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My room smells like fall 😌🍁

…Let’s be honest, we’re doomed. My roomie’s resolve is shattering fast. Ebony’s probably getting a little brother…. XD I don’t think we stood a chance the moment he started yelling at me when I opened the door.

Still calling shelters/rescues tomorrow to see if anyone has openings as a back up, in case he & Ebony really don’t get along. Going to be getting cost estimates for initial vetting from a few places. Roommate still needs to get an idea of finances from new job. Still very tentative, but….we’ll see. If we keep him, he’ll probably be getting medium-quality food, not as good as I’d like, but hey, better than outside. Roomie will be helping more with cat costs, which is why part of this hinges on their finances. I can’t really take more on, especially given Pancake’s current status. 

Side note: I know a couple people offered to send food or donations. Please hold off on the donations for now - I’m going to message those who offered to send food. I don’t want anyone to send anything (with the intent of helping a stray) & be upset if we end keeping him instead. I don’t want to feel like I’m misleading anyone as to his status or anything. 

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honestly I dont see that happening soon. I'm so sorry this was so long haha but thank you so much for hearing me out. I really appreciate it

Oh…my god. Sis.. first of all. Kudos to you for putting up with everything that you have, and congrats on your pregnancy. I pray your babygirl is born healthy and happy inshallah. Now as for your situation. I got a lump in my throat reading your messages, wallahi. let me tell you something. being pregnant with this man’s child is not a good enough reason to put up with the stuff that you do. He is using you for your money, and that’s it. what kind of grown man doesn’t get a job?? with a baby on the way?? And he continues to ask YOU to travel, pay the expenses, expensive hotels, and then he wants a car? LOL, a joke. Listen. You have family with you in the U.S at home right? Please leave this man. He doesn’t care about you. He literally called your pregnancy “women things” and doesn’t even ask about your health or the baby’s. your family and friends at home will help you with childcare. This man is not benefiting you AT ALL, especially not all the way from Egypt. It is better for you to save the $500 he demands every month, and put that towards your baby. There are so many options and resources for you within the U.S to help you with the baby and stuff. You don’t need him! All he did was impregnate you, and then he bounced. And as for him asking to have sex without feelings…what the actual fuck. i’m mind blown. you’re his wife, not some random woman he’s sleeping with for a night. jeez. please divorce him and never see his face again. For your daughter’s sake. I’m not saying this lightly. I understand that’s a huge decision. But he is so awful and he’s going to make you and your daughter miserable and you guys deserve so much more. :( keep me updated love, i’m praying for you


jon snow and daenerys targaryen - parallels


back at it again with those nge aus

You can run but you can’t hide I’m gonna make you mine

Based off of  SIAMÉS - “The Wolf” and pose is from Keith’s 1st appearance in VLD S1. 

Thought I’d draw a tribute to the moment I really fell love with his character haha. Since it is almost a year now since I fell into this hell haha. Thank you for all those who stayed with me until this point!

Also I’m trying out Instagram again;; I’ll try to post some different stuff there if I can! :) Ty all! <3


will i ever contribute to the fandom with something actually good? no

“I want to keep everything small. I even freak out when we go on TV sets and they push everything a little bit further out. I want it - I don’t want it to be all about me, you know, I don’t even want to stand too far forward from them, I want everyone to be on the same length.” 

Niall Horan, 2017

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Kagome Higurashi // chapter 1 vs 558