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I Do (lyrics)

I’ll write another letter that i’ll never send
And i’ll spend 30 minutes crying about you in my bed
and i’ll replay all our memories in my head
i’ll tell myself that it’s time to let you go
i try to think of all your flaws and try to hate you a little more
but still i’ll look at the calendar on the wall
and know that it’s been exactly a month since the last time i was in your car
i didn’t know it then
but that was the last time
you would look at me as more than a friend
i guess things change
and you got someone new
but i’m still killing myself
with all these things that i do

i don’t have to care
i don’t have to cry
i don’t have to waste my time missing you
i don’t have to wonder why you left
or if there’s something i can do
i don’t have to care when i see you
i don’t have to miss you but i do  

ill tell my mom bout these feelings i have
and we’ll have a talk and she’ll tell me “it’s not you, it’s him”
and i’ll feel better and believe what she says
til i’m alone
til i’m alone
cause then i’ll remember all the nights that we had
when we would drive going nowhere but it wasn’t bad
you’d let me play with your hair and i would laugh
i never had as much fun as i did all those nights when we were in your car
i didn’t know it then
that you would change your mind
and i would try but couldn’t be your friend
so we won’t talk
and you’ll find someone new
and i’ll keep killing myself slowly with all these things that i do

i don’t have to lie
and say you’re never on my mind
i don’t have to tell my self over and over again that i’m fine
i don’t have to see the stars
and think of how i looked at them with you
i don’t have to miss you but i do

i don’t have to drive by your school
or talk to your friends
and ask them about you cause i just wanna see how you’re doing
it’s fine
i know you still care deep down
and maybe one day you’ll come back
but i know that won’t be now
why can’t you come back now

cause i don’t wanna care
i don’t wanna cry
i don’t wanna waste my time missing you
for once i just wanna feel alright
i don’t wanna see the stars
and think of how i looked at them with
i don’t wanna need you but i do  

I wrote this today and showed some of u on instagram live, here are the lyrics haha

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One of the characteristics of shielded tank was quite crudely made sheet reservations gun masks

Screened T-60, built by GAZ, the left side view

T-60 got the mufflers in March-April 1942

The production of T-60 at the plant No. 38, March-April 1942. Already at that time a few cars were stamped road wheels, most likely received from GAZ plant

Looked like a typical production plant No. 38. Closer to the summer of 1942 spoked alloy rollers development of the Stalingrad tractor factory (STZ) gradually began to replace the pressed rollers, which production was mastered in Kirov

From March 1942 of the tanks of the plant number 38 got the mufflers, similar to those placed on T-70

One of the last batches of the T-60, which went from factory No. 38. Among them wormed and T-30


They never went on a spontaneous road trip again

In Dreams (The Raven Cycle amv)

Since The Raven King comes out today, I wanted to post something special before I dive into the end. I’ve been wasting away months of my life drawing all the scenes for this video, and now it’s finally done. I hope you enjoy it!