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Stargazing II pt. 1

Jimin x reader

genre: angst!, fluff, smut, boyfriend!jimin

word count: 15.5k

He was your first love, your soulmate who shaped your heart, covered it with scars no one was able to erase..except for the one causing the indentations deforming the once beautiful muscle that still longed for the part that was torn out on a day in late autumn.

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5 Things You Can Use For Motivation Anytime, Anywhere

1. Your tribe - think about who’s in your life. The people in your life can either motivate you to be better or be your motivation to do better. Assess your inner circle and ask yourself if you want to become the average of the people you spend the most time with - it may be time to find new company.

2. Your health - how do you feel? Think about how you feel on a daily basis, if you’re tired of the rut you’ve fallen into - now is the time to start taking action to change your situation. If you’re not in good physical health - now is the time to start cleaning up your diet and moving into the body to heal it.

3. Your wallet - is it empty? We all need money to survive and an empty wallet can be great motivation to start taking action. Money is not evil and the pursuit of it can be healthy - depending on the intention you have for trying to acquire it. Ask yourself “what would I do if I had all the money I needed?” and work toward making it a reality.

4. Your dreams - are they going to remain a fantasy? Think about all the things you wish you could do in this lifetime and then ask yourself “how would I feel if someone told me I would never get to do those things?”. You are the only one who gets to decide if your dreams come true or not.

5. Your idols - who are you influenced by? Think about the people you look up to and why they inspire you. Emulate their behaviour if you want to achieve the level of success they have in their lives and be prepared to work your face off - as my business mentor Gary Vee says.

The best motivation is progress and progress comes from actions, if you want to stay motivated - you have to take action consistently every single day. There will be challenges, there will be mistakes and there will be late nights - but one day you will be able to look upon what you’ve created and be glad you put in the work.

Think about what you want & don’t stop until you get there.

Peace & positive vibes.

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BTS reaction when you(gf) saw them “cheating on you” but it was misunderstanding.

@evilkookie - hiii 😊😊😊 how are you? I would like to make a reaction request with bts pls. Bts reaction to you catching them cheating on you with your best friend, but your best friend forced themselves on them so it was a misunderstanding situation. I hope I was clear, thank you if your read this 😄

I’m so sorry for my late reply for this request! I hope that this’s what you wanted me to do and that you liked it ^^ Let me know if you liked it or not :D


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He was making a dinner for you and him. Happy-because he have the best gf ever which pass really difficult exam for driving licence. Your friend is living in the same building so he ask her/him if she/he could go and buy him something what he needed. When Y/F/N back she/he put everything on the table and ask if he could pay her/him now. He take out his wallet and looked for money. When he was focused on looking she/he just came near and kiss him saying that she  couldn’t keep herself/himself from doing it because “Y/N is not looking so we can”. So bad because you saw and hear it. You just say to your friend that you thought that she/he was your friend,and for Jin, sad and full of hurt in voice “Bye Jin”. Single tear fall from his eye. He doesn’t want it. He leave in your voice mail a lot of messages. Jin was keeping his tears back but it didn’t work. When you text him that you want to talk, he run out from dorm and run to you the fastest how he can.

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“I’ll be telling you this situation for milions times and it won’t change. I don’t cheat on you. We can go and talk with Y/F/N. I’ll do everything to led her/him to tell you truth”


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He never liked your bff. Like, she/he was strange and have this evil facial expression. And now, no one knows why, Y/F/N is sitting in his studio. Y/F/N told him that she/he will wait for you and you two set up here. When he feel hands which were moving all over his chest under his shirt (and he knew that this weren’t your hands), he push them away and give your friend his "I don’t give a fuck” look. And then he saw how you are going out from the studio. He leave your friend without words and run to get you. He catch your wirst and look deeply in your eyes. He started talking but then you yell “I hate you!” and that hurt him. He stamp you on to the wall and started to kissing you like never before.

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“No, you don’t. You love me and I love you. This what you saw weren’t my fault but your crazy friend”


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Hoseok is so madly in love with you. His first love and he want it to be the last too. You, him and your bff had a movie night. You went to the kitchen to take some snacks. Y/F/N quickly move closer to Hoseok and kiss him into lips. Outraged. It was the feeling that your friend gave him after kissing him. He was sure that she/he knows about you, him and your planned future wit eachother. Also Hobi was sure that you won’t forgive your friend and him if you’ll think that he want it. He took Y/F/N to you and told you what she/he did and to assure  you that it wasn’t his desire to kiss her. He felt happy when you took your friend and kick off her/him from your place.

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“You are not mad at me right? I know that you feel betrayed but Y/F/N is not worth that. Come~ I’ll cuddle you all night long”


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Y/F/N wanted him to help him/her with math homework. At the same time she/he invited you. Namjoom knew about your bff crush on him but he acted normal because the only one person that mean something important for him was you. When your bff hear your voice she/he automatically  go at him and started to passionately kissing. You stand and freeze. He take her/him away from him and looked at you. Tears in your eyes started to falling and you run out from that place. Rap Monnie looked with killing sight and told Y/F/N to never again contact with you and him. He walk out and go to your and his place to wait for you. He knew that you need time. When you’ll  back he would explain you everything and really believe that you’ll forgive him.

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“Babe. Look, I know how it looks like but I love only you and Y/F/N had crush on me and I think that she/he planned it a long ago. Please. I love you”


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Your birthday party. Jimin want it to be perfect because you deserve all the best things in the world for him. Your friend helped Jimin with preparing everything. But he doesn’t know about one thing. That your friend is crazy in love with him and she/he wanted to use this situation. When Jimin was preparing salon, Y/F/N was behind him, knock down Jimin and now this two were on the floor, with your friend on Jimin and him/her kissing him all over his neck doing hickeys. He wanted to push Y/F/N back but this girl/boy was strong okay? When you walk in the two of them looked up on you. Your friend without any embarassment said “Oh. Hello Y/N. Wanna join?”. Jimin push her away and catch you before you run away. He coerce your friend to tell you the truth. His desperate and hurt sight at you made you believe him.

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“I don’t want to see your friend never again. I’ll do everything to make it up to you. Still I want your birthday to be great so lets forget about this situation for this day" 


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lets just say that this is full of fault Tae expression

Your friend is a trainee in BigHit.Y/F/N ask Taehyung to help her/him with voice. Afer this vocal trainee she/he "return a favour” to him. It was just 1second. Only one peck from your friend. You don’t see them. He feel guilty and told you all story. You understand that he doesn’t want this- it was Y/F/N fault and you knew that this friendship is over. The only one person crying was Tae. He was embarrased that he couldn’t guess what was Y/F/N intention and still can’t get over that the somebody else then you touch his lips but he feel relief that you believe him. He’ll be all day only for you, all day doing everything you want.

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“Y/N! You’re my angel! Thank you that you believe me. You’re just the most precious person in the world”


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Jungkook, Y/F/N and you (younger then them) were friends from primary school. Your three are bunch of friends till that day. You and Jungkook had crush on eachother from always but this is your third week of serious realtionship. Your friend was jealous that you’re the one that he choose and this one which he was always in better relation then with her/him. Y/F/N wanted to destroy it and she/he knew all your weakness and rules that you live by-you never forgive cheating. Jungkook and Y/F/N had exam so they decided to study together in Jungkook dorm. After 2hours he/she put her/his head at his shoulder witch was normal for Jungkook. But then she/he kissed his cheek and when he turn his head with wide open eyes, he met Y/F/N lips. Then you walk into room. Jungkook was in shook (Jungshook ladies and gentelmens). It was first time when Kookie’s in this kind of situation. You slap his cheek and go somewhere. He looked for you in your house, favourite places and friends houses. You dissapear. He was worried, shooked and wanted to quickly told you what really happened there.Jungkook was affraid that he can lost you. When he found you crying in park, he just hug you, caress your head and softly telled you true, believing that you’ll forgive him.

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“Please, listen to me. Don’t leave me. You’re the most important person in the world for me. I just can’t live without by my side”

Why the Signs will be Okay
  • Aries: Time moves, situations change, and people grow more than the human mind can comprehend. There's so much left to experience.
  • Taurus: Everyone needs a hero, somebody who's going to thrive on after everyone else has given up. You are this person. You have always been.
  • Gemini: When the storm begins to strike and everyone around you has grown downtrodden, you can still see the sun, you are still smiling.
  • Cancer: Your tears do not show weakness, they show the courage and the drive of a warrior who has made it far past and long overcome the fear to feel.
  • Leo: Your protective instincts and selfless acts of kindness do not go unnoticed. You give all your love, and it is bound to come right back to you.
  • Virgo: The honesty in your eyes is clear as one's reflection in a river. People love you. They know just how reliable you truly are.
  • Libra: The open mind goes hand in hand with the open heart. Being a pacifist does not make one weak, or ingenuine, it simply means they understand. Something astonishingly rare and beautiful.
  • Scorpio: The question of "why?" is an important question you have every right to ask. You are guaranteed to someday find every answer you may need.
  • Sagittarius: Fortune is on your side. Your mind is on your side. You're right, the onslaught is really not so awful. You are so right. Please never forget that.
  • Capricorn: When the mountain practically reaches the Heavens, you will not stop climbing until the kingdom is right before your very eyes.
  • Aquarius: When the whole world seems to be succumbing to chaos and unfair treatment, you will always remain true to your identity. This is so important. You are the most precious thing you have.
  • Pisces: This world is not a prison. Your dreams are more than just a vacation, they are a part of you. You are going to use them, and you are going to show the world things they have never ever seen.

A lot of you know that I work for a university as a writing tutor. I work with graduate students and adult/evening students, which basically means that most of them are in their 30′s or older. 

So the other day, this 30-something grad student brought me an essay to look over; she sat down, rifled through her bag for a minute… and then pulled out a glossy black notebook folder with Sesshomaru’s image emblazoned across the cover. (Like the kind of swag you’d expect to find at Hot Topic.) She must’ve noticed me noticing it, because she said, “Oh, I’m not really sure who that is, but my brother-in-law gave it to me for free, so… *shrug*” 

And like. I really wanted to say, “It’s okay, fellow Inuyasha fan. You do not have to lie to save face. I too know the light of dog-boy. You are among friends here. Nerdy, geek-ass friends.” 

But I wasn’t quite prepared to call her bluff, so we just started reading her paper together and didn’t mention it again. XD



I had some floorplan sketches (close to this, though not exact) but when I went to draw rooms in perspective I discovered that I’d gotten… very rusty with that kind of thing. So I decided I’d hop into Google SketchUp and put the place together quickly for my own reference. It’s missing some details (mostly due to me just forgetting) but it’s kinda fun I thought? Good ref for me to keep my writing consistent and for anyone who wants to draw anything here, me included

I’m gonna make some tweaks to this yet but if you want any other angles (or even access to the file), or if you have any questions, hit me up! I’ve thought way too much about this.

Quick notes here and more detail under the cut:

  • All of the furnishings are from the 3D Warehouse - it’s been a long time since I used SketchUp much and I’m not THAT skilled any more, lol. I edited some colours and sizes but that’s about it.
  • I know it’s a bit big to really be realistic… I have excuses.
    • it’s a fanfic, guys.
    • floorplans are hard. the bedrooms and living room were actually supposed to be a smidge smaller but scaling is tough and this program is a bit of a hassle at times.
    • it’s cheap bc it’s in a shoddy neighbourhood and totally lacks storage? or something?? idfk
    • LET’S JUST SAY THIS ISN’T PERFECTLY TO SCALE OKAY I only meant it as a guideline

(Many) room-by-room details and goofy headcanons/trivia below:

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 Pairing: Bones x Reader

Words: 3,912

Warnings: Alcohol, Cursing, Smut, NSFW, Fluff, a little Angst I guess?

I’m kinda nervous about it because I changed it soo many times and had some situations in between…

Summary (It’s bad): The Reader gets drunk and acts on the previous established kinda wonky relationship she has with Bones the next morning.

Have fun! I guess? 


Tonight was just a relief after the last few weeks. Because the group of biologists you had sent down didn’t have enough intelligence to keep their distance to the population on the planet who, of course, didn’t like them snooping around and taking pieces of plants and earth with them. The end of it? A group of whiny biologists in medbay, one of your best colleagues dead, Bones and you lecturing them and the Captain having a serious chat with you. No fun. Which means that this time you would join the others at the bar while you were docked in one of the Federation’s snow globes in space. What could go wrong, right?


“Y/N! Come on! Show him!”, Jim cheers loudly and you roll your eyes at him, he already made his way towards you as you took another sip of your beer.

“Jim, I’m not going to drink Pavel under the table! The poor boy already is a heavy drinker, he doesn’t need encouragement.”, you protest, one of your hands pulling the strapless top of your dress into place as Jim just links his arm with yours and tugs you into the direction of the table.

“Stop complaining, this is going to be fun, Y/N. You ready Pavel, because she’s got some training!” Jim is already slurring and you sit down, shaking your head slightly before you pin your hair back with another needle so nothing falls into your way while drinking. “I’ll go easy on you, kid.”, you remark with a hint of irony and wink at Pavel who doesn’t really seem that intimidated by you. Seeing the vodka bottle for shots you can already tell why.

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Small Town - Harry Styles Imagine

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Words: 976

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Requested: Yes

Requests are OPEN

Never judge a book by it’s cover, they say, Harry kept that in mind when he met (Y/N). She was shy, and nice, but passionate in the areas that she loves the most, example, reading, writing and English. When she told Harry that she took a job outside of the city, he was fine with it, but when she told him it was outside the country, it made him a little skeptical.

He knew with the year he had been in a relationship with her, that she will do anything for her career in writing, she was willing to do anything to get there. Therefore, when the job offer that (Y/N) got in Vissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands, a perfect job for the start of her career, she could not say no, not to anyone, she even forgot to ask Harry.

When she did get this job, it was well into their relationship, they were both living together, committed, and Harry had to admit, he was starting to debate marriage.

Telling him was the hardest part, she brought up that only around four months of the year he was home, and the rest he was gone, for the rest of the eight months she could be doing something that she loved, so after a few hours or persuasion, he said, ‘fine’, with a grumble, and a pout.

There she stood at the arrivals, four months later, waiting for Harry to get off the train, knowing that this night would just be full of his whines, a groans of how long this process is for him. She stood patiently watching families reconnect, love ones, and single walking away, she was patient, keeping herself busy. Moments later, she looked up, seeing a confused Harry looking for the exit, she waved, gently at first, but over seconds, she waved big enough to catch his attention.

He started to jog lightly, throwing his bag over his shoulder, and pulling his other bag behind him, setting both down quickly once got to her, pulling her into a kiss. They have not seen each other for a few months, (Y/N) was awfully busy with work, and school, wanting to have all branches of the English area. The kiss was sweet, nothing too much, since the two of them are defiantly not official. She has met his side of the family, but he has not met any of hers.

They kept the love light, they both thought since no one is around here usually, nothing too bad would happen, so they continued the love. She started to pull his bag and he followed behind her.

“I missed you, love.” He said, breaking the silence. She looked to her right, him looking at her.

“Me too, gorgeous. The bed does not the feel the same. The reminds me, my bed is not some king size, like you do, it’s small, a double.” She mentioned, he smiled at her, a smirk upon his face.

“Well we better cuddle to fit in.” He said, she just shook her head.

“Whatever, Styles. I also need to head to the supermarket, and you are just the baggage who need to come, right, hun?” She said, getting into the car, him following her action, placing his hand on her thigh.

“Whatever you say, (Y/L/N).” He said, mocking her, she just rolled her eyes, focusing on the road.

The grocery market was small, just a few minutes from her place, just your typical grocery, with all the necessities, but not in depth with the drug store, or a wide-variety of products, just the simple of things.

Harry followed her, leaning against the trolley, watching her place things in the cart, him slowly pushing it, bumping gently into her, getting her attention, when she stopped. She eyed him, and continued on, getting the items she needed for dinner that night. Harry stopped, after awhile, it was worthless getting her attention therefore he just stood, and walked every so often, playing around with his phone.

She just reckoned he was bored, therefore she continued to place items every so often, turning to the next aisle and then coming back, repeating the process several times. She waved and talked a bit with some of the customers, he also knew she could speak the language of Dutch, half her family originally came from there, so he just listened in, laughing slightly to himself, that some of the words sounded like swears, or the two participating in the conversation were yelling, but she kept a smile, lighting up himself with it.

Once they arrived home, (Y/N)’s roommate came running in, shaking Harry’s hand, and talking to him. Marina, was nice, her accent was large, it was hard for him to understand, but he got use to it, and continued to talk to her, she was interesting to talk, working as a waitresses until she finishes school to become a teacher.

Half an hour later, (Y/N) was in bed, reading a novel that sparked her interest, Harry sat next to her, watching her, but bringing his laptop out and going through the media.

“Babe, look.” He said moments later, taking (Y/N) off her book and to look at the bright computer screen, it was Harry leaning against the trolley, on his phone at the local supermarket.

“Oh, they found you.” She said laughing, he just eyed her.

“I think that means it more you and I time, for the next few weeks.” He said, changing the situation to a positive one, bringing her into a hug, kissing her cheek.

“Whatever you say, Styles.” She said, smiling at him, he just smiled.

“Whatever I say, love you, love.” He said, kissing her again.

“Love you too, gorgeous.” She replied, starting to turn her light off, him following the process.

Request are open, so please request!

Lots of love,

-Ava. Xx

Iris Apfel's 42 Life Lessons

1. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.

3. Life is too short – enjoy it.

4. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and family will.

5. Pay off your credit cards every month.

6. You don’t have to win every argument. Stay true to yourself.

7. Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone.

8. Save for retirement starting with your first pay check.

9. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

10. Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

11. It’s OK to let your children see you cry.

12. Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

13. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it…

14 Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.

15. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful. Clutter weighs you down in many ways.

16. Whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger.

17. It’s never too late to be happy. But it’s all up to you and no one else.

18. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t take no for an answer.

19. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special.

20. Over prepare, then go with the flow.

21. Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.

22. The most important sex organ is the brain.

23. No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

24. Frame every so-called disaster with these words ‘In five years, will this matter?’

25. Always choose life.

26. Forgive but don’t forget.

27. What other people think of you is none of your business.

28. Time heals almost everything. Give time time.

29. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

30. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does..

31. Believe in miracles.

32. Don’t audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.

33. Growing old beats the alternative — dying young.

34. Your children get only one childhood.

35. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.

36. Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

37. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.

38. Envy is a waste of time. Accept what you already have not what you need.

39. The best is yet to come…

40. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

41. Yield.

42. Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.”

Imagine your niece practicing her makeup skills on Chris.

A/N: I’m not on hiatus, per se. I’m just tired, so I haven’t been writing.

You could hear your niece giggling from your home office, where you sat reviewing a list from your agent of all the different roles you’d been offered. Movies, television shows, even a documentary. A few were requests from casting directors, asking if you’d like to come in and audition for the part. But a large number were confirmed roles- leading roles, from the directors themselves; no audition  required. It was interesting how a little time, a whole lot of experience, and a few awards changed your situation. You were considered a veteran of the Hollywood industry now, privy to all the leads and connections needed to succeed. The fact you could get a role without auditioning would’ve seemed absurd to your sixteen year old self, yet here you were- twenty-eight years old- with more than one leading role where you didn’t have to. It was a stark difference. You remembered having to beg for five minutes of their time, and now it was the opposite.

As empowered and elated as that made you feel, you were still as grounded as when you started out. Your best friend turned husband, Chris Evans, never allowed you to stray too far off the ground. In return, you offered him the same service. Together, you alleviated the disadvantages and troubles that came with your levels of fame. There had to be a constant reminder that fame wasn’t everything to keep the both of you unaffected, to prepare the both of you for the eventual step down from the pedestal Hollywood had placed the power couple: Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N. It was an inevitable move, an idea that had been perpetual since the two of you met. It may not have been time to call “checkmate” and win the game by retiring so you could focus on starting and raising a family, but the end game was in sight. And it would increase in its clarity whenever you had to babysit, be it your brother’s child or Chris’ sister’s children.

It was more often than not your brother’s five year old, Skye, seeing as you were living in Los Angeles and Carly lived in Boston. But it was also because both your brother and sister-in-law’s schedules were more hectic than yours and Chris’, which was saying a lot. One was a physicist, and the other an engineer; they’d been working on something confidential for the last four months that practically had them living in their laboratory. They were fortunate you were both on a break and half an hour away, otherwise they were either going to have to leave Skye at a daycare- which she hated, or have your parents babysit- which was difficult as that meant they were going to have to drive two and a half hours, back and forth, and back and forth. That was a total of ten hours that they couldn’t afford to lose, especially when the weekends were the only time they didn’t have to share the equipment with other staff members in their facility.

“Aunt Y/N.” You spun your office chair towards the door when you heard Skye’s voice; she stood in the doorway with Dodger by her side. You narrowed your eyes at her with a curious smile when you saw an eyeshadow brush in her hand. She had no makeup on her face and Dodger was as clean as you’d seen him after Chris gave him his shower yesterday, which meant only one thing. “Do you have any blue eyeshadow? ‘Cause Mommy doesn’t, I searched her whole bag.”

“Yeah,” you tried not to laugh as you got to your feet, holding out your hand for her to take. She looked up at you, grinning happily. “Where’s Uncle Chris?” You asked her as you took her down the hall to the master bedroom with Dodger following behind the two of you.

“In the living room,” she giggled. “But you can’t see him yet,” she quickly added. “I’m not finished, I need the blue eyeshadow first.” You nodded, pressing your lips together to suppress laughter. You loved it when Erica entrusted her makeup bag with Skye; Chris not so much. But he loved Skye so he allowed her to do whatever she wanted with his face.

“How’s this?” You passed her your single NARS eyeshadow in ‘Outremer’; the brightest, truest blue you had in your makeup collection. You hardly ever wore it, the only time being at the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ premiere to show your solidarity to your husband. It seemed fitting then for Skye to use it on Captain America himself.

“It’s perfect!” She jumped excitedly then took it from you and sprinted out of the room. “Uncle Chris, I found it!” You chuckled softly, giving Dodger’s head a quick scratch before he followed Skye back into the living room.

You went back to your office to turn off your laptop and put your papers away so you could give Skye some time to finish doing Chris’ makeup. You’d been pushed out of the room before because she wasn’t done, so you decided to wait until she came for you. Five minutes probably past before she came running back to find you, grabbing your hand and pulling you behind her. You snorted, choked on your own spit, then burst out laughing when you saw Chris’ face.

It was obviously a Captain America inspired look, and for a five year old- she was very good, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t hilarious. Bright blue and flaming red eyeshadow blended perfectly on his lids; cherry red lipstick accentuating his acutely shaped lips; a nice, thick coat of mascara further lengthening his already long lashes. She even used bronzer and highlight, which was pretty amazing for a five year old. At five, you didn’t even recognize the existence of makeup let alone be able to apply it. If Skye attention span lasted long enough, perhaps she had a future as a makeup artist. But you were confident it wouldn’t because three days ago, she was an aspiring Olympic gymnast who Chris had to help flip on the trampoline.

“Oh, just beautiful, baby,” you teased.

“I don’t wike it,” he quoted his nephew, pouting.

“What do you think, Aunt Y/N?” Skye asked, giggling herself. You could tell from her tone that this wasn’t a serious effort, that she only did all that to make fun of Chris because that was basically their relationship. “Doesn’t Uncle Chris look pretty? I think he- Ahhh!” She shrieked with laughter when he jumped to his feet, grabbing her from behind. “Uncle Chris, noooo!” She laughed when he threw her over her shoulder, walking her towards the backyard. “Help, Aunt Y/N!” She cried out, choking on her laughter. “He’s going to throw me in the pool!”

“No he’s not,” you chuckled.

“Yes I am,” Chris nodded, poking Skye’s side. “I told her I would if you laughed because that means she did a terrible job and deserves to be punished. Didn’t I say that, Skye?” She shook her head vigorously as she continued to giggle. “I did and we shook on it, so into the pool you’ll go.”

“Oh no, no no no,” you ran ahead, stopping him with a hand on his chest. You tried not to laugh when you got a closer look of his face, but you couldn’t help yourself. “She doesn’t have a change of clothes, you’re not going to throw her into the pool. Put her down,” you instructed him and he squinted evilly at you before doing what you’d asked of him.

“Ha ha,” Skye stuck her tongue out at Chris. “I don’t have a change of clothes.”

“Alright,” you chuckled. “Don’t provoke him,” you covered Skye’s face with your hands then gently pushed her in the direction of the couch. “Go watch some TV while I help Uncle Chris remove this masterpiece from his face.” Chris let you take his hand. “We’re going to have pizza for lunch, so don’t sneak a snack while we’re gone.”

“Pizza!” Skye cheered, making the two of you smile.

“Hey kid,” Chris called out to her as you led him towards the hall so you could take him to the master bedroom; she turned to him with raised brows. “Don’t think this is over ‘cause I’m going to get you back. Aunt Y/N can’t be here to protect you twenty-four-seven.”

“Nope, but she’ll be here to protect me until Mommy and Daddy come pick me up.” She was so adorably smug that Chris couldn’t help but lose his intimidating composure. He shook his head, chuckling as the two of you disappeared around the corner and down the hallway.

“Are you still hoping for a girl when we eventually try for a baby?”

“Are you kidding me? Of course I am,” he smiled and pulled his hand from yours, wrapping an arm around you when you laughed. “How else am I meant to look pretty if I don’t have a daughter to do my makeup for me?”

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I know the different sizes on the SU characters comes from the different storyboarders and artists and that’s cool I’m cool with that but just imagine if it was a real-time Gem thing due to their forms being affected to changes in environment, situations (feeling in danger vs. feeling safe), and emotional stability.

Then imagine being Connie, hanging out, when suddenly Steven just goes squish and drops like a two inches right before her flippin’ eyes.

Two men, Without a Head

“Once, they carried zero atop their shoulders. Yet after losing their head, that has all come to naught.”

There’s a lot to decode in this cover page.  Let’s start with the first and most obvious, the caption.

It’s a caption that clearly relates to Ui at least. Not only is Arima the leader which he aspired to be like whose now dead, but also Hairu herself died specifically by decapitation and losing her head. It is also quite literally that same head that brings Ui over to Furuta’s side and clouds his judgement. Saying “Ui lost his head” is not even symbolic by this point.

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 1 Full translation.


pages 12-15


Original work: Tite Kubo Novel: Matsubara Makoto


3 years have passed since the invasion of the Wandenreich. Many lives lost, the scars of battle are not yet healed. Those who survived are finally beginning on the path to recovery.

One day Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji announced to everyone that they will have their names entered into a family register* (*i.e. registration of marriage)…..

A story about new bonds born from the end of the battle which were not drawn in the original story.

3 years have passed since the invasion of the seireitei by the Wandenreich.

Normality finally returned to the soul society which was in extreme turmoil.

Squad 1 - squad headquarters assembly room.

“from now on we will open the headquarters of the 13 Court Guard Squads. Captain Commander?”

The first squad’s vice captain Ise Nanao urged. The captain of that same division, Kyoraku Shunsui nodded once before moving forward.

“it’s bad everyone is busy huh. Today is merely reports of the reconstruction situation so we should be finishing early.”

Each division’s captain and vice captain were in a row overlooking the assembly room. The recently reconstructed assembly hall seemed to be completely new, full of the aroma of fresh timber.

“haa…. The smell of wood is nice isn’t it? Well then, Nanao Chan please!”

“Yes. So first of all… ”

Whilst turning over bulky documents, Nanao starts reporting about the reconstruction situation. As he listened to that voice Kyoraku thought about the 3 years.

The most damage suffered in seireitei was at the first district, also known as ‘shinou district’, including the first division barracks and a great number of administrative facilities.

As a war time special exception, the lives of the people who evacuated were saved by opening the personal residence of the Central 46. However, what they saw when they returned to the ground after the war was a whole surface of scorched Earth, exhausted from the remains of destruction. There was insufficient manpower, goods and materials to rebuild houses, whilst everyone was merely sunken into despair, one among the Central 46 was the first to make progress towards reconstruction, Amakado Nayura.

Nayura who became a sage, succeeded the position of her father who was murdered by Sousuke Aizen, she is still a young girl.

She is also the head librarian of the Great Spirit Book Gallery where all events and data of the soul society are forcibly accumulated, studying the human world and Shinigami with an open mind. Everyday seeking how to change the current state of the old fashioned central 46.

At that time there was an assault on the central 46 underground compound by the sternritter. Half were killed, the ones that remained alive were also more or less wounded. Even if the body can heal, the fear from witnessing such atrocities cannot be wiped away. Those who came forward to resign from their seats are no longer able to expect work as a supreme judicial body like the pre-war central 46.

But before that situation Nayura was optimistic that the time for change was now. So she scolded the older people(sages) who were disheartened and cooperated with the captain commander of the Gotei 13 Kyoraku, together they established new law one by one. This young soul was not afraid to progress forward and the older people who were inspired by that passion also started to change slightly.

After the war, she first set out a law to simplify the procedure of the court seal. An official court seal must be presented to the gatekeeper of each pure soul gate when entering Seireitei from Rukongai. She made it possible to obtain a court document which originally could only be obtained through a complicated procedure which normally takes several weeks, now it is only a simple procedure at a special personnel recording station installed in front of every gate. As a result, it became easy to carry materials from outside the Seireitei and it became possible to welcome the people of Rukongai widely as a work force. Also, at the special personnel record management station spiritual power was checked whilst simultaneously registering fingerprints, an invitation to the spiritual arts academy, a training institute for Shinigami, is extended to those who have promising spiritual power. The benefits given to Soul Society because of this law is unfathomable.

Materials and manpower are in line with the reconstruction efforts proceeding rapidly.

“End of report”

Nanao bows down.

 “well!” Kyoraku says as he clutches both hands in front of his chest.

“There’s another piece of good news today

….Now please come forth and tell us from your own mouth”

Prompted by kyoraku, with a nervous expression they walked out of the line.

It was 6th division vice captain Abarai Renji and acting captain of the 13th division Kuchki Rukia.

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Facilitative Questions to Encourage Flexibility

Note: These questions build rapport, clarify the problem, and suggest that new thinking is needed. The questions that go with the person’s type won’t help solve the problem— instead, try to ask starting from their most preferred function to their least preferred. This asks them to identify leverage points, to consider something small yet impactful that they can do now rather than feel overwhelmed.

Extraverted Sensing (Se): 
“Immersing in the present context.”

• What are you seeing, hearing, and/or feeling right now?

• What do your gut instincts tell you? If unsure, consider how your body feels as you consider various options).

• What actions can you take right now? Briefly set aside any possible consequences and focus on options for action right now. 

• What are some possible rewards for taking one or more small risks?

• What can you get away with?

Introverted Sensing (Si) 
“Stabilizing with a predictable standard.”

• What have you become accustomed to? 

• Has a similar situation happened before? Let’s review in detail how the previous situations and this one compare.

• What’s typical or expected in this kind of situation? If anything, what is culturally expected?

• What has typically stabilized the situation in the past; or consider, what might stabilize it now?

• How can you invest for the future?

Extraverted Intuiting (Ne) 
“Exploring the emerging patterns.

• What if you could change just one small thing about the situation? What might that be?

• Is something like this happening now elsewhere in your life?

• Could you use a metaphor or analogy to describe what’s going on?

• How does that analogy or metaphor [from the previous question] suggest a way to shift the situation?

• What if someone new came into your life?

Introverted Intuiting (Ni)
“Transforming with a meta-perspective.”

• What do you see yourself doing in the future?

• Clear your mind; then ask yourself for an insight. What enters your mind’s eye?

• Try sleeping on the problem and let’s discuss it in the morning.

• The realization you mentioned, how has that impacted the situation?

• Who is someone who could handle this situation? Now imagine yourself as that person.

Extraverted Thinking (Te)
“Measuring and constructing for progress.”

• What factual evidence can you list or show to support what you are saying?

• How has the situation changed over time? Can you calculate what comes next? 

• Consider various casual factors.Have two or more of those factors varied together?

• Say you decide on an action; what are three things that could happen next?

 • Consider a goal. Now work backwards to figure out what steps are needed to reach that goal.

Introverted Thinking (Ti)
“Gaining leverage using a framework.”

• Could you define or classify this situation?

• The word that you just used, could you perhaps define that for me?

• What theory or principle fits this situation?

• What is something minor that you could say or do that might tip the situation in a new direction?

• If you were an impartial observer, a scientist of sorts, what would you observe?

Extraverted Feeling (Fe) 
“Nurturing trust through giving relationships.”

• What do the other people involved in this situation need and value? And in what ways are you helping to meet those needs?

• What are ways to help meet others’ needs?

• Do you feel trusted and respected?

• How much do you trust and respect others?

• What is something you can share about yourself to build trust with someone else in this situation?

Introverted Feeling (Fi)
“Staying true to who you really are.”

• What’s really important to you personally? What’s important in this situation and also in general for you?

• What do you feel is the “good” thing to do, regardless of what others think or say? 

• Do you believe you can handle the situation?

• If you were to do a certain action, what would your conscience say?

• What is a typical human reaction to this situation?

(From the book “Neuroscience of Personality: Brain Savvy Insights For All Types of People” by Dario Nardi)

Once More Without Feeling

So about 100 years ago when we were still in the middle of Rueshima, I published this meta. This was of course before our lives got flipped turned upside down, and Furuta told us all how he became the king of the Washuu

The point is of course now that 1,000 years have passed, a lot has changed since then in the narrative. Just recently in the last three chapters alone we have had references to characters overcoming impossible circumstances, and power gaps through the strength of feelings alone.

The obvious difference this time is that in my last post I said quite clearly that existing outside of the rigid structure of the CCG’s world is what allowed ghouls to feel things more freely, and therefore access the strength of their feelings whereas the CCG were fighting without feelings, and therefore unable to tap into their true power. Matsumae was fighting to protect her family, whereas Hairu was just fighting to slaughter, that sort of thing.

However this time, all three of the characters who are shown gaining access to their feelings for a source of strength are CCG members rather than ghouls (Urie, Furuta as a Joke, Mutsuki).

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