time to bring out the purple

broadway songs that can resurrect me

-bitch of living

-ring of keys

-i’m breaking down

-my shot

-the origin of love

-no good deed

-you will be found

-cell block tango

-maybe this time

-i’m here

-what the heck i gotta do

-we ain’t no cheerleaders

-monica’s song

-holding out for a hero

-finale, in the heights

-angel of music

-tomorrow is a latter day

-sweet transvestite


Aisles [m]

Aisle Three

Summary: Jungkook was your best friend. You held onto his secrets. And he knew all of yours. Except for one. One that would change your friendship forever. You were in love with him.

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: bestfriend!au, college!au, angst, smut

Word Count: 5,802

Originally posted by sugutie

Aisle One Aisle Two Aisle Three

Surprisingly, it was easy for you to lie yourself and to everyone around you. Flashing a smile anytime someone around you asked you how you were doing. The layers of concealer under your eyelids hiding more than the lack of sleep. You tried to keep yourself busying, burying yourself under piles of books and notes to occupy your mind with anything but Jungkook and how he wrinkled his nose when he smiled.

 In a very strange way you found solace in the amount of schoolwork that was piling up in the pages of your planner. Exams, research papers, and presentations were keeping you out of the house and inside the walls of the library. You were regretting your schedule for this semester, but with the MCAT looming you couldn’t afford to take any risks. Medical school was the light at the end of the tunnel, and not even a bunny toothed boy was enough to keep you distracted.

 Hoseok however, had a problem with the fact that you should probably start paying rent to the librarian. He missed you, constantly sending you reminders to eat and drink water during the hours you were studying. You had regretted the night you told him that you hadn’t eaten since 7 in the morning and 45 minutes later a freckled teenager came into the library with the largest bag of Chinese takeout you had ever seen. And your name was scribbled on the front.

Y/N 9:35 PM: Hobi, I appreciate the thought but can you please stop sending me food while I am in the library.

Hoseok 9: 47 PM: I’ll stop sending you food when you actually sleep in your bed, for once

Sighing, you throw your phone back down on the table. He had a point. You hadn’t slept underneath sheets in weeks. By the time you got home from school you were too tired to make it your bedroom. Every morning waking up regretting the fact that you had decided to buy the lumpiest couch known to man. You knew that this wouldn’t last. That eventually you wouldn’t be able to hide behind the excuses of academics to avoid having a life. You were going to burn out.

But two days later you found yourself in the same position.

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Bruised Knuckles

This is a lot of smutty smut in honor of @sippingchai‘s birthday! NSFW 18+. Hope you enjoy :-)

           The sheets on his side of the bed were cold, but his scent still lingered, letting me know that he had made it to bed for at least a few hours the night before. I stretched languidly, letting the soft Egyptian cotton stroke my skin, making me shiver. I bit my lip, my nipples pebbling under my top as I pressed my thighs together tightly, trying to relieve the ache that had been plaguing me for three weeks. I’d hoped Shawn would be there when I woke up to quench my insatiable desires, but again I was alone.

           I sighed, lazily getting out of bed and making my way into the bathroom. After putting in my contact lenses and brushing my teeth, I made my way down to the kitchen, craving caffeine. I popped the cup into the Keurig, noticing out of the corner of my eye that the basement door was ajar. Abandoning my mug on the granite countertop, I padded my way down the wooden staircase, hearing the punching bag being hit in the gym. I walked past the home theater and Shawn’s empty studio, standing in the doorway of our gym.

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Full Moon in Aquarius - 8/7/17

With Uranus retrograde in effect since the 3rd, and Mercury retrograde coming into play August 12th, this month will be full of energy and it will be hard for most of us to handle. But, this full moon will allow us to let go some of the more negative energies and emotions from this month. We need to start thinking about what we no longer need in our lives and what we want to dispose of, whether it be toxic relationships, chaotic emotions, constant arguments, bad habits, etc. This full moon is asking us to look within our minds and our hearts to help us figure out how we can make our lives better. Aquarius can help us get out of situations where we feel trapped or controlled. It is time to be truly yourself and rebel.

Aquarius rules freedom, rebellion, individuality, friendships, unions, organizations, social justice, inspirations, hopes, and dreams. Spells revolving around those subjects are recommended. It’s also a good idea to start clubs or organizations, make new friends, explore who you are, get a new look, try something new, or donate to charities and do other humanitarian acts. Be careful of doing something overly rebellious or impulsive, do not do anything that would bring harm to you or others.

Colors for Aquarius: shades of blue or purple (for candles, crystals, etc)

Crystals for Aquarius: amethyst, lapis lazuli, sodalite, hematite, clear quartz, blue goldstone, fluorite (selenite is always good for any moon ritual obvs)

Herbs for Aquarius: sage, lavender, violet, rosemary

Reaction To Their S/O Accidentally Flashing Them


A/N: You can interpret this as something like your skirt billowing in the wind, a sudden gust causing your panties to flash- 
We also had several anons in the past asking about it so-
Thank u for 8k also^^ new and old followers~


Originally posted by 1aeil

He wouldn’t shy away from letting you know he enjoyed the view, unable to tear his gaze away. He’d be the type to applaud obnoxiously, embarrassing you.
He’d tease you about it soon after, a knowing grin gracing his lips.
“You did that on purpose didn’t you?”
“You don’t have to act shy about it-”


Originally posted by nctaezen

A sight to see.
I think in the moment, he’d blurt suddenly.
“I can see your panties-”
He’d grin after before glancing around to see if anyone else caught the sight.
“They’re really cute~”


Originally posted by neotechs

Oh, I think he’d enjoy the view for himself, but in a public setting he probably wouldn’t like it.
He’d saddle up beside you, smoothing your skirt down. He’d probably suggest the two of you go elsewhere- inside where there is no wind, or to his place-
“We should go somewhere else-”
He’d be very aware of the other people around, paranoid and glancing around to see if anyone was eyeing you. 


Originally posted by nakamotens

He’d make fun of you.
He honestly wouldn’t care if other people saw because he knows you’re loyal to him and no matter if others drool they can’t have you-
He’d laugh obnoxiously, pointing bemusedly. He’d only stop when you stomp in irritation, swatting his hand away and you complain to him in a hushed tone.
“Aren’t those panties kind of childish for you?”


Originally posted by t-yong

This guy would be embarrassed for you.
The two of you a flustered mess as you hurriedly covered yourself and he tried to hide his grin.
He’d find the whole scenario adorable tho, to him it’d be like something out of a drama.
“Don’t make that face- Do you want to go somewhere else now that all these people have seen your purple polka-dot panties?”
“Are you making fun of me right now?”


Originally posted by senpai-sisters

He’d laugh from the sudden flash. He’d be a bit flustered himself tho, blushing profusely as he tries to stop his giggles.
“It’s not funny!”
“I know, I know, I’m sorry! I just-”

In the future he’d bring it up all the time to tease you, telling all the boys about it and everything, everyone and their dogs would know.


Originally posted by jaehoneytoast

He’d give you an endearing chuckle, lending an assisting hand to smooth down your skirt.
“Why are you laughing?!”
“I love you.”

I think he’d definitely be turned on by the sight, itching to slip his hand under the hem of your skirt and give one of your cheeks a quick squeeze. He’d behave himself though, probably suggesting the two of you head back to one of your homes since you had been humiliated for the day-


Originally posted by 1aeyong

Um, I don’t think he’d want to say anything about it to you- If you hadn’t noticed I think he’d rather you stay oblivious than get flustered.
If there was no situation for the both of you to ignore it, he’d probably divert his gaze to seem polite. He’d try so hard to hide his little grin, probably slumping into you endearingly to let you know it was okay, not wanting you to be embarrassed.

Mark:   [He’s now in the hyung-line!]

Originally posted by nctmark

He’d probably be so embarrassed, not only himself, but for you also.
He’s a gentleman tho, so he’d divert his gaze or block his view, quickly telling you to fix your skirt.
“Hey! Uh- Um- Your skirt’s liek- Yeah…”
After, he’d be a giggling mess. He’d want to tease you about it, but his mind would also be busy etching the sight into his memory.



Originally posted by sweetlyjoyfulmeee

He’d be embarrassed, both for you and for himself…
He’d shy away from the sight, not wanting for you to think he was a pervert.
He’d ultimately end up smiling, unable to wipe it away as his heart pounded seemingly relentlessly.
“I didn’t see anything-”

Drowning in Jealousy

Request: “I love your writing! If requests are still open can you do a Draco smut? Like maybe he hears that she’s been hanging out with Potter and gets extremely possessive and decides to claim her as his? It’s up to you though as long as it’s Draco smut.”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: a lil (public) smut, jealous teasing playful draco!

A/n: for the sake of this fic let’s just pretend Hogwarts has a swimming pool OKAY? Okay.

It took a while to find Draco, his message so cryptic it was a borderline psychotic poem. His mother had inappropriately named him; he better suited “Drama”, although you didn’t think you would’ve fallen for him as hard if he boasted a name as ridiculous as his flamboyant attitude. But nevertheless, you found his pale body floating in the blue water of the school pool, relatively undisturbed as other students found more fun in the shallows. The smirk that graced his lips signalled his supernatural ability to sense whenever you were near, the fact both intimidating and endearing.

Meet me in my element, where you’ve sentenced me to wrinkle in despair.” You repeated the note he’d left, standing with your arms crossed at the edge of the pool.

He chuckled, rolling off his back and swimming over to the side, where he propped his arms up on the lip of concrete and gazed above to your impatient expression. “It got your attention, didn’t it?” He purred. “And you were smart enough to solve it. Well done, darling.”

“Don’t coddle me Draco, a ten-year-old could have figured it out.” You retorted through a teetering smile. “So what is this despair I’ve sentenced you to, hm?” You questioned, taking a seat and dipping your legs in the warmed water.

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Space Cat? ✨

So I had this thought that Keith turns purple slowly? Like different situations bring on different degrees of purple? It kinda looks like bruising and is heaviest around the eyes. I like to the think the paladins freak out thinking he’s injured but then discover it’s just his Galra side showing ahah. And then over time he can control it kind of? I dunno I’m tired and he has galaxy hair why am I like this. I hope this is good Space Trash. 😩👌🏽 @lancemyboi2k17

  • Newsies Boyband AU!
  • Now first of all I would call them the Newsboys but like…that’s a real band that exists so idk what their name would be
  • But anyway! Boybands! Fun and cute and lots of wiggle room!
  • Crutchie
    • lead singer
    • beloved by his bandmates and by most fans but every once in awhile there’s that one fan
      • Idk I just think Charlie is overrated….he can’t sing that well, Jack has a nicer voice, and I think he only gets to sing lead because of his leg :/ I’m not ableist or anything, I just don’t like him
    • Mostly Crutchie ignores things like that but once in awhile he wonders if they’re true
  • Jack
    • lead guitar/harmonies
    • very much the Hot Onetm but people tend to overlook his talents
    • designed the logo and does all of the shirts and album covers but doesn’t make that public knowledge
    • the Crutchie Bashers usually use Jack as an excuse and Jack is having none of it he’s a master vague tweeter
      • I love all my bandmates and everyone is perfectly suited to what they do, from lights to vocals!
      • I feel like people forget Crutch and I have been best friends since fifth grade and I have videos like this cause if they didn’t they’d ask for more [video of Crutchie singing The Wizard and I at a middle school talent show]
    • he loves singing harmony, and only sings lead if somebody makes him. two songs in their repertoire include him on melody
  • Race
    • the drummer
    • (haha guess who still likes EYDW with all his heart?)
    • he’s the Wild Onetm but everyone adores him because he’s cute and funny
    • Racetrack Higgins Highlights:
      • “So I was like, fuck it-wait shit I can’t swear in interviews-fuck! Dammit, sorry, I-” “Race just stop talking”
      • he broke a snare during a concert once and put it on his head like a hat
      • pictures of him kissing everyone in the band, on crew, and even fans on the cheek but it’s because that’s what he does. In Italy. That’s how you greet people. and it just carried over
      • always wears a necklace with a shark tooth. gazes into the distance when asked where it was from and responds with, “I’ll never forget her.” Actually bought it Wings on a day off in North Carolina
      • changes hair colors every other week. fans go to two concerts in two days. first one he has bright red hair. next day it’s bright blue.
      • slowly acquiring more piercing until one day they’re all gone.
        • “Lmao you though those were real? I cried when I got a single ear piercing.”
      • then people think his tattoo is fake and it isn’t but it’s ridiculous. like literally the word “THOT” on the back of his neck. Spot dared him to.
    • so people love him even though he’s wild
  • Spot
    • designs sound for recordings and live shows
    • most fans only know him as the one goading Race on
    • but once in a while somebody recognizes him in the sound booth and is like “ahh, that’s who he is”
    • also secretly write lyrics sometimes but asks to be credited as “Sam Carlson” so his poetic writing doesn’t ruin his tough guy image
    • which makes people think of all these crazy theories as to who Sam Carlson is and why he writes songs randomly for the band
    • is the only reason Race hasn’t gotten lost on tour in a gas station
    • is the one who set up the Walkie Talkie system that keeps everyone organized
    • the star of Jack’s snapchat story half the time but never caught doing anything strange? people just know he’s awesome and says funny things
    • is the one who adopted the cat and resulted in him being named Asshole but it was an accident
  • Katherine and Sarah
    • managers and lighting designers
    • really cool and really gay
    • every time they’re doing a show around a Pride parade time or during Pride month there are rainbows and other flags everywhere
    • Sarah is also in charge of PR after the Incident of Race accidentally DMing a fan who’s username included Jack’s name something along the lines of “sup fuckface where are you everyone else is here and you’re the one who said he was bringing the good stuff”
      • by good stuff he’d simply meant the Purple Doritos but the fan didn’t know that and it took a while for people to let that go
    • People think Jack and Kat are dating for a long time because they’re always together
    • it literally took like fifty pictures of Kat and Saz kissing before people stopped denying how gay she was
  • Davey
    • plays bass but also violin and other related string instruments
    • sometimes sings a third part but not usually
    • people don’t give him much credit until there’s a new song
    • which starts out really slow and is only Jack singing and Davey playing cello but mid song it picks up and Dave changes instruments really fast like in the space of one beat to violin and goes really hard and the song tops the charts for weeks because it’s like crazy good
      • “yeah I’m a classically trained violinist, I just usually have more fun on bass” “…” “but i like that song a lot, most times I’m on violin it’s slow and boring”
    • that song is also when most of the Crutchie Bashing started because it was the first really popular one that featured Jack on melody since only Jack sang
  • Their shows are legendary for being good like the vocals the instrumentals everything is always good
  • they got their start in college where Crutchie got them into one of the theatres and it was just for fun
  • but Race, the wild one even in the very beginning, realized that they were actually really good and signed them up for some show like America’s Got Talent or something like that
  • and while they didn’t win overall, they did get enough attention to get a record deal
  • and then they just EXPLODED and became the new big thing
  • which kind of freaked all of them out a little bit because what has started as fun music with friends was suddenly paparazzi and crazy fans and people wanting to know “when is it what is it where is it how are you will you” about their songs
  • but they mostly acclimated pretty fast
    • Crutchie had the hardest time because while he’s friendly he’s also a but of an introvert and needs his privacy which was suddenly a lot harder to find
  • like most boybands, instantly there were Those Fans who shipped people
    • the most common one became Jack and Race because they seemed like the ones most likely to like each other
    • really though it was Spot and Race, who balanced each other out, and Jack and Crutchie, who’d been in love for years and only figure it out when people started trying to ship Jack and Race which made Crutchie really jealous, and the people who nobody knew as well like Specs and Romeo, Kat and Saz (at first they became better known later), etc
  • they get a really good rep with people because they’re always willing to take a selfie or like fanart as long as it isn’t creepy, or answer questions
  • Jack hosts monthly Q&A sessions on his snapchat and each time it’s somebody new
    • so like the first one is Crutchie, then Davey, then Race, then Katherine, then Sarah, the Romeo, etc
  • They don’t come out for a long time but one day they’re performing in a town where there’s this big news story about a gay kid getting harassed at school and they know the kid is there because it was the only positive thing they found on his twitter, so they all come out together like the entire band and crew
    • “So we’ve heard about some of the stuff that’s been going on here, and we want everyone to know that we don’t agree with it, at all. In fact, things like that effect us, too. I’m not the most eloquent speaker, but if you’re hurting today because of who you are, of how you’re born, know that you’ll always have support with us.”
    • And Jack kisses Crutchie in public for the first time which leads to Race stealing Crutchie’s mic and yelling something about “get up here asshat we can’t let him show us up!” and then suddenly every single couple involved in the band is on stage being proud of who they are
    • the kid who was getting bullied cried and then they invited him backstage and he cried more and it was really sweet and they stayed in touch
  • After that the Discoursetm is horrible around them for like, months
    • “reminder that Jack is dating Crutchie and shipping him with Race is not cool”
    • “reminder that we can ship whoever we want with whoever we want and it doesn’t cause harm”
    • “stop calling Jack bi when he’s gay, don’t erase his identity” (jack retweets it with the added caption “I’m bi as heck actually everyone is pretty and it’s not fair :)”
    • “they’re just faking it for attention!!!1!!1″
  • after a few years they announce it’s their last tour and people are like “oh no, what happened, did people start fighting?”
  • and their answer is “no but we’re like twenty eight now and honestly just want to get married and settle down”
    • except for Spot and Race who plan on going around the world in eighty days and then getting a dog and doing it again with the dog
    • or at least, that Race’s plan, Spot just honestly wants to stop moving around and settle down a bit, but maybe not get married yet
  • So the band breaks up and people are kinda sad but every time they’re all in one place, which is pretty often since they’re all best friends, somebody snapchat/instagram/twitter/youtube gets a new video of them messing around
  • Jack and Davey out out a solo album and it’s really good
  • Crutchie gets coerced into releasing a Christmas album and it’s funny
  • and Davey makes a Hanukkah album that’s him playing and singing traditional songs that he sang growing up and it’s gorgeous
  • Bonus: Red Carpet Tidbits
    • because I have a lot of feelings about Crutchie’s style
      • Crutchie gets known for never wearing a normal tux like it’s always custom done and never just black or navy
      • also his makeup is always On Point like crazy good and people are like “tell us your secrets” and he’s like “lol cvs and years of practice and makeup tutorials from YouTube”
  • Jack wears normal suites but there’s always a twist
    • the first was the time he actually just spilled paint on himself in the suit bc he’s an idiot but there wasn’t time for a new one so they ended up just going with it and it looked pretty okay
    • and after that he get’s suites from like Macy’s modified to look better on him and to add cool things
    • also his hat game is pretty terrific
    • he’s also a total hipster and people know it
  • Davey wears totally normal red carpet men’s attire but lets Crutchie do his makeup and look absolutely gorgeous
  • Race wears crazy stuff
    • like you know the Great Comet ensemble costume design? probably things like that. formal wear turned into punk style things and he pulls it off and lets Crutchie do his makeup too
  • the best picture of the band is from like, the Grammys or some award show like that where Crutchie is in a purple suit, Jack is wearing a beanie and a jackson pollock styled color splashed suit, dave is looking fine in a perfectly normal suit and SUPER Extra but good makeup, and Race is like barely clothed but still obviously supposed to be wearing a suit like thing and like a foot shorter than everyone
Super Star (Part 2)

Originally posted by iwriteaboutdean

Summary: Jensen brings the reader over for dinner at his place…

Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 3,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: A wee bit of angst but only a teensy bit…

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Batfamily/Damian Wayne x Reader - Dear Damian (Warrior Pt. 2)

Requested: HIGHLY

Word Count: 1499

Tagging: @nightwingdiva @cait-writes-stuff @memento-scribet @solis200213 @angstytodd @maruthor @king-wolfie @batboysimagine @tim-help @tigeragathe

Part 1


Dear Damian:

This is a rough way to start, but I know that you never liked me. It was written on your face Damian, every time I walked past you in the halls, every time we sat down at dinner, and every time you saw me in the cave. I know you didn’t like me, so you must be glad I’m gone. My presence was a burden to you and we all know it, and we both know you will be happier with me gone. We fought, you spat insults at me and over time, I learned to take them. It was obvious you would never end up liking me, and I’m sorry for that, I’m sorry that I made you hate me, I’m sorry I was in your way, a bother.

This is goodbye Damian, even though I’m painfully aware you won’t care. You may not miss me, but you were a part of my life Damian, and I will die knowing that. I know that if I’m not gone by the time you get back, you won’t try to save me, and it took me awhile to accept that, but I did. I hope your anger because of me is gone after I pass.

Love: Y/N

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vashiane  asked:

I'm not even gonna go anon for this, because I'm feeling self-indulgent and brazen: I'm requesting the 411 on some good FFXV boys (whomstever you feel up to writing about) and their reactions to receiving their favorite flowers from their S/O.

YOU GOT IT, DUDE. Thanks to @sonsoflucis for help with the Gladio one <3!!!

Tagging: @vashiane @sailormars109 @noxfreyas @me-yasato @cupnoodle-queen @paopuicecream @decision-height @rhysspeaces @louisvuittontrashbags @misssarahdoll @wolfgoddess77 @elloquench @ffxvhoe @xnoctits @insomniascure @goodmorningawfulbye @cherryblossomcheesecake @kidolegend @ultimoogle @themissimmortal @zegnautuskeep

You can’t really find Noctis’s favorite flowers in bouquets; aside from the obvious and elusive sylleblossom, most of his favorites are wildflowers. It reminds him of his youth and the time he spent in Tenebrae, and the deep pinks and purples give him the peace of evening and nighttime. It takes a while for you to figure out what exactly to do, but eventually it hits you: if you can’t bring the flowers to him, then what else to do but take him to the flowers instead? And that’s how it’s settled; you set aside time on a Saturday together for a “surprise field trip,” and it’s entirely worth the way his eyes widen and light up when you reach the botanical gardens. There’s row after row of lupine and foxglove, his absolute favorite, and he barely speaks all throughout, admiring each blossom like every stroke of paint in a museum. You spend hours there together, walking side by side, and he doesn’t have to speak in order to thank you. All he has to do is slide his fingers between yours.

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Artwork (Negan x Female)

Summary: Negan gives her a gift for her birthday.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 1,219

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Fluff

Author’s Note:  @illysamorgan asked me to write her a birthday fic, so here you go! I hope this little drabble is to your liking and I hope you have a happy birthday, dear!

I am always happy to hear what you think! Shoot me a message and tell me what you thought! If you want to be on my tag list, let me know!

Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

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Jasper´s life sucks

>fighting from the day you were born
>your sisters are defective and disgusting by society´s standards
>but you´re perfect so let’s take you away from them to fight in the big fights
>rose quartz kills his diamond
>she wants to kill her, but in all of the war she never even gets to see her in person.
>the war makes her hate her own planet
>war ends and she didn´t avenge her mommy
>spends the next thousands of years doing jack shit
>a peridot forces her to go back to the home she hates
>well at least I can finally kill rose quartz and avenge my mommy
>turns out she shapeshifted into a fat human and doesn´t even wanna fight you
>you beat her and take her minions prisoners without resistance
>the fusion escapes and kicks your ass and breaks your ship, stranding you on earth
>ok but if i fuse with lapis i will kill them
>lol, nope. she traps you in a fusion of hell
>months suffering under the sea
>but then you finally start to enjoy it. finally something good for once
>nevermind the crystal gems just defused you
>you fall to the water and get left behind while the blue bitch gets to live life in a barn
>after a week of being underwater you finally catch up to her and you propose to her
>rose cock blocks you and the blue bitch punches you so hard you end up in the other side of the world

>starts planning an attack, collecting those gem monsters
>who knows what they are and who cares, im collecting them
>bring those ugly fuckers to your home and imprison them like rose imprisoned you
>show up to her house to impress rose, showing her army
>kicks the shit out of that ugly ass amethyst who deserves to die
>but rose can’t let me have anything good so she takes her gem away from me before i can shatter the ugly purple fuck
>fusion beats me once again
>ok but next time rose.next time….
>rose, the purple fuck and the peridot who brought you here show up to try to beat you
>whatever i can take them down
>except they fuse and fucking kick the shit out of you again
>at this point you´re suicidal so you decide to fuse with a corrupted gem monster so you can at least take them down with you
>Lol nope
>rose quartz offers you the deal she gave to lesser people
>you tell her to fuck off because she killed your mommy
>except she doesnt even know who pink diamond is
>the last moments of sanity you have is a sunken realization that the fat kid you´ve been searching is indeed just a fat kid and not rose quartz, and everything you have done for months is pointless

>months later your family ends up liking the purple fuck more than you

And if we go by what the trial implies:
>the killer you´ve been searching your entire life was framed and you´ve been serving your mother´s killers

Colors of Dissonance (pt. 10)

Part Nine

Nate glances at the clock. I’ve got time, he thinks to himself, so he leaves the prepped Tube and heads downstairs. It brings back the memory of his dreams, of following this same path, and as he exits the elevator, he sees a shadow of himself leave a few steps ahead.

Nate halts, shocked, as his double turns around to look at him, a wicked grin on his lips and streaks of violet cutting down his cheeks. “Don’t be an idiot. Get out of here.”

Then the being fades, breaks apart into wisps of purple smoke. Nate feels his heart jump up into his throat, but as much as he’d like to, he doesn’t turn and run. Instead, he strides past the protesting woman at the front desk and back to Mat’s lab. He feels like he’s chasing his nightmare now, running it down, and when he throws open the door to the lab, he hears shouts, but there’s no one around to make the noise.

It’s just Mat, who looks up at him from his desk with something like shock painted across his face.  Nate’s hands curl into fists at his sides in some sort of instinct as Mat smiles up at him. “Nate?”

The singer plays with the sensor cuffs on his wrists and notices again the angry red lines there from something too-tight biting into his skin. He glances up at Mat with dark eyes framed in a skeptical glare. “You’re going to tell me what’s wrong with me, and you’re going to tell me now.”

Mat’s smile falls, and he sticks his lower lip out in a mocking pout. “Well, if you must know.” He grins and slides the file he’s been thumbing through across the stainless steel table towards Nate. “Why don’t you have a look in Pandora’s box?”

Nate looks down at the folder and sees his picture attached to the front. The picture flashes, and for a moment, there are violet streaks like trails of tears dripping down his cheeks. But as quickly as the image appears, it’s gone, and Nate glares up at Mat.

Mat glares back. “So, how about it Nathan? Do you have a demon in your head?”


Amy shoves a rag in his mouth. “Bite down on this and try not to break your teeth.” She goes to stitching up his side where he hit the house. “You used to be so good on one of those things, like you were born on one. I’d make a joke about hitting the side of a barn, but I feel like that’s unnecessary at this point.”

Mark makes a face at her with the rag still in his mouth. She’s right, though. He put together his first board from scraps when he was eight, and by the time he was twelve, he was competing nationally. That’s what had gotten him the chance to become a Tuber, his ticket out of the Communities that ringed the gleaming city he’d always dreamed of. Mark’s eyes wander over Amy’s modest home to where his old board is propped in the corner.

She notices him looking. “Your mom gave me that when you moved her out, said that I’d need it more than she would.” Amy smiles at nothing in particular. “I miss her.”

Mark takes the rag out of his mouth. “Amy, I’m sorry that I…” He hisses as she prods the needle through his skin.

“You could’ve at least written to me. Called. Anything.” She leans down and cuts the end of the thread with her teeth. “But you always were an inconsiderate, egotistical…”

“Amy,” he says, low and soft, and it makes her turn away from him and to one of the kitchen cabinets. Sean watches her from where he hides out of sight of the windows. Amy draws out a clear plastic bag full of little white pills. “These are what you came for, right?”

Sean nods and reaches out for them. Amy tosses them to him before glaring at Mark again. “You’ll want to take one of those, one every day. It’ll help with the headaches but not the hallucinations. I don’t have enough to give you both a month’s supply, so you’ll have to share and come back in a few weeks when you run out. Don’t come together, though.”

Sean knocks back one of the little pills and then tosses the bag to Mark who looks down at them in his hands and then back up at Amy. “What’s in these?”

Amy smirks and raises an eyebrow. “Do you really want to know?” She nods at him. “Take one.”

Mark tosses the pills back to Sean. or Mark takes one of the pills.

Morning (M)

Request- Hey sweet pea! I would like to request a namjoon smut about morning sex! Thanks love!! Love youuuu!! 

Thank you for requesting!! 


This scenario contains sexual and mature themes, you have warned! 

Originally posted by rapnamu

You woke in a haze, you felt incredibly hot. But there was a weird sensation. You quickly opened your eyes, looking between your legs to see Namjoon kitten licking your pussy. Your eyes widen in shock. 

“Did you undress me while I was sleeping?” You say with a crocky morning voice. Namjoon stops his actions, looking up at you. 

“Yeah.” He smiles proudly. “It’s not like you were wearing much, Anyway,I was too tired last night, so I thought I’d give you a mind blowing orgasm before work.” He gives you a cheeky smile before hes starting to lick at your pussy again. 

“Not going to argue with that.” You can feel Namjoon smiling against you. He slowly slips one finger into you, pumping it in and out of you. His mouth focuses on your clit, sucking on it. 

“Mhmm, baby you taste so fucking good.” Namjoon mumbles out against you. He adds another finger, he starts to pick up the passe pumping you faster. 

“Fuck that feels so good.” You moan out, you let your hands travel up to grope your breasts. Playing with the nipple between your fingers. You always loved morning sex with Namjoon, because it was slow, soft and meaningful. You loved the lazy kisses, with messy bed hair, just rolling around in the sheets together. 

Namjoon pulls his fingers out of you, licking your juices off that coated them. He makes eye contact, slowly kissing his way up your body. One soft open mouthed kiss at a time. Slowly, but surely, he made his way up your body hovering over you. He placed a soft kiss on your collarbone before he leaned up to whisper in your ear. 

“Ride me.” He bite your ear lobe, before plopping down on the bed beside you. You didn’t waste time and straddled his hips. You started to grind your pussy down on his hard member, coating it with your juices. 

You leaned down and captured your lips with his, in a sloppy wet kiss. You loved it, how his hands gripped onto your hips to make your grind harder, how is deep voice whispered dirty things in your ear, how he looked so damn sexy just awake. 

“Fuck, baby you’re so wet for me. Grinding down on me, like a good girl.” You leaned back, pumping his dick a few times before sliding the tip up and down your dripping pussy. 

“Joonie, do you want me to fuck you.” You giggle down at the extremely horny man. You didn’t wait for an answer, pushing him into you, slowly sliding down his dick. You give yourself a moment to adjust, then your start to lightly bounce on him. Up and down, you could see Namjoon’s eyes following your breasts bouncing. You smirk. 

“I need to see you withering underneath me!” Namjoon quickly sits up, wrapping his arms around your waist he flips you around so he was on top. You let a little scream, from the shock of how fast it was, one minute your on top of him, the next your looking up at his smirking face. He smirks, winking at you. He starts to slowly roll his hips into yours, his hands finding yours, interlocking his finger with yours, raising them above your head. 

“Fuck, Joonie. That’s the spot!” You pant out. Namjoon hitting that special spot inside of you repeatedly. It was so satisfying, before you met Namjoon no one else was able to hit that spot just right like he does every single time. Making you putty in his hands. 

“Cum for me baby.” He leans down, kissing your neck softly, nipping and biting at your neck. Creating purple and blue marks on your neck, sending you over the edge. Your orgasm taking over your body, making your toes cruel, nails dig into Namjoons hand. Your body shaking.  

“Fuck, Namjoon!!” You chant out, he’s still trusting into you chasing his high that comes in no time. His seed spilling in side you, as he grunts out curses. He pulls out, rolling onto the bed beside you, pulling you completely on top of him, panting. Namjoon always wanted closer, even if you were flush against him. 

“Morning.” You giggle. He smiles down at you, bringing you in for a lazy make-out session. 

“Morning, baby.” 

There wasn’t really a plot to this just smut… I hope you liked it! Thank you for reading! 

-Admin Abe x 


“ Puddin’ I think there might be something wrong with her.” Harley said softly to her husband, the Joker, who sat across from her while they watched their small daughter play with her toys in her bedroom. Y/n ,who was stuck in her own little world, whispered to her dolls as if they were alive and speaking to each other. The child seemed too consumed in her thoughts to pay attention.

Joker sighed leaning forward to rest his chin on the palm of his hand.

“Yeah like the fact that there’s absolutely nothing wrong.” Joker’s voice was rough and scratchy. Harley Quinn reached across the table and ran her thumb along his knuckles.

“Oh J, what’re we gonna do with her?” Harley wailed. Joker snatched his hand away from hers quickly but Harley chose to ignore his act of disgust and turned to watch as her blonde daughter skipped over to the glass coloring table and looked around the room with a complex feature on her face. Perking up a notch Harley stood from her spot and maneuvered around all the scattered toys on the ground making her way over to Y/n.

“Hey bubblegum, what’re you looking for?” The Joker listen closely to his wife interacting with his darling daughter and waited- hoped for her to say something corrupted, violent, threatening, anything out of the ordinary for that matter. Harley’s lean fingers played with then end strands of Y/n’s pigtails that were one of the only signs that she was even Harley and the Joker’s child. The right end of her bleach blonde hair was painted pinkish red and the left half was blue.

Harley knelt down to the girls level and put on a wide smile. Y/n returned the act to her mom and grinned happily,

“I’m trying to find my coloring book, mommy. I can’t remember where daddy put it yesterday.” She explained digging through her toy bins. Turning her head, Harley shared a pointed look with her husband.

“Where did you put them?” She mouthed wordlessly. The green haired man shrugged nonchalantly and avoided her fiery gaze. Huffing, Harley shuffled around the room searching for a picture book of any sort. When he hands landed on a red book with flames and skulls on the cover a proud and overjoyed smile tattooed itself onto her face. Taking the item into her grasp, Harley Quinn swirled around on her back foot and held up the coloring book to her daughter.

“Is this the book, sweetie?” Harley’s tone was filled with kindness and sugar, something she reserved special for Y/n. Joker chuckled in his seat and Y/n laughed at her crazed mom as well.

“No silly mommy of course not! Daddy bought that for me but I don’t like it… too scary.” Too scary? There was no such thing as ‘too scary’ when it came to the mindset of Harley Quinn and the Joker. They lived off the term ‘too scary’ they practically invented it!

Joker’s laugh continued to fill the pink bedroom and for a while Harley didn’t think it would stop. Quinn glared daggers at him and threw the blank book into the bucket of ‘too scary’ toys which included a miniature wooden bat with Harley’s slogan of 'goodnight’ printed onto it in fancy black lettering, a rubber snake and spider, a plastic knife and mask from the Halloween costume the Joker had picked out for her the year before (which Y/n discarded for a long blue sparkling dress with white snowflakes wanting to go as Elsa), a toy gun and so much more.

A distant cough pulled the insane blonde girl from her thoughts. Harley eyed her husband waiting for him to elaborate but he said nothing, only pointed to the glitter decorated garbage bin in the corner of his daughter’s room and smirked. Gritting her teeth, Harley walked to the garbage and sure enough found a purple Disney coloring book.

She pointed her finger at the Joker and shook her head causing her hair to sweep across her face. The Joker merely gave her a smug smile that stretch across his tattooed face.

With a roll of her eyes Harley placed the coloring activity on the round table Y/n had displayed all her white China glass tea cups on.

“There you go Puddin’ I found your book.” Y/n shouted in excitement at the new found item and ran over to her mom hugging her legs.

“Thank you, thank you, mommy!” Harley giggled bending down to place a feather like kiss on top of Y/n’s head.

“You’re welcome, sugar.” Having watched the scene unfold, The Joker felt a small amount of warmth rush into his body.

Harley rejoined him on the chair and took a seat on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck. Her dyed ends rested on his chest as the two of the examined their perfectly normal child from a far.

“Oh J, I was being serious before; what’re we gonna do with her? Our little monster is over there coloring princesses and flowers! Even her imagination isn’t all that psychotic.” Harley complained covering her big eyes behind her hands. The Joker stifled another laugh and frowned instead.

“I don’t know, Har. Maybe it’ll just take some time for her to grow into the whole 'bad’ thing.” The Joker said in a calm manner. Although he was all for crazy and evil, he secretly appreciated Y/n’s innocence.

A loud screech drew the couple to snap over to their daughter. The Joker shot up from his seat, Harley stumbling off his lap onto the floor, and ran over to the crying girl.

“Pumpkin, what’s wrong? Are you hurt, did something happen?” Harley picked herself up from the wooden floor and watched the two interact. Although she would never admit it out loud in fear of losing her life, Y/n was the only person walking on earth that Harley had ever witnessed the Joker being soft and gentle with. One time she tried to bring it up but Mr.J gave her the most menacing stare she’d ever received and ignored her for the rest of the week telling Harley that if she were to bring it up again it would be the last time she ever spoke. That was enough to shut up her for life.

Y/n wiped her eyes with a significant pout on her face.

“Daddy I’m all out of glitter in my pens.” She complained waving the purple writing utensil in front of her dad’s face.

“Fix it please!” The Joker took the light pen from her hands and examined it closely.

“Sweetheart there’s nothing I can do, it’s all gone. I’ll get you some more later.” The trail of tears stopped in an instant and were replaced with snuffles. Mr. J brushed his fingers along Y/n’s puffy red cheeks. Harley covered her mouth to keep from gawking at the sight.

“Okay daddy.” Y/n nodded digging through the rest of her markers and crayons. Joker lifted from his knees and went to take a seat back in his chair but was suddenly cut short by Harley.  

“Uh, J… are you seein this?” She muttered. Mr. J shot her a confused stare. Harley’s hand was extended to their daughter pointing at the page in front of her.

Harley’s mouth practically skimmed the floor in pure shock. The Joker stomped back to Y/n curious to see what had his wife in such a fix. His hand fell on Y/n’s shoulder towering over top of her to see what she was drawing and when he realize when it was, he almost passed out.  

Underneath all the sparkles, paint, stickers and sequins was a large black symbol. The wings were outlines with squiggly glitter gel and had heart sequins glued on.

“Is that the- where did you get this?” The Joker yelled plucking the art project from Y/n’s hands who squealed in annoyance.

“I made it for you, daddy! I saw it in the sky a few nights ago and I thought you would like it…” The young girl mumbled. Her green bow had slipped down her hair and was dangling on the end of her locks.

On the white sheet of paper and was a decorated bat symbol. More specifically a Batman symbol. Harley bit her knuckle to hide her laughter as the Joker turned to her with a grimace,  

“There is definitely something wrong with this one.”


SENRAN KAGURA Estival Versus - Localization Blog #3

The Way of the Waifu
By Ryan Graff, with contributions from Brittany, Tom, Mai, Liz, Junpei, Billy, Jason, Ken, Alyssa, and Nathan

XSEED was quite a change of pace and style from my last job, which was working QA for the usually T-rated Square-Enix. A few weeks before my first day here, Ken and Jess sent me some reference materials for my first XSEED project, wrapping up the European version of Valhalla Knights 3. I remember reading through the game’s text files, reading descriptions for items called “Survibrator” and “Congratulotion,” and wondering exactly what I’d signed on for.

It wasn’t long after VK3 went gold that I started my second major project here, co-localizing the main script for SENRAN KAGURA Shinovi Versus. Since I hadn’t played Burst before coming to the office, I took a crash course, reading up on the characters’ histories, relationships, and personalities.

SENRAN KAGURA has always gone out of its way to make each of its many characters as distinctive as possible in every way. Each girl has her own personality, visual style, fighting style, vocabulary, and personal history, and their stories grow and develop from game to game.

It’s not always easy for storytellers to juggle ensemble casts. Audiences need time, screen time, to bond with your characters, and it can be tough to balance the audience’s attention and affection amongst a large cast while also keeping the story moving forward. But when a storyteller pulls it off, the payoff is that each audience member, no matter who they are, gets at least one favorite character, someone they can personally relate to and root for.

With that in mind, one of the most frequently asked questions about SENRAN KAGURA is, “Who’s your favorite?” Since we write for the English version of the game, that question sometimes comes in different flavors, like “Who do you enjoy writing for the most?” or “Who would you most want to hang out with?” In short, which girl is XSEED’s waifu?

Me personally, I like writing for Haruka most, because I enjoy writing “eloquent, haughty young lady”-type characters (writing for Nero in Fate/EXTELLA was fun for the same reason), and because she’s so crafty and unpredictable. In terms of who I’d most want to hang out with, I think Mirai would make a fun writing buddy, Homura would make a kickass personal trainer, Shiki reminds me of my first crush, and Murasaki could always use a hug.

(We also occasionally get asked who our least favorite character is, but I like them all too much to really say, other than to note that I hope Minori gets more onscreen character development in future titles.)

But I’m not the only one who works on SENRAN KAGURA — credit goes out to everyone who proofs, tests, helps market, and otherwise contributes to the games (especially by playing them at home and spreading the good word!) — so let’s go around the office and see who’s down with who:

Haruka. She’s a true queen and I’d thank her if she stepped on me. 

I would say my SK waifu is Asuka. She is the first character I used. I also like her fighting style and her clumsy personality. But Rin is cool too.

Hard to pick only one, but I’d have to go with Hikage, whose struggle with emotionality makes her extremely endearing, but is more than made up for with awesome moves and general kickassness. Honorable mentions go to Mirai for the amazing outfit, Ayame for having the cutest face in the series (seriously, how is she so cute?!), and Imu for her admirable devotion to the one she loves (which makes her less viable as “waifu” material, but more awesome as a character IMHO). 

Hikage, all day.
- has no emotions
- is sometimes a berserk snake
- licks uses knives
- chill af
I was into masochistic gun ballerina for a while but she too hyphy.

Naraku ❤
- super loyal
- love the way she call herself (I believe it’s “I” in English but in Japanese, she calls herself  “Jibun” instead of “watashi”)
- fashionista (her hoodie and arm warmer thing)
- bubble gum❤
- not so emotional 

My SK waifu is Yozakura. 
- She speaks the Okayama dialect, which sounds super cute when girls speak it.
- She has giant fists.
- She’s good at cooking.  

I’m a nice guy and like all girls (except Minori and Hibari).  But my top 3 would be Homura, Kagura, and Renka.  
Homura: She’s Wolverine and voiced by Eri Kitamura.
Kagura: She’s god and fights by ripping holes in dimensions.
Renka: She drums like no other.  

Homura. Tan lines. ‘Nuff said.  

Rin definitely stole my heart (I’ll fight you for her, Billy!). Purple hair and glasses? Sign me up! But I also love her weapon and fighting style, as well as her friendship with Daidoji. ❤ 

Shiki. Something to be said about a multilingual witch.

As I wrap this up, SENRAN KAGURA Estival Versus has just gone up on Steam, and the Ikki Tousen DLC characters are finally available on PS4, Vita, and PC, after a long struggle to bring them overseas. (Thanks again, Takaki-san!) We hope everyone enjoys reconnecting with the girls (or meeting them, if it’s your first time), and keep your eye out — you never know what might come next!