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how do i practice when i'm tired, like most people say "don't practice if you feel too tired or drained!" but lately i've been feeling like that All the time

first, make sure you’re not depressed because that certainly makes you tired (and make sure you’re generally healthy and whatnot, are getting adequate sleep, eating, etc)
second, if you are tired, don’t practice. bad practice is worse than no practice.

third, some questionable advice: drink coffee, but always drink coffee at different times of the day so that your body never becomes numb to the effects of caffeine. I’m not saying that you should develop a physical dependence on caffeine, and I’m not supporting using coffee as a crutch and as your sole source of reliable energy, but let’s face it–most of us have unhealthy habits anyway and we’re gonna die at 36 so what does it matter?

…hope this helps

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Melkor in Pumpkaboo? if you're still accepting <3

Once again I had to think about ‘But what Melkor would fit this color scheme…!?’

And then I thought the colors reminded me of coffee - which in turn reminded me of one of my absolute favourite Angbang fanfic’s, namely @swilmarillion ‘s fic “Follow You Down”. 


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A - Age: 17

B - Biggest fear: I could get deep here but let’s say bugs

C - Current time: 6:23 but prob much later by the time I’m done

D - Drink you had last: pepsi


F - Favorite song: hmmm… I mostly listen to musicals lol and right now I like Stuck from Groundhog Day, it’s so funny (except that it gets the line “AN ENEMA, WOULD YOU LIKE AN ENEMA?” stuck in my head and that’s not something you can really go around singing….)

G - Ghosts, are they real: i think no, and i hope no

H - Hometown: just moved away D:

I - In love with: my boyfriend aka the best person in the entire world!!!!! <3

J - Jealous of: people who can go into michaels and buy whatever useless shit they want. i was there today and oh my god they have so many expensive and completely random and utterly useless things there but I WANT ALL OF THEM

K - Killed someone: only in fic O:)

L - Last time you cried: last night D: me and my boyfriend had a really nice morning together then we went to a surprise party for a friend, saw a broadway show, and on the way home MY PHONE LOOKED LIKE IT BROKE. it insisted i ‘activate’ it like you do with a brand new phone and wouldn’t come on no matter what and i was so upset because i have six years worth of texts, pics, etc on it so i was crying and my poor bf had to try to console me without letting anyone else notice i was crying. (spoiler alert: i was pretty inconsolable.) luckily it started working again when i got home so THANK GOD

M - Middle name: …no

N - Number of siblings: 1

O - One wish: to be a famous author

P - Person you last called/texted: my boyfriend because he was telling me to listen to some Flume song

Q - Question you’re always asked: i only bring it up when necessary irl but when it comes up i’m a vegan i ALWAYS get “but don’t you want to try meat?” every. single. time.

R - Reason to smile: i’m eating AMAZING pizza rn

S - Song last sang: honestly idek what song this is from but how i met your mother got the lyric “and i would walk 500 miles and i would walk 500 more” in my head and it’s SO ANNOYING

T - Time you woke up: 11 o’clockish. love you summer.

U - Underwear color: i don’t remember and am far too lazy to check

V - Vacation destination: i’d like to go back to disney with my boyfriend <3

W - Worst habit: i have so many bad habits don’t look at me. tapping my foot is definitely an annoying one. 

X - Xrays you’ve had: uh… i don’t know. maybe just dental ones?

Y - Your favorite food: again, this pizza i’m eating rn is pretty fucking good. but i love lo mein and sauteed broccoli from chinese restaurants.

Z - Zodiac sign: virgo

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abc tag game

A - age: 26

B - biggest fear: tbh, it’s william dying before i do

C - current time: 7:13pm

D - drink you last had: water

E - every day starts with: a cup of coffee

F - favorite song: currently, i feel it coming is really vibing with me but it changes all the time

G - ghosts, are they real: in their way yes

H - hometown: bucks county

I - in love with: skam. i miss u come back to me

J - jealous of: nothing 

K - killed someone: no? wtf

L - last time you cried: i cried yesterday over some family drama

M - middle name: michelle

N - number of siblings: one brother

O - one wish: a new mattress!!! fuck!!

P - person you last called/texted: my friend Kim

Q - questions you’re always asked: why mommy? 

R - reasons to smile: there are so many!! my son is probably number 1 though!

S - song last sang: my shot - hamilton

T - time you woke up: 7:00 AM

U - underwear color: grey

V - vacation destination: some where really relaxing and quiet 

W - worst habit: not putting laundry away right away 

X - x-rays you’ve had: i’ve had a whole bunch tbh! i broke my wrist/foot more than once. i had to have my chest x-rayed. i got an mri on my head. all kinds of fun stuff!

Y - your favorite food: currently, honey mustard chicken pizza from crespo’s 

Z - zodiac sign: pisces

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a) Age: 19
b) Biggest Fear: dying
c) Current Time: 8pm (brazilian time)
d) Drink you last had: water
e) Every day starts with: me looking thru my emails
f) Favorite song atm: slow hands
g) Ghosts, are they real: maybe?
h) Hometown: POA
i) In love with: how my life seems to be going to right direction 😊
j) Jealous: not really
k) Killed someone: no
l) Last time you cried: today cause I said goodbye to my therapist
m) Middle name: I don’t have one 😊
n) Number of siblings: 2, an older brother and an younger half sister
o) One wish: no judgement
p) Person you last called/texted: my mom/ two of my groupchats 💙
q) Questions you are always being asked: how I am
r) Reasons to smile: OT5, one of the groupchats that was created because of another one, OT5 groupchat, my family and the friends I met thru tumblr
s) Song last sung: Kiwi
t) Time you woke up: 8:48 am
u) Underwear color: aqua blue
v) Verse from a song you like: Maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry too (From the dining table, Harry Styles)
w) Worst habit: to overreact all the time
x) X-rays you had: loads, but they were mostly of my knees
y) your favorite food: Lasagna
z) Zodiac sign: Aquarius

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A few semesters ago a guy in my dorm building took too many hallucinogenic drugs and decided in his altered state of mind that it would be fun to take off all his clothes and wander around campus stark naked while there was a college tour going on, giving a full frontal to a bunch of naive and innocent high schoolers. At the same time, my best friend was walking back onto campus after day drinking at brunch and comes face to face with this naked dude who tries to have a full on conversation with him. So here’s my best friend, pretty drunk, standing there with a butt-naked dude on drugs. And my friend turned to a nearby security guard and said “UM HELLO?!! IS SOMEONE GONNA CALL THE COPS?!” And the guard said in a tired, underwhelmed voice “yeah they’re on their way” as if the guard constantly has to deal with weird shit like this on campus everyday. And now there’s a picture on Twitter of this naked dude talking to my best friend and it’s captioned with my school’s slogan.

Oh, and to top it all off: this is a Catholic university.

Lemme see dat Cura Personalis.

A meme!

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A - Age: no matter how much this website tries to get me to confess to how old I am, it’s never going to happen. I think I put in 94 when I signed up for tumblr though, so I’m technically ancient and you can call me your friendly fandom grandma.
B - Biggest fear: currently worried about my parents, also I can swim really well and I love the beach and sea but I have this irrational fear of tsunamis.
C - Current time: 9:23 pm 
D - Drink you had last: water
E - Every day starts with: me groaning, pushing my floof’s furry head away from my face, and wishing I could go the fuck back to sleep
F - Favorite song: ??…????…?? the poi soundtrack. does that count?
G - Ghosts, are they real: I’d prob be haunted by one if they were lbr
H - Hometown: some place on the Eastern coast of the US
I - In love with: my floof, my neighbour’s floof, that random floof walking down the road, also person of interest
J - Jealous of: …shows that haven’t been canceled that aren’t POI
K - Killed someone: I’m feeling the strong urge to backtrack through this meme and see who has answered ‘yes’ to this question, but no I have not personally killed anyone (yet)
L - Last time you cried: I got really emotional over the Return 0 anniversary a few days back, didn’t quite cry but my bottom lip was def trembling 
M - Middle name: a foreign concept 
N - Number of siblings: zero 
O - One wish: murder everyone who hurts innocent animals
P - Person you last called/texted: mom and dad
Q - Question you’re always asked: awww can I pet him? (referring to my floof obvs)
R - Reason to smile: I have a new job! 
S - Song last sang: this land is my land…
T - Time you woke up: 8:00 am
U - Underwear color: a light blue with flowers on it (and yes I will share underwear colours with y’all but not my age, deal with it!)
V - Vacation destination: Maldives – it’s gorgeous!
W - Worst habit: extreme sarcasm even when it’s not strictly appropriate
X - Xrays you’ve had: teeth, left leg, right hand (the last two to check if they were broken, I was a wild child)
Y - Your favorite food: red velvet cheesecake mmmmmmmm
Z - Zodiac sign: the bull. I think. I’m never quite sure tbh.

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A - Age: 27
B - Biggest fear: Ugh. Lots of things. Bugs.
C - Current time: 10:30
D - Drink you had last: Water
E - Every day starts with: My alarm is “Happy” so it starts off pretty well
F - Favorite song: This is an impossible question. Currently liking “Thief” by Ookay
G - Ghosts, are they real: Eh
H - Hometown: Texas
I - In love with: The best dude in the world
J - Jealous of: Is it lame to say nothing?
K - Killed someone: Uh no
L - Last time you cried: Last weekend, while watching GBBO (they’re just so happy when they win!!!)
M - Middle name: Marie
N - Number of siblings: Zero
O - One wish: That America gets better
P - Person you last called/texted: My husband
Q - Question you’re always asked: “What’s for dinner?”
R - Reason to smile: All my Tumblr friends! :)
S - Song last sang: She Looks So Perfect by 5SOS, no shame
T - Time you woke up: 5:55am
U - Underwear color: Polka dots
V - Vacation destination: Back to Australia
W - Worst habit: Worrying about every.single.thing
X - Xrays you’ve had: Just teeth
Y - Your favorite food: Peanut butter. Or chocolate. Preferably together.
Z - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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a - age: 18
b - biggest fear: Yesterday I was at my therapist appointment and her and I both came across the revelation that I have a fear of letting people get too close to me due to the fact that when people get too close they hurt you more so whatever that is lol
c - current time: 10:43 pm
d - drink you last had: Tea
e - every day starts with: Actually waking up
f - favorite song: Bury me face down by Grandson
g - ghosts, are they real: Yes
h - hometown: A secret
i - in love with: No one
j - jealous of: A lot of things
k - killed someone: Nope or else I wouldn’t be here typing this
l - last time you cried: 2 days ago
m - middle name: Elizabeth
n - number of siblings: 1 sister
o - one wish: Freedom
p - person you last called/texted: My friend Julia
q - questions you’re always asked: Why are you doing that, do you know what you’re doing, can you please get off of that, can you please stop doing that, and can you please be quiet
r - reasons to smile: I graduate tomorrow
s - song last sang: Sang? Oh geez, um, I don’t recall singing but I did hum Greensleeves?
t - time you woke up: 8:30 am
u - underwear color: Uh, blue and white.
v - vacation destination: I’d like to travel around Germany. Like, all of Germany.
w - worst habit: Nail biting.
x - x-rays you’ve had: Teeth, I guess head if you count an MRI, Kidney, Stomach, and Chest
y - your favorite food: I’m not too sure at the moment
z - zodiac sign: Scorpio

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A - Age: 18

B - Biggest fear: helplessness or the dark

C - Current time: 7:42 PM (California Time)

D - Drink you had last: coffee

E - Every day starts with: hitting snooze at least three times

F - Favorite song: Something Just Like This - Coldplay & The Chainsmokers (I’m actually writing a fic and it was getting me in the zone)

G - Ghosts, are they real: Sure, why not

H - Hometown: Ventura California, USA

I - In love with: Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin…obviously

J - Jealous of: Artistic talent. Sometimes writing feels like it will never quite capture a well drawn picture.

K - Killed someone: Nope

L - Last time you cried: Listening to Bottles by As Empires Fall. I know the guy who wrote the song and it really hit me that we both had the same kind of broken heart and the song really helped me understand a wound that had never properly healed from my childhood

M - Middle name: Anne

N - Number of siblings: None (by both parents), 2 step, 4 half siblings

O - One wish: To make a lasting impact in someone’s life

P - Person you last called/texted: My best friend Cody

Q - Question you’re always asked: “How do you spell your name?” (It’s Irish and weird and there’s a million ways to spell it, but I spell it Haelley)

R - Reason to smile: Sterek, Cody, I’m going to my dream college, Daniel Howell exists, begonias in my front yard, holographic stickers, scented candles

S - Song last sang: Believer by Imagine Dragons (belted out while home alone)

T - Time you woke up: 7:30 am

U - Underwear color: black and white stripes

V - Vacation destination: Clare County, Ireland (land of my ancestors) or London, (just ‘cause it’s cool)

W - Worst habit: biting my lip (I spend soooo much on chapstick)

X - Xrays you’ve had: Teeth

Y - Your favorite food: mac & Cheese or curly fries

Z - Zodiac sign: libra

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Please remember that today Jin is ALSO graduating.  He’s graduating from having to wake up at ass o’clock in the morning to drive a grumpy, half-asleep Kookie to school.  


Tensions running high in the 12x14 sneak peek

An Introduction to Sun Tea Magic

Growing up in the south I have the fondest memories of sun tea made on hot days, using nothing but the sun’s warm rays to help the infusing process. I love sun tea because because it’s almost impossible to mess up, there isn’t any boiling water to worry about and almost no way to burn the leaves.

However, as a witch I have a new found appreciation. A simple drink can become a way to fill yourself with different magical properties. The sun itself is a catalyst for spells for vitality, clarity, health, happiness, and confidence. The best part is, ITS SO EASY.

FIRST: Pick the tea leaves for what you are trying to accomplish. Green tea is great for igniting passion, sexual health, and love. Black tea represents nature, strength, and is good for expelling and removing negative energies. Then we have herbal teas which are a whole other story with lots of different flavors and herbs with expansive options and magickal properties.

SECOND: Pick a few crystals to put on the lid or around the pitcher. Here I have crystal quartz and carnelian. I chose quartz for its ability to cleanse and enhance the crystals around it, and carnelian to help with anxiety and depression.

THIRD: Place outside or in a window with a lot of light and let the sun work its magic. During this time focus on what you are trying to manifest. Put all your intentions into the witchy brew. Remove tea bags when it reaches your desired color (I use six regular bags per two liters, but it’s up to you how strong you like your tea). Pour over ice and enjoy.

Optional: you can add cut fruit to further the intention. Strawberries, lemons, mint, or blood orange.

Some amazing combinations are:

🌞 Hibiscus tea and rose quartz for love

🌞 Black tourmaline and black tea for spirit cleansing

🌞 White tea and grapefruit for purification and uniting with the goddess of your choice

Really, the sky is the limit here. Try everything, there are no wrong answers.

Let me know what you guys try! I hope you enjoy this :)

SUPER EDIT: It was brought to my attention that I forgot to include some serious food safety tips with this, so here they are.

I’ve been drinking this for 24~ years? With no issue because I do the following:

- use purified water, most bacteria comes from the water itself in addition to things like unsanitized pitchers and what not. 
- do not leave the tea out for more than the intended brewing time (15-30 minutes). 
- only make what you intend to drink that day. 
- keep in the refrigerator no longer than 72 hours. 
- use tea leaves that come from sealed packages and are not expired. 
- if tea ever develops ropey looking strands, toss it and wash the container with hot water and soap (I also will rinse with vinegar).

Fun, but specific OC questions
  • 1. What's their full name? If they're an alien and their name is in their native planet's language, have you thought about what it means?
  • 2. Say your OC made a playlist on Spotify. What bands would be on that playlist? Any specific genres?
  • 3. What kind of video games would they play? Any specific titles?
  • 4. What would their favorite cartoons be, and why? What would their favorite characters be?
  • 5. What's their favorite type of weather? Do they like to do anything specific on days when the weather is how they like it?
  • 6. If they're a fan of Hot Chocolate, Tea, or Coffee, how do they like either of those drinks prepared?
  • 7. What kind of animals would they like as a pet? What names would they give their pets if they got any? If they already have pet's what are their names?
  • 8. How does your OC keep track of time? Do they have a planner? A calendar?
  • 9. How do they write? Do they write in cursive? How do they dot their i's and j's? Do they have specific ways that they write certain letters?
  • 10. What's their favorite time of day?
  • 11. What kinds of foods and drinks do they like? Do they like certain foods to be fried? Do they prefer certain foods to be prepared hot/cold?
  • 12. If they were an actual character in an animated film or TV series, who would they be voiced by? Do they have a certain accent that the person would need to perfect?
  • 13. If you are an artist, and if your OC can draw as well, could you replicate what their artstyle looks like? Or, if you can't, could you describe it?
  • 14. If your OC owned a Tumblr blog, what kind of content would they post?
  • 15. How do they type? Do they use emojis? Do abbreviate and shorten words?
  • 16. If your OC was a film director, what kind of movies would they make?
  • 17. If your OC was a musical artist, what genres would they do?
  • 18. What type of singing voice does your OC have?
  • 19. Does your OC like to collect things? What kind of things do they collect?
  • 20. Was your OC inspired by anything? Another character? A person?
🌻🌷 Spring Witchcraft 🌹💐

a list of ideas and activities for seasonal and discreet witches, based on what is around to do / use in the springtime. based off my personal experiences 


Often indicators of a fairy ring/realm, and though they shouldn’t be disturbed, they can be portals for fae work.

🍑 infused waters

Not a time for hot drinks, a subtle way to work magic into your day, some suggested recipes with correspondences

🍓wild berries

While it isn’t advised to eat them, they can be used as offerings to fae, gods, or used in spells. just be careful not to pick anything dangerous

☔ rain

Clouds and rain can be used for divination and grounding, but also spells of all kinds. A bit of rainwater is a powerful ingredient in any spell or ritual. 

💐 herb/floral bundles

Herbs are growing, it’s a good time to ready bundles of them to dry for the rest of the year.

🌸 flower crowns

You can make flower crowns according to each flower’s meaning and correspondences, and use their charms. here are some suggestions

🌱new growth

As the season changes over, it’s a good time for rituals and spells for shaking off the old and making way for the new, like this one