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200 followers pt. 1

To celebrate 200, I remade a sim who is very close to my heart and this account the one and only, Malcolm Landgraab. The snooty little brat was so ugly but now he’s real cute (but still a brat tho) This edit took me a lot more time than it should have (editing is hard pls have mercy on me) but it’s kinda cool. (someone give me photoshop) So anyway, thank you for 200, I never though i’d get to 150 let alone 200 (and so quickly) I hope you have a great day and keep yer eyes peeled for part 2!!

ps. this could count as a justice for cheese hair tag


Happy 37th Birthday!
My only wish is that you are healthy and happy for a very long time ♥

While he was competing, Yagudin always had his birthdays during the World Championship or very close to it, so in lieu of cheesy photoshopped birthday cards, I’ve decided to do a self-indulgent retrospective of my favorite Yagudin performances from the six senior World Championships he competed in between 1997 and 2002.

  • 1997 - March 16 to 23 (age 17, bronze)
  • 1998 - March 29 to April 5 (age 18 and 15 days, gold — second-youngest men’s singles world champion in history)
  • 1999 - March 20 to 28 (age 19, gold)
  • 2000 - March 23 to April 3 (age 20, gold)
  • 2001 - March 17 to 25 (age 21, silver)
  • 2002 - March 16 to 24 (age 22, gold)

1999  -  FS: Lawrence of Arabia

Flawless performance of a fantastic program, and the moment Yagudin proved to the world that 1) his 1998 gold was not a fluke, 2) leaving Mishin, moving to the US, and begging Tatiana Tarasova to train him was the right decision, and 3) that bratty upstart Plushenko had nothing on him, yet. A lot was riding on this championship, and still this is one of the cleanest performances he ever gave in his eligible career.

There’s a certain youthfulness to Yagudin’s Lawrence that I like; he doesn’t have the gravitas or the control of his upper body movement that he gained (I think) a season later with Broken Arrow, but there’s something more simple and straightforward about this program and his performance that’s very refreshing, especially after repeat viewings of something hefty like Gladiator. There are also a lot of small things about it I love, like how he moves across the ice on one foot after the 4T, the spiral position at 2:30, the 3F-3T, the change foot upright spin, and the circular step sequence with the cut-throat mime. And how exhausted but elated he looks at the end!

Also, check out this fluff piece of Yagudin at the height of his spotty teenage years wearing a crazy hat and fluffy animal slippers. Classic.

2001  -  FS: Gladiator

This was the one world championship Yagudin lost to Plushenko. He had strained his right ankle and it was so swollen he could barely fit into his skates, and everyone – Tarasova, Morozov, the physician, his entire team – was telling him to withdraw. Except (who else?) Piseev, who told him to go skate, because if he didn’t, Russia would only gain two spots for the 2002 Olympics. Yagudin obliged, although not because Piseev told him to; he had never withdrawn in the middle of a competition before and he wasn’t going to let this be the first time.

To be entirely honest the judges probably gave him the silver medal because the look in his eyes was saying “I will murder you and your children and their children’s children if you dare give me anything below 5.8, heretic and they genuinely feared for their lives, but this is a fantastically intense performance that should remain legendary for a very long time, regardless of the missed elements. I usually respect Peter Carruthers as a commentator, but he’s entirely wrong when he says that Yagudin failed to bring the character of the music to life because of the mistakes; this performance embodies a gladiator going into battle well knowing there is no victory in his future, only certain death.

Anyway, this performance isn’t about the elements or what he did or didn’t do, so stop reading this and just go watch it, dammit. (You can find the k&c here.)

2002  -  FS: The Man in the Iron Mask

This is a better performance than the one at the Olympics, albeit less emotional, of course. Yagudin is very tired as he approaches the end of the program, but he doesn’t look as exhausted and out of breath as he did during the last step sequence at SLC. Part of that was probably the altitude (Yagudin doesn’t deal well with it), but mostly I think the pressure was off him; this is Yagudin at the peak of his athletic ability and self-confidence, and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Yagudin was right when he held up four fingers (for “fourth world title”) to the audience at the end. Bratty, with four skaters left to skate? Yes. True? Also yes.

I also uploaded the last warm-up group of the SP and Yagudin’s SP with British EuroSport commentary because I couldn’t find it on youtube. Go listen to the commentators fanboying wildly! You can also check out a beautiful HD version with no commentary, and I adore watching the medals ceremony and the exhibition finale of this event because everyone looks so happy and it’s adorable.



Tools: SAI.

Time: 5 hrs.

References: I used at least 3 pictures.

This is a super detail digital paint I made for mittilla. I knew she loves this look so I tried my best (which I can’t tell if it look great or not or2) but anyway, I couldn’t finish her birthday present since artworks are coming out super slow (about 2 days ago I received my new pc and tablet which is great but still, I keep moving my stuff to my new art place so yeah, happiness is close ;w;). Mittilla is one of my biggest friends here, so it makes me super happy drawing Aois for her! Anyway, I’m super late but Happy birthday OMG and ILU with my kokoro.

Imagine: Silent Treatment

Originally posted by fashionlovenature

“Y/N?” Justin called after me.

‘I’m done.” I said, before walking out.  Jay and I had been arguing for the past three days, and for those days we had been tiptoeing around each other. Not saying much. We were  both stubborn, and I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of caving first. 

“Are you really still not talking to me because of that picture that came out??? He yelled after me. “It was photoshopped!” I stopped. letting the door close before I walked through it. I wanted to believe him so badly. 

“I can’t just ignore this Justin. This isn’t the first time this has happened.”

“But-” He started.

“But I mean it this time.” He whispered. I stood there, frozen in front of him. 

“Wh-” I started.

“Y/N, I…these last few days have been hell for me. I don’t know how to get you to believe me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry you ever had to see the picture. I’m sorry someone else showed you before I could! That was not what I wanted, You are my inspiration, my reason for living, and I never want you to doubt that. Every moment I could’t express that, or show you how much I love you has killed me!” My mouth opened in shock. Justin has never been this open with his true feelings before. The truth about his feelings has always been something that I had to coerce out of him. “I love you.” He whispered. “You don’t have to answer me now. I’m not trying to pressure you.” He said, reaching for me. I turned from him, trying to figure out how to respond. I turned, and then Justin grabbed me by the elbow.

“WHAT?” I yelled. He grabbed me roughly by the face, crashing his face into mine.

“We’re never not talking again.” He murmured against my lips.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wake up
In the morning when the day is new
And after having spent the day together
Hold each other close the whole night through

Happy times together we’ve been spending
I wish that every kiss was neverending
Wouldn’t it be nice

~Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys

Tonko House is looking to hire an Assistant Graphic Designer!

This is an in house part time position, we will only consider artists who are available to come work at Tonko House in Berkeley, California at least once a week. If you are interested, please take a look below to read about who we are searching for!

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- Strong Graphic Design training
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Look forward to seeing your work! Thanks for helping us spread the word by sharing!

coldflashweek Day 1: Time Travel/Alternate Universe Travel

Closing the giant hole in the sky leaves Barry and Len stuck in the year 2186, which would be sorta cool what with the aliens and space ships and all, but unfortunately for them they landed just as the galactic invasion by an alien species known only as The Reapers is beginning.  If they want to have any hope of returning home, they’ll need to help save not just humanity, but the galaxy as a whole.

aka the Mass Effect AU