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SLBP KAI REINCARNATIONS (with a Yukimura x MC pairing)

Shingen & Kansuke

  • Shingen remembers first. He’s in the military, and there’s a moment, when he’s leading his men (and women!) that he just knows. It’s as natural and comfortable as putting on a favorite piece of clothing – the transition between not remembering and carrying all of the memories is effortless.
  • (Not without some pain over things left undone and promises unkept, but, effortless)
  • First thing he does is start seeking out the others. Kai was always, ever Kai because of the people who were a part of it, and Shingen was who he was because of the people who surrounded him, he has as much a duty to them in this life as the last.
  • Kansuke is next! Medical researcher, life has always felt a bit…lacking, like he moves through a fog.
  • Fog finally, finally lifts when Shingen walks into his lab, grinning.
  • Mr Emotionless DEFINITELY CRIES bet me on this
  • Anyway, Shingen finishes his service and starts a business, because there are new ways to lead, and this offers him a better opportunity to get out and about and find everyone.

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#gmws1week day three 

favorite quote“give your daughter to me, i’ll give you four oxen and my best milking cow.” “are you actually thinking about this?” “it’s a good deal.” “i will decide who i go on my first date with at such time as somebody asks me.” 


Inktober Day 4.   Underwater!  I tried to do the theme this time.  Here are some creature-looking mermaids.  I never properly learned how to draw humans, so every time I attempt to draw them(or something close to them) they come out looking creaturey.  First one has a photoshop gradient to enhance the water effect.  (Sorry trying to keep everything traditional media, but I got lazy tonight, haha)


this is how they survive. they paint the world full of shadows and then tell their children to stay close to the light. their light. their reasons, their judgments.
because in the darkness, there be dragons.
but it isn’t t r u e.


Some days, Neville worries that there is only enough room in all his bitterness to grow one orchid at a time, and he worries that the frustration will choke out the peace. He is especially prone to thinking about that while Malfoy has his fingers curled in his hair and his mouth on his jaw and they are standing so close together but never quite touching.

The Cultivation of Orchids by hickorysleeve

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Pranking 76 with the rest of the team (whoever you'd like) and having to run away from Mr. Grumpy at mach speed? We all gonna die if he catches us after 🤣


Disclaimer: Images are not mine

  • It never occurred to you that Soldier: 76 was capable of doing anything besides eating and fighting. 
  • But your beliefs seemed to have changed when you caught him on the couch in the common area, seemingly snoring behind his tactical visor. 
  • You immediately froze on the spot as you carefully listened for any sudden shift in his breathing or if his hand suddenly flew out onto the arm of the couch
  • Only when you were certain that you were out of range 76′s impeccable hearing did you immediately run out of the hall, mind swirling with potential ideas of what you could to do to the old soldier
  • It was only by sheer luck that you ran into Lucio, D.Va and McCree where the three appeared to be in the middle of an argument
  • Your sudden appearance also seemed to have saved McCree from Hana’s wrath when you told them about 76 and your ideas
  • The shit-eating grin McCree gives you after you finish talking was expected, but you didn’t predict Hana to smirk at the prospect of pranking 76
    • Then again you always remember the old soldier disapproving of Hana joining Overwatch at such a young age and you realize what her intentions were
  • The four of you hatch a plan that would probably land some serious consequences with 76, but at this point no one could actually afford to care about that
  • Hell, McCree goes through the effort of roping Ana and Pharah into it
    • Blame the Amaris for the Febreze gas bomb part of the plan
  • All of you know that Winston and Athena probably have an inkling of an idea of what you guys are doing, but at the same time, you know that they’re probably not going to do anything about it
    • Seeing as how you and Lucio managed to get Athena to display a heavily Photoshopped picture of 76 with a special song that Lucio made specifically for this situation on any screen or speaker whenever he walked into a room, the six of you were sure that both Winston and Athena weren’t going to betray you
  • Hana and McCree duct-tape Soldier’s rifle completely and attach airhorns to his helix rockets while Lucio and Fareeha place sticky notes on every surface in 76′s room
    • They even managed to spell out a message from all six of you on the small pieces of paper
  • Hana and McCree attach so many airhorns to so many things on base, you swear that those two would be grateful to never see another airhorn for the rest of their lives
  • You and Ana are the ones to kickstart the plan with Ana throwing the Febreze bomb into the common area and you playing the airhorn long enough for you to see him wake up with a start as Athena locks the door
  • Throughout the day, all six of you try your best to not burst out laughing when 76 stumbled into a new room filled with a fresh new horror for him
  • One of the best pranks that all of you pulled was when he gathered everyone for a briefing, the conference room was strung up with a complicated pattern of elastics and every time Soldier sat down, an airhorn would honk loudly and startle everyone in the room
    • Except for the guilty six who were smart enough to bring in earplugs
  • The next day, the Amaris were giggling about how frustrated 76 was when he went back to his room after avoiding it the entire day
    • He didn’t shout or punch anything, but he did look like he was ready to murder someone
  • A somewhat close encounter that you, Lucio and Hana had was when 76 walked into the training center as the three of you were training with each other and Lucio’s song along with the Photoshopped picture of 76 blared around the room
    • It took a lot of effort from all three of you to not even burst out laughing
    • You did have to say that the lines that appeared on Soldier’s forehead was both concerning and hilarious at the exact same time
  • Even though you have entertained the thought of 76 figuring out who it was that was behind turning the base into a personalized house of annoyance and frustration (read horrors), he never confronted you about it
  • If you were being honest, you were pretty sure this had happened in the past and he was just too irked by it to even say anything
  • Besides all of the guilty party were Overwatch members. What would make Soldier: 76 of all people think that any of his suspects would give any sort of information up?
    • But if you do get caught, be prepared to sprint out of the base for your life

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MTR Fandom: Small But Proud

I’ve had a couple people lately here on tumblr talk to me about how they want more people to talk to about Meet the Robinsons. I’ve pointed most of them in the direction of  The Robinson Clan but of course all lists of “active” members in a fandom aren’t always active forever. So I thought I’d make a short list of some people that I know for sure would be cool with talking about anything and everything MTR while also showcasing how awesome they are:

@therobinsonwayoflife​: Irene, the Queen of MTR Memes!!! I’m not technically listing these people in any particular order but if I didn’t put Irene first on the list then I would be putting myself in shame. This amazing gal indisputably creates the most content for the fandom, her number one medium being creating MTR related memes. She has a giant list of OCs, an incredible list of headcanons that never end, and never gets tired of talking about discussing any and every kind of headcanon/theory under the sun (although be warned, if you ask her to discuss a theory, don’t expect a one sentence answer! She’s got essays to write and it’s breathtaking!). Her favorites include Franny and Cornelius with the original Joyce book also being close to her heart.

@hattersgirlaliceKatie, the biggest fan of Gaston I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure that this MTR fan has come to every single Movie Night I’ve ever hosted which is amazing and showcases quite the dedication to this film! A sweetheart and a theory-creating genius that always loves to support any mtr fan with their hopes and dreams.

@eventheslightestrayofsunshine: Courtney! A big Wilbur fan and a fantastic cosplayer to boot! Always open to new friendships and joking around with hilarious photoshopped images (*cough cough* the day we took the time machine and watched the signing of the declaration of independence*cough*)

@therationaldove: A beautiful writer, Dove is. They have created two of my most favorite MTR fanfics that I’ve ever read. A creative wonder who has the most interesting headcanon for Wilbur’s adult life that I’ve ever heard about.

@citizenoftodayland: Another fanfic writer who has created a wonderful story about Wilbur during his school years! Everly is a very sweet person who obviously loves MTR and I love talking to them.

@cuddlep00ps: A big Bowler Hat Guy fan right here! If you want to talk about anything BHG related, or even anything Dastardly Whiplash related, this is your girl right here. Very kind and easy to talk to!

@bowler-hat-gal: Heather is super nice and definitely doesn’t mind being talked to about any headcanons or theories you might have! She doesn’t really have a favorite character nor an OTP so that means anything and everything you’ve got will work for her. She’s a huge supporter of MTR and always advocates its importance as a film!

@that-guy-in-the-bowler-hat: Man, I don’t know why you’d want to talk to this guy. ;P Easily the most annoying member of the whole fandom, Morgan loves discussing any and every headcanon under the sun but definitely favors Bowler Hat Guy when it comes to, well, anything! Feel free to message him about any kind of mtr content you set your heart on.

There are other people in this fandom, of course, and I didn’t mean to leave anyone out if they wished to have been called out. I was only including people I’ve most recently spoken with. So please please feel free to reblog this and add your own info if you’d like people to find you!

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after seeing that photoshopped looking emo pig gremlin man i think its time to close my tumblr tab for the rest of the day. i thought nothing could curse me as hard as the piss bag but i was wrong. xol i truly applaud your cursed image finding and reblogging skills because ive never seen something of that cursed level and i dont think i ever will again

i know. its really bad and i could accept death right here and now - xol

HEADCANON: I imagine one day Adrien doesn’t feel to well and has to go out and about without even brushing his hair or preparing for the day. And like anyone who goes to Wal Mart in their pajamas, he runs into everyone he knows. Marinette wouldn’t even recognize the poor model when he isn’t on his A game. Poor Marinette is convinced she ran into Chat Noir and discovered his secret identity.

I have two very close friends who let me borrow their tablet! So, naturally my first project would be Miraculous Ladybug! I have no clue what I’m doing but I am having so much fun!

Have you ever sat down and imagined a complete scenario of events when listening to a song?

I was sitting in the parking lot of an LA Fitness when listening to the song Lighthouse by Patrick Watson.  I associated this song to my friend Watson ( oddly enough) , my pet who was killed by coyotes around my birthday last year.  Like a song you connected to with the loss someone so very dear to your heart, Lighthouse was that song for my dear Watson.. but this song evokes such a broad spectrum of emotions; I couldn’t be crying over every time it debuted on my radio.

 The images you see in the video are what played through my mind as I attempted to come up with another topic for which the song could represent. I wanted t humor the thought of: 

“ What if the wolf let Lavellan come close?”

  I began to transcribe these images as jumbled words on the back side of medical documents.  Immediately after, I had a plan. Needless to say, I barely worked out that day. 

These all started as pencil scratches on a pad of paper which were later translated onto photoshop on my Cintiq, with that being said, know that I’ve at least traced over these lines 4 times with 45+ panels. 

I posted the story a day later than  originally planned; I completely missed #solasflufffriday.  After working with after effects for a business commercial I was tasked to do at my job, I found some really neat tricks that could make my video a little more immersive. There were too many things that could be enhanced,  so, after an intense debacle with my inner lazy, I jumped back in. Instead of one boring slide after another, I created a 3D environment to a set of otherwise static images. 

I wanted to bring attention to a few of my favorite slides that had little to no time in the spotlight due preplanned images that already had their place in the crescendos of the background music. Here’s the beloved team you spent hours exploring the hinterlands with. 

I hope I was able to bring you back into Sollavellan Hell, a place I’ve become well acquainted to in these past 4 weeks. 

Anywho… I hope you enjoy the watch. 


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hey!!!!!! can i request a thingy where your boyfriend (you can pick a boy) catches you stalking some of the pretty, skinny models that he follows on instagram and you get insecure about it and liKE LOTS AND LOTS OF FLUFF IDK THANKS :)

Here you go, babe! I hope you like it! :)

“So what do you guys think of Gigi Hadid? I want your honest opinions,” the interviewer asks.

Michael laughs. “She’s hot, man. We’ve never met her, but she seems cool.”

“Luke?” The interviewer urges. “Your thoughts?”

Luke shrugs and smiles. “Yeah, I mean, she’s beautiful. What more can I say?”

This interview had taken place almost two days ago, but your boyfriend’s words won’t stop running through your mind.

‘She’s beautiful’

You and Luke have been together for over a year, and you’re certain that he would never cheat on you. However, sometimes it’s hard not to feel insecure when you’re dating a world famous rock star like Luke Hemmings. It only takes one look at him to know that he can do a lot better than you. 

You’re not a size zero. You don’t have the best figure. A few of your teeth are a bit crooked. And you’d much rather wear pajamas all day than dress up to go out. Sometimes it seems unreal to you that Luke would choose you out of all the girls he could have.

He assures you over and over again that you’re the most beautiful girl in his eyes, and most of the time that’s enough to make you feel worthy.

Now, though, thanks to that interview, your insecurities are starting to creep their way back into your mind. You’re currently scanning Instagram and looking at the different model accounts that Luke follows. You’re admiring their toned bodies and their perfect smiles.

You don’t even notice when a few tears start to slip down your cheek. You know Luke wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself, but you can’t help it. You just don’t always feel like you’re enough for him.

The door to your apartment opens and you quickly lock your phone and wipe away your tears. You stand up from the couch and turn to face Luke who’s just come home from band practice.

His smile fades when he notices your red, puffy eyes, and he immediately drops his bag and walks over to you. Wordlessly, he pulls you into a hug and holds you tightly against his chest.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” He asks softly.

You pull away from him and fake a smile. “Nothing,” you say, sniffling slightly. “I’m fine.”

He rolls his eyes and brings his hand up to gently caress your cheek. “Please don’t lie to me. I want to help.”

You look down at your phone that you’d left on the couch and Luke takes the hint. He picks it up and unlocks it, his eyes narrowing at the pictures of the models that are covering the screen.

“What’s this?” He asks.

You shrug. “They’re all so beautiful, Luke. I’ll never be like them. You deserve someone that looks like that, not this,” you say, gesturing to yourself.

He shakes his head before closing out of Instagram and tossing your phone back to the couch. 

“(Y/N), how many times do I have to tell you before you’ll believe me? You are the most gorgeous person I’ve ever known. Those girls in those pictures aren’t real. They’re photoshopped and touched up and only eat one meal a day. I would never want to be with someone like that. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, (Y/N). I hate watching you sit here and believe that I would ever want anyone else.”

More tears are now falling down your face, but this time they’re happy tears.

You needed to hear this from Luke just one more time to help fight that little voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough. 

“I love you,” you whisper as you bury your face in his chest.

“I love you too,” he answers. “Always.”

Tonko House is looking to hire an Assistant Graphic Designer!

This is an in house part time position, we will only consider artists who are available to come work at Tonko House in Berkeley, California at least once a week. If you are interested, please take a look below to read about who we are searching for!

Job Title : Assistant Graphic Designer

Summary: Tonko House is looking for a part time entry level designer with strong graphic design training and an interest in learning web/social media branding.

- Work closely with Dice and Robert to help design and create Tonko House website assets
- Work closely with Dice and Robert to help design Tonko House social media content
- Come to Tonko House at least one day per week to work with the team

- Strong Graphic Design training
- Strong interest in social media
- Basic knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator
- Basic web design experience

If you are interested, please send your online portfolio and resume to job_agd@tonkohouse.com with Assistant Graphic Designer in the subject heading.

Look forward to seeing your work! Thanks for helping us spread the word by sharing!

He is your first love….I intend to be your last.

Just a reminder for my lovely Klaroline fandom that some times tends to overeact and freak out. There is a difference between a current -temporary- closure that allows people to move on until the time is right, from an endgame. Especially in a genre that is a tale about immortals and eternal promises.

Between someone’s first love and between their last there is also the in between. The one that matures you. With more people and relationships coming and going. The space in between that seems  as if the distance contains oceans that keep you apart from that promise… but it is that space that changes you and teaches you how to reach your last love. Every lesson becoming a step to the unavoidable destination.

Maybe in a day…in a year…of even in a century.

However long it takes.

Jill Valentine may be the master of unlocking, but she never had to picklock Chris’s heart because he straight up gave her the key. Or something nauseatingly corny like that. I really appreciate how they’ve been friends/partners/co-founders/team members for so long through all the dangers, struggles, and hard-earned victories. They seriously have a close, “ride or die” relationship.

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s (Valenfield) Day!  Regardless of your relationship status, always appreciate and love those around you. (aka follow the golden rule of Bros b4 Hoes). :) 

-watercolor, photoshop (don’t pen ink on watercolor paper it’s a NIGHTMARE)