time to crawl up out of my hole

“It started in my teen years. I had a hard time growing up with strict parents, and got teased at school. Now when I fall asleep, I just think about how to make my next day better than the last. When the mood hits, it’s random. I’ll be okay and then bam, I’m feeling terrible. Depression is like a very low funk. Like trying to crawl out of a very deep, never-ending hole. No matter how much you try, you just can’t seem to get out, as if a weight is attached to your waist. I try to cope by working out, watching comedy, reading, getting out of the house. I enjoy working out because it briefly allows me to forget my problems. That’s all you can do. Just try and keep your head up and keep moving forward. Tomorrow will be a better day.”

-Felicity @cneuniverse
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Sims of San Myshuno

she loved a boy made out of stone,
a heart and mind encased
in marble.
but she,
she was made of fire
that could burn all cities to the ground.

they met and loved
across empires.
across time.
across legends.

and she desperately tried to engulf him,
to ignite his heart and mind,
for any crack, crevice, a hole to fall into.

and he could not yet tame the flame,
could not tend the fire
that only swelled and spread and sweltered,
crawling up his shadow.

the empire falls.
a statue left standing.

there he remains
scorched and burned and steady,
and her

in ashes.

—  j.s. (words i thought i’d never write)
Renegade Shepard Starter Prompts

What’s this crap?
Poetry? You going to bore the enemy to death?
You assume I give a damn. That’s cute.
Someone up there needs my boot up his ass.
Fork over the reward so I can get back to more important things.
Everyone needs something. Hurry up about it.
Gun them down if you have to.
Enough mystic crap!
I don’t have time for this crap.
Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.
I should kill both you idiots.
This isn’t about money. It’s about justice. Blood for blood.
Nobody takes my weapon.
Sure, whatever. This is a store, right?
I can bludgeon pretty hard.
Skip to the part where you tell me what you want and what you’ll give me for it.
If they’re being paid under the table, they’re mercenaries. I can kill mercenaries.
Crap, a pop-up.
What’s this sell crap?
I’m going to hurt someone.
Someone in here needs a punch in the throat.
I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I don’t care.
You won’t look so smug with a hole in your head.
I haven’t been shot in the head enough times to think that’s a good idea.
Let’s kill something.
I’m pissed off. When I’m pissed off, I shoot things. Find me more bugs.
Sometimes you have to bend the law to keep people safe.
You pushed, we pushed back.
Lay it on me. I love bad news.
Cram your honor.
Are you naturally this bitchy, or is it just me?
I find any looters, I’ll kill them. Anyone gets in my way, I’ll kill them too.
I’ll relinquish one bullet. Where do you want it?
Pull that trigger and you’ll be breathing through a new hole in your head.
Take your offer and cram it up your ass.
I don’t need this garbage.
Hurt me? Barely felt a thing.
I’m ready to punch someone, and you’re too close.
Hostages only work if your enemy cares who he is.
A bullet in the head solves everything.
Touching, but I don’t buy it.
Their judgement sucks.
They made a bad choice. Let them own it.
Knock this crap off.
You can either fight at my side or get crushed under my heel.
Sorry, I can’t hear you. I’m getting a lot of bullshit on this line.
I go wherever I want and talk to whoever I want.
Do your job or get vaporized.
This goes wrong, it’s your ass.
Nobody dies well. And I’m tired of saying otherwise.
I’ll sleep when I’m dead.