipped back. Noctis laughed and pushed him towards the door, finally kicking him out.

“If you don’t hold hands tonight, don’t bother coming home.” Noctis called, snickering. Prompto waved him off and turned to walk, that is until he noticed you.

He nearly bumped into you, but he managed to stop just before making any contact with you. A soft grin formed on your lips, you giggled at him, quickly looking away.

You wore a pink top, black polka-dots littering it, which was tucked into a white skirt. You wore black black flats to accompany your outfit.

Prompto seemed to stare in awe forever, his mouth slightly agape while his eyes scanned your body. You felt a soft blush form along your cheeks, making you look away from the man. He snapped out of his daze and cleared his throat.

“Oh! Sorry. Are you ready? Ignis is actually letting me drive the Regalia, so we should get out of here before he changes his mind-”

“No need to ramble, lets go.” You giggled, a grin crossed his lips instantly. He took your hand and pulled you along, opening the car door for you and closing it. He circled around and got in the driver’s seat, starting the Regalia and driving out of Lestallum.

“So what do you have planned?” You asked, glancing over at him.

“Oh, you’ll see. I hope you really like it!” Prompto grinned. He didn’t say another word about it the rest of the way, instead he made small talk with you about silly little things.

Eventually, he pulled the car over and parked, turning off the Regalia and hopping out. He quickly made his way over and opened the door, letting you out. After shutting the door, he took your hands gently.

“Can you trust me? There’s a straight path to our date, close your eyes.” He instructed. You giggled and did as he said. Slowly he began to pull you along, holding your hands still. You still felt gravel under your feet, but you knew you were no longer on the road. You could tell by the many insects and animals noises you heard around that you were now surrounded by trees.

He suddenly stopped. “Stay here.” He whispered. You listened to his footsteps disappear for a moment, which left you feeling vulnerable. You refused to ruin the surprise however and kept your eyes closed.

He came back as fast as he left, taking your hands and pulling you again. This time he walked behind you, holding your sides as you walked.

“Just a tiny bit further…” He murmured against your ear. As you walked, you felt the ground change from gravel to solid rock. Finally Prompto stopped you, he quickly circled around you and put on a confident grin.

“Okay, you can open your eyes.” You did as he said and opened your eyes. You were standing in a haven, lit up by a small camp fire. A table sat next to a telescope, the table had all of your favorite snacks on top of it. You looked over at Prompto, who had his camera to his face. He snapped a quick photo and grinned.

“Prompto, this is amazing.” You giggled, walking over to him and hugging him tightly.

“I’m glad. I was worried you wouldn’t like it. I mean, I know that you really like stargazing, and I also got all of your favorite snacks so that we wouldn’t be hungry. We can camp here also-”

Before he could continue, you gently pressed a kiss to his lips. “It’s wonderful, Prompto, I couldn’t ask for better.”