time to be messy

other things:

-sasukes first reaction wasnt to mail a letter but to message temari except gaara made her block him too 

-but also gaara messages sasuke from kankuros facebook and sasukes like “you have a brother??” and gaaras like “yes. i didnt make him block you because i assumed you forgot he existed” and sasuke like “thats fair” 

-also “haha your brothers kinda ugly but his body is nice” and gaara finger twitches towards the block button 

-i wanna state right now that gaara is only clever and funny when arguing when it comes to sasuke. that said at some point in time gaara and sasuke get in a messy argument in front of naruto when everything comes out and sasuke lists “we never even had sex” as something obnoxious about gaara and gaara just automatically snaps back “really? because i thought all the times you fucked me over was close enough” and naruto high fives him as gaara goes to text kankuro and temari how good he is at arguing

-hiding it from naruto shouldnt be that hard because narutos a dumbass but also gaara cannot lie for the life of him. he just sits there super straight and stiff posture sweating while hanging out with naruto for the next week and it gives him anxiety but somehow its still sasukes fault when he finds out bc even if gaara is bad at social interaction sasukes pure stupidity and bad luck will always win out in the end. 

-naruto doesnt get why they kept it from him and is kinda upset

-also naruto pats gaara on the back and is like “yeah isnt it hard to date him” and gaaras like “I KNOW RIGHT” 

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imagine hooking up with harry after not seeing him for a long time after your messy break up. he would be so passionate and talkative like "when was the last time you had this pussy eaten?" and "who else has touched you, eh?"

Yum. He’d be all over you, wet kisses and long licks of your pussy…. dear god


Prince your Hylian bf isn’t as good at swimming as you, you can’t just leave him in the middle of a lake while you go catch fish!!


“Ah, at the end, Gray sama reached me”



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