time to cry :(

i feel like vilde is going to be that girl who like, knows she’s into girls when she graduates high school but then she gets to uni and takes her first women’s studies class and spends the whole term having a Revelation and that revelation is literally just holy shit i love women???? and not always in a sexual or romantic sense, but just reading all these incredible women writers and theorists, learning about all the amazing women who have broken ground in every field, rethinking all she’s ever known about history once she realizes the ways women and their contributions have been systematically erased and feeling all the pain and indignation for them, as well as all the pain and indignation she feels for herself that it took her this long to find out about it. just vilde finding a whole world of writing and of thought about women, written by women, focused entirely on women and their relationships with each other and the power contained there. and the more she learns, the more comfortable she starts to feel with expressing that she’s drawn to women, that she’s fascinated by them, that she thinks most everything they do is fantastic. and a lot of that is intellectual, but a lot of it also starts to loop back into what she’s still discovering about her sexuality and how much she loves like, the way women dress and how they smell and the sounds of their laughs and the shapes of their bodies and what they can do with them, and it’s all just like !! holy shit!! she loves women!!! more than she ever thought was possible, but every day she finds something new, and it’s amazing. women are amazing. w ow.

those you’ve known is such a beautiful song i literally cannot get over it like:

  • the timed pauses in the intro with the lingering string instrument in the back
  • the fuckin gorgeous imagery of the lyrics
  • the flawless overlapping
  • all that’s known reprise!!!
  • “the stars too they tell of spRING RETURNING”
  • melchoir’s reaction to both wendla and moritz coming out of their graves in the stage version
  • harmonies harmonies harmonies harmonies
  • “your heart’s known, I BELIEVEEEEEEEE”
  • basically everything about it

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From: Late Night with Cry and Russ [03/05/2017]

Context: Cry and the gang are trying to decide which songs to buy on Rock Band 4. Russ recommends September by Earth, Wind, and Fire, which Cry couldn’t handle at the moment because his voice was dying. However, Cry decides to point out that September is “a thing between [Pewds] and I, actually”.

oh no

I’ve been feeling productive so I’m taking a picture of myself


What we could’ve been

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal